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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A = lost | B=1839-1862 | C=1862-1877 | D=1877-1887 | E=1887-1896 | F=1896-1904 | G=1904-1913 | H=1913-1922 |
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ABPLANALP, JACOB                        IN-69-B-204
AHRA, MICHAEL                           IN-69-B-136
ALBERS, HENRY C.                        IN-69-B-203
ALLEN, REBECCA                          IN-69-B-1
BACHDIL, LUGAN                          IN-69-B-304
BACHMAN, ELENOR                         IN-69-B-262
BAITH, HENRY                            IN-69-B-126
BARE, NICHOLAS                          IN-69-B-261
BARTLETT, BROWN                         IN-69-B-65
BASSETT, JAMES                          IN-69-B-86
BASSETT, THOMAS                         IN-69-B-132
BASSETT, THOMAS                         IN-69-B-238
BASSETT, WILLIAM                        IN-69-B-15
BAUR, JOSEPH                            IN-69-B-71
BAW, RUTILLA                            IN-69-B-274
BEAL, JACOB                             IN-69-B-107
BEHLMER, ALBERT HENRY                   IN-69-B-313
BLACKSOTNE, J. P.                       IN-69-B-7
BLAIR, RICHARD                          IN-69-B-318
BOARDMAN, AMOS                          IN-69-B-54
BOARDMAN, CHARLES                       IN-69-B-128
BOARDMAN, EZRA                          IN-69-B-129
BOCKLOH, HENRY                          IN-69-B-116
BOOKER, DANIEL                          IN-69-B-35
BOOKHORST, HEINRICH J.                  IN-69-B-177
BOSWELL, GARRISON                       IN-69-B-299
BOWL, ADAM                              IN-69-B-184
BOYLE, ALEXANDER                        IN-69-B-112
BROWN, BENJAMIN                         IN-69-B-267
BROWN, VANDELINE                        IN-69-B-195
BROWN, WALKER M.                        IN-69-B-64
CHAMBERLAND, ABIJAH                     IN-69-B-252
CHESTNUT, JAMES                         IN-69-B-42
CLARK, JOHN                             IN-69-B-286
COLE, JESSE                             IN-69-B-214
COLLCOTT, WILLIAM                       IN-69-B-84
COOKS, JOHN D.                          IN-69-B-67
COPHER, JESSE                           IN-69-B-4
CRAIG, ANNA                             IN-69-B-83
CRICKFIELD, MARY                        IN-69-B-33
CRUZAN, ISAAC                           IN-69-B-290
DARLING ?                               IN-69-B-89
DEAL, JACOB SR                          IN-69-B-52
DEAN, JAMES                             IN-69-B-194
DEITZ, HENRY                            IN-69-B-130
DEMAREE, JOHN A.                        IN-69-B-114
DICKEY, JOHN                            IN-69-B-265
DIXON, MARGARET J.                      IN-69-B-317
DOLL, ANTHONY                           IN-69-B-168
DORMAN, JOSEPH                          IN-69-B-298
DOWERS, AZARIAH                         IN-69-B-161
DOWERS, JACOB                           IN-69-B-68
DOWERS, MARY                            IN-69-B-131
DROSTE, JOHN H. C.                      IN-69-B-217
DULY, WILLIAM                           IN-69-B-144
ELLIS, JEREMIAH                         IN-69-B-164
ELLIS, JOHN A.                          IN-69-B-188
EXTINE, MARTIN                          IN-69-B-227
FEDERLA, TIMOTHY                        IN-69-B-205
FEDERLE, JOSEPH                         IN-69-B-97
FIKE, JACOB                             IN-69-B-112
FINK, ABRAHAM                           IN-69-B-311
FITZGERALD, JOSEPH                      IN-69-B-142
FLAL, MICHAEL                           IN-69-B-207
FLETCHER, REUBEN                        IN-69-B-193
FORTOVER, MICHAEL                       IN-69-B-247
FUNKHOUSER, JACOB                       IN-69-B-16
GERARD, REECE A. P.                     IN-69-B-137
GIBSON, DAVID                           IN-69-B-20
GILLIAND, ARCHIBALD                     IN-69-B-278
GOLAY, DAVID                            IN-69-B-23
GOOKINS, ASA                            IN-69-B-88
GORDON, WILLIAM                         IN-69-B-17
GORKINS, SAMUEL                         IN-69-B-40
GRAVES, HORACE                          IN-69-B-282
GRAY, MARGARET                          IN-69-B-25
GREEN, JONATHAN R.                      IN-69-B-10
GRIFFITH, ELIAS                         IN-69-B-42
GRISHAM, ISAAC SR.                      IN-69-B-101
HANCOCK, WILLIAM                        IN-69-B-66
HANNA,D AVID                            IN-69-B-152
HARPER, CLARISSA                        IN-69-B-167
HARPER, HENRY B.                        IN-69-B-44
HART, WILLIAM                           IN-69-B-239
HARTWICK, AMBROSE                       IN-69-B-149
HAWLEY, LUCY                            IN-69-B-5
HEMPEW, RHODA                           IN-69-B-100
HENEGON, VALENTINE                      IN-69-B-125
HEWIT, JACOB                            IN-69-B-90
HILL, JOSEPH                            IN-69-B-233
HOFFMEINSTER, CHRISTIAN                 IN-69-B-81
HOFFMEINSTER, FREDERICK                 IN-69-B-303
HOLLINSBE, EDWARD SR.                   IN-69-B-209
HOLLINSBE, JOHN                         IN-69-B-133
HOLLINSBE, MARY                         IN-69-B-219
HOLTHOUSE, BERNARD HENRY                IN-69-B-150
HOLTZER, PETER                          IN-69-B-118
HORTON, JAMES                           IN-69-B-289
HORTON, JOHN                            IN-69-B-77
HUGHES, WILLIAM                         IN-69-B-308
HUNTINGTON, ABNER                       IN-69-B-180
HYATT, MARGARET J.                      IN-69-B-272
HYATT, MESHACK                          IN-69-B-48
HYATT, SHADRACH                         IN-69-B-102
INNIS, JAMES                            IN-69-B-315
JARVIS, JAMES                           IN-69-B-9
JEMISON, TWISS                          IN-69-B-36
JENISON, ELIAS                          IN-69-B-30
JERMAN, WILLIAM                         IN-69-B-301
JOHNSON, ABEL                           IN-69-B-225
JOHNSON, BERRY                          IN-69-B-221
JOHNSON, JAMES                          IN-69-B-92
JOHNSON, MATHIAS                        IN-69-B-111
KAATZ, GEORGE                           IN-69-B-74
KASTER, GERARD F.                       IN-69-B-264
KEEN, ANTHONY                           IN-69-B-115
KINNETH, SAMUEL                         IN-69-B-201
KIRBY, JOEL                             IN-69-B-61
KISER, JACOB                            IN-69-B-117
KNAPP, WILLIAM                          IN-69-B-276
KNAWBER, LEWIS                          IN-69-B-236
KOLWAY, HENRY                           IN-69-B-292
KOOP, JOSEPH                            IN-69-B-245
KRIGBAUM, PETER                         IN-69-B-250
KROUSE, JOSEPH                          IN-69-B-104
KRUGER, GOTTLIEB JOHANN                 IN-69-B-186
KUNTZ, GEORGE                           IN-69-B-75
LAMB, PATRICK                           IN-69-B-273
LAUBERS, JACOB                          IN-69-B-73
LAWBER, PETER                           IN-69-B-93
LEFLER, FREDERICK                       IN-69-B-321
LEMON, WILLIAM                          IN-69-B-312
LENZ, JONATHAN                          IN-69-B-110
LEVI, ISAAC                             IN-69-B-100
LEWIS, ABRAHAM                          IN-69-B-244
LIPS, JACOB                             IN-69-B-284
LIVINGSTONE, JAMES                      IN-69-B-87
LONKE, ANTHONY HERMAN                   IN-69-B-46
LOOS, JOHN                              IN-69-B-140
LOYD, HENRY                             IN-69-B-98
LUDWICK, JOSEPH                         IN-69-B-160
MAHONEY, FIELDING                       IN-69-B-135
MAIL, HENRY                             IN-69-B-96
MANCHOFER, ---                          IN-69-B-325
MASSEY, JAMES                           IN-69-B-120
MAXWELL, DAVID                          IN-69-B-305
MCCUEN, ANDREW                          IN-69-B-201
MCCULLOUGH, HARVEY W.                   IN-69-B-98
MCGWIRE, JESSE                          IN-69-B-51
MCILROY, JAMES                          IN-69-B-105
MENGES, FREDERICK                       IN-69-B-263
MICHAEL, JACOB                          IN-69-B-19
MILLER, FRANCIS                         IN-69-B-231
MILLER, SOLOMON                         IN-69-B-10
MOORE, RICHARD                          IN-69-B-26
MURRAY, EDWARD                          IN-69-B-170
OLDHAM, ARCHIBALD                       IN-69-B-230
OVERTURF, CYNTHIA                       IN-69-B-211
PEARCY, ROBERT                          IN-69-B-182
PERKINS, DAVID S.                       IN-69-B-79
PETERMAN, ANDREW                        IN-69-B-158
PLATTER, HENRY                          IN-69-B-12
PRATHER, ELIZABETH                      IN-69-B-279
PRATHER, EPHRAIM                        IN-69-B-176
PRATHER, THOMAS D.                      IN-69-B-248
PRATT, DIAH                             IN-69-B-189
PREDMORE, JOHN D.                       IN-69-B-13
PREHN, GOTTLEIB                         IN-69-B-191
PURCELL, MOSES                          IN-69-B-94
RABOURN, NANCY                          IN-69-B-8
RAINER, PETER SR.                       IN-69-B-145
RAUSON, MERIT P.                        IN-69-B-147
REIGHT, JACOB                           IN-69-B-213
RESINGER, JACOB                         IN-69-B-156
RESINGER, WEAVER                        IN-69-B-6
RICE, JOEL                              IN-69-B-163
RICHARDSON, JAMES H.                    IN-69-B-228
RICKETS, WILSON                         IN-69-B-234
RIDDLE, JOHN (COL.)                     IN-69-B-253
RISK, ANDREW J.                         IN-69-B-28
RISK, JOSEPH H.                         IN-69-B-108
ROARK, JOHN                             IN-69-B-173
ROBERTS, GEORGE                         IN-69-B-63
ROBERTS, JOHN SR.                       IN-69-B-142
ROBINSON, BENJAMIN P.                   IN-69-B-29
ROBINSON, JAMES                         IN-69-B-154
ROGERS, ELIJAH                          IN-69-B-14
SAGE, SELAH                             IN-69-B-31
SCHARR, PETER                           IN-69-B-246
SCHORLING, JOHN C.                      IN-69-B-268
SCHRADER, JOHN HENRY                    IN-69-B-165
SCHRINER, JACOB                         IN-69-B-91
SHANKE, CHARLES                         IN-69-B-159
SHEEN, MARY                             IN-69-B-198
SHOEMAKE, DREWRY                        IN-69-B-293
SHOEMAKE, LEVI                          IN-69-B-39
SHREVE, JOHN                            IN-69-B-197
SHULTS, HENRY                           IN-69-B-60
SMITH, JACOB                            IN-69-B-72
SMITH, JOHN W.                          IN-69-B-139
SPANGLER, JOHN                          IN-69-B-80
SPENSER, THOMAS                         IN-69-B-38
SPURGEN, ELIZABETH                      IN-69-B-223
STAGG, JAMES D.                         IN-69-B-70
STEWART, CHARLES                        IN-69-B-59
STRICKLAND, ALEXANDER J.                IN-69-B-322
SUMNER, CALEB                           IN-69-B-82
SUNMAN, JOHN                            IN-69-B-55
SUTTON, ISAIAH                          IN-69-B-113
TAILOR, JOHN                            IN-69-B-237
TANFORT, CORDT HENRY                    IN-69-B-309
THOMPSON, EBENEZER                      IN-69-B-179
TUCKER, DAVID                           IN-69-B-78
TUCKER, JACOB L.                        IN-69-B-41
VANCLEAVE, JARED                        IN-69-B-288
VANTREESE, HARTMAN                      IN-69-B-57
VOLTY, FRANCIS A.                       IN-69-B-321
WAGGONER, GEORGE                        IN-69-B-24
WALDECK, MARTIN                         IN-69-B-172
WALLACE, DAVID                          IN-69-B-174
WARTMAN, DORCAS                         IN-69-B-294
WASHBURN, CALVIN                        IN-69-B-32
WATTS, FANNY                            IN-69-B-151
WATTS, GEORGE                           IN-69-B-178
WETHERBEE, JAMES                        IN-69-B-21
WHITHAM, JOHN F.                        IN-69-B-241
WILDMAN, ALMIRA                         IN-69-B-143
WILEY, ZACHARIAH                        IN-69-B-31
WILKINSON, JOHN                         IN-69-B-192
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                        IN-69-B-242
WILLIAMS, ROBERT                        IN-69-B-109
WILLSON, EPHRAIM                        IN-69-B-314
WILLYARD, AGNES                         IN-69-B-270
WOODBURY, OSIAS                         IN-69-B-296
WOODS, WALLACE                          IN-69-B-2
WORTMAN, RICHARD                        IN-69-B-95
WRIGHT, JACOB                           IN-69-B-213

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