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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1847-1858 | 2-8=? |
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ADAMSON, ABRAHAM                        IN-68-1-187
ANDERSON, JOSEPH                        IN-68-1-120
ANDREWS, BARTON                         IN-68-1-195
ARNOLD, ELIZABETH                       IN-68-1-90
ATKINS, EBER                            IN-68-1-118
BAKER, THOMAS                           IN-68-1-46
BAUGH, JOHN                             IN-68-1-237
BEARD, PAUL                             IN-68-1-225
BEARD, WILLIAM                          IN-68-1-211
BISHOP, JOHN W.                         IN-68-1-285
BOWEN, EPHRAIM                          IN-68-1-230
BRAGG, MARY                             IN-68-1-216
BROWN, DAVID C.                         IN-68-1-74
BRUMFIELD, JESSE                        IN-68-1-180
BURRES, THOMAS                          IN-68-1-278
BUTLER, JAMES                           IN-68-1-280
BUTT, THOMAS                            IN-68-1-20
CARTWRIGHT, HEZEKIAH                    IN-68-1-53
CONARRVE, THOMAS                        IN-68-1-204
CONKLYN, SAMUEL                         IN-68-1-249
COOK, WILLIAM                           IN-68-1-253
COX, ISAIAH                             IN-68-1-117
COX, JOSHUA                             IN-68-1-135
CROMAS, ABRAHAM                         IN-68-1-130
DAVIS, GRIFFIN                          IN-68-1-65
DIGGS, BENJAMIN C.                      IN-68-1-143
DIGGS, LITTLEBERRY C.                   IN-68-1-43
DIGGS, WILLIAM                          IN-68-1-164
DUGGINS, HENRY                          IN-68-1-122
DYE, JOHN                               IN-68-1-41
ELLIS, AMOS                             IN-68-1-154
FARRENS, SAMUEL                         IN-68-1-1
FISHER, JOHN                            IN-68-1-94
FORD, JOHN                              IN-68-1-60
FREESTONE, DANIEL                       IN-68-1-108
GETTY, JOHN J.                          IN-68-1-111
GOODRICH, THOMAS                        IN-68-1-72
GRAY, JOHN                              IN-68-1-70
GRAY, WILLIAM                           IN-68-1-258
GREEN, JONATHAN                         IN-68-1-232
GREEN, MARY J.                          IN-68-1-81
HENNINGS, JACOB                         IN-68-1-150
HIATT, RICHARD                          IN-68-1-247
HIATT, ZACHARIAH                        IN-68-1-266
HICKMAN, JOSEPH                         IN-68-1-218
HILL, DUDLY                             IN-68-1-168
HOLLOWAY, SARAH                         IN-68-1-160
HOLLOWAY, WILLIAM                       IN-68-1-162, 221
HULL, ELIZABETH                         IN-68-1-141
HUNNICUTT, DANIEL                       IN-68-1-115
HUNT, ABRAHAM                           IN-68-1-85
JACKSON, SAMUEL                         IN-68-1-36
JEFFREY, ASMUEL                         IN-68-1-147
JONES, JOHN                             IN-68-1-4
KEENER, ULERY                           IN-68-1-57
KELLY, DENNIS SR.                       IN-68-1-31
KERKLING, JOHN R.                       IN-68-1-272
LEIGDY, NANCY                           IN-68-1-166
LUCAS, SIMON H.                         IN-68-1-255
MCCRACKEN, ROBERT                       IN-68-1-228
MCFARLAND, ARCHIBALD                    IN-68-1-51
MCNEAL, ELIZABETH                       IN-68-1-214
MENDENHALL, NATHAN SR.                  IN-68-1-89
MOFFITT, JOSEPH                         IN-68-1-208
MOODY, JOHN                             IN-68-1-275
MOORE, MARSHALL                         IN-68-1-110
MOORMAN, JOHN                           IN-68-1-242
NEWBURN, REUBEN T.                      IN-68-1-264
NOFFSINGER, ABSALOM                     IN-68-1-55
ORR, SAMUEL SR                          IN-68-1-206
OUTLAND, SOLOMON                        IN-68-1-77
OYLER, VALENTINE                        IN-68-1-103
PARKER, JESSE H.                        IN-68-1-11
PEACOCK, JOHN J.                        IN-68-1-251
PERKINS, ISAAC                          IN-68-1-223
PICKETT, REBECCA                        IN-68-1-139
PIGGOTT, BENJAMIN                       IN-68-1-87
POWEL, PHILIP                           IN-68-1-239
POWELL, ELISHA                          IN-68-1-79
PUCKETT, ISOM                           IN-68-1-193
PUCKETT, WELCOME G.                     IN-68-1-171
RANNEY, ELIZABETH G.                    IN-68-1-240
RARNICK, SUSANNAH                       IN-68-1-132
REITENOUR, ANTHONY                      IN-68-1-67
ROBBINS, SAMUEL                         IN-68-1-268
ROCKHILL, SARAH                         IN-68-1-105
RUBLE, GEORGE                           IN-68-1-96
SLICK, DAVID                            IN-68-1-190
SMITH, THOMAS                           IN-68-1-62
SMULLIN, RANDOLPH                       IN-68-1-29
STUDY, LEVI                             IN-68-1-39
SUMPTION, CHARLES                       IN-68-1-98
SWAIN, H. M.                            IN-68-1-185
THARP, ISRAEL                           IN-68-1-49
THOMAS, JOHN                            IN-68-1-234
THOMAS, PHEBE                           IN-68-1-83
THOMPSON, GEORGE D.                     IN-68-1-126
THOMPSON, MONTGOMERY                    IN-68-1-152
THOMPSON, ROBERT W.                     IN-68-1-26
THORNTON, ELIZABETH                     IN-68-1-178
WAY, WILSON T.                          IN-68-1-173
WHITE, JACOB A.                         IN-68-1-100
WIGGS, MORRIS                           IN-68-1-158
WILKINS, B. W.                          IN-68-1-176
WILLIS, ROBERT                          IN-68-1-262
WOOD, SAMUEL                            IN-68-1-6
WRIGHT, JOHN                            IN-68-1-92

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