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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A=1843-1858 | B-E=? |
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BARKER, ROBERT                          IN-66-B-103
BARNETT, WILLIAM                        IN-66-B-195
BECKER, JOHN                            IN-66-B-92
BEVARD, ELIZA J.                        IN-66-B-228
BOBACK, ISAAC                           IN-66-B-166
BRADEN, SAMUEL                          IN-66-B-109
BRADFORD, WILLIAM                       IN-66-B-39
BRAUTIGAN, CHARLES                      IN-66-B-230
BROWN,ELAM                              IN-66-B-62
BRUCE, HATTY                            IN-66-B-129
BRUCE, JACOB                            IN-66-B-129
BURCH, HENRY H.                         IN-66-B-99
CISSNA, ROBERT                          IN-66-B-192
CLARK, NELSON T.                        IN-66-B-152
CLAYTON, EPHRAIM                        IN-66-B-12
COMPTON, EDWARD                         IN-66-B-20
COMPTON, MARY                           IN-66-B-32
CROUCH, JOHN C.                         IN-66-B-175
CROUCH,A NN E.                          IN-66-B-186
DAVENPORT, JOHN                         IN-66-B-236
DAWSON, LEWIS                           IN-66-A-59
DICK, JOHN                              IN-66-A-63
DIPERT, JONAS                           IN-66-A-50
DOWNHAM, JONATHAN                       IN-66-B-76
DREESE, JACOB                           IN-66-B-101
DUKES, SAMUEL W.                        IN-66-B-142
EIKELBERNER, REBECA                     IN-66-A-8
EMERICK, GEORGE                         IN-66-B-83
ENGLE, JOHN                             IN-66-A-32
ESTIS, LABAN W.                         IN-66-B-147
FICKET, ANTHONY                         IN-66-B-169
FISHER, THOMAS                          IN-66-B-85
FREEMAN, ASA                            IN-66-B-177
FULMER, JOSEPH                          IN-66-B-59
GAMBERLING, DAVID D.                    IN-66-A-68
GLICK, LEWIS M.                         IN-66-B-211
GOOD, JONAS                             IN-66-A-43
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM P.                    IN-66-B-62
GRIFFITH, WILLIAM P.                    IN-66-A-83
GUMBERLEIN, SOPHIA                      IN-66-B-200
HAGERMAN, WILLIAM                       IN-66-A-14
HATFIELD, EDWARD                        IN-66-B-221
HATHAWAY, RICHARD W.                    IN-66-B-121
HEDGES, ROBERT F.                       IN-66-A-38
HICKMAN, JOHN                           IN-66-A-80
HIGH, RUDOLPH                           IN-66-B-182
HIPPLE, JANE                            IN-66-B-72
HOESEL, CATHARINE                       IN-66-B-239
HOESEL, CHARLES                         IN-66-B-48
HOLLENBACK, JOHN                        IN-66-A-9
HOSKILL, JOHN H.                        IN-66-A-57
JENKINS, MARGARET A.                    IN-66-B-118
JENKINS, WILLIAM                        IN-66-A-24
KAHLER, GEORGE                          IN-66-B-106
KAHLER, HENRY SR.                       IN-66-B-56
KEITZER, MICHAEL                        IN-66-B-139
KELLY, FRANCIS                          IN-66-A-3
KORNER, B. F.                           IN-66-B-163
KORNER, JOHNG.                          IN-66-B-171
LESER, JOHN NICHOLAS                    IN-66-B-45
LITTLE, WILLIAM C.                      IN-66-B-155
LONG, CHRISTIAN                         IN-66-B-64
MARCH, JOHN                             IN-66-B-3
MCKENERY, ALLEN                         IN-66-B-168
MCNALLY, WILLIAM                        IN-66-B-37
MIFFISON, PHEBE                         IN-66-B-18
MILLER, JOHN P.                         IN-66-B-78
MILLISIN, JESSE                         IN-66-B-51
MOORE, A. J.                            IN-66-B-23
MOORE, E. R.                            IN-66-B-27
MURPHY, N. S.                           IN-66-B-6
NEFF, WILLIAM                           IN-66-B-179
NEIPERT, JOHN                           IN-66-B-207
NEWMYER, PHILIP                         IN-66-B-127
NIGH, JOHN                              IN-66-B-34
NOGGLE, RICHARD                         IN-66-A-73
OCONNER, ELLEN                          IN-66-A-69
PEARSON, ASA M.                         IN-66-B-68
REDDICK, ALEXANDER H.                   IN-66-A-28
RESTERER, HARMAN                        IN-66-B-168
ROSENTHAL, ALBERT                       IN-66-B-184
ROWAN, H. P.                            IN-66-B-87
ROWAN, HENRY P. JR.                     IN-66-B-224
RUCH, DANIEL                            IN-66-B-161
SCHNEIDER, JOHN                         IN-66-B-9
SCHUGH, JOSEPH                          IN-66-B-137
SELTZ, VALENTINE                        IN-66-B-124
SESER, JOHN NICOLAS                     IN-66-B-206
SHELHART, GEORGE                        IN-66-B-153
SICKMAN, PHILLIP                        IN-66-A-75
SILENCE, CHARLES M.                     IN-66-A-1
SKILLEN, B. C.                          IN-66-B-197
SLIFE, HENRY                            IN-66-B-16
SMALL, JAMES                            IN-66-A-54
SMITH, JANE                             IN-66-B-144
SMITH, JOHN                             IN-66-B-144
SMITH, SAM A.                           IN-66-B-205
STEWART, L. C.                          IN-66-B-30
TAYLOR, WILLIAM O.                      IN-66-A-20
THOMAS, O. W.                           IN-66-A-11
TILTON, JACOB S.                        IN-66-A-42
TRAPP, GEORGE                           IN-66-A-4
VENARD, MARTIN H.                       IN-66-B-158
WAGERS, JOHN                            IN-66-A-56
WASSON,JOSEPH                           IN-66-A-30
WATERHOUSE, MARY L.                     IN-66-B-97
WENTZ, WILLIAM                          IN-66-B-202
WERTZ, SAMUEL                           IN-66-B-218
WILDERMUTH, ABRAHAM                     IN-66-A-17
WILEY, JOHN R.                          IN-66-B-190
WILLOW, SARAH                           IN-66-B-115
YEATS, SAMUEL                           IN-66-A-26

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