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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A-B=1816-1852 | 1-4=? |
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ACUFF, JESSE B.                         IN-65-A-24
ALDRIDGE, REUBEN JR.                    IN-65-B-140
ALTIZER, ELIAS                          IN-65-B-36
ANDERSON, RHODA                         IN-65-B-206
ASHWORTH, JOHN                          IN-65-A-52
ASHWORTH, JOHN SR.                      IN-65-A-56
ASHWORTH, NATHAN                        IN-65-B-18
AXTON, WILLIAM                          IN-65-B-75
AYLSWORTH, RUFUS                        IN-65-B-200
BAKER, AARON                            IN-65-B-90
BAKER, JOHN                             IN-65-B-313
BARTINESS, GEORGE                       IN-65-A-35
BARTONS, JOHN                           IN-65-A-74
BAST, JOHN                              IN-65-B-179
BENSON, DAVID                           IN-65-B-1
BISHOP, JOSHUA                          IN-65-B-183
BRITTON, MARCUS                         IN-65-A-146
BRODHEAD, ISSABELLA                     IN-65-B-153
BROWN, DAVID                            IN-65-B-41
BROWN, THOMAS H.                        IN-65-B-196
BURTON, JOHN                            IN-65-A-115
BUTLER, JORDAN                          IN-65-A-134
CALVIN, JOB                             IN-65-A-111
CAMPBELL, ABNER                         IN-65-B-240
CANTRELL, EDWARD                        IN-65-B-85
CARSON, RACHEL                          IN-65-B-114
CASEY, GEORGE F.                        IN-65-B-198
CASEY, WILLIAM SR.                      IN-65-A-140
CASSELBERRY, HAMILTON S.                IN-65-B-274
CASSELBERRY, THOMAS E.                  IN-65-A-67
CAVENS, WILLIAM                         IN-65-A-12
CLARK, WORNER                           IN-65-A-60
CONLIN, CHARLES                         IN-65-B-148
COX, ABSALOM                            IN-65-A-128
COX, JOHN                               IN-65-B-216
COX, JOHN SR.                           IN-65-A-81
CRAIG, HECTOR                           IN-65-A-126
CRUNK, JOHN                             IN-65-B-126
DENNY, ROBERT                           IN-65-A-90
DIXON, JOHN                             IN-65-A-123
DODGE, WILLIAM                          IN-65-B-222
DONALDSON, DAVID                        IN-65-A-58
DONALDSON, JOHN                         IN-65-A-42
DONNEN, WILLIAM R.                      IN-65-A-75
DOWNER, JOSIAH                          IN-65-B-137
DOWNEY, WILLIAM A.                      IN-65-A-109
DUCKWORTH, JOHN                         IN-65-B-100
DUNCAN, THOMAS                          IN-65-A-26
DUNN, JAMES                             IN-65-A-143
DUNN, WILLIAM                           IN-65-B-44
DUNN, WILLIAM                           IN-65-B-11
EATON, ISSABELLA                        IN-65-B-281
EDWARDS, GRACE                          IN-65-B-177
ELDER, ROBERT                           IN-65-A-28
ELLIOTT, JAMES                          IN-65-B-113
ENDICOTT, JOHN W.                       IN-65-B-267
ENDICOTT, THOMAS                        IN-65-A-94
FAUNTLEROY, JOSEPH                      IN-65-A-104
FELTY, GEORGE                           IN-65-A-99
FERGUSON, ALEXANDER                     IN-65-A-64
FILLINGIN, ENOCH                        IN-65-A-62
FLETCHELL, THOMAS                       IN-65-B-107
FRENCH, JOSEPH                          IN-65-A-14
FRENCH, SAMUEL                          IN-65-A-5
GARRIS, JOSEPH                          IN-65-B-70
GEX, L. OBOUSSIER                       IN-65-B-142
GILBERT, THOMAS                         IN-65-B-72
GREATHOUSE, DAVID                       IN-65-A-79
GREEN, JOSEPH                           IN-65-A-78
GWALTENY, JOHN                          IN-65-A-33
HANCOCK, WILLIAM                        IN-65-B-43
HANES, JAMES                            IN-65-B-307
HANNING, DANIEL                         IN-65-B-132
HARRIS, ZACHARIAH                       IN-65-A-30
HAUPT, FREDERICK                        IN-65-A-118
HEWITT, JOHN                            IN-65-A-16
HIEL, JOHN                              IN-65-B-289
HIGHMAN, SARAH                          IN-65-A-135
HOLLAND, HEZEKIAH                       IN-65-B-83
HUBER, CATHARINE                        IN-65-B-243
HUGO, GEORGE                            IN-65-B-136
HUNTER, ROWLAND                         IN-65-B-88
HUTCHISON, WILLIAM                      IN-65-B-251
INMAN,JAMES                             IN-65-A-65
JAQUES, JONATHAN                        IN-65-B-109
JENISON, SYLVANUS                       IN-65-B-9
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                         IN-65-B-120
JONES, JOEL B.                          IN-65-B-247
JONES, MICHAEL                          IN-65-B-170
JONES, PETER                            IN-65-B-158
JORDAN, FRANCIS                         IN-65-A-22
KENEDY,JOSEPH                           IN-65-A-8
KIMBALL, CHARLES                        IN-65-A-87
KNAPP, PHILIP                           IN-65-B-168
KRAKENBERGHL, CHARLES                   IN-65-B-77
KRAMER, JOHN                            IN-65-B-134
LANSING, B. W.                          IN-65-B-311
LINDSEY, GEORGE W.                      IN-65-B-38
LOVE, ROBERT D.                         IN-65-B-122
LOVETT, IGNATIUS                        IN-65-B-128
LOWE, ROBERT D.                         IN-65-B-122
LOWE, WILLIAM                           IN-65-A-101
MACEY, WILLIAM GAYUS                    IN-65-B-119
MACLURE, ALEXANDER                      IN-65-B-233
MACLURE, WILLIAM                        IN-65-B-20
MARTIN, JOHN                            IN-65-A-97
MARTIN, JOSHUA                          IN-65-A-107
MARTIN, THOMAS                          IN-65-B-172
MATHEW, ABLE                            IN-65-B-191
MCDANIEL, DAVID                         IN-65-B-51
MCDANIEL, JOHN                          IN-65-A-84
MCFADDEN, ALEXADNER                     IN-65-B-295
MCFADEN, ROLY                           IN-65-B-97
MCMUNN, JACOB                           IN-65-B-264
MCREYNOLDS, SAMUEL                      IN-65-B-299
MCREYNOLDS,JOSEPH                       IN-65-B-47
MEADOWS, HURNDON                        IN-65-B-31
MILLER, ALEXANDER                       IN-65-B-131
MILLER, JOHN                            IN-65-A-69
MOFFATT, WILLIAM                        IN-65-B-13
MONTRAY, JAMES                          IN-65-A-85
MONTRAY, JAMES                          IN-65-A-39
MOORE, ASA                              IN-65-A-113
MORAN, JOHN C.                          IN-65-B-111
MUNCEY, FRANCIS A.                      IN-65-B-319
NASH, JESSE                             IN-65-B-155
NELSON, GEORGE                          IN-65-B-188
NELSON, WILLIAM                         IN-65-A-92
OLIVER, JAMES                           IN-65-B-4
OVERTON, JOSHUA                         IN-65-B-213
OWENS, THOMAS                           IN-65-B-322
PATMORE, WILLIAM                        IN-65-B-205
PEASE, ELEANOR G.                       IN-65-B-219
PENFOLD, ABRAM                          IN-65-A-82
PLATT, AGURS                            IN-65-B-186
POARKE, T. MORE                         IN-65-A-21
PRICCE, WILLIAM                         IN-65-B-193
ROBINSON, MOSES                         IN-65-A-50
ROGERS, ALEXANDER                       IN-65-B-159
ROGERS, THOMAS                          IN-65-A-44
ROGERS, WILLIAM                         IN-65-B-79
ROW, DAVID                              IN-65-A-54
ROW, GEORGE                             IN-65-A-37
ROW, MARTIN                             IN-65-A-19
RUSSELL, WILLIAM                        IN-65-B-242
SALTZMAN, JOHN                          IN-65-A-137
SAMPLES, WILLIAM                        IN-65-A-3
SAPA, ELISHA                            IN-65-A-120
SCHENK, ANTHON                          IN-65-B-254
SCHNYDER, SARAH                         IN-65-A-146
SCHYUMAKER, PHILLIP                     IN-65-B-271
SCOTT, JAMES                            IN-65-B-133
SELLWOOD, JOHN                          IN-65-B-116
SELMEE, JOHN                            IN-65-A-89
SERVER, JOHN                            IN-65-B-211
SILMAN, BENJAMIN                        IN-65-A-47
SMITH, ALLEN                            IN-65-B-284
SMITH, GEORGE C.                        IN-65-B-258
SMITH, GEORGE R.                        IN-65-B-34
STAPLETON, JOHN                         IN-65-A-105
STULL, LAWRENCE                         IN-65-B-269
SWIFT, JAMES W.                         IN-65-B-124
TODD, SAMUEL                            IN-65-B-96
TRAFFORD, REBECCA                       IN-65-B-208
WADE, ZACHARIAH                         IN-65-B-164
WALLS, JAMES                            IN-65-A-59
WEINTZ, PETER                           IN-65-B-151
WEIR, MARY                              IN-65-B-175
WEIR, WILLIAM                           IN-65-A-76
WELBORN, ELIZABETH                      IN-65-B-304
WHITELY, HANNAH                         IN-65-B-228
WILLIAMS, BENNETT                       IN-65-A-121
WILLIAMS, GEORGE                        IN-65-B-231
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          IN-65-A-124
WINEMILLER, JAMES                       IN-65-B-7
YORK, ISAAC                             IN-65-B-68
YORK, SHUBEL                            IN-65-A-1
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          IN-65-B-225

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