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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A=18401871 | B-F=? |
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ADAMS, THOMAS                           IN-64-A-14
ALDER, THOMAS                           IN-64-A-223
APPLETON, THOMAS R.                     IN-64-A-381
BANSTOOL, NOAH                          IN-64-A-36
BARST, WILLIAM M.                       IN-64-A-113
BARTHOLOMEW, JOHN                       IN-64-A-149
BASKIN, JOHN                            IN-64-A-306
BATEN, HENRY N.                         IN-64-A-22
BATES, SARAH A.                         IN-64-A-281
BAUM, JOHN                              IN-64-A-45
BLACHLEY, WILLIAM B.                    IN-64-A-24
BORTH, JOHN                             IN-64-A-371
BROWN, J. C.                            IN-64-A-204
BROWN, JOSEPH                           IN-64-A-53
BUNDY, JAMES SR.                        IN-64-A-152
CADWELL, JAMES                          IN-64-A-225
CARSON, MATHEW                          IN-64-A-298
CASGROVE, ELLEN                         IN-64-A-287
CLEMONT, AMUS M.                        IN-64-A-187
CLIFFORD, JOHN                          IN-64-A-300
CLURCH, ELISHA                          IN-64-A-361
COLEMAN, WILLIAM                        IN-64-A-317
CULVER, AARON                           IN-64-A-167
DEFRANCE, CHARLES                       IN-64-A-355
DILLINGHAM, JOHN                        IN-64-A-193
DINWIDDIE, DAVID                        IN-64-A-291
DORR, BANICK                            IN-64-A-7
DRAGE, SOPHIA                           IN-64-A-374
DUNHAM, JAMES                           IN-64-A-50
EDWARDS, ISAAC                          IN-64-A-227
ENOCH, ABNER                            IN-64-A-54
ERICKISON, NILES PETER                  IN-64-A-208
FALEY, ANTHONY                          IN-64-A-343
FERRINGTON, GEORGE                      IN-64-A-19
FLEMING, JACOB                          IN-64-A-357
FLEMING, JOHN                           IN-64-A-16
FORSE, JOHN H.                          IN-64-A-172
FRAKES, WILLIAM                         IN-64-A-141
FRAME, NEWTON                           IN-64-A-165
FRENCH, ALPUS                           IN-64-A-185
FRENCH, SYLVIA                          IN-64-A-314
FULLER, JOSEPH                          IN-64-A-137
GATES, HORATIO                          IN-64-A-120
GRANGER, CHARLES                        IN-64-A-129
GRUDER, PETER                           IN-64-A-236
HAMELL, JEREMIAH                        IN-64-A-26
HAMMOND, SARAH                          IN-64-A-178
HARRISON, ELIZABETH                     IN-64-A-340
HATHAWAY, JOHN                          IN-64-A-3
HOCK, MARY ANN                          IN-64-A-270
HUGH, JONATHAN                          IN-64-A-19
HUGH, MILO B.                           IN-64-A-30
HURLBURT, REUBEN                        IN-64-A-10
JONES, HANNAH                           IN-64-A-40
JONES, JOHN                             IN-64-A-132
JONES, JOSEPH                           IN-64-A-12
JONES, RICHARD W.                       IN-64-A-199
JONES, W. W.                            IN-64-A-139
JOSEPH, EZEKIEL                         IN-64-A-163
KINNE, CYRUS                            IN-64-A-277
KOUTS, CHAUNCY                          IN-64-A-364
KOUTS, DANIEL                           IN-64-A-295
LANE, JOHN                              IN-64-A-216
LARNHART, BENJAMIN                      IN-64-A-259
LEE, DAVID                              IN-64-A-48
MARCHANT, AIGAIL                        IN-64-A-189
MASAM, JAMES                            IN-64-A-147
MASSAM, RICHARD                         IN-64-A-191
MCCARRAHAN, THOMAS                      IN-64-A-205
MCCARRIHAN, EDWARD                      IN-64-A-184
MCCOOL, WALKER                          IN-64-A-134
MEAGHER, WILLIAM                        IN-64-A-263
MERRILL, NEHEMIAH                       IN-64-A-367
MORGAN, JANE                            IN-64-A-136
MORONY, PATRICK                         IN-64-A-327
MOTT, JULIA                             IN-64-A-261
NEELY, ROBERT                           IN-64-A-118
PARKS, ALANSON R.                       IN-64-A-109
PARRIATT, WILFORD                       IN-64-A-273
PATRICK, ANN                            IN-64-A-330
PORTER, PHILO A.                        IN-64-A-206
RANDALL, LUKE                           IN-64-A-250
REED, GEORGE                            IN-64-A-218
REED, MARGARET A.                       IN-64-A-322
ROBINSON, JOHN                          IN-64-A-1
ROBINSON, OTIS                          IN-64-A-32
ROGERS, ELISHA                          IN-64-A-157
RUSSELL, CAROLINE                       IN-64-A-180
SALYER, GEORGE Z.                       IN-64-A-247
SAUNDERS, OLIVER                        IN-64-A-9
SAYLES, CHARLES                         IN-64-A-245
SCHENCK, JOHN                           IN-64-A-123
SEFFERN, MARY                           IN-64-A-209
SEGAR, HOPEFULL                         IN-64-A-233
SHANAHAN, JOHN                          IN-64-A-211
SKINNER, HOLLIS R.                      IN-64-A-346
SKINNER, NANCY M.                       IN-64-A-312
SMITH, H. A.                            IN-64-A-238
SMITH, HENRY T.                         IN-64-A-161
SMITH, WHITE B.                         IN-64-A-34
STARLING, LYNE (44 PAGES)               IN-64-A-63-106
STEWART, THOMAS A.                      IN-64-A-170
SULLIVAN, MICHAEL O.                    IN-64-A-378
SWENY, ISAAC                            IN-64-A-115
TEETER, JACOB                           IN-64-A-155
UNDERWOOD, GEORGE N.                    IN-64-A-60
WALTON, HIRAM                           IN-64-A-213
WANDES, FREDRICK                        IN-64-A-221
WATERS, STEPHEN                         IN-64-A-309
WELLS, DAVID                            IN-64-A-127
WHITE, JACOB C.                         IN-64-A-38
WHITE, JACOB SR.                        IN-64-A-57
WHITE, WILLIAM H.                       IN-64-A-195
WHITMORE, LYMAN                         IN-64-A-230
WHITMORE, OBADIAH                       IN-64-A-203
WILLIAMS, ELISHA                        IN-64-A-243
WILLIAMS, JANE                          IN-64-A-182
WILLIAMS, RICHARD                       IN-64-A-41
WILSON, ROBERT                          IN-64-A-107
WINEINGER, ISAAC                        IN-64-A-43
WINSLOW, WARNER                         IN-64-A-143
YOUNG, JOHN                             IN-64-A-267

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