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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1817-1845 | 2=1845-1886 | 3-4=? |
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ABBET, JAMES JR.                        IN-63-2-161
ABBOTT, WILLIAM                         IN-63-1-24
ADAMS, SARAH (WIFE OF WYLLY)            IN-63-2-235
ADAMS, WYLLY C.                         IN-63-2-202
ALEXANDER, CHARLES                      IN-63-2-101
ALEXANDER, ISAAC                        IN-63-2-163
ALEXANDER, JEAN                         IN-63-1-51
ALEXANDER, MARIAH                       IN-63-2-167
ARNOLD, CALVIN                          IN-63-2-417
ARNOLD, EFFA                            IN-63-2-334
ARNOLD, JEREMIAH                        IN-63-1-67
ARNOLD, JOHN Q.                         IN-63-2-330
ARNOLD, WILLIAM                         IN-63-2-99
ASHBY, WARNER                           IN-63-1-15
ASHBY, WILLIAM                          IN-63-2-62
BALSOVER, ALFRED                        IN-63-2-258
BARNETT, GEORGE                         IN-63-1-14
BARR, JAMES                             IN-63-2-150
BARR, WILLIAM                           IN-63-2-280
BATTLE, JANE SR.                        IN-63-2-242
BATTLE, NEWIT                           IN-63-2-41
BECK, JACOB                             IN-63-1-14
BEE, GEORGE                             IN-63-2-461
BENJAMIN, SAMUEL                        IN-63-2-128
BOON, J. D.                             IN-63-2-343
BRIGHT, JACOB                           IN-63-2-132
BURKHART, EMSLEY                        IN-63-2-326
BUTLER, JOHN                            IN-63-1-49
CALL, PHILIP                            IN-63-2-134
CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD                     IN-63-1-52
CAMPBELL, DUINELAS                      IN-63-2-115
CAMPBELL, GEORGE                        IN-63-1-24
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL S.                     IN-63-2-122
CAPEHART, GEORGE                        IN-63-2-244
CAPEHART, THOMAS                        IN-63-1-98
CARTER, BENJAMIN                        IN-63-2-196
CARTER, JOSEPH                          IN-63-2-162
CASE, SARAH                             IN-63-2-371
CASE, WASHINGTON                        IN-63-2-113
CATT, PHILLIP                           IN-63-1-119
CAULKINS, ALLEN V.                      IN-63-2-80
CHAPPELL, JOSIAH                        IN-63-2-205
CHEW, JOSEPH                            IN-63-2-23
COAN, DEOFREST                          IN-63-2-392
COAN, ELI D.                            IN-63-2-186
COAN, ISAAC                             IN-63-2-338
COLVIN, AARON                           IN-63-2-456
COLVIN, JOHN                            IN-63-2-74
COONROD, JOHN                           IN-63-1-58
CORN, EDWARD                            IN-63-2-27
CORN, WILLIAM                           IN-63-2-153
CRANE, REBECCA                          IN-63-2-356
CREIGHTON, JOSIAH                       IN-63-2-384
CROW, ALFRED M.                         IN-63-2-388
CROW, JAMES                             IN-63-2-399
CROW, JOSEPH                            IN-63-2-430
CROW, WILLIAM                           IN-63-2-227
CUMMINGS, WILLIAM                       IN-63-2-108
CURTRIGHT, NIMROD                       IN-63-2-475
DANIELS, JULIA A.                       IN-63-2-426
DAVIS, JESSE                            IN-63-2-138
DAVISSON, JOSEPH                        IN-63-2-256
DAVISSON, THOMAS                        IN-63-2-307
DEAN, EUNICE                            IN-63-2-188
DEAN, GEORGE                            IN-63-2-118
DEBRULER, MICAJAH                       IN-63-2-124
DEDRICK, CHRISTIAN                      IN-63-1-6
DEFONDALE, JOHN                         IN-63-2-148
DEPREE, HENRY                           IN-63-2-465
DESMATT, FORD                           IN-63-2-7
DOADS, TIMOTHY                          IN-63-2-158
EVANS, JAMES                            IN-63-2-322
EVANS, JOHN A.                          IN-63-2-159
EVANS, ROANSA                           IN-63-2-433
FEATLING, JOHN                          IN-63-1-117
FELTNER, WILLIAM                        IN-63-2-254
FERGUSON, MARY M.                       IN-63-2-82
FETTINGER, GEORGE                       IN-63-2-408
FETTINGER, SAMUEL                       IN-63-2-269
FICKLIN, CATHERINE                      IN-63-2-397
FICKLIN, JOHN H.                        IN-63-2-345
FINNEREN, MICHAEL                       IN-63-2-105
FOSTER, WILLIAM                         IN-63-2-193
FOUTS, CHRISTENUS                       IN-63-2-10
FREDRICK, JACOB                         IN-63-2-341
FROST, FLAVIOUS                         IN-63-2-422
GARWOOD, JOSEPH                         IN-63-2-149
GILBERT, JOHN H.                        IN-63-2-403
GLADISH, JAMES                          IN-63-2-424
GLASS, JOHN                             IN-63-1-9
GLEZEN, ELIJAH H.                       IN-63-2-94
GLEZEN, JAMES                           IN-63-1-78
GLEZEN, JOSEPH P.                       IN-63-2-267
GOODWIN, EPHRAIM C.                     IN-63-2-217
GRAHAM, MARIA                           IN-63-2-428
GREEN, ELENOR                           IN-63-2-305
GREEN, WILLIAMN H.                      IN-63-2-448
HAMMARD, ALBERT                         IN-63-1-91
HAMMON, ELIJAH                          IN-63-2-2
HAMMOND, LESTER                         IN-63-2-84
HANOVER, CHARITY                        IN-63-2-336
HARDIN, NICHOLAS                        IN-63-2-50
HARDIN, NICKOLAS                        IN-63-2-52
HARGRAVE, LEMUEL B.                     IN-63-2-166
HARGRAVE, THOMAS                        IN-63-2-75
HARRELL, JASON                          IN-63-1-7
HARRELL, MOSES                          IN-63-1-27
HARRELL, POLLY                          IN-63-2-11
HARRISON, OTHO                          IN-63-2-320
HATHAWAY, ELIZABETH                     IN-63-2-276
HAWKINS, DANIEL                         IN-63-2-152
HAWTHORN, MARGARET                      IN-63-2-142
HEARTLEY, ADISON                        IN-63-2-78
HELSLEY, JACOB                          IN-63-2-81
HELSLEY, MICHAEL                        IN-63-2-394
HENDER, GEORGE FREDRICH                 IN-63-2-13
HENDRICKS, ABRAHAM S.                   IN-63-2-171
HENRY, ROBERT M.                        IN-63-2-213
HIGGINS, WINNA B                        IN-63-2-367
HILLMAN, HENRY                          IN-63-2-175
HILLMAN, REBECCA                        IN-63-2-272
HISGEN, CATHARI                         IN-63-2-458
HOMADAY, JOSIAH                         IN-63-2-92
HOMBROOK, THOMAS                        IN-63-2-125
HORNSBY, HANNAH                         IN-63-2-134
HUFF, SAMUEL                            IN-63-2-51
HUTCHIN, JAMES F.                       IN-63-2-57
JACKSON, JOHN                           IN-63-1-43
JOHNSON, HIRAM                          IN-63-1-100
JOHNSON, JOHN                           IN-63-1-39
KERNEHAN, THOMAS                        IN-63-2-86
KILOTS, HENRY                           IN-63-2-246
KINMAN, DAVID                           IN-63-1-32
KINMAN, GILBERT                         IN-63-2-169
KINMAN, JAMES JR.                       IN-63-1-8
KINMAN, JOHN                            IN-63-2-168
KINMAN, JOSEPH                          IN-63-2-41
KINMAN, JULI AANN                       IN-63-2-180
KINMAN, LEVI                            IN-63-1-94
KINNE, JOHN                             IN-63-2-445
KNIGHT, AMANDA                          IN-63-2-294
KNIGHT, ISAAC                           IN-63-2-60
KNIGHT, JOHN                            IN-63-2-283
LAMB, NIXON                             IN-63-2-160A
LAMB, STANTON                           IN-63-2-435
LANCE, JOHN                             IN-63-2-265
LANDWEHR, WILLIAM                       IN-63-2-230
LAWS, JAMES M.                          IN-63-2-390
LEMASTERS, BENJAMIN                     IN-63-2-130
LINDSEY, JAMES                          IN-63-1-1
LINDSEY, SUSANAH                        IN-63-1-25
LINDY, FREDRICK                         IN-63-1-12
LOMAX, ZACKARIAH                        IN-63-2-443
MARKER, ELIZABETH                       IN-63-1-56
MARKER, ELIZABETH                       IN-63-1-41
MARTIN, JOHN                            IN-63-2-116
MASTER, GABRIEL H.                      IN-63-2-135
MCATEE, BENJAMIN                        IN-63-2-311
MCGRAUGH, JOHN                          IN-63-2-143
MCGRAW, ELLEN                           IN-63-2-386
MCINTIRE, JOHN                          IN-63-2-156
MCLAUGHLIN, EDWARD                      IN-63-2-131
MCLEWAYN, THOMAS                        IN-63-2-129
MEAD, ROBERT C.                         IN-63-1-25
MEAD, THOMAS                            IN-63-1-44
MEIER, CHARLES H.                       IN-63-2-295
MILEY, DAVID                            IN-63-2-140
MILEY, THOMAS W.                        IN-63-2-473
MILEY, WILSON E.                        IN-63-2-144
MILLBURN, THOMAS                        IN-63-1-62
MILLER, CHRISTIAN                       IN-63-2-63
MILLER, JOHN                            IN-63-1-72
MILLER, JOHN C.                         IN-63-2-382
MILLER, THOMAS                          IN-63-2-63
MILY, HENRY JR.                         IN-63-2-66
MITCHELL, JOHN B.                       IN-63-1-65
MORGAN, JOSEPH C.                       IN-63-2-209
MORTON, JOSEPH                          IN-63-2-123
MOUNT, ELIZABETH                        IN-63-1-33
MOUNT, MATHIAS                          IN-63-1-29
NANCE, THOMAS                           IN-63-2-146
NELSON, JAMES H.                        IN-63-2-378
NEWKIRK, MARY A.                        IN-63-2-369
NEWTON, SARAH J.                        IN-63-2-184
NORDHORN, HERMAN                        IN-63-2-233
OSMON, JANE                             IN-63-2-265
PALMER, ALLEN                           IN-63-2-114
PALMER, JOSHUA D.                       IN-63-2-95
PARKER, REBECCA                         IN-63-2-315
PIERCE, NEHEMIAH F.                     IN-63-2-249
POSEY, JOHN W.                          IN-63-2-452
PRESTON, ELIJAH H.                      IN-63-2-467
PRICE, MICHAEL C.                       IN-63-2-349
REED, GREEN B.                          IN-63-2-430
RHOADS, WILLIAM                         IN-63-2-133
ROBINSON, MICHAEL                       IN-63-2-221
RODARMEL, WILLIAM                       IN-63-2-200
RODGERSON, ELIZABETH                    IN-63-2-155
RODGERSON, SOLOMON                      IN-63-2-147
ROLLING, PETER                          IN-63-2-164
ROLLNG, WILLIAM                         IN-63-2-107
RUMBLE, ARTEMESA                        IN-63-2-471
RUSSETT, CHARLES                        IN-63-2-57
SAWYER, DANIEL                          IN-63-1-17
SAWYER, SEYMOUR B.                      IN-63-2-103
SCRAPER, GEORGE                         IN-63-1-20
SCRAPER, MARGARET                       IN-63-2-254
SELBY, DANIEL E.                        IN-63-2-324
SELBY, JOHNO.                           IN-63-2-251
SELBY, RICHARD SR.                      IN-63-2-215
SELBY, THOMAS                           IN-63-1-20
SHERWOOD, HARRIET                       IN-63-2-110
SMITH, ONIAS                            IN-63-2-219
SOERGUS, GEORGE                         IN-63-2-151
SOLLMAN, JOHN F.                        IN-63-2-287
SOLLMANN, ---                           IN-63-2-401
SOVERNS, BRYANT D.                      IN-63-1-23
SPADE, ESTHER MALINDA                   IN-63-2-182
SPRADLEY, WILLIAM M.                    IN-63-2-240
STENFTNAGLE, LEO                        IN-63-2-301
STEWART, R. E.                          IN-63-2-157
STOCKING, EMALINE                       IN-63-2-173
STUBBLEFIELD, JOHN                      IN-63-2-198
STUBLEFIELD, ELIZABETH                  IN-63-2-405
SUDDITH, NANCY                          IN-63-2-178
THOMAS, FLEMMON                         IN-63-2-190
THOMAS, ISAAC T.                        IN-63-2-441
THOMAS, JOSHUA C.                       IN-63-2-237
THOMAS, MAHALAH                         IN-63-2-419
THOMPSON, GEORGE                        IN-63-2-87
THOMPSON, SAMUEL T.                     IN-63-2-273
THORNTON, NICHOLAS W.                   IN-63-2-469
TISLOW, JOHN                            IN-63-2-263
TISLOW, PAUL                            IN-63-2-89
TISLOW,RICHARD D.                       IN-63-2-177
TOLBORD, WALTER B.                      IN-63-2-165
TRAYLER, CATHERINE                      IN-63-1-9
TRAYLOR, WILLIAM P.                     IN-63-2-373
TUCKER, SUSAN                           IN-63-2-413
UPTON, JAMES                            IN-63-2-225
WAGONER, ADAM                           IN-63-2-303
WALON, WILLIAM                          IN-63-2-145
WALTON, WILLIAM                         IN-63-2-112
WATSON,SILAS                            IN-63-2-91
WHITE, JONATHAN                         IN-63-2-96
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH                        IN-63-2-126
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM G.                    IN-63-2-406
WILLIAMSON, JOHN P.                     IN-63-2-296
WILLIS, GEORGE JR.                      IN-63-2-207
WILLIS, MARGERY                         IN-63-1-83
WITHERS, JAMES R.                       IN-63-2-70
YAGER, GEORGE                           IN-63-2-260
YOUNG, JOSHUA                           IN-63-2-109
YOUNG, THOMAS                           IN-63-2-59

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