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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1833-1853 | 2-6=? |
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ALGOOD, FREDRICK             IN-61-1-264
ALLEN, JACKSON               IN-61-1-190
ANDERSON, HENRY              IN-61-1-211
BALLARD, JONATHAN            IN-61-1-176
BARNARD, ABNER               IN-61-1-322
BARNES, BENJAMIN N.          IN-61-1-61
BARNES, JEHU SR.             IN-61-1-2
BARNES, LEONARD              IN-61-1-188
BARNES, ZACHARIAH            IN-61-1-241
BIESON, HIRAM                IN-61-1-31
BLACKETER, JAMES             IN-61-1-328
BOWSHER, JACOB               IN-61-1-101
BRANSON, LEMUEL              IN-61-1-52
BRIGHT, JAMES                IN-61-1-258
BRISTOW, GIDEON              IN-61-1-72
BROCKWAY, EDMON              IN-61-1-191
BROOKBANK, MARY              IN-61-1-93
BRYANT, GABRIEL              IN-61-1-14
BUCHANAN, JAMES              IN-61-1-49
BULLINGTON, JOHN SR.         IN-61-1-110
BURSON, JAMES                IN-61-1-144
CALHOUN, VILOT               IN-61-1-196
CALL, JOSEPH JR.             IN-61-1-197
CAMPBELL, HARVEY             IN-61-1-119
CANNON, HORACE F.            IN-61-1-304
CARTER, JOHN                 IN-61-1-259
CASHATT, JESSE K.            IN-61-1-169
CHAPMAN, ELIZABETH           IN-61-1-348
CHAPMAN, GEORGE              IN-61-1-115
COATE, WILLIAM               IN-61-1-224
CONOVER, THOMAS M.           IN-61-1-167
COOK, MARGARET               IN-61-1-275
CORD, PHILIP D.              IN-61-1-100
CORNELISON, MARCH            IN-61-1-317
COX, JONATHAN                IN-61-1-205
CROOKS, JACOB                IN-61-1-158
CROOKS, JAMES                IN-61-1-3
CROOKS, JAMES M.             IN-61-1-350
DAGENET, CHRISTMAS           IN-61-1-239
DANALDSON, EDMOND G.         IN-61-1-330
DARROCH, DUNCAN              IN-61-1-5
DAVIS, WILLIAM               IN-61-1-230
DEMAREE, CORNELIUS           IN-61-1-28
DERR, BOSTON                 IN-61-1-68
DRIVER, JAMES                IN-61-1-137
DUDNEY, ABRAHAM              IN-61-1-180
EARHART, ANDREW              IN-61-1-226
ENGLISH, ASA                 IN-61-1-178
ENGLISH, FRANCIS             IN-61-1-352
ENGLISH, WILLIAM             IN-61-1-129
FAUCHIER, JOHN B.            IN-61-1-125
FENWICK, MARY                IN-61-1-36
FISHER, JOHN                 IN-61-1-133
FISHER, WILLIAM              IN-61-1-250
GREEN, GRAVENER              IN-61-1-174
GREEN, JAMES                 IN-61-1-117
GREM, DAVID                  IN-61-1-66
GRIMES, MARK                 IN-61-1-342
HARRIS, SAMUEL               IN-61-1-184
HART, MILES W.               IN-61-1-324
HELMS, JACOB                 IN-61-1-59
HENRY, WILLIAM B.            IN-61-1-194
HENSEL, DAVID                IN-61-1-12
HESS, JACOB                  IN-61-1-121
HILL, SAMUEL JR.             IN-61-1-22, 53
HITT, JESSE                  IN-61-1-79
HOBSON, AARON                IN-61-1-164
HOBSON, ISAAC                IN-61-1-106
HOBSON, JESSE                IN-61-1-319
HOBSON, WILLIAM              IN-61-1-74
HOLLOWELL, CALEB             IN-61-1-25
HOWARD, TILGHMAN A.          IN-61-1-141
HUNT, ZIMRI                  IN-61-1-70
HUXFORD, WILLIAM             IN-61-1-135
JENKINS, WILLIAM             IN-61-1-128
KEARBY, GILES H.             IN-61-1-67
KELLY, DANIEL                IN-61-1-9
KENNEDY, MARTIN              IN-61-1-15
KIGER, JACOB                 IN-61-1-61
KNUTT, WILLIAM               IN-61-1-256
LESTER, ELIZABETH            IN-61-1-214
LESTER, ROBERT N.            IN-61-1-216
LINDLEY, HIRAM               IN-61-1-90
LINDLEY, JONATHAN            IN-61-1-283
LINEBARGER, JOHN SR.         IN-61-1-217
LOREE, DAVID D.              IN-61-1-112
MARIS, AARON SR.             IN-61-1-123
MARIS, JOHN SR.              IN-61-1-286
MARTIN, MARY                 IN-61-1-234
MARTIN, SAMUEL S.            IN-61-1-62
MATICKS, POSEY               IN-61-1-201
MCBRIDE, HUGH                IN-61-1-291
MCCONNELL, JOHN              IN-61-1-50
MCCORD, ROBERT               IN-61-1-88
MCCORKLE, STEPHEN            IN-61-1-81
MCCURTEY, WILLIAM            IN-61-1-298
MCGAUGHEY, EDWARD W.         IN-61-1-334
MCGINNIS, EDMUND             IN-61-1-47
MINTER, EDWARD               IN-61-1-92
MITCHELL, JOHN SR.           IN-61-1-80
MONTGOMERY, JAMES            IN-61-1-277
MONTGOMERY, JOSEPH           IN-61-1-276
MOODY, SAMUEL                IN-61-1-346
MOORE, EDWARD                IN-61-1-252
MORGAN, WILLIAM              IN-61-1-307
MORRIOSN, MARY               IN-61-1-89
MORRIS, WILLIAM              IN-61-1-268
MORRISON, ENOCH              IN-61-1-1
MORRISON, WILLIAM            IN-61-1-44
MORROW, ARCHIBALD E.         IN-61-1-17
NESMITH, JAMES               IN-61-1-41
NEWLIN, JACOB                IN-61-1-161
NEWLIN, JOHN                 IN-61-1-86
NOBLE, JOHN                  IN-61-1-272
NOBLE, WILLIAM               IN-61-1-34
NOE, BERNARD                 IN-61-1-108
NOEL, MATTHEW                IN-61-1-339
OSBORN, JESSE                IN-61-1-19
OSBURN, JONATHAN             IN-61-1-10
OUTLAND, CORNELIUS           IN-61-1-43
OVERMAN, AARON               IN-61-1-109
OVERMAN, JOHN JR.            IN-61-1-114
OVERMAN, PENNINA E.          IN-61-1-290
OVERPECK, JACOB              IN-61-1-64
PATTERSON, ARTHRU            IN-61-1-244
PAYNE, THOMAS                IN-61-1-293
PELLETT, FRANCIS             IN-61-1-199
PHILLIPS, WILLIAM            IN-61-1-231
PICKETT, WILLIAM             IN-61-1-39
POTTS, ROXANNA               IN-61-1-21
PRATT, ABRAHAM W.            IN-61-1-96
PRATT, HANNAH                IN-61-1-97
RAMSAY, DAVID SR.            IN-61-1-155
ROCKWELL, JONATHAN           IN-61-1-314
RUBOTTOM, SIMON              IN-61-1-37
RUNYON, ASA                  IN-61-1-45
SALE, STEPHEN                IN-61-1-309
SELLERS, CHRISTIAN           IN-61-1-95
SEYBOLD, ISAAC               IN-61-1-270
SHOCKEY, JACOB               IN-61-1-280
SHOOK, JOHN                  IN-61-1-105
SHUEY, HENRY                 IN-61-1-130
SHUGARTS, ISAAC              IN-61-1-56
SILER, ADAM                  IN-61-1-235
SILER, JEREMIAH H.           IN-61-1-148
SILER, PHILIP                IN-61-1-26
SIMMS, WILLIAM               IN-61-1-248
SMOCK, DAVID                 IN-61-1-186
SMOCK, JOHN                  IN-61-1-228
SPURGIN, JEREMIAH            IN-61-1-85
STOUT, JOHN                  IN-61-1-171
STRAIN, JAMES SR.            IN-61-1-152
SUGARTS, RACHAEL             IN-61-1-8
SUTTON, WILLIAM M.           IN-61-1-332
TAYLOR, CLARISSA             IN-61-1-344
TAYLOR, RICHARD              IN-61-1-18
TENBROOK, CONRAD             IN-61-1-73
THOMPSON, ANN                IN-61-1-222
THOMPSON, JONATHAN           IN-61-1-32
TODD, JOHN                   IN-61-1-98
WALKER, JOSEPH               IN-61-1-209
WARD, JAMES                  IN-61-1-67
WARE, WILLIAM                IN-61-1-247
WAYNICK, JOHN                IN-61-1-296
WEATHERFORD, PATSEY          IN-61-1-287
WEAVER, WILLIAM I.           IN-61-1-262
WHITE, JOHN                  IN-61-1-103
WILLIAMS, CALEB              IN-61-1-300
WILLIAMS, JAMES              IN-61-1-139
WILSON, GABRIEL              IN-61-1-11
WILSON, NATHANIEL            IN-61-1-207
WILSON, WILLIAM              IN-61-1-311
WIMMER, JOHN SANFORD         IN-61-1-266
WOOD, JOHN                   IN-61-1-5
WOODRUM, WILLIAM             IN-61-1-83
WOOLVERTON, THOMAS           IN-61-1-256

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