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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1A = 1833-1839 | 1=1845-1871
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ANDERSON, DANIEL                        IN-60-1-153
APPLEGATE, SAMUEL                       IN-60-1-26
ASHER, BARTLETT SR.                     IN-60-1-48
ASHER, JOHN                             IN-60-1-10
ASHER,JOHN                              IN-60-1-137
BEAMAN, ISAAC                           IN-60-1-46
BOLIN, WILLIAM                          IN-60-1-85
BOYLES, JOHN A.                         IN-60-1-125
BRADY, WILLIAM                          IN-60-1-143
BRUGESS, BRITTON                        IN-60-1-151
BUSH, RICHARD                           IN-60-1-1
BUSKIRK, JOHN V.                        IN-60-1-105
BUTLER, JAMES                           IN-60-1-29
CAVENDER, ROBERT                        IN-60-1-75
COLLIER, WILLIAM                        IN-60-1-69
CRADICK, JOHN                           IN-60-1-92
CROMWELL, CONSTANT                      IN-60-1-90
DUNKIN, JOHN                            IN-60-1-54
DYER, THOMAS                            IN-60-1-71
ESON, ALEXANDER                         IN-60-1-15
EVANS, ANDREW                           IN-60-1-41
FENDER, NIMROD                          IN-60-1-148
FISCUS, ADAM                            IN-60-1-33
FREEMAN, MARTHA F.                      IN-60-1-133
FULK, JOHN A.                           IN-60-1-86
FULK, NOAH                              IN-60-1-86
GILLRECH, JOHN ADAM                     IN-60-1-39
GLOVER, ZECHARIAH                       IN-60-1-37
GOODWIN, ABNER                          IN-60-1-130
GOSS, DANIEL                            IN-60-1-5
GOSS, EPHRAIM                           IN-60-1-2
HALL, WILLIAM B.                        IN-60-1-22
HARTSOCK, DANIEL                        IN-60-1-44
HILL, LEWIS                             IN-60-1-146
HOLLER, MATTHIAS                        IN-60-1-60
HOPPER, JOHN                            IN-60-1-156
HOWE, EDWARD S.                         IN-60-1-169
HUBBARD, JAMES                          IN-60-1-144
JOHNSON, JOHN SR.                       IN-60-1-112
JOHNSON, THOMAS C.                      IN-60-1-119
KELLY, JOSHUA SR.                       IN-60-1-9
KERR, JANE                              IN-60-1-139
KILLOUGH, JAMES                         IN-60-1-135
KNOLL, MARGARET                         IN-60-1-59
LANDRETH, SOLOMON                       IN-60-1-165
LANDRUM, ARTHUR                         IN-60-1-83
LITTEN, ELIGAH                          IN-60-1-34
LLOYD, MARTHA ANN                       IN-60-1-167
MCCARLEY, MOSES                         IN-60-1-81
MILLER, DAVID                           IN-60-1-117
MILLER, JOHN                            IN-60-1-88
MITCHELL, THOMAS                        IN-60-1-79
MODREL, ADAM                            IN-60-1-11
MODRELL, ANDREW                         IN-60-1-107
MUGG, JOHN                              IN-60-1-20
NEWPORT, HENRY SR.                      IN-60-1-127
NICHOLAS, GEORGE                        IN-60-1-96
NICHOLAS, SILAS                         IN-60-1-73
NIGH, JACOB                             IN-60-1-47
OLEY, JOHN SR.                          IN-60-1-3
PAYNE, JONATHAN                         IN-60-1-97
PINDELL, AARON                          IN-60-1-101
RANDLEMAN, JOHN R.                      IN-60-1-2
REECE, ELIJAH                           IN-60-1-11
ROGERS, ELIZABETH                       IN-60-1-5
SCOTT, ALEXANDER                        IN-60-1-63
SHIELDS, WILLIAM                        IN-60-1-116
SKELTON, JOHN                           IN-60-1-67
SMITH, SAMUEL                           IN-60-1-121
SMYDTH, JOHN C.                         IN-60-1-162
SNODDY, JOHN                            IN-60-1-61
STEEL, JESSE                            IN-60-1-94
STEELE, NENIAN                          IN-60-1-103
STIERWALT, PETER                        IN-60-1-51
THOMAS, SUSANNAH                        IN-60-1-18
TRUAX, WILLIAM                          IN-60-1-13
VAUGHN, LUKE                            IN-60-1-107

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