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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1816-1852 | 1=1852-1892 | 3-4=? |
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ALLEN, PELEG R.                         IN-59-1-26
ANDERSON, JOHN WESLEY                   IN-59-2-374
APPLE, JOHN L.                          IN-59-2-403
ATKINSON, THOMAS                        IN-59-1-121
ATKISON, HUGH                           IN-59-2-92
ATKISON, JOHN                           IN-59-2-241
BAINERS, PETER                          IN-59-1-22
BAKER, FREDERICK                        IN-59-2-28
BAKER, JAMES                            IN-59-1-1
BAKER, JOHN                             IN-59-2-55
BAKER, WILLIAM                          IN-59-2-319
BARKER, MARY E.                         IN-59-2-170
BELL, CHARLES                           IN-59-2-309
BESWICK, ROBERT H.                      IN-59-2-215
BIRD, RACHEL                            IN-59-2-233
BLACKBURN, JOSEPH M.                    IN-59-1-51
BOND, REUBEN                            IN-59-1-76
BOON, JOHN                              IN-59-2-203
BOSLEY, JANE W.                         IN-59-2-183
BOSWELL, ICHABOD                        IN-59-1-104
BRAXTON, MARGARET E.                    IN-59-2-436
BRAXTON, THOMAS                         IN-59-2-128
BRIDGEWATER, ISAAC                      IN-59-2-216
BRINDLY, HENRY                          IN-59-2-258
BRINER, CAMMALIZA                       IN-59-2-322
BROTHERS, WILLIAM                       IN-59-2-101
BROWN, DAVID                            IN-59-1-11
BRUBECK, JOHN                           IN-59-2-163
BURGAR, MICHAEL                         IN-59-1-8
BURT, ASA                               IN-59-1-56
BURTNER, JOHN                           IN-59-1-12
BURTT, EVELINA                          IN-59-2-145
BURTT, RACHEL                           IN-59-2-2
BUSICKS, BENJAMIN B.                    IN-59-1-123
BYRAM, LEWIS                            IN-59-1-75
CAMPBELL, JOHN H.                       IN-59-2-228
CAMPBELL, ROEBRT                        IN-59-1-125
CAMPBELL, SMAUEL                        IN-59-2-15
CARR, ELIZABETH                         IN-59-1-98
CARR, MARTHA                            IN-59-2-205
CARR, MICHAEL                           IN-59-1-58
CARROLL, BENJAMIN                       IN-59-2-440
CARTER, MARGURY                         IN-59-2-298
CARTER, SHADRACK B. A.                  IN-59-1-92
CHANDLER, WILLIAM                       IN-59-1-102
CHARLES, JOHN                           IN-59-2-361
CHASTAIN, WILLIAM                       IN-59-2-416
CHASTIAN, WILLIAM                       IN-59-1-139
CHATHAM, REUBEN                         IN-59-2-320
CHATHAM, WILLIAM B.                     IN-59-2-33
CHILDERS, JAMES                         IN-59-2-134
CHISHAM, CATHERINE                      IN-59-2-271
CHISHAM, WILLAM WALLER                  IN-59-2-379
CHISM, BENJAMIN                         IN-59-2-79
CLARK, ALEXANDER                        IN-59-2-13
CLARK, ROBERT                           IN-59-1-23
CLARK, WILLIAM                          IN-59-2-141
CLENDENIN, JOSEPH                       IN-59-2-267
CLENDENIN,MARY                          IN-59-2-434
CLIFTON, WILIAM                         IN-59-1-67
CLOUD, DANIEL                           IN-59-2-243
CLOUD, JOHN                             IN-59-1-119
COLDASURE, WASHINGTON                   IN-59-2-171
COLLINS, JAMES                          IN-59-2-8
COOK, JACOB                             IN-59-1-139
COPLIN, ANN                             IN-59-1-20
CORNWELL, PETER                         IN-59-1-136
COSGROVE, PATRICK                       IN-59-1-155
COX, JOSEPH                             IN-59-1-59
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM                     IN-59-1-118
CUTSINGER, JACOB                        IN-59-2-270
CUTSINGER, MARTIN                       IN-59-1-90
DANNER, JOSEPH                          IN-59-2-29
DARROCK, DANIEL                         IN-59-1-31
DAVIS, JOHN                             IN-59-2-53
DAVIS, MARY                             IN-59-1-30
DAYHUFF, MARY C.                        IN-59-2-310
DENNY, SIMON                            IN-59-1-117
DISHON, JAMES                           IN-59-2-98
DIXON, JOHN                             IN-59-2-154
DIXON, JOHN                             IN-59-1-25
DIXON, SILAS                            IN-59-2-4
DIXON, SILAS                            IN-59-2-59
DOAK, JOSEPH W.                         IN-59-1-19
DOUGHERTY, MAHALA E.                    IN-59-2-193
DOUGHERTY, W. R.                        IN-59-2-6
DUNCAN, FLEMING                         IN-59-2-295
DUNCAN, GEORGE                          IN-59-1-99
DUNCAN, GEORGE                          IN-59-1-100
DUNCAN, JOHN                            IN-59-2-80
EARLEY, ELIZABETH                       IN-59-2-274
EASLEY, PHILIP                          IN-59-2-254
EDWARDS, THOMSA H.                      IN-59-2-397
ELLEXSON, JEREMIAH                      IN-59-1-97
ELLIOTT, CHARLES                        IN-59-2-307
ELLIS, DANIEL                           IN-59-2-22
ELLIS, JAMES W.                         IN-59-2-412
ELROD, JACOB                            IN-59-2-38
ELROD, JOHN                             IN-59-2-84
ELROD, ROBET SR.                        IN-59-1-49
ELROD, SAMUEL A.                        IN-59-2-217
ERBON, PETER                            IN-59-1-80
EVANS, CALEB                            IN-59-1-79
EVERETT, RUTH                           IN-59-2-382
FARLOW, JOSEPH                          IN-59-1-127
FAUCETT, GEORGE                         IN-59-2-118
FAUCHER, JOHN                           IN-59-2-345
FIELDS, MARGARE                         IN-59-2-144
FINLEY, DAVID                           IN-59-1-147
FINLEY, WILLIAM A.                      IN-59-2-179
FITCH, ELIZABETH                        IN-59-2-189
FOADHUKIL, GEORGE                       IN-59-1-112
FORDYCE, DENNIS                         IN-59-2-332
FOSTER, JOHN P.                         IN-59-2-154
FOSTER, WILLIAM P.                      IN-59-2-339
FRAYER, JOHN                            IN-59-2-207
FRAZER, JONATHAN                        IN-59-2-273
FREEMAN, BENJAMIN                       IN-59-1-65
FREEMAN, DANIEL                         IN-59-1-17
FREEMAN,JANE                            IN-59-1-37
FREID, JOHN                             IN-59-2-77
FROST, SIMEON                           IN-59-2-214
GALLOWAY, WILLIAM L.                    IN-59-2-393
GARDNER, GEORGE                         IN-59-2-234
GIFFORD, JOHN S.                        IN-59-2-114
GIFFORD, JOSEPHUS                       IN-59-2-40
GIFFORD, LEVI SR.                       IN-59-1-69
GILLUM, JOHN                            IN-59-1-144
GILLUM, WILLIAM F.                      IN-59-2-432
GLOVER, STEPHEN                         IN-59-1-40
GOBBLE, ABSOLEM                         IN-59-2-137
GOWDY, WILLIAM                          IN-59-1-3
GREENSLADE, JOHN M.                     IN-59-2-363
GRIGGS, SHADRACH                        IN-59-2-50
GULLETT, SAMUEL                         IN-59-2-405
GULLETT, SARAH A.                       IN-59-2-409
GWINN, ISOM                             IN-59-1-57
HALL, LILLY                             IN-59-2-220
HALL, RICHARD                           IN-59-2-194
HALLER, ISAAC                           IN-59-2-20
HALLOWELL, ELIZABETH                    IN-59-2-115
HALLOWELL, ROBERT                       IN-59-2-122
HAMMOND, NANCY A.                       IN-59-2-377
HAMPTON, ELIZA                          IN-59-2-213
HAMPTON, JESSE                          IN-59-2-105
HANCOCK, MARTIN                         IN-59-2-100
HARDMAN, DANIEL                         IN-59-1-168
HARMON, EDWIN F.                        IN-59-1-108
HAWKINS, JEREMIAH                       IN-59-2-147
HAZLEWOOD, REUBEN                       IN-59-2-66
HEMLESS, JOHN                           IN-59-1-22
HENDERSON, JAMES                        IN-59-2-68
HENDERSON, WILLIAM                      IN-59-2-185
HILL, CHRISTOPHER                       IN-59-2-160
HILL, JESSE                             IN-59-2-70
HILL, JOSEPH                            IN-59-1-107
HOGGATT, WILFORD                        IN-59-2-143
HOGGATT, WILLIAM M.                     IN-59-2-328
HOLADAY, THOMAS B.                      IN-59-2-386
HOLLANDAY, ROBERT                       IN-59-1-2
HOLLIDAY, HANNAH                        IN-59-1-80
HOLLOWELL, ELIZABETH                    IN-59-2-64
HOLLOWELL, JESSE                        IN-59-1-21
HORNED, SAMUEL                          IN-59-2-399
HOW, GEORGE H.                          IN-59-2-232
HUDELSON, DAVID                         IN-59-2-187
IRELAND, THOMAS                         IN-59-2-283
IRVINE, WILLIAM                         IN-59-1-162
JAMES, SAMUEL                           IN-59-1-62
JOHNSON, DAVID                          IN-59-1-6
JOHNSON, JOSEPH                         IN-59-2-43
JOHNSON, LANCELOT                       IN-59-1-81
JONES, DRUZILLA                         IN-59-2-119
JONES, EVANS                            IN-59-1-18
KEARBY, JOEL C.                         IN-59-2-289
KIMBLEY, ISAAC                          IN-59-2-73
KINKAID, ALEXANDER                      IN-59-2-156
LAND, NANCY                             IN-59-2-344
LANE, JOHN A.                           IN-59-2-356
LANGFORD, MARY                          IN-59-2-267
LASWELL, JESSE                          IN-59-2-12
LEE, CALVIN                             IN-59-2-422
LEE, COLUMBIA                           IN-59-2-199
LEE, JONATHAN                           IN-59-2-10
LEONARD, THOMAS                         IN-59-1-134
LEWIS, GEORGE M.                        IN-59-1-177
LINDEY, THOMAS                          IN-59-1-47
LINDLEY, AARON                          IN-59-2-276
LINDLEY, DAVID                          IN-59-2-41
LINDLEY, DAVID JR.                      IN-59-2-41
LINDLEY, HESTER E.                      IN-59-2-132
LINDLEY, HIRAM                          IN-59-2-292
LINDLEY, JONATHAN                       IN-59-1-41
LINDLEY, MARTHA                         IN-59-1-170
LINDLEY, MARY                           IN-59-2-306
LINDLEY, ORSON                          IN-59-1-78
LINDLEY, OWEN                           IN-59-2-191
LINDLEY, SAMUEL                         IN-59-2-346
LINDLEY, THOMAS                         IN-59-2-97
LINDLEY, THOMAS                         IN-59-1-78
LINDLEY, WILLIAM                        IN-59-1-94
LINDSEY, CHARLOTTE                      IN-59-2-388
LINDSEY, JOHN H.                        IN-59-2-341
LINDSEY, MARY                           IN-59-1-87
LOCKHART, WILLIAM                       IN-59-1-20
LOVE, WILLIAM H. H.                     IN-59-2-354
LOW, ROSANAH                            IN-59-2-438
LYNCH, CLAYTON                          IN-59-1-93
LYND, SARAH                             IN-59-2-268
MAGNER, EDWARD                          IN-59-2-130
MAGNER, ELIZABETH J.                    IN-59-1-181
MAGNER, WILLIAM                         IN-59-2-47
MAHAN, THOMAS G.                        IN-59-2-395
MARIS, JONATHAN                         IN-59-2-157
MARLETT, JAMES N.                       IN-59-2-261
MARLETT, JOSEPH                         IN-59-2-89
MARLETT, NANCY                          IN-59-2-226
MARTIN, MARY                            IN-59-2-314
MARTIN, ROGER                           IN-59-2-224
MARTIN, SAMUEL A.                       IN-59-1-156
MAY,E LIZABETH                          IN-59-2-356
MCCART, JOHN                            IN-59-2-297
MCCLAIN, WILLIAM                        IN-59-1-175
MCCOY, GEORGE                           IN-59-2-91
MCCOY, GEORGE H.                        IN-59-2-352
MCCOY, LYDIA                            IN-59-2-257
MCCRACKEN, MARGARET E.                  IN-59-1-163
MCCRACKEN, ROBERT                       IN-59-1-77
MCCUNE, ELIZABETH                       IN-59-2-424
MCCUNE, ISAAC                           IN-59-2-365
MCDONALD, ---                           IN-59-1-165
MCDONALD, VESHTI                        IN-59-2-311
MCINTOSH, JAMES                         IN-59-2-136
MCLANE, ROBERT                          IN-59-2-116
MCPHERSON, DUNCAN                       IN-59-2-166
MERIAM, ELIZA                           IN-59-1-135
MILELR, JAMES                           IN-59-2-317
MILLIS, EDWARD                          IN-59-2-60
MILLIS, ENOCH                           IN-59-1-82
MILLIS, JAMES L.                        IN-59-2-278
MILLIS, NICHOLSON                       IN-59-2-175
MOHAN, THOMAS                           IN-59-2-369
MONTGOMERY, CHARLES B.                  IN-59-2-242
MOODY, JOSEPH                           IN-59-2-248
MOODY, THOMAS                           IN-59-2-256
MOODY, WILLIAM                          IN-59-2-348
MOORE, EDWARD W.                        IN-59-2-376
MOORMAN, Z.                             IN-59-1-138
MORRIS, BENJAMIN                        IN-59-1-10
MOULDER, JACOB                          IN-59-1-129
MURPHEY, DANIEL                         IN-59-2-102
NEWTON, GEORGE W.                       IN-59-2-95
NICHOLLS, NATHAN                        IN-59-1-29
NICHOLS, JACOB M.                       IN-59-2-150
NOBLITT, ABRAHAM                        IN-59-1-105
NOBLITT, ANDREW C.                      IN-59-2-350
NUGENT, JAMES                           IN-59-2-148
OBLENIS, ELIZABETH                      IN-59-2-83
OSBORN, ABRAM K.                        IN-59-2-294
OSBORN, MARTHA                          IN-59-2-168
OSBORN, WILLIAM C.                      IN-59-2-401
OSBOURN, ABRAHAM                        IN-59-1-113
PARK, GEORGE                            IN-59-2-201
PARKS, NANCY                            IN-59-2-67
PEARCE, PHILIP C.                       IN-59-1-64
PEPHER, LAWSON                          IN-59-2-288
PICKETT, NANCY                          IN-59-2-1
PIERSON, JOHN H.                        IN-59-2-391
PIERSON, NANCY                          IN-59-2-252
PIGGOTT, JACOB J.                       IN-59-1-148
PINNICK, JOHN                           IN-59-2-94
PIRTLE, JESSE                           IN-59-2-45
PORTER, JAMES                           IN-59-1-142
POTTER, ELIZA C.                        IN-59-2-418
POUND, JOSEPH                           IN-59-1-159
PPURKHISER, RACHEL                      IN-59-2-371
PRITCHARD, BENJAMIN M.                  IN-59-2-49
PURKHISER, JOHN                         IN-59-2-208
RAYBORN, CORNELIUS                      IN-59-1-23
RAYMOND, DAVID                          IN-59-1-13
READ, JOSHUA                            IN-59-1-100
REED, JESSE                             IN-59-1-172
REED, JONAH G.                          IN-59-2-420
RIBBLE, JOHN                            IN-59-1-55
RIBLIN, CATHARINE                       IN-59-2-62
RICHARDS, CROEL                         IN-59-2-291
RICHARDSON, JOHN                        IN-59-2-177
RILEY, EDWARD                           IN-59-1-12
RITTER, JOHN A.                         IN-59-2-426
ROACH, THOMAS R.                        IN-59-2-140
ROBERTS, ANDREW                         IN-59-1-167
ROBERTS, BENJAMIN                       IN-59-2-17
ROBERTS, WILLIAM C.                     IN-59-2-338
ROBERTSON, J. W.                        IN-59-2-52
ROLL, JOHN                              IN-59-2-330
RYAN, SAMUEL                            IN-59-2-413
SCOTT, ELGA                             IN-59-1-174
SCOTT, ISAAC                            IN-59-2-57
SCOTT, WILLIAM                          IN-59-1-134
SEARS, JOHN SR.                         IN-59-1-109
SELF, JOHN                              IN-59-1-120
SELF, THOMA                             IN-59-1-158
SEYBOLD, JOHN                           IN-59-1-89
SEYBOLD, JOSEPH M.                      IN-59-2-86
SHAW, JOHN                              IN-59-2-121
SHIRLEY, HENRY                          IN-59-1-140
SHIVELY, PHILIP                         IN-59-2-210
SHOUF, HENRY                            IN-59-2-260
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        IN-59-2-196
SMITH, HUMPHREY                         IN-59-1-101
SMITH, JACOB                            IN-59-1-28
SMITH, NICHOLAS, S.                     IN-59-2-37
SPAULDING, NELSON                       IN-59-2-222
SPEER, ISAAC N.                         IN-59-2-384
STAFFINGER, PETER                       IN-59-2-153
STALCUP, SAMUEL                         IN-59-2-96
STANDERFORD, WILLIAM                    IN-59-2-126
STEWART, WILLIAM                        IN-59-2-32
STOCKHOUSE, WILLIAM                     IN-59-2-212
STONE, JOHN S.                          IN-59-2-324
STOUT, JOHN                             IN-59-2-139
STRANGE, WILLIAM                        IN-59-2-410
TALBOTT, HENRY S.                       IN-59-2-337
TATE, ZACHARIAH                         IN-59-2-159
TEGARDEN, COLUMBIA                      IN-59-2-230
TEGARDEN, JOHN SR.                      IN-59-2-24
THOMAS, LEWIS                           IN-59-1-35
THOMAS, STEPHEN                         IN-59-2-81
THOMPSON, ENOCH                         IN-59-2-34
THOMPSON, OWEN                          IN-59-2-151
THORNTON, THOMAS V.                     IN-59-1-150
THROOP, JOHN                            IN-59-1-132
TOLIVER, MARY                           IN-59-2-349
TOWEL, JESSE H.                         IN-59-1-154
TOWELL, JESSE                           IN-59-1-74
TOWELL, JESSE JR.                       IN-59-1-73
TOWELL, JOHN SR.                        IN-59-2-111
TREMBLE, MOSES                          IN-59-1-160
TRIMBLE, GEORGE                         IN-59-2-286
TRIMBLE, JANE                           IN-59-1-103
TRIMBLE, MARGARET                       IN-59-2-342
TRUEBLOOD, ELLENORA                     IN-59-2-316
TRUEBLOOD, JOSIAH                       IN-59-2-300
TRUEBLOOD, WILLIAM                      IN-59-2-230
TURLEY, BENJAMIN                        IN-59-2-280
UNDERWOOD, ALFRED                       IN-59-2-219
URTON, PETER                            IN-59-1-80
VANCE, ANDREW C.                        IN-59-2-198
VANCE, JANE                             IN-59-2-373
VANCLEAVE, ALEXANDER N.                 IN-59-2-266
WAGNER, ELIZABETH J.                    IN-59-1-181
WALKER, JOHN                            IN-59-2-287
WALLACE, ALEXANDER                      IN-59-2-107
WALLS, SANERS                           IN-59-2-327
WARDEN, WILLIAM                         IN-59-1-26
WAY, ANTHONY                            IN-59-2-25
WAY, WILLIAM                            IN-59-2-87
WEBB, H.C.                              IN-59-2-104
WEBB, MARTIN                            IN-59-1-68
WELLMAN, JOHN                           IN-59-2-174
WELLS, ABRAHAM                          IN-59-2-334
WELLS, JOSEPH                           IN-59-1-24
WELLS, NATHAN                           IN-59-1-4
WELLS, WILLIAM                          IN-59-2-237
WELLS, WILLIAM W.                       IN-59-2-367
WHEELER, GRAFTON                        IN-59-2-88
WHITE, JOSEPH                           IN-59-1-71
WHITMIRE, JACOB                         IN-59-2-237
WILLIAMS, FRANCIS                       IN-59-1-146
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          IN-59-1-152
WILLIAMS, JOHN L.                       IN-59-2-239
WILLSON, ABSOLEM                        IN-59-1-86
WILSON, ELIZABETH                       IN-59-2-325
WILSON, JOSEPH                          IN-59-1-33
WILSON, NATHAN                          IN-59-2-72
WILSON, NATHANIEL B.                    IN-59-2-250
WINETEER, NANCY                         IN-59-2-110
WININGER, ALEXANDER                     IN-59-2-164
WOLF, HENRY                             IN-59-2-35
WOLF, JOHN SR.                          IN-59-2-75
WOLF, PETER                             IN-59-2-429
WOLFINGTON, MCKINSEY                    IN-59-2-56
WOLFINGTON, NANCY                       IN-59-2-131
WOLFINGTON, SIMPSON                     IN-59-2-206
WOOD, FRANCIS                           IN-59-1-39
WOODFORD, AMASA D.                      IN-59-2-263
WRIGHT, G. W.                           IN-59-2-21
WRIGHT, MARY G.                         IN-59-2-181
WRIGHT, WILLIAM W.                      IN-59-2-138
YATES, WILLIAM                          IN-59-2-158

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