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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A = 1824-1840 | B-ZZ = ? |
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ABRAMS, JOHN C.                         IN-49-B-179
ACKLEYS, AUSTIN A.                      IN-49-B-282
ADAMS, BENJAMIN DAVIS                   IN-49-C-481
ALLISON, JOHN                           IN-49-A-185
ALLREDGE, AARON                         IN-49-B-476
APPLE, HENRY                            IN-49-C-253
ARCHER, JOSEPH                          IN-49-B-485
ATHERTON, ELIZABETH                     IN-49-B-488
AVELS, HENRY                            IN-49-C-192
AVERY, SOLOMON                          IN-49-B-479
BAER, JOHN                              IN-49-C-346
BALLANT, JOHN                           IN-49-B-146
BARNETT, THOMAS                         IN-49-A-203
BARNHILL, SAMUEL                        IN-49-A-97
BARNIGHT, JEREMIAH                      IN-49-A-198
BARR, ELIZABETH                         IN-49-C-332
BARRETT, CATHERINE                      IN-49-B-457
BEATY, MAHLON                           IN-49-A-110
BEATY, SARAH                            IN-49-B-69
BELL, BENJAMIN                          IN-49-A-131
BERGENER, FREDERICK                     IN-49-C-98
BERRY, LAVINA K.                        IN-49-B-341
BERY, THOMAS                            IN-49-A-165
BIRKENMAYER, JACOB                      IN-49-C-242
BIRT, WILLIAM                           IN-49-C-233
BLACKEY, HENRY                          IN-49-B-510
BLADES, JAMES                           IN-49-B-155
BLAIR, ELIZA J.                         IN-49-B-235
BLESSING, GEORGE                        IN-49-C-296
BLYTH, BENJAMIN J.                      IN-49-C-80
BOARDMAN, DAVID G.                      IN-49-B-284
BOCKSTHALER, MATHIAS                    IN-49-C-284
BOLTON, NATHANIEL                       IN-49-C-170
BONNELS, JAMES                          IN-49-A-149
BOOT, BARTIS                            IN-49-A-106
BOWEN, THOMAS S.                        IN-49-B-297, 306
BOWERS, DANIEL                          IN-49-B-415
BRADLEY, JAMES                          IN-49-B-294
BRANSON, STEPHEN                        IN-49-A-149
BRAY, JOHN                              IN-49-C-278
BRENTON, ROBERT                         IN-49-A-214
BRODEMAN, HENRY                         IN-49-B-400
BROWN, BASIL                            IN-49-B-220
BROWN, CHRISTOPHER F.                   IN-49-C-361
BROWN, HIRAM                            IN-49-B-431
BROWN, JAMES S.                         IN-49-C-400
BROWN, JAMES W.                         IN-49-C-290
BROWN, JOHN                             IN-49-B-514
BROWN, JOHN                             IN-49-B-195
BROWN, JOHN G.                          IN-49-A-179
BROWN, JOHN JOST                        IN-49-C-101
BROWN, MARY C.                          IN-49-C-232
BROWN, NEHEMIAH                         IN-49-B-261
BROWN, SAMUEL                           IN-49-A-167
BROWN, WILLIAM S.                       IN-49-C-97
BROWN, ZERELDA                          IN-49-C-127
BRUMFIELD, THOMAS                       IN-49-B-78
BRUMLEY, JANE                           IN-49-A-122
BRUNSON, THOMAS                         IN-49-A-202
BRYAN, JOHN S.                          IN-49-B-31
BRYAN, MARGARET                         IN-49-C-455
BUDD, MARY                              IN-49-C-10
BURTON, JON                             IN-49-B-183
BUSENBARRICK, ABRAHAM                   IN-49-C-118
BUTLER, CHAUNCY                         IN-49-A-217
BUTSCH, JOHN                            IN-49-C-447
BYRKIT, VALENTINE                       IN-49-B-420
CANBY, JOHN V.C.                        IN-49-B-103
CARTER, HENRY                           IN-49-C-251
CASON, JACOB                            IN-49-B-498
CHAPIN, AMUEL P.                        IN-49-A-132
CHASE, ABAGAIL                          IN-49-C-65
CHAVIS, NANCY                           IN-49-C-124
CHERRY, THOMAS P.                       IN-49-B-243
CLARK, SHELLY                           IN-49-C-473
CLINTON, EDWARD D.                      IN-49-B-512
COBURN, HENRY P.                        IN-49-B-516
COE, ISAAC                              IN-49-C-22
COFFMAN, HENRY                          IN-49-B-124
COILE, JACOB                            IN-49-A-170
COLLINS, JEREMIAH                       IN-49-B-505
COMBS, FIELDING                         IN-49-B-321
COMPTON, CHRISTOPHER                    IN-49-C-167
COMPTON, JOSHUA                         IN-49-B-56
COOK, WILLIAM                           IN-49-A-163
CORBALY, JEEMIAH J.                     IN-49-B-100
COSSEL, GEORGE                          IN-49-A-127
COSSEL, JOHN                            IN-49-B-496
COSTIGAN, FRANCIS                       IN-49-C-576
COTTON, JOHN                            IN-49-C-68
COVERDILL, RICHARD                      IN-49-C-286
CRAIGHEAD, ANN                          IN-49-B-86
CRAIGHEAD, DVAID                        IN-49-B-522
CROPPER, LEAVIN SR.                     IN-49-B-467
CROUSE, HENRY                           IN-49-A-137
CULBERTSON, ALEXANDER                   IN-49-A-195
CUNNINGHAM, HUGH                        IN-49-C-331
CURRENS, WILLIAM                        IN-49-B-473
DANIELS, LYDIA                          IN-49-C-570
DANNENBERG, CHRISTIAN                   IN-49-C-43
DAVIS, HAMILTON                         IN-49-B-184
DEAL, JOHN                              IN-49-A-107
DEERY, HENRY                            IN-49-C-529
DEISSLER, JOHN                          IN-49-C-450
DELONG, SAMUEL                          IN-49-B-82
DEMOTT, PETER                           IN-49-C-363
DENNIS, CATHARINE                       IN-49-C-392
DODD, WILLIAM                           IN-49-A-118
DONNELLAN, ADELINE                      IN-49-C-100
DONOVAN, JAMES                          IN-49-C-304
DORSEY, PATRICK                         IN-49-B-442
DUNCAN, JAMES                           IN-49-C-90
DUNLAP, LIVINGSTON                      IN-49-C-357
DUZAN, ANNIE J.                         IN-49-C-355
DUZAN, FRANCIS A.                       IN-49-C-158
DYSINGER, FREDERICK                     IN-49-A-194
EAKLE, JONATHAN                         IN-49-B-8
ECHERTS, WILLIAM                        IN-49-B-337
EDMONSON, WILLIAM C.                    IN-49-C-194
ELBRACHT, MARIE ELSBAIN                 IN-49-C-379
ELLIS, NELSON B.                        IN-49-B-143
ELLISON, BARTON S.                      IN-49-B-66
ELLSWORTH, HENRY L.                     IN-49-C-173
ELSON, NICHOLAS                         IN-49-B-339
ENNERS, PHIIP                           IN-49-B-190
EVANS, HENRY B.                         IN-49-B-170
FAIRCHILD, EUNICE                       IN-49-C-151
FATROUT, MOSES                          IN-49-C-34
FAUCETT, JOHN                           IN-49-A-183
FEATHERSTON, JEREMIAH                   IN-49-C-319
FERTIG, CONROD                          IN-49-B-402
FISHER, DAVID                           IN-49-A-153
FISHER, ELIZABETH                       IN-49-A-210
FISHER, OWEN                            IN-49-B-237
FIX, ROSINA CATHARINE                   IN-49-C-336
FLACK, MOSES                            IN-49-B-229
FLEMING, DAVID J.                       IN-49-C-92
FOLSOM, PETER                           IN-49-C-267
FOOTE, JEREMIAH                         IN-49-C-531
FOWLER, CHARLES C.                      IN-49-C-390
FRANKLIN, EZEKIEL                       IN-49-B-483
FRAY, MOSES                             IN-49-A-108
FRAZEE, JOHN M.                         IN-49-A-119
FRAZIER, JESSE                          IN-49-A-208
FRISBY, SARAH                           IN-49-C?217
FRY, ELIZABETH                          IN-49-C-226
FUQUA, ANDREW W.                        IN-49-C-384
FUQUA, JOSEPHINE L.                     IN-49-B-384
GALVERS, ELIZABETH                      IN-49-B-42
GENTLE, ELIZABETH                       IN-49-B-177
GENTRY, PAULINA J.                      IN-49-C-419
GEORGE, DAVID                           IN-49-B-313
GEORGE, WESLEY                          IN-49-C-125
GERSTLEY, HENRY S.                      IN-49-C-112
GIBSON, ANDREW                          IN-49-C-94
GIBSON, JOSIAH                          IN-49-C-219
GLASS, SAMUEL                           IN-49-B-185
GOLDSBERRY, SAMUEL                      IN-49-B-166
GORDON, GORDON V.                       IN-49-C-410
GREER, ELISHA                           IN-49-C-493
GREER, JAMES                            IN-49-B-191
GREIN, JOHN                             IN-49-C-372
GRIFFIN, JOHN                           IN-49-C-86
GRIFFITH, JOHN                          IN-49-B-3
GRIFFITH, JOHN                          IN-49-B-39
GRIFFITH, MARY ISABELLA                 IN-49-C-259
GROVER, BENJAMIN                        IN-49-A-131
GUION, GEORGE                           IN-49-C-482
GULLEFER, AARON                         IN-49-B-325
GUTHRIE, ALEXANDER                      IN-49-B-273
GWINNUP, LUTHER Y.                      IN-49-C-318
HAIRLAND, ANN                           IN-49-B-118
HALL, EDWARD                            IN-49-B-193
HAMILTON, THOMAS I.                     IN-49-B-436
HANES, JAMES                            IN-49-C-274
HANNA, ROBERT                           IN-49-C-154
HANNIN, JOSEPH                          IN-49-C-291
HANSON, MARTIN M.                       IN-49-B-534
HARDING, ELIAKIM                        IN-49-A-205
HARDING, ISRAEL                         IN-49-B-46
HARDING, MARTHA A.                      IN-49-C-444
HARRIS, ASA B.                          IN-49-B-225
HARTMAN, CHARLES                        IN-49-B-275
HARTMAN, CHARLES F.                     IN-49-C-162
HARTMAN, JOHN                           IN-49-B-18
HASENFUS, JOHN                          IN-49-C-342
HAWKINS, JOHN                           IN-49-A-112
HAWKINS, MARGARY                        IN-49-C-280
HEDGES, ELEANOR                         IN-49-A-89
HEIZER, EDWARD                          IN-49-C-381
HENDRICKS, WILLIAM                      IN-49-C-41
HENSLEY, ANDREW                         IN-49-B-58
HEPP, GEORGE                            IN-49-B-459
HERRMAN, VALENTINE                      IN-49-C-457
HIGHTSEE, NICHOLAS                      IN-49-C-132
HOERNER, JOHN                           IN-49-C-16
HOGLAND, JAMES                          IN-49-B-129
HOLLINGSWORTH, JOSEPH                   IN-49-A-188
HOLLINGSWORTH, ZEPHENIAH                IN-49-B-395
HOLMES, CHARLES S.                      IN-49-C-499
HOLMES, JANE                            IN-49-C-31
HOLMES, WILLIAM                         IN-49-A-192
HOLMES, WILLIAM                         IN-49-C-179
HOOVER, ANDREW                          IN-49-C-452
HOOVER, DAVID                           IN-49-A-161
HORNOR, ELIZABETH                       IN-49-B-197
HORTON, JAMES                           IN-49-A-126
HOWLAND, ELISHA                         IN-49-C-228
HUFFMAN, JONAS                          IN-49-C-398
HUFFMAN, MARY                           IN-49-C-412
HUGG, MARTIN                            IN-49-C-408
HUME, PATRICK                           IN-49-A-172
HUME, THOMAS                            IN-49-B-51
HUNT, ANDREW                            IN-49-B-115
HUNT, DAVID P.                          IN-49-B-198
HUNT, JACOB F.                          IN-49-C-507
HUNTER, MOSES                           IN-49-C-471
JACKSON, ALEXUS                         IN-49-A-93
JACKSON, JACOB                          IN-49-C-537
JAMESON, DAVID                          IN-49-B-348
JAMESON, THOMAS                         IN-49-B-433
JOHNSON, AARON                          IN-49-B-343
JOHNSON, JAMES                          IN-49-B-64
JOHNSON, JAMES                          IN-49-C-95
JOHNSON, JOHN                           IN-49-B-527
JOHNSON, JOHN                           IN-49-B-462
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                         IN-49-B-133
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                         IN-49-A-83
JOHNSON, SAMUEL L. (REV.)               IN-49-B-208
JOHNSON,JOSHUA                          IN-49-B-278
JONES, CORNELIA                         IN-49-C-139
JONES, EDWIN                            IN-49-C-271
KARTHENS, GUSTAVUS ERIE                 IN-49-B-365
KEELEY, SAMUEL                          IN-49-B-241
KENNARD, GEORGE L.                      IN-49-A-155
KENWORTHY, DELILA                       IN-49-B-134
KENWORTHY, JOHN                         IN-49-B-492
KERLIN, MICHAEL                         IN-49-B-130
KERR, SMAUEL                            IN-49-C-302
KIMBERLIN, FOUNTAIN C.                  IN-49-C-514
KING, DANIEL                            IN-49-B-98
KING, JESSE                             IN-49-B-141
KINGSBURY, FRANCES                      IN-49-B-454
KINGSLEY, JOHN                          IN-49-B-301
KISE, JOHN                              IN-49-C-83
KITLEY, JOHN                            IN-49-C-545
KLINGENSMITH, GEORGE                    IN-49-C-39
KNAKE, ERNEST                           IN-49-B-525
KOENIG, ANTON                           IN-49-B-559
KOLB, JOHANN ADAM                       IN-49-C-377
KULDMAN, HENRY                          IN-49-B-519
LACKEY, ANDREW J.                       IN-49-C-71
LAKE, ZENAS                             IN-49-B-48
LAKE, ZENAS JR.                         IN-49-B-216
LAMBERT, AARON S.                       IN-49-C-561
LANDIS, JOSEPH M.                       IN-49-B-362
LATHAM, JOHN                            IN-49-B-239
LATHAM, LYDIA                           IN-49-C-105
LAUT, GOTTLIEB                          IN-49-C-37
LAUX, JOSEPH                            IN-49-C-235
LAUX, JOSEPHINE                         IN-49-C-525
LAWRENCE, RICE R.                       IN-49-A-87
LEAR, JOHN D.                           IN-49-B-465
LEATHERMAN, SAMPSON                     IN-49-B-218
LETSEY, RANAL                           IN-49-B-352
LINDLEY, CATHARINE E.                   IN-49-C-63
LINDSAY, ISAIAH                         IN-49-C-497
LITTLE, MATHEW                          IN-49-C-327
LOCKERBIE, GEORGE                       IN-49-C-77
LOFTIN, JOSEPH SR.                      IN-49-C-353
LOWMAN, JAMES                           IN-49-B-393
LUPTON, THOMAS                          IN-49-C-432
LYNCH, WILLIAM                          IN-49-A-218
LYON, MARCY                             IN-49-B-6
MACKLIN, WILLIAM                        IN-49-A-121
MAGUVIE, DOUGLASS                       IN-49-C-114
MANHANT, AUGUST                         IN-49-B-144
MARSH, WILLIAM M.                       IN-49-C-484
MARTIN, MARY J.                         IN-49-C-310
MASONS, STEWART                         IN-49-C-566
MATLOCK, THOMAS                         IN-49-A-135
MATTLER, JOHN                           IN-49-B-562
MAWS, JOHN                              IN-49-C-215
MAYER, JOHN H.                          IN-49-C-49
MAZE, JOHN                              IN-49-C-2
MCBRIDE, MALCOLM                        IN-49-C-204
MCCAW, WILLIAM                          IN-49-C-196
MCCLUNN, WILLIAM                        IN-49-B-162
MCCLURG, WILLIAM                        IN-49-C-51
MCCRAY, SAMUEL                          IN-49-C-53
MCCREERY, JESSE G.                      IN-49-C-388
MCCULLOUGH, WILLIAM                     IN-49-C-211
MCCURDY, DAVID                          IN-49-C-186
MCCUTCHEON, JOHN                        IN-49-B-373
MCDOWELL, WILLIAM                       IN-49-A-129
MCELVAIN, J. VANCE                      IN-49-C-245
MCFALL, JAMES S.                        IN-49-C-417
MCFALL, JOHN                            IN-49-B-386
MCILVAINE, SAMUEL                       IN-49-C-469
MCKINZIE, WILLIAM                       IN-49-C-129
MCKUNE, JAMES                           IN-49-A-220
MCLENE, SARAH                           IN-49-C-206
MCMAHAN, JOHN                           IN-49-C-490
MCOUAT, MARGARET                        IN-49-B-428
MCOUAT, WILLIAM                         IN-49-B-31
MCRAE, SARAH AGNES                      IN-49-C-116
MEIERHOF, HENRY                         IN-49-C-558
MEYER, VALENTINE                        IN-49-C-300
MILHOUS, ANN                            IN-49-C-475
MILHOUS, HENRY                          IN-49-B-138
MILHOUS, SAMUEL                         IN-49-B-93
MILLER, CATHARINE R.                    IN-49-C-325
MILLER, ERUSH H.                        IN-49-B-494
MILLER, GEORGE                          IN-49-C-425
MILLER, HENRY                           IN-49-C-348
MILLER, HENRY                           IN-49-C-247
MILLER, JACOB                           IN-49-C-14
MILLER, WILLIAM                         IN-49-B-41
MILLS, JOHN                             IN-49-B-33
MONROE, WILLIAM                         IN-49-A-117
MOORE, GEORGE W.                        IN-49-B-286
MOORE, NANCY                            IN-49-C-84
MOORE, THOMAS                           IN-49-A-175
MORAN, MICHAEL                          IN-49-C-238
MOREHOUSE, ANDREW                       IN-49-C-461
MORELAND, JOHN R.                       IN-49-A-113
MORELAND, RACHEL                        IN-49-A-200
MORLEY, HANNAH                          IN-49-B-318
MORRILL, SAMUEL                         IN-49-C-19
MORRIS, MORRIS                          IN-49-C-501
MORRIS, WILLIAM C.                      IN-49-C-535
MORRISON, ALEXANDER F.                  IN-49-C-120
MOSELY, JACOB                           IN-49-B-508
MOSHER, DANIEL T.                       IN-49-C-436
MOTHERSHEAD, JOHN L.                    IN-49-B-538
MUELLER, WILLIAM                        IN-49-B-535
MULLEN, JAMES                           IN-49-B-546
MUNSON, SARAH                           IN-49-C-107
NAGEL, CHARLES FREDERICK                IN-49-C-219
NEGLEY, GEORGE H.                       IN-49-B-214
NEIMAN, MARTIN                          IN-49-C-386
NERGE, HENRY                            IN-49-C-427
NESBIT, AGNESS                          IN-49-A-154
NESBIT, JEREMIAH                        IN-49-C-61
NICOLAI, JULIUS                         IN-49-C-551
NOBLE, NOAH                             IN-49-B-106
NORWOOD, JOHN                           IN-49-A-134
NUGENT, WILLIAM                         IN-49-A-90
OLIVER, JOSHUA C.                       IN-49-C-374
ONEAL, LEWIS                            IN-49-B-438
ONEAL, RICHARD                          IN-49-C-370
ONEAL, THOMAS                           IN-49-A-173
ONELA, JOHN                             IN-49-B-440
PARKER, DANIEL                          IN-49-C-156
PARKER, JOHN                            IN-49-B-553
PARRY, CHARLES                          IN-49-C-316
PARRY, DAVID                            IN-49-A-123
PARSLEY, SAMUEL                         IN-49-C-13
PATTERSON, JOHN                         IN-49-C-73
PATTON, JOSEPH M.                       IN-49-C-568
PAXTON, JAMES                           IN-49-A-102
PEARCE, THOMAS S.                       IN-49-B-398
PEEBLES, JOHN                           IN-49-C-72
PERKINS, JOSEPH                         IN-49-B-77
PERRY, THOMAS                           IN-49-C-421
PFERFERS, GEORGE D.                     IN-49-C-47
PHEMISTER, CHARLES                      IN-49-B-490
PHILIPS, BENJAMIN MCCOY                 IN-49-C-394
PIGG, DAVID W. SR.                      IN-49-B-451
PITTS, FRANCIS M.                       IN-49-C-509
PITZER, CHARLOTTE                       IN-49-A-184
POLAND, WILLIAM SR.                     IN-49-C-45
PORTER, GEORGE                          IN-49-B-381
PORTER, HENRY                           IN-49-B-23
PRITCHARD, PHINEAS                      IN-49-C-269
PUGH, ALEX                              IN-49-B-160
PUGH, ISAAC                             IN-49-C-320
PUMPHREY, SILAS                         IN-49-C-103
QUARLES, WILLIAM                        IN-49-B-245
QUIGLEY, ANDREW                         IN-49-C-145
RAILSBACK, MATTHEW                      IN-49-B-95
RAMSDELL, PRESLEY T.                    IN-49-B-371
RAMSEY, C. J.                           IN-49-B-157
RAMSYER, JOSEPH                         IN-49-C-306
RANN, BRYANT                            IN-49-C-396
RANSDELL, WHARTON                       IN-49-B-71
REA, B. F.                              IN-49-B-75
REAGAN, REASON                          IN-49-C-459
REAGAN, WILLIAM                         IN-49-B-174
RECORDS, ISAAC                          IN-49-B-28
RECORDS, WILLIAM                        IN-49-B-317
REDING, J. W.                           IN-49-A-128
REINFELS, JOHN                          IN-49-C-368
RHOADS, JOHN                            IN-49-C-288
RHODES, JAMES                           IN-49-B-127
RICHARDSON, THOMAS                      IN-49-C-257
RINGER, JACOB                           IN-49-B-69
RINGER, JACOB                           IN-49-C-190
RINGER, JOSEPH                          IN-49-C-57
ROBERTS, ANNA                           IN-49-C-434
ROBERTS, HENRY C.                       IN-49-C-3
ROBERTS, JOHN W.                        IN-49-C-523
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                        IN-49-A-139
ROBERTS, WILLIAM                        IN-49-B-567
RODEBAUGH, SAMUEL                       IN-49-C-337
ROE, JESSE                              IN-49-B-227
ROE, MARGARET                           IN-49-B-258
ROESENER, CHRISTIAN F. L.               IN-49-C-4
ROLLS, JOSEPH                           IN-49-C-516
ROOT, JACKSON R.                        IN-49-B-542
ROPKEY, FREDERICK                       IN-49-C-479
RUMFORD, JOSEPH                         IN-49-B-347
RUSHHAUPT, HENRY                        IN-49-B-270
RUSSELL, MADISON                        IN-49-C-29
SANDERS, POLLY C.                       IN-49-C-553
SANDERS, TABITHA                        IN-49-B-266
SANDERS, WILLIAM                        IN-49-B-34
SAUNDRS, JOHN H.                        IN-49-B-251
SCHAKEL, C. F. W.                       IN-49-C-574
SCHERRER, JOHN                          IN-49-C-572
SCHURMANN, CATHARINE                    IN-49-C-147
SCHWEINHART, PETER                      IN-49-C-334
SCOTT, JACOB SR.                        IN-49-C-276
SCUDDER, KENNETH A.                     IN-49-A-100
SCUDDER, WILLIAM                        IN-49-C-87
SEELEY, JOSEPH                          IN-49-B-16
SENOUR, JOHN                            IN-49-B-288
SETTERS, JOHN                           IN-49-B-112
SHARP, DAVID H.                         IN-49-C-261
SHAW, JOHN G.                           IN-49-B-26
SHELLY, POLLY                           IN-49-B-280
SHIELDS, DAVID                          IN-49-C-149
SHIELDS, GEORGE W.                      IN-49-C-467
SHIMER, ELIAS N.                        IN-49-C-495
SHORTRIDGE, GEORGE                      IN-49-B-418
SHUNK, JOHN                             IN-49-A-88
SHUTE, WILLIAM                          IN-49-B-243
SMAY, DAVID SR.                         IN-49-B-411
SMITH, AMASA                            IN-49-C-110
SMITH, CHARLES                          IN-49-B-500
SMITH, CHARLES                          IN-49-B-53
SMITH, FREDERICK                        IN-49-B-62
SMITH, GEORGE                           IN-49-C-108
SMITH, GEORGE C.                        IN-49-C-69
SMITH, JAMES                            IN-49-B-205
SMITH, OLIVER H.                        IN-49-C-183
SMOCK, JOHN D.                          IN-49-B-5
SOURS, BALSER                           IN-49-C-423
SPEARS, ROBERT                          IN-49-B-81
SPEECE, DANIEL                          IN-49-C-198
SPONABLE, PHILIP                        IN-49-C-314
SPRAY, SAMUEL                           IN-49-C-312
STARKEY, STACY                          IN-49-C-27
STARRATT, JOHN                          IN-49-B-304
STEPHENS, ALFRED                        IN-49-C-89
STEPHENS, BRANSON                       IN-49-A-149
STEVENS, ELI                            IN-49-A-191
STEVENS, JAMES                          IN-49-B-428
STEVENS, JOSHUA                         IN-49-C-137
STEVENSON, JOSHUA                       IN-49-C-113
STOELTING, HENRY                        IN-49-C-6
STOOPS, JOHN                            IN-49-B-550
STOUT, OLIVER H.                        IN-49-C-359
STURM, JUSTINA WILHELMINA               IN-49-C-477
SULGROVE, AARON                         IN-49-C-488
TAPKING, FREDERICK                      IN-49-C-563
TAYLOR, ELISHA                          IN-49-C-402
THAYER, CARLETON                        IN-49-C-200
THAYER, NOAH                            IN-49-B-44
THOMPSON, DAVID D.                      IN-49-B-255
THOMSON, ARCHIBALD                      IN-49-C-1
THOMSON, THOMAS                         IN-49-C-18
TILFORD, ALEXANDER L.                   IN-49-C-383
TINKER, WILLIAM                         IN-49-C-366
TODD, HENRY                             IN-49-B-89
TODD, MARTHA                            IN-49-C-169
TOLIN, JAMES                            IN-49-C-265
TOMLINSON, JAMES                        IN-49-B-508
TOON, JOSIAH B.                         IN-49-C-223
TOPP, CARL                              IN-49-B-368
TOWN, ITHIEL                            IN-49-B-444
TULL, SAMUEL                            IN-49-C-75
TURNER, JAMES                           IN-49-C-514
VANBLARICUM, JAMES                      IN-49-C-142
VANBLARICUM, JOHN                       IN-49-B-404
VANLANINGHAM, WILLIAM                   IN-49-A-116
VANSICKLE, JAMES                        IN-49-B-292
VISE, GEORGE                            IN-49-A-111
VOORHIES, ABRAHAM L.                    IN-49-C-164
WAKELAND, TURNER R.                     IN-49-A-212
WALLACE, DAVID                          IN-49-C-221
WALLACE, DAVID SR.                      IN-49-C-55
WALLACE, JANE                           IN-49-B-59
WALPOLE, LUKE                           IN-49-A-141
WALPOLE, MARY D.                        IN-49-C-539
WALPOLE, THOMAS D.                      IN-49-C-439
WALTON, JOHN                            IN-49-B-109
WARD, DANIEL S.                         IN-49-B-307
WARMAN, HENRY                           IN-49-B-481
WARMAN, MARTHA A.                       IN-49-C-86
WEAVER, SOPHIA                          IN-49-C-486
WEBB, JOHN                              IN-49-B-153
WEBER, PHILIP CHRISTIAN                 IN-49-B-210
WEST, NATHANIEL                         IN-49-B-84
WHITCOMB, JAMES                         IN-49-B-406
WHITE, JAMES                            IN-49-C-308
WHITE, JESSE                            IN-49-C-323
WHITE, MILTON                           IN-49-B-470
WHITE, SAMUEL E.                        IN-49-B-249
WHITE, SARAH A.                         IN-49-C-119
WHITESIDES, THOMAS                      IN-49-A-166
WHITINGER, HENRY                        IN-49-C-160
WHITINGER, JACOB                        IN-49-B-222
WHITSIT, PETER B.                       IN-49-C-541
WHITSON, BARBARA                        IN-49-B-10
WHITSON, DAVID                          IN-49-C-430
WILLARD, CAROLINE C.                    IN-49-C-351
WILLIAMS, DAVID                         IN-49-C-298
WILLIAMS, JAMES                         IN-49-A-94
WILLIAMS, RICHARD                       IN-49-B-375
WILLIAMSON, CATHARINE                   IN-49-C-240
WILSON, ANTHONY                         IN-49-A-159
WILSON, ELIZABETH                       IN-49-B-204
WILSON, ISAAC                           IN-49-A-83
WILSON, ISAAC                           IN-49-A-95
WILSON, JOHN                            IN-49-B-1
WILSON, JOSEPH HARDY                    IN-49-C-344
WILSON, RICHARD                         IN-49-B-164
WINKLE, JOHANN                          IN-49-C-207
WIPF, ALBERT                            IN-49-C-533
WISHARD, WILLIAM                        IN-49-A-106
WOLFE, PHILIP                           IN-49-C-249
WONNELL, JOHN A.                        IN-49-C-255
WOOD, GEORGE K.                         IN-49-C-35
WOOD, JOHN                              IN-49-B-168
WOOLLEN, LEONARD                        IN-49-C-134
WOOLLEN, THOMAS                         IN-49-C-59
WRIGHT, ADAM                            IN-49-B-329
WRIGHT, HOSEA                           IN-49-C-442
WRIGHT, JAMES F.                        IN-49-C-234
WRIGHT, JOEL                            IN-49-A-98
WRIGHT, NOAH                            IN-49-C-414
YATES, B. Y.                            IN-49-B-73

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