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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: Place of Residence of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | A = 1813-1827 | B = 1827-1830 | C = 1827=1844 (on hold) | D-1844-1854 (on hold) | 1 = 1852-1870 | 2 = ? |
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ABERCROMBIE, OLIVER                     IN-24-1-518
ADAMS, GEORGE                           IN-24-1-540
ADAMS, JOHN                             IN-24-1-23
ADAN, HENRY                             IN-24-1-496
ALLEY, JANE                             IN-24-1-508
ALVORD, SELAH                           IN-24-A-32
ANDREW, MALCOLM                         IN-24-A-96
APPLEGATE, WILLIAM                      IN-24-1-571
APPLETON, SARAH                         IN-24-1-557
ARDERY, JAMES                           IN-24-1-262
ARMSTRONG, JAMES                        IN-24-A-110
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM SR.                  IN-24-1-361
BARBOUR, FRANCIS                        IN-24-1-334
BARBOUR, JOHN SR.                       IN-24-1-547
BARBOUR, MARY                           IN-24-1-473
BARDELMANN, CONRAD                      IN-24-1-390
BARTEL, JOHN F.                         IN-24-1-380
BARTLOW, OLIVER                         IN-24-1-146
BATH, JOHN                              IN-24-1-1
BECKMAN, HENRY                          IN-24-1-44
BEDEL, STEPHEN                          IN-24-1-580
BELANGER, MIZRAL                        IN-24-1-239
BLUE, RICHARD                           IN-24-1-245
BOHMANN, JOSEPH                         IN-24-1-29
BORGER, JOHN                            IN-24-1-468
BOURNE, NATHAN                          IN-24-1-373
BOURNE, OLIVER                          IN-24-1-461
BOURNE, SAMUEL                          IN-24-1-59
BOWEN, EZRA L.                          IN-24-1-402
BRACKNEY, REUBEN                        IN-24-A-57
BRIANT, ANDREW                          IN-24-1-407
BRINKMANN, CASPAR                       IN-24-1-142
BROGAMAN, CONRAD                        IN-24-1-527
BROMBARGER, ANTHONY                     IN-24-1-224
BROSE, JACOBINA                         IN-24-1-110
BRUNSMANN, ALBERT H.                    IN-24-1-4
BUCKLEY, ANSON                          IN-24-1-231
BULL, THOMPSON                          IN-24-1-346
BURCH, WILLIAM                          IN-24-1-159
BURDICK, H. H.                          IN-24-1-561
BURKSHULTE, BERNARD                     IN-24-1-247
BURNS, HERMAN                           IN-24-1-489
BUTLER, JOSHUA                          IN-24-A-107
BUTLER, WILLIAM                         IN-24-1-357
CALFEE, HENRY                           IN-24-B-6
CASE, ANNA                              IN-24-1-81
CASE, DRUSILLA M.                       IN-24-1-220
CASE, HENRY                             IN-24-1-297
CHAMBERS, MANUEL H                      IN-24-A-64
CHANCE, JAMES                           IN-24-1-27
CHANCE, WILLIAM                         IN-24-1-397
CLEMENTS, RICHARD                       IN-24-1-526
CLINE, MICHAEL                          IN-24-A-131
COEN, JOSIAH                            IN-24-1-522
COLESCOTT, JAMES S. SR.                 IN-24-1-535
COLYER, GABRIEL                         IN-24-A-103
CONNELLY, ELIZABTEH                     IN-24-1-338
CONNELLY, MICHAEL                       IN-24-1-314
CONREY, NATHANIEL L.                    IN-24-1-584
COOKSEY, MARY                           IN-24-1-429
COOLEY, DAVID F.                        IN-24-1-492
CRAMER, ANNA MARIA E.                   IN-24-1-67
CRAMER, HENRY                           IN-24-1-65
CRAPP, PHILLIP                          IN-24-1-62
CRIST, JOHN                             IN-24-1-536
CROFFORD, WILLIAM                       IN-24-A-7
CUMMINS, JOHN                           IN-24-B-1
CUMMINS, MARTHA                         IN-24-B-56
DAVIS, HENRY SR.                        IN-24-1-582
DAVIS, THORNTON                         IN-24-1-296
DAVIS, ZACHARIAH                        IN-24-1-260
DECKER, HENRY HERBERT                   IN-24-1-79
DICKERSON, JOHN                         IN-24-A-21
DICKSON, ELIZABETH                      IN-24-1-272
DICKSON, GEORGE                         IN-24-1-118
DODSON, EDARD                           IN-24-1-99
DREW, MARY G.                           IN-24-A-73
DRUKMAN, GERHARD                        IN-24-1-586
DUBOIS, WILLIAM                         IN-24-A-24
ELLERMAN, JOHN H.                       IN-24-1-39
ELLERMAN, JOHN HENRY                    IN-24-1-421
ENNEKING, HENRY                         IN-24-1-376
ERB, DAVID                              IN-24-1-549
ERVIN, JACOB P.                         IN-24-1-414
FAUCETT, THOMAS                         IN-24-1-143
FELSZ, PHILIP                           IN-24-1-77
FERGUSON, MARY                          IN-24-1-42
FERGUSON, WILLIAM                       IN-24-1-34
FINKE, DETERICH                         IN-24-1-125
FISHER, JACOB                           IN-24-1-6
FISSE, JOHN H.                          IN-24-1-365
FOREST, ISABELLA                        IN-24-1-464
FOSTER, CHILON                          IN-24-B-47
FRANTFODER, DRUSILER                    IN-24-1-538
FREIHAGE, JOSEPH                        IN-24-1-431
FRIEHAGE, CASPER HENRY                  IN-24-1-241
GALLION, HANNAH                         IN-24-1-546
GALLION, HENRY C.                       IN-24-1-412
GEHRICK, ANTHONY                        IN-24-1-439
GENN, ZETHRO                            IN-24-1-227
GEORGE, MATTHEW                         IN-24-B-51
GOBLE, ISAAC                            IN-24-1-217
GOEDDEL, PETER A.                       IN-24-1-594
GOLDEN, HANNAH V.                       IN-24-1-283
GOLDEN, MARY W.                         IN-24-1-482
GOSSETT, ELIJAH                         IN-24-A-39
GRATWAHL, FIDEL                         IN-24-1-435
GREISEHOSS, BERNERD                     IN-24-1-243
GRIEVE, FRANCIS H.                      IN-24-1-318
GROSS, JOHN                             IN-24-1-178
GULLY, SIMON                            IN-24-1-19
HAAGER, MAGDALENA                       IN-24-1-454
HACKELMAN, JOHN                         IN-24-1-395
HALL, JOHN                              IN-24-B-39
HALL, SAMUEL                            IN-24-A-147
HALSEY, SYLVANUS                        IN-24-B-67
HALSTEAD, JOHN                          IN-24-1-567
HANEBAUER, FREDERICK                    IN-24-1-516
HANNA, ROBERT                           IN-24-A-66
HANSEL, CHRISTOPHER                     IN-24-A-128
HARRISON, M. H.                         IN-24-1-432
HART, JONATHAN                          IN-24-1-575
HARVEY, NANCY                           IN-24-1-235
HAVERKAMP, JOHN H.                      IN-24-1-485
HAWKINS, REUBEN                         IN-24-1-382
HAYMOND, EDWARD                         IN-24-A-61
HEDRICK, FREDERICK C.                   IN-24-1-114
HEIDRON, MANETA                         IN-24-1-386
HEMELICK, ANDREW                        IN-24-1-95
HENDERSON, THOMAS                       IN-24-A-93
HENNEKAMP, JOHN BERNARD                 IN-24-1-68
HENSLEY, GABRIEL                        IN-24-A-69
HIGGINS, JOHN                           IN-24-1-11
HINDS, JOHN V.                          IN-24-1-498
HOW, THOMAS                             IN-24-1-15
HOWARD, JOHN                            IN-24-1-145
HUDSON, JOHN                            IN-24-1-209
HUDSON, MARY                            IN-24-A-79
HUGEL, LOUIS                            IN-24-1-62
HULSKER, GEORGE                         IN-24-1-379
JACOB, JAMES P.                         IN-24-1-458
JANSEN, B. H.                           IN-24-1-480
JENKINS, CROCKER                        IN-24-1-484
JENNINGS, NANCY                         IN-24-1-514
JETER, FIELDING                         IN-24-1-70
JONES, ABRAHAM SR.                      IN-24-1-371
JONES, JAMES R.                         IN-24-1-433
JONES, PHILIP                           IN-24-1-418
KAHLE, FREDERICK                        IN-24-1-454
KALENBACH, MARTIN                       IN-24-1-592
KENDALL, RALPH                          IN-24-1-123
KENNEDY, THOMAS                         IN-24-1-154
KILE, HENRY                             IN-24-1-462
KILGORE,E ZEKIEL                        IN-24-1-107
KIMSEY, ISAAC                           IN-24-A-20
KINGRY, JOHN                            IN-24-A-12
KIRK, THOMAS                            IN-24-1-577
KLAHOLZ, J. W.                          IN-24-1-503
KLATTE, JOHN HENRY                      IN-24-1-175
KNIGHT, MARY                            IN-24-A-50
KNOTS, HENRY                            IN-24-1-404
KOCH, CATHARINE M.                      IN-24-1-320
KOCH, JOHN                              IN-24-1-257
KOEHLER, CHARLES G.                     IN-24-1-573
KORTE, THEADORE                         IN-24-1-64
KRAFT, HENRY                            IN-24-1-368
KRETZ, EVA                              IN-24-1-203
LACKEY, ALEXANDER                       IN-24-1-303
LANGE, J. B.                            IN-24-1-26
LANNING, REUBEN                         IN-24-1-309
LARUE, DAVID F.                         IN-24-1-336
LARUE, WILLIAM B.                       IN-24-1-572
LEE, ABRAHAM                            IN-24-1-222
LEFFORGE, JACOB                         IN-24-1-31
LEMMON, LEMUEL                          IN-24-A-47
LEWIS, JOHN                             IN-24-1-301
LINVILLE, JOHN                          IN-24-1-416
LOGAN, JAMES                            IN-24-1-487
LOGAN, SAMUEL                           IN-24-1-148
LOWES, JAMES A.                         IN-24-1-474
LOWRY, STEPHEN A.                       IN-24-1-215
MANWARING, RICHARD                      IN-24-A-98
MAPLE, BENJAMIN G.                      IN-24-1-427
MARLIN, WILLIAM                         IN-24-1-97
MATHEWS, AARON                          IN-24-1-317
MCCLURE, JOSEPH B.                      IN-24-1-426
MCGERIGAN, PATRICK                      IN-24-1-255
MCHUTT, ROBERT                          IN-24-1-41
MCWHORTER, SAMUEL H.                    IN-24-1-500
MEEKS, THEADORE P.                      IN-24-1-57
MEICKERHEIDE, ELIZABETH                 IN-24-1-399
MERRELL, JOHN A.                        IN-24-1-406
MEYER, PETER                            IN-24-1-467
MEYNCKE, CHARLES THEODORE               IN-24-1-194
MILHOLLAND, JOHN                        IN-24-A-1
MILLER, ISAAC                           IN-24-1-559
MILLER, JACOB                           IN-24-1-9
MILLER, JONA                            IN-24-1-24
MILLER, WILLIAM                         IN-24-A-17
MITTENDORF, HERMAN H.                   IN-24-1-208
MOODY, MARY ANN                         IN-24-1-507
MOORE, JAMES                            IN-24-A-53
MOORE, SIMMONS                          IN-24-1-229
MORRIS, ROBERT                          IN-24-B-23
MUNSON, REBECCA                         IN-24-1-553
MUSKOOP, FRED                           IN-24-1-476
NEFF, WILLIAM                           IN-24-1-182
NEUENKERCHEN, G. F.                     IN-24-1-278
NEUMAN, JOHN                            IN-24-1-232
NIENABER, G. M.                         IN-24-1-491
NIENABER, GERHARD                       IN-24-1-472
NIERAKE, ALBERT                         IN-24-1-393
NIERSTHUMIRE, JOHN                      IN-24-1-112
NOBLE, EMILY H.                         IN-24-1-269
OBYRNE, JANE                            IN-24-1-596
OBYRNE, MARY                            IN-24-1-91
OGDEN, HEZEKIAH                         IN-24-1-305
ORTMAN, HERMAN H.                       IN-24-1-166
PECK, ISAAC                             IN-24-1-342
PERRY, ANNE                             IN-24-1-21
PISTNER, JOHN                           IN-24-1-180
POWELL, JAMES                           IN-24-1-530
POWERS, THOMAS                          IN-24-A-90
PRACE, CHRISTIAN F.                     IN-24-1-357
PRICE, ELLEN                            IN-24-1-348
PRICE, HENRY                            IN-24-1-99, 109
PRICE, ISAAC                            IN-24-1-533
PRICE, JOSEPH                           IN-24-1-254
QUICK, JAMES                            IN-24-1-550
QUICK, JOHN                             IN-24-1-36
RAYMOD, THOMAS                          IN-24-1-563
REIDENBACH, CONRAD                      IN-24-1-276
REYNOLDS, JOSEPH                        IN-24-1-343
RICKETTS, JOHN                          IN-24-1-466
RILEY, RALPH                            IN-24-1-443
RIPPERGER, MICHAEL                      IN-24-1-281
RIPPERGER, REGINA                       IN-24-1-291
RISK, WILLIAM                           IN-24-1-494
ROSSFELD, HERMANN                       IN-24-1-509
ROTH, PETER                             IN-24-1-590
RUDICEL, MICHAEL                        IN-24-1-249
RUDOLF, FR. JOSEPH                      IN-24-1-456
RUSING, JANE                            IN-24-1-350
RUSING, WILLIAM                         IN-24-1-410
RUSINGER, NANCY                         IN-24-1-459
RUSSELL, DEMAS                          IN-24-1-164
RYMAN, JACOB                            IN-24-1-133
SAUNDERS, CYRUS                         IN-24-1-237
SCHAKEL, HENRY SR.                      IN-24-1-353
SCHENKEL, HENRY                         IN-24-1-339
SCHMIDT, JOHN H.                        IN-24-1-345
SCHMITT, ANNA EVA                       IN-24-1-275
SCHNEIDER, ANN M.                       IN-24-1-93
SCRELL, JOHN                            IN-24-1-440
SEAL, ELIZA                             IN-24-1-437
SEAL, WILLIAM                           IN-24-1-391
SEARS, NANCY                            IN-24-1-384
SENGER, F. CAVER                        IN-24-1-419
SENOURS, JOHN                           IN-24-1-127
SHAFER, DANIEL                          IN-24-1-355
SHEPHERD, JOSEPH                        IN-24-1-168
SHERER, WENZEL                          IN-24-1-555
SHERWOOD, HOMAS                         IN-24-1-152
SHERWOOD, JAMES                         IN-24-1-212
SHIRK, ANDREW                           IN-24-B-43
SHIRT, MARY W.                          IN-24-1-451
SHOUP, JANE                             IN-24-1-131
SIEBAUTHALER, PHILIP                    IN-24-1-450
SIMONTON, ABRAHAM                       IN-24-B-9
SIMPSON, WILLIAM R.                     IN-24-1-442
SLAUGHTER, THOMAS                       IN-24-1-502
SMITH, ADAM                             IN-24-1-89
SNOW, LEMUEL                            IN-24-A-120
SPARKS, JOSHUA L.                       IN-24-1-137
SPEAR, JOHN                             IN-24-1-565
STEEL, JOHN                             IN-24-1-116
STJOHN, JERIMIAHO.                      IN-24-1-16
STOOPS, WILLIAM                         IN-24-1-519
STRINGER, MARGARET                      IN-24-1-46
STUCKEY, THOMAS                         IN-24-A-4
SWIFT, CHRISTIAN                        IN-24-B-58
SWIFT, JOHN J.                          IN-24-1-289
SWIFT, MALICHI                          IN-24-A-85
SWIFT, RICHARD                          IN-24-1-448
TATMAN, STEPHEN                         IN-24-1-446
TAYLOR, RICHARD                         IN-24-1-478
TEGARDEN, DANIEL                        IN-24-B-18
TEMPLETON, DAVID                        IN-24-1-388
THOLE, HENRY                            IN-24-1-3
THOMAS, ISAIAH                          IN-24-A-113
THOMPSON, CLOSS                         IN-24-A-33
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       IN-24-A-137
TODD, GEORGE                            IN-24-A-125
TRITCHLER, JOSEPH                       IN-24-1-85
TROCKMORTON, JOSEPH                     IN-24-1-135
UPDIKE, PETER                           IN-24-1-293
VANCAMP, CHARLES                        IN-24-1-401
VANMETER, ABRAHAM                       IN-24-A-44
VEHR, GERHARD                           IN-24-1-445
WALLACE, JAMES SR.                      IN-24-1-191
WALLING, ELIZA                          IN-24-1-573
WEBB, JAMES                             IN-24-1-205
WEBB, JONATHAN                          IN-24-A-145
WEBB, RUTH                              IN-24-B-15
WEBB, WILLIAM                           IN-24-1-569
WEIDNER, GEORGE                         IN-24-1-105
WEILER, MICHAEL                         IN-24-1-264
WENDEL, CORNAD                          IN-24-1-542
WESTERMANN, HENRY                       IN-24-1-423
WHITELOCK, WILLIAM WATSON               IN-24-1-82
WHITNEY, JEREMIAH                       IN-24-1-87
WHTIE, ABEL                             IN-24-1-121
WIELENBERG, HENRY                       IN-24-1-524
WILLIAMS, SAMUEL                        IN-24-1-366
WILSON, JOHN                            IN-24-1-470
WILSON, JOSEPH                          IN-24-1-286
WILSON, WILLIAM                         IN-24-B-51
WILT, MICHAEL                           IN-24-1-505
WILZBACHER, ADAM                        IN-24-1-424
WINSHIP, JABEZ                          IN-24-A-105
WINTERING, JOHN HENRY                   IN-24-1-377
WISE, JACOB                             IN-24-1-207
WISMAN, JOHN F.                         IN-24-1-312
WITHERS, EMANUEL                        IN-24-1-267
WOBBE, ANTHON                           IN-24-1-369
WOOD, ISAAC                             IN-24-A-116
WRAMPELMEY, JOHN H.                     IN-24-1-322
WRIGHT, WILLIAM                         IN-24-1-588
WYNN, JAMES                             IN-24-B-30
WYNN, JAMES JR.                         IN-24-B-62
WYNN, JOSEPH                            IN-24-1-171
YOHLER, JOHN                            IN-24-1-544
YOUNG, JAMES                            IN-24-1-357

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