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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1A = 1833-1839 | 1=1845-1871
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ABBOTT, ABIJAH                          IN-20-1-96
ABER, GIDEON                            IN-20-1-193
ABSHIRE, ISAAC                          IN-20-1-349
ABSHIRE, ISAAC                          IN-20-1-322
ALBRIGHT, MARGARET                      IN-20-1-400
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                       IN-20-1-19
ANDREW, EDGAR                           IN-20-1-101
ANTHONY, CHARLES                        IN-20-1-211
ANTHONY, ISAAC                          IN-20-1-14
AVERY, ELIZABETH                        IN-20-1-251
BACHELLOR, WILLIAM                      IN-20-1-8
BAKER, ELIAS                            IN-20-1-24
BALE, SAMUEL P.                         IN-20-1-68A
BALK, SAMUEL                            IN-20-1-130
BALL, AARON                             IN-20-1-29
BANKER, PETER                           IN-20-1-31
BARINGER, DAVID                         IN-20-1-311
BARNS, JAMES H.                         IN-20-1-287
BARTHOLOMEW, HENRY                      IN-20-1-277
BARTHOLOMEW, WILLIAM M. S.              IN-20-1-410
BEACH, ANN                              IN-20-1-72
BEARDSLEY, HAVILAH                      IN-20-1-111
BINGHAM, GEORGE                         IN-20-1-314
BLUE, ABRAHAM                           IN-20-1-73
BLUE, JACOB                             IN-20-1-22
BONNER, SOLOMON                         IN-20-1-60
BOTTORFF, DAVID                         IN-20-1-118
BOWMAN, ELIZABETH                       IN-20-1-267
BROOMBAUGH, DANIEL SR.                  IN-20-1-21
BROWN, DELINDA                          IN-20-1-376
BROWN, MARTIN                           IN-20-1-223
BROWN, PELEG                            IN-20-1-9
BUCHANAN, SAMUEL                        IN-20-1-13
BURRIDGE, IRA                           IN-20-1-153
BUTT, JOHN A.                           IN-20-1-205
CARPENTER, JOHN SR.                     IN-20-1-95
CART, CONRAD                            IN-20-1-279
CART, GEORGE                            IN-20-1-39
CASE, ISAAC                             IN-20-1-76
CATHCART, JAMES                         IN-20-1-32
CHANY, MARVIN                           IN-20-1A-13
CHENEY, MARVIN                          IN-20-1-13
CHURCH, ELSON M.                        IN-20-1-362
CLARK, AARON B.                         IN-20-1-82
CLARK, SAMUEL                           IN-20-1-27
CLIFFORD, EPHRAIM                       IN-20-1-53
CLIP, PETER                             IN-20-1-282
COBLE, ABRAHAM                          IN-20-1-295
COLYER, JOHN                            IN-20-1A-11
COLYER, JOHN                            IN-20-1-10
COMPTON, EZEKIEL                        IN-20-1-75
CORNELL, BENJAMIN                       IN-20-1-93
CORPE, BENJAMIN F.                      IN-20-1-92
COWAN, THOMAS                           IN-20-1-16
CRAIN, STEPHEN                          IN-20-1-54
CRANE, OLIVER                           IN-20-1-87
CRANE, WILLIAM                          IN-20-1-395
CRIPE, BENJAMIN                         IN-20-1-308
CRIPE, SAMUEL                           IN-20-1-215
CRIPE, SAMUEL S.                        IN-20-1-175
CRIPS, JACOBS                           IN-20-1-80
CROOP, DAVID                            IN-20-1-210
CURTIS, ORRIN                           IN-20-1-422
CUTHBERT, JAMES                         IN-20-1A-31
DEADENBECK, GEORGE                      IN-20-1-67
DEAN, EVALINE A.                        IN-20-1-293
DECKER, SAMUEL                          IN-20-1-219
DEFREES, JAMES M.                       IN-20-1-152
DILLS, HARVEY                           IN-20-1-159
DRAKE, JAMES W.                         IN-20-1-66
DUITSMAN, MARY                          IN-20-1-117
DUNBAR, WILLIAM S.                      IN-20-1-158
DUNHAM, LUXTON                          IN-20-1-425
DYER, SALLY                             IN-20-1-154
EARHART, DANIEL                         IN-20-1-383
EISENBICE, CATHARINE                    IN-20-1-326
EISENBISE, CHARLES                      IN-20-1-741
ELLIS, JACOB                            IN-20-1-184
EMERICK, WILLIEM R.                     IN-20-1-228
EYER, JOHN                              IN-20-1-265
FAHL, ANDREW B.                         IN-20-1-187
FLETCHER, LEMUEL                        IN-20-1-398
FOSTER, LEANDER                         IN-20-1-360
FOSTER, WILLIAM                         IN-20-1-42
FOSTER, WILLIAM                         IN-20-1A-42
FOWLER, POLLY                           IN-20-1-218
FRAME, ROBERT                           IN-20-1-26
FRAME, ROBERT                           IN-20-1A-26
FREED, JACOB                            IN-20-1-364
FRIZZELL, JOHN W.                       IN-20-1-136
FRY, DANIEL                             IN-20-1A-29
FRY, DANIEL                             IN-20-1-29
FRZIER, SAMUEL                          IN-20-1-177
FUDGE, DAVID                            IN-20-1-74
GANNETT, SOPHRONIA                      IN-20-1-119
GARL, DAVID                             IN-20-1-232
GARVER, FREDERICK                       IN-20-1-63
GARVER, JOHN                            IN-20-1-374
GILBERT, ALONZO                         IN-20-1-142
GINGERICH, CHRISTIAN                    IN-20-1-319
GOOD, DAVID                             IN-20-1-245
GORTNER, PETER                          IN-20-1-412
GREEN, ISAIAH                           IN-20-1-274
GREGORY, JOSEPH H.                      IN-20-1-47
GRIFFEN, WILLIAM                        IN-20-1-57
HABERLE, VICTORIA                       IN-20-1-321
HALL, DAVID                             IN-20-1-328
HALL, JONATHAN                          IN-20-1-204
HAMLETT, WILLIAM                        IN-20-1-86
HARRIS, JOHN                            IN-20-1-182
HARRIS, THOMAS G.                       IN-20-1-38
HAWKINS, GEORGE W.                      IN-20-1-18
HESS, BALSER SR.                        IN-20-1-120
HEY, PETER D.                           IN-20-1-361
HIBBARD, AMARIAH                        IN-20-1-217
HICKS, JACOB                            IN-20-1-50
HIRE, RUDOLPH                           IN-20-1-43
HOFF, CHARLES                           IN-20-1-226
HOLDERMAN, LYCURGUS                     IN-20-1-244
HOLTZ, REBECCA                          IN-20-1-339
HUFFMAN, JOHN                           IN-20-1-381
HUVLER, JOHN                            IN-20-1-393
IMLAY, WILLIAM N.                       IN-20-1-143
INGLE, MATTHIAS                         IN-20-1-424
IPE, JOHN                               IN-20-1-239
IRWIN, ELIZABTEH                        IN-20-1-207
IRWIN, WILLIAM                          IN-20-1-8
IRWIN, WILLIAM                          IN-20-1A-8
ISENBICE, CHRISTIAN                     IN-20-1-124
ISENBISE, CHARLES                       IN-20-1-141
JACKSON, CHRISTIAN J.                   IN-20-1-70
JACOBS, HENRY                           IN-20-1-78
KAUFFMAN, JOSEPH                        IN-20-1-367
KEEDY, HENRY                            IN-20-1-345
KELTNER, JOHN                           IN-20-1-231
KENISON, MARK                           IN-20-1-79
KENYON, PHINEAS S.                      IN-20-1-2
KILIAN, WERNER                          IN-20-1-200
KILMORE, SAMUEL                         IN-20-1-329
KINNISON, NANCY                         IN-20-1-249
KITRON, MATTHIAS                        IN-20-1-106
KOEHLER, CONRAD                         IN-20-1-284
LAMB, SYLVANUS                          IN-20-1-224
LANDON, CHAUNCEY                        IN-20-1-240
LARKIN, OLIVER                          IN-20-1-370
LEENING, JOHN                           IN-20-1-253
LEER, ABRAHAM                           IN-20-1-280
LEININGER, JACOB                        IN-20-1-347
LINCOLN, ELISHA W.                      IN-20-1-248
LOCKARD, DAVID                          IN-20-1-264
LONG, GEORGE                            IN-20-1-17
LONG, JACOB                             IN-20-1-303
LOWELL, LYMAN R.                        IN-20-1-240
LUDWICKS, GEORGE                        IN-20-1-99
MAGEE, ROBERT                           IN-20-1-325
MAIN, GEORE                             IN-20-1A-23
MANN, GEORGE                            IN-20-1-23
MATHER, DAVID B.                        IN-20-1-121
MAYBURY, JOSEPH                         IN-20-1-181
MCCOY, DANIEL                           IN-20-1-268
MEAD, BENJAMIN                          IN-20-1-135
METCALFE, ISAAC                         IN-20-1-358
MICHAEL, JACOB I.                       IN-20-1-299
MICHAEL, PAULUS                         IN-20-1-103
MIDDLETON, JOEL                         IN-20-1-365
MILLER, ADAM                            IN-20-1-84
MILLER, DAVID S.                        IN-20-1-305
MILLER, HENRY                           IN-20-1-406
MILLER, JACOB D.                        IN-20-1-175
MILLER, JACOB G.                        IN-20-1-227
MILLER, JESSE                           IN-20-1-379
MILLER, JOHN                            IN-20-1-113
MILLER, JOHN J.                         IN-20-1-188
MILLS, JAMES                            IN-20-1-71
MINEAR, MANASSAH                        IN-20-1-65
MITCHELL, BETSEY                        IN-20-1-334
MONROE, EBENEZER H.                     IN-20-1-107
MOORE, MARY JAMES                       IN-20-1-384
MOORE, SAMUEL                           IN-20-1-102
MOREHOUSE, HIRAM                        IN-20-1-156
MORRIS, FREDERICK                       IN-20-1-127
MORRIS, ROBERT                          IN-20-1A-6
MORRIS, ROBERT                          IN-20-1-6
MOWE, CHARLES E.                        IN-20-1-167
MOYERS, ABRAM M.                        IN-20-1-163
MUSSER, DANIEL                          IN-20-1-1
MYERS, CHRISTOPHER                      IN-20-1-114
MYERS, HENRY B.                         IN-20-1-256
NENSWANGER, EMANUEL                     IN-20-1-291
NICHOLSON, GEORGE                       IN-20-1-213
NICKLESS, JOHN                          IN-20-1-62
ORT, ADAM                               IN-20-1-396
OTT, JOHN                               IN-20-1-26
OVERLUS, HENRY H.                       IN-20-1-333
OWEN, HENRY W.                          IN-20-1-50
PALMATIER, EMMA                         IN-20-1-394
PALMER, WARREN                          IN-20-1-387
PARISH, JONATHAN JR.                    IN-20-1-125
PATTON, JAMES R.                        IN-20-1-238
PEARCE, HENRY                           IN-20-1-161
PEFFLY, CATHARINE                       IN-20-1-315
PIERCE, DAVID                           IN-20-1-41
PITTMAN, ELIAS O.                       IN-20-1-202
PONTIOUS, JOHN                          IN-20-1-195
POYSER, JOSEPH C.                       IN-20-1-313
PROG, FERNANDO                          IN-20-1-235
RICHARDSON, S.                          IN-20-1-2
RICHARDSON, SOVERNS                     IN-20-1A-2
RITCHART, RACHEL                        IN-20-1-15
ROADER, LARRANCE                        IN-20-1-317
ROBINSON, GEORGE                        IN-20-1-238
RODEBAUGH, THOMAS                       IN-20-1-316
ROOKSTOOL, MICHAEL                      IN-20-1-33
RORK, FRANCIS                           IN-20-1-166
ROSE, JOHN                              IN-20-1-160
RUNCON, CHRISTINA                       IN-20-1-197
RUPLE, JOHN                             IN-20-1A-87
RUPLE, JOHN                             IN-20-1-36
RUSH, JONATHAN                          IN-20-1-36
RUSH, JONATHAN                          IN-20-1A-86
SALA, GEORGE                            IN-20-1-354
SANDERSON, LEE                          IN-20-1-309
SCHWARTZ, JACOB                         IN-20-1-344
SCOVIL, LORENZO                         IN-20-1-85
SELF, JAMES                             IN-20-1-35
SHILLING, WILLIAM                       IN-20-1-233
SHINEMAN, DAVID                         IN-20-1-180
SHOLLY, JOHN                            IN-20-1-109
SHRINER, WILLIAM                        IN-20-1-366
SIMMONS, CATHARINE                      IN-20-1-326, 356
SIMONTON, ANNA P.                       IN-20-1-68
SIMONTON, SAMUEL                        IN-20-1-49
SKINNER, AZEL                           IN-20-1-241
SMIEL, A. M.                            IN-20-1-255
SMITH, CONRAD                           IN-20-1-297
SMITH, JACOB                            IN-20-1-352
SMITH, JACOB J.                         IN-20-1-331
SMITH, JOHN                             IN-20-1-300
SMITH, JOHN W.                          IN-20-1-260
SMITH, JOSEPH                           IN-20-1-199
SMITH, SAMUEL                           IN-20-1-133
SNIVELY, DANIEL                         IN-20-1-404
SNOW, REUBEN                            IN-20-1-170
SOMERS, MORTIMER J.                     IN-20-1-11
SOVEREIGN, DAVID                        IN-20-1-372
STANLEY, JAMES W.                       IN-20-1-134
STERNBURG, J. C.                        IN-20-1-307
STILLWELLS, JEREMIAH                    IN-20-1-77
STIVES, MARY                            IN-20-1-419
STROHN, ERTTAS                          IN-20-1-389
STRYKERS, JOHN J.                       IN-20-1-378
STUCK, FREDRICK                         IN-20-1-402
STUMP, SOLOMAN                          IN-20-1-289
STUTSMAN, SUANNAH                       IN-20-1-414
STUTZMAN, MICHAEL                       IN-20-1-269
STUTZMAN, SAMUEL                        IN-20-1-191
SUTTON, RICHARD R.                      IN-20-1-237
SWIFT, MOSES                            IN-20-1-190
SWOPE, WILLIAM                          IN-20-1-258
SWRTS, RACHEL J.                        IN-20-1-243
TALLERDAY, JOHN R.                      IN-20-1-359
TANNER, SYLVESTER                       IN-20-1-225
TEGARDEN, MOSES                         IN-20-1-122
THOMAS, FRANCES                         IN-20-1-44
THOMPSON, BEVERAGE                      IN-20-1-89
TIBBITS, ALLEN                          IN-20-1-90
TIBBITS, NATHAN                         IN-20-1-330
TREYSINGER, FREDERICK                   IN-20-1-276
TRUE, PHEBE                             IN-20-1-130
TRUESDELL, EUNICE                       IN-20-1-42
TRULER, SOLOMAN                         IN-20-1-211
TRUSDAL, JEREMIAH                       IN-20-1-19
TRUSDAL, JEREMIAH                       IN-20-1A-19
WALMER, PETER                           IN-20-1-97
WALTER, SAMUEL                          IN-20-1-336
WALTERS, JUSTUS                         IN-20-1-386
WEHRLY, GEORGE                          IN-20-1-363
WELLS, LAURENCE                         IN-20-1-368
WENTZ, WILLIAM                          IN-20-1-408
WESINGER, JACOB                         IN-20-1A-1
WEYBRIGHT, MARTIN                       IN-20-1-50
WHEELER, JOSEPH                         IN-20-1-40
WHEELER, JOSEPH                         IN-20-1A-40
WHITEHEAD, DAVID                        IN-20-1-416
WHITEHEAD, VALENTINE                    IN-20-1-59
WHITMAN, JARVIS                         IN-20-1-391
WHITTLESEY, CHANCEY                     IN-20-1-83
WICKHAM, STEPHEN                        IN-20-1-34
WILLIAMS, PETER                         IN-20-1-44
WILLIAMS, PETER                         IN-20-1A-44
WIRE, ELIZABETH                         IN-20-1-338
WISINGER, JACOB                         IN-20-1-1
WOODWORTH, DESIRE                       IN-20-1-172
WOODWORTH, IRA                          IN-20-1-16
WOODWORTH, IRA                          IN-20-1A-16
YEOMAN, ELIZABETH                       IN-20-1-399
YODER, HENRY M.                         IN-20-1-376
ZOLLINGER, GEORGE                       IN-20-1-55

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