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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1830-1848 | 2=1849-1865 | 3=1865-1879 | 4=1879-1890 | 5-9=? |
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ADAIR, ISABELLA                         IN-8-3-20
AIKENS, ALEXANDER                       IN-8-4-18
AIKENS, JOHN                            IN-8-4-145
ANDERSON, JOHN                          IN-8-3-214
ANDERSON, SABRA                         IN-8-4-13
ANDERSON, TABITHA                       IN-8-4-39
ANDREW, WILLIAM                         IN-8-3-218
ASHBY, JEEMIAH                          IN-8-3-541
ASHFIELD, WILLIAM                       IN-8-3-592
ATKINSON, WILLIAM                       IN-8-3-227
BAKER, DANIEL                           IN-8-2-209
BALE, AMOS                              IN-8-1-125
BALL, JACOB                             IN-8-4-5
BALLARD, JOHN R.                        IN-8-4-387
BARNES, JOHN                            IN-8-4-121
BARNS, JAMES                            IN-8-1-17
BARNS, JANE                             IN-8-1-16
BARNS, SARAH                            IN-8-1-16
BARR, DAVID                             IN-8-3-240
BATES, ANNA                             IN-8-2-206
BAUGHMAN, CHRISTIAN                     IN-8-2-214
BAUM, DANIEL                            IN-8-2-240
BAUM, JACOB                             IN-8-1-10
BAUMN, CHARLES S.                       IN-8-3-54
BECK, ELIAS W. H.                       IN-8-4-470
BECKNER, ISAAC                          IN-8-4-272
BECKNER, JOHN                           IN-8-2-311
BEEN, BENJAMIN                          IN-8-4-379
BEETLE, SARAH                           IN-8-4-565
BEEVER, JOHN                            IN-8-2-428
BENETT, ABNER S.                        IN-8-4-66
BENHAM, PETER                           IN-8-3-538
BETS, JOHN                              IN-8-2-443
BIDDLE, SPENCER                         IN-8-4-214
BIRUM, AUGUSTUS F.                      IN-8-3-565
BLICKENSTAFF, JOSEPH D.                 IN-8-3-234
BOLLES, HENRY C.                        IN-8-3-120
BOWEN, ENOCH                            IN-8-3-561
BOWEN, NATHANIEL                        IN-8-1-119
BOWER, ELIZA                            IN-8-3-105
BOWMAN, CHRISTOPHER                     IN-8-1-104
BOZARTH, JOHN                           IN-8-1-8
BOZARTH, SUSAN                          IN-8-3-534
BRADSHAW, ROBERT                        IN-8-1-75
BRAGMIER, ESTHER ANN                    IN-8-4-209
BRAGUNIER, ABRAHAM                      IN-8-2-268
BRAGUNIER, ELIZABETH                    IN-8-2-308
BRICKER, ELIZABETH                      IN-8-3-294
BRICKER, PETER                          IN-8-3-192
BRIDGE, JOHN                            IN-8-3-517
BRIDGE, JOSEPH                          IN-8-4-33
BRINEY, HENRY                           IN-8-3-324
BROWN, DANIEL                           IN-8-2-58
BROWN, GEORGE W.                        IN-8-3-382
BROWN, MATHEW                           IN-8-3-389
BROWN, P.                               IN-8-4-196
BUCKLY, ISAAC                           IN-8-4-218
BULLIS, HENRY                           IN-8-2-1
BUMTRAGER, ANDREW                       IN-8-4-491
BUNDY, JOHN                             IN-8-3-590
BURNETT, ABRAHAM                        IN-8-1-6
BURNS, ANTHONY                          IN-8-4-114
BURNS, JAMES                            IN-8-4-85
BUZZARD, DAVID                          IN-8-2-327
BYRAM, JOHN                             IN-8-2-459
CADE, ROBERT G.                         IN-8-1-98
CALLVER, JACOB                          IN-8-2-191
CAMPBELL, GEORGE W.                     IN-8-2-203
CAMPBELL, HANNAH                        IN-8-2-82
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          IN-8-2-95
CARITHERS, JAMES G.                     IN-8-4-182
CARNELL, JOHN G.                        IN-8-2-345
CASE, REED                              IN-8-3-296
CHAMBERS, JOHN                          IN-8-1-63
CHITTICK, ARCHIBALD                     IN-8-2-166
CLARK, JOHN                             IN-8-3-477
CLARY, JOHN                             IN-8-3-570
CLARY, THOMAS                           IN-8-2-365
CLINE, GEORGE                           IN-8-3-466
CLINE, JACOB                            IN-8-1-11
CLINGENPEEL, GIDEON                     IN-8-4-212
CLINGENPEEL, MARTHA                     IN-8-4-222
CLYNE, INGRAM                           IN-8-4-361
COBLE, DAVID                            IN-8-3-353
COBLE, NELSON J.                        IN-8-3-430
COBLE, NICOLAS                          IN-8-2-315
COCHRAN, JAMES D.                       IN-8-4-327
COHIE, ELIZA                            IN-8-3-633
COLE, CELIA A.                          IN-8-4-441
COLEMAN, CHARLES B.                     IN-8-3-446
COMPTON, ARTHUR                         IN-8-2-487
CONELL, JOHN                            IN-8-4-113
CONKLIN, ELMINA                         IN-8-4-413
CONKLIN, GIDEON                         IN-8-2-8
CONOVER, DENNIS                         IN-8-2-131
COOK, ANTHONY B.                        IN-8-4-507
COOK, ELEANOR                           IN-8-4-22
CORMICK, DANIEL                         IN-8-2-123
COSHOW, WILLIAM W.                      IN-8-1-101
COWGILL, ELIZABETH                      IN-8-3-193
COX, JOSEPH                             IN-8-3-149
CRAWFORD, GAZZAWAY                      IN-8-2-385
CREASON, SAMUEL                         IN-8-3-572
CRIPE, JACOB                            IN-8-2-222
CRIPE, JOHN E.                          IN-8-2-117
CRIPE,E LIAS                            IN-8-3-285
CROCKETT, DAVID                         IN-8-2-148
CRONK, WILLIAM                          IN-8-3-521
CROSE, SARAH                            IN-8-2-163
CROWELL, JOHN                           IN-8-3-137
CULLER, JACOB                           IN-8-4-321
CURTIS, JESSE                           IN-8-4-152
DAILEY, ELIZABETH                       IN-8-3-370
DALE, CHRISTOPHER                       IN-8-3-246
DANEIL, JESSE                           IN-8-1-87
DAVIS, BENJAMIN L.                      IN-8-3-578
DAWEN, JANE                             IN-8-3-34
DAWSON, WILLIAM                         IN-8-1-21
DAY,ELLA E.                             IN-8-4-501
DEBOLT, DANIEL                          IN-8-3-680
DEBOLT, WILLIAM                         IN-8-4-330
DEFORD, THOMAS J.                       IN-8-2-501
DELZELL, JAMES                          IN-8-2-492
DENMAN, JOHN                            IN-8-1-66
DEWEY, ELIZA G.                         IN-8-2-373
DIBBLE, MILO                            IN-8-2-45
DILLON, CATHARINE                       IN-8-3-506
DILLON, JOHN SR.                        IN-8-2-61
DILLON, WILLIAM                         IN-8-3-626
DIMMITT, MILES                          IN-8-3-525
DITTMER, FREDERICK                      IN-8-2-427
DOANE, GEORGE M.                        IN-8-4-509
DOCK, LOUIS THEODORE                    IN-8-4-308
DONOVN, TIMOTHEY                        IN-8-3-553
DOSCH, ELISABETH                        IN-8-3-300
DOUGLASS, HUGH J.                       IN-8-4-96
DOUGLASS, JANE                          IN-8-4-101
DOUGLASS, URIAS                         IN-8-3-470
DUNKIN, PETER                           IN-8-2-429
DYE, VINCENT                            IN-8-3-77
DYER, ELIZA                             IN-8-4-429
EARNEST, JOHNSON                        IN-8-3-100
ECKLER, JACOB                           IN-8-1-52
EIKENBERRY, ISAAC                       IN-8-4-557
ELLINGHAM, JOHN T.                      IN-8-4-498
EVANS, JOHN M.                          IN-8-2-419, 422
EVANS, JOSEPH                           IN-8-4-129
EVERSOLE, HENRY                         IN-8-4-193
EWING, GEORGE A.                        IN-8-2-113
EWING, ISAAC A.                         IN-8-2-48
EWING, LEWIS                            IN-8-1-128
EYMAN, PETER                            IN-8-2-55
EYOR, DAVID                             IN-8-3-504
FARNEMAN, JOHN                          IN-8-3-208
FAZEL, HENRY                            IN-8-1-27
FERGUSON, ROBERT                        IN-8-2-290
FLORA, GEORGE                           IN-8-3-153
FOLEY, JAMES                            IN-8-3-44
FORTWANGLER, CHARLES                    IN-8-4-451
FOULKE, AARON S.                        IN-8-2-263
FOUST, GEORGE                           IN-8-3-334
FOUTS, SAMUEL                           IN-8-2-151
GALLAGHER, CORNELIUS                    IN-8-1-32
GASSAWAY, ELIZABETH                     IN-8-2-450
GAUMER, WILLIAM                         IN-8-3-306
GENRICH, ELLEN M.                       IN-8-4-246
GEORGE, WILLIAM                         IN-8-1-72
GILLAM, JONATHAN                        IN-8-1-9
GILLAM, MARIA                           IN-8-2-237
GILLAM, THOMAS                          IN-8-4-334
GILLAM, THOMAS                          IN-8-2-187
GILLEFORD, WILLIAM                      IN-8-2-369
GISH, GEORGE A.                         IN-8-4-529
GIVENS, SARAH                           IN-8-3-264
GOHRES, GODFREY H.                      IN-8-3-406
GRAHAM, HENRY M.                        IN-8-3-10
GRAHAM, JULIA E.                        IN-8-3-576
GRAHAM, ROBERT                          IN-8-2-5
GRAHAM, WILLIAM K.                      IN-8-3-141
GRANTHAM, JOHN                          IN-8-2-51
GREENUP, CHRISTOPHER C.                 IN-8-3-500
GREENUP, JOHN W.                        IN-8-4-300
GREGG, AARON                            IN-8-3-236
GREGG, ELIZABETH                        IN-8-4-449
GREIDER, MAGDALINE                      IN-8-4-393
GRIFFITH, ISAAC                         IN-8-1-14
GRIMES, SAMUEL                          IN-8-2-512
GRONINGER, GEORGE                       IN-8-3-176
GROO, CHRISTIAN SR.                     IN-8-4-551
GROS, HENRY                             IN-8-4-26
GUINN, JOHN                             IN-8-2-394
GUINN, SYLVESTER                        IN-8-3-670
GUTHRIE, RICHARD R.                     IN-8-4-489
GWIN, ELIZABETH                         IN-8-4-304
HALL, CORNELIUS WYKOFF                  IN-8-1-55
HALSEY, ELIZABETH J.                    IN-8-4-288
HALSEY, WILLIAM                         IN-8-3-461
HAMER, WILLIAM                          IN-8-2-398
HANNA, JOSEPH                           IN-8-2-22
HARDY, HUGH                             IN-8-2-88
HARMON, JAMES                           IN-8-2-507
HARMON, PETER                           IN-8-2-466
HART, JOHN SR.                          IN-8-2-179
HART, MARGARET                          IN-8-3-438
HARTER, DAVID                           IN-8-1-33
HARTER, PETER                           IN-8-2-91
HARTMAN, GEORGE                         IN-8-3-189
HASLET, JOHN                            IN-8-4-117
HATFIELD, CURTIS                        IN-8-4-137
HATFIELD, WHITIBY                       IN-8-2-85
HAYS, JOHN                              IN-8-4-124
HAYS, LAURENCE                          IN-8-4-471
HEISTAND, ELIAS                         IN-8-4-240
HENDRIX, ZADOCK                         IN-8-4-485
HENRY, JESSE R.                         IN-8-2-496
HERR, SAMUEL                            IN-8-4-141
HERSTEND, DAVID                         IN-8-2-439
HETRICK, JOHN                           IN-8-2-350
HEWITT, PHILIP                          IN-8-1-5
HILDEBRAND, DAVID A.                    IN-8-4-425
HINKLE, AMADNA                          IN-8-3-364
HINKLE, MARY A.                         IN-8-3-510
HODGE, EBENEZER                         IN-8-2-273
HOFF, ELI                               IN-8-2-408
HOLMES, SAMUEL                          IN-8-2-230
HOLT, ZIBA                              IN-8-2-322
HOOVER, DANIEL                          IN-8-2-425
HOPKINS, THOMAS P.                      IN-8-3-442
HOUSE, HANNAH                           IN-8-2-362
HUDOSN, URIAH                           IN-8-2-480
HUFFORD, ELIZABETH                      IN-8-4-156
HULL, PHEBE                             IN-8-3-46
HUNTSINGER, ISAAC                       IN-8-2-246
HUSTEND, JOSEPH                         IN-8-2-476
HUTCHINS, HENRY                         IN-8-2-76
HYMAN, DANIEL                           IN-8-4-433
IKENBERRY, JOSEPH                       IN-8-1-130
IMOND, PETER                            IN-8-2-55
IRELAN, THOMAS                          IN-8-3-37
JACKSON, WILLIAM                        IN-8-4-200
JAMEISON, ELIZABETH                     IN-8-4-426
JOHNSON, JAMES                          IN-8-1-50
JONES, AQUILA                           IN-8-2-107
KARASYNSKIE, ANNA                       IN-8-4-405
KAY, JANNET                             IN-8-2-31
KEILTY, THOMAS                          IN-8-3-29
KELLER, DAVID                           IN-8-3-481
KELLER, JOHN                            IN-8-2-367
KELSEY, THOMAS M.                       IN-8-4-110
KENNEDY, ROBERT                         IN-8-3-409
KENNEDY, THOMAS                         IN-8-1-123
KEPNER, JACOB                           IN-8-4-248
KILTY, MARY                             IN-8-3-94
KINCAID, WILLIAM J.                     IN-8-2-136
KINGERY, NEWTON                         IN-8-3-425
KINNETT, PETER                          IN-8-1-136
KINSEY, JOHN B.                         IN-8-3-2
KIRKPATRICK, ELLOTT                     IN-8-3-402
KLINE, MICHAEL                          IN-8-1-48
KUNS, DANIEL                            IN-8-1-1
KUNS, GEORGE                            IN-8-1-69
LAFLEUR, JOSEPH                         IN-8-1-92
LAMB, ELBUTT                            IN-8-2-294
LAMB, JAMES                             IN-8-2-342
LANDES, JACOB B.                        IN-8-4-189
LANDES, RUDOLPH                         IN-8-1-43
LANDIS, FELIX                           IN-8-3-598
LAUNTZ, JONATHAN                        IN-8-2-195
LEMON, MARGARET                         IN-8-2-29
LENEN, JOHN                             IN-8-1-84
LEONARD, NATHANIEL                      IN-8-4-517
LESLIE, EMMA C.                         IN-8-4-316
LEWIS, MARY ANN                         IN-8-4-294
LOVE, JOHN                              IN-8-3-73
LOWMAN, RICHARD                         IN-8-4-463
LYBROOK, JOHN P.                        IN-8-3-42
LYON, HENRY T.                          IN-8-3-629
LYON, JAMES                             IN-8-4-268
LYON, JOHN L.                           IN-8-4-561
MABBIT, JOHN                            IN-8-2-72
MAKESILL, HENRY                         IN-8-2-218
MALOM, JAMES                            IN-8-2-110
MARSH, SAMUEL                           IN-8-3-25
MARSH, SIMON                            IN-8-1-45
MARTIN, BENJAMIN                        IN-8-1-19
MARTIN, HENRY R.                        IN-8-4-77
MARTIN, JAMES                           IN-8-2-139
MARTIN, JONATHAN                        IN-8-2-144
MARTIN, MARIAH P.                       IN-8-3-557
MARTIN, NICHOLAS                        IN-8-2-319
MARTIN, SAMUEL T.                       IN-8-3-373
MARTIN, WILLIAM D.                      IN-8-3-489
MASEY, JAMES                            IN-8-2-253
MAXWELL, TODD                           IN-8-3-573
MCBRIAN, BESTION                        IN-8-3-181
MCCABE, ELIZABETH                       IN-8-4-185
MCCAIN, DANIEL                          IN-8-4-232
MCCAIN, JAMES                           IN-8-3-530
MCCAIN, JOSEPH                          IN-8-3-472
MCCAIN, MAGDALENA                       IN-8-4-453
MCCLUNE, HENRY S.                       1-420
MCCLURE, C. A.                          IN-8-3-664
MCCLURE, SARAH J.                       IN-8-4-237
MCCORD, LOUISA A.                       IN-8-4-181
MCDOWELL, JAMES                         IN-8-2-357
MCGLINN, MICHAEL                        IN-8-3-454
MCNEIL, JAMES                           IN-8-1-138
MCNEIL, JAMES                           IN-8-1-138
MCNIEL, WILLIAM                         IN-8-2-379
MENTZER, IGNATZ                         IN-8-3-225
MERRITT, NANCY M.                       IN-8-4-81
MEYER, ELIZABETH                        IN-8-4-366
MIKESILL, JOHN                          IN-8-2-65
MILLER, ANTON                           IN-8-3-309
MILLER, ELIZABETH E.                    IN-8-3-320
MILLER, JOHN                            IN-8-3-584
MILLER, ROBERT                          IN-8-1-12
MILLS, CHRISTIANN                       IN-8-4-251
MINTZEY, PETEY                          IN-8-2-79
MONTGOMERY, ROBERT                      IN-8-3-642
MONTGOMERY, SAMUEL K.                   IN-8-2-169
MOORE, ALEXANDER                        IN-8-1-78
MOORE, CYTHIA                           IN-8-4-373
MOORE, JESSE E.                         IN-8-3-378
MOORE, SALOMON                          IN-8-4-45
MORGAN, HUGH                            IN-8-4-541
MORRISON, JOHN                          IN-8-3-312
MOYER, JOHN SR.                         IN-8-3-252
MULLEN, TEWARAMANDA                     IN-8-4-204
MURPHY, ALEXANDER                       IN-8-3-270
MURPHY, CATHARINE A.                    IN-8-3-421
MUSSLEMAN, JOHN SR.                     IN-8-2-334
NAGEL, JOHNMICHAEL                      IN-8-4-274
NEARHOOP, ANDREW                        IN-8-1-110
NESBIT, JOHN                            IN-8-1-23
NICE, ELIJAH                            IN-8-3-549
NICE, WILLIAM                           IN-8-3-258
ODONNELL, JAMES                         IN-8-4-318
OVERHOLSER, DANIEL                      IN-8-3-232
OVERHOLSER, SAMUEL                      IN-8-3-108
OYLER, PHILIP                           IN-8-3-545
PANGBURN, THADEUS                       IN-8-2-435
PARKER, SARAH                           IN-8-4-525
PATRICK, ?                              IN-8-1-31
PATTON, MARY D.                         IN-8-3-601
PEIRCE, PETER                           IN-8-3-342
PENN, JOHN W.                           IN-8-3-660
PETERSON, THOMAS A.                     IN-8-4-104
PHELPS, JOHN                            IN-8-2-11
PIPER, JOHN T.                          IN-8-3-336
PORTER, MARY L.                         IN-8-4-338
PRICE, JAMES                            IN-8-2-37
PRICHARD, JOSEPH                        IN-8-4-243
PRICHARD, NANCY                         IN-8-4-349
QUINN, MARGARET                         IN-8-4-58
QUINN, ROBERT P.                        IN-8-2-154
QUINN, WILLIAM                          IN-8-4-58
RAFFERTY, JOHN                          IN-8-3-622
RAMSEY, ROBERT                          IN-8-3-280
RASLER, NANCY                           IN-8-3-656
RATCLIFF, ABNER                         IN-8-4-165
RAY, MAGARETT                           IN-8-3-358
REAGAN, ZADOCK                          IN-8-1-45
REDENBACHER, MICHAEL                    IN-8-4-109
REED, WILLIAM                           IN-8-1-113
REIF, MARY                              IN-8-4-281
REPPETO, ELIZABETH                      IN-8-4-478
RICE, CASPAR                            IN-8-2-469
RICHARDS, MARGARET ANN                  IN-8-3-290
RIFFEY, ANDREW                          IN-8-3-637
RILEY, WILLIAM                          IN-8-2-259
RINKER, PHILIP                          IN-8-1-35
RIPPART, LEVI                           IN-8-3-250
ROBBINS, ISAAC                          IN-8-3-360
ROBBINS, JOHN                           IN-8-2-99
ROBERTSON, ELIZABETH                    IN-8-4-563
ROBERTSON, GEORGE                       IN-8-3-13
ROBINSON, COLEMAN                       IN-8-1-133
ROBINSON, ELIZABETH                     IN-8-3-204
ROBINSON, JACOB                         IN-8-3-434
ROBINSON, SAMUEL H.                     IN-8-4-437
ROBINSON, SARAH B.                      IN-8-3-185
ROEL, ISAAC                             IN-8-4-133
ROHRBAUGH, JOHN                         IN-8-2-40
ROOP, JOHN                              IN-8-4-502
ROSS, VIRGINIA S.                       IN-8-2-256
ROYSTER, ROBERT D.                      IN-8-2-336
RUFFING, JOHN N.                        IN-8-4-357
RUFFING, SARAH E.                       IN-8-3-18
RUNYON, LUCY S.                         IN-8-4-404
RUNYON, WILLIAM                         IN-8-3-690
RUSO, JOHN M.                           IN-8-2-382
RUSSEL, MARTINL.                        IN-8-2-439
RUTCHER, JOHN C.                        IN-8-2-26
RYAN, JOHN                              IN-8-3-646
SAILES, THOMAS                          IN-8-3-486
SALES, MICHAEL                          IN-8-4-207
SALLE, NIMROD                           IN-8-4-533
SAMPSON, A. C.                          IN-8-3-605
SAMPSON, HIRAM                          IN-8-3-348
SAMPSON, JOSEPH                         IN-8-3-316
SANDERSON, ALEXANDER                    IN-8-4-341
SANDERSON, GEORGE C.                    IN-8-2-300
SAYLER, DANIEL                          IN-8-4-409
SAYLER, HENRY                           IN-8-3-652
SCALLEN, MICHAEL                        IN-8-4-73
SCHECK, BENJAMIN SR.                    IN-8-4-166
SCHOPF, HENRY W.                        IN-8-3-614
SEGRVES, EALEM                          IN-8-3-698
SEWARD, DAN                             IN-8-4-345
SHAFER, SAMUEL                          IN-8-2-338
SHAFFER, ELIZABETH                      IN-8-2-432
SHAFFER, JACOB                          IN-8-3-220
SHEAFOR, JACOB                          IN-8-3-220
SHEETS, GEORGE                          IN-8-1-89
SHELLEY, JESSEY                         IN-8-4-312
SHIRLEY, JACOB                          IN-8-3-169
SHIVELY, ELIZABETH                      IN-8-4-62
SHIVELY, HENRY                          IN-8-4-93
SHOWALTER, JOSEPH                       IN-8-2-297
SHULTHEIS, JACOB                        IN-8-4-148
SIBBITT, ELI                            IN-8-1-29
SILVERS, EPHRAIM T.                     IN-8-1-4
SILVINS, JAMES M.                       IN-8-2-277
SINES, JOHN                             IN-8-3-16
SINES, WILLIAM                          IN-8-2-199
SMALL, JAMES                            IN-8-2-454
SMITH, ABLTON                           IN-8-2-34
SMITH, ELIZABETH                        IN-8-2-483
SMITH, GIDEON                           IN-8-2-175
SMITH, JACOB                            IN-8-3-386
SMITH, JESSE                            IN-8-2-387
SMITH, JOHN                             IN-8-4-57
SMITH, LEONARD                          IN-8-4-455
SMITH, WILLIAM                          IN-8-3-161
SMITH, WILLIAM R.                       IN-8-1-116
SMOYAR, THEODORE                        IN-8-3-457
SNELL, SYLVESTER                        IN-8-3-86
SNELL, ZIMRAN                           IN-8-3-410
SNERBERGER, JOHN E.                     IN-8-2-233
SONENFELT, JOHN                         IN-8-4-493
SPANGLER, HENRY                         IN-8-3-581
SPEECE, JOHN                            IN-8-4-68
STANDLEY, MOSES                         IN-8-4-513
STANFORD, ELIZABETH                     IN-8-2-411
STERLING, THOMAS                        IN-8-4-250
STEWART, JAMES                          IN-8-3-129
STEWART, JAMES H.                       IN-8-4-9
STOCKTON, JAMES                         IN-8-4-445
STOCKTON, NANCY M.                      IN-8-4-486
STOCKTON, WILLIAM                       IN-8-2-401
STONER, ELIZA JANE                      IN-8-4-242
STRANAHAN, WILLAM                       IN-8-4-186
STROPS, THOMAS                          IN-8-2-42
SULCER, HENRY                           IN-8-2-172
SWARTS, IDA B.                          IN-8-4-353
THOMAS, ANDREW J.                       IN-8-3-449
THOMAS, GLASS R.                        IN-8-4-411
THOMAS, JOHN                            IN-8-2-157
THOMPSON, ANARETTA                      IN-8-4-278
THOMPSON, DANIEL                        IN-8-2-225
THOMPSON, JOHN                          IN-8-1-82
THOMPSON, MOSES                         IN-8-2-68
THOMPSON, PETER Z.                      IN-8-4-522
THORRINGTON, JAMES                      IN-8-4-143
TINKLE, ELIAS                           IN-8-3-58
TINKLE, HENRY SR.                       IN-8-3-210
TOUGHMAN, PETER                         IN-8-2-250
TRENT, JOHN SR.                         IN-8-3-346
TURPIE, JOHN                            IN-8-3-394
ULERY, JOHN                             IN-8-3-498
ULLERY, JOHNE.                          IN-8-4-369
UNGER, GEORGE                           IN-8-1-39
VANDEVENTER, ELIZABETH                  IN-8-2-103
VINCY, R. B.                            IN-8-4-118
WAGGENER, DAVID                         IN-8-1-95
WAGONER, DANIEL                         IN-8-2-183
WAGONER, JACOB SR.                      IN-8-3-90
WAGONER, MARTIN                         IN-8-3-134
WASSON, JOHN Q.                         IN-8-3-165
WASSON, JOHN SR.                        IN-8-3-113
WASSON, THOMAS L.                       IN-8-4-88
WATSON, ISAAC D.                        IN-8-3-230
WATTS, ANDREW                           IN-8-3-273
WEBBER, NANCY A. B.                     IN-8-4-397
WEBBER, ROBERT                          IN-8-4-260
WEIDNER, DAVID                          IN-8-3-648
WEISER, PHILIP                          IN-8-4-296
WELCH, DANIEL                           IN-8-3-97
WERLE, ADALINE                          IN-8-4-216
WHISLER, JACOB                          IN-8-2-473
WHISTLER, GEORGE                        IN-8-3-684
WHITCHER, WILLIAM C.                    IN-8-2-127
WHITE, SAMUEL                           IN-8-4-459
WHITE, ZENAS                            IN-8-3-672
WICKARD, JOHN                           IN-8-4-257
WILLIAMS, ANDREW                        IN-8-3-328
WILLIAMS, NANCY                         IN-8-2-405
WILLIAMS, OLIVER P.                     IN-8-4-494
WILLIAMS, THOMAS                        IN-8-3-172
WILLIAMSON, JAMES S.                    IN-8-2-15
WILLIAMSON, JOSEPH A.                   IN-8-4-537
WILLIAMSON, SAMUEL                      IN-8-1-106
WILSON, CHARLES YOUNG                   IN-8-4-228
WILSON, WILLIAM                         IN-8-1-2
WINGARD, EPHRAIM                        IN-8-3-513
WINGARD, JOHN B.                        IN-8-3-493
WINGARD, MARTIN B.                      IN-8-3-196
WINGARD, MARTIN L.                      IN-8-4-389
WINGARD, MARY B.                        IN-8-4-466
WINGARD, SAMUEL B.                      IN-8-3-5
WINTERS, JAMES                          IN-8-3-70
WISE, DAVID                             IN-8-4-161
WISE, LEONARD                           IN-8-4-503
WOLF, JACOB                             IN-8-3-200
WOOD, ANDREW                            IN-8-2-19
WOOSTER, JACOB                          IN-8-2-504
WRIGHT, HENERY M.                       IN-8-3-64
WRIGHT,E . W.                           IN-8-3-396
WYATT, ALSTON                           IN-8-3-145
WYATT, FIRMAN                           IN-8-3-413
WYATT, WILLIAM                          IN-8-3-48
WYSONG, PATTERSON                       IN-8-3-81
YAGER, LANDON P.                        IN-8-3-157
YERKES, HENRY                           IN-8-4-177
YERKES, JOSIAH SR.                      IN-8-2-120
YINGLING, JACOB                         IN-8-3-61
YORDY, JOHN                             IN-8-4-284
YOUNG, ALEXANDER P.                     IN-8-3-596
YOUNG, ELI                              IN-8-4-324
YOUNG, JAMES                            IN-8-1-37
YOUNG, JOHN                             IN-8-4-170
ZAHN, JOSEPH SR.                        IN-8-2-353

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