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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Three: County #, Volume #, Page # | A = 1845-1875 | B = 1877-1915 | C = 1916-1957 |
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ABBETT, HENRY                           IN-7-B-150
ADAMS, DAVID B.                         IN-7-B-187
ADAMS, WALTER P.                        IN-7-C-345
ALLEN, ROBERT                           IN-7-A-76
ALLISON, RACHEL                         IN-7-B-309
ALMBAUGH, LYIA A.                       IN-7-B-327
ANGERMAN, WILLIAM                       IN-7-B-162
ANTHONY, PETER                          IN-7-B-154
BANTA, DAVID                            IN-7-A-1
BARKHIMER, SAMUEL                       IN-7-A-204
BAUGHMAN, JACOB                         IN-7-B-140
BAUGHMAN, WALTER MARTIN                 IN-7-C-342
BEAVER, JOHN                            IN-7-B-42
BEBOUT, ISRAEL                          IN-7-A-159
BESSIRE, JULES P.                       IN-7-C-379
BOND, JAMES W.                          IN-7-C-289
BOWMAN, SETH                            IN-7-A-112
BRANAMON, PETER                         IN-7-A-136
BRANDON, JESSE                          IN-7-A-165
BREEDLOVE, CHARLES                      IN-7-C-115
BRIDGEWATER, JOSEPH                     IN-7-B-68
BRIGHT, ELLEN                           IN-7-B-8
BRIGHT, JACOB C.                        IN-7-A-100
BRIGHT, JOHN F.                         IN-7-C-30
BRIGHT, SOLOMON D.                      IN-7-C-127
BROCK, JOHN                             IN-7-B-132
BROWN, FRANKLIN M.                      IN-7-A-201
BROWN, JAMES B.                         IN-7-C-80
BROWN, LUTHER M.                        IN-7-C-9
BROWNING, SARAH                         IN-7-C-145
BRUCE, ROBERT L.                        IN-7-C-91, 94
BRUMMET, JOSHUA                         IN-7-A-7
BRUMMET, ROBERT                         IN-7-A-260
BURGESS, GROVER C.                      IN-7-C-376
BURKHARDT, GEORGE                       IN-7-A-187
BURTON, HENRY                           IN-7-A-45
BUSH, MARY                              IN-7-C-162
BUTLER, THOMAS J.                       IN-7-C-126
CAIN, WILLIAM                           IN-7-B-62
CALVIN, DENNIS                          IN-7-C-266
CALVIN, DUARD                           IN-7-C-226
CAMPBELL, HANCHER                       IN-7-C-228
CAMPBELL, HARRIET E.                    IN-7-C-322
CAMPBELL, JAMES C.                      IN-7-B-46
CAMPBELL, JOSEPH                        IN-7-A-242
CAMPBELL, ROBERT W.                     IN-7-B-39
CAPLE, ARTHUR                           IN-7-C-70
CARMICHAEL, ARMENTHA E.                 IN-7-C-335
CARMICHAEL, PEARL                       IN-7-C-277
CARMICHAEL, ROBERT                      IN-7-B-182
CARMICHAEL, W. M. C.                    IN-7-C-133
CARTINHOUR, W. H.                       IN-7-C-286
CHAFIN, ISAAC                           IN-7-B-293
CHAMBERLAIN, CYRIL                      IN-7-A-123
CHITMWOOD, JOHN O.                      IN-7-B-266
CHITWOOD, MARTHA A.                     IN-7-C-92
CHITWOOD, RICHAD                        IN-7-C-66
CLAPPER, REBECCA                        IN-7-B-228
CLARK, EMMONS                           IN-7-C-269
CLARK, LORENA                           IN-7-C-210
CLEMMENTS, CHARLES A.                   IN-7-C-68
CLINE, DAVID                            IN-7-A-266
CLINE, DAVID                            IN-7-A-235
COFFEY, RICHARD L.                      IN-7-B-248
COFFEY, WILLIAM L.                      IN-7-C-170
COMSTOCK, CATHERINE E.                  IN-7-C-213
COOK, JOHN                              IN-7-A-50
COPE, EDWARD B.                         IN-7-C-329
CRAMER, ELIZABETH                       IN-7-C-123
CREWS, FRANK L.                         IN-7-C-273
CROUCH, AARON                           IN-7-A-18
CROUCH, DAVID                           IN-7-B-35
CROUCH, MARY NETTIE                     IN-7-B-263
CURRY, ELIJAH M.                        IN-7-A-176
DALLAS, JAMES A.                        IN-7-C-212
DAVID, CECIL G.                         IN-7-C-240
DAVID, JOHN                             IN-7-A-162
DAVID, SAMPSON                          IN-7-C-180
DEAN, JOSHUA                            IN-7-A-134
DECKARD, ANDREW                         IN-7-C-182
DECKARD, CECIL                          IN-7-C-300
DECKARD, ROSETTA                        IN-7-C-295
DEEST, CHARLES R.                       IN-7-C-382
DEWAR, EMILY EMMA                       IN-7-C-284
DOTSON, GEORGE W.                       IN-7-A-237
DOUGLAS, BENJAMIN                       IN-7-C-250
DOVEY, EDARD                            IN-7-C-194
DUNN, E. P.                             IN-7-A-247
DUVALL, O. H.                           IN-7-C-32
DUVALL, SARAH E.                        IN-7-C-1
EDDY, SARAH E.                          IN-7-C-222
FALLOWELL, JOHN                         IN-7-A-11
FARIS, SAMUEL                           IN-7-B-22
FLEENER, ELIZA J.                       IN-7-B-94
FLEENER, F. E. V.                       IN-7-C-207
FLEENER, FRED A.                        IN-7-C-286
FLEENER, JACOB                          IN-7-A-146
FOLLOWELL, WILLIAM                      IN-7-C-413
FOX, JOSEPH L.                          IN-7-C-151
FRANKLIN, CALVIN                        IN-7-B-189
FRANKLIN, MARY E.                       IN-7-B-299
FRAZER, OSCAR                           IN-7-C-388
FRYE, MATILDA JANE                      IN-7-B-343
FRYE, SARAH                             IN-7-C-157
GATTEN, RICHARD ELLIS                   IN-7-B-196
GEESEY, SEBASTIAN                       IN-7-A-131
GRAF, CARL C.                           IN-7-C-310
GRAY, ANDREW                            IN-7-B-117
GREEN, CAROLINE                         IN-7-B-192
GRIFFITHS, WALTER W.                    IN-7-C-361
HALL, ELIJAH                            IN-7-B-306
HAMBLEIN, ELIKANO                       IN-7-B-215
HAMBLIN, ANGELINE                       IN-7-B-252
HARDEN, JOHN W.                         IN-7-B-278
HARRISON, THOMAS P.                     IN-7-C-267
HARVEY, ELIZA                           IN-7-C-43
HASHMAN, ANDREW J.                      IN-7-B-138
HATCHETT, WILLIAM G. SR.                IN-7-B-199
HECKMAN, JOSEPH                         IN-7-B-281
HECKMAN, MARTHA J.                      IN-7-C-253
HEDRICK, ALBERT                         IN-7-C-248
HEMPHILL, MARTIN                        IN-7-A-72
HENRY, GEORGE                           IN-7-A-41
HICKMAN, H.                             IN-7-C-208
HICKS, ROBERT                           IN-7-A-54
HIRTH, KUNIGUNDE                        IN-7-A-184
HOBBS, THOMAS                           IN-7-B-205
HOGG, SOPHIA P. R.                      IN-7-B-49
HOVIS, HENRY                            IN-7-B-226
HOVIS, LEWIS                            IN-7-C-75
HUNTSMAN, JAMES                         IN-7-C-58
HURDLE, ALONZO                          IN-7-C-251
HURLEY, EPHRAIM                         IN-7-A-33
HURLEY, J. (DR)                         IN-7-A-240
HUTCHISON, GEORGE M.                    IN-7-B-120
HUTSON, AMBROSE A.                      IN-7-B-180
JACKSON, JESSE                          IN-7-C-404
JACKSON, MINERVA                        IN-7-B-157
JARRETT, RACHEL                         IN-7-B-135
JOHNSON, DAVID                          IN-7-A-4
JONES, JESSE                            IN-7-C-73
KELLY, NANCY J.                         IN-7-C-16
KELSO, LEWIS E.                         IN-7-C-263
KENNEDY, JOHN D.                        IN-7-A-128
KENT, MARY                              IN-7-B-340
KIESER, OSCAR G.                        IN-7-C-405
KING, JAMES M.                          IN-7-C-110
KING, JOHN G.                           IN-7-C-135
KIRK, LOVINA                            IN-7-B-259
KIRTS, CONRAD                           IN-7-A-57
KISSEL, DAVID                           IN-7-B-11
KISSEL, LUCINDA                         IN-7-B-56
KRITZER, BARBARA                        IN-7-B-99
KUBUS, JACOB M.                         IN-7-B-291
KUNTZ, MATILDA J.                       IN-7-B-343
LAURIE, ELIZABETH                       IN-7-B-330
LAWLES, CHARLOTTE                       IN-7-C-224
LESTER, AMUS T.                         IN-7-B-144
LINGO, JOHN S.                          IN-7-A-20
LITTLETON, JOHN D.                      IN-7-C-373
LOCKMAN, GEORGE W.                      IN-7-B-285, 292
LONG, ELIJAH                            IN-7-A-263
LUTES, LUCRETIA                         IN-7-B-85
LUTES, WILLIAM                          IN-7-C-96
LYNCH, CHRISTOPHER                      IN-7-A-16
MABE, HIRAM                             IN-7-A-65
MACKIE, JOHN H.                         IN-7-A-210
MAGUIRE, ANNIE                          IN-7-C-59
MANUEL, A. A.                           IN-7-C-117
MARIS, CURTIS                           IN-7-A-82
MARLETT, ABRAHAM                        IN-7-A-109
MARSH, HERVEY J. P.                     IN-7-C-235
MARSHALL, SARAH E.                      IN-7-C-350
MARSHALL, WILLIS G.                     IN-7-B-318
MATHENY, FRANCIS A.                     IN-7-A-98
MATHERS, ABERILAS                       IN-7-B-77
MATHIS, RUBEN                           IN-7-B-91
MCCORD, COLLIN M.                       IN-7-C-119
MCDONALD, GEORGE A.                     IN-7-B-374
MCGEE, JAMES                            IN-7-C-297
MCNICHOLS, GEORGE                       IN-7-A-149
MEAD, HANIBAL I.                        IN-7-B-25
MEAD, THOMAS                            IN-7-B-1
MELOY, DIADEM                           IN-7-B-29
METHENEY, EPHRAIM                       IN-7-B-323
MEYERS, ALBERT F.                       IN-7-C-302
MILLER, DENNIS D.                       IN-7-B-174
MILLER, RICHARD J.                      IN-7-B-303
MILLER, RUBEN H.                        IN-7-C-155
MILNES, WILLIAM                         IN-7-A-24
MOONEY, HUGH                            IN-7-B-102
MOORE, PETER                            IN-7-A-220
MOORE, SANFORD                          IN-7-A-106
MORSE, HIRAM C.                         IN-7-B-231
MOSER, CALVIN                           IN-7-B-275
MURPHY, JOHN                            IN-7-C-88
MURPHY, LUCINDA C.                      IN-7-B-337
MURPHY, WILLIAM                         IN-7-A-86
NAAT, HARRY T.                          IN-7-C-411
NEAL, SARAH A.                          IN-7-C-51
NEAL, SARAH A.                          IN-7-B-380
NEIDIGH, ALEXANDER                      IN-7-A-126
NEILSON, RASMUS                         IN-7-A-114
NEUBACHER, EDITH                        IN-7-C-369
NEWTON, EBEN                            IN-7-B-107
NOBLES, LEVI                            IN-7-A-232
NOBLET, JOHN                            IN-7-B-88
NOLAN, CHARLES N.                       IN-7-C-100
NORRIS, WILLIAM                         IN-7-A-63
OGLE, JAMES P.                          IN-7-B-311
OGLE, ROBERT JOHN                       IN-7-C-106
OWENS, JAMES S.                         IN-7-C-187
PASSLEY, SOLOMON S.                     IN-7-B-59
PENDER, JOHN                            IN-7-A-173
PENROSE, VALENTINE                      IN-7-C-149
PERCIFIELD, TELLEA                      IN-7-C-348
PERCIFIELD, WILLIAM H. SR.              IN-7-C-121
PETRO, PHILLIP S.                       IN-7-A-191
PETRO, SABRA                            IN-7-A-121
PETTIT, ROLLAND M.                      IN-7-C-258
PLUMMER, FRANCES A.                     IN-7-A-195
POTTER, MARTHA M.                       IN-7-B-169
POULTON, ELEANOR                        IN-7-A-140
POULTON, HARRIET                        IN-7-B-147
POULTON, MARTHA                         IN-7-B-239
POWELL, ALVA M.                         IN-7-C-20
PROSSER, ABRAHAM                        IN-7-B-74
PROSSER, WILLARD                        IN-7-C-191
PRUITT, MARGARET                        IN-7-C-189
RACY, GILDEAD                           IN-7-B-113
RALPHY, ADELINE                         IN-7-C-176
RATH, SARAH                             IN-7-B-269
RAYMOND, ANDREW                         IN-7-A-10
REDDICK, THOMAS W.                      IN-7-A-156
REEVES, DAVID                           IN-7-B-19
REHM, EMMA B.                           IN-7-C-339
RICHARDS, JOHANNAH                      IN-7-B-244
RICHARDS, MAUD BERYL                    IN-7-C-367
RICHARDS, REBECCA J.                    IN-7-B-224
RICHESON, JOEL                          IN-7-A-143
RITCHEY, JOHN TAYLOR                    IN-7-C-147
ROBERTS, CATHERINE                      IN-7-A-256
ROBERTSON, JOSEPH                       IN-7-A-43
ROBERTSON, REBECCA                      IN-7-B-171
ROGERS, FRANCIS A.                      IN-7-B-80
ROGERS, LEWIS                           IN-7-B-165
ROOT, CLARENCE M.                       IN-7-C-143
ROPER, LEWIS F.                         IN-7-A-69
RUND, FRANCIS A.                        IN-7-B-208
SCHNEPF, WILLIAM G.                     IN-7-C-401
SCHROUGHAM, VINCENT                     IN-7-C-159
SCHWAB, GEORGE                          IN-7-C-237
SCOTT, SARAH E.                         IN-7-C-165
SETTLES, JOHN                           IN-7-B-316
SHAFER, JOSEPH                          IN-7-C-185
SHAFER, JOSEPH                          IN-7-A-248
SHEPHERD, GRANT                         IN-7-C-104
SHEPPARD, WILLIAM                       IN-7-B-127
SHERWOOD, ADAM                          IN-7-C-138
SHERWOOD, ELIZABETH                     IN-7-C-85
SHRYER, JACOB                           IN-7-B-242
SHULTS, ELI                             IN-7-B-97
SIBERT, BENJAMIN F.                     IN-7-C-173
SINN, MORICE                            IN-7-A-213
SIPES, GEORGE W.                        IN-7-B-352
SLEIGHTER, JOSEPH                       IN-7-A-223
SLEVIN, WILLIAM P.                      IN-7-C-98
SMITH, ALEX A.                          IN-7-B-125
SMITH, DANIEL A.                        IN-7-A-252
SMITH, JAMES M.                         IN-7-C-364
SMITH, JOHN                             IN-7-B-272
SMITH, JOSEPH                           IN-7-A-216
SMITH, NICHOLAS W.                      IN-7-C-408
SMITH, OBED                             IN-7-C-308
SNIDER, ELLEN                           IN-7-B-245
SNIDER, ELLEN                           IN-7-B-359
SNIDER, ELLEN                           IN-7-B-289
SNIDER, ELLEN                           IN-7-B-289
SNIDER, HARMON                          IN-7-A-90
SNIDER, JANE                            IN-7-B-105
STANDLEY, MARGARET E.                   IN-7-C-397
STEELE, SELMA N.                        IN-7-C-279
STEELE, THEO A.                         IN-7-C-131
STEPHENS, C. FOMAN                      IN-7-B-212
STEPHENS, FRANCIS M.                    IN-7-C-48
STEVENS, MARY J.                        IN-7-C-64
STEWART, LENA                           IN-7-C-315
STILABOWER, ADAM                        IN-7-A-118
STRAHL, MARTIN                          IN-7-B-346
STRAHL, MARY E.                         IN-7-C-168
SUTPHN, ARTHUR                          IN-7-A-60
SWAIN, THOMAS E.                        IN-7-C-86
SWIFT, OLIVER P.                        IN-7-B-377
TABOR, ISAAC                            IN-7-C-56
TAGGART, EVALINE S.                     IN-7-C-77
TAGGART, JAMES                          IN-7-A-12
TAGGART, WILLIAM                        IN-7-A-226
TAGGART, ZERELDA                        IN-7-B-202
TAYLOR, DAVID W.                        IN-7-B-123
TAYLOR, ROBERT G.                       IN-7-C-243
TAYLOR, WILLIAM P.                      IN-7-B-32
THOMPSON, GEORGE THOMAS                 IN-7-C-332
THOMPSON, OLIVER P.                     IN-7-C-163
THRELKELD, LOLA                         IN-7-C-233
TIPTON, WILLIAM                         IN-7-A-207
TONEY, MICHAEL                          IN-7-A-273
TREMBLEY, BENJAMIN                      IN-7-A-245
TRUAX, JOHN L.                          IN-7-A-198
TURNER, ARMETTA                         IN-7-B-301
VAWTER, OLA                             IN-7-C-261
VERMILLION, DORA                        IN-7-C-265
VOLAND, EDWARD L.                       IN-7-C-312
VONNEGUT, KURT SR.                      IN-7-C-391
WALTMAN, HIRAM M.                       IN-7-C-108
WALTMAN, MICHAEL                        IN-7-B-15
WALTMAN, SARAH JANE                     IN-7-C-45
WALTMAN, THOMAS SR.                     IN-7-B-65
WALTMAN, WILLIAM M.                     IN-7-B-350
WALTZ, JACOB                            IN-7-A-38
WATKINS, JOSEPH                         IN-7-B-4
WATSON, JONATHAN                        IN-7-A-167
WAYMAN, JOSEPH                          IN-7-C-124
WEAVER, THOMAS J.                       IN-7-C-394
WEDDEL, PLEASANT G.                     IN-7-A-94
WELLS, RAYMOND F.                       IN-7-C-281
WEST, JOHN B.                           IN-7-C-245
WILD, MINNIE M.                         IN-7-C-304
WILSON, BARBARY                         IN-7-B-115
WILSON, CALEB                           IN-7-A-180
WILSON, CATHARINE                       IN-7-B-71
WILSON, ELIZA A.                        IN-7-B-333
WILSON, JERRY M.                        IN-7-C-141
WILSON, WILLIAM CARL                    IN-7-C-292
WOLFE, JOHN LOYD                        IN-7-C-129
WOODRUFF, RICHARD                       IN-7-B-52
WORENER, OSCAR L.                       IN-7-C-89
WRIGHT, JOHN P.                         IN-7-C-319
WRIGHTSMAN, JOSEPH W.                   IN-7-C-241
YOUNG, DAVID                            IN-7-C-102
YOUNG, JOSEPH M.                        IN-7-C-82
ZOOK, JAMES A.                          IN-7-C-252

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