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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A=1844-1869 | B=1859-1882 | C-F=? |
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ABBETT, JOSEPH                          IN-3-B-197
ADAMS, JOHN G.                          IN-3-A-173
AHLBRAND, J. P.                         IN-3-A-40
ALDENDORF, WILLIAM                      IN-3-B-369
ALLEN, CALVIN                           IN-3-B-254
ARBUTHNOT, WILLIAM                      IN-3-A-201
ARDERY, JOSEPH C.                       IN-3-A-203
ARNOLD, ELIZABETH B.                    IN-3-B-140
ARNOLD, EPHRAIM                         IN-3-A-70
ATKINSON, SELINA                        IN-3-B-305
AUSTIN, ALFRED                          IN-3-B-3
AVEMERSER, HENRY                        IN-3-B-142
BACHMAN, HENRY C.                       IN-3-B-264
BACHMAN, MARY A.                        IN-3-B-389
BANKS, JAMES                            IN-3-A-246
BARMES, ANGELINE S.                     IN-3-B-35
BARMES, MARGARET                        IN-3-B-195
BARNES, PHILIP                          IN-3-A-259
BASS, NATHAN                            IN-3-A-122
BAUGH, JOHN MICHAEL                     IN-3-B-25
BAUR, JOHN P.                           IN-3-B-355
BAUTE, HERMANN                          IN-3-B-102
BAXTER, JOHN                            IN-3-B-424
BEIRS, AARON                            IN-3-A-217
BENSON, JOSEPH                          IN-3-B-271
BIRCH, MATILDA B.                       IN-3-B-459
BIVENS, DAVID                           IN-3-A-5
BLACKETTER, SPENCER                     IN-3-B-54
BLOOM, HENRY                            IN-3-B-383
BOARDMAN, HENRY                         IN-3-B-308
BOAZ, MIGNON                            IN-3-A-36
BOICOURT, CATHARINE                     IN-3-A-154
BOOTHE, EBENEZER                        IN-3-A-263
BOWMAN, HENRY                           IN-3-B-374
BOYNTON, ALONZO G.                      IN-3-B-326
BRATTEN, ROBERT                         IN-3-B-496
BREMER, JOHN                            IN-3-B-298
BROOKS, LAWRENCE                        IN-3-A-83
BROWN, SAMUEL                           IN-3-B-484
BRUMFIELD, JAMES                        IN-3-A-99
BRYANT, NANCY                           IN-3-A-17
BUCHANAN, ZORILDA A.                    IN-3-B-457
BUILER, DEITERICK G.                    IN-3-B-397
BURBRING, HENRY ADOLF                   IN-3-A-158
BURBRINK, RUDOLPH                       IN-3-B-494
BURBRINK, WILLHELMINA                   IN-3-B-425
BURKET, ELIZA                           IN-3-B-128
BURNETT, WILLIAM                        IN-3-B-229
CARR, OGDEN A.                          IN-3-B-99
CARROLL, PETER                          IN-3-B-48
CARTER, DANIEL                          IN-3-B-114
CARTER, ELIJAH S.                       IN-3-A-248
CARTER, NATHAN                          IN-3-A-43
CARTER, NATHANIEL                       IN-3-B-223
CHAMBERS, MARY                          IN-3-A-124
CHASE, SARAH JANE                       IN-3-A-209
CHEATHAM, JAMES                         IN-3-A-48
CLARK, BENJAMIN                         IN-3-B-324
CLARK, LEONARD                          IN-3-A-90
CLOUSE, JOHN                            IN-3-A-214
COFFMAN, ISAAC                          IN-3-B-43
CONNER, ELISHA                          IN-3-B-351
CONNER, JOHN                            IN-3-A-164
COOK, SARAH                             IN-3-A-254
COOLEY, JOHN                            IN-3-B-124
COONS, GILBERT                          IN-3-B-108
COOPER, JAMES L.                        IN-3-B-137
COUNCIL, THOMAS J.                      IN-3-B-471
COUNCIL, THOMAS W.                      IN-3-B-511
COX, CATHARINE S.                       IN-3-B-248
COX, DANIEL                             IN-3-B-39
COX, ELIZABETH                          IN-3-B-568
COX, ISAAC                              IN-3-A-240
COX, JOHN                               IN-3-B-56
COX, WILLIAM J.                         IN-3-B-454
CREETS, HENRY                           IN-3-A-42
CROUCH, AARON                           IN-3-A-73
CRUMP, SARAH                            IN-3-B-7
CRUMP, W. A.                            IN-3-A-58
DAUGHERTY, CHARLES                      IN-3-B-385
DAUGHERTY, HUGH                         IN-3-A-265
DAUGHERTY, SAMUEL                       IN-3-B-252
DAUM, PETER                             IN-3-B-370
DAVIDSON, WILLIAM M.                    IN-3-A-179
DAVIS, JEREMIAH S.                      IN-3-B-206
DAVIS, JOHN                             IN-3-B-19
DAVIS, MJOSES                           IN-3-A-124
DAVIS, PHEBE                            IN-3-B-21
DAVIS, RANSOM SR.                       IN-3-A-192
DAWSON, LAWSON R.                       IN-3-B-278
DEITRICH, GEORGE                        IN-3-B-46
DEITZ, DAVID                            IN-3-B-407
DEPUY, CORNELIUS                        IN-3-A-225
DETTMER, GERHARD H.                     IN-3-B-536
DEWITT, THOMAS                          IN-3-A-183
DILLMAN, JOHN                           IN-3-A-222
DOESBER, HENRY                          IN-3-B-538
DOESBER, MARGRETA                       IN-3-B-565
DOLFMEIER, FREDERICK                    IN-3-B-282
DRAKE, THOMAS S.                        IN-3-B-312
DRAPER, TREACY                          IN-3-A-130
DREIZLER, GEORGE LOUIS                  IN-3-B-503
DUDLEY, THOMAS                          IN-3-A-1
EDMONDSON,T. J.                         IN-3-A-220
EDWARDS, JOHN                           IN-3-B-447
EDWARDS, JOSIAH                         IN-3-B-520
ELLENWOOD, ADOLPHUS                     IN-3-A-281
ELLIS, ELIJAH B.                        IN-3-A-150
ESSEX, PHILIP                           IN-3-B-166
EVERROAD, HENRY                         IN-3-B-566
FASSETT, JOSEPH                         IN-3-A-119
FENLY, ISAAC                            IN-3-A-113
FINKLE, SEBASTIAN                       IN-3-B-544
FIX, PHILIP                             IN-3-B-296
FORD, JOHN H.                           IN-3-B-335
FORTNER, JAMES                          IN-3-B-274
FRENCH, DAVID                           IN-3-B-15
FUCHS, AUGUSTA                          IN-3-B-288
GABBERT, MARTHA                         IN-3-B-231
GADDIS, SAMUEL                          IN-3-B-557
GAINES, WILLIAM R.                      IN-3-A-156
GALBRAITH, ENEAS S.                     IN-3-B-162
GALE, DANA                              IN-3-B-33
GEIL, CASPER                            IN-3-A-120
GILDEHAUSE, GERHARD F.                  IN-3-B-405
GORE, LEVI B.                           IN-3-B-490
GRAFF, JOHN                             IN-3-B-215
GRAHAM, JAMES                           IN-3-B-462
GRAVES, LAURA                           IN-3-B-477
GREEN, ALCANDER                         IN-3-B-178
GREEN, ALIRDCIOUS T.                    IN-3-A-289
GREEN, JOHN                             IN-3-B-89
GRIFFITH, ALEXANDER W.                  IN-3-B-375
GROVE, WILLIAM H.                       IN-3-B-126
GULLEY, CHARITY                         IN-3-A-229
GULLY, ELIAS                            IN-3-A-34
GUYMAN, RICHARD                         IN-3-A-269
HABBERT, JOHN                           IN-3-B-202
HALL, JOHN                              IN-3-A-233
HALL, JOHN                              IN-3-B-118
HAMILTON, HENRY L.                      IN-3-B-193
HANSELMAN, JACOB                        IN-3-B-319
HARLAN, MARTHA                          IN-3-B-347
HARRISON, VINCENT D.                    IN-3-A-259
HARTMAN, HERMAN H.                      IN-3-B-377
HARVEY, WILLIAM                         IN-3-B-160
HAYES, JOSIAH                           IN-3-A-252
HAYES, KEZIAH                           IN-3-A-242
HEATH, ZACHEUS                          IN-3-B-317
HEDRICK, HENRY                          IN-3-B-500
HEGE, LEANDER A.                        IN-3-B-542
HENRY, THOMAS                           IN-3-B-79
HEROD, WILLIAM                          IN-3-B-272
HILL, JOHN                              IN-3-A-176
HILL, SARAH                             IN-3-B-100
HILLMAN, THIRZA                         IN-3-A-145
HINER, JAMES F.                         IN-3-B-387
HOBBS, WILLIAM M.                       IN-3-A-96
HODGE, JOSEPH                           IN-3-B-345
HOFER, JOHN R.                          IN-3-B-27
HOLDER, HENRY                           IN-3-B-131
HOLLCROFT, CYNTHIA A.                   IN-3-B-466
HORN, ANNE                              IN-3-B-86
HOUSER, MARTIN                          IN-3-B-362
HOWARD, WILLARD                         IN-3-A-293
HOWE, JAMES                             IN-3-B-165
HUBBARD, RICHARD                        IN-3-B-414
HUESTON, HUGH                           IN-3-B-29
HUGHES, JESSE                           IN-3-A-19
HUNT, CHARITY                           IN-3-B-133
HUNTER, JESSE                           IN-3-B-419
HUNTER, JOHN B.                         IN-3-B-217
IGEL, JOHN                              IN-3-B-342
IRWIN, BENJAMIN                         IN-3-A-257
IRWIN, REBECCA ANN                      IN-3-A-162
IRWIN,HANS                              IN-3-A-11
JOHNSON, HOOSIER                        IN-3-B-555
JOHNSON, JOB                            IN-3-B-237
JONES, BENJAMIN                         IN-3-B-95
JONES, CARL W.                          IN-3-A-115
JONES, MARTIN L.                        IN-3-B-11
JONES, NICHOLAS                         IN-3-B-535
JONES, ROBERT                           IN-3-B-479
JONES, SMITH                            IN-3-B-435
JONES, WILLIAM S.                       IN-3-B-442
KAHLER, ADAM                            IN-3-B-260
KARSHNER, JACOB                         IN-3-A-138
KEEL, FREDRICK A.                       IN-3-B-409
KEITH, ISHAM                            IN-3-B-546
KENNEDY, DAVID                          IN-3-B-173
KERKHOF, JOHN H. W.                     IN-3-B-401
KING, THOMASON H.                       IN-3-B-562
KNAPP, WILLIAM                          IN-3-B-235
KOBBE, CAROLINE                         IN-3-B-333
KOBBE, HENRY                            IN-3-B-331
KOBBE, JOHN F.                          IN-3-B-337
KOCHER, FREDERICK                       IN-3-A-141
KRAUSE, CHARLES                         IN-3-B-436
KREWELL, HENRY VICTOR                   IN-3-B-31
KRIMEY, PETER                           IN-3-B-262
KRONEISTER, VALENTINE                   IN-3-B-559
KYLE, NATHAN                            IN-3-B-72
LAMBERT, DANIEL                         IN-3-B-58
LARKIN, MARK                            IN-3-B-37
LASCH, BARBARY                          IN-3-B-398
LASH, JOHN                              IN-3-B-112
LAUGHLIN, NANCY                         IN-3-B-243
LEE, JANE N.                            IN-3-B-320
LEFEVER, ADALINE B.                     IN-3-B-310
LEINBACK, JOHN H.                       IN-3-B-219
LEVERING, CHARLES J. SR.                IN-3-B-402
LITLE, FRANCIS                          IN-3-A-207
LUNDBECK, ULM                           IN-3-A-50
MACY, JOHN                              IN-3-A-60
MAGAW, JAMES                            IN-3-A-152
MAHON, JAMES                            IN-3-A-168
MARSH, ELIZABETH                        IN-3-B-307
MCCABE, ROBERT                          IN-3-B-349
MCCALIF, CATHARINE E.                   IN-3-B-210
MCCALSIN, GEORGE S.                     IN-3-B-379
MCENDRE, HENRY                          IN-3-B-456
MCKINNEY, JOHN                          IN-3-A-9
MCNEAL, JOHN                            IN-3-A-75
MCQUEEN, BENJAMIN                       IN-3-A-286
MCQUEEN, JOSHUA SR.                     IN-3-B-450
MELLENACAMP, HERMAN H.                  IN-3-B-241
MERRICK, PARMELIA                       IN-3-B-508
MEYE, WILLIAM                           IN-3-B-395
MILLER, EPHRAIM                         IN-3-A-273
MILLER, JOHN MICHAEL                    IN-3-B-212
MILLER, RUDOLPH                         IN-3-A-56
MOFFAT, JOHN SR.                        IN-3-B-144
MORRIS, JOHN B.                         IN-3-A-78
MORRISON, CHARLES                       IN-3-B-250
MOUNTS, JOSEPH                          IN-3-B-110
MOUNTS, WILLIAM                         IN-3-A-30
MOWBRAY, JOSEPH                         IN-3-A-217
MUIR, JAMES                             IN-3-B-169
MULDOON, CHARLES                        IN-3-B-75
NADING, SIMON                           IN-3-A-178
NAUMAN, HENRY                           IN-3-B-432
NEW, JAMES L.                           IN-3-A-170
NEWSOM, DANIEL                          IN-3-A-14
NEWSOM, DAVID                           IN-3-A-196
NEWSOM, JAMES W.                        IN-3-B-492
NEWSOM, JOEL                            IN-3-A-102
NEWSOM, NATHAN                          IN-3-B-464
NEWTON, ANDERSON R.                     IN-3-A-279
NEWTON, JOHN                            IN-3-B-330
NICHOLSON, SAMUEL                       IN-3-A-7
NIEMOELLER, HERMAN                      IN-3-B-463
NOBLITT, JOHN                           IN-3-B-381
NOLTING, CHARLES H.                     IN-3-B-208
NOLTING, HENRY                          IN-3-B-328
OARD, WILLIAM B.                        IN-3-B-514
ONEAL, JAMES                            IN-3-B-498
ORR, EDWIN Q.                           IN-3-B-204
PACE, WILLIAM                           IN-3-B-391
PAHLMANN, JOHN DIEDERICH                IN-3-A-174
PARKER, ISAAC                           IN-3-A-148
PARKS, THOMAS                           IN-3-A-179
PATTON, MARK                            IN-3-A-205
PELL, JESSE                             IN-3-B-468
PERRY, WILLIAM                          IN-3-B-474
PITTMAN, ISAAC R.                       IN-3-B-148
POPP, CHRISTIAN                         IN-3-B-225
POTTORF, GEORGE                         IN-3-A-135
PRATHER, JOHN                           IN-3-B-357
PUFF, JACOB                             IN-3-B-399
PUNIS, LEWIS A.                         IN-3-B-188
QUICK, JAMES                            IN-3-A-53
QUINN, MICHAEL                          IN-3-A-275
RALPH, MARGARET                         IN-3-A-236
REDDICK, JESSE                          IN-3-B-227
REED, JOHN L.                           IN-3-A-86
REED, SARAH B.                          IN-3-B-50
REPP, MARY                              IN-3-B-157
RHOADES, JACOB                          IN-3-A-245
RICHARDS, ULM                           IN-3-A-28
RILEY, BENJAMIN                         IN-3-A-54
RITTMAN, G. F.                          IN-3-B-70
ROBERTSON, JOHN T.                      IN-3-B-41
ROMINE, EDWARD                          IN-3-A-166
ROMINE, ELIJAH                          IN-3-B-286
ROMINE, LURAN                           IN-3-B-470
ROTH, ADAM                              IN-3-B-518
ROTHERT, JOHN H.                        IN-3-B-393
ROUP, MICHAEL                           IN-3-B-284
RUBRECHT, ANDREW G.                     IN-3-B-290
SANDERS, LUCY                           IN-3-B-517
SAUER, JOHN                             IN-3-B-17
SAWIN, JAMES H.                         IN-3-B-280
SAYRE, JONATHAN                         IN-3-B-190
SCHAEFER, ERNESTINE                     IN-3-B-554
SCHENCK, TUNIS                          IN-3-B-530
SCHEPMAN, ERNEST H.                     IN-3-B-505
SCHLEHUSER, JOHN F. W.                  IN-3-B-135
SCHLOSS, MOSES A.                       IN-3-B-199
SCHNEIDER, BERTHA                       IN-3-B-481
SCHOONOVER, ADOLPHES                    IN-3-B-155
SCHRORDAN, HENRY W.                     IN-3-A-21
SCOTT, JOHN H.                          IN-3-B-77
SEELING, ANTON                          IN-3-B-302
SHAFFSTALL, PHILIP                      IN-3-B-153
SHIELDS, LEAH                           IN-3-B-322
SIBERT, JACOB                           IN-3-B-508
SIDENER, JOHN                           IN-3-B-60
SIDENER, WILLIAM L.                     IN-3-B-451
SIONS, JOSHUA                           IN-3-A-277
SLOAN, ELIJAH                           IN-3-A-51
SMALLWOOD, BRANSON                      IN-3-A-271
SMITH, JAMES                            IN-3-B-267
SMITH, JOSEPH                           IN-3-A-291
SMITH, WILLIAM                          IN-3-B-502
SMITH, WILLIAM L.                       IN-3-B-563
SNEED, EVAN                             IN-3-B-150
SPALDING, GEORGE                        IN-3-B-532
SPAUGH, CATHARINE                       IN-3-B-353
SPEEGER, JOHN ADAM                      IN-3-B-448
SPRAKER, GEORE SR.                      IN-3-B-294
SPURGIN, MILTON A.                      IN-3-A-185
STEENBARGER, FREDRIC                    IN-3-B-146
STEIBNER, CHARLES                       IN-3-B-5
STEWART, JAMES                          IN-3-B-64
STICKHAN, CHRISTIAN                     IN-3-B-292
STOCKHORN, JOHN G.                      IN-3-B-90
STOCKHOVER, JOHN F.                     IN-3-B-416
STOUT, MAHALA JANE                      IN-3-B-311
STROHBECK, JOHN F.                      IN-3-B-430
STULL, BARBARA                          IN-3-B-529
SUDDITH, ELIZABETH                      IN-3-B-540
SWISHER, JESSE                          IN-3-B-62
TANNEHILL, ZACHARIAH                    IN-3-B-83
TANNER, JOHN                            IN-3-B-116
TATKENHORST, JOHN                       IN-3-B-410
TAYLOR, MARIA A.                        IN-3-B-439
TAYLOR, REBECCA                         IN-3-B-175
TAYLOR, WILLIAM C.                      IN-3-B-427
TERRELL, WILLIAMSON                     IN-3-B-300
THOMAS, DIEDERICK                       IN-3-B-315
THOMAS, SMITHEY                         IN-3-B-460
THOMPSON, JOHN                          IN-3-B-104
THOMPSON, NATHAN                        IN-3-B-106
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       IN-3-A-110
TISTER, GEORGE                          IN-3-B-269
TOBUHREN, FRED A.                       IN-3-A-117
TODD, DAN                               IN-3-A-160
TOMPKINS, NATHAN                        IN-3-B-23
TREADWAY, FRANKLIN                      IN-3-B-239
TREADWAY, JAMES A.                      IN-3-B-226
TRENTMAN, JOHN HENRY                    IN-3-A-231
TRISLER, JACOB                          IN-3-B-52
TROUTMAN, HIRAM                         IN-3-B-437
TUCKER, JOEL                            IN-3-B-412
UEBEROTH, GEORGE                        IN-3-A-106
VALLHOW, G. HENRY                       IN-3-A-3
VANGORDEN, SARAH                        IN-3-B-276
VANSICKLE, DAVID                        IN-3-B-186
VAUGHN, THOMAS S.                       IN-3-A-194
VOGELPOHL, HERMANN H.                   IN-3-B-360
VOGELSANG, FREDRIKA                     IN-3-B-488
WANTLAND, NOAH                          IN-3-B-527
WARNER, JOHN                            IN-3-A-267
WATSON, JOHN                            IN-3-A-238
WEAVER, JOHN                            IN-3-B-1
WELMEIER, CHARLES                       IN-3-B-551
WHALEN, THOMAS                          IN-3-B-9
WHITE, ANN                              IN-3-B-68
WICHMAN, HENRY                          IN-3-B-93
WIENHORST, GEORGE H.                    IN-3-B-122
WILSON, JOHN                            IN-3-A-283
WINELAND, DAVID                         IN-3-B-365
WINGATE, SMITH                          IN-3-B-507
WISNER, JONATHAN                        IN-3-A-23
WITT, MILLY                             IN-3-B-91
WOEHLER, WILLIAM C.                     IN-3-B-534
YOUNG, JOHN                             IN-3-B-97
YOUNG, SUSAN                            IN-3-B-570
YOUNGMAN, GEORGE                        IN-3-B-81
ZEIGLAR, ABRAHAM                        IN-3-A-45
ZEIGLER, DANIEL                         IN-3-B-257
ZUROEVESTE, JOHN H.                     IN-3-B-433

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