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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1=1859-1882 | 2=1882-1889 | 3=1898-1903 | 4=1903-1910 | 5=1911-1916 | 6=1916-1921 | 7=1921-1925 | 8=1925-1930 | 9=1930-1931 |
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ADAMS, NANCY                           IL-12-1-264
ANDERSON, JACOB                        IL-12-1-27
ANDREWS, DEAN                          IL-12-1-286
ANNETT, WILLIAM                        IL-12-1-496
APPLEGATE, MALINDA                     IL-12-2-112
ARBUCKLE, J. B.                        IL-12-2-7
ARBUCKLE, WILLIAM F.                   IL-12-1-335
BACH, LOUISA                           IL-12-1-512
BAGGS, REBECCA                         IL-12-2-23
BAIR, DAVID                            IL-12-2-39
BAKER, THOMAS L.                       IL-12-1-168
BAKER, WILLIAMSON                      IL-12-1-264
BANDY, WILLIAM                         IL-12-2-120
BARRON, MARY F.                        IL-12-1-510
BARTLET,T MARY R.                      IL-12-2-66
BARTNUM, MELVINA                       IL-12-1-165
BCKSTEIN, FREDERICK                    IL-12-1-171
BEABOUT, JOSEPHINE                     IL-12-1-482
BEADLES, A. H.                         IL-12-1-20
BEPER, HULDA                           IL-12-1-296
BERKLEY, HARRIET                       IL-12-2-10
BERKLEY, J. W.                         IL-12-1-436
BLACK, JOSIAH O.                       IL-12-1-516
BLACKBURN, JOSEPH                      IL-12-1-328
BLACKBURN, JULIUS H.                   IL-12-1-199
BLACKMAN, JAEMS                        IL-12-1-413
BLOCKER, PETER                         IL-12-1-437
BLUNDELL, WILLIAM C.                   IL-12-1-530                              
BONEY, JOHN                            IL-12-1-240
BOOTH, LYMAN                           IL-12-2-19
BRADSHAW, LEWIS                        IL-12-1-159
BROWN, JOHN                            IL-12-1-48
BROWN, JOHN                            IL-12-1-358
BROWN, SOLOMON                         IL-12-2-34
BROWN, WILLIAM H.                      IL-12-1-64
BRUCE, ELIZABETH                       IL-12-1-508
BUCKNER, JESSE W.                      IL-12-1-200
BUEALDER, SAMUEL                       IL-12-2-68
BURNS, J. B.                           IL-12-2-104
CALRIN, MARY ANN                       IL-12-2-31
CALVERT, WILLIAM                       IL-12-1-294
CAMPBELL, E. A.                        IL-12-1-322
CAROTHERS, MALINDA                     IL-12-1-514
CARTER, POLLY A.                       IL-12-2-130
CATON, FRANCIS J.                      IL-12-2-53
CHANCELLOR, JOHN                       IL-12-1-464
CHAPMAN, JAMES                         IL-12-1-247
CHENOWETH, L. R.                       IL-12-1-163
CHICKADONZ, N.                         IL-12-2-127
CLARK, GEORGE E.                       IL-12-1-471
CLARK, LORENZO                         IL-12-1-365
CLINE, GEORGE W.                       IL-12-2-27
CLINE, SUSANNAH C.                     IL-12-1-458
CLOE, ALEXANDER                        IL-12-1-173
CLOSSON, JOHN                          IL-12-1-275
CLUBB, ELIZABETH                       IL-12-2-124
COFFREY, MATHEW                        IL-12-1-380
COLVIN, JOHNSON L.                     IL-12-2-133
CONGER, GEORGE WILLIAM                 IL-12-2-3
CONNER, JOHN O.                        IL-12-1-177
CONOHY, PATRICK                        IL-12-1-497
COOK, DANIEL                           IL-12-2-114
COOMBES, ASA                           IL-12-1-364
COOPER, JOHN                           IL-12-1-128
COOPER, OSEE                           IL-12-2-88
CORK, ANDREW                           IL-12-2-24
COUGHLAN, JOANNA                       IL-12-1-332
CRAIG, SUSAN                           IL-12-1-84
CUMRINE, PETER                         IL-12-1-161
DAILEY, NANCY A.                       IL-12-2-33
DARNALL, ABIJAH                        IL-12-1-62
DAVIS, AARON                           IL-12-1-490
DAVIS, COLEMAN L.                      IL-12-2-138
DAVIS, CORA                            IL-12-2-64
DAWSON, BENNEDICT                      IL-12-1-528
DAWSON, COLEMAN B.                     IL-12-2-36
DAWSON, SARAH                          IL-12-2-118
DAY, THORNTON F.                       IL-12-2-131
DEAHL, WILLIAM                         IL-12-1-277
DEAN, THOMAS J.                        IL-12-2-95
DENNISON, PRESLEY                      IL-12-2-56
DEVALL, HENRY                          IL-12-2-71
DOLL, JACOB                            IL-12-1-30
DOLL, JACOB                            IL-12-1-308
DOLL, STEPHEN                          IL-12-1-297
DOLSON, DAVID H.                       IL-12-1-391
DOLSON, Z. B.                          IL-12-2-111
DOUGHTY, SAMUEL                        IL-12-1-123
DURELL, W. H. H.                       IL-12-1-114
EARLS, JAMES                           IL-12-1-117
ECKLE, HENRY                           IL-12-1-351
ECKLE, JOHN                            IL-12-2-83
ELDREDGE, RUBEN P.                     IL-12-2-81-1/2
ELLIOTT, SAMUEL                        IL-12-2-60
ENGLISH, JACKSON                       IL-12-1-158
ENNIS, JUDITH                          IL-12-1-186
EVINGER, CATHARINE                     IL-12-1-109
FALLY, ABIGAIL                         IL-12-2-6
FERRIS, FLOYD                          IL-12-1-179
FIGG, ROBERT                           IL-12-2-45
FISH, ROBERT                           IL-12-2-2
FITCH, ELIZABETH                       IL-12-1-214
FITZGERALD, C. R.                      IL-12-1-371
FLENNER, MARTIN                        IL-12-2-117
FLOYD, OLIVER J.                       IL-12-1-422
FORESTER, JOHN                         IL-12-1-250
FORTUNE, H. C.                         IL-12-1-522
FOSTER, IRA                            IL-12-2-81
FOWLER, ALEXANDER                      IL-12-1-51
FOWLER, WILLIAM                        IL-12-1-345
FRANCIS, BEN                           IL-12-2-12
FRARY, ELIZABETH                       IL-12-1-448
FREEMAN, FRANCIS A.                    IL-12-1-25
GALLAGHER, JAMES D.                    IL-12-2-30
GALLAGHER, MICHAEL                     IL-12-2-16
GOOCH, J. M.                           IL-12-2-41
GRAY, AMANDA P.                        IL-12-2-74
GRAY, MALINDA                          IL-12-2-93
GREENOUGH, WILILAM P.                  IL-12-2-119
HAMMEL, ARCHIBALD                      IL-12-1-227
HANKS, ELIZA M.                        IL-12-1-133
HARDWAY, MARGARET                      IL-12-1-397
HARRIS, MEEKER                         IL-12-1-229
HARRISON, HENRY                        IL-12-1-501
HARROD, ELIJAH                         IL-12-2-134
HARROD, JOHN                           IL-12-2-85
HARROD, MARY                           IL-12-1-126
HAYS, ELIZABETH                        IL-12-1-461
HAYS, MARY E.                          IL-12-1-462
HAYS, W. R.                            IL-12-1-112
HEINER, D. H.                          IL-12-1-373
HELLMAN, HENRY                         IL-12-2-86
HERZIG, GEORGE                         IL-12-2-102
HEUBEST, ALFRED                        IL-12-1-195
HEUBEST, SOPHIA                        IL-12-1-324
HODGES, Y. N.                          IL-12-2-76
HOFFMAN, HENRY                         IL-12-1-156
HOLLINGSWORTH, ADDISON                 IL-12-2-20
HOLMES, W. S.                          IL-12-2-100
HORTON, E.                             IL-12-1-85
HOSTETTER, JOHN                        IL-12-2-51
HOWE, ALONA A.                         IL-12-2-70
HUDSON, WILL C.                        IL-12-1-87
HUNT, AMANDA                           IL-12-1-504
HUNT, GARRETSON                        IL-12-1-45
HUNTER, GEORGE                         IL-12-1-138
HUSTED, MARY                           IL-12-2-8
HUSTON, POLLY                          IL-12-1-520
HUSTON, ROBERT SR.                     IL-12-1-145
HUTCHINSON, HENRY A.                   IL-12-2-84
INGLE, GEORGE                          IL-12-1-252
IRWIN, ARCHIBALD                       IL-12-1-484
IRWIN, BENJAMIN F.                     IL-12-1-526
JEFFERS, NATHANIEL                     IL-12-2-29
JOHNSON, CHESTER                       IL-12-2-89
JONES, GILES                           IL-12-2-96
KANNMACHER, JOHN                       IL-12-2-32
KAUFMAN, CATHERINE                     IL-12-2-15
KELLER, GEORGE                         IL-12-1-349
KELLER, JACOB                          IL-12-1-134
KESTER, ABSALOM                        IL-12-1-194
KESTER, ABSALOM H.                     IL-12-2-61
KESTER, JOSEPH                         IL-12-1-282
KIIRCHNER, MARY                        IL-12-2-121
KIMLIN, ELSINA                         IL-12-2-57
KIMLIN, WILLIAM                        IL-12-2-58
KING, J. W.                            IL-12-1-93
KING, WILLIAM                          IL-12-1-582
KIRCHNER, REBECCA L.                   IL-12-2-126
KITE, GEORGE                           IL-12-2-43
KNIGHT, VICTORIA                       IL-12-1-208
KOONCE, JOSEPHINE                      IL-12-2-17
KRAEMER, JOHN G.                       IL-12-1-455
KREIGER, CHRISTOPHER                   IL-12-1-262
LAINGOR, HIRAM MARTIN                  IL-12-2-14
LAYTON, MARTHA                         IL-12-2-110
LEANWILL, OLIVER C.                    IL-12-2-75
LITTLEFIELD, JOHN                      IL-12-2-22
LOCKARD, SUSANAH                       IL-12-2-47
LOCKHARD, JAMES P.                     IL-12-2-129
MADDEN, CHARLES                        IL-12-1-412
MADISON, ELIZABETH E.                  IL-12-1-50
MADISON, M. J.                         IL-12-1-481
MAGGART, MOSES                         IL-12-2-46
MAINN, SARAH                           IL-12-1-286
MANLY, MARY E.                         IL-12-2-25
MANLY, URI                             IL-12-1-102
MARK, ELIZABETH                        IL-12-1-465
MARTIN, EMILE C.                       IL-12-1-417
MARTZ, JACOB                           IL-12-1-305
MATHEWS, LEVI                          IL-12-2-50
MAUK, JOHN                             IL-12-2-65
MAYER, SUSANNAH                        IL-12-2-87
MCBAIN, JESSE                          IL-12-1-175
MCCLELLAND, SAMUEL                     IL-12-1-23
MCCLINE, ALLEN                         IL-12-1-32
MCDANEL, NANCY                         IL-12-1-470
MCDANIEL, JACOB                        IL-12-1-396
MCDONALD, MARGARET                     IL-12-2-11
MCDOWELL, WILLIAM                      IL-12-1-260
MCFARLAND, WILLIAM                     IL-12-1-499
MCGREGOR, ALEX                         IL-12-1-408
MCGUIRE, SUSAN                         IL-12-1-34
MCKEEN, WILLIAM                        IL-12-1-354
MCNARY, CHARLES                        IL-12-1-131
MCNARY, PERRY                          IL-12-1-337
MCPHEETERS, O. P.                      IL-12-2-136
MEEHLING, JOHN                         IL-12-2-107
MEEKES, ENOCH                          IL-12-1-329
MELOY, REESE                           IL-12-1-415
MERCANTHALER, FREDERIC                 IL-12-2-78
MILLER, HENRY                          IL-12-2-109
MILLIGAN, JOHN                         IL-12-1-97
MITCHELL, JOHN D.                      IL-12-2-132
MOLLER, JOSEPH FRANK                   IL-12-2-94
MONHART, JOHN G.                       IL-12-1-292
MOORE, WILLIAM                         IL-12-1-191
MORGAN, LOUISA                         IL-12-1-222
MORRIS, RICAHRD                        IL-12-1-124
MOULTER, MICHEAL                       IL-12-1-334
MURPHY, ABSALOM                        IL-12-1-477
MURPHY, AMOS A.                        IL-12-1-381
NICHOLS, DAVID                         IL-12-1-147
NICHOLS, STEPHEN                       IL-12-1-119
NICHOSL, HANNAH                        IL-12-1-291
NONNENBRUCK, ANNIE G.                  IL-12-1-456
PARCEL, JOHN I.                        IL-12-2-9
PARKER, SOPHIAH                        IL-12-2-80
PARTLOW, ISAAC                         IL-12-1-43
PARTLOW, JACOB                         IL-12-1-188
PARTLOW, JOHN H.                       IL-12-1-242
PATTEN, ANDREW                         IL-12-1-280
PATTEN, HANNAH                         IL-12-2-125
PAUL, MARGARET                         IL-12-1-273
PAYNE, FLEMING R.                      IL-12-1-309
PEARCE, EDWARD                         IL-12-1-67
PEARCE, MAHALA                         IL-12-2-135
PEARSON, JOHN                          IL-12-1-387
PECK, IRA                              IL-12-1-385
PECK, IRA B.                           IL-12-1-331
PEERY, ASENATH F.                      IL-12-2-35
PETERS, NOAH                           IL-12-1-256
PHILLIPS, THOMAS                       IL-12-2-55
PIPER, ELISHA                          IL-12-2-115
PLASTER, JAMES                         IL-12-1-506
PORTER, JAMES                          IL-12-1-344
PRESSER, LYDIA                         IL-12-1-153
PRITCHARD, D. A.                       IL-12-1-315
PUORMAN, JAMES                         IL-12-1-439
PUORMAN, MARY A.                       IL-12-1-450
PYLE, WILLIAM                          IL-12-1-166
QUICK, JAMES                           IL-12-2-97
RAHEL, FREDERICK                       IL-12-1-479
RAIMER, EMANUEL                        IL-12-1-493
REDMAN, JOHN B.                        IL-12-1-196
REED, ELISABETH                        IL-12-2-42
RHOADS, JOSEPH SR.                     IL-12-2-26
RILEY, JOHN                            IL-12-1-183
ROBERTS, HARRISON                      IL-12-1-431
ROBERTS, JULIA ANN                     IL-12-2-49
ROCKWELL, JOSEPH                       IL-12-1-466
ROH, ELISABETH                         IL-12-2-77
ROMOSER, C. F.                         IL-12-1-238
ROOD, MARTHA                           IL-12-1-369
ROOD, MARTHA S.                        IL-12-1-468
RUBOTTOM, SAMUEL D.                    IL-12-1-36
RYAN, JOHN SR.                         IL-12-1-400
RYAN, MARY A.                          IL-12-1-453
SANFORD, M.                            IL-12-2-91
SANS, CONRAD                           IL-12-1-210
SCHICKEDONCE, HENRY                    IL-12-1-340
SCHILLINGER, MATTHIAS                  IL-12-1-405
SCHOLFIELD, JOHN                       IL-12-2-72
SCHWEITZER, HENRY                      IL-12-1-225
SCHWOB, PETER SR.                      IL-12-1-76
SCOTT, JOHN                            IL-12-2-54
SELLERS, PHILENA M.                    IL-12-1-357
SERRIO, MOSES                          IL-12-1-434
SETZER, JOHN                           IL-12-2-90
SHADE, JOHN                            IL-12-2-137
SHAFER, CHRISTENA                      IL-12-2-113
SHAFFNER, HENRY                        IL-12-1-403
SHAFFNER, MARTHA J.                    IL-12-2-37
SHARP, JACOB                           IL-12-2-1222
SHARP, LEVI                            IL-12-1-41
SHAW, SARAH                            IL-12-1-70
SHAW, SHADRACH                         IL-12-1-202
SHOEMAKER, J. C.                       IL-12-2-13
SILER, JOHN                            IL-12-1-307
SINCLAIR, ELLA                         IL-12-2-82
SLOAN, GEORGE                          IL-12-2-69
SMITH, JACOB C.                        IL-12-2-108
SMITH, JOHN W. B.                      IL-12-2-128
SMITH, NATHANIEL                       IL-12-1-74
SNYDER, EDWARD P.                      IL-12-2-28
SNYDER, JAMES A.                       IL-12-1-451
SPEARS, ELIZABETH                      IL-12-2-40
SPEARS, JACOB N.                       IL-12-1-492
SPECHT, BALTZER                        IL-12-1-402
SPEIRS, WILLIAM                        IL-12-2-116
STEERS, WILLIAM L.                     Il-12-2-97
STEPHENS, WILLIAM G.                   IL-12-1-189
STEPHENSON, SYDNEY                     IL-12-2-103
STEWART, JACOB                         IL-12-1-523
STEWART, MARY F.                       IL-12-2-38
STRAUB, PETER                          IL-12-2-73
STULTZ, MICHAEL                        IL-12-1-71
SULLIVAN, JOHN                         IL-12-2-59
SWALLUM, LEVI                          IL-12-2-4
SWARTZ, MICHAEL                        IL-12-1-246
TALLY, URIAH                           IL-12-1-269
TAYLOR, ROBERT                         IL-12-1-204
TETTEY, MICHAEL                        IL-12-1-486
THALLHEIM, JOHN                        IL-12-1-383
THARP, CORA                            IL-12-2-141
TIEFEL, GEORGE                         IL-12-1-258
TINGLEY, GEORGE C.                     IL-12-2-106
TOMLINSON, THOMAS                      IL-12-1-284
TOWELL, ANDREW JACKSON                 IL-12-2-5
TRAVIOLI, NAPOLEON                     IL-12-2-44
TRIMMER, MARGART                       IL-12-1-352
TURNEY, EDWARD                         IL-12-2-92
UMBARGER, MARGARET                     IL-12-1-38
UNCEL, PHEBE                           IL-12-1-141
VANSYOC, JESSE H.                      IL-12-1-143
VOLK, JOHN N.                          IL-12-1-271
WALLACE, JOHN                          IL-12-1-393
WATSON, WILLIAM                        IL-12-1-235
WEASE, AMY                             IL-12-2-52
WEILAND, JOHN                          IL-12-2-67
WELSH, JAMES                           IL-12-1-248
WELSH, JOHN SR.                        IL-12-1-389
WELSH, KETTY ANN                       IL-12-2-105
WESNITZER, ALBERT                      IL-12-1-446
WHITAKER, WILLIAM S.                   IL-12-1-178
WHITE, ELI                             IL-12-1-420
WHITE, MILTON                          IL-12-1-99
WHITE, THOMAS                          IL-12-2-18
WHITLOCK, WILILAM C.                   IL-12-1-348
WHITLOCK, YOUNG                        IL-12-2-1
WIDEN, MARY                            IL-12-2-139
WILBUR, ENOCH                          IL-12-2-79
WILLARD, MARTIN                        IL-12-2-140
WILLARD, NATHAN                        IL-12-1-266
WILLIAMS, LUCINDA                      IL-12-1-488
WILSON, MARY A.                        IL-12-2-21
WINTERSTEEN, MARIA                     IL-12-1-441
WOLFE, WILLIAM                         IL-12-1-83
WOOD, J. R.                            IL-12-1-314
WOODS, GEORGE S. G.                    IL-12-1-327
WRIGHT, DANIEL                         IL-12-1-473
WUDEN, ISABELLA                        IL-12-2-123
YANAWAY, ISRAEL                        IL-12-2-99

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