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ABBOTT, SARAH A.                        IL-10-3-285
ABEL, MARY                              IL-10-5-344
ABRAMS, ELIZA                           IL-10-4-211
ADAMS, HENRY C.                         IL-10-5-359
ADKINS, THOMAS                          IL-10-5-347
ALBERTS, RACHAEL P.                     IL-10-4-435
ALFORD, JOHN                            IL-10-3-175
ALLEN, JOHN                             IL-10-5-181
ALLHANDS, ELIZABETH                     IL-10-3-255
ALLISON, JAMES A.                       IL-10-5-339
AMRHEIN, MICHAEL                        IL-10-3-366
ANDERSON, CHARLES W.                    IL-10-4-88
ANDERSON, JAMES K.                      IL-10-3-327
ANDERSON, JOHN                          IL-10-5-197
ANDERSON, MARY J.                       IL-10-4-317
ANDRE, ISIDORE                          IL-10-5-366
ANDREWS, MARY                           IL-10-4-250
ARCHDEACON, WILLIAM                     IL-10-5-343
ARGO, BENJAMIN F.                       IL-10-3-422
ARMSTRONG, ROXIE                        IL-10-3-350
ARNOLD, ANN M.                          IL-10-5-12
ARNOLD, GRANT P.                        IL-10-3-269
ARNOLD, MARIE                           IL-10-4-85
ASPERN, HENRY                           IL-10-5-112
ATLIX, KATE                             IL-10-5-326
AVIS, MARGREAT                          IL-10-5-289
AVIS, WILLIAM                           IL-10-4-571
BABBITT, ADDISON S.                     IL-10-3-495
BADDELEY, JOHN W.                       IL-10-3-164
BADDELEY, LUCINDA                       IL-10-3-413
BAESKE, CAROLINA W.                     IL-10-4-171
BAILEY, ASHBEL HILLS                    IL-10-4-517
BAILEY, DAVID                           IL-10-5-180
BAKER, JOHN                             IL-10-5-43
BAKER, WILLIAM M.                       IL-10-3-221
BARBER, AUGUSTUS K.                     IL-10-4-165
BARBER, BENJAMIN                        IL-10-5-547
BARBER, CHARLES W.                      IL-10-5-373
BARNES, MARCUS A.                       IL-10-2C-146
BARNES, ROYAL B.                        IL-10-3-446
BARR, ANDREW                            IL-10-5-151
BARTHLOW, BENJAMIN                      IL-10-3-505
BARTLEY, MALINDA J.                     IL-10-3-572
BARTLEY, MARY M.                        IL-10-3-310
BEASLEY, EMILY J.                       IL-10-4-104
BEASLEY, JOHN S.                        IL-10-3-191
BEASLEY, NATHANIEL C.                   IL-10-3-153
BEAULIN, JOSEPH                         IL-10-2C-92
BEAUMONT, LEOPOLD J.                    IL-10-4-280
BEEKMAN, ERNST                          IL-10-5-386
BENJAMIN, NATHAN                        IL-10-3-296
BENNER, JOHN W.                         IL-10-3-383
BENNETT, AARON                          IL-10-4-95
BERGMANN, UFFE KLAASEN                  IL-10-5-104
BERKSHIRE, GREENBURY                    IL-10-5-42
BESORE, GEORGE                          IL-10-5-414
BESORE, JOSEPH                          IL-10-5-212
BEYERS, CHARLES                         IL-10-3-151
BIELEFELD, CHARLES                      IL-10-5-549
BING, BETTIE                            IL-10-5-343
BLACK, CHARLOTTE                        IL-10-3-325
BLACK, JAMES F.                         IL-10-5-223
BLACK, JULIA                            IL-10-5-177
BLACK, WILLIAM                          IL-10-5-460
BLAINE, WILLIAM                         IL-10-4-114
BLOCK, MARTIN A.                        IL-10-4-418
BLOCK, WILLIAM                          IL-10-5-426
BLOXSOM, GIDEON                         IL-10-2C-9
BLOXSOM, RICHARD                        IL-10-4-69
BOGGS, BENJAMIN F.                      IL-10-5-577
BOHM, DOROTHEA                          IL-10-4-127
BOIS, JAMES J.                          IL-10-4-394
BOLAND, MARY                            IL-10-4-230
BOLLMAN, FREDERICK                      IL-10-5-350
BOND, THOMAS J.                         IL-10-4-555
BONER, JAMES W.                         IL-10-5-379
BONGARD, JOSEPH                         IL-10-4-345
BONGARD, VICTORINE                      IL-10-4-420
BONNER, JOANNA                          IL-10-4-107
BOWEN, HENRIETTA S.                     IL-10-5-76
BOWMAN, JOHN                            IL-10-3-129
BOYER, GEORGE                           IL-10-3-132
BOYLE, THOMAS                           IL-10-4-196
BRADLEY, NELLIE M.                      IL-10-3-544
BRADSHAW, IWLLIAM                       IL-10-3-379A
BRANCH, THOMAS A.                       IL-10-3-435
BRANNE, PHILLIP B.                      IL-10-5-143
BRATEN, AUGUST                          IL-10-5-376
BRAZELTON, CAROLINE                     IL-10-3-259
BRENTON, REBECCA                        IL-10-2C-16
BRICKEY, ANNA C.                        IL-10-4-89
BRINKMANN, AUGUST                       IL-10-5-459
BROOKE, ROBERT H.                       IL-10-4-82
BROWN, AARON                            IL-10-3-444
BROWN, ALMIRA                           IL-10-4-100
BROWN, ANN L.                           IL-10-4-215
BROWN, JOHN                             IL-10-5-446
BROWN, MARGARET R.                      IL-10-5-329
BROWN, ROSA                             IL-10-3-289
BROWN, THOMAS                           IL-10-3-302
BROWN, THOMAS                           IL-10-3-242
BROWN, WILLIAM                          IL-10-5-416
BROWN, WILLIAM H.                       IL-10-4-16
BROWNFIELD, EMILY                       IL-10-5-219
BROWNFIELD, MARY T.                     IL-10-3-57
BROWNFIELD, ROBERT                      IL-10-3-345
BROWNFIELD, THERESA                     IL-10-4-266
BRUER, ASAHEL                           IL-10-3-406
BRUMFIELD, JOHN SR.                     IL-10-2C-142
BRUMLEY, ELIZA C.                       IL-10-3-205
BRYA, CATHARINE                         IL-10-4-134
BRYANT, CATHARINE                       IL-10-4-584
BUHR, JELDE                             IL-10-3-471
BURKE, P. E.                            IL-10-5-31
BURLINGAME, CHRISTOPHER                 IL-10-4-224
BURLINGAME, ELIZA A.                    IL-10-5-568
BURNETT, SERENA A.                      IL-10-4-102
BURNETT, THOMAS                         IL-10-2C-162
BURNHAM, A. C.                          IL-10-5-155
BURNS, JOHN                             IL-10-5-448
BURNS, ROBERT                           IL-10-5-484
BURR, MARSHALL B.                       IL-10-3-160
BURRILL, JOHN                           IL-10-4-411
BURT, MARY                              IL-10-3-386
BURWASH, LOVISA                         IL-10-3-548
BURWASH, STEPHEN                        IL-10-4-257
BUSCH, CARL T.                          IL-10-5-64
BUSEY, KJOHN S.                         IL-10-4-15
BUSEY, MATHEW                           IL-10-2C-154
BUSEY, SARAH                            IL-10-5-319
BUSEY, SIMEON H.                        IL-10-5-451
BUTLER, JOHN F.                         IL-10-3-173
BUTLER, NICHOLAS                        IL-10-5-70
CADLE, GEORGE                           IL-10-4-325
CADLE, SIDNEY G.                        IL-10-3-238
CAIN, JAMES SR.                         IL-10-5-193
CAIN, JOHN                              IL-10-4-528
CAIN, THOMAS                            IL-10-5-124
CAMPBELL, ARCHIBALD                     IL-10-3-330
CAMPBELL, J. A.                         IL-10-5-232
CAMPBELL, JAMES M.                      IL-10-5-468
CAMPBELL, SAMUEL P.                     IL-10-3-142
CAMPBELL, WILLIAM                       IL-10-5-92
CANADY, PHILO A.                        IL-10-3-367A
CANBY, MERRIT                           IL-10-3-79
CANNON, JOHN B.                         IL-10-4-25
CANTNER, CHARLES P.                     IL-10-5-441
CAREY, JOHN                             IL-10-4-23
CAREY, MARY                             IL-10-5-26
CARLETON, ENOCH H.                      IL-10-3-420
CARLEY, MARK                            IL-10-4-34
CARNAHAN, D. F.                         IL-10-4-496
CARPENTER, NELSON D.                    IL-10-5-51
CARPENTER, WILLIAM N.                   IL-10-3-419
CARTER, MARTIN V. B.                    IL-10-5-100
CARTER, WILLIAM G.                      IL-10-3-50
CARTY, MICHAEL                          IL-10-5-438
CASDORF, LEWIS                          IL-10-5-28
CASE, JOHN H.                           IL-10-4-101
CASEY, CHARLES M.                       IL-10-3-485
CHAMBERS, SARAH E.                      IL-10-5-447
CHAMP, JOHN W.                          IL-10-5-472
CHANDLER, STEVENS                       IL-10-3-146
CHAPMAN, ELI                            IL-10-5-518
CHEESEMAN, ESTHER                       IL-10-4-504
CHEEVER, DANIEL                         IL-10-4-202
CHEEVER, SARAH W.                       IL-10-5-582
CHERRY, JAMES P.                        IL-10-2C-150
CHISM, RICHARD                          IL-10-2C-50
CHRISTENSON, ANTHONY                    IL-10-3-450
CHURCHILL, ELIZABETH A.                 IL-10-5-500
CLANCY, PATRICK R.                      IL-10-5-537
CLARK, J. H.                            IL-10-5-422
CLAWSON, JOSIAH                         IL-10-4-567
CLAYPOOL, JACOB                         IL-10-4-247
CLAYTON, JOHN                           IL-10-2C-44
CLENNON, MARTIN                         IL-10-5-287
CLER, JACOB                             IL-10-5-438
CLEVENGER, HENRY A.                     IL-10-5-475
CLOYD, MARSHALL                         IL-10-2C-99
CLOYD, NANCY                            IL-10-2C-170
CMDERMOTT, ALICE                        IL-10-5-133
COADY, PATRICK                          IL-10-3-283
COBURN, JOSEPH                          IL-10-5-393
COCHRAN, JOHN                           IL-10-3-16
COFFEY, PATRICK                         IL-10-4-120
COINE, MARGARET                         IL-10-3-496
COLE, CHARLES F.                        IL-10-5-279
COLLAN, JOHN B. A.                      IL-10-5-558
COLLER, ALBERT                          IL-10-4-372
COLUMBIA, CURTIS F.                     IL-10-5-452
COMBS, JOHN                             IL-10-3-264
COMPTON, CHARLES                        IL-10-5-90
CONDON, ELLEN                           IL-10-4-467
CONKEY, MORTON                          IL-10-3-226
CONKLIN, JOSEPH O.                      IL-10-3-37, 43
CONKLING, STEPHEN                       IL-10-3-186
CONNERTY, JAMES                         IL-10-3-39
CONNOR, RICHARD                         IL-10-3-49
CONNOR, WILLIAM                         IL-10-5-310
COOPER, JOHN                            IL-10-5-365
COPELAND, H. K.                         IL-10-3-212
CORD, SIMEON A.                         IL-10-4-581
CORE, JAMES                             IL-10-4-63
CORNELIUS, CATHARINE                    IL-10-5-551
CORNELL, JOHN H.                        IL-10-4-419
COSBEY, SAMUEL M.                       IL-10-4-430
COSNER, JACOB L.                        IL-10-5-38
CRAINE, JANE P.                         IL-10-3-519
CRAW, ALLEN                             IL-10-4-10
CRAW, CHARLES W.                        IL-10-4-137
CRAW, GEORGE B.                         IL-10-4-562
CRAWFORD, DAVID                         IL-10-4-469
CRAWFORD, ELEANOR                       IL-10-3-528
CRAWFORD, SIMEON                        IL-10-3-427
CRESAP, DANIEL SR.                      IL-10-3-144
CRESAP, EDWIN                           IL-10-5-429
CRESAP, EUSEBIUS                        IL-10-3-333
CROUCH, JOHN                            IL-10-3-176
CROUCH, JULIA E.                        IL-10-5-272
CROWLEY, JAMES                          IL-10-4-189
CUDDY, PATRICK                          IL-10-4-153
CULBERTSON, JAMES M.                    IL-10-2C-176
CUMMINGS, PRESTON                       IL-10-3-185
CUNNINGHAM, A. P.                       IL-10-4-406
DALE, CHESTER E.                        IL-10-4-539
DALY, JAMES                             IL-10-5-387
DARRAH, JANE T.                         IL-10-4-533
DARRAH, WILLIAM H.                      IL-10-4-503
DAVIDSON, JOSEPH                        IL-10-5-235
DAVIS, ARON                             IL-10-5-580
DAVIS, FRANCIS M.                       IL-10-5-527
DAVIS, JESSE                            IL-10-3-507
DAWSON, RALPH                           IL-10-3-301
DEAN, JAMES                             IL-10-3-157
DEAN, JOHN                              IL-10-2C-83
DEANY, JOHN SR.                         IL-10-5-478
DECKER, JOSEPH                          IL-10-4-521
DECKER, JOSEPH                          IL-10-5-172
DEERE, MOSES                            IL-10-5-388
DELONG, GEORGE                          IL-10-4-279
DEMERLEIN, GEORGE                       IL-10-3-545
DEMLO, FREDERICK                        IL-10-5-593
DEMLOW, CHARLES                         IL-10-4-381
DEVANY, THOMAS                          IL-10-4-178
DEVORE, A. J.                           IL-10-4-239
DEVORE, ISAAC                           IL-10-3-236
DICK, HARRY                             IL-10-4-579
DICKERSON, HENRY                        IL-10-3-22
DICKERSON, WILLIAM H.                   IL-10-5-428
DICKS, LEVI                             IL-10-5-564
DICKSON, AMOS                           IL-10-3-403
DIXSON, JAMES                           IL-10-4-274
DODGE, JOHN W.                          IL-10-5-33
DODSON, WILLIAM                         IL-10-3-402
DOHME, CARL                             IL-10-4-93
DONGAN, JOHN H.                         IL-10-5-453
DONOHUE, CORNELIUS F.                   IL-10-4-262
DORENDORFF, WILHELMINE                  IL-10-4-342
DORR, M. R.                             IL-10-4-454
DOSS, CHRISTIAN                         IL-10-4-491
DOUGLASS, ANDREW                        IL-10-2C-40
DOYLE, JOHN                             IL-10-5-262
DOYLE, MARGARET                         IL-10-3-557
DOYLE, MICHAEL                          IL-10-5-406
DOYLE, TERRENCE                         IL-10-5-189
DRESSER, DAVID W.                       IL-10-5-416
DUFF, MARY E.                           IL-10-5-514
DUNAWAY, JOHN                           IL-10-4-513
DUNCAN, HENRIETTA                       IL-10-4-375
DUNCAN, THOMAS                          IL-10-5-89
DUNHAM, MATILDA                         IL-10-5-340
DUNLAP, MATTHIAS L.                     IL-10-3-270
DUNLAP, WILLIAM J.                      IL-10-2C-80
DUNN, SARAH E.                          IL-10-3-518
DUNN, ZEPHANIAH                         IL-10-3-307
EALEY, WILLIAM                          IL-10-5-36
EARLEY, JOHN                            IL-10-4-160
EARLY, PATRICK                          IL-10-3-338
EATON, CHARLES L.                       IL-10-4-498
EATON, HANNAH                           IL-10-5-241
EDENS, JOHN                             IL-10-5-297
EILERS, DIRK                            IL-10-4-507
EISENMENGER, PETER                      IL-10-4-76
ELDER, JOHN                             IL-10-3-314
ELDER, WILLIAM G.                       IL-10-5-136
ELLIOTT, SAMUEL F.                      IL-10-5-328
ELLS, CHARLES                           IL-10-4-228
EMSLEY, HUGH                            IL-10-3-490
ENNIS, JOHN                             IL-10-5-519
ERDWINS, HENRY W.                       IL-10-4-110
ERNEST, LAZARUS                         IL-10-3-287
EUBLING, FRED A.                        IL-10-4-168
EVERETT, ANNIE E.                       IL-10-3-388
EVERETT, JACKSON M.                     IL-10-3-148
EVERETT, JOSEPH T.                      IL-10-3-343
FAGAN, WILLIAM                          IL-10-3-122
FALLS, JESSE                            IL-10-5-424
FARLEY, HENRY W.                        IL-10-4-316
FAULKNER, LUCAS W.                      IL-10-5-595
FEDERER, CARL                           IL-10-5-405
FERRIS, BRIDGET                         IL-10-3-394
FIEDLER, GEORGE                         IL-10-5-30
FIEDLER, GEORGE HENRY                   IL-10-5-137
FINFROCK, JOHN H.                       IL-10-5-78
FINNIGAN, WILLIAM                       IL-10-4-348
FINWICK, WILLIAM                        IL-10-4-154
FIREBAUGH, JEMIMA                       IL-10-4-129
FIREBAUGH, MICHAEL                      IL-10-3-291
FITTS, FRED M.                          IL-10-4-384
FITZGERALD, SARAH                       IL-10-4-1
FITZGERALD, TIMOTHY                     IL-10-4-48
FITZGERALD, TIMOTHY                     IL-10-5-554
FLAVIN, TIMOTHY                         IL-10-3-552
FLESNER, GERD H.                        IL-10-4-18
FLUKE, HENRY                            IL-10-3-339
FLYNN, RODERICK                         IL-10-5-581
FOCKEN, JOHN HEIN                       IL-10-4-553
FOOS, WILLIAM                           IL-10-4-302
FORBES, HENRY CLINTON                   IL-10-5-566
FOREMAN, EDWIN L.                       IL-10-4-37
FOREMAN, JOHN                           IL-10-4-460
FOREMAN, MARY E.                        IL-10-5-157
FOREMAN, THOMAS                         IL-10-3-395
FOSTER, SAMUEL S.                       IL-10-3-277
FOULKE, EVERARD                         IL-10-4-255
FRANCESCO, HENRY E.                     IL-10-3-356
FREEMAN, JAMES S.                       IL-10-4-445
FREER, GEORGE                           IL-10-4-425
FREER, SARAH A.                         IL-10-5-256
FRELAND, RICHARD S.                     IL-10-3-492
FROEHLKE, WILLIAM                       IL-10-4-395
FRY, DAVID                              IL-10-5-556
FRY, WILLIAM                            IL-10-3-381
FULKERSON, P. B.                        IL-10-3-155
FULTON, B. F.                           IL-10-4-387
FUNKHOUSER, JAMES                       IL-10-5-378
FURNISH, SAMUEL                         IL-10-5-342
GAHORAN, ANNA                           IL-10-5-154
GARDINER, JOHN C.                       IL-10-3-512
GARDINER, JOHN H.                       IL-10-5-543
GARDNER, DANIEL                         IL-10-3-442
GARWOOD, CHARLES W.                     IL-10-5-216
GARWOOD, LANSON C.                      IL-10-5-599
GARWOOD, MARIA                          IL-10-5-418
GAW, JOHNSON                            IL-10-5-530
GEHRIG, F. CHARLES                      IL-10-5-15
GEIGER, GEORGE F.                       IL-10-5-497
GENUNG, ELISHA N.                       IL-10-3-85
GERDES, WILLIAM H.                      IL-10-4-404
GERE, JAMES S.                          IL-10-2C-75
GERLITZ, FREDERICK                      IL-10-3-431
GIBSON, GEORGE H.                       IL-10-4-54
GIBSON, LYDIA                           IL-10-3-533
GIBSON, MICHAEL                         IL-10-4-186
GIBSON, SARAH E.                        IL-10-3-273
GIBSON, THOMAS M.                       IL-10-5-449
GILLILAND, JOHN                         IL-10-2C-58
GILMORE, MARY                           IL-10-3-500
GLASCOCK, MAHLON                        IL-10-4-327
GOOD, JOHN W.                           IL-10-3-534
GOODNOW, ELIZABETH W.                   IL-10-4-455
GOODRICH, CHAUNCEY A.                   IL-10-2C-102
GORDON, ALEXANDER                       IL-10-4-426
GOURE, RACHEL G.                        IL-10-3-535
GRANT, CHARLOTTE                        IL-10-4-377
GRANT, JESSE K.                         IL-10-4-6
GRANT, NANCY                            IL-10-5-263
GRASS, MATILDA                          IL-10-3-245
GRAY, WILLIAM A.                        IL-10-3-374
GREELEY, AMELIA L.                      IL-10-4-42
GREGORY,C ATHARINE S.                   IL-10-5-466
HADDEN, W. J.                           IL-10-4-575
HADFIELD, WILLIAM                       IL-10-5-211
HADLER, HENRY                           IL-10-4-151
HAGAN, EDWARD                           IL-10-4-408
HALBERTSTADT, JOHN                      IL-10-5-321
HALL, ABBIE G.                          IL-10-5-260
HALL, HARRIET G.                        IL-10-5-494
HALL, LYMAN                             IL-10-4-321
HALL, SAMUEL                            IL-10-5-477
HAM, ANDREW JACKSON                     IL-10-5-579
HAMILTON, JULIUS                        IL-10-5-569
HAMMEL, HENRY                           IL-10-5-350
HANLEY, THOMAS                          IL-10-4-509
HAPP, OTTO                              IL-10-4-235
HARDESTY, LOUISA                        IL-10-5-249
HARDIN, JOHN S.                         IL-10-5-244
HARKNESS, ELISHA                        IL-10-2C-105
HARLAND, CARLOLINE F.                   IL-10-5-509
HARNIT, JOHN                            IL-10-3-137
HARP, MARTHA A.                         IL-10-5-83
HARRIS, C. C.                           IL-10-5-542
HARRIS, MARY IDA                        IL-10-5-470
HARRIS, MARY IDA                        IL-10-5-443
HARRIS, SALLIE A.                       IL-10-4-79
HARRIS, VIOLINTA L.                     IL-10-5-368
HARTBANK, CHARLES                       IL-10-5-56
HARTBANK, DOROTHEA                      IL-10-5-158
HARTMAN, THOMPSON                       IL-10-5-406
HARVEY, ESTHER                          IL-10-5-35
HARWOOD, ISABELLA D.                    IL-10-5-562
HARWOOD, LUCRETIA                       IL-10-3-474
HASKILL, LARNED                         IL-10-5-57
HAVARD, WILLIAM R.                      IL-10-5-353
HAWKES, CORNELIA A.                     IL-10-2C-130
HAY, COONROD                            IL-10-3-415
HAYES, ELECTA MELISSA                   IL-10-4-286
HAYWARD, JACOB                          IL-10-5-496
HAZEN, DAN                              IL-10-5-574
HAZEN, JOHN                             IL-10-4-510
HEINEMANN, JOHNN.                       IL-10-5-115
HEINEMANN, MARIA J.                     IL-10-5-402
HEISTAND, JOHN A.                       IL-10-3-529
HELTON, JEROME                          IL-10-5-146
HENDERSON, NANCY J.                     IL-10-5-435
HENRY, EDWARD                           IL-10-5-342
HEPPE, HURT HANS                        IL-10-5-310
HERRICK, HELICENT B.                    IL-10-4-451
HERRIOTT, WILLIAM                       IL-10-3-453
HESSLER, JOHN H.                        IL-10-4-271
HICKEN, HARRIET                         IL-10-4-193
HICOX, CARLOS Y.                        IL-10-4-464
HIGGINS, SARAH                          IL-10-3-281
HILDRETH, JOSHUA T.                     IL-10-5-290
HILL, MARTHA AN                         NIL-10-4-152
HINTON, NANCY                           IL-10-4-108
HISEY, JENNIE                           IL-10-5-195
HIXON,W . H.                            IL-10-4-453
HOAG, W. B.                             IL-10-3-506
HOLDEN,W. H.                            IL-10-5-379
HOLLENSBE, ELIZABETH                    IL-10-4-369
HOLLIDAY, PAUL                          IL-10-4-534
HOLLOWAY, ISAIAH                        IL-10-5-22
HOLMES, JOHN L.                         IL-10-3-316
HOLMES, RHODA A.                        IL-10-3-312
HOLT, BEVERLY                           IL-10-3-268
HOLTERMANN, HENRY                       IL-10-5-358
HOMPSON, JOTHAM C.                      IL-10-3-517
HOOD, BENJAMIN L.                       IL-10-4-243
HOUSE, IRVIN F.                         IL-10-5-392
HOWELL, A. O.                           IL-10-5-362
HOWSE, DAVID                            IL-10-3-439
HOWSER, JONATHAN                        IL-10-4-380
HUBBARD, THOMAS S.                      IL-10-5-522
HUDSON, JOHN                            IL-10-4-333
HUFFMAN, JACOB P.                       IL-10-2C-66
HUFFMAN, JOSEPH                         IL-10-5-421
HUGHES, RACHEL                          IL-10-5-265
HULICK, DAVID                           IL-10-3-121
HUNT, CORY A.                           IL-10-5-394
HUNT, MARIA J.                          IL-10-3-441
HUNTER, THOMAS                          IL-10-5-365
HUTCHINSON, JONATHAN                    IL-10-4-7
HYATT, MESHACK                          IL-10-5-111
HYDE, EMMA                              IL-10-5-345
INMAN, MINNIE E.                        IL-10-5-317
INSLEY, JOHN                            IL-10-3-328
IRLE, LOUIS                             IL-10-3-524
JACKSON, ELIZABETH                      IL-10-4-195
JACKSON, GEORGE A.                      IL-10-3-95
JACKSON, GEORGE W.                      IL-10-5-316
JACKSON, JOHN R.                        IL-10-2C-32
JAMES, ENOS                             IL-10-4-264
JAQUES, FRANK G.                        IL-10-5-96
JEFFERSON, HAMILTON                     IL-10-4-499
JEFFRIES, JAMES                         IL-10-4-427
JENNINGS, SIMEON                        IL-10-3-89
JOH, SIMON                              IL-10-4-341
JOHN, MARGARETHA                        IL-10-5-399
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN F.                    IL-10-4-440
JOHNSON, ESTHER                         IL-10-5-358
JOHNSON, GEORGE B.                      IL-10-3-560
JOHNSON, HANNAH                         IL-10-5-183
JOHNSON, JAMES                          IL-10-4-86
JOHNSON, MARTHA E.                      IL-10-3-229
JOHNSON, PHILIP                         IL-10-5-430
JOHNSON, SELIMAN                        IL-10-5-431
JOHNSON, WILLIAM                        IL-10-3-251
JONES, MORRIS E.                        IL-10-5-458
JONES, SAMUEL D.                        IL-10-4-40
JORDAN, PATRICK                         IL-10-5-397
JOYCE, MICHAEL                          IL-10-5-400
JUNKERSFELD, PETER J.                   IL-10-5-327
JUSTICE, MARGARET ANN                   IL-10-5-329
KALON, BERNARD                          IL-10-3-154
KAPPES, PETER                           IL-10-5-535
KARIHER, HENRY C.                       IL-10-4-422
KARIHER, MARY E.                        IL-10-5-53
KAUCHER, MARY F.                        IL-10-5-269
KAUPER, HENRY                           IL-10-4-283
KAVANAUGH, PATRICK                      IL-10-4-329
KEACH, JOHN W.                          IL-10-5-482
KEARNS, MICHAEL                         IL-10-5-18
KEEBLE, WILLIAM                         IL-10-3-428
KENNEDY, JOHN                           IL-10-4-109
KERKER, HENRY                           IL-10-5-292
KESLER, ELISA N.                        IL-10-5-149
KESLER, MICHAEL                         IL-10-3-546
KILGORE, MARY A.                        IL-10-5-550
KILLGORE, JOHN C.                       IL-10-5-74
KIMBALL, CLARA B.                       IL-10-5-79
KINDMARK, FRANZ WILLIAM E.              IL-10-4-19
KINYON, JAMES H.                        IL-10-4-136
KINYON, SALLY                           IL-10-4-492
KIRKPATRICK, JOHN C.                    IL-10-5-305
KIRWAN, MATHEW                          IL-10-3-347
KISBY, LEVI                             IL-10-5-191
KLEISS, GEORGE                          IL-10-4-318
KLEISS, GEORGE                          IL-10-5-456
KNIGHTS, JOHN                           IL-10-4-14
KOCHLER, BARTHOLOMEW                    IL-10-4-352
KOEHLER, JUDITH                         IL-10-5-229
KOPMANN, HENRY                          IL-10-4-126
KRABEL, KARL                            IL-10-4-251
KUDER, ELIZABETH                        IL-10-5-355
KUDER, JOHN J.                          IL-10-5-93
KUDER, LEWIS                            IL-10-4-159
KUHLMANN, ADOLPH                        IL-10-4-353
LADY, JOHN                              IL-10-4-383
LANE, JOSEPH A.                         IL-10-3-571
LANNON, DANIEL                          IL-10-4-20
LANSDEN, ELIZABETH A.                   IL-10-3-230
LANTIS, DANIEL                          IL-10-3-35
LAWRENCE, RICHARD                       IL-10-5-373
LAYBOURN, PAUL                          IL-10-3-184
LAYFIELD, ROBERT                        IL-10-4-483
LECHER, PETER                           IL-10-4-390
LEIGH, HENRY                            IL-10-2C-120
LEIGH, MARGARET                         IL-10-3-335
LENNARD, LOTTIE A.                      IL-10-3-424
LEROY, JONAS                            IL-10-4-192
LESTER, BENJAMIN                        IL-10-3-76
LESTER, JOHN L.                         IL-10-4-545
LEWELLEN, ANDERSON A.                   IL-10-3-266
LEWIS, GEORGE F.                        IL-10-3-27
LICHT, WILLIAM                          IL-10-5-445
LITTLE, ROBERT                          IL-10-5-102
LIVINGSTON, JOSEPHINE                   IL-10-4-332
LOGAN, MARY B.                          IL-10-3-180
LONG, JOHN C.                           IL-10-3-551
LONG, PRISCILLA                         IL-10-5-221
LOOMIS, OLIVE RP.                       IL-10-4-249
LOTT, JAMES H.                          IL-10-5-320
LOUKS, SARAH B.                         IL-10-5-575
LOVE, SAMUEL                            IL-10-3-364
LUCAS, JOHN                             IL-10-2C-184
LUCAS, MARGARET                         IL-10-3-143
LUDWICK, EVELINE E.                     IL-10-4-70
LUMLEY, JAMES                           IL-10-5-160
LYONS, WILLIAM D.                       IL-10-3-145
MADIGAN, PATRICK                        IL-10-4-21
MAGEE, DANIEL B.                        IL-10-5-167
MAGUIRE, MARGARET                       IL-10-4-9
MAHER, CORNELIUS                        IL-10-4-174
MAIER, PATRIZ                           IL-10-4-8
MAKER, ADOLPH                           IL-10-5-490
MALEY, CATHERINE                        IL-10-5-32
MALEY, EDWARD                           IL-10-4-366
MALLORY, THOMAS                         IL-10-4-204
MALTBY, WARREN                          IL-10-4-461
MANDEVILLE, LYDIA W.                    IL-10-4-576
MANLOVE, EDWIN O.                       IL-10-2C-124
MANN, ABRAHAM                           IL-10-3-127
MANNING, LEANA                          IL-10-5-495
MANTLE, MARY JANE                       IL-10-5-253
MANTLEW, SOPHIA                         IL-10-3-542
MARSHALL, JAMES                         IL-10-4-463
MARSTERS, STEPHEN                       IL-10-3-235
MARTIN, HENRIETTE                       IL-10-4-542
MATHER, HELEN C.                        IL-10-3-240
MATHEWS, MILTON W.                      IL-10-4-336
MATHEWSON, BROWN                        IL-10-4-52
MATHEWSON, JAMES                        IL-10-5-119
MAXWELL, ANDREW                         IL-10-3-513
MAXWELL, ELIZA J.                       IL-10-3-547
MAXWELL, JOSEPH                         IL-10-3-530
MAXWELL, ROBERT                         IL-10-4-259
MAXWELL, WILLIAM J.                     IL-10-4-560
MCBRIDE, HENRY                          IL-10-5-411
MCCABE, JOHN                            IL-10-5-473
MCCAIN, JOHN                            IL-10-3-503
MCCANN, PAT.                            IL-10-4-222
MCCARTY, CATHARINE                      IL-10-5-515
MCCLAIN, NANCY                          IL-10-5-499
MCCLOSKEY, BRIDGET                      IL-10-4-212
MCCONNELL, ALICE                        IL-10-5-528
MCCORKLE, JOSEPH                        IL-10-3-309
MCDANIEL, J. L.                         IL-10-3-147
MCDANIEL, URIAH S.                      IL-10-3-30
MCELROY, ANDREW J.                      IL-10-2C-24
MCELROY, JAMES                          IL-10-5-315
MCGILL, JAMES                           IL-10-2C-159
MCGILL, MARY                            IL-10-4-208
MCGLAUGHLIN, JOHN                       IL-10-3-369
MCGRATH, PATRICK                        IL-10-5-360
MCGRATH, ROGER J.                       IL-10-5-586
MCGUIRE, WILLIAM                        IL-10-3-556
MCGURTY, HUGH                           IL-10-4-564
MCINTYRE, MARY                          IL-10-4-393
MCINTYRE, RUEBEN                        IL-10-4-246
MCKEE, GEORGE                           IL-10-3-228
MCKELVEY, JOSEPH                        IL-10-3-380
MCKELVEY, SARAH                         IL-10-4-219
MCKENZIE, JOHN                          IL-10-3-494
MCKINLEY, JOHN                          IL-10-4-66
MCKINLEY, PHERIS                        IL-10-5-436
MCKINNEY, BERNARD                       IL-10-4-131
MCMILEN, THOMAS                         IL-10-3-138
MCMULLEN, ELIZABETH                     IL-10-3-357
MCNAMA, CHARLES                         IL-10-4-350
MCWILLIAMS, ALEXANDER                   IL-10-3-354
MDONNELL, PHILIP                        IL-10-4-512
MEA, CATHERINE                          IL-10-5-489
MEAD, DAVID                             IL-10-4-549
MEIKLE, JOHN                            IL-10-3-491
MENNENGA, JANTKEN                       IL-10-5-303
MERIDITH, ELZINA                        IL-10-3-430
MERRITT, ELIZABETH A.                   IL-10-4-414
MERRITT, JOSIAH                         IL-10-3-371
MERRY, BENJAMIN E.                      IL-10-4-244
MERSEREAU, LAWRENCE                     IL-10-5-477
MESSMAN, J. C.                          IL-10-4-373
MEUSER, ALBERT D.                       IL-10-4-276
MICHENOR, HENRY                         IL-10-3-279
MILES, SALLY A.                         IL-10-5-122
MILLER, EZEKIEL                         IL-10-5-337
MILLER, JOHN T.                         IL-10-5-330
MILLER, JOSEPH                          IL-10-4-72
MILLER, WILLIAM G.                      IL-10-5-560
MINER, HEZEKIAH                         IL-10-3-152
MINER, RUTH                             IL-10-3-499
MINNIER, SAMUEL                         IL-10-5-385
MOELLER, JOHN                           IL-10-5-463
MOLLET, BARBARA                         IL-10-5-592
MOLLETT, WILLIAM                        IL-10-5-255
MOOBERRY, MILDRED                       IL-10-5-538
MOON, JEHU                              IL-10-5-333
MOONEY, DANIEL                          IL-10-4-261
MOORE, ABNER C.                         IL-10-2C-137
MOORE, ADALINE                          IL-10-4-566
MOORE, EMERY                            IL-10-4-143
MOORE, JAMES                            IL-10-2C-72
MOORE, LUENA P.                         IL-10-5-40
MOORE, ROBERT                           IL-10-3-434
MOORE, SANFORD W.                       IL-10-5-87
MOORHOUS, ROBERT E.                     IL-10-3-373
MORGAN, GEORGE W.                       IL-10-3-210
MORGAN, MATILDA                         IL-10-5-425
MORGAN, RICHARD                         IL-10-5-293
MORRIS, MARY E.                         IL-10-5-398
MORRIS, MORGAN H.                       IL-10-5-361
MORSE, GARRETT L.                       IL-10-5-131
MORSE, JAMES M.                         IL-10-3-569
MORSE, JEDIDIAH B.                      IL-10-4-184
MORSE, WILLIAM                          IL-10-5-401
MOSES, JOHN                             IL-10-5-480
MOSIER, PHILIP C.                       IL-10-5-388
MOUNTS, JOSEPH                          IL-10-4-209
MUDGE, IDA M.                           IL-10-4-355
MUELLER, BENJAMIN                       IL-10-4-98
MULLINS, JAMES                          IL-10-4-531
MURRAY, THOMAS                          IL-10-5-516
MYERS, MARY                             IL-10-3-68
MYERS, ROBERT M.                        IL-10-3-467
NAGLE, JAMES                            IL-10-5-14
NECEWANDER, DANIEL                      IL-10-4-199
NEISSER, CHARLES                        IL-10-4-221
NELSON, HENRY R.                        IL-10-3-252
NELSON, JOHN                            IL-10-3-360
NELSON, MYRON E.                        IL-10-3-501
NELSON, PETER                           IL-10-5-346
NELSON, SAMUEL                          IL-10-3-234
NEWELL, JAMES D.                        IL-10-5-46
NICHOLS, HEZEKIAH S.                    IL-10-5-396
NOBLE, ROBERT C.                        IL-10-5-267
NOBLE, WILLIAM                          IL-10-4-397
NODINE, RICHARD H.                      IL-10-3-204
NOEL, ELIZABETH K.                      IL-10-3-125
NOFFTZ, FREDERICK                       IL-10-3-227
NORMAN, JOHN SCOTT                      IL-10-5-105
NORTON, EUNICE                          IL-10-3-550
NORTON, STEPHEN                         IL-10-5-546
NOX, SOLOMON                            IL-10-4-536
NUCKELS, NANCY                          IL-10-3-215
NYE, ARIUS                              IL-10-5-395
NYE, LEWIS S.                           IL-10-4-241
NYE, SARAH H.                           IL-10-3-362
OBRIEN, JAMES                           IL-10-4-119
OBRYANT, CATHARINE                      IL-10-4-584
ODONNELL, CORNELIUS                     IL-10-4-190
OGG, SYLVESTER                          IL-10-4-371
OLSON, SARAH                            IL-10-4-124
ONOVAN, JOHN                            IL-10-5-408
OPPERMANN, PHILIPP                      IL-10-5-360
ORANGE, WILLIAM                         IL-10-5-109
ORILEY, PATRICK J.                      IL-10-3-295
OROURKE, ALEXANDER                      IL-10-5-589
OSBORN, ANDREW                          IL-10-3-504
OSGOOD, HULDAH                          IL-10-4-176
OTSTOTT, MARY                           IL-10-4-74
OWSLEY, D. B.                           IL-10-4-27
PAGE, HENRY F.                          IL-10-4-288
PAGE, S. K.                             IL-10-4-438
PANKAN, MARY E.                         IL-10-5-19
PARK, JOHN W.                           IL-10-5-162
PARK, NANCY A.                          IL-10-3-470
PARKER, E. W.                           IL-10-5-139
PARKER, JULIA A.                        IL-10-5-465
PARSONS, JOHN W.                        IL-10-2C-30
PARSONS, THOMAS                         IL-10-5-86
PATTERSON, HARRIET A.                   IL-10-4-92
PATTERSON, THOMAS E.                    IL-10-3-413
PEABODY, DAVID                          IL-10-5-21
PEARMAN, JOHN T.                        IL-10-5-62
PEIRCE, JAMES                           IL-10-4-357
PERCIVAL, SIMON P.                      IL-10-5-24
PETERMAN, MARGARET                      IL-10-3-304
PETERS, FRANCIS J.                      IL-10-4-349
PETERS, GEORGE W. JR.                   IL-10-4-326
PETERS, MARY H.                         IL-10-5-5
PETERS, MARY J.                         IL-10-4-49
PETERS, WILLIAM J.                      IL-10-5-548
PETERSON, JOHN                          IL-10-3-219
PETERSON, PETER                         IL-10-4-246
PETRIE, ELVIRA                          IL-10-4-508
PETRIE, J. N.                           IL-10-4-506
PFUNNEGER, MARGARET WILSON              IL-10-4-447
PHIFER, JOHN                            IL-10-4-386
PHILBROOK, BARNABAS                     IL-10-4-179
PHILLIPPIS, JOHN                        IL-10-3-480
PICKETT, WILLIAM                        IL-10-5-174
PIERCE, GEORGE S.                       IL-10-4-362
PIERCE, LOUISE                          IL-10-5-561
PIERCE, MARY L.                         IL-10-4-51
PIPPIN, A. J.                           IL-10-3-256
PITMAN, JOSEPH V.                       IL-10-4-392
PITTMAN, DAVID                          IL-10-5-217
PLATT, JOHN                             IL-10-3-179
POAGE, MARTHA                           IL-10-3-100
POLGLAZE, JAMES                         IL-10-2C-132
POLL, CHRISTIAN                         IL-10-4-339
POLLOCK, JAMES H.                       IL-10-5-336
PORTER, ELIZA                           IL-10-3-305
PORTER, THOMAS                          IL-10-3-218
PORTERFIELD, JAMES B.                   IL-10-4-204
PORTERFIELD, SAMUEL                     IL-10-3-207
POWELL, . S.                            IL-10-4-140
PRATHER, BENJAMIN P.                    IL-10-3-511
PRATT, ELIZA                            IL-10-4-417
PRENDERGAST, JOHN                       IL-10-5-233
PRICE, HELEN J.                         IL-10-3-286
PRICE, WILLIAM                          IL-10-4-558
PRICE, WILLIAM                          IL-10-5-2
QUINN, ANN                              IL-10-5-440
QUIRK, M. M.                            IL-10-4-529
QUIRK, RACHEL M.                        IL-10-5-265
RAMSEY, CHRISTOPHER                     IL-10-3-521
RAMSEY, NANCY C.                        IL-10-4-526
RAUSCH, PAUL                            IL-10-5-384
RAY, JAMES F.                           IL-10-4-400
RAY, JOHN                               IL-10-5-384
RAYBOURN, JOHN R.                       IL-10-3-209
RAYMOND, NATHANIEL                      IL-10-4-180
READ, MARVIN                            IL-10-5-356
REAGAN, JOHN                            IL-10-3-407
REAL, MARTIN S.                         IL-10-3-224
REED, JAMES                             IL-10-2C-128
REED, JOHN C.                           IL-10-5-369
REED, S. K.                             IL-10-5-511
REED, THOMAS                            IL-10-3-73
REGAN, JOHN                             IL-10-4-537
REHBOCK, FRED                           IL-10-5-476
RENN, ARMALIZA                          IL-10-3-331
RENNER, HENRY                           IL-10-3-418
REYNOLDS, ELIZA                         IL-10-3-486
RICE, ANN H.                            IL-10-5-411
RICE, ROBERT                            IL-10-3-322
RICHARDS, PATRICK                       IL-10-5-271
RICHTER, DOROTHA                        IL-10-4-46
RILEY, RUEL                             IL-10-3-540
RISING, JOHN                            IL-10-5-282
ROBERTS, CELESTIA                       IL-10-5-204
ROBERTSON, JOHN G.                      IL-10-3-183
ROBINSON, SAMUEL                        IL-10-4-220
ROCK, WILLIAM                           IL-10-3-459
ROE, JAMES T.                           IL-10-3-65
ROGERS, WILLIAM M.                      IL-10-4-121
ROHRER, JOHN H.                         IL-10-3-171
ROLF, JAMES                             IL-10-4-201
ROLPH, JAMES                            IL-10-4-390
ROUDEBUSH, ANNA                         IL-10-5-420
ROWE, JOHN MCN.                         IL-10-5-186
RUGG, DANIEL                            IL-10-4-78
RUGG, WILLIAM D.                        IL-10-4-135
RUHL, AUGUSTUS G.                       IL-10-5-25
RUNKEL, JENNIE                          IL-10-4-449
RUPERT, WILLIAM A.                      IL-10-3-44
RUPP, LOUIS                             IL-10-5-240
RUSCHMANN, MAGDENLENA                   IL-10-5-492, 556
RUSH, JOEL                              IL-10-4-231
SABIN, LUCIAN B.                        IL-10-3-214
SACKETT, ROBERT D.                      IL-10-5-364
SADORUS, HENRY                          IL-10-3-349
SADORUS, HENRY T.                       IL-10-4-568
SADORUS, WILLIAM                        IL-10-5-334
SAGE, ADAM                              IL-10-4-232
SAGE, JOHN S.                           IL-10-5-45
SAMSON, ANN MARIA                       IL-10-5-506
SCHARPF, MARY                           IL-10-4-331
SCHENK, JOHN                            IL-10-3-223
SCHIFF, QUINEN                          IL-10-5-80
SCHINDLER, CHRISTINA                    IL-10-4-368
SCHLORFF, JOHN                          IL-10-4-485
SCHNAITER, JOHN                         IL-10-5-430
SCHRICK, PETER                          IL-10-3-248
SCHUCKNECHT, JOHN                       IL-10-5-419
SCHULTZ, SOPHIA                         IL-10-5-571
SCHUTZ, HENRY                           IL-10-5-504
SCOGGIN, JACOB F.                       IL-10-3-516
SCOGGIN, MARCUS F.                      IL-10-3-231
SCOTT, ARCHIBALD R.                     IL-10-4-267
SCOTT, JULIAN                           IL-10-3-416
SCOTT, MARTHA                           IL-10-5-218
SCOTT, REBECCA A.                       IL-10-5-486
SCOTT, THOMAS J.                        IL-10-5-512
SCOVELL, ELIZABETH                      IL-10-5-377
SCROGGS, GEORGE                         IL-10-3-376
SEDGWICK, SARAH D.                      IL-10-4-187
SEDLETZICK, THERESA                     IL-10-5-331
SEED, THOMAS                            IL-10-4-65
SEYMOUR, AYERS                          IL-10-2C-133
SEYMOUR, DELIA B.                       IL-10-3-374
SEYMOUR, FELIX G.                       IL-10-5-127
SEYMOUR, PARKER                         IL-10-5-431
SHACKELFORD, SARAH JANE                 IL-10-4-573
SHAFER, PHILIP                          IL-10-5-3
SHAFFER, SARAH L.                       IL-10-3-57
SHARKEY, ANNA                           IL-10-5-488
SHARP, ZECHARIAH F.                     IL-10-5-284
SHAULEY, THOMAS                         IL-10-3-488
SHAW, MARGARET                          IL-10-5-248
SHEA, ELIZA                             IL-10-4-338
SHELTON, MARY ELLEN                     IL-10-5-539
SHERLOCK, JOSEPH                        IL-10-4-487
SHIMP, JULIA C.                         IL-10-5-346
SHINKER, PETER                          IL-10-3-549
SHROYER, GEORGE                         IL-10-2C-88
SHROYER, JESSE B.                       IL-10-3-382
SHUPE, JOHN J.                          IL-10-4-328
SIM, J. W.                              IL-10-4-173
SIM, JOSEPH W. SR.                      IL-10-3-10
SIMPSON, MALINDA E.                     IL-10-4-272
SLAVIN, EDWARD                          IL-10-3-242
SLEVIN, BRIDGET                         IL-10-4-112
SLEVIN, JOHN                            IL-10-4-378
SLEVIN, PATRICK T.                      IL-10-4-278
SMALL, SIMON S.                         IL-10-5-404
SMITH, GEORGE                           IL-10-5-332
SMITH, JOHN                             IL-10-3-537
SMITH, MARY E.                          IL-10-4-5
SMITH, MATILDA                          IL-10-4-340
SMITH, POWHATTAN D.                     IL-10-4-32
SMITH, SUSAN                            IL-10-4-324
SMITH, T. K.                            IL-10-3-185
SMITH, WILLIAM H.                       IL-10-3-445
SNEITHER, MATHIAS                       IL-10-5-331
SNYDER, WILLIAM                         IL-10-5-227
SOFFKY, FREDERICK                       IL-10-5-503
SOLON, JOHN                             IL-10-5-366
SOMERS, ROSANA                          IL-10-5-540
SOUTHWORTH, JOHN R.                     IL-10-3-536
SPEAR, ELIZA A.                         IL-10-5-568
SPENCE, ALEXANDER                       IL-10-5-251
SPENCER, SETH                           IL-10-4-494
SPRADLING, HARTLEY K.                   IL-10-5-48
STACKER, JOSIAH                         IL-10-3-217
STACKHOUSE, ABIGAIL                     IL-10-3-337
STADUHAR, MARY                          IL-10-5-148
STAFFORD, MARY JANE                     IL-10-5-335
STALHUT, WILLIAM                        IL-10-5-467
STAMEY, NANCY D.                        IL-10-5-353
STARLING, JOHN P.                       IL-10-5-533
STEARNS, LAWSON                         IL-10-4-437
STEEL, MARY L.                          IL-10-5-307
STEELE, DANIEL                          IL-10-4-214
STEELE, HENRY                           IL-10-4-43
STERN, ABRAHAM                          IL-10-5-455
STEVENS, JACOB                          IL-10-3-141
STEVENS, JOHN                           IL-10-4-237
STEVENS, SERENA                         IL-10-3-300
STEVENSON, ELISHA                       IL-10-4-194
STEVISON, JOHN                          IL-10-3-232
STEWART, NANCY L.                       IL-10-5-72
STIDHAM, MARY                           IL-10-4-486
STOCKWELL, BENAJAH                      IL-10-3-562
STOLL, JACOB                            IL-10-5-120
STONE, CLARA STEELY                     IL-10-5-526
STONESTREET, ADAM                       IL-10-3-484
STONESTREETE, HANNAH                    IL-10-2C-188
STRONG, JOHN                            IL-10-2C-28
STYAN, ROBERT                           IL-10-5-418
SULLIVAN, DANIEL                        IL-10-5-351
SULLIVAN, JOHN                          IL-10-3-162
SURRELL, LYDIA                          IL-10-4-156
SUTTON, ROYAL A.                        IL-10-3-398
SWAN, ZIBA S.                           IL-10-3-440
SWEARINGEN, DAVID                       IL-10-3-508
SWITZER, FRANCIS A.                     IL-10-4-490
TACKETT, WILLIAM C.                     IL-10-5-113
TAFT, JAMES                             IL-10-3-303
TANNER, JACOB                           IL-10-3-397
TATTERSHALL, SUSANNAH                   IL-10-3-457
TAULMAN, HERMAN                         IL-10-5-163
TAYLOR, ALEXANDER                       IL-10-3-267
TAYLOR, HENRY V.                        IL-10-5-347
TAYLOR, JAMES                           IL-10-5-367, 420
TAYLOR, JOSEPH T.                       IL-10-5-168
TAYLOR, NANCY                           IL-10-3-290
TEACH, M. L.                            IL-10-5-129
TEEPLE, HARRIET E.                      IL-10-3-272
TEEPLE, JOHN                            IL-10-3-181
TERRY, G. W.                            IL-10-5-214
TERWILLEGER, ABRAHAM                    IL-10-3-323
THATCHER, SAMUEL                        IL-10-5-107
THOMAS, JOHN R.                         IL-10-2C-116
THOMAS, WILLIAM C.                      IL-10-5-439
THOMPSOIN, BENJAMIN                     IL-10-5-60
THOMPSON, FRED E.                       IL-10-5-447
THOMPSON, JAMES                         IL-10-4-16
THOMPSON, JAMES G.                      IL-10-4-282
THOMPSON, JONATHAN C.                   IL-10-4-198
THOMPSON, WILLIAM M.                    IL-10-3-451
THOMSON, JAMES                          IL-10-4-226
THORN, JOHN H.                          IL-10-3-190
TINKHAM, C. J.                          IL-10-4-253
TIPTON, ELEANOR J.                      IL-10-3-358
TODD, JOSEPH                            IL-10-4-117
TODD, WILLIAM                           IL-10-3-298
TOLES, MAHALA                           IL-10-3-561
TOLES, WILEY                            IL-10-3-554
TOWNLEY, ELIZA L.                       IL-10-5-481
TRCY, WILLIAM                           IL-10-5-324
TROTTER, HIRAM                          IL-10-5-412
TROTTER, JAMES W.                       IL-10-3-538
TROTTER, JEFFERSON                      IL-10-4-347
TRUMAN, SARAH                           IL-10-2C-95
TURNER, GEORGE                          IL-10-3-432
TUTHILL, JULIA                          IL-10-3-452
UMBENHOUR, NEWTON                       IL-10-3-497
UPP, ALONZO                             IL-10-5-313
VALLANDINGHAM, A. B.                    IL-10-5-534
VALLANDINGHAM, JEMIMA E.                IL-10-5-61
VANBRUNT, THOMAS                        IL-10-3-261
VANBUSKIRK, JOHN                        IL-10-5-422
VANVLECK, EMMA                          IL-10-3-389
VARNEY, GRANVILLE S.                    IL-10-2C-158
VAUGHN, EDWARD                          IL-10-5-454
VAUGHN, JOHN                            IL-10-4-544
VEERHUSSENE, FOLKERT                    IL-10-5-597
VICTOR, EMILY S.                        IL-10-4-501
VICTOR, ROBERT                          IL-10-4-161
VOIGT, PAULINE                          IL-10-4-502
WALDRON, CHARLES H.                     IL-10-4-133
WALKER, MARGARET                        IL-10-3-353
WALKER, THOMAS                          IL-10-5-481
WALKER, VIRIGNIA                        IL-10-5-348
WALLACE, ISAAC M.                       IL-10-5-453
WALLACE, MICHAEL                        IL-10-3-82
WALLER, FREDERICK                       IL-10-4-97
WALSH, JOHN H.                          IL-10-5-464
WALSH, RICHARD G.                       IL-10-3-489
WAMSLEY, NICHOLAS                       IL-10-3-107
WAPPLES, WILLIAM                        IL-10-4-379
WARD, CATHERINE                         IL-10-4-478
WARD, JESSE                             IL-10-3-473
WARD, R. L.                             IL-10-3-72
WARREN, EDWARD                          IL-10-3-158
WARTERS, WILLIAM                        IL-10-4-128
WASCHER, FREDRICK                       IL-10-5-341
WASHBURN, EUGENE                        IL-10-5-188
WASHINGTON, WILLIAM                     IL-10-4-335
WATERS, LEAH                            IL-10-3-126
WATSON, ELLEN                           IL-10-4-77
WAUGH, RICHARD                          IL-10-4-22
WEBB, ELIZABETH J.                      IL-10-4-344
WEBBER, JESSE B.                        IL-10-2C-165
WEBER, HENRIETTA                        IL-10-3-558
WEEKS, JOTHAM                           IL-10-3-2
WEGENG, JOHANN                          IL-10-5-276
WEIDNER, IDA MAY                        IL-10-3-423
WEIR, WILLIAM                           IL-10-3-482
WEISE, JOHN SR.                         IL-10-3-182
WEST, EDWARD                            IL-10-5-126
WEST, GEORGE S.                         IL-10-3-390
WEST, RUSSELL W.                        IL-10-2C-112
WHEALON, PATRICK                        IL-10-4-522
WHEATLEY, JANE MARY                     IL-10-4-37
WHISMAN, JAMES                          IL-10-4-236
WHITE, ELIZABETH A.                     IL-10-4-401
WHITE, PERRY                            IL-10-5-171
WHITE, SARAH                            IL-10-3-351
WIER, JAMES S.                          IL-10-5-7
WIINGARD, ELIZABETH                     IL-10-4-439
WILCOXON, GEORGE W.                     IL-10-3-123
WILKINSON, JESSE                        IL-10-3-443
WILLIAMS, CALEB                         IL-10-4-33
WILLIAMS, DANIEL                        IL-10-3-214
WILSON, ANDREW                          IL-10-3-166
WILSON, HENRY H.                        IL-10-5-435
WILSON, MARGARET                        IL-10-5-479
WINCHESTER, GEORGE W.                   IL-10-5-410
WIRTH, BARNEY                           IL-10-5-246
WITTERBURG, CHARLES                     IL-10-4-49
WOLF, ADAM                              IL-10-4-157
WOLF, J. DAVID                          IL-10-4-351
WOLPERT, B. VALENTINE                   IL-10-4-403
WOOD, JOSEPH L.                         IL-10-3-476
WOOD, NOAH                              IL-10-4-479
WOOD, OLIVER                            IL-10-3-487
WOODARD, HAMILTON                       IL-10-4-150
WOODROOFE, OLIVE                        IL-10-4-428
WOOLDRIDGE, LEVI                        IL-10-5-392
WOOLEVER, WILLIAM                       IL-10-5-355
WRIGHT, JAMES S.                        IL-10-4-163
WRISK, CHARLES                          IL-10-5-258
YANCEY, DAVID L.                        IL-10-5-135
YEARSLEY, JAMES                         IL-10-3-367
YEARSLEY, JOHN                          IL-10-3-477
YEATS, MATILDA                          IL-10-5-68, 71
YEAZEL, ABRAHAM                         IL-10-4-2
YOUNG, MARTIN M.                        IL-10-3-385
YOUNG, SAMUEL                           IL-10-2C-36
YOUNG, WILLIAM                          IL-10-3-99
ZEIGLER, DIEBALD                        IL-10-3-313

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