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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A = 1870-1897 | Vol. B = 1897-1916  |
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ADERTON, HENRY K.                       IL-7-A-141
ALLEN, CATHERINE                        IL-7-A-50
ARNOLD, XAVIER                          IL-7-A-81
ARNOLD, XAVIER                          IL-7-A-121
BAER, JOSEPH                            IL-7-A-16
BALLISBERGER, JACOB                     IL-7-A-14
BARTELS, FREDERICK SR.                  IL-7-A-18
BARTLES, FRIDERICH                      IL-7-A-87
BEHNEN, JOHN HENRY                      IL-7-A-5
BEHRENS, SOPHIA E.                      IL-7-A-35
BELL, HENRY                             IL-7-A-161
BELL, JOSEPH                            IL-7-A-53
BELL, MATILDA                           IL-7-A-143
BERREY, JAMES                           IL-7-A-140
BLOCK, CASPER                           IL-7-A-69
BLOOMS, CASPER                          IL-7-A-25
BOEING, HERMAN                          IL-7-A-124
BRENN, JACOB                            IL-7-A-104
BRINKMAN, FREDERICK                     IL-7-A-51
BROSI, JACOB                            IL-7-A-109
BURBANK, ELBRIDGE G.                    IL-7-A-93
CALVEY, PETER                           IL-7-A-137
CHILD, BENJAMIN F.                      IL-7-A-9
CHURCHMAN, JOHN H.                      IL-7-A-99
CLONINGER, THOMAS SIDNEY                IL-7-A-145
COLLINS, JOHN                           IL-7-A-123
COUGHLIN, MARTIN                        IL-7-A-49
CRULL, JEFFERSON                        IL-7-A-88
CRULL, MARY ANN                         IL-7-A-113
DAY, JOHN                               IL-7-A-92
DEPPER, HENRY                           IL-7-A-6
DEWEY, JAMES M.                         IL-7-A-110
DINKLER, LEO                            IL-7-A-79
DOUGHERTY, DANIEL                       IL-7-A-68
EIXON, JEPTHA                           IL-7-A-27
ELMER, BERNHARD                         IL-7-A-126
EWEN, LEONARD                           IL-7-A-136
FELKAMP, THEODORE                       IL-7-A-160
FOILES, JAMES                           IL-7-A-108
FOILES, JOHN SR.                        IL-7-A-1
FOVAL, LORINDA JANE                     IL-7-A-60
FREDERICK, WILLIAM                      IL-7-A-117
FUNK, MARY E.                           IL-7-A-158
GILLETT, CHARLES                        IL-7-A-76
GOURLEY, SAMUEL                         IL-7-A-165
GRUTER, HERMAN GERHARD                  IL-7-A-30
GUICK, FREDERICK                        IL-7-A-144
GUNTHER, CAROLINE J.                    IL-7-A-152
HAGEN, CHRISTINA                        IL-7-A-149
HAGEN, GERHARD                          IL-7-A-7
HAMILTON, ELIAS                         IL-7-A-120
HANNEKEN, BERNARD                       IL-7-A-57
HANNEKEN, WESSEL                        IL-7-A-132
HASELHORST, MARTIN                      IL-7-A-147
HEFNER, HENRY                           IL-7-A-3
HEGGER, HERMAN BERNARD SR.              IL-7-A-52
HETZER, WILLIAM                         IL-7-A-157
HOESY, SAMUEL                           IL-7-A-94
HUBER, JOSEPH                           IL-7-A-66
HUGHES, JOHN                            IL-7-A-100
HUMPHREY, JOSEPH                        IL-7-A-148
IMMING, ANGELIA                         IL-7-A-80
IMMING, HERMAN                          IL-7-A-31
INGLE, WILLIAM                          IL-7-A-129
JENNE, JOHN MARTIN                      IL-7-A-10
JOHNS, ALLEN                            IL-7-A-106
JOHNS, KATHERINE                        IL-7-A-111
JOHNSON, JAMES                          IL-7-A-91
KECK, BENJAMIN                          IL-7-A-8
KEHRE, JOHN B.                          IL-7-A-151
KILLIAN, ANNA M.                        IL-7-A-64
KINDER, FREDRICK                        IL-7-A-62
KINDER, GEORGE                          IL-7-A-33
KLUNK, PETER                            IL-7-A-125
KOESTERS, ANTON                         IL-7-A-21
KRONABLE, HENRY                         IL-7-A-77
KULP, HENRY                             IL-7-A-40
LANZ, NIKLAUS                           IL-7-A-115
LEWIS, JOHN M.                          IL-7-A-28
LORSBACH, WILLIAM                       IL-7-A-122
LOWE, JOHN                              IL-7-A-43
LUDOLPH, HENRY                          IL-7-A-67
MALOY, WILLIAM                          IL-7-A-22
MATTHEWS, ELIZA                         IL-7-A-105
MCDONALD, JOHN                          IL-7-A-159
MERIDA, SAMUEL                          IL-7-A-101
MEYER, CHARLES                          IL-7-A-61
MORTLAND, JAMES                         IL-7-A-130
MORTLAND, JOHN                          IL-7-A-48
MOTTAZ, PETER                           IL-7-A-139
NAIRN, SUSAN                            IL-7-A-17
OBRIEN, CATHARINE                       IL-7-A-128
PEIPER, HENRY                           IL-7-A-118
PENERO, EDMOND A.                       IL-7-A-146
PEWTERBEAUGH, WILLIAM L.                IL-7-A-4
POLLOCK, JOHN                           IL-7-A-119
RED, FRANCIS H.                         IL-7-A-13
RED, JOHN                               IL-7-A-11
REKER, THRESA                           IL-7-A-70
REMERS, FREDERICK W.                    IL-7-A-29
ROEHL, JOHN                             IL-7-A-97
ROTH, JOHN M.                           IL-7-A-47
ROTH, LAWRENCE                          IL-7-A-163
RUFF, HUBERT                            IL-7-A-83
RUHEN, LUCAS                            IL-7-A-44
RUSTEMEYER, PETER                       IL-7-A-114
SCHAPER, ERNST WILLIAM                  IL-7-A-65
SCHLUPER, THEODORE                      IL-7-A-95
SCHMIDT, FRANK                          IL-7-A-72
SCHMIDT, MICHAEL                        IL-7-A-41
SCHNEIDER, JOHN SR.                     IL-7-A-133
SCHREIBER, DOROTHEA                     IL-7-A-75
SEIDLER, JOHN                           IL-7-A-2
SEIVERS, JOHN B.                        IL-7-A-38
SELZER, KARL                            IL-7-A-46
SIBLEY, JOHN                            IL-7-A-73
SIDWELL, ELISHA                         IL-7-A-138
SIDWELL, JOHN SR.                       IL-7-A-15
SIEMER, NICOLAS                         IL-7-A-20
SIMPSON, DANIEL F.                      IL-7-A-12
SITTON, J. W.                           IL-7-A-42
SMITH, AUGUSTUS                         IL-7-A-90
SMITH, WILLIAM                          IL-7-A-102
SMITH, WILLIAM D.                       IL-7-A-36
SQUIER, ASHER G.                        IL-7-A-54
SUDBRACK, FREDERICK W.                  IL-7-A-103
SURBECK, JOHN                           IL-7-A-112
SURBECK, LOUISA ELIZABETH               IL-7-A-134
TAPPEMEIER, HENRY                       IL-7-A-127
THIES, FERDINAND                        IL-7-A-26
THIES, FREDERICK                        IL-7-A-24
TIBBETTS, WARREN                        IL-7-A-135
TRABOLT, ANTON                          IL-7-A-59
VERHERON, THEODRIC                      IL-7-A-45
VOGEL, GERVAS                           IL-7-A-166
VOSS, JOHN HENRY                        IL-7-A-34
WALTERS, BERNHARDT HENRY                IL-7-A-19
WEISKAUPT, ROSANA                       IL-7-A-116
WERMINGHAUSEN, MARIA ANNA               IL-7-A-162
WIEGMAN, HENRY                          IL-7-A-89
WIESMAN, SAMUEL                         IL-7-A-56
WIESMAN, WILHELMINA                     IL-7-A-74
WILLIAMS, PETER                         IL-7-A-71
WITTMOND, CONRAD                        IL-7-A-96
WITTMOND, PETER                         IL-7-A-155
YOUNG, HENRY                            IL-7-A-98
ZAHRLI, ELIZABETH                       IL-7-A-78
ZIGRANG, JOHN                           IL-7-A-23
ZIPFINCH, MICHAEL                       IL-7-A-39

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