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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A=1837-1849 | B1=1849 | B2=1849-1864 | C=1864-1892  | D-S = ? |
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ADAMS, DAVID                            IL-6-B2-385
ALBECHT, MICHAEL (HALL)                 IL-6-C-143
ALBRECHT, MICHAEL (SELBY)               IL-6-C-152
ALLEN, HARVEY                           IL-6-C-90
ALLEN, NANCY                            IL-6-C-557
ALLEX, CATHERINE                        IL-6-C-386
AMENT, JOHN L.                          IL-6-B2-510
AMES, SAMUEL                            IL-6-C-40
ANDERSON, ANDREW                        IL-6-B2-592
ANDERSON, WILLIAM                       IL-6-C-46
ANDREWS, HARY P.                        IL-6-C-315
ATKINS, JESSE                           IL-6-B2-562
AUSTIN, EZRA                            IL-6-C-56
AVERY, ELIHU                            IL-6-C-188
BAILEY, MARK                            IL-6-C-101
BALDWIN, LOUISA M.                      IL-6-C-454
BARRETT, BENJAMIN                       IL-6-C-349
BARTHELMAN, JOHN                        IL-6-B2-520
BARTLETT, LEVI                          IL-6-B2-383
BASSETT, GEORGE                         IL-6-C-205
BATES, BENJAMIN W.                      IL-6-B2-393
BAUER, JOHN                             IL-6-C-291
BEELER, JOSEPH                          IL-6-A-230
BELDEN, ORSAMUS C.                      IL-6-B2-612
BENNETT, SAMUEL                         IL-6-B2-568
BENNETT, TIMOTHY                        IL-6-C-189
BENSON, LYMAN                           IL-6-C-72
BENTON, BEZER                           IL-6-C-60
BIERMAN, H. H.                          IL-6-C-409
BINGE, GEORGE                           IL-6-B2-585
BLANCHARD, ABBIE S.                     IL-6-B2-573
BOLEN, WILLIAM                          IL-6-C-121
BOOTH, HANNAH                           IL-6-C-626
BOOTH, ISAAC                            IL-6-C-363
BOOTH, JAMES                            IL-6-C-359
BOTTERILL, HUGH P.                      IL-6-B2-565
BOULTON, JAMES                          IL-6-C-379
BOWLUS, GEORE A.                        IL-6-C-4
BOYLE, OLIVER                           IL-6-B2-70, 80
BRAINARD, ALVAH                         IL-6-C-166
BREESE, HENRY                           IL-6-C-317
BREWER, GEORGE W.                       IL-6-B2-80
BRIGHAM, JOSEPH                         IL-6-A-211
BRITT, OBADIAH                          IL-6-B2-119
BRUSON, ELIZABETH                       IL-6-C-92
BRYANT, AUSTIN                          IL-6-C-36
BRYANT, CYRUS                           IL-6-C-18
BRYANT, DANIEL                          IL-6-C-82
BRYANT, JULIA E.                        IL-6-C-284
BUCHANAN, ANNA                          IL-6-C-568
BUCHANON, WILLIAM                       IL-6-C-26
BURKE, RICHARD                          IL-6-B2-622
BURLING, JOHN                           IL-6-C-138
BURNHAM, MARK                           IL-6-B2-545
BURR, JAMES E.                          IL-6-B2-518
BURROUGHS, LEWIS H.                     IL-6-B2-563
BURSON, LEWIS                           IL-6-B2-523
BUSHONG, JOHN A.                        IL-6-C-1
BUSWELL, CHARLES G.                     IL-6-C-352
BYERS, DAVID                            IL-6-B2-514
CAIN, THOMAS E.                         IL-6-C-347
CAREY, RUFUS                            IL-6-C-233
CARPENTER, HENRY                        IL-6-C-160
CARR, SAMUEL F.                         IL-6-B2-567
CARTER, ELIAS                           IL-6-C-110
CARTER, ELIAS                           IL-6-C-110
CASS, JOHN R.                           IL-6-B2-627
CHAMBERLAIN, OSCAR G.                   IL-6-A-78
CHAMBERLAIN, W. O.                      IL-6-C-112
CHAMBERLIN, NATHANIEL                   IL-6-B1-3
CHAPLER, SAMUEL                         IL-6-B2-586
CHENOWITH, JAMES B.                     IL-6-C-47
CHESNEY, ULYSSES G.                     IL-6-C-461
CHILDS, MARY E.                         IL-6-C-28
CHURCH, BENJAMIN                        IL-6-C-419
CHURCH, W. W.                           IL-6-C-612
CLAPP, SETH C.                          IL-6-C-143
CLARK, L. MIRIAM                        IL-6-B2-20
CLOUSE, JACOB                           IL-6-B2-553
COAKLEY, ANN                            IL-6-C-147
COAKLEY, DANIEL                         IL-6-C-97
COLBURN, SHUBIL O.                      IL-6-B2-347
COLBY, JOEL                             IL-6-C-302
COMPTON, DAVID                          IL-6-C-256
CONIBEAR, THOMAS                        IL-6-C-151
CONKLING, JONAS                         IL-6-C-240
COOK, ALPHEUS                           IL-6-C-266
COOK, JOHN                              IL-6-C-208
COOK, SAMANTHA A.                       IL-6-C-289
CORSS, CHRISTOPHER G.                   IL-6-C-55
COTTRELL, FRANKLIN H.                   IL-6-C-119
COTTRELL, RUFUS                         IL-6-C-165
CRANDALL, HARREIT W.                    IL-6-C-175
CRANDALL, R. H.                         IL-6-B2-125
CRAWFORD, ANDREW                        IL-6-B2-4
CROWNOVER, GEORGE                       IL-6-C-213
CUDDY, JOHN                             IL-6-C-474
CUSHIG, CALEB                           IL-6-C-366
DAHLIN, DANIEL                          IL-6-C-350
DANA, MARY L.                           IL-6-C-91
DAVIS, FERDINAND S.                     IL-6-C-432
DAVIS, JULIA A.                         IL-6-C-192
DEAN, STEPHEN A.                        IL-6-C-225
DELANEY, ELLEN                          IL-6-C-301
DENHAM, LUTHER                          IL-6-B2-405
DENHAM, SAMUEL                          IL-6-B2-8
DENMAN, P. F.                           IL-6-C-278
DEWELT, JOHN                            IL-6-C-131
DEWITT, ELIJAH D.                       IL-6-C-15
DEWITT, MARY                            IL-6-C-164
DICKINSON, CHARLES                      IL-6-B2-600
DODGE, JOHN                             IL-6-C-169
DOOLITTLE, ASHER                        IL-6-A-95
DOOLITTLE, JOEL                         IL-6-C-103
DORR, CAROLINE A.                       IL-6-C-141
DORR, MATTHEW                           IL-6-C-84
DOWNING, AMY                            IL-6-B2-575
DRAKE, WILLIAM T.                       IL-6-B2-95
DUNBAR, JOHN                            IL-6-B2-615
DUPLAIN, JOSEPH                         IL-6-C-64
DURHAM, JOHN                            IL-6-C-327
DYE, WILLIAM                            IL-6-C-244
EAMES, JAMES P.                         IL-6-B2-487
EARNEST, JOHN R.                        IL-6-C-304
EASTMAN, D. B.                          IL-6-B2-251
EDWARDS, NOAH                           IL-6-B2-38
ENOS, ALEXANDER                         IL-6-B2-591
FABER, JOHN                             IL-6-C-389
FANCHER, JAMES                          IL-6-A-268
FASSETT, E. W.                          IL-6-C-563
FEGHTLY, JACOB                          IL-6-C-493
FELCH, SAMUEL B.                        IL-6-C-239
FELLOWS, EUNICE                         IL-6-B2-251
FELLOWS, STEPHEN B.                     IL-6-A-184
FETZER, CASPER                          IL-6-C-216
FINK, CHARLES                           IL-6-C-488
FISK, WILLIAM A.                        IL-6-C-232
FLAHERTY, MICHAEL                       IL-6-B2-547
FORBECK, HEINRICH                       IL-6-C-597
FORD, MICHAEL                           IL-6-C-120
FORRISTALL, BENJAMIN W.                 IL-6-B2-625
FRICK, BENJAMIN                         IL-6-C-78
GARTIN, WILLIAM                         IL-6-B2-609
GENSLINGER, JACOB                       IL-6-C-69
GHUR, HIRAM                             IL-6-C-396
GIBSON, ESTHER                          IL-6-C-377
GOMERSALL, WILLIAM                      IL-6-C-9
GOODARD, DAVID                          IL-6-C-77
GORDEN, THOMPSON                        IL-6-B2-614
GOTZ, JOHN                              IL-6-B2-534
GRAMER, NICHOLAS                        IL-6-C-287
GRANFIELD, THOMAS                       IL-6-C-369
GRATTIDGE, THOMAS                       IL-6-C-149
GREEN, JAMES W.                         IL-6-A-145
GREENBAUM, FERDINAND                    IL-6-C-224
GRENER, DANIEL                          IL-6-B2-598
GRIFFIN, LAURA W.                       IL-6-B2-574
GRISWOLD, HENRY                         IL-6-C-52
GRUENDYKE, ABRAM                        IL-6-C-339
GRUNDYKE, THOMAS                        IL-6-B2-603
GUDGEL, STEPHEN G.                      IL-6-C-156
GUGERTY, PATRICK                        IL-6-C-341
HALL, RACHEL                            IL-6-A-17
HALL, RANSOM                            IL-6-B2-560
HALLAM, THOMS                           IL-6-C-29
HALSEY, LUCINA R.                       IL-6-B2-570
HAMILTON, JOHN                          IL-6-B2-557
HAMILTON, ROSA MCCOY                    IL-6-C-587
HAMILTON, THOMAS                        IL-6-C-96
HAMMER, ELIZABETH                       IL-6-C-86
HANAN, SAMUEL R.                        IL-6-B2-520
HANNUM, STILES                          IL-6-B2-554
HARLEY, JULIA                           IL-6-C-130
HAYS, ELIJAH                            IL-6-C-187
HAYS, JAMES                             IL-6-A-4
HAZARD, JOHN                            IL-6-B2-325
HECHTNER, GOTTFRIED                     IL-6-C-238
HEDRICH, JOHN H.                        IL-6-C-280
HEINZ, LORENZ                           IL-6-C-594
HELENOR, JOHN                           IL-6-B2-613
HEPPERLIN, REBECCA                      IL-6-C-27
HICKOK, SAMUEL                          IL-6-B2-340
HILL, ALBERT H.                         IL-6-C-172
HILL, JOB                               IL-6-C-5
HILL, WILLIAM                           IL-6-C-124
HINKEL, FREDERICK                       IL-6-C-157
HINKSTON, MABEL                         IL-6-C-202
HINSDALE, GEORGE C.                     IL-6-C-539
HOFFSTADT, PETER                        IL-6-C-251
HOLBROOK, ENOS                          IL-6-B2-169
HOLBROOK, J. T.                         IL-6-C-385
HOLLOWAY, JAMES                         IL-6-B2-533
HOPPS, MARTIN                           IL-6-C-374
HORTON, THOMAS J.                       IL-6-C-219
HOUCK, PETER                            IL-6-B2-623
HOWARD, WILLIAM B.                      IL-6-C-153
HOWELL, JACOB                           IL-6-B2-577
HOWELL, WILLIAM                         IL-6-C-263
HOYT, INCREASE                          IL-6-B2-620
HUGHES, DAVID                           IL-6-C-2
HUMPHREY, FANNY                         IL-6-B2-581
HUMPHREY, THEODORE                      IL-6-B2-378
HUNTER, IWLLIAM                         IL-6-C-134
HURLEY, CORNELIUS E.                    IL-6-C-344
IRION, JACOB                            IL-6-B2-584
ISDELL, ROBERT                          IL-6-C-319
JACKSON, HENRY                          IL-6-C-501
JANES, ALEXANDER H.                     IL-6-C-551
JAY, GEORGE                             IL-6-C-323
JEKINS, GEORGE                          IL-6-C-383
JOHNSON, CHARLES L.                     IL-6-C-20
JOHNSTON, MARY                          IL-6-C-279
JOHNSTON, PETER                         IL-6-C-66
JONES, DANIEL                           IL-6-C-135
JONES, JAMES                            IL-6-C-24
JUNGEN, JOHN A.                         IL-6-C-336
KELSEY, CHARLES L.                      IL-6-C-53
KELSEY, LEVI                            IL-6-B2-243
KEMP, EDWARD D.                         IL-6-B2-582
KENDALL, LYMAN                          IL-6-A-57
KENDALL, RELIEF W.                      IL-6-C-146
KENNEDY, HUGH                           IL-6-C-45
KENNEDY, MICHAEL                        IL-6-C-34
KING, DANIEL                            IL-6-B2-529
KING, MARGARET                          IL-6-C-631
KINNEY, SIMON                           IL-6-B2-522
KIRKPATRICK, WILLIAM                    IL-6-C-521
KISER, GEORGE W.                        IL-6-C-109
KLOCK, JOHN B.                          IL-6-B2-551
KNIGHTS, ARNDT                          IL-6-C-132
KNOTT, WILLIAM                          IL-6-C-380
KNOX, JOHN                              IL-6-B2-516
LANGFORD, RICHARD                       IL-6-C-340
LAONGWORTHY, CHARLOTTE                  IL-6-C-367
LARKIN, T. T.                           IL-6-C-356
LATIMER, CHARLES C.                     IL-6-C-268
LAWRENCE, GORDON                        IL-6-C-76
LAY, ELIZABETH                          IL-6-C-574
LEFAVOUR, FRANCIS F.                    IL-6-C-343
LEONARD, MARTHA                         IL-6-B2-43
LEWIS, JOHN W.                          IL-6-C-221
LIGHTRODY, THOMAS                       IL-6-C-162
LINTZ, CHARLES                          IL-6-C-277
LITTLENMEYER, AUGUSTIN                  IL-6-B2-548
LOCK, HARRIS B.                         IL-6-C-8
LOCKWOOD, MOSES B.                      IL-6-C-227
LOMAX, ANNE E.                          IL-6-C-600
LONG, ELIEL                             IL-6-B2-531
LONG, NOAH                              IL-6-B2-601
LORMOR, WILLIAM T.                      IL-6-C-211
LOVERIN DANIEL                          IL-6-C-17
LOY, JOHN                               IL-6-C-113
LYFORD, ELLEN V.                        IL-6-C-388
LYONS, JOHN                             IL-6-C-265
MARTIN, HENRY                           IL-6-C-392
MARTIN, MARIA W.                        IL-6-C-358
MARTIN, WILLIAM E.                      IL-6-C-116
MASON, AMANDA B.                        IL-6-C-381
MASON, ANN E.                           IL-6-C-579
MASON, MARSHALL                         IL-6-B2-493
MATSON, ENOS                            IL-6-C-122
MATSON, WILLIAM M.                      IL-6-B2-516
MAY, AARON E.                           IL-6-C-404
MCCLELLAND, CLARISSA                    IL-6-C-438
MCCONIKE, RUTH                          IL-6-B2-580
MCHUGH, THOMAS                          IL-6-C-207
MCKEAN, WILLIAM                         IL-6-C-89
MCKEE, WILLIAM                          IL-6-B2-532
MCKENZIE, JOHN                          IL-6-B2-458
MCKINSTRY, JOSEPH                       IL-6-C-7
MCLEER, THOMAS                          IL-6-C-248
MCMURRY, THOMAS H.                      IL-6-B2-608
MCNAMARA, JAMES                         IL-6-B2-179
MERCER, EDWARD                          IL-6-B2-30
MERCER, WILLIAM                         IL-6-A-152
MERCER, WILLIAM                         IL-6-A-140
MERRITT, JOSEPH                         IL-6-C-305
MESENKOSS, LEWIS                        IL-6-C-276
METCALF, CATHARINE                      IL-6-C-196
MILELR, JOHN                            IL-6-C-203
MILLER, EDWARD H.                       IL-6-C-516
MILLER, JOHN S.                         IL-6-C-399
MONTGOMERY, DAVID                       IL-6-C-126
MOORE, CALEB                            IL-6-C-19
MORGAN, WILLIAM                         IL-6-C-620
MORRIS, CHARLES                         IL-6-B2-450
MORSE, LEVI                             IL-6-C-469
MORTON, SILAS                           IL-6-C-183
MOSELEY, WILLIAMN.                      IL-6-C-198
MOSELY, DWIGHT                          IL-6-C-128
MOSELY, ROLAND                          IL-6-B2-315
MOSHER, CHARITY                         IL-6-C-31
MULHALL, WILLIAM                        IL-6-B2-318
MUNSON, ALANSON                         IL-6-C-34
MURPHY, ROBERT                          IL-6-B2-576
MUSGROVE, JOHN                          IL-6-A-28
NASH, MARY J.                           IL-6-C-223
NELSON, DAVID                           IL-6-B2-248
NEWELL, BENJAMIN                        IL-6-C-636
NEWHOUSE, HENRY                         IL-6-B2-65
NEWHOUSE, SAMUEL S.                     IL-6-B2-592
NORTH, HARVEY                           IL-6-C-235
NORTH, THOMAS A.                        IL-6-C-300
NORTHRUP, DAPHNE                        IL-6-B2-606
OLDS, LEWIS K.                          IL-6-A-133
OSCHATZ, JULIAN                         IL-6-C-299
PAEPKE, JOHANNES                        IL-6-C-608
PAINE, LEMUEL                           IL-6-C-51
PALMER, DANIEL                          IL-6-C-449
PARKINSON, WILLIAM                      IL-6-C-30
PARKS, RUFUS                            IL-6-B2-566
PECK, BENJAMIN                          IL-6-B2-182
PERKINS, JESSE                          IL-6-B2-371
PERKINS, OLIVER                         IL-6-A-61
PERKINS, THANKFUL                       IL-6-B2-515
PETERSON, CHARLES M.                    IL-6-B2-595
PETERSON, SIMON                         IL-6-C-314
PETTIGREW, NATHAN                       IL-6-B2-373
PHELPS, BURNHAM                         IL-6-C-108
PHELPS, CHARLES                         IL-6-C-355
PHELPS, CHARLES                         IL-6-C-259
PHELPS, EBENEZER S.                     IL-6-C-194
PHELPS, HENRY                           IL-6-C-178
PHELPS, NORMAN                          IL-6-C-68
PIERCE, CALEB                           IL-6-C-371
PIPER, EZEKIEL                          IL-6-C-337
PIPER, GEORGE L.                        IL-6-C-115
PLUMLEY, EDWIN                          IL-6-C-394
POOMEROY, HIRAM S.                      IL-6-C-411
PORTER, BENJAMIN                        IL-6-C-294
PORTER, HENRY C.                        IL-6-C-309
PORTER, JAMES                           IL-6-C-118
PORTER, RICHARD                         IL-6-B2-594
PREKINS, STEPHEN                        IL-6-C-61
PRINCE, GEORGE                          IL-6-B2-572
QUINN, PETER                            IL-6-B2-528
RAMSEY, ISABEL                          IL-6-C-355
RASMUSSEN, CARL                         IL-6-C-526
REASONER, EGBERT                        IL-6-C-362
REYNOLDS, HUGH                          IL-6-B2-588
RHODES, ANGELICA P.                     IL-6-C-111
RHODES, WILLIAM B.                      IL-6-C-79
RICE, EPHRAIM                           IL-6-C-67
RICHARDS, EZEKIEL                       IL-6-B1-31
RICHARDS, WILLIAM S.                    IL-6-C-37
RICHEY, CATHERINE                       IL-6-C-342
RINEHART, THOMAS                        IL-6-C-209
ROBERTSON, JOSEPH                       IL-6-A-199
ROSS, ADAM                              IL-6-B2-590
RYAN, MATHEW E.                         IL-6-C-592
SALSIBURY, D. G.                        IL-6-B2-543
SAUER, DORA C.                          IL-6-C-316
SAVAGE, JOSEPH                          IL-6-C-83
SAVER, RUDOLPH G.                       IL-6-C-80
SCHLATTERER, CAROLINE                   IL-6-C-39
SCHMITT, GEORGE                         IL-6-C-387
SCHNEIDER, WILLIAM                      IL-6-C-345
SEATON, NANCY                           IL-6-C-482
SEGER, ANDREW                           IL-6-C-425
SEIPLE, MARTIN                          IL-6-B2-628
SELF, JOHN                              IL-6-B2-526
SHEARS, JAMES H.                        IL-6-B2-619
SHEHAN, DNAIEL                          IL-6-B2-571
SHERLIN, MARGARET                       IL-6-C-298
SHERMAN, JOHN                           IL-6-B2-555
SHEVLIN, PATRICK                        IL-6-C-94, 100
SHIFFLET, GARLAN                        IL-6-B2-604
SHIRK, MICHAEL SR.                      IL-6-C-195
SHUGART, JOHN                           IL-6-C-532
SINNOTT, JOHN                           IL-6-C-215
SINNOTT, WILLIAM                        IL-6-B2-552
SKIFFINGTON, ANN                        IL-6-C-397
SKIFFINGTON, PATRICK                    IL-6-C-296
SMITH, ALBYS                            IL-6-A-84
SMITH, BERIAH H.                        IL-6-C-545
SMITH, ELI                              IL-6-C-163
SMITH, JAMES                            IL-6-C-181
SMITH, JOSEPH S.                        IL-6-B2-596
SMITH, JOSIAH                           IL-6-B2-79, 611
SMITH, MARTHA                           IL-6-C-303
SMITH, MARY R.                          IL-6-C-93
SMITH, ORAMEL A.                        IL-6-A-119
SPANGLER, ISRAEL G.                     IL-6-B2-519
SPARKS, JOSEPH S.                       IL-6-C-73
SPEIDEL, CLEMENS                        IL-6-C-241
SPENCER, LUCINDA                        IL-6-B2-213
STABLER, ROBERT                         IL-6-C-267
STEINHAUER, GEORGE W.                   IL-6-C-179
STEVENS, DAVID                          IL-6-C-200
STEVENS, JOHN                           IL-6-C-57
STEVENS, JOSHUA                         IL-6-C-71
STEVENS, JOSIAH                         IL-6-C-75
STEVENS, MOSES                          IL-6-B2-616
STEWARD, DAVID                          IL-6-C-353
STEWART, JOHN                           IL-6-C-218
STICKLE, CYRUS                          IL-6-B2-441
STONE, GEORGE H.                        IL-6-B2-367
STOUT, JONATHAN I.                      IL-6-B2-569
STRAWN, SUSANNAH                        IL-6-B2-392
STUCKEL, JOHN                           IL-6-C-584
SUFT, KONROD                            IL-6-B2-517
SWEET, N. L.                            IL-6-C-510
SWIFT, SAMUEL                           IL-6-B2-579
SYLVESTER, JOSEPH                       IL-6-B2-618
TEMPLETON, ROBERT T.                    IL-6-C-10
THOMPSON, JOSEPH V.                     IL-6-C-145
THOMSON, ELIZABETH M.                   IL-6-B2-506
THOMSON, J. F.                          IL-6-C-333
THORP, LYDIA O.                         IL-6-A-256
TNZALIN, A. M.                          IL-6-B2-143
TOPLIFF, HANNAH                         IL-6-B2-605
TOPLIFF, SAMUEL                         IL-6-A-158
TRAILOR, JESSE                          IL-6-B2-525
TRUMBLE, JOHN                           IL-6-C-129
TSCHAPPELER, SAMUEL                     IL-6-B2-586
TUCKER, ADOLPHUS F.                     IL-6-C-32
TUSTIN, JOHN                            IL-6-B2-538
VANSICKLE, JACOB                        IL-6-B2-328
WALSH, RICHARD                          IL-6-C-270
WANNER, AUGUSTUS                        IL-6-C-65
WARBINGTON, JOHN                        IL-6-A-296
WARING, JARED                           IL-6-B2-511
WEBB, JOSEPH B.                         IL-6-C-140
WEIR, LOUISA V.                         IL-6-C-159
WEIR, ROBERT                            IL-6-C-54
WELCH, GEORGE                           IL-6-C-49
WELCH, GEORGE                           IL-6-C-250
WELTY, PAUL                             IL-6-B2-607
WERLING, FERDINAND                      IL-6-C-210
WERTZ, REBECCA                          IL-6-C-282
WHERRY, WILLIAM                         IL-6-A-134
WHITE, ALVIN                            IL-6-C-85
WHITE, EBENEZER                         IL-6-C-125
WHITE, JAMES                            IL-6-C-273
WHITTEMORE, AMOS                        IL-6-B2-536
WILKINSON, JOSEPH                       IL-6-B2-198
WILKINSON, NELSON                       IL-6-B2-62
WILLIAMS, JEREMIAH                      IL-6-C-321
WILSON, FRANK                           IL-6-C-249
WINKLER, ENOCH                          IL-6-C-59
WINSHIP, CHARLES F.                     IL-6-C-21
WINSHIP, SARAH                          IL-6-C-206
WINSWALL, NOAH                          IL-6-B2-535
WISE, OAKLEY A.                         IL-6-C-193
WOLF, TRUMAN                            IL-6-C-44
WOOD, LEWIS                             IL-6-C-16
YARDLEY, JOHN J.                        IL-6-B2-550
YOUNG, STEPHEN                          IL-6-B2-527
ZEARING, JOHN                           IL-6-A-219
ZEARING, MARTIN                         IL-6-B2-303
ZIERLEIN, CASPAR                        IL-6-B2-546

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