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ABEL, HERMAN                            IL-1-3-210
ACKERLY, RALPH                          IL-1-3-632
ADAMS, JOHN                             IL-1-3-703
ADAMS, WILLIAM W.                       IL-1-3-526
ADAMSON, THOMAS B.                      IL-1-3-61
ALLEN, JOHN                             IL-1-3-663
ALLEN, JOHN                             IL-1-3-89
ALLEN, SAMUEL                           IL-1-3-149
ALSTYNE, JOHN                           IL-1-3-678
ALTHEIDE, HENRY                         IL-1-3-640
ALTROGE, JOHANN T.                      IL-1-3-730
AMES, NATHAN B.                         IL-1-1-36
ANDERSON, IRVINE S.                     IL-1-3-447
ANDERSON, JEREMIAH                      IL-1-3-343
ANDERSON, MARGARET S.                   IL-1-3-207
ARNOLD, BENJAMIN                        IL-1-3-227
ARTERBURN, LEWIS                        IL-1-3-378
AUBKE, FRANCIS                          IL-1-3-127
BAKER, CORNELIUS                        IL-1-3-480
BAKER, FRANCIS A.                       IL-1-3-591
BAKER, FRANCIS A.                       IL-1-3-591
BAKER, JACOB                            IL-1-3-210
BALDWIN, BENJAMIN                       IL-1-1-124
BALDWIN, BETSEY                         IL-1-3-1
BALSAM, BERNARD                         IL-1-3-520
BALSER, BERNARD                         IL-1-3-553
BARR, ELIJAH                            IL-1-3-448
BARTHOLOMEW, A. S.                      IL-1-3-567
BATY, THOMAS                            IL-1-2-87
BEASLEY, FRANCIS I.                     IL-1-3-432
BEATTY, DAVID                           IL-1-1-17
BEATY, JOHN                             IL-1-3-9
BEEBEE, LEVI                            IL-1-1-51
BELT, POLLY                             IL-1-3-297
BELTZ, GEORGE                           IL-1-3-383
BENNINGTON, BURTON                      IL-1-3-345
BENTON, ISAAC                           IL-1-3-440
BESSEY, HENRY B.                        IL-1-1-19
BEST, ALEXANDER                         IL-1-2-240
BEST, WILLIAM                           IL-1-3-265
BEST, WILLIAM M.                        IL-1-3-330
BIMSON, JOHN                            IL-1-3-650
BINKERT, ANTON                          IL-1-3-674
BINNEY, AMOS                            IL-1-2-49
BITNER, ABRAHAM                         IL-1-3-229
BITNER, ABRAHAM SR.                     IL-1-1-84
BLACKFORD, JOHN M.                      IL-1-3-64
BLANKE, FERDINAND                       IL-1-3-538
BLATCHFORD, E. M.                       IL-1-3-100
BLATCHFORD, JOHN                        IL-1-3-186
BLEDSOE, ROBERT                         IL-1-3-114
BLICKHAN, JOHN                          IL-1-3-209
BOCKENFELD, WILLIAM                     IL-1-3-384
BODENSTE, JOHANN                        IL-1-3-657
BOEHMER, WILLIAM                        IL-1-3-76
BOND, GEORGE                            IL-1-3-644
BOOTH, STEPHEN                          IL-1-3-552
BORNHOST, CASPAR HERMAN                 IL-1-2-311
BORSTADT, MARGARET                      IL-1-3-530
BOTTORFF, DAVID L.                      IL-1-3-377
BOWLES, AUGUSTUS E.                     IL-1-3-724
BOWLES, JESSE                           IL-1-1-7
BOYD, ISABELLA                          IL-1-3-287
BOYD, JAMES                             IL-1-3-218
BRACKET, ALLEN                          IL-1-1-68
BRAY, THOMAS R.                         IL-1-3-381
BREWER, MATHIAS                         IL-1-1-191
BRITTINGHAM, H. G.                      IL-1-3-621
BRITTINGHAM, RYAN                       IL-1-3-52
BROCKSMITH, SIMON H.                    IL-1-3-476
BRODERICK, THOMAS                       IL-1-3-439
BROSS, IGNATIUS                         IL-1-1-112
BROWN, CALVIN                           IL-1-3-12
BROWN, CHARLES SR.                      IL-1-3-614
BROWN, GEORGE W.                        IL-1-3-412
BROWN, JAMES                            IL-1-3-434
BROWN, SARAH A.                         IL-1-3-721
BUERMAN, JOHN F.                        IL-1-3-543
BURKE, JOHN                             IL-1-3-373
BURNETT, WILLIAM                        IL-1-3-194
BURNEY, AMOS                            IL-1-3-242
BURTIS, ARTHUR                          IL-1-2-99
BUSKER, HENRY                           IL-1-3-705
BUSKIRK, LEWIS                          IL-1-1-21
BUSSING, CLEMENT                        IL-1-3-339
BUTZO, LUDWIG W. F.                     IL-1-3-59
BYLAND, GEORGE                          IL-1-3-707
CADOGAN, WILLIAM P.                     IL-1-3-41
CAMPBELL, GEORGE                        IL-1-3-451
CAPPS, JOHN                             IL-1-1-109
CARBOUGH, JOHN SR.                      IL-1-3-704
CARSON, JOHN                            IL-1-3-690
CARTER, JOHN                            IL-1-3-65
CARTER, SAMUEL G.                       IL-1-3-58
CHAMBERLIN, HENRY                       IL-1-3-344
CHAPMAN, THOMAS                         IL-1-3-473
CHASE, ABRAHAM                          IL-1-3-634
CHASE, JOHN                             IL-1-3-457
CHASE, JONATHAN                         IL-1-3-612
CHAUNCEY, ELIHU                         IL-1-2-13
CHILDERS, JOSEPH H.                     IL-1-3-731
CLARK, ARCHIBALD                        IL-1-3-441
CLARK, CHARLES L.                       IL-1-1-72
CLARK, THOMAS                           IL-1-3-148
CLEVELAND, HENRY                        IL-1-3-145
CLEVELAND, ISAAC                        IL-1-3-43
CLEVELAND, JOHN                         IL-1-3-592
COFFIELD, LAWRENCE                      IL-1-3-51
COLEMAN, JAMES                          IL-1-3-449
COLIER, GEORGE                          IL-1-3-167
COLLINS, MICHAEL                        IL-1-3-419
COMBS, ELLIOTT                          IL-1-3-482
COOLEY, H. S.                           IL-1-3-66
CORBIN, GRANVILLE A.                    IL-1-2-80
CORRIGAN, EDWARD                        IL-1-3-43
CORT, JOSEPH                            IL-1-3-628
COURTNEY, WILLIAM                       IL-1-3-563
CRAMER, HENRY F.                        IL-1-3-452
CRAWFORD, ANDREW                        IL-1-3-48
CREWDSON, WILLIAM                       IL-1-3-545
CROSON, THOMAS                          IL-1-3-564
CURL, JOHN B.                           IL-1-3-453
CUSHAN, PEARCE                          IL-1-3-56
CUSHING, MARY C.                        IL-1-3-594
CUTLER, SAMUEL SR.                      IL-1-3-717
DAVIDSON, DAVID                         IL-1-3-337
DAVIS, ELIZA                            IL-1-3-674
DAVIS, THOMAS                           IL-1-3-380
DAY, EZEKIEL                            IL-1-3-116
DEGE, JACOB                             IL-1-3-425
DELAP, JOHN                             IL-1-3-287
DEMARES, C. L.                          IL-1-3-372
DEMING, WALTER                          IL-1-3-118
DESLER, GERHARD                         IL-1-3-494
DESTERS, HENRY                          IL-1-3-527
DETERS, GERDRANT                        IL-1-2-333
DICKHUTE, FREDERICK                     IL-1-3-494
DIESSLER, THEODORE                      IL-1-3-293
DOERR, VALENTINE                        IL-1-3-661
DOGHERTY, THOMAS                        IL-1-3-733
DONLEN, TERENCE                         IL-1-3-698
DONNELLY, NICHOLAS                      IL-1-3-101
DORR, HENRY                             IL-1-3-639
DOUGHERTY, JOHN                         IL-1-3-208
DOWSE, THOMAS B.                        IL-1-3-117
DREIVER, JOHN B.                        IL-1-3-290
DRISKELL, JULIANN                       IL-1-1-126
DRULLE, FREDERICK                       IL-1-3-407
DUFF, MARGARET S.                       IL-1-3-484
DUNCAN, WILLIS                          IL-1-3-333, 459
DUNLAP, JOHN                            IL-1-3-123
DUNN, RICHARD S.                        IL-1-3-525
DUSTIN, IRENE                           IL-1-3-105
DUTCHER, WILLIAM                        IL-1-1-113
DYER, BENJAMIN                          IL-1-3-110
EBERT, ELI                              IL-1-3-728
EDES, PETER                             IL-1-3-584
EELLS, RICHARD                          IL-1-1-205
EHMEN, FONGES J.                        IL-1-3-436
ELWOOD, WILLIAM                         IL-1-3-324
ENLOW, THOMAS                           IL-1-3-603
ERDMAN, JOHN H.                         IL-1-3-546
ERDMANN, ANNA E.                        IL-1-3-698
EUBANK, JOSEPH SR.                      IL-1-1-28
EUBANK, WILLIAM                         IL-1-3-668
EVANS, JAMES                            IL-1-1-186
EVARTS, JEREMIAH                        IL-1-2-1
EVERETT, BETSEY                         IL-1-3-445
FARR, MASON                             IL-1-2-33
FITZGERALD, FRANCIS                     IL-1-3-196
FLEMING, JOHN                           IL-1-1-120
FLEMING, THOMAS F.                      IL-1-3-245
FLETCHER, JESSE                         IL-1-3-452
FOCKE, ELIZABETH                        IL-1-2-351
FOCKE, GERHARD                          IL-1-3-290
FOX, ABBY                               IL-1-3-638
FOX, ABEL                               IL-1-3-346
FOX, OLIVER H.                          IL-1-2-347
FRANKENHOFF, BERNARD                    IL-1-3-467
FRANKS, ISAAC                           IL-1-3-495
FRAZIER, MINERVA                        IL-1-3-730
FREEMAN, AMOS                           IL-1-3-395
FRISBEE, LYMAN                          IL-1-3-618
FRUIT, ALEXANDER                        IL-1-3-85
FUCHS, GEORGE JACOB                     IL-1-3-301
FUNK, ABRAHAM                           IL-1-1-162
FUTTERER, JOHN B.                       IL-1-3-554
GAFFNEY, JOHN                           IL-1-2-321
GAMBLE, WILLIAM                         IL-1-3-508
GARDNER, ALLEN P.                       IL-1-1-107
GARDNER, ANN                            IL-1-3-296
GARDNER, ERASTUS                        IL-1-3-187
GASSETT, HENRY SR.                      IL-1-3-240
GASSETT, OSCAR                          IL-1-3-414
GEIBERT, MICHAEL                        IL-1-3-671
GILL, RICHARD W.                        IL-1-3-295
GLICK, SOLOMON                          IL-1-3-143
GODDARD, NATHAN                         IL-1-2-200
GOLDEN, JOHN                            IL-1-3-491
GOODELL, JABEZ                          IL-1-3-263
GOSSER, WILLIAM                         IL-1-1-105
GRATZ, SIMON                            IL-1-2-244
GRAY, ISAAC                             IL-1-3-197
GREEN, GEORGE 1ST                       IL-1-3-641
GREEN, JAMES                            IL-1-2-338
GREENLEAF, LYDIA                        IL-1-3-286
GREENLEAF, THOMAS S.                    IL-1-3-336
GRIMMER, JOHN ANDREW                    IL-1-3-700
GRUBB, JONAS                            IL-1-3-97
GULKER, FREDERICK                       IL-1-3-604
GURNSEY, SOLOMON                        IL-1-1-80
HAAS, JACOB                             IL-1-3-559
HADLEY, LAWRENCE                        IL-1-3-471
HAGENBRUSH, J. CHRIST                   IL-1-3-676
HAIRS, ANDREW                           IL-1-3-193
HANKS, JOSEPH SR.                       IL-1-3-215
HARDING, JAMES                          IL-1-3-158
HARE, GEORGE WILLIAM                    IL-1-3-547
HARIG, WILLIAM                          IL-1-3-338
HARKINS, LETITIA                        IL-1-2-194
HARKNESS,LOREN                          IL-1-3-465
HARRIS, AMOS W.                         IL-1-3-87
HARRISON, JONATHAN                      IL-1-3-404
HART, MARTIN                            IL-1-3-391
HARTUNG, GODFREY                        IL-1-3-199
HATTON, THOMAS                          IL-1-3-76
HAVENS, SAMUEL                          IL-1-3-701
HAWKES, JAMES B.                        IL-1-3-503
HEIBNER, JACOB F.                       IL-1-2-287
HEIDENEICK, SEBASTIAN                   IL-1-3-348
HEIDLAND, HENRIETTA                     IL-1-3-417
HEIL, HENRY                             IL-1-3-575
HEILEMAN, JACOB                         IL-1-1-156
HEINBACH, FREDERICK                     IL-1-3-414
HELFRICH, ADAM                          IL-1-3-298
HELM, SAMUEL                            IL-1-3-88
HENDERSON, THOMAS                       IL-1-3-473
HENDRICKS, WILLIAM                      IL-1-1-159
HERMAN, JOHN                            IL-1-3-388
HERREN, BALSTER                         IL-1-3-548
HERTZEL, ESTHER                         IL-1-3-318
HEUMANN, GEORGE                         IL-1-3-347
HIGBEE, CHARLES                         IL-1-1-96
HIGBEE, CHARLES                         IL-1-3-204
HIGBEE, JOSEPH MILNER                   IL-1-1-82
HIGGINS, WILLIAM                        IL-1-3-45
HILER, DAVID                            IL-1-2-294
HILL, DAVIS                             IL-1-3-710
HIND, EDWIN A.                          IL-1-3-399
HOBRICKER, THEODORE                     IL-1-3-655
HOEDRINGHAUS, H. G.                     IL-1-3-642
HOLBY, WILLIAM                          IL-1-3-191
HOLFORD, JAMES                          IL-1-3-211
HOLLAN, HUGO                            IL-1-3-411
HOLLENSTEIN, HENRY                      IL-1-3-524
HOLMES, FREDERICK B.                    IL-1-3-68
HOLTGRIEVE, CHARLES H.                  IL-1-3-283
HOLTKAMP, THEODORE                      IL-1-3-692
HOMBERG, FRANK                          IL-1-3-709
HOOPER, CLEMENT                         IL-1-3-421
HOUGHTON, CHARLES C.                    IL-1-3-392
HOWARD, PERRY                           IL-1-3-738
HOWELL, LEVI                            IL-1-3-456
HUBBARD, SAMUEL                         IL-1-2-263
HUBNER, GEORGE F.                       IL-1-3-14
HUGHES, ABRAHAM                         IL-1-3-695
HULL, JAMES                             IL-1-3-502
HUMPHREY, ALEXANDER                     IL-1-3-667
HUMPHREY, SARAH D.                      IL-1-3-205
HUNSAKER, HIRAM                         IL-1-3-557
HUNT, GEORGE A.                         IL-1-3-549
HUTTON, JANE                            IL-1-3-289
HZELTINE, FRY B.                        IL-1-1-118
ILER, JACOB                             IL-1-1-41
INMAN, JOHN                             IL-1-3-104
JAMES, ADAM                             IL-1-3-628
JAMES, JOHNB.                           IL-1-3-299
JAMESON, CATHARINE                      IL-1-3-635
JANSEN, GARRET OETJES                   IL-1-3-643
JANSEN, HENRY                           IL-1-3-284
JANSEN, THEODORE                        IL-1-2-343
JANSON, PETER JOHN                      IL-1-3-580
JASPER, CHRISTINE                       IL-1-3-675
JASPER, FRANZ H.                        IL-1-3-601
JEFFREY, RICHARD                        IL-1-3-658
JOHNSON, GEORGE                         IL-1-3-578
JOHNSON, ROYAL                          IL-1-1-185
JOHNSTON, ROBERT                        IL-1-2-38
JONAS, ABRAHAM                          IL-1-3-433
JONES, JAMES L.                         IL-1-3-470
JOSSEE, JOHN                            IL-1-3-63
JOST, JACOB                             IL-1-2-274
KABRICK, JOHN A.                        IL-1-3-386
KALTENBERGER, JACOB                     IL-1-3-582
KATHMAN, HENRY                          IL-1-3-540
KAY, JAMES                              IL-1-2-279
KELLEY, PATRICK                         IL-1-3-67
KELLTER, BERNARD H.                     IL-1-3-323
KELLY, MARY                             IL-1-3-388
KENNAL, MARTIN                          IL-1-3-489
KERN, JOSEPH                            IL-1-3-188
KERR, JOHN                              IL-1-1-150
KIEHL, HERMAN                           IL-1-3-515
KILL, THOMAS                            IL-1-3-206
KING, E. M.                             IL-1-3-465
KING, NICHOLAS                          IL-1-3-519
KLING, ANNA D.                          IL-1-3-561
KLOSTERMAN, JOSEPH                      IL-1-3-402
KNOWER, BENJAMIN                        IL-1-2-186
KONAUTZ, ANTON                          IL-1-3-367
KOYER, GERHARD                          IL-1-3-550
KRABER, CORNELIA A.                     IL-1-3-641
KRONES, JOHANN W.                       IL-1-3-544
LAFFERTY, JAMES                         IL-1-3-396
LANCASTER, JOHN                         IL-1-3-147
LANE, PRESLEY W.                        IL-1-3-705
LANE,ABSALOM                            IL-1-3-122
LANGE, JOHNB.                           IL-1-3-124
LANGE, URBAN B. A.                      IL-1-3-316
LAWLER, CATHARINE                       IL-1-3-614
LAWLESS, JOHN                           IL-1-3-468
LAWRENCE, EDWARD                        IL-1-1-43
LEACH, MATTHIAS                         IL-1-3-2
LEAVENS, JOSHUA B.                      IL-1-1-47, 101
LECKIE, ROBERT                          IL-1-3-121
LECUYER, PHILIP                         IL-1-3-162
LEDDY, PATRICK                          IL-1-1-39
LEE, DAVID                              IL-1-3-84
LEE, MARY A.                            IL-1-3-458
LESCON, SOLOMON                         IL-1-3-573
LESLIE, GEORGE                          IL-1-3-370
LESLIE, JOHN                            IL-1-3-397
LEW, ABRAHAM                            IL-1-2-111
LEWIS, HEZEKIAH                         IL-1-3-385
LIERLY, WILLIAM                         IL-1-3-665
LILLARD, ELIJAH G.                      IL-1-3-58
LIMBAUGH, MICHAEL                       IL-1-3-556
LITHICUM, JOHN D.                       IL-1-3-468
LOCK, ELISHA                            IL-1-3-413
LOHMEYER, JOHN H.                       IL-1-3-637
LOHMEYER, MARY E.                       IL-1-3-637
LOLLERT, VALENTINE                      IL-1-3-631
LOSCH, SIGMUND                          IL-1-3-428
LOSCH,V ALENTINE                        IL-1-3-711
LYLE, JOHN                              IL-1-3-376
LYLE, ROBERT                            IL-1-3-369
LYLE, WILLIAM                           IL-1-3-506
LYON, WILLIAM S.                        IL-1-3-542
MACDONALD, ALEXANDER                    IL-1-3-130
MADDOCK, ABIJAH                         IL-1-1-4
MAKIN, WILLIAM                          IL-1-3-298
MANARD, ABEDNEGO                        IL-1-3-733
MANLOVE, ELIZABETH                      IL-1-3-708
MANLOVE, JOHN W.                        IL-1-3-515
MARRETT, JOHN                           IL-1-3-605
MARS, ELIZABETH                         IL-1-2-325
MARSH, AUGUSTUS C.                      IL-1-3-429
MARSHALL, CHRISTIAN                     IL-1-3-397
MARTIN, JAMES                           IL-1-3-228
MARTIN, JEREMIAH                        IL-1-1-25
MARTIN, THOMAS L.                       IL-1-3-560
MAST, JOSEPH                            IL-1-3-303
MAST, MICHAEL                           IL-1-3-56, 4-290
MASY, JOHANN B.                         IL-1-3-676
MAUS, HENRY                             IL-1-3-349
MAYNER, GIBSON                          IL-1-1-94
MCADAMS, JOHN                           IL-1-2-314
MCCLURE, JOHN                           IL-1-1-154
MCCONNEL, BARNARD                       IL-1-1-177
MCCOY, JAMES                            IL-1-1-64
MERKER, GEORGE                          IL-1-3-630
MEYER, BERNARD                          IL-1-3-414
MEYER, FREDERICK                        IL-1-3-208
MEYER, HENRY                            IL-1-3-636
MEYER, JOHNBERNARD                      IL-1-3-159
MEYER, MATTHIAS                         IL-1-3-598
MEYERS, HENRY                           IL-1-3-644
MICKEY, CATHARINE                       IL-1-3-111
MILLARD, JAMES                          IL-1-3-534
MILLER, ALEXANDER T.                    IL-1-1-140
MILLER, ANDREW                          IL-1-3-49
MILLER, FRANCIS                         IL-1-3-602
MILLS, JAMES H.                         IL-1-3-615
MITCHELL, MARY                          IL-1-3-657
MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM                     IL-1-3-608
MOORE, CHARLES B.                       IL-1-3-714
MOORE, CORNELIUS                        IL-1-3-405
MORANE, JOSEPH                          IL-1-1-27
MORGAN, ANNA                            IL-1-3-369
MORRIS, MORRIS                          IL-1-3-375
MORTON, CLARISSA                        IL-1-3-128
MORTON, ZALMUNNA                        IL-1-3-106
MULLER, THALKE                          IL-1-3-651
MUNROE, ANN                             IL-1-3-666
MURPHEY, PATRICK                        IL-1-1-62
MURPHY, HORCE                           IL-1-3-607
MURPHY, JAMES                           IL-1-2-92
MURPHY, JOHN                            IL-1-3-319
MUSTAIN, DANIEL C.                      IL-1-3-693
MUTZ, ANTON                             IL-1-3-446
MYERS, JACOB ***                        IL-1-2-207
MYERS, PETER                            IL-1-3-490
NANCE, CLEMENT SR.                      IL-1-3-13
NANCE, WILLIAM                          IL-1-3-62
NASH, ABIGAIL R.                        IL-1-3-422
NEAL, THOMAS                            IL-1-3-474
NEIBER, MARY C.                         IL-1-3-85
NEILSON, SAMUEL                         IL-1-1-201
NELSON, JOEL                            IL-1-1-23
NELSON, MARY                            IL-1-3-267
NEVINS, RUSSELL H.                      IL-1-3-133
NICHOLS, ADAMS                          IL-1-3-732
NICHOLS, JACOB M.                       IL-1-3-532
NICHOLS, JOSHUA H.                      IL-1-3-686
NICHOLS, MARTHA F.                      IL-1-3-713
NIMS, WILLIAM RODNEY                    IL-1-3-103
NOYES, WILLIAM M.                       IL-1-1-170
NWELL, HUGH C.                          IL-1-3-345
ODONNELL, WILLIAM                       IL-1-3-370
OESTERLE, JOHN                          IL-1-3-387
OGLE, EDWARD                            IL-1-3-217
OHNEMUS, MATTHIAS                       IL-1-3-691
OLIVER, ALEXANDER                       IL-1-2-75
OMER, ROBERT                            IL-1-3-722
ORTON, AVID                             IL-1-3-11
OSBORN, WILLIAM                         IL-1-3-409
PAGE, MARY C.                           IL-1-3-729
PALMER, LEVI                            IL-1-3-662
PAPE, NICHOLAUS                         IL-1-3-660
PARISH, REUBEN                          IL-1-2-329
PARKS, OSCAR M.                         IL-1-3-517
PARSONS, ABDIEL                         IL-1-3-335
PARVIN, ARTHUR                          IL-1-3-102
PAYNE, HENRY J.                         IL-1-3-522
PAYNE, WILLIAM                          IL-1-3-382
PEARCE, WILLIAM                         IL-1-1-212
PENDLETON, JANE FRANCES                 IL-1-2-357
PETERBERNS, CLEMENS                     IL-1-3-403
PETERS, HENRY                           IL-1-3-568
PETRY, ALEXANDER                        IL-1-3-737
PHILIPS, MARIA                          IL-1-3-276
PHILLIPS, JOSEPH A.                     IL-1-1-181
PIGGOTT, HEZEKIAH                       IL-1-3-739
PILE, DANIEL                            IL-1-3-715
PLATT, JIRAH                            IL-1-3-696
POLING, CHARLES                         IL-1-3-449
POLLARD, GEORGE W.                      IL-1-3-478
POTTER, MARGARET                        IL-1-3-481
POTTER, SLATON                          IL-1-1-187
POUND, JONATHAN                         IL-1-1-77
PUTNA, HENRY                            IL-1-1-123
RAISCH, MICHAEL                         IL-1-3-346
RALPH, ELVIRA                           IL-1-3-673
RAPP, LUDWIG                            IL-1-3-599
RAUSS, JOHN                             IL-1-3-697
RAWLINS, MICHAEL                        IL-1-3-390
READ, WILLIAM                           IL-1-3-54
REAN, PHILIP S.                         IL-1-1-13
RECKMEYER, JOHN FREDERICK               IL-1-3-568
REED, ADONIJAH                          IL-1-3-432
REEVES, THOMAS JR.                      IL-1-3-3
REINES, BERNARD HERMAN                  IL-1-2-302
REIS, FRANCIS ANTON                     IL-1-3-651
RENTZ, JOHN                             IL-1-3-666
RHOADS, JACOB                           IL-1-3-5
RICHARDS, JOHN                          IL-1-1-70
RICKER, JOSEPH                          IL-1-3-109
RIGGS, ROMULUS ****                     IL-1-2-119 (66)
RILEY, JAMES W.                         IL-1-3-400
ROAN, ELLEN C.                          IL-1-3-616
ROBBINS, CLEMENS                        IL-1-3-160
ROBERTSON, ANDREW                       IL-1-3-399
ROGERS, HIRAM                           IL-1-3-496
ROGERS, WILLIAM W.                      IL-1-1-10
ROTTERMAN, BERNARD                      IL-1-3-328
ROTTMAN, HERMAN                         IL-1-3-112
RUDDELL, STEPHAN                        IL-1-1-165
RUNYON, WILLIAM V.                      IL-1-3-236
RUST, MARY                              IL-1-3-577
SAMUEL, ABSALOM                         IL-1-3-723
SAVAGE, ALEXANDER                       IL-1-3-292
SAVAGE, ANN N.                          IL-1-3-610
SAWIN, ISAAC                            IL-1-3-129
SCARBOROUGH, DANIEL E.                  IL-1-3-419
SCARBOROUGH, EMILY                      IL-1-1-34
SCHELL, JOHN SR.                        IL-1-3-427
SCHIPPER, MARGARET                      IL-1-3-424
SCHLEICH, FRANCIS JULIUS                IL-1-3-46
SCHMITT, ADAM                           IL-1-3-326
SCHNELL, JOHN                           IL-1-3-521
SCHNOUS, GEORGE                         IL-1-3-471
SCHREIBER, WILLIAM                      IL-1-3-609
SCHROEDER, MARIA ADELHEID               IL-1-3-539
SCHULTE, DEDERICK                       IL-1-3-411
SCHULTHIES, MATTHEW                     IL-1-3-493
SCHULTZ, HENRY                          IL-1-3-413
SCOTT, SAMUEL                           IL-1-3-529
SEALS, JAMES B.                         IL-1-3-426
SEEHORN, JAMES M.                       IL-1-3-111
SEGER, ANDREW                           IL-1-2-118
SELLERS, JAMES                          IL-1-3-10
SELMES, FELDEN R.                       IL-1-3-672
SEYBOLD, JAMES                          IL-1-3-637
SEYMOUR, MARTIN                         IL-1-1-90
SHANNAHAN, JOHN                         IL-1-3-659
SHARK, GEORGE                           IL-1-3-64
SHARP, ROBERT                           IL-1-1-166
SHAW, JANE                              IL-1-1-58
SHAW, SARAH L.                          IL-1-1-209
SHIPE, JOHN                             IL-1-3-570
SHULTE, HERMAN H.                       IL-1-3-108
SHURTLIFF, BENJAMIN                     IL-1-3-244
SICKLES, SIMON V.                       IL-1-3-311
SILK, JOHN JR.                          IL-1-3-407
SIMMONS, SUSANNAH                       IL-1-3-192
SIMPSON, BENJAMIN                       IL-1-3-677
SIMPSON, JOHN                           IL-1-3-565
SIMPSON, LEWIS J.                       IL-1-3-234
SIMS, THOMAS                            IL-1-3-590
SKIRVIN, JOEL                           IL-1-3-379
SLOCUM, THOMAS                          IL-1-3-566
SMITH, AARON                            IL-1-3-469
SMITH, GEORGE                           IL-1-3-719
SMITH, PHILIP K.                        IL-1-3-455
SMITH, RICHARD                          IL-1-3-39
SNOW, HENRY H.                          IL-1-3-377
SPENCE, JOHN                            IL-1-3-670
SPENCE, JOSEPH                          IL-1-3-384
SPENCER, ALMA F.                        IL-1-3-99
SPRINKLE, ELIJAH                        IL-1-3-597
STARLING, LYNE                          IL-1-3-131
STARRETT, JAMES P.                      IL-1-3-574
STARRETT, JOHN P.                       IL-1-3-648
STARRETT, SAMUEL W.                     IL-1-3-535
STEVENSON, BASIL D.                     IL-1-3-288
STEWART, ARCHELAUS                      IL-1-3-107
STEWART, ROBERT                         IL-1-3-327
STEWART, WILLIAM                        IL-1-3-299
STJOHN, SAMUEL                          IL-1-1-143
STOBEAUGH, JOHN                         IL-1-1-189
STONE, SAMUEL                           IL-1-1-60
STRAHAN, WILLIAM                        IL-1-3-144
STRAUSS, MICHAEL                        IL-1-1-215
STRICKLER, ELIZABETH                    IL-1-3-379
STRUBURG, JOSEPH                        IL-1-2-307
STUMP, HENRY                            IL-1-3-536
SULLIVAN, DENNIS S.                     IL-1-3-596
SUNDER, FREDERICK                       IL-1-3-125
SUNDERMAN, JOHN G.                      IL-1-3-712
SURMEIER, JOHN H.                       IL-1-3-443
TALBERT, JEDEDIAH                       IL-1-3-320
TALLCOTT, CHESTER H.                    IL-1-3-740
TANNER, JAMES H.                        IL-1-3-541
TANSMAN, JOHNH.                         IL-1-3-734
TAYLOR, JAMES                           IL-1-3-581
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         IL-1-3-47
TERLEISNER, JOHN G.                     IL-1-3-531
THAYER, LINAS                           IL-1-3-327
THEIS, HENRY                            IL-1-3-661
THOMAS, JAMES                           IL-1-3-654
THOMPSON, DAVID B.                      IL-1-1-32
TILMAN, MATHIAS                         IL-1-3-437
TIMMER, JOSEPH                          IL-1-3-442
TIMMER, MARIA                           IL-1-3-656
TINDALL, EDWARD                         IL-1-3-703
TONZALIN, A. M.                         IL-1-3-70
TOTTEN, HENRY                           IL-1-3-198
TRIBBEE, GEORGE H.                      IL-1-3-438
TRUETT, GEORGE                          IL-1-3-142
TRUMAN, SARAH                           IL-1-3-518
TURNER, FRANCIS                         IL-1-3-588
TUXFORD, JOHN                           IL-1-3-198
TYRER, ASA                              IL-1-3-124
URBACH, FREDERICK                       IL-1-3-718
VANDORN, WILLIAM F.                     IL-1-3-157
VANFLEET, ABRAHAM                       IL-1-3-687
VENS, JOHN BERNARD                      IL-1-3-646
VIBBERTS, DAVID                         IL-1-3-664
WALLACE, SARAH                          IL-1-3-406
WALLACE, SHANNON                        IL-1-3-325
WALLENKAMP, JOHANN                      IL-1-3-466
WALLETT, HENRY                          IL-1-3-322
WARTICK, SIMON                          IL-1-3-528
WASCHER, F. J.                          IL-1-3-562
WEISENBERGER, DANIEL                    IL-1-3-368
WELLS, D. H.                            IL-1-3-477
WELLS, EMMA A.                          IL-1-3-286
WELSH, JEREMIAH                         IL-1-1-180
WERNER, FRANCIS                         IL-1-3-633
WERNER, LEONARD                         IL-1-3-315
WEWERS, WILLIAM                         IL-1-3-347
WHALEN, PERRY                           IL-1-3-86
WHARTON, BENJAMIN B.                    IL-1-3-325
WHEALAN, MICHAEL                        IL-1-3-408
WHITE, THOMAS                           IL-1-3-699
WHITING, RALPH                          IL-1-1-1
WHITNEY, WILLIAM                        IL-1-1-175
WILBUR, MARCUS                          IL-1-3-60
WILCOX, JOHN                            IL-1-3-400
WILCOX, WILLIAM                         IL-1-3-266
WILKS, WILLIAM                          IL-1-1-184
WILLARD, JAMES                          IL-1-3-321
WILLARD, JOHN                           IL-1-3-653
WILLESS, NATHAN P.                      IL-1-3-688
WILLIAMS, ARCHBALD                      IL-1-3-420
WILLIAMS, ROBERT R.                     IL-1-1-74
WILLIAMS, WILSON A.                     IL-1-3-186
WILLIS, THOMAS SR.                      IL-1-3-501
WILSON, SAVIL SR.                       IL-1-1-88
WILSON, WILLIAM H.                      IL-1-2-83
WISTFELDT, JOHANN H.                    IL-1-3-417
WITT, DANIEL                            IL-1-3-148
WITTENMEYER, MICHAEL                    IL-1-3-636
WOLFFE, GEORGE                          IL-1-3-499
WOOD, CYRUS                             IL-1-3-649
WOOD, JOHN 2ND                          IL-1-3-314
WOOD, WILLIAM L.                        IL-1-3-415
WOODRUFF, ISAAC Q.                      IL-1-3-685
WOODRUFF, TIMOTHY                       IL-1-3-329
WORLEY, NANCY                           IL-1-3-57
WRIGHT, JEREMIAH                        IL-1-1-15
WRIGHT, SAMUEL G.                       IL-1-2-70
WYBLE, JOHN J.                          IL-1-3-462
YINGLING, JOSEPH                        IL-1-3-416
YOUNG, JOSEPH                           IL-1-3-216
YOUNG, THOMAS                           IL-1-2-298
YOUNG, THOMAS C.                        IL-1-3-423
ZIMMERMAN, MICHAEL                      IL-1-3-648
ZOLLER, VALENTINE                       IL-1-3-631

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