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AIKENS, ROBERT C.                       ID-44-1-85
BLACKBURN, WILLIAM                      ID-44-1-26
BOYLES, ALEXANDER                       ID-44-1-5
BROWN, AMBROSE S.                       ID-44-1-74
BROWN, AMBROSE S.                       ID-44-1-65
DAVIS, GARLAND G.                       ID-44-1-104
ELLWOOD, JAMES A.                       ID-44-1-102
FILES, EVA                              ID-44-1-40
GLADHART, BENJAMIN                      ID-44-1-37
GREEN, ISABELLE B.                      ID-44-1-92
GREEN, JOHN C.                          ID-44-1-90
GUNN, CHARLES                           ID-44-1-10
HILL, ANNA C.                           ID-44-1-100
HILLIER, GEORGE J. JR.                  ID-44-1-59
HOLM, JOHN                              ID-44-1-3
HUGHES, M. A.                           ID-44-1-24
HUNTLEY, HEBRERT B.                     ID-44-1-20
JEFFREYS, WOODSON                       ID-44-1-7
JOHNSTON, JULIA A.                      ID-44-1-44
KELTING, HENRY                          ID-44-1-25
KRIGBAUM, JAMES H.                      ID-44-1-18
LACHARITE, ZELDA                        ID-44-1-54
LEACH, HARRIET AMELIA                   ID-44-1-76
LONGREN, CHARLES W.                     ID-44-1-61
MARLATT, WILLIAM                        ID-44-1-30
MCCORMICK, ALFRED CARL                  ID-44-1-106
MCKENZIE, GEORGE                        ID-44-1-98
MCKENZIE, ROSE LOLLEY                   ID-44-1-99
MCMILLAN, LILLIE                        ID-44-1-96
MICHAEL, JOHN E.                        ID-44-1-94
NEWMAN, ELSA J.                         ID-44-1-83
NOLAN, GEORGE FREDERICK                 ID-44-1-14
ROSS, CATHERINE                         ID-44-1-12
ROSS, CORNELIUS M.                      ID-44-1-62
ROTH, WILLIAM                           ID-44-1-55
RUHE, HENRY F. W.                       ID-44-1-66
SNOW, BERNARD                           ID-44-1-8
SOMMER, SELIGMAN                        ID-44-1-33
SORENSON, JOHN                          ID-44-1-47
VIELE, ABRAM                            ID-44-1-79
WILEY, JOHN WEBSTER                     ID-44-1-28
WILKISON, EDWARD                        ID-44-1-108
YOUNG, J. M.                            ID-44-1-49

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