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ANDERSON, PAUL                          ID-36-1B-41
ANDREASON, MARELL                       ID-36-1A-123
ANKOMEN, LAAS                           ID-36-1B-132
ARBON, GEORGE                           ID-36-1B-85
BABBITT, RICHARD                        ID-36-1B-75
BARRETT, GWENLLIAN J.                   ID-36-1A-111
BECKSTEAD, GORDON S.                    ID-36-1A-91
BENNETT, WILLIAM A.                     ID-36-1B-28
BLENZ, GEORGE                           ID-36-1B-105
BLENZ, HENRY J.                         ID-36-1B-104
BRADBURY, WILLIAM                       ID-36-1A-104
BURNHAM, LYDIA STANDLEY                 ID-36-1B-100
CAMPBELL, FRANK                         ID-36-1A-127
CHILDERS, JOHN                          ID-36-1B-92
CHLAUSEN, PETER                         ID-36-1B-39
CLARK, ELIZABETH H.                     ID-36-1B-25
CROSSLEY, JOHN                          ID-36-1A-118
DANIELS, DAVID                          ID-36-1A-13
DAVIS, GRIFF SR.                        ID-36-1B-131
DAVIS, THOMAS A.                        ID-36-1B-128
DEMRE, WILLIAM                          ID-36-1A-122
DOBBS, JOHN SR.                         ID-36-1B-49
DRAKE, WELTHA W.                        ID-36-1B-51
EIKELMAN, ANNIE J.                      ID-36-1B-137
EVANS, CHARLES R.                       ID-36-1B-121
EVANS, JENET                            ID-36-1A-120
EVANS, JOSHUA                           ID-36-1A-82
EVANS, SARAH A.                         ID-36-1B-130
GAYMON, JOHN                            ID-36-1B-46
GLEED, ANN                              ID-36-1B-7
GRANT, JOSEPH H.                        ID-36-1B-69
GREEN, WILLARD                          ID-36-1A-98
GRIFFITHS, HANNAH                       ID-36-1B-89
GRUNDY, JAMES                           ID-36-1A-94
HAAG, EURIE M.                          ID-36-1B-93
HARRISON, JAMES B.                      ID-36-1B-123
HEAD, WILLIAM W.                        ID-36-1B-1
HENRIE, JOSEPH                          ID-36-1B-2
HILL, MARTHA B.                         ID-36-1B-125
HODGSON, HELEN M.                       ID-36-1B-91
HODGSON, HETHERINGTON                   ID-36-1B-30
HOOPER, WILLIAM H.                      ID-36-1A-37
HOWELL, ROSANA                          ID-36-1B-79
JENKIN, JONES                           ID-36-1B-48
JENKINS, DAVID SR.                      ID-36-1B-76
JENKINS, THOMAS                         ID-36-1B-97
JENSEN, DAVID                           ID-36-1B-18
JOHNSON, MARY E.                        ID-36-1B-103
JONES, BARNEY T.                        ID-36-1B-136
JONES, ELIZA                            ID-36-1B-95
JONES, ELIZA J.                         ID-36-1B-98
JONES, JAMES E.                         ID-36-1B-79
JONES, JOHN E.                          ID-36-1B-129
JONES, LIZZIE G.                        ID-36-1B-101
JONES, MARY                             ID-36-1B-70
JONES, RICHARD                          ID-36-1A-114
JONES, W. H.                            ID-36-1B-96
JONES, ZIPHANIAH                        ID-36-1A-48
KENT, GEORGE                            ID-36-1A-22
KENT, MATHA M.                          ID-36-1B-122
LEWIS, JOHN                             ID-36-1A-101
MAES, JAMES                             ID-36-1B-62
MAYBERRY, JOSEPH                        ID-36-1A-54
MCCULLOCK, MARY                         ID-36-1A-96
MCLEAN, JAMES W.                        ID-36-1A-116
MEADAM, JOSEPH P.                       ID-36-1A-138
MORGAN, JOHN M.                         ID-36-1A-9
MORGAN, MORGAN M.                       ID-36-1A-1
PARKER, SMITH                           ID-36-1B-65
PARKER, WILLIAM J.                      ID-36-1B-108
PAYNE, ANNIE S.                         ID-36-1A-129
PECK, HENRY                             ID-36-1A-70
PERKINS, JOSEPH T.                      ID-36-1A-66
PORRITT, NATHANIEL                      ID-36-1A-49
QUIRK, JOHN                             ID-36-1A-51
REYNOLDS, DAVID J.                      ID-36-1B-102
ROBERTS, MARY                           ID-36-1B-56
SAMDER, MICHAEL                         ID-36-1A-126
SAWYER, HYRUM                           ID-36-1B-94
SMITH, ALVAH M.                         ID-36-1B-87
SMITH, LOT                              ID-36-1B-58
STEBBINS, JAMES P.                      ID-36-1A-130
STERLAND, THOMAS                        ID-36-1B-90
STUART, DANIEL                          ID-36-1A-132
STUBBS, WILLIAM                         ID-36-1A-30
SWART, THOMAS S.                        ID-36-1A-124
TAYLOR, JOSIAH                          ID-36-1B-14
TAYSON, DAVID J.                        ID-36-1B-5
THOMAS, DANIEL R.                       ID-36-1B-135
THOMAS, MARY                            ID-36-1A-60
THOMAS, SARAH ANN                       ID-36-1B-133
THOMAS, SUSAN                           ID-36-1B-9
THORPE, ELIZABETH W.                    ID-36-1A-75
THORPE, JOSEPH                          ID-36-1B-118
WELCH, ORA DELL                         ID-36-1B-126
WIGHT, MARY E.                          ID-36-1B-91
WILCOX, F. L.                           ID-36-1B-44
WILLIAMS, W. W.                         ID-36-1B-53

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