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ADAMS, LOUIS K.                         ID-32-1-15
ALEXANDER, MARY A.                      ID-32-1-315
ALLEN, ERNEST H.                        ID-32-1-234
ANDREW, MARGURETH                       ID-32-1-204
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM HERBERT              ID-32-1-316
BAKER, CALVIN L.                        ID-32-1-290
BAKER, SAMUEL E.                        ID-32-1-78
BASSLER, GUS                            ID-32-1-245
BECKNELL, DAVID W.                      ID-32-1-54
BLACK, NANA H.                          ID-32-1-319
BOCK, ANNA M.                           ID-32-1-238
BONNER, MARY E.                         ID-32-1-209
BYRNE, THOMAS J.                        ID-32-1-135
CLARK, JOHN M.                          ID-32-1-175
COATES, FRANKLIN I.                     ID-32-1-138
COOLIDGE, MARGARET A.                   ID-32-1-297
CUSTER, W. C.                           ID-32-1-294
CUTTS, ARTHUR                           ID-32-1-129
DARRAH, JOSEPH S.                       ID-32-1-36
DISNEY, FRANK T.                        ID-32-1-208
DUNCAN, DAVID B.                        ID-32-1-237
ENNIS, DAVID                            ID-32-1-196
ENNIS, ROSE                             ID-32-1-30
ENNIS, ROSE                             ID-32-1-20
FAY, THOMAS                             ID-32-1-320
FIELDS, NILLARD M.                      ID-32-1-305
FILER, WILLIAM OSBORN                   ID-32-1-279
FROST, SHELBY C.                        ID-32-1-60
GEHRIG, GOTTFRIED                       ID-32-1-300
GILROY, EDWARD                          ID-32-1-1
GOMES, FRANK                            ID-32-1-19
GOMES, FRANK                            ID-32-1-17
GOOD, H. M. JR.                         ID-32-1-137
GOOD, H. M. JR.                         ID-32-1-140
GOODING, FRED W.                        ID-32-1-257
GOODING, MARY T.                        ID-32-1-284
GRAHAM, DANIEL F.                       ID-32-1-93
GRAY, BEERTY                            ID-32-1-66
GUINAN, FREDERICK                       ID-32-1-57
GUNN, JAMES                             ID-32-1-150
HAIT, BENJAMIN                          ID-32-1-181
HALE, JOHN M.                           ID-32-1-130
HARRINGTON, FRED LEONARD                ID-32-1-114
HART, CECIL ANNA                        ID-32-1-261
HENNINGTON, GEORGE H.                   ID-32-1-33
HOBI, JOHN F.                           ID-32-1-110
HOBI, LOUISA                            ID-32-1-265
HORTON, EDWARD WILLIAM                  ID-32-1-43
HORTON, MATILDA A.                      ID-32-1-221
HUNT, CHARLES W.                        ID-32-1-46
IMAMOTO, WEICHI                         ID-32-1-326
JOHNSTON, HANNORA                       ID-32-1-38
JOHNSTON, MARTIN                        ID-32-1-104
JONES, GEORGE W.                        ID-32-1-263
KETRON, REUBEN G.                       ID-32-1-282
LEMMON, ROBERT ADELBERT                 ID-32-1-324
LEWIS, MARY JANE                        ID-32-1-18
LORENZEN, CHRISTINE MARIE               ID-32-1-167
LUNT, JOHN S.                           ID-32-1-102
MARR, FREDERICK                         ID-32-1-72
MAXWELL, HARRIETTE W.                   ID-32-1-188
MAY, JOSEPH COLLINS                     ID-32-1-96
MCCONNEL, IRVINE                        ID-32-1-125
MCCONNELL, IRVINE                       ID-32-1-5
MCCONNELL, IRVINE                       ID-32-1-116
MCFALL, W. (MAJ.)                       ID-32-1-35
MCGINNISS, ANNA                         ID-32-1-29
MCKINNEY, SARAH A.                      ID-32-1-107
MCMAHON, THOMAS J.                      ID-32-1-311
MERRITT, HANNAH K.                      ID-32-1-302
MONROE, ANDREW                          ID-32-1-246
MONROE, ANDREW                          ID-32-1-260
MORRISON, DAVID S.                      ID-32-1-154
MURPHY, SARAH H.                        ID-32-1-3
NEWMAN, HENRY E.                        ID-32-1-21
NOVINGER, GEORGE BYRON                  ID-32-1-24
OHARA, MARY                             ID-32-1-142
OLMSTEAD, GEORGE H.                     ID-32-1-87
PARRISH, L. W.                          ID-32-1-51
PAULSON, PAUL I.                        ID-32-1-68
PERRIN, JAMES C.                        ID-32-1-27
PERRIN, JAMES C.                        ID-32-1-23
PETERSON, THOMAS                        ID-32-1-218
PLASTINO, FRANK                         ID-32-1-274
POPKEY, WILLIAM                         ID-32-1-89
POPKEY, WILLIAM                         ID-32-1-126
PROBART, FRED L.                        ID-32-1-253
PROCTOR, JOHN W.                        ID-32-1-8
PURDUM, GEORGE T.                       ID-32-1-259
RIGGEN, FRED A.                         ID-32-1-254
ROBERTS, RUFUS M.                       ID-32-1-74
SATORY, JOHN WILLIAM                    ID-32-1-322
SCHODDE, HENERY                         ID-32-1-40
SCOTT, WILLAM                           ID-32-1-62
SEIFERT, SAMUEL                         ID-32-1-296
SLOCUM, MARY L.                         ID-32-1-91
STONER, MARY J. GRIER                   ID-32-1-132
STOWELL, MAGGIE HOLTMAN                 ID-32-1-309
TAGUE, THOMAS                           ID-32-1-215
TALLEY, EVA A.                          ID-32-1-206
TALLY, HIRAM A.                         ID-32-1-306
TILLMAN, WILLIAM S.                     ID-32-1-32
TONG, ALLIE                             ID-32-1-160
TRAIL, HANNAH M.                        ID-32-1-134
TURNBULL, MARY ELLEN                    ID-32-1-250
WEAVER, M. A.                           ID-32-1-328
WINCHESTER, BENA R.                     ID-32-1-99
WOODEN, NATHAN P.                       ID-32-1-6
ZEIGLER, WILLIAM O.                     ID-32-1-122

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