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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | B=1884-1900 |
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ANDREWS, WILLIAM S.                     ID-30-B-50
CONE, JAMES J.                          ID-30-B-42
DAY, GEORGE F.                          ID-30-B-91
DAY, KATHERINE E.                       ID-30-B-93
DEWIS, MARY J.                          ID-30-B-63
DOODY, JERRY                            ID-30-B-89
HAIN,MYRTLE L.                          ID-30-B-68
HILL, FRED JAMES                        ID-30-B-95, 99
LEWIS, FRANK                            ID-30-B-7
MANFULL, ELLA                           ID-30-B-65
MAYFIELD, ALEXANDER A.                  ID-30-B-11
MCCALEB, ANNA B.                        ID-30-B-73
MCCOURT, JOE P.                         ID-30-B-85
MCDONALD, WILLIAM J.                    ID-30-B-76
MELVYN, JAMES                           ID-30-B-53
MINERT, ELI                             ID-30-B-61
NIEMANN, FREDERICK W.                   ID-30-B-97
NORTON, CHARLES A.                      ID-30-B-86
RANDOLPH, EDWARD B.                     ID-30-B-83
SCHOFIELD, ELIZA JANE                   ID-30-B-58
SCOTT, GLENN J.                         ID-30-B-96
SHEAR, JACOB                            ID-30-B-44
SPAHN, MICHEL O.                        ID-30-B-46
STEEL, JOHN                             ID-30-B-5
STEEN, DANIEL M.                        ID-30-B-55
TOBIAS, RODNEY H.                       ID-30-B-88
WARREN, JOHN                            ID-30-B-45
WELLS, MALINDA                          ID-30-B-81
WEND, MARY L.                           ID-30-B-77
WHITE, JOHN Z.                          ID-30-B-15
WILEY, SARAH F.                         ID-30-B-70, 79

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