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ABRAHAMSON, ANDREW                      ID-29-2-191
ALLEN, ALBERT W.                        ID-29-2-231
AMELING, CHARLES                        ID-29-2-171
ANDERSON, ANDREW G.                     ID-29-2-250
ANDERSON, CARL                          ID-29-2-259
ANDERSON, GABRIEL                       ID-29-2-251
ANDERSON, JOHN I.                       ID-29-2-198
ANDERTON, FRANCES                       ID-29-2-252
APPLEQUIST, EMMA                        ID-29-2-96
ARNEBERG, MARTIN                        ID-29-2-173
ARNOLD, JOSEPH T.                       ID-29-2-119
ARNOLD, MARY LOUISE                     ID-29-2-130
ASKINS, FREEMAN                         ID-29-2-60
ASKWITH, GEORGE                         ID-29-2-46
BALDUS, CHRISTIAN                       ID-29-2-41
BARNARD, THOMAS NATHAN                  ID-29-2-24
BATEY, W. F.                            ID-29-2-132
BAUMGARTNER, HENRIETTA                  ID-29-2-84
BEAN, ELLEN A.                          ID-29-2-65
BECK, CATHERINE                         ID-29-2-160
BENNER, WILLIAM                         ID-29-2-260
BERGSTROM, AUGUSTUS                     ID-29-2-73
BESSEE, GILES J.                        ID-29-2-277
BEYER, ALBERTINE                        ID-29-2-120
BISSET, JOHN                            ID-29-2-221
BLUME, ANNA                             ID-29-2-75
BOOTS, BENJAMIN F.                      ID-29-2-183
BORGEN, ANTON                           ID-29-2-243
BOTTJER, JOHN                           ID-29-2-70
BOURASSA, CATHRINE                      ID-29-2-102
BOWERS, STEPHEN A.                      ID-29-2-6
BOYER, JOHN F.                          ID-29-1-30
BRADLEY, EDMUND                         ID-29-1-16
BRADRICK, ASA V.                        ID-29-2-84
BRADRICK, ASA W.                        ID-29-2-85
BRADSHAW, IRA DELBERT                   ID-29-2-160
BRANNON, EUNICE                         ID-29-2-58
BREMER, GEORGE                          ID-29-1-12
BREMER, HATTIE                          ID-29-1-11
BRESSLER, FRED K.                       ID-29-2-218
BROCK, RHODA                            ID-29-1-27
BROOKINGS, J. M.                        ID-29-2-109
BROWN, C. C.                            ID-29-2-8
BROWN, W. O.                            ID-29-2-237
BRUMMUND, AUGUST                        ID-29-2-196
BUCHANAN, WILSON M.                     ID-29-2-185
BURR, MARY E.                           ID-29-2-266
BURSON, LULA A.                         ID-29-2-125
BYARD, JOHN                             ID-29-2-13
BYERS, M. V.                            ID-29-2-154
BYRNE, IDA                              ID-29-2-233
BYRNS, BAYARD T.                        ID-29-2-64
CALLISON, S. P.                         ID-29-2-204
CAMERON, MURDOCK                        ID-29-2-279
CAMPBELL, T. A.                         ID-29-2-166
CARBUHN, LOUISE                         ID-29-2-27
CARBUHN, MATTHAUS                       ID-29-2-1
CARGILL, OLIVER M.                      ID-29-2-263
CARLSON, JOHN                           ID-29-2-216
CARLSON, PETER                          ID-29-1-13
CARR, JOB M.                            ID-29-2-176
CAY, ROBERT HENRY                       ID-29-2-141
CLLINS, LYCURGUS H.                     ID-29-2-268
COATS, HENRY L.                         ID-29-2-146
COLLARD, WILLIAM                        ID-29-2-93
COLTON, SARAH A.                        ID-29-2-5
CORNWALL, FRANK E.                      ID-29-2-43
CORNWALL, SARAH L.                      ID-29-2-112
CROMWELL, CHARLES B.                    ID-29-2-118
CROMWELL, HATTIE E.                     ID-29-2-255
CROW, HENRY R.                          ID-29-2-56
CROW, MARY V.                           ID-29-2-39
CROW, WILLIAM H.                        ID-29-2-155
CROWLEY, CYNTHIA                        ID-29-2-224
CURLER, HULDA                           ID-29-2-47
CURREN, PETER                           ID-29-1-49
DAILEY, JAMES E.                        ID-29-2-205
DANIELSON, GUSTAV                       ID-29-2-262
DARBY, SARAH C.                         ID-29-2-123
DARR, FREDEREKA                         ID-29-2-182
DARR, JACOB CHRISTIAN                   ID-29-2-182
DAVIDSON, JOSEPH                        ID-29-2-80
DAVIDSON, JOSEPH                        ID-29-1-45
DAVIDSON, MARGARET E.                   ID-29-1-46
DAVIS, ADIN                             ID-29-2-150
DAVIS, JANE                             ID-29-2-150
DAVIS, WILLIAM A.                       ID-29-2-71
DERNHAM, HENRY                          ID-29-2-35
DEWITT, LILLIAN PAGE                    ID-29-2-172
DEWITT, SARAH L.                        ID-29-2-22
DINSMORE, LYDIA B.                      ID-29-2-54
DIXON, CURTIS F.                        ID-29-2-99
DRISKEL, DANIEL W.                      ID-29-2-169
DUGGAN, MARY A.                         ID-29-2-106
DUGGAN, PATRICK D.                      ID-29-2-50
DURGIN, EVERETT W.                      ID-29-2-238
EDGETT, ANTOINETTE S.                   ID-29-2-76
EDWIN, CHARLES J.                       ID-29-2-211
ELIASON, JOHN                           ID-29-2-195
ELLIS, GEORGE                           ID-29-1-34
ERISMAN, HENRY B.                       ID-29-1-50
ESPY, J. B.                             ID-29-2-128
ESTES, SARAH                            ID-29-1-10
EUTSLER, HENRY                          ID-29-2-67
FENDEL, PETER                           ID-29-2-72
FENNELL, W. J.                          ID-29-2-63
FLATTREE, SYLVESTER                     ID-29-2-201
FLETCHER, JAMES                         ID-29-2-11
FOLLETT, FRED                           ID-29-2-109
FOLLETT, JOHN V.                        ID-29-2-49
FRANKLIN, ELIZA J.                      ID-29-2-20
FRANSSON, CARL JOHAN                    ID-29-2-80
FRAZIER, WILLIAM M.                     ID-29-2-276
FREDLUND, ANNA                          ID-29-2-246
FREEZE, JOHN                            ID-29-1-39
FRY, HENRY J.                           ID-29-1-32
GABER, MARGARET                         ID-29-2-12
GANO, MARY E.                           ID-29-2-96
GEMMILL, JOHN BLAINE                    ID-29-1-47
GRAEFE, HERMAN                          ID-29-2-161
GRAHAM, ANNIE ISABELLA                  ID-29-2-124
GRAY, ROBERT R.                         ID-29-2-144
GRAY, WILLIAM B.                        ID-29-1-40
GREGORY, SAMUEL E.                      ID-29-2-3
GRINER, WILLIAM HENRY                   ID-29-2-54
GROSECLOSE, LEVI B.                     ID-29-2-202
GROSS, PETER                            ID-29-2-33
HAGEDORN, AUGUSTE                       ID-29-2-190
HAGEDORN, EDUARD                        ID-29-2-190
HALL, SUE ELLA                          ID-29-2-278
HANSEN, HANS ADOLF                      ID-29-2-139
HANSON, ANTON                           ID-29-2-239
HARLAND, HERBERT                        ID-29-2-208
HARLAND, WILLIAM F.                     ID-29-2-209
HAWKINS, NANCY E.                       ID-29-2-203
HEADRICK, D. G.                         ID-29-2-215
HEIMGARTNER, ROBERT                     ID-29-2-253
HEIN, ANDREAS                           ID-29-1-17
HEINRICH, KATHERINE                     ID-29-2-107
HITCHCOCK, IDA M.                       ID-29-2-232
HJORTMAN, PETER                         ID-29-2-213
HODGE, JOHN EARL                        ID-29-2-136
HOLM, ABRAHAM                           ID-29-2-139
HOLT, CHARLES B.                        ID-29-2-165
HOPKINS, LILES A.                       ID-29-2-70
HOUGEN, HOLVER O.                       ID-29-2-77
HOUSEL, FRANK ASBURY                    ID-29-2-197
HOVLAND, LARS O.                        ID-29-2-127
HUFFMAN, JAME SW.                       ID-29-2-86
HUFFMAN, VICTORIA M.                    ID-29-1-35
HUMPHREY, LILLIE E. SMITH               ID-29-2-248
ISAKSEN, MARY                           ID-29-2-170
JACKSHA, JOHN                           ID-29-2-89
JACKSON, PETER                          ID-29-2-87
JACOBSON, LARS                          ID-29-2-2
JAIN, LEWIS                             ID-29-2-148
JARRON, WILLIAM C.                      ID-29-2-233
JENSEN, CHRISTIAN                       ID-29-2-57
JENSEN, SOREN P.                        ID-29-2-270
JESTER, ROXEY L.                        ID-29-2-61
JOHANNESON, MAGNUS                      ID-29-2-143
JOHNSON, JOHN M.                        ID-29-2-101
JOHNSON, NANCY                          ID-29-2-52
JOHNSON, SAMSON O.                      ID-29-2-189
JOINER, GEORGE O.                       ID-29-2-10
JOINER, HARRIET SHAWVER                 ID-29-2-9
JUTTE, THEODORE                         ID-29-2-45
KAAEN, LARS J.                          ID-29-2-115
KAMBITSCH, JACOB                        ID-29-2-135
KAMBITSCH, JOSEPH                       ID-29-2-53
KENDRICK, HARRIET S.                    ID-29-2-104
KENNEDY, ALEX F.                        ID-29-2-169
KINMAN, CYRUS L.                        ID-29-2-110
KINZER, GERTRUDE MARY (GREIF)           ID-29-2-175
KNIGHT, A. R.                           ID-29-2-254
KOCH, JULIUS C.                         ID-29-2-21
KOSTALEK, ANTON                         ID-29-2-117
KRAUS, CHRISTINA                        ID-29-2-37
KRAUT, FRANK                            ID-29-2-280
KRIER, ALICE                            ID-29-2-199
KRIES, J. N.                            ID-29-2-67
LADWIG, AUGUSTA                         ID-29-2-264
LAMB, HENRY                             ID-29-2-18
LARRABEE, PHILANDER D.                  ID-29-1-48
LAY, ZACAHARIAH                         ID-29-2-126
LEONARD, HESTER L.                      ID-29-2-114
LEPARD, JOSEPH S.                       ID-29-2-206
LITTLE, CHARLES NEWTON                  ID-29-2-166
LORANG, JOHN                            ID-29-2-235
LOWERY, RICHARD                         ID-29-2-132
LUSK, MARY W.                           ID-29-2-261
LYND, ANDREW                            ID-29-2-92
MADSEN, JENSINE                         ID-29-2-156
MADSEN, NIELS                           ID-29-2-188
MADSEN, PEDER N.                        ID-29-2-14
MATTSON, ANDREW P.                      ID-29-2-103
MATTSON, SWAN E.                        ID-29-2-152
MAY,F RANK                              ID-29-2-200
MAYNARD, R. CLARE                       ID-29-2-242
MCCARTOR, LEONIDAS B.                   ID-29-2-164
MCCARTOR, SARAH A.                      ID-29-2-38
MCFARLAND, WILLIAM                      ID-29-1-19
MCGARVEY, M. M.                         ID-29-2-100
MCGOWAN, SAMUEL R. H.                   ID-29-2-288
MCMAHEN, JAMES                          ID-29-2-158
MEINIG, HESTER                          ID-29-2-99
MENDENHALL, SCOTT                       ID-29-2-271
MENGELCAMP, HENRY                       ID-29-2-102
MESSINGER, MARGARET                     ID-29-1-26
MEYER, CLAUS REINHARD                   ID-29-2-2
MILLER, ELSIE                           ID-29-2-121
MILLER, JENS T.                         ID-29-2-257
MITCHELL, WILLIAM K.                    ID-29-2-283
MOLITOR, BARBARA                        ID-29-2-159
MOODY, GEORGE H.                        ID-29-2-273
MOORE, CHARLES                          ID-29-1-3, 37
MOORE, ELLA                             ID-29-2-184
MORRISSEY, JOHN D.                      ID-29-2-217
MORTENSON, PETER                        ID-29-1-6
MULALLEY, MARY                          ID-29-2-81
MURPHY, MARGARET                        ID-29-2-95
NAGLE, ELIA                             ID-29-2-234
NAGLE, JOHN                             ID-29-2-133
NELSON, A. T.                           ID-29-2-162
NELSON, ALFVOR                          ID-29-2-177
NELSON, MARIA                           ID-29-2-156
NELSON, PETER O.                        ID-29-2-220
NIFONG, JAMES                           ID-29-2-168
NISBET, JOHN A.                         ID-29-2-93
NOTMAN, DAVID                           ID-29-2-55
OLIVER, ABRAHAM N.                      ID-29-2-223
OLSON, BETSEY                           ID-29-2-285
OLSON, LARS                             ID-29-2-127
OLSON, OLE                              ID-29-2-203
OYLEAR, JONATHAN CHARLES                ID-29-2-82
PALMER, CHARLES WESLEY                  ID-29-2-225
PAULSON, JENNIE                         ID-29-2-229
PETTET, JACOB A.                        ID-29-2-213
PETZRICK, FRED O.                       ID-29-2-194
PICKERD, JOSEPH E.                      ID-29-2-113
PIEPERT, GOSWIN                         ID-29-2-144
PIERCE, JAMES T.                        ID-29-2-241
PITT, PEARL                             ID-29-1-43
PITZRIK, CARL                           ID-29-2-26
POCHEL, EDWARD F.                       ID-29-2-116
POTTER, EMMA G.                         ID-29-2-226
POTTER, JOHN W.                         ID-29-1-44
QUICK, JAME SR.                         ID-29-2-17
QUINN, JOHN                             ID-29-2-31
RAMSEY, IDA FLORENCE                    ID-29-2-192
RANDALL, JOHN EDGAR                     ID-29-2-222
REEDER, MARGARET L.                     ID-29-2-111
REID, THOMAS G.                         ID-29-2-291
REYD, ANNA CHRISTINA                    ID-29-2-210
ROBERTS, MINNIE E.                      ID-29-2-248
ROGERS, HENRY M.                        ID-29-2-187
ROGERS, JACOB S.                        ID-29-2-19
ROGERS, MELINDA A.                      ID-29-2-51
RONHOLT, AUSTIN O.                      ID-29-2-7
ROTHWELL, W. A. (DR.)                   ID-29-2-186
RUSCO, BENJAMIN                         ID-29-2-3
RYDHOLM, GUST A.                        ID-29-2-42
SAHLIN, JONAS                           ID-29-2-138
SAMELS, MIKE                            ID-29-1-41
SANGER, JEANETTE V.                     ID-29-2-240
SCHLERTH, GEORGE HENRY                  ID-29-2-79
SCOTT, SYLVESTER J.                     ID-29-2-228
SHISSLER, JOSEPH G.                     ID-29-1-7
SIEVERT, GOSWIN                         ID-29-2-144
SIMMONS, HELEN M.                       ID-29-2-122
SJOLANDER, VICTOR                       ID-29-2-115
SLIND, JOHN J.                          ID-29-2-220
SLY, ISAAC N.                           ID-29-2-147
SMITH, ANDREW J.                        ID-29-2-197
SMITH, PAUL                             ID-29-2-98
SMITH, THOMAS A.                        ID-29-2-16
SOBY, SOREN PAULSON                     ID-29-1-14
SPEARS, LENA B. STEVENSON               ID-29-2-44
STANFIELD, MINNIE KERNS                 ID-29-2-134
STORM, ERICK                            ID-29-1-45
STRATTON, MARY A.                       ID-29-2-77
SWANSON, JOHN M.                        ID-29-2-97
SWANSON, JOHN M.                        ID-29-1-49
SWEDLUND, CHARLES                       ID-29-2-62
SWEENEY, DENNIS                         ID-29-2-153
TAITT, KATHERINE M.                     ID-29-2-68
TAYLOR, EPHRIM                          ID-29-1-1
TAYLOR, WILLIAM HENRY                   ID-29-1-28
THOMAS, CHESTER                         ID-29-2-94
THOMPSON, IDA A.                        ID-29-2-284
THOMPSON, JOHN P.                       ID-29-2-282
THOMPSON, LOUISA                        ID-29-2-83
TIERNEY, FRANCIS CHARLES                ID-29-2-74
TIERNEY, THOMAS                         ID-29-2-193
TOMLINSON, SUSAN CROW                   ID-29-2-207
TRIMBLE, WILLIAM                        ID-29-2-108
VICKREY, JAMES L.                       ID-29-2-174
VOSBURGH, NELSON A.                     ID-29-2-129
VOSS, ANNA                              ID-29-2-236
VOSS, LOUIS                             ID-29-2-178
WAGER, MARY J.                          ID-29-2-140
WALKER, BERTHA B.                       ID-29-2-86
WALKER, DAVID                           ID-29-2-72
WATERS, MAGGIE                          ID-29-2-219
WEATHERBY, ISAAC R.                     ID-29-1-29
WEIGAND, LOUIS J.                       ID-29-2-49
WEIGAND, MARY                           ID-29-2-142
WELLS, CECIL L.                         ID-29-2-151
WELLS, LOU                              ID-29-2-163
WHEELER, CHARLES HOWARD                 ID-29-2-137
WHITMORE, WALTE RH.                     ID-29-2-290
WHITTED, CORINDA P.                     ID-29-2-265
WIGEN, PETER J.                         ID-29-2-181
WILCOX, LAURA M.                        ID-29-2-272
WILLIAMS, J. G.                         ID-29-1-42
WILTON, WAYMAN A.                       ID-29-2-267
WITHAM, MARY M.                         ID-29-2-23
WITHAM, WILLIAM H.                      ID-29-2-105
WOOD, MARY                              ID-29-2-135
WOODLEY, RICHARD S.                     ID-29-2-60
WOODWORTH, RAY                          ID-29-2-243

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