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ATKINS, J. H.                           ID-25-1-53
BAKER, ALICE BOND                       ID-25-1-62
BAKER, WILFORD MONTRESSOR               ID-25-1-64
BEARD, JACK EARL                        ID-25-1-69
BENSCHING, ANDREW                       ID-25-MISC12-9
BIEREN, MATILDA C.                      ID-25-1-75
BOWSE, MARY MURPHY                      ID-25-1-37
BROOKS, EDWARD                          ID-25-1-1
CANFIELD, SHERMAN                       ID-25-1-11
CHASE, PURNA D.                         ID-25-1-67
CLAUSEN, LAURA                          ID-25-1-54
COBB, ELIAS C.                          ID-25-1-4
COSGROVE, MABEL E.                      ID-25-1-58
DAT, GEORGE A.                          ID-25-1-24
DEMPSEY, PATRICK                        ID-25-1-18
DEVINNEY, IDA F.                        ID-25-1-46
FREI, DELBERT ALFRED                    ID-25-1-59
GILES, WILLIAM H.                       ID-25-1-44
HALL, CHARLES A.                        ID-25-1-26
HALL, CORA M.                           ID-25-1-28
HARRINGTON, BARBARA L.                  ID-25-1-70
HARRINGTON, ORVAL L.                    ID-25-1-70
HARRIS, J. C.                           ID-25-MISC12-7
HART, SYLVAN A.                         ID-25-1-76
HENLEY, RICHARD M.                      ID-25-1-15
HUGHES, F. M.                           ID-25-MISC12-8
JARRETT, ANNA                           ID-25-1-21
JARRETT, C. C.                          ID-25-1-22
JOHNSON, EMMA                           ID-25-1-56
KIDDER, M. E. (MRS.)                    ID-25-1-5
KOHLER, JOHN                            ID-25-MISC12-6
KOLAR, FRANK                            ID-25-1-31
LAURIOL, MARGUERITE G.                  ID-25-1-61
LEITCH, JOHN A.                         ID-25-1-10
LITCHFIELD, I. C.                       ID-25-1-83
NEZ-PERCE, MOO TOO                      ID-25-1-16
NIEDERHOUSER, EDWARD                    ID-25-MISC12-52
PAUL, JAMES E.                          ID-25-1-30
PIERCE, PARKER I.                       ID-25-1-34
PRICE, ANNIE                            ID-25-1-20
PRICE, EDSON G.                         ID-25-1-19
REED, SAMUEL R.                         ID-25-1-6
SATMAN, MARY                            ID-25-1-52
SMEAD, HERBERT W.                       ID-25-1-23
SMITH, JOHN W.                          ID-25-1-43
SWARTS, MARY D.                         ID-25-MISC12-41
THYERING, FRANK                         ID-25-1-32
THYERING, FRANK                         ID-25-1-38
WHITE, PAULINE                          ID-25-1-3
WICKS, WILLIAM F.                       ID-25-1-79
WOODS, JULIA H.                         ID-25-1-60

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