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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A = 1889-1967 | B = 1894-1916 | B1 = 1916-1961 |
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ADAMS, WILLIAM J.                       ID-22-B-61
AIRHART, GEORGE H.                      ID-22-B1-80
ALDER, FLORENCE I.                      ID-22-B1-13
ANDERSON, AUGUST S.                     ID-22-B1-98
ANDERSON, EMMA                          ID-22-B-270
ANDERSON, JOHN A.                       ID-22-B-270
ANDRASEN, EMILIE                        ID-22-B1-78
ANDRASEN, JOSEPH                        ID-22-B1-236
ANDRASEN, MABEL L.                      ID-22-B1-264
ANDRUS, MARGARET                        ID-22-B-43
ANTES, ABNER B.                         ID-22-B-66
AUSTIN, CORDELIA COLSON                 ID-22-B-251
BALBI, VETTA M.                         ID-22-B1-112
BALL, BERNARD J.                        ID-22-A-51
BALLARD, JOHN T.                        ID-22-A-66
BALLARD, JOHN T.                        ID-22-B-208
BANCROFT, WILLIAM H.                    ID-22-A-56
BARNHILL, ENOS STEUART                  ID-22-B1-78
BAUM, MURRAY                            ID-22-A-86
BEEMAN, SAMUEL P.                       ID-22-B-40
BELL, ALFRED MILLEN                     ID-22-B-210
BISHOP, JOHN                            ID-22-B-275
BLAKE, FRANK                            ID-22-B-207
BLANCHARD, BYRON                        ID-22-B1-23
BLEVINS, JENNIE F.                      ID-22-B-254
BOLLAND, KATHARINA                      ID-22-B1-80
BOWERMAN, GUY EMERSON                   ID-22-B1-65
BOWERMAN, GUY EMERSON JR.               ID-22-B1-103
BOWERS, BENJAMIN C.                     ID-22-B1-12
BOYL, ROSE                              ID-22-B1-58
BOYLAN, MARY                            ID-22-A-70
BRIGGS, JOHN                            ID-22-B1-28
BRIGGS, JOYCE                           ID-22-B1-288
BRIGGS, MARVIN ELLICOTT                 ID-22-B1-288
BROWER, GEOGE C.                        ID-22-B1-2
BROWER, RHODA                           ID-22-B-265
BROWN, JOHN D.                          ID-22-B-191
BROWN, JOSEPH                           ID-22-B1-1
BROWN, MINNIE                           ID-22-B1-1
BURCH, NANCY                            ID-22-B1-171
BURLAND, MARY ANN                       ID-22-B1-61
BURR, WILL R.                           ID-22-B1-41
BURRELL, JOHN                           ID-22-B-135
BUSH, FRANK J.                          ID-22-B-166
BUTLER, BRYANT                          ID-22-B1-260
BUTLER, J. T.                           ID-22-B1-77
BYINGTON, C. A.                         ID-22-B1-63
CARTER, JOSEPH C.                       ID-22-B-116
CARTER, JOSEPH C.                       ID-22-A-18
CATSON, WILLIAM M.                      ID-22-B-201
CAVERHILL, JOHN                         ID-22-B1-45
CHERRY, FRANCIS M.                      ID-22-B-184
CLARK, JOHN P.                          ID-22-B1-53
COLWELL, MILTON                         ID-22-B-245
CONLIN, T. H.                           ID-22-B1-79
CONNELLY, C. P.                         ID-22-B-224
COX, MARY ANN                           ID-22-B-170
CULKIN, P. J.                           ID-22-B-195, 198
CUR, JOSEPH                             ID-22-B-114
CUTSHAW, LOVINA                         ID-22-B-67
DARCY, MICHAEL                          ID-22-A-25
DARING, JOHN W.                         ID-22-B1-94
DARLING, MARY E.                        ID-22-B1-82
DAVIS, ELIZA M.                         ID-22-B-173
DAVIS, L. L.                            ID-22-B1-91
DAVIS, SMAUEL M.                        ID-22-B-119
DAW, WILLIAM H.                         ID-22-B-234
DEWINER, MARTHA                         ID-22-B1-21
DICKASON, WALTER J.                     ID-22-B1-102
DUKE, ELMER D.                          ID-22-B1-246
ELLICOTT, EDWARD B.                     ID-22-B-281
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM                        ID-22-B-90
ESENBURG, JENNIE                        ID-22-B1-77
FACKRELL, DAVID B.                      ID-22-B-131
FAYLE, WILLIAM                          ID-22-A-10
FEIDAY, FRANZ E.                        ID-22-B-175
FISHER, JOHN T.                         ID-22-B1-203
FLETCHER, GILMAN F.                     ID-22-B-64
FORDYCE-WILLIAMS, EDITH B.              ID-22-B1-149
FOSTER, STEPHEN G.                      ID-22-B-60
FRANSEN, SENA                           ID-22-B1-111
FULLER, REBECCA N.                      ID-22-B1-278
FULTZ, ANDREW                           ID-22-B-186
FURNISS, WALT                           ID-22-B1-145
GARZ, AUGUS                             ID-22-B1-11
GOEBEL, KATHRYN                         ID-22-B1-292
GOLDBERG, HARRY                         ID-22-B1-182
GOOCH, J. G.                            ID-22-B1-238
GREGG, ELLA                             ID-22-B1-65
GREGG, ELOISE C.                        ID-22-B1-35
GRISWOLD, GORDON                        ID-22-B1-248
GUINN, BEULAH L.                        ID-22-B-293
GUNNING, C. E.                          ID-22-B1-193
HACKMAN, ORA                            ID-22-B1-135
HALLORAN, MICHAEL                       ID-22-B-58
HALLORAN, MICHAEL                       ID-22-B-38
HAMER, THOMAS                           ID-22-B-93
HANSEN, HANS PETER                      ID-22-A-11, 39
HANSEN, HARRIETT                        ID-22-B1-153
HANSEN, JEPPA P.                        ID-22-B-158
HANSEN, MARIA                           ID-22-A-11
HARGIS, MARTHA ELLEN                    ID-22-B-273
HARGIS, VERTA L.                        ID-22-B1-129
HARSHBARGER, JACOB                      ID-22-B-257
HARSHBARGER, MARY                       ID-22-B-257
HARVEY, DORA                            ID-22-B-196
HARWOOD, SPENCER                        ID-22-B-183
HAWLEY, CYRUS B.                        ID-22-B-141
HAWLEY, DEWAIN B.                       ID-22-A-35, 49
HAWLEY, MARION                          ID-22-A-38
HAWS, GEORGE WASHINGTON                 ID-22-B1-73
HELLER, JACOB                           ID-22-B-230
HENDERSON, FRED K.                      ID-22-B-2
HENDERSON, FREDRICK                     ID-22-B-17
HERITIER, ROBERT                        ID-22-B1-81
HILL, R. W.                             ID-22-B1-62
HJORT, MATENA                           ID-22-B-250
HOLLIST, WILLIAM D.                     ID-22-B1-294
HOLMES, JOHN E.                         ID-22-B1-121
HOLT, ANGELIA TRUEX                     ID-22-B1-77
HOLT, EDWARD NELSON                     ID-22-B1-18
HONESS, ROBERT W.                       ID-22-B1-235
HOPKINS, ELI M.                         ID-22-B-20
HOPKINS, EZEKIEL                        ID-22-B-156
HOSKINS, HERBERT JAMES                  ID-22-B-279
HOUGHTON, I. E.                         ID-22-B1-50
HUBBARD, SUSAN                          ID-22-A-24
HUBBARD, WILLIAM                        ID-22-B-41
HUBBARD, WILLIAM JAMES                  ID-22-B1-151
HUMMELL, MATTIE R.                      ID-22-B1-207
HUMMELL, WILFRED C.                     ID-22-B-192
INGLEBY, ANN                            ID-22-B-75
ISENBURG, GUS A.                        ID-22-B1-39
JACK, BERTHA H.                         ID-22-B1-262
JACK, JOHN F.                           ID-22-B1-169
JANSON, FRANS G.                        ID-22-B-126
JENKINS, THOMAS R.                      ID-22-B-247
JENS, JENS J.                           ID-22-B-103
JENSEN, ERASTUS                         ID-22-B-63
JENSEN, JENS J.                         ID-22-A-23
JENSEN, PETER J.                        ID-22-B1-205
JESSEN, IDA F.                          ID-22-B1-276
JILG, EDWARD                            ID-22-B1-75
JILG, JULIA                             ID-22-B1-225
JOHNSON, JOHN O.                        ID-22-A-82
JONES, DOROTHY L.                       ID-22-A-84
JONES, JESSE C.                         ID-22-A-85
JONES, NAOMI HOPF                       ID-22-B1-58
KANDLER, MINNIE                         ID-22-B1-219
KANTZ, JULIUS                           ID-22-B-18
KENDLER, ELIZABETH                      ID-22-B-47
KENNEDY, ELIZABETH                      ID-22-B-287
KERSTEN, RUDOLPH F.                     ID-22-B1-51
KERSTETTER, KARL G.                     ID-22-B1-233
KIDD, GEORGE C.                         ID-22-B1-71
KIDD, MARTHA J.                         ID-22-A-19
KILLY, HUGH D.                          ID-22-B-269
KIRKHAM, ELI                            ID-22-B1-137
KLAMT, CHRISTINE D.                     ID-22-B1-109
KLAMT, CHRISTINE D.                     ID-22-B1-213
KLAMT, JOSEPH J.                        ID-22-B1-109
KLEIN, JOHN                             ID-22-B1-125
KOOCH, CALVIN E.                        ID-22-B1-127
KRUGER, GOTTLIEB                        ID-22-B1-52
LANDRE, FRED                            ID-22-B1-52, 55
LARSEN, ROBERT                          ID-22-B-56
LAWSON, JOHN MURRAY                     ID-22-A-52
LEE, THOMAS W.                          ID-22-B-129
LENZ, CARL F.                           ID-22-B1-19
LENZ, CHRISTINA                         ID-22-B1-73
LINDERMAN, HENRY                        ID-22-B-295
LINDERMAN, LIZZIE                       ID-22-B1-69
LINESMANN, EMMA                         ID-22-B-118
LITTLE, JAMES T.                        ID-22-B-52
LOCK, JOHN HENRY                        ID-22-B-211
LOOSLI, BOUNDY E.                       ID-22-B1-38
LOOSLI, DIMOND M.                       ID-22-B1-82
LUCAS, CLYDE I.                         ID-22-B1-55
LUCAS, HARLEY N.                        ID-22-B1-80
LUCAS, IMOGENE                          ID-22-B1-36
LUCAS, JAMES                            ID-22-B-14
LUCAS, JAMES                            ID-22-A-6
LUCAS, JAMES                            ID-22-A-42
LUNDGREN, ANNA ELIZABETH                ID-22-B1-40
LUTHY, CHARLES ULYSSE                   ID-22-B-12
LUTJEN, MARTIN                          ID-22-B-242
LUTSCH, J. J.                           ID-22-B1-24
MAAG, ETHEL                             ID-22-B1-123
MAIN, F. F.                             ID-22-B1-55
MARQUARDT, C. F. W.                     ID-22-B-296
MATTHEWS, SAAH E.                       ID-22-B1-256
MCARTHUR, P. D.                         ID-22-B1-83
MCCREA, SNELL                           ID-22-B-249
MCGARRY, PETER                          ID-22-B-74
MCGAVEN, JAMES                          ID-22-B-48
MCGEE, DANIEL H.                        ID-22-B1-150
MCLAUGHLIN, CORNELIUS                   ID-22-B-9
MCMILLAN, WILLIAM                       ID-22-B-24
MCMILLAN, WILLIAM                       ID-22-B-1
MCMINN, GEORGEANNA                      ID-22-B1-15
MCMINN, WILLIAM                         ID-22-B1-64
MCPHERSON, JOHN H.                      ID-22-B-217
MCVOY, DAVID H.                         ID-22-B-22
METZ, ELLEN                             ID-22-B1-270
MIDDLETON, W. J.                        ID-22-B-152
MILLER, AMANDA                          ID-22-A-30
MILLER, AMANDA                          ID-22-B-136
MILLER, DAVID                           ID-22-A-1
MILLER, DAVID                           ID-22-B-188
MILLER, FRANK                           ID-22-B1-42
MILLER, THOMAS                          ID-22-A-2, 13, 17
MILLER, WOODS L.                        ID-22-B-289
MINER, JAMES A.                         ID-22-A-46
MITCHELL, GLENN L.                      ID-22-B1-209
MOODY, NA R.                            ID-22-B1-133
MOODY, SETH ENOCH                       ID-22-B1-113
MOON, CARLOS H.                         ID-22-B-146
MOON, SARAH A.                          ID-22-B-163
MOORE, DAVID                            ID-22-B-202
MOORE, JAMES                            ID-22-B-267
MOORE, PHILLIP                          ID-22-B1-44
MORTENSEN, ESTEL P.                     ID-22-B1-231
MYERS, ANDREW                           ID-22-A-45
MYERS, ANDREW                           ID-22-B-172
MYLER, JAMES                            ID-22-B-3
MYRICK, ALFRED P.                       ID-22-B-203
NEDROW, CARRIE E.                       ID-22-B1-78
NEILSON, ANDERS                         ID-22-A-74
NEWBOLD,R HODSA S.                      ID-22-B1-93
NIEDERBRUGE, JAKOB                      ID-22-B1-221
NIENDORF, ADDIE FRANCES                 ID-22-B1-49, 57
NORTHROP, REID                          ID-22-A-31
OSBURN, BURT W.                         ID-22-B1-81
OVIATT, ALICE                           ID-22-B1-229
OWEN, FRANK K.                          ID-22-B1-97
PALMER, JOHN W.                         ID-22-B1-165
PARK, JOHN R.                           ID-22-B-49
PARKER, WOODSON DANIEL                  ID-22-B1-99
PARRY, KATE                             ID-22-B-239
PARTSCH, CAROLINA                       ID-22-B-189
PEARSON, JENS                           ID-22-A-16
PERRY, CHARLES                          ID-22-B-218
PETERSON, JENS                          ID-22-B-45
PHILLIPS, J. P.                         ID-22-B-264
PHILLIPS, WALTER A.                     ID-22-B1-266
POND, CHARLES                           ID-22-B1-147
POWELL, ALICE E.                        ID-22-B1-76
POWELL, REX F.                          ID-22-A-83
RANKIN, HUGH H.                         ID-22-B1-68
RAWSON, FRANCIS                         ID-22-B1-4
REBER, CHRIS                            ID-22-B1-107
REBER, ELSIE                            ID-22-B1-201
REBER, ERNEST A.                        ID-22-B1-272
REIMANN, KATHERINE                      ID-22-B1-141
REMINGTON, JEROME J.                    ID-22-B1-155
RETZEL, WILLIAM L.                      ID-22-B1-10
REYNOLDS, DAWSON                        ID-22-B-226
REYNOLDS, JAMES J.                      ID-22-B1-268
RHODEHOUSE, WILLIAM H.                  ID-22-B1-47
RICE, LEMUEL J.                         ID-22-B-180
RICE, LEONAD BABITT                     ID-22-B-237
RICHMAN, JOHN                           ID-22-B-144
RIGGS, IRIS                             ID-22-B1-134
ROBB, SARAH A.                          ID-22-B1-37
ROBINSON, DAVID                         ID-22-B-105
ROGERS, CHARLES L.                      ID-22-B1-25
ROSEBOROUGH, SUSAN A.                   ID-22-B-255
ROSENLOF, ANNIE                         ID-22-A-72
ROSENLOF, ANNIE                         ID-22-B1-61
ROTHWELL, ELLEN                         ID-22-B-36
ROYLANCE, WILLIAM J.                    ID-22-A-5
RUDDELL, MONETA LOUIS                   ID-22-B1-27
RULE, ALBERT P.                         ID-22-A-78
SADOMS, SAMUEL S.                       ID-22-B-169
SANDERS, EDGAR A. JR.                   ID-22-B-130
SANDERS, EDGAR A. JR.                   ID-22-B-122
SAUCEY, FRED                            ID-22-B-11
SAUTTER, JOHN GEORGE                    ID-22-B-109
SCHOPP, ANNA                            ID-22-B1-167
SCOTT, ELLEN S.                         ID-22-B1-5
SCOTT, W. A.                            ID-22-A-34
SELLS, FRED A.                          ID-22-A-82
SHEAR, JACOB                            ID-22-A-40
SHEAR, JACOB                            ID-22-B-168
SHERWOOD, JOSEPH                        ID-22-B-236
SHOSTED, WILLIAM H.                     ID-22-B-232
SHULTS, JANE                            ID-22-A-71
SIDDOWAY, DENTON R.                     ID-22-A-80
SLATERY, A. M.                          ID-22-B-200
SLATERY, ELIZA A.                       ID-22-B-258
SMITH, ELMA                             ID-22-B-244
SMITH, FRANK N.                         ID-22-B-277
SMITH, JAMES                            ID-22-B1-14
SMITH, SARAH JANE                       ID-22-B1-211
SMITH, SILAS S.                         ID-22-B-154
SMITH, W. D.                            ID-22-B1-3
SOULE, MARY A.                          ID-22-B1-195
SPEER, EMIL V.                          ID-22-B-165
STANDLEY, WILLIAM H.                    ID-22-B-121
STEWART, J. ALVIN                       ID-22-B1-175
STODDARD, ALICE M.                      ID-22-B1-17
STODDARD, LEWIS ARDEN                   ID-22-B1-131
STONE, IDA F.                           ID-22-B1-54
SWANSTRUM, CARL                         ID-22-B1-227
SWANSTRUM, CARL                         ID-22-B-261
SWARTZ, LELA MAY                        ID-22-B1-115
SWARZ, GEORGE NICHOLAS                  ID-22-B1-85
TAYLOR, SAMUEL                          ID-22-B-104
THOMAS, DANIEL W. JR.                   ID-22-B1-72
THOMAS, R.                              ID-22-B1-56
THOMPSON, CECIL L.                      ID-22-A-81
THOMPSON, CHARLES                       ID-22-B-190
THOMSON, ARCHIBALD                      ID-22-B1-284
THOMSON, JEAN                           ID-22-B1-240
THORNTON, H. M.                         ID-22-B-193
TIMEDING, FRANK C.                      ID-22-B1-258
TOMLINSON, JOSEPH L.                    ID-22-B1-242
TRUDE, ALFRED S.                        ID-22-B1-29
TRUDE, WILLIAM C.                       ID-22-B1-143
TUCKER, H. R.                           ID-22-B1-274
TUNNICLIFFE, DAMON G. **                ID-22-B-76, 94
TYLER, J. A.                            ID-22-A-78
UPHAM, WILLIAM A.                       ID-22-B1-56
VANFLEET, JOSEPH                        ID-22-B-42
VERCLER, WILLIAM                        ID-22-A-41
VOORHEES, JOHN SCHENCK                  ID-22-B1-101
VORSE, JOHN C.                          ID-22-B-148
WADDELL, AMELIA                         ID-22-B1-71
WADDELL, ISAAC M.                       ID-22-B-57
WELTON, CHARLES L.                      ID-22-B-150
WHITE, CEALIA                           ID-22-B1-9
WHITMAN, ARTHUR TRAIN                   ID-22-A-14
WHITTEMORE, MINNIE                      ID-22-B1-64
WHITTLE, CLARA                          ID-22-B1-199
WHITTLE, ZERA                           ID-22-B1-80
WILCOX, PERCY S.                        ID-22-B1-139
WILLIAMS, ELIZA                         ID-22-B1-76
WILSON, ADRENA B.                       ID-22-B1-57
WINEGAR, STEPHEN                        ID-22-B-71
WINTERS, A. D.                          ID-22-B-252
WOOD, B. W.                             ID-22-B1-74
WOOD, HANNAH                            ID-22-B1-79
WOOD, JAMES DAVID                       ID-22-B-124, 138
WOODMANSEE, CHARLES                     ID-22-B-4
WORKMAN, LUCY GRICE                     ID-22-B-263
WYMAN, MARY E.                          ID-22-B1-69
YAGER, MARY                             ID-22-B1-7
YEARIAN, JESSIE                         ID-22-B1-43
YEARSLEY, HEBER C.                      ID-22-B-133
YOUNG, EUGENE H.                        ID-22-A-28
YOUNG, EUGENE H.                        ID-22-B-73
ZWEIFEL, ELIZABETH                      ID-22-A-20
ZWEIFEL, ELIZABETH                      ID-22-B-111

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