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Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1892-1936 |
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ABBOTT, FOLEY O.                        ID-20-1-301
ACOBSON, HERMAN                         ID-20-1-107
ALBERDI, CIPRIANO                       ID-20-1-114
ALLEN, JOHN J.                          ID-20-1-271
ANDERSON, ANDREW                        ID-20-1-87
ARMSTRONG, ALBERT B.                    ID-20-1-34
AUSTIN, FRANK E.                        ID-20-1-131
BAILE, LUC E.                           ID-20-1-30
BAILEY, JEREMIAH W.                     ID-20-1-102
BAILEY, LUCY E.                         ID-20-1-38
BENGORCHEA, JOSE                        ID-20-1-151
BERRY, FRANK A.                         ID-20-1-383, 390
BRADY, J. H.                            ID-20-1-399
BRANSCOM, MAGGIE CECELIA                ID-20-1-362
CALLIGAN, JOHN BRENTON                  ID-20-1-58
CAMEORN, EDDIE                          ID-20-1-402
CAPBELL, NEIL                           ID-20-1-93
CARR, SARAH J.                          ID-20-1-348
CARTA, FABRIANO                         ID-20-1-229
CLARK, ED M.                            ID-20-1-420
CLARK, RUTH BROWN                       ID-20-1-76, 80
CLINE, HARMON                           ID-20-1-396
CORKER, WALTER G.                       ID-20-1-343
COTTLE, GEORGE                          ID-20-1-62
COWEN, JOSHUA M.                        ID-20-1-119
CROUCH, MERRITT G.                      ID-20-1-95
CROWTHER, WALTER M.                     ID-20-1-184
DANIELS, FRED B.                        ID-20-1-66
DAVIS, JENKIN W.                        ID-20-1-392
DAWES, ROBERT P.                        ID-20-1-422
ENDSLEY, ABBERT H.                      ID-20-1-321
ETHELL, FIELDING                        ID-20-1-6
FARNEMAN, JOHN                          ID-20-1-3
FITZWATER, REBECCA MORRIS               ID-20-1-284
FLETCHER, GEORGE W.                     ID-20-1-105
FLUHARTY, ALONZO R.                     ID-20-1-294
FREW, WILLIAM N.                        ID-20-1-145
GAINES, JOHN F.                         ID-20-1-367
GASTL, AUGUSTA WINKLER                  ID-20-1-232
GENUNG, HENRY A.                        ID-20-1-297
GORLEY, DANIEL W.                       ID-20-1-194
GROSS, JOHN A.                          ID-20-1-406
HAMPSON, RALPH                          ID-20-1-143
HARRIS, MARY C.                         ID-20-1-210
HARTMAN, MARY E.                        ID-20-1-345
HEATH, NOEL C.                          ID-20-1-330
HEIN, CASPER                            ID-20-1-365
HENDERSON, W. A.                        ID-20-1-192
HIMEBOUGH, ELLIOTT                      ID-20-1-338
HIRSCHBERG, H.                          ID-20-1-197
HOPSON, JOHN P.                         ID-20-1-409, 425
HOWIE, WILLIAM CLARENCE                 ID-20-1-117
HUDSON, LEWIS L.                        ID-20-1-299
HUGHES, LEE                             ID-20-1-372
HULL, CALVIN E.                         ID-20-1-48
HYDE, SILKMAN E.                        ID-20-1-388
HYLAND, FRANCIS M.                      ID-20-1-90
HYLAND, ROBERT JAMES                    ID-20-1-237
INGERSOLL, ROBERT H.                    ID-20-1-307
INGERSOLL, ROBERTA M.                   ID-20-1-278
JACKSON, COMMODORE                      ID-20-1-267
JACKSON, GEORGE W.                      ID-20-1-85
JAMES, CHRISTOPHER                      ID-20-1-8
JOHNSON, ANDREW                         ID-20-1-112
JOHNSON, WILLIAM L.                     ID-20-1-31
JONES, JAMES C.                         ID-20-1-14
LAMBERTON, HENRY W.                     ID-20-1-99
LATIMOR, ELLA T.                        ID-20-1-204
LEPOIRE, ADELIN                         ID-20-1-128
LOCKHART, CHARLES                       ID-20-1-53
LUX, FRANK AUGUST                       ID-20-1-381
LYNCH, EDWARD P.                        ID-20-1-429
MADDEN, ELIZABETH A.                    ID-20-1-328
MANSEN, HANS                            ID-20-1-97
MARTZ, BEN F.                           ID-20-1-336
MCCOY, SOLEN                            ID-20-1-218
MCGINNIS, KAHARINE                      ID-20-1-73
MCKENZIE, PETER                         ID-20-1-221
MCLAUGHLIN, DANIEL                      ID-20-1-186
MCNEELY,R OBERT C.                      ID-20-1-413
MCPHESON, GEORGE A.                     ID-20-1-291
MELLEN, JANE ELLEN                      ID-20-1-273
MELLEN, THOMAS                          ID-20-1-123
MITCHELL, JOHN                          ID-20-1-70
MONTGOMERY, WILL Q.                     ID-20-1-319
MOORE, GEORGE                           ID-20-1-68
MORTON, LLOYD                           ID-20-1-223
MOSGROVE, ANN C.                        ID-20-1-96
MOWRY, JAMES HENRY                      ID-20-1-214
MUDGETT, GELMAN C.                      ID-20-1-126
NEFF, GEORGE M.                         ID-20-1-1
NOLAND, GEORGE V.                       ID-20-1-182
OLIVER, RICHARD                         ID-20-1-10
PENCE, JOHN                             ID-20-1-44
PERRY, JASPER                           ID-20-1-75
PERSON, HENRY                           ID-20-1-29
POND, IRVING J.                         ID-20-1-316
POOL, MARY E.                           ID-20-1-351
RAMSDELL, MEHITABLE C.                  ID-20-1-16
RECKMEYER, HERBERT E.                   ID-20-1-63
REED, GEORGE D.                         ID-20-1-323
REESER, JACOB                           ID-20-1-27
ROBERTS, EDWARD F.                      ID-20-1-46
ROSENHEIM, ALBERT                       ID-20-1-41
ROSENHEIM, GISELA                       ID-20-1-188
ROSEVEAR, JOSEPH                        ID-20-1-137
ROSEVEAR, MARY ANN                      ID-20-1-258
ROSEVEAR, WILLIAM JOSEPH                ID-20-1-359
SCHOEMAKER, JOHN F.                     ID-20-1-160
SKIPPER, CHARLES                        ID-20-1-157
SMITH, CAROLINE A.                      ID-20-1-101
SPRIGGS, JOHN S.                        ID-20-1-121
STUBB, CHARLES ELBERT                   ID-20-1-207
STUBBS, D. P.                           ID-20-1-32
SUDDUTH, DAVID F.                       ID-20-1-410
SWAIN, CLARA C.                         ID-20-1-354
THURMAN, WILLIAM L.                     ID-20-1-78, 83
THURMAN, WILLIAM L.                     ID-20-1-83
TIFFANY, SAMUEL                         ID-20-1-162
TIMMONS, JOHN H.                        ID-20-1-179
TIMS, GEORGE                            ID-20-1-12
TOWNE, ELMER C.                         ID-20-1-397, 404
TOWNE, ELMER C.                         ID-20-1-404
TREGONNING, JAMES HOOPER                ID-20-1-28
VASSLES, HENRY A.                       ID-20-1-376
VELIE, FRANKLIN                         ID-20-1-86
WALKER, ELIZABETH                       ID-20-1-92
WALKER, PAUL H.                         ID-20-1-226
WARREN, CLEMENTINE A. P.                ID-20-1-326
WATKINS, CHARLES S.                     ID-20-1-202
WHEELER, WILLIAM W.                     ID-20-1-109
WIGGEN, CRIEST                          ID-20-1-314
WILCOX, LYMAN L.                        ID-20-1-332
WILKINS, LAURA K.                       ID-20-1-134
WILSON, JOHN                            ID-20-1-155
WOLF, AARON H.                          ID-20-1-176
ZACHER, G. C.                           ID-20-1-426
ZENTES, L. T.                           ID-20-1-153
ZIMMEHT, JOHN FREDERICK                 ID-20-1-417

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