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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | B = 1879-1944 | Note: Vol A - the few entries recorded are repeated in Vol B. |
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ANGEL, TEXAS                            ID-19-B-21
BRENNAN, FREDERICK C.                   ID-19-B-28
CARROLL, JOHN                           ID-19-B-14
CHIVERS, ESTELLE                        ID-19-B-41
COLVIN, HENRY C.                        ID-19-B-5
DOHERTY, DANIEL                         ID-19-B-24
DUDLEY, FELIX J.                        ID-19-B-2
FINNELL, JESSE G.                       ID-19-B-29
GIACOMINI, STACIO                       ID-19-B-30
HENGSTELER, CHARLES                     ID-19-B-18
JOHNSTON, LETTICE H.                    ID-19-B-27
KEEFE, BART                             ID-19-B-9
KEUPFER, EMIL                           ID-19-B-36
MCGOWAN, GEORGE                         ID-19-B-22
MILLER, GEORGE                          ID-19-B-16
NORTON, WILLIAM A.                      ID-19-B-6
PARSONS, CELIA WILMOTH                  ID-19-B-39
PETERSON, AMANDA                        ID-19-B-35
SANDFORD, AMANDA                        ID-19-B-31
TSCHUTSCHKI, JULIUS                     ID-19-B-1
WATSON, ENOS                            ID-19-B-25
WEILER, H. W.                           ID-19-B-34
WHEELER, ROLLIN                         ID-19-B-11

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