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ADAMS, S. J.                            ID-18-2-117
ALLEN, GEORGE HENRY                     ID-18-2-143
ALLEN, SARAH                            ID-18-2-140
ANDERSON, JOHN A.                       ID-18-2-28
ANDERSON, LENUS L.                      ID-18-2-92
ASHLEY, OZRA E.                         ID-18-2-81
AWBREY, ENOCH R.                        ID-18-1-6
BARKAS, JOHN                            ID-18-2-43
BARNHART, ANNA E.                       ID-18-2-102
BASHAW, SILAS D.                        ID-18-2-11
BECKHORN, CLARENCE E.                   ID-18-2-103
BILLBERG, FRED                          ID-18-2-112
BLAKE, EDWIN W.                         ID-18-1-47
BLAKE, EDWIN W.                         ID-18-1-68
BLAKE, GEORGE B.                        ID-18-2-99
BLAKE, JAMES W.                         ID-18-2-9
BLAKE, P. H.                            ID-18-1-36
BLASSINGAME, ROBERT CARR                ID-18-2-45
BOBELL, MIKE A.                         ID-18-2-70
BOGNER, HERMANCE                        ID-18-2-116
BOLE, MARGIE                            ID-18-2-2
BOWDISH, LYNN O.                        ID-18-2-153
BOWLER, JOHN FRANCIS                    ID-18-2-113
BOZIK, GUS                              ID-18-2-118
BRADLEY, CYRUS                          ID-18-1-62
BRADY, CHRISTIAN A.                     ID-18-2-146
BRAMMER, EDMOND H.                      ID-18-1-41
BROWN, NICHOLAS D.                      ID-18-1-26
BULLOCK, EMMA                           ID-18-2-32
BULLOCK, JACOB C.                       ID-18-2-5
BURGHARDT, ROY D.                       ID-18-2-29
BURNS, NAOMI R. WALRATH                 ID-18-2-143
BUSH, JOHN E.                           ID-18-2-30
CAREY, FRANK H.                         ID-18-2-67
CAREY, JULIA E.                         ID-18-2-121
CARLE, FRANCIS                          ID-18-1-14
CARR, PHEBE C.                          ID-18-2-79
CARRUTHES, MARGARET                     ID-18-2-52
CASEY, HARRY W.                         ID-18-1-53
CAVANAUGH, JOSEPH W.                    ID-18-2-33
CHAIX, CARMEN                           ID-18-1-57
CHAMBERS, ELIJAH R.                     ID-18-2-40
CHAREST, PAUL A.                        ID-18-2-86
CHASE, ELGEE C.                         ID-18-2-74
CHOATE, ASA B. SR.                      ID-18-2-142
CHOATE, MAMIE C.                        ID-18-2-49
CHURCH, ENOCH                           ID-18-2-92
CLEEK, WALTER K.                        ID-18-2-127
CLINKENBEARD, C.                        ID-18-2-106
CLOUD, DANIEL                           ID-18-2-11
COLLINS, HELEN M.                       ID-18-2-68
COLLINS, JOHN B.                        ID-18-1-65
COON, JAMES E.                          ID-18-2-89
COSS, WILLIAM                           ID-18-1-55
COURT, GEORGE H.                        ID-18-2-34
CROCKETT, NELLIE G.                     ID-18-2-141
CROW, ROBERT M.                         ID-18-2-55
CUMMINGS, CARL S.                       ID-18-2-94
CUMMINGS, CARRIE L.                     ID-18-2-51
CUMMINGS, DAISIE E.                     ID-18-2-94
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM S.                  ID-18-1-39
CYR, THOMAS C.                          ID-18-2-147
DAMBROSKI, FRANK                        ID-18-2-132
DELANEY, BERTHA                         ID-18-2-95
DELANEY, DAN W.                         ID-18-2-65
DICKINSON, EMMA JANE                    ID-18-2-111
DOBLE, JOHN                             ID-18-2-5
DOLAN, CHARLES W.                       ID-18-1-4
DONALDSON, JOHN W.                      ID-18-2-31
DONATH, ED                              ID-18-2-107
DOYLE, IONE ALLEN                       ID-18-2-110
DUNLAP, JEANETTE B.                     ID-18-2-64
DUNLAP, JOHN ERWIN                      ID-18-2-94
DURNIN, JOHN J.                         ID-18-2-134
ERICKSON, WILLIAM ENOCH                 ID-18-2-127
FAIRLEY, OLIVER P.                      ID-18-2-114
FERRARI, LOUIS                          ID-18-1-69
FOHL, MADGE E.                          ID-18-2-139
FOHL, THEODORE                          ID-18-2-98
FORSMAN, FRED                           ID-18-2-99
FOSTER, CHARLES                         ID-18-1-67
FRAZIER, ALBERT S.                      ID-18-2-69
FREAR, AGNES V.                         ID-18-2-116
FREAR, ARTHUR W.                        ID-18-2-116
FREAR, FRED L.                          ID-18-2-84
FRIES, GEORGE S.                        ID-18-2-1
FURMAN, JENNIE                          ID-18-1-24
GAMBLE, HARRY                           ID-18-2-57
GIVENS, ELLEN E.                        ID-18-1-18
GLOVER, GERTRUDE L.                     ID-18-2-119
GLOVER, H. C.                           ID-18-2-119
GRASSER, JOHN A.                        ID-18-2-124
GREER, JAMES                            ID-18-1-37
GREGOCA, FRANK                          ID-18-2-139
GROVES, MARY A.                         ID-18-1-31
HAGGARD, ELSIE JEWELL                   ID-18-2-104
HAMILTON, R. A.                         ID-18-2-17
HAMMOND, J. N.                          ID-18-2-58
HAMMOND, SADIE                          ID-18-2-57
HANSON, HANS P.                         ID-18-2-130
HANSON, WILMA KESTER                    ID-18-2-97
HARPER, FRANK                           ID-18-2-17
HASTINGS, RICHARD M.                    ID-18-1-45
HATCH, MERTON L.                        ID-18-2-20
HELPHREY, ELENORA                       ID-18-2-22
HLAVAC, ALBERT                          ID-18-2-133
HOHBERGER, WILLIAM                      ID-18-2-103
HOLMBERG, ADA M.                        ID-18-2-28
HOLSER, JOHN                            ID-18-2-62
HOPKINS, R. T.                          ID-18-2-141
HORNBECK, JOHN                          ID-18-2-131
HULING, JAMES H.                        ID-18-2-1
IVERSON, ELSIE CROCKETT                 ID-18-2-115
IVERSON, IVER BERNHARD                  ID-18-2-115
JANICH, JOHN                            ID-18-2-13
JOHNSON, NILS                           ID-18-1-22
JONES, ARTHUR X.                        ID-18-2-91
JONES, F. A.                            ID-18-2-44
JUDD, HOWARD E.                         ID-18-2-50
KIDDER, MARY J.                         ID-18-1-20
KING, IDA M.                            ID-18-2-60
KING, WILLIAM E.                        ID-18-2-17
KINNE, BEDFORD J.                       ID-18-2-85
KNUTSON, JOSEPH J.                      ID-18-1-66
KOLASA, FRANK J.                        ID-18-2-16
KOUNI, KENNETH                          ID-18-2-155
KOVACHEVICH, GENEVA                     ID-18-2-136
KOVACHEVICH, NICK                       ID-18-2-135
KREBABACH, ALOYSIUS                     ID-18-2-71
KREBABACH, MARY                         ID-18-2-71
LAKRIN, JANNIE M.                       ID-18-2-70
LANGDON, ALBERT                         ID-18-2-42
LARSON, HANNA M.                        ID-18-2-91
LASSLEY, FRANK                          ID-18-2-43
LAWSON, CROMBIE B. "JACK"               ID-18-2-151
LEBARON, MARSHALL                       ID-18-2-37
LEBARON, ROY                            ID-18-2-123
LEBARON, WILLIAM                        ID-18-1-35
LECHARD, PETER                          ID-18-1-34
LESTER, EMMA S.                         ID-18-2-36
LEWIS, LOTTIE M.                        ID-18-2-86
LEWIS, THEODORE B.                      ID-18-2-19
LINDSTROM, JONAS LAMBERT                ID-18-2-117
LONG, CHARLES E.                        ID-18-2-51
LONG, PERLIET D.                        ID-18-2-13
LOOMIS, JOHN B.                         ID-18-2-41
LUND, ALBERT                            ID-18-2-120
LYNCH, CHARLES                          ID-18-2-131
MACKENZIE, RODERICK                     ID-18-1-8
MAGID, MOSES                            ID-18-1-2
MAGNUS, FRANS                           ID-18-2-79
MAYNARD, AUGUSTA AMALIA                 ID-18-2-109
MCCOLLUM, EFFIE E.                      ID-18-2-59
MCKINNON, ALLAN                         ID-18-2-100
MESNER, OPAL M. (WALLACE)               ID-18-2-144
MILLER, ALBERT D.                       ID-18-2-118
MILLER, ELIZABETH ANN                   ID-18-1-25
MILLER, ELIZABETH ANN                   ID-18-2-4
MILLER, ETHELBERT W.                    ID-18-1-25
MILLER, SUSIE                           ID-18-2-12
MINTLINE, J. G.                         ID-18-2-39
MIX, MARY B.                            ID-18-2-123
MIX, ULYSSES S.                         ID-18-2-83
MONROE, ANNA L.                         ID-18-2-122
MONROE, HELEN                           ID-18-2-60
MORRIS, GEORGE                          ID-18-1-11
MORRIS, WILLIAM G.                      ID-18-2-89
MOSS, SAMUEL J.                         ID-18-1-1
MULLIKIN, O. C.                         ID-18-2-55
MUSTOE, CHAMBERS                        ID-18-2-82
NELSON, PETE                            ID-18-2-148
NEWKIRK, COLEMAN S.                     ID-18-2-73
NICKLE, T. B.                           ID-18-2-68
OCONNOR, JOHN P.                        ID-18-1-30
OLSON, ERICK                            ID-18-2-88
OLSON, MARTHA K.                        ID-18-2-87
OLSON, MARTIN                           ID-18-2-50
ONEIL, JOHN JOSEPH                      ID-18-2-24
OSENTON, LANSDOWNE                      ID-18-2-86
OUD, DELIA                              ID-18-2-156
OUD, JOHN                               ID-18-2-77
PAVICIC, PHILLIP M.                     ID-18-2-145
PEDERSON, JOANN B.                      ID-18-2-107
PEDERSON, OSWALD                        ID-18-2-78
PERKINS, JOHN H.                        ID-18-2-124
PERKINS, MARY A.                        ID-18-2-134
PETERSON, ALFRED E.                     ID-18-2-52
PETERSON, ANDREW                        ID-18-2-15
PETERSON, EUGENIA                       ID-18-2-47
PETERSON, OLIVER S.                     ID-18-2-6
PETROVICH, MIKE                         ID-18-2-112
PHELPS, IRENE B.                        ID-18-2-129
POLLOCK, EVERETT GEORGE                 ID-18-2-140
POMROY, FRANCES M.                      ID-18-2-75
PORTFORS, NINA M.                       ID-18-2-128
POSEY, WILLIAM E.                       ID-18-2-66
PRATT, WARREN                           ID-18-2-106
PRATT, WARREN                           ID-18-2-105
PRICKETT, JESSIE                        ID-18-2-114
PULLIAM, HARRIET E.                     ID-18-2-137
PURYEAR, ELMER A.                       ID-18-2-137
RAMBEAU, E. C.                          ID-18-2-132
RAMBEAU, IONE E.                        ID-18-2-132
RANCHETT, RUSSELL B.                    ID-18-2-8
RANDOLPH, EDWARD                        ID-18-2-56
REDL, MARGARET J.                       ID-18-2-146
REDL, MATHEW W.                         ID-18-2-146
REECE, WILLIAM A.                       ID-18-2-133
REED, HARRY R.                          ID-18-2-130
REED, JOHN J.                           ID-18-2-16
REIS, THOMAS                            ID-18-2-102
RENSHAW, HUBERT HALDANE                 ID-18-2-138
RENSHAW, MARGUERITE G.                  ID-18-2-126
RIDPATH, WILLIAM M.                     ID-18-1-28
RINEHART, WILLIAM E.                    ID-18-2-12
ROBERTSON, W. F.                        ID-18-2-100
ROOT, THOMAS J.                         ID-18-1-49
ROSS, JOHN                              ID-18-2-129
ROSSITER, IRVIN J.                      ID-18-2-101
ROY, SARAH V.                           ID-18-2-21
RUBEDEW, KATHERINE C.                   ID-18-2-96
SCHUBACH, JULIUS SR.                    ID-18-2-145
SCHUH, IRA D.                           ID-18-2-137
SCHUH, MABEL                            ID-18-2-137
SEARS, FRANK SR.                        ID-18-2-82
SEWELL, ESTHER E.                       ID-18-2-58
SHARP, CLEVELAND                        ID-18-2-125
SHEPARD, CARLETON S.                    ID-18-1-43
SHOEMAKER, ANNA MAY                     ID-18-1-59
SMITH, ALEX                             ID-18-2-111
SMITH, ALVAN G.                         ID-18-1-27
SMITH, JOSEPHINE E.                     ID-18-2-93
SMITH, MARGARET E.                      ID-18-1-16
SNYDER, MILTON C.                       ID-18-2-63
SNYDER, SARAH E.                        ID-18-2-27
SODERBERG, LOUIS                        ID-18-2-71
SODERBERG, PAULMER S.                   ID-18-2-152
SPECK, RAUE                             ID-18-2-48
STAINAKER, LEWIS E.                     ID-18-2-77
STALNAKER, MYRTLE L.                    ID-18-2-38
STEELE, MAJOR J.                        ID-18-2-61
STEFFEY, HARVEY J.                      ID-18-2-20
STONE, HERMAN                           ID-18-2-108
SWANSON, BERTHA                         ID-18-2-153
TAYLOR, FRANCIS M.                      ID-18-1-33
TAYLOR, JAMES D.                        ID-18-2-84
TEPPO, HENRY                            ID-18-2-75
TERHUNE, JOHN                           ID-18-1-13
TERHUNE, JOHN                           ID-18-1-61
THIELE, C. F.                           ID-18-2-76
THOMPSON, ROSIE B.                      ID-18-2-65
THORP, M. H.                            ID-18-2-148
TORGERSON, ADNA                         ID-18-2-10
TORGERSON, HAROLD OLIVER                ID-18-2-72
TURNER, ROSS                            ID-18-2-90
VARNER, VIOLA                           ID-18-2-56
VARNER, WILLIAM                         ID-18-2-50
VOWELL, CHARLES E.                      ID-18-2-54
WALKER, MILTON LEROY                    ID-18-2-104
WALKER, W. N.                           ID-18-2-62
WALRATH, HARRY L.                       ID-18-2-73
WALSTON, A. L.                          ID-18-2-7
WATERMAN, LESLIE E.                     ID-18-1-65
WATKINS, GERTRUDE                       ID-18-2-121
WEEKS, JAMES                            ID-18-2-34
WELLS, DAISIE E.                        ID-18-2-93
WELLS, J. C.                            ID-18-2-93
WELLS, LILLIE                           ID-18-2-54
WELLS, MARIAN I.                        ID-18-2-45
WHITEOF, ALFRED                         ID-18-1-38
WILCOX, ARTHUR E.                       ID-18-2-149
WILLOUGHBY, SARAH                       ID-18-2-3
WILLOUGHBY, SARAH AGNES                 ID-18-1-70
WILSON, GEORGE W.                       ID-18-1-32
WILSON, JOEL                            ID-18-2-53
WILSON, NORMAN L.                       ID-18-2-35
WIMPY, JAMES WILLIAM                    ID-18-2-126
YOUNG, IRA L.                           ID-18-2-80
YOUNG, JOHN F.                          ID-18-2-122
YOUNG, LUCILE SOLVER                    ID-18-2-81

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