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CATES, ALICE O.                         ID-17-1-45
CLARK, ELIZA                            ID-17-1-22
CLARK, S. K.                            ID-17-1-22
COYNE, MARTIN                           ID-17-1-46
CURRAN, MARGARET CRAIG                  ID-17-1-44
CURRAN, VINA E.                         ID-17-1-26
ECENROAD, GEORGE                        ID-17-1-39
FAYLE, WILLIAM                          ID-17-1-24
FORD, LEWIS CLARK SR.                   ID-17-1-35
GOODE, MYRTLE M.                        ID-17-1-69
HAGENBARTH, MARY E.                     ID-17-1-17
HARDY, C. W.                            ID-17-1-65
HARVEY, DORA                            ID-17-1-6
HENSLEY, CLARENCE EARL                  ID-17-1-75
HUMPHREY, CHAUNCEY                      ID-17-1-56
JONES, JOHN L.                          ID-17-1-63
KELLY, KATHRYN A.                       ID-17-1-43
KLEIN, SUSAN M.                         ID-17-1-37
KROKER, CHARLES                         ID-17-1-21
KROKER, JOSEPH                          ID-17-1-15
LAIR, WILLIAM S.                        ID-17-1-32
LAIRD, LOUIS D.                         ID-17-1-76
LEMONS, ALVA ROY                        ID-17-1-55
LIDY, MARY F.                           ID-17-1-18
LOCK, JOHN HENRY                        ID-17-1-7
MASUMURA, ROY                           ID-17-1-74
MILLER, MAY                             ID-17-1-68
MILLER, WILLIAM L.                      ID-17-1-71
MYERS, ANDREW                           ID-17-1-5
NORTHROP, REID                          ID-17-1-28
PALMER, JOHNATHAN MARTIN                ID-17-1-13
PEDROTTI, ENRICO                        ID-17-1-38
PEDROTTI, HENRY                         ID-17-1-38
PIERRON, OLIVER A.                      ID-17-1-25
PYKE, WILLIAM A.                        ID-17-1-19
RASMUSSEN, ANNIE E.                     ID-17-1-59
REEVES, THOMAS B.                       ID-17-1-72
SHEAR, ALFRED FRANKLIN                  ID-17-1-20
SHEAR, JACOB                            ID-17-1-4
SWANSTRUM, ALBERT C.                    ID-17-1-73
SWANSTRUM, KATHERINE                    ID-17-1-54
TRIPP, ERNEST A.                        ID-17-1-48
WAKEFIELD, BYRON J.                     ID-17-1-16
WILSON, THOMAS B.                       ID-17-1-14
WINSPER, JOHN L.                        ID-17-1-30
WINSPER, ROSE W.                        ID-17-1-31
WOOD, CATHERINE                         ID-17-1-33
WOOD, JAMES DAVID                       ID-17-1-1
WORTHING, CHESTER J.                    ID-17-1-61

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