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Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1891-1956 |
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ADAMS, GEORGE A.                        ID-16-1-131
AHLM, AUGUST                            ID-16-1-175
ALEXANDER, CLARA GRACE                  ID-16-1-243
ALLGOOD, WILLIAM                        ID-16-1-134
ALLRED, CHARLES W.                      ID-16-1-117
ANDERSEN, ANDERS P.                     ID-16-1-237
ANDERSON, OLIVER P.                     ID-16-1-186
ANDREASON, PETER                        ID-16-1-79
AXLINE, GEORGE A.                       ID-16-1-121
BALCH, HOSEA                            ID-16-1-72
BATES, JENNIE                           ID-16-1-90
BEDKE, FRANK C                          ID-16-1-105
BIGLER, CHARLES W.                      ID-16-1-150
BLYTH, JOHN                             ID-16-1-199
BONER, THOMAS N.                        ID-16-1-250
BOOTH, CHARLES H.                       ID-16-1-244, 261
BOWER, JAMES ELIAS                      ID-16-1-152
BOWER, SARAH D.                         ID-16-1-157
BREEZE, JACKSON B.                      ID-16-1-208
BRIDGER, JOSIAH                         ID-16-1-19
BRIEDWELL, ELIZABETH A                  ID-16-1-253
BRIM, WILLIAM F.                        ID-16-1-211
BRUN, GEORGE V.                         ID-16-1-187
BUNKER, WALTER A.                       ID-16-1-258
BUNNELL, JAMES C.                       ID-16-1-252
BURNS, ARA ANN                          ID-16-1-200
BURSTROM, MARIE                         ID-16-1-98
CHADWICK, GEORGE                        ID-16-1-215
CHRISTENSEN, CARL                       ID-16-1-216
CHRISTENSEN, CAROLINE                   ID-16-1-216
COCKRAN, SIDNEY E.                      ID-16-1-166
COHEN, JACOB                            ID-16-1-235
COHEN, LEA                              ID-16-1-235
COHEN, MAX                              ID-16-1-223
COOK, MARGARET JENNIE                   ID-16-1-209
COOPER, CORILLA ANN                     ID-16-1-192
CRANER, ABRAHAM F                       ID-16-1-38
DAVIS, GEORGE W.                        ID-16-1-42
DRUEHL, FRANK AUGUST                    ID-16-1-171
DRUMMOND, ELMER D.                      ID-16-1-115
EIKANGER, CHRISTIAN                     ID-16-1-229
ERSKINE, ELEANOR JANE                   ID-16-1-124
FAIRCHILD, H. L.                        ID-16-1-119
FENSTERMAKER, PERRY R.                  ID-16-1-179
FREDERICKSON, H. G.                     ID-16-1-113
FRYER, WILLARD E.                       ID-16-1-126
GECK, IRVING E.                         ID-16-1-112
GRECO, PETER S                          ID-16-1-234
GUDMUNDSEN, FANNY                       ID-16-1-232
GWIN, W. R.                             ID-16-1-30
HAAG, MARTHA                            ID-16-1-203
HAMMOND, ORRA J                         ID-16-1-255
HAMMOND, ROBERT B.                      ID-16-1-256
HANSON, HANS                            ID-16-1-130
HANSON, VICTOR                          ID-16-1-120, 163
HARDING, DAVID ALMA                     ID-16-1-162
HARRELL, JASPER                         ID-16-1-52
HARSLEY, THOMAS R.                      ID-16-1-242
HASSE, FRANK                            ID-16-1-104
HAWKINS, CRAYTON L                      ID-16-1-93
HITT, JANE L.                           ID-16-1-226
HOPKINS, JAMES M                        ID-16-1-143
HORN, CHRISTIAN O.                      ID-16-1-224
HURTT, ALMA M.                          ID-16-1-173
INGAMELLS, LUTIE M.                     ID-16-1-214
JACOBSEN, HANS                          ID-16-1-110
JENKINS, CHARLES L.                     ID-16-1-238
JENSEN, JOHN                            ID-16-1-221
JOHNSON, SOFIA                          ID-16-1-108
JOHNSTON, ADAM                          ID-16-1-245
JOLLEY, EUBEN K.                        ID-16-1-191
JUDD, ALFRED                            ID-16-1-230
KAGGIE, GOTTLIEB                        ID-16-1-220
KIMBLE, THERESA                         ID-16-1-239
KING, THOMAS OWEN                       ID-16-1-172
KUHN, EMERY                             ID-16-1-202
LANGLEY, WILLIAM                        ID-16-1-41
LARSEN, LARS                            ID-16-1-45
LARSON, E. J.                           ID-16-1-233
LAWRENCE, ELLA M.                       ID-16-1-240
LEE, JOHN R.                            ID-16-1-109
LINVILLE, EVA B.                        ID-16-1-248
LONG, D. F.                             ID-16-1-164
MABEY, DANIELETTA                       ID-16-1-136
MARTIN, MOSES B.                        ID-16-1-178
MARTIN, ROBERT G.                       ID-16-1-241
MATSEN, BRENT                           ID-16-1-155
MAYHUGH, CHARLES P.                     ID-16-1-219
MCEVOY, JOHN W.                         ID-16-1-135
MCGLADE, ANNA A.                        ID-16-1-205
MELCHER, ORIN H.                        ID-16-1-206
MENCHACA, JUAN                          ID-16-1-207
MERCER, FLORA MARGARET                  ID-16-1-217
MUSSER, JACOB E.                        ID-16-1-210
PALMER, MARY FRANCES                    ID-16-1-153
PATTERSON, J. C.                        ID-16-1-174
PATTERSON, OLIVE A.                     ID-16-1-190
PAULSON, GUS O.                         ID-16-1-254
PERRINS, PHOEBE                         ID-16-1-169
PLATTS, ORSON                           ID-16-1-177
PLOEGER, ALBERT SR.                     ID-16-1-246
PLOEGER, LIZZIE                         ID-16-1-247
POULTON, ELENORA                        ID-16-1-259
POULTON, WILLIAM H.                     ID-16-1-160
POWERS, H. C.                           ID-16-1-195
PULTON, EMMA V.                         ID-16-1-231
QUINN, DORA A.                          ID-16-1-70
RICE, ADA C.                            ID-16-1-176
ROGERS, J. C.                           ID-16-1-159
RUTHERFORD, GEORGE W                    ID-16-1-23
SABIN, JAMES C.                         ID-16-1-213
SAMUELSON, AUGUST                       ID-16-1-76
SAMUELSON, KATHERINE                    ID-16-1-198
SAVAGE, MARINTHA A.                     ID-16-1-184
SCHODDE, MINNIE                         ID-16-1-204
SCHULZE, EFFIE                          ID-16-1-168
SCOTT, GEORGE M.                        ID-16-1-222
SCOTT, SEWELL F.                        ID-16-1-218
SHAW, T. F.                             ID-16-1-227
SMITH, ADAM G.                          ID-16-1-89
SMITH, JOHN S.                          ID-16-1-228, 262
SNODGRASS, JAMES W.                     ID-16-1-182
SOLOMON, LLOYD A.                       ID-16-1-181
SOLOMON, LOUIS                          ID-16-1-57
SPRACHER, GEORGE G.                     ID-16-1-148
SPRACHER, JAMES E.                      ID-16-1-194
STEVENSON, JESSE                        ID-16-1-170
STORY, J. J.                            ID-16-1-44
SWEETSER, ANDREW I.                     ID-16-1-40
TANNER, MARY L.                         ID-16-1-127
TAYLOR, JAMES T.                        ID-16-1-197
THOMPSON, LYDIA E.                      ID-16-1-193
TOLMAN, JOSHUA A.                       ID-16-1-185
TOLMAN, ORMUS ALBERT                    ID-16-1-189, 260
TOLMAN, WILLIAM A.                      ID-16-1-141
VANBRAMER, V.                           ID-16-1-257
VANCE, WILLIAM                          ID-16-1-180
VANKIRK, MARGARET BELLE                 ID-16-1-196
WEETER, JOHN LLOYD                      ID-16-1-201
WHEYLAND, JAMES                         ID-16-1-249
WHITAKER, EDGAR D.                      ID-16-1-225
WIESNER, PHILIP                         ID-16-1-68
WILKIE, ALEXANDER MACLEAN               ID-16-1-236
WOOD, RICE L.                           ID-16-1-43
WOODWARD, HERBERT R.                    ID-16-1-251
WORTHINGTON, JAMES M.                   ID-16-1-48
WORTHINGTON, PRISCILLA                  ID-16-1-145
YOUMANS, W. W.                          ID-16-1-183

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