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ACKLEY, GEORGE H.                       ID-14-2-177
ADAIR, JOHN CALVIN                      ID-14-2-311
ADMAS, JOHN T.                          ID-14-2-89
ADMAS, KATE                             ID-14-2-147
AKLEY, DANIEL W.                        ID-14-2-569
ALBANO, JOHN                            ID-14-2-587
ALBERTSON, ALBERT                       ID-14-2-103
ALBERTSON, BERTHA                       ID-14-2-7
ALBERTSON, MARTHA                       ID-14-2-384
ALLEN, H. E.                            ID-14-2-521
ALLEN, HANNAH J.                        ID-14-1A-234
ALLEN, JULIA                            ID-14-2-255
ALLEN, PETER                            ID-14-2-426
ALLEN, WILLIAM                          ID-14-1A-161
ALLENDER, ANN P.                        ID-14-1A-7
ALLSION, JOHN J.                        ID-14-2-460
ANDERSON, ELMER A.                      ID-14-2-132
ANDERSON, JAMES                         ID-14-2-233
ANDERSON, SARAH M.                      ID-14-1A-249
ANDRES, ITHAMER                         ID-14-1A-276
ANGELL, WILLIS H.                       ID-14-2-387
ARVIDSON, JOHN A.                       ID-14-1A-149
ASHBAUGH, JOHN A.                       ID-14-1A-255
ASKEY, ELLIS                            ID-14-1A-57
ASMUSSEN, HENRY                         ID-14-1A-172
ASP, ANDREW                             ID-14-2-167
ASSELIN, DAMASE                         ID-14-2-161
ATTERBERRY, JULIETT H.                  ID-14-1-173
ATTERBERRY, JULIETT H.                  ID-14-2-135
ATWOOD, ERNEST A.                       ID-14-1A-201
BABBITT, THOMAS S.                      ID-14-1-105
BABBITT, THOMAS S.                      ID-14-1A-21
BACKER, FOLKERT                         ID-14-2-402
BACON, DANIEL                           ID-14-1A-29
BADLEY, WILBUR S.                       ID-14-2-474
BAILEY, LOUISA C.                       ID-14-1A-364
BAIRD, LAURA F.                         ID-14-2-423
BAKER, CHARLES G.                       ID-14-2-154
BAKER, HELEN L.                         ID-14-2-9
BAKER, JENNIE                           ID-14-2-113
BAKER, SARAH E.                         ID-14-2-205
BALES, CALLIE D.                        ID-14-2-149
BALL, ANNIE ELIZABETH                   ID-14-1A-280
BALLANTYNE, SARAH                       ID-14-2-201
BANCROFT, FREDERICK J.                  ID-14-1A-62
BANCROFT, FREDERICK J.                  ID-14-1-29
BANKS, EMMA H.                          ID-14-1A-245
BARNEY, EDWARD D.                       ID-14-2-349
BARTLES, JACOB W.                       ID-14-2-116
BARTLES, VIOLET J.                      ID-14-1-115
BATLES, VIOLET J.                       ID-14-1A-282
BAUM, JOSEPH                            ID-14-2-599
BAXTER, FRED E.                         ID-14-2-20
BAYLESS, W. T.                          ID-14-2-313
BEALS, ISAAC J.                         ID-14-1A-391
BEAUREGARD, JOSEPH W.                   ID-14-2-480
BECK, HENRY                             ID-14-2-424
BECKERT, JOSEPH                         ID-14-2-473
BEDFORD, NANNIE E.                      ID-14-2-329
BEEBE, EDWIN A.                         ID-14-1A-321
BEERS, ANNIE C.                         ID-14-1A-250
BENARD, JAMES C. SR.                    ID-14-2-88
BENNETT, JAMES A.                       ID-14-1-72
BENNETT, JOSHUA J.                      ID-14-2-223
BERNARD, ADELIA E.                      ID-14-1-73
BERNARD, ADELIA E.                      ID-14-1A-154
BEYER, ALICE M.                         ID-14-2-207
BEYER, ALICE M.                         ID-14-1A-257
BILLINGSLEY, JACOB J.                   ID-14-1A-230
BILLINGSLEY, NORA M.                    ID-14-1A-216
BINFORD, ISAAC S.                       ID-14-2-17
BIRLEW, LEE                             ID-14-2-398
BIVENS, BENJAMIN T.                     ID-14-1A-157
BIXBY, SETH                             ID-14-1A-30
BLACK, WILLIAM A.                       ID-14-2-2
BLANC, JOHN F.                          ID-14-2-478
BLATCHLEY, CARRIE S.                    ID-14-2-562
BLECHA, VENCHEL                         ID-14-2-485
BLESSINGER, ALEXANDER                   ID-14-2-4
BLISS, FRIEND J.                        ID-14-1A-253
BLUNCK, FRANCES HELEN                   ID-14-2-166
BOCKHOP, MAGDALENE B.                   ID-14-1-183
BOEHRINGER, KARL                        ID-14-2-401
BOONE, ANNIE E.                         ID-14-2-524
BOONE, WILLIAM JUDSON                   ID-14-2-505
BOW, FREMONT                            ID-14-1-234
BOW, J. FREMONT                         ID-14-2-324
BOWER, RICHARD R.                       ID-14-2-484
BOWMAN, M. B.                           ID-14-1-147
BOWMAN, M. B.                           ID-14-1A-278
BRACE, MARY S.                          ID-14-2-541
BRADEN, LUCY                            ID-14-2-104
BRADEN, WILLIAM                         ID-14-1A-286
BRADEN, WILLIAM                         ID-14-1-111
BRAINARD, CLARENCE E.                   ID-14-1A-204
BRANARD, GEORGE S.                      ID-14-1A-191
BRANDT, JOHN W.                         ID-14-2-405
BRANNIN, RICHARD M.                     ID-14-2-375
BRAY, JOHN M.                           ID-14-1A-224
BRAY, MADISON                           ID-14-1A-218
BRINKLEY, LILLIAN H.                    ID-14-1-219
BRINKLEY, LILLIAN H.                    ID-14-2-286
BROBST, DELIA                           ID-14-2-70
BROCKETT, GUSTAVUS B.                   ID-14-2-12
BROWN, ANN AMERICUS                     ID-14-2-346
BROWN, CATHARINE A.                     ID-14-2-517
BROWN, CHARLES H.                       ID-14-2-385
BROWN, HELEN G.                         ID-14-1-259
BROWN, HELEN S.                         ID-14-2-437
BROWN, J. P.                            ID-14-2-331
BRUNZELL, JAN M.                        ID-14-2-31
BUCKINGHAM, EVERETT                     ID-14-2-231
BUCKNUM, WALTER N.                      ID-14-1A-211
BUMGARNER, LIDA M.                      ID-14-2-76
BUOR, BENJAMIN BERNARD                  ID-14-2-439
BURNS, JAMES                            ID-14-1A-36
BURNS, LOU H.                           ID-14-2-68
BURNS, THOMAS N.                        ID-14-2-350
BUSH, JAMES H.                          ID-14-1-16
BUXTON, MARY A.                         ID-14-2-525
BYARD, MATILDA                          ID-14-1A-20
CALDWELL, OAKES AMES                    ID-14-1-131
CALDWELL, OAKES AMES                    ID-14-1A-358
CALL, HELLEN E.                         ID-14-1-255
CAMPBELL, JOSEPH D.                     ID-14-1A-242
CANTWELL, FANNIE                        ID-14-2-118
CARLETON, SAMUEL O.                     ID-14-1-98
CARLYLE, WILLIAM HARVEY                 ID-14-2-344
CARPENTER, LESTER                       ID-14-2-155
CARR, JOHN W.                           ID-14-1A-168
CARSON, SAMUEL                          ID-14-1A-291
CARTER, EZRA F.                         ID-14-2-497
CARTER, JAMES M.                        ID-14-1A-1, 15
CARTER, WILLIAM P.                      ID-14-1A-177
CARTWRIGHT, WILLIAM R.                  ID-14-1A-236
CASE, GEORGE C.                         ID-14-2-194
CASE, HENRY R.                          ID-14-1-187
CASHMAN, ALMYRA                         ID-14-2-294
CAVE, CLARA E.                          ID-14-2-37
CHAMBERS,JOHN H.                        ID-14-2-69
CHANEY, SAMUEL F.                       ID-14-1A-296
CHAPMAN, EDNA LUCRETIA                  ID-14-1A-78
CHAPMAN, EDNA LUCRETIA                  ID-14-1-24
CHAPMAN, IRVING H.                      ID-14-1A-200
CIHAK, JOSEPH                           ID-14-2-193
CIHAK, JOSEPH                           ID-14-2-213
CLAKR, MARTHA E.                        ID-14-2-509
CLARK, JOHN D.                          ID-14-2-48
CLARK, MICHAEL                          ID-14-2-463
CLEGG, MARGARET E.                      ID-14-2-377
CLEGG, PHILIP                           ID-14-2-260
CLEMENS, DAVID A.                       ID-14-2-272
CLEMENTS, MARGARET                      ID-14-2-396
CLEMMONS, MARY T.                       ID-14-2-204
CLIFTON, CORA M.                        ID-14-2-565, 569
COGGBURN, JOHN J.                       ID-14-1A-226
COLE, HENRY                             ID-14-1A-38
COLE, HENRY                             ID-14-1-12
COLLOP, PETER J.                        ID-14-2-59
COLLOP, PETER J.                        ID-14-1-160
COLWELL, H. H.                          ID-14-2-29
COMMONS, MARY B.                        ID-14-2-441
COMPTON, CHARLES B.                     ID-14-1A-376
COMPTON, W. B.                          ID-14-2-65
CONROY, CLARENCE                        ID-14-2-483
CONROY, FRANK M.                        ID-14-2-423
CONWAY, FRANCES H.                      ID-14-2-358
CONWAY, MICHAEL P.                      ID-14-2-137
COOK, L. F.                             ID-14-2-32
COOPER, CALLISTUS W.                    ID-14-2-351
COOPER, KATE ADAMS                      ID-14-1-167
COPE, MARY W.                           ID-14-1-194
COPE, MARY W.                           ID-14-2-241
CORDUCK, MARY E.                        ID-14-2-122
CORDUCK, WILLIAM                        ID-14-2-220
CORLETT, C. E.                          ID-14-2-563
CORNELL, CORA                           ID-14-1A-256
CORNWELL, MARTHA E.                     ID-14-2-502
CORSON, LLOYD V.                        ID-14-2-80
CORSON, URILLA                          ID-14-1-143
CORSON, URILLA                          ID-14-2-21
CORWIN, S. L.                           ID-14-2-389
COSSEY, JOSHUA C.                       ID-14-1A-252
COX, HENRY                              ID-14-1A-400
COX, HENRY                              ID-14-1A-182
COX, J. J.                              ID-14-2-335
CROOME, JOHN F.                         ID-14-2-95
CULVER, HENRY L.                        ID-14-1A-237
CULVER, RHODA L.                        ID-14-2-427
CUMMINS, TITUS G.                       ID-14-1A-5
DAGG, MARY J.                           ID-14-1A-158
DAMALL, JAMES                           ID-14-1A-96
DAVIDSON, M. M.                         ID-14-2-451
DAVIS, CHARLES S.                       ID-14-2-393
DAVIS, JAMES W.                         ID-14-1A-251
DAVIS, JOHN P.                          ID-14-1A-69
DAVIS, SALINA                           ID-14-1A-71
DAVIS, WILLIAM R.                       ID-14-1-93
DAVIS, WILLIAM H.                       ID-14-2-8
DAVIS, WILLIAM R.                       ID-14-1A-235
DAY, HENRY H.                           ID-14-2-211
DAY, W. C.                              ID-14-2-339
DEARINGER, RUTHERFORD T.                ID-14-2-518
DEDMAN, W. A.                           ID-14-2-96
DEFRNACE, ARCHIE M.                     ID-14-2-254
DEGEER, JAMES W.                        ID-14-2-291
DELANO, FRANCIS B.                      ID-14-1A-110
DEMENT, GEORGE W.                       ID-14-2-109
DEMENT, JAMES A.                        ID-14-2-343
DEMO, EDNA IVERSON                      ID-14-2-178
DEMO, EMMA                              ID-14-2-580
DEMPSEY, ARDAN EDWARD                   ID-14-1A-138
DENNERLINE, A. J.                       ID-14-2-125
DEWALT, E. M.                           ID-14-1A-236
DICKINSON, ORESTES J.                   ID-14-2-17
DICKMAN, HENRY SR.                      ID-14-1A-346
DICKSON, WILLIAM                        ID-14-1A-356
DIETRICH, STEPHEN                       ID-14-1-186
DIETRICK, STEPHEN                       ID-14-2-214
DILLE, CARRIE E.                        ID-14-2-280
DILLE, LEWIS S.                         ID-14-1-258
DILLON, JOHN                            ID-14-1A-210
DINWIDDIE, J. F.                        ID-14-2-108
DOAN, BESSIE H.                         ID-14-2-426
DOLL, DAVID DANIEL                      ID-14-2-119
DONALDSON, JOHN BARNETT                 ID-14-2-236
DORY, GEORGE M.                         ID-14-2-523
DORY, IMERITTA M.                       ID-14-2-347
DOUGLAS, WILLIAM ALBIN                  ID-14-2-347
DOWD, FRANCIS E.                        ID-14-2-511
DOWNEY, JOHN                            ID-14-1A-350
DOWNING, JOHN                           ID-14-2-273
DRESS, GEORGE W.                        ID-14-1-133
DRESS, GEORGE W.                        ID-14-1A-179
DRISCOLL, PATRICK                       ID-14-1A-147
DROWN, WILLIAM H.                       ID-14-2-3
DUCHARME, GEORGE                        ID-14-1A-107
DUNCAN, JAMES SCROGIE                   ID-14-1-184
DUSPIVA, FRANK                          ID-14-2-225
EASTERBY, MAUDE SWAIN                   ID-14-2-157
EDERKLEP, TOSTEN T.                     ID-14-1A-165
EDMUNDS, STEPHEN BRADLEY                ID-14-1A-245
EDWARDS, W. F.                          ID-14-2-71
EGGERS, KATHERINE                       ID-14-1-154
ELERICK, L. C.                          ID-14-1-244
ENGEL, PETER E.                         ID-14-2-107
ENGLISH, AMROSE A.                      ID-14-2-174
ENGLISH, WILLIAM                        ID-14-2-459
ERNST, GEORGE M.                        ID-14-2-556
EVERITT, GEORGE H.                      ID-14-2-323
FAHY, CHRISTOPHER                       ID-14-1A-133
FAHY, CHRISTOPHER                       ID-14-1-84
FAHY, PATRICK J.                        ID-14-1A-160
FANNING, THOMAS C.                      ID-14-1-150
FARLEY, MONROE                          ID-14-2-318
FARLEY, PORTER M.                       ID-14-2-317
FARLEY, W. W.                           ID-14-2-407
FARRAR, EDITH S.                        ID-14-2-593
FARRAR, JASON                           ID-14-2-379
FARRAR, ROBERT                          ID-14-2-269
FARRAR, WILLIAM C.                      ID-14-2-506
FEISTNER, VIOLA E.                      ID-14-2-27
FIDLER, HENRY                           ID-14-2-98
FIKE, GEORGE D.                         ID-14-2-491
FISCHER, CHARLES J. C.                  ID-14-2-100
FISH, GEORGE P.                         ID-14-1-211
FISH, WALTER R.                         ID-14-2-245
FLEMING, ELLA                           ID-14-1A-288
FLUETSCH, ANDREW                        ID-14-2-489
FORCH, JACOB                            ID-14-2-30
FOSS, SARAH JANE                        ID-14-1A-238
FOSTER, W. T.                           ID-14-1A-31
FOSTER, W. T.                           ID-14-1-61
FOUCH, ALTHA E.                         ID-14-2-539
FOX, JOHN S.                            ID-14-1-34
FOX, JOHN S.                            ID-14-1A-91
FRAME, WILLIAM                          ID-14-1A-151
FRANKLIN, GEORGE                        ID-14-2-507
FRAZIER, SARAH H.                       ID-14-2-326
FREEMAN, CAROLINE                       ID-14-2-440
FRESTON, HARRY M.                       ID-14-2-456
FROMAN, GEORGE W.                       ID-14-2-121
FROMAN, ISAAC S.                        ID-14-2-156
FROMAN, ISAAC S.                        ID-14-1-222
FROST, MONTIE                           ID-14-2-189
GAHLEY, FRANK                           ID-14-2-142
GARDNER, THOMAS J.                      ID-14-2-407
GARLAND, JOSEPH H.                      ID-14-2-438
GARLAND,CHARLES                         ID-14-2-327
GARMAN, S. D.                           ID-14-2-585
GEORGE, WILLIAM A.                      ID-14-1A-227
GERDES, M. J.                           ID-14-1A-406
GERDES, M. J.                           ID-14-1-145
GIANOLI, JOHN                           ID-14-2-350
GIBBENS, ALMEDA                         ID-14-1-181
GIBBENS, ALMEDA                         ID-14-2-127
GIBBENS, WILLIAM LESLIE                 ID-14-2-315
GILBERT, ANNA                           ID-14-1A-230
GILBERT, FRANK G.                       ID-14-2-56
GILL, LOUISA                            ID-14-1A-26
GILL, MARVIN H.                         ID-14-1A-40
GILL, MERVIN H.                         ID-14-1-65
GILMORE, ABRAHAM L.                     ID-14-1A-249
GIRARD, WILLIAM L.                      ID-14-2-486
GIVEN, ALBERT M.                        ID-14-2-307
GIVENS, SADIE L.                        ID-14-1A-241
GLASS, GEORGE                           ID-14-1A-108
GLASS, SOPHIA                           ID-14-2-238
GLENN, MARY E.                          ID-14-1A-238
GLENN, ROBERT E.                        ID-14-2-310
GOETE, FRED                             ID-14-1-237
GOETTE, FRED                            ID-14-2-357
GOGGIN, LUCIA C.                        ID-14-2-295
GOLDSMITH, ELLEN F.                     ID-14-2-15
GOODNIGHT, CLARA                        ID-14-1-123
GOODNIGHT, JACOB L.                     ID-14-1-122
GOODWIN, G. P.                          ID-14-2-272
GORSUCH, ANNA S.                        ID-14-2-366
GOSS, WILDER D.                         ID-14-2-105
GOSS, WILDER D.                         ID-14-1-171
GOULD, AMOS                             ID-14-2-532
GRANDJEAN, AXEL E.                      ID-14-2-152
GREEN, KATE                             ID-14-1A-165
GREENLUND, AUGUSTUS                     ID-14-2-254
GREENLUND, NANNIE A.                    ID-14-2-314
GREER, IRA                              ID-14-2-589
GRENLUND, NANNIE A.                     ID-14-1-216
GRIMES, G. A.                           ID-14-2-416
GUE, JOHN W.                            ID-14-2-351
HAAS, HENRY B.                          ID-14-2-582
HALE, ELLEN S.                          ID-14-1-77
HALL, AMZA L.                           ID-14-1A-195
HALL, CHARLES W.                        ID-14-2-365
HAMILTON, ANNA F.                       ID-14-2-435
HAMILTON, M. F.                         ID-14-2-499
HAMMER, OSCAR C.                        ID-14-2-55
HANCOCK, CORA                           ID-14-2-452
HANKY, MARY ESTHER                      ID-14-1-148
HANKY, MARY ESTHER                      ID-14-2-23
HANNAH, ADA                             ID-14-1-21
HANNAH, HENRY V. D.                     ID-14-2-143
HARD, ELIZA J.                          ID-14-2-216
HARDMAN, WILLIAM                        ID-14-1-119
HARDY, FRANCIS P.                       ID-14-2-282
HARDY, JANE                             ID-14-1A-360
HARDY, JANE                             ID-14-1-117
HARRIS, ARCHIBALD W.                    ID-14-1A-94
HARRIS, ELIZABETH A.                    ID-14-2-234
HARRIS, H. B.                           ID-14-2-203
HARRIS, SARAH A.                        ID-14-2-577
HARTLEY, HENRY K.                       ID-14-1A-97
HARTLEY, MINERVA A.                     ID-14-2-336
HARTLEY, THOMAS R.                      ID-14-2-267
HARTMAN, HENRIETTA P.                   ID-14-1A-159
HARVEY, ALBERT                          ID-14-2-188
HASTRITER, MICHAEL                      ID-14-1A-248
HATCH, MARY H.                          ID-14-1A-389
HATCH, WILLIAM K.                       ID-14-2-307
HATFIELD, CYNTHIA R.                    ID-14-2-425
HAWKES, MARY EMILY                      ID-14-2-281
HAWKES, WINFIELD SCOTT                  ID-14-2-138
HAZEN, LAWRENCE J.                      ID-14-2-36
HEADRICK, WADE A.                       ID-14-2-525
HEDDEN, AARON C.                        ID-14-1A-217
HELGERSON, ANSTEN T.                    ID-14-2-554
HELMS, ROC D.                           ID-14-2-598
HENDERSON,M ARTHA                       ID-14-2-369
HERBST, BERNARD                         ID-14-2-383
HERBST, REBECCA L.                      ID-14-2-245
HERTH, SOPHIA                           ID-14-1-164
HERTH, SOPHIA                           ID-14-2-84
HESS, SMITH H.                          ID-14-2-81
HIBNER, ABBIE                           ID-14-2-388
HICKEY, CHARLES R.                      ID-14-2-410
HICKEY, JOHN S.                         ID-14-1-97
HICKEY, JOHN S.                         ID-14-1A-232
HICKMAN, JAMES                          ID-14-2-571
HICKMAN, SARAH J.                       ID-14-2-573
HIGGS, MARTHA A.                        ID-14-2-465
HILDRETH, EMMA J.                       ID-14-1A-245
HILDRETH, ISAAC H.                      ID-14-2-287
HILL, J. B.                             ID-14-2-341
HINKEY, ANTONE                          ID-14-1A-271, 274
HODSON, GEORGE W.                       ID-14-1A-244
HOFFMAN, F. G.                          ID-14-2-581
HOFFMAN, FERDINAND                      ID-14-1A-240
HOGGATT, J. C.                          ID-14-2-504
HOLTSCLAW, Z. T.                        ID-14-2-436
HOOD, GEORGE W.                         ID-14-1A-295
HOOD, GEORGE W.                         ID-14-1-14
HOOVER, ALEXANDER A.                    ID-14-1A-243
HOPKINS, GEORGE W.                      ID-14-2-432
HORN, ELLA A.                           ID-14-1-166
HORN,E LLA A.                           ID-14-2-101
HORTON, CHARLES S.                      ID-14-2-81
HOSTETTER, A. K.                        ID-14-2-40
HOUDYSHELL, HENRY S.                    ID-14-1A-261
HOWARD, FRANCES M.                      ID-14-1A-61
HUFF, ELEANOR                           ID-14-2-316
HUFF, ELEANOR                           ID-14-1-239
HUFF, IRENE D.                          ID-14-1-153
HUFF, IRENE D.                          ID-14-2-53
HUFF, THOMAS J.                         ID-14-2-308
HUGHES, ELIZABETH                       ID-14-1-249
HULBERT, J. S.                          ID-14-2-510
HUME, HEMAN ALLEN                       ID-14-2-513
HUMMEL, JERRY E.                        ID-14-1-250
HUMMEL, JERRY E.                        ID-14-2-298
HUNT, F. W.                             ID-14-1A-112
HUNTER, JAMES H.                        ID-14-2-310
HUNTER, LOTTIE                          ID-14-1A-246
HUTCHINSON, GEORGE H.                   ID-14-1A-54
HUTCHINSON, JAMES M.                    ID-14-1A-121
HUTCHINSON, JAMES M.                    ID-14-1-94
HYSLOP, WILLIAM                         ID-14-2-258
IHLI, WENDELL                           ID-14-2-170
IMUS, CHARLES HARRISON                  ID-14-2-555
IRWIN, ALBERT B.                        ID-14-2-162
ISHAM, A. F.                            ID-14-2-325
JACK, JOHN                              ID-14-1-92
JACK, JOHN                              ID-14-1A-192
JACKSON, EMMA J.                        ID-14-2-184
JACKSON, T. S.                          ID-14-1-215
JACOBS, MARY M.                         ID-14-2-376
JENKINS, MICHAEL R.                     ID-14-1A-169
JENNINGS, SAMUEL JAMES                  ID-14-1-113
JENNINGS, SAMUEL JAMES                  ID-14-1A-314
JENSMA, CORNELIUS P.                    ID-14-2-340
JESSON, JENS F.                         ID-14-2-110
JOHNS, WILLIAM H.                       ID-14-2-457
JOHNSON, AMON H.                        ID-14-1A-209
JOHNSON, IDA S.                         ID-14-2-431
JOHNSON, MARGARET W.                    ID-14-2-600
JOHNSON, ROBERT                         ID-14-2-78
JOHNSON, SAMUEL                         ID-14-2-244
JOHNSTON, JAMES D.                      ID-14-1A-317
JOHNSTON, THOMAS T.                     ID-14-2-58
JOHSNTON, HYRCANUS P.                   ID-14-2-199
JONES, HARRY H.                         ID-14-1A-135
JONES, JOSEPH E.                        ID-14-2-269
JOY, BELLE B.                           ID-14-2-12
KAHN, JOSEPH                            ID-14-2-309
KEEDICK, ELIZABETH M.                   ID-14-1A-303
KEEDICK, WILLAM ERNEST                  ID-14-2-596
KELLY, SARA E.                          ID-14-1A-67
KENLY, JOSEPH FRANCIS                   ID-14-2-371
KENNEDY, SAMUEL L.                      ID-14-2-39
KEOUGH, W. J.                           ID-14-1A-255
KERBY, FRANCIS M.                       ID-14-1A-167
KERBY, MARY A.                          ID-14-2-410
KERR, THOMAS M.                         ID-14-1-28
KERRIC, J. E.                           ID-14-2-148
KETCHUM, P. R.                          ID-14-1A-186
KETCHUM, P. R.                          ID-14-1-86
KIDDIE, JOHN                            ID-14-2-445
KIERNAN, JOHN                           ID-14-2-322
KING, LUCY E.                           ID-14-1A-263
KING, ROBERT T.                         ID-14-2-586
KINKAID, JAMES G.                       ID-14-1A-312
KIRKPATRICK, ELBERT M.                  ID-14-1A-301
KIRKPATRICK, GEORGE M.                  ID-14-2-295
KNAPP, PHILIP E.                        ID-14-2-23
KOHLER, FREDERICK S.                    ID-14-1-96
KOHLER, FREDERICK S.                    ID-14-1A-142
KRALL, JOHN                             ID-14-1A-379
KROGH, PETER                            ID-14-2-417
KURTZ, BELLE BRISTOL                    ID-14-2-579
KVORKA, JOSEPH FRANCIS                  ID-14-2-371
LACKLAND, WILLIAM R.                    ID-14-2-360
LACY, MICHAEL                           ID-14-1A-101
LAM, ELIZABETH CATHERINE                ID-14-2-25
LAM, WILLIAM H.                         ID-14-1A-174
LAMME, DAVID S.                         ID-14-1A-228
LANG, A. H.                             ID-14-1-209
LANG, A. H.                             ID-14-2-231
LANGDELL, SUSAN                         ID-14-1A-220
LANKFORD, WILLIAM A.                    ID-14-1A-180
LARGENT, J. N.                          ID-14-2-356
LARSEN, EMMA C.                         ID-14-2-513
LARSON, EDWARD F.                       ID-14-1A-362
LARSON, LEWIS                           ID-14-2-538
LAUER, WILLIAM                          ID-14-1A-46
LAWRENCE, W. H.                         ID-14-2-414
LEAVITT, C. M.                          ID-14-2-498
LELANDE, MAURICE                        ID-14-1A-239
LEMP, CATHERINE                         ID-14-1-90
LEMP, EDWARD                            ID-14-1-125
LEMP, JOHN                              ID-14-1-134
LESH, CAROLINE L.                       ID-14-1A-380
LISONBEE, LOUISE M.                     ID-14-2-206
LITTLE, FLORA C.                        ID-14-1A-305
LITTLE, GEORGE                          ID-14-1A-236
LOCK, E. JANE                           ID-14-2-302
LOCK, F. W.                             ID-14-2-64
LOGAN, THOMAS E.                        ID-14-1-42
LOGG, JAMES L.                          ID-14-2-366
LOHMANN, CAROLINE                       ID-14-2-150
LONG, SARAH S.                          ID-14-1A-222
LOOK, WILLIAM H.                        ID-14-2-503
LOOMIS, WILLIAM                         ID-14-2-65
LOUDEN, MARIA G.                        ID-14-2-429
LOUDER, E. E.                           ID-14-1-267
MACFARLEN, ROBERT L.                    ID-14-2-239
MADDEN, AMY L.                          ID-14-2-562
MADSEN, JENNIE                          ID-14-2-385
MADSEN, JOHN PETER                      ID-14-2-258
MALLENY, CELESTIA A.                    ID-14-1A-272
MALLERY, EVERETT R.                     ID-14-1A-86
MALONEY, EUDORA                         ID-14-2-145
MANEELY, WILLIAM J.                     ID-14-1A-189
MANKEY, WILLIAM H.                      ID-14-2-293
MANNING, MAURICE W.                     ID-14-2-534
MAOSN, CORNELIUS                        ID-14-2-181
MARCH, WILLIAM H.                       ID-14-1-265
MARCH, WILLIAM H.                       ID-14-2-484
MARTIN, ADDIE                           ID-14-2-268
MARTIN, LYDA                            ID-14-2-169
MARTIN, MARY                            ID-14-1A-49
MARTIN, MARY                            ID-14-1-13
MARTIN, THOMAS L.                       ID-14-1A-223
MASTERS, JAMES A.                       ID-14-1A-383
MAXWEY, WILLIAM CANNON                  ID-14-1-140
MAXWEY, WILLIAM CANNON                  ID-14-1A-231
MAYHUGH, MALINDA                        ID-14-2-399
MCADOO, FRANCES B.                      ID-14-2-421
MCARTHUR, GEORGE A.                     ID-14-1A-166
MCARTHUR, P. M.                         ID-14-2-412
MCCAIN, HUGH JOHNSON                    ID-14-1A-366
MCCALL, RACHEL A.                       ID-14-2-321
MCCALL, ZACHARIAH                       ID-14-1A-343
MCCLUNG, GEORGE                         ID-14-2-28
MCCLUNG, MARGARET                       ID-14-2-353
MCCLUSKEY, WILLIAM                      ID-14-1-254
MCCLUSKEY, WILLIAM                      ID-14-2-405
MCCONNELL, DAN                          ID-14-2-352
MCCORMICK, EDWARD F.                    ID-14-2-303
MCCORMICK, GEORGE L.                    ID-14-2-159
MCCORMICK, IDA P.                       ID-14-2-158
MCCULLOUGH, THOMAS H.                   ID-14-1A-341
MCDOLE, LYDIA                           ID-14-2-309
MCDONALD, ALEXANDER H.                  ID-14-1A-246
MCDOWELL,MAY F.                         ID-14-2-260
MCGUIRE, ROBERT                         ID-14-2-106
MCHENDRY, NANCY A.                      ID-14-1A-33
MCINTOSH, WILLIAM IRVING                ID-14-1A-259
MCINTOSH, WILLIAM IRVING                ID-14-1-107
MCKECHNINE, ARCHIBALD                   ID-14-2-505
MCKINLEY, WILLIAM H.                    ID-14-1A-339
MCLAIN, SAMUEL D.                       ID-14-2-327
MCLIN, J. A.                            ID-14-2-500
MCMILLEN, W. W.                         ID-14-2-292
MCROBBIE, MARGARET E.                   ID-14-1A-189
MEAD, M. H.                             ID-14-2-277
MEIGS, CURTIS E.                        ID-14-1A-227
MELLOR, WILLIAM H.                      ID-14-1A-198
MELLOR, WILLIAM H.                      ID-14-1A-193, 198
MERCER, MATTIE                          ID-14-2-584
MERCER, SARAH                           ID-14-1A-268
METCALF, CHARLE SF.                     ID-14-2-332
MEYER, JOHNS.                           ID-14-2-415
MILLER, ANNA GRACE                      ID-14-1-261
MILLER, ANNA GRACE                      ID-14-2-481
MILLER, DAVIS A.                        ID-14-2-299
MILLER, FRED S.                         ID-14-2-212
MILLER, J. HERMAN                       ID-14-2-61
MILLER, JOHN B.                         ID-14-2-165
MILLER, MARY ELIZABETH                  ID-14-2-449
MILLIKEN, ROBERT                        ID-14-2-19
MILLS, CHARLES EDWIN                    ID-14-1-225
MILLS, CHARLES EDWIN                    ID-14-2-397
MITCHELL, ANNA                          ID-14-2-522
MITCHELL, SARAH M.                      ID-14-2-274
MITCHELL, SARAH A.                      ID-14-2-314
MITCHELL, WALTER B.                     ID-14-2-489
MONK, JAMES W.                          ID-14-2-342
MOREHEAD, WILLIAM L.                    ID-14-2-183
MORELAND, JAMES EDWARD                  ID-14-2-481
MORRISON, ELEANOR                       ID-14-2-91
MORRISON, FINLEY                        ID-14-2-579
MORRISON, JOHN E.                       ID-14-2-99
MORROW, ROBERT L.                       ID-14-1A-187
MOSS, ALBERT BARTLETT                   ID-14-1A-240
MOUDY, JAMES                            ID-14-1A-104
MOUDY, SAMUEL                           ID-14-1A-164
MOULTON, W. G.                          ID-14-2-295
MUDGETT, LOUISA                         ID-14-2-270
MUDGETT, RECORDER M.                    ID-14-1A-235
MULLINS, PAT                            ID-14-1A-309
MULLINS, PAT                            ID-14-1-127
MUNKERS, SUSAN J.                       ID-14-1A-299
MURPHY, EDWARD L.                       ID-14-1-99
MURPHY, EDWARD L.                       ID-14-1A-244
MURRAY, EDWARD J.                       ID-14-1A-79
MYERS, WILLIAM                          ID-14-2-133
NALERAI, AUGUSTA                        ID-14-2-102
NEAL, MARTHA                            ID-14-1A-221
NEELY, W. J.                            ID-14-2-431
NELSON, JAMES                           ID-14-2-78
NETTLETON, EDWIN G.                     ID-14-1A-48
NETTLETON, LUCY C.                      ID-14-2-131
NEWCUM, JOHN W.                         ID-14-1A-88
NEWELL, LIZZIE A.                       ID-14-2-520
NEWTON, RUFUS B.                        ID-14-2-173
NICHOLAS, JOHN M.                       ID-14-2-337
NICOLAYSEN, JULEANA C.                  ID-14-2-383
NIELSON, MARY                           ID-14-2-342
NORMAN, ELLEN P.                        ID-14-2-367
NORMAN, RICHARD                         ID-14-2-67
NORRIS, ANNA J.                         ID-14-2-192
NORRIS, MATTIE                          ID-14-1-110
NORRIS, THOMAS                          ID-14-2-10
NUMANS, GERARDUS B.                     ID-14-2-367
OAKES, HENRIETTA                        ID-14-2-500
OBENDORF, GEORGE BERNARD                ID-14-2-434
OBRYAN, MYRA                            ID-14-2-595
OBSTARCZYK, ANNA                        ID-14-1A-368
OBSTARCZYK, ANNA                        ID-14-1-124
ODE, FREDERICK                          ID-14-2-246
OE, PAULINE (JOHNSON)                   ID-14-2-370
OLDER, WALT                             ID-14-1A-228
OLDHAM, WILLIAM                         ID-14-1A-243
OLIVER, J. C.                           ID-14-1A-219
OLIVER,ELLIS C.                         ID-14-2-255
OLK, MATHIAS                            ID-14-1-138
OLK, MATHIAS                            ID-14-2-6
OLSON, LETTIE C.                        ID-14-1A-345
OLSON, OLE M.                           ID-14-2-172
OLSON, WILLIAM                          ID-14-2-530
OMALIA, MARTIN                          ID-14-2-594
ORVIS, IRA                              ID-14-1A-253
OSBORN, WILLIAM ELMORE                  ID-14-2-508
OVERBECK, B. H. JR.                     ID-14-2-130
OWENS, EPHRIAM E.                       ID-14-1A-200
PAINE, ALICE L.                         ID-14-2-515
PAINE, WILEY                            ID-14-2-168
PAPEZ, AUGUST                           ID-14-2-333
PARKER, FRANK                           ID-14-2-409
PARKS, ADA F.                           ID-14-2-261
PARKS, J. C.                            ID-14-2-353
PARKS, WILLIAM                          ID-14-1A-190
PARKS, WILLIAM                          ID-14-1-88
PARRISH, BENJAMIN                       ID-14-1A-184
PARRISH, RUTH L.                        ID-14-2-37
PATTERSON, C. W.                        ID-14-2-565
PATTERSON, JOHN                         ID-14-2-93
PAULSEN, G. M.                          ID-14-2-397
PAXTON, WILLIAM S.                      ID-14-1A-167
PAYNE, HIRAM                            ID-14-1A-205
PAYNE, W. E.                            ID-14-1A-247
PAYNTER, ISAAC N.                       ID-14-2-266
PEIRCE, ANNA                            ID-14-1A-117
PENNEY, TRUMAN E.                       ID-14-2-22
PERISHO, THOMAS C.                      ID-14-2-126
PERKEL, CYNTHIA A.                      ID-14-1A-145
PERRY, FANNIE H.                        ID-14-2-400
PERRY, FRANCES A.                       ID-14-1A-395
PETTY, JUDSON J.                        ID-14-1A-319
PHILLIPS, O. L.                         ID-14-1A-207
PICARD, CHARLES C.                      ID-14-2-321
PICARD, CHARLOTTE                       ID-14-2-588
PINCUS, LIZZIE R.                       ID-14-2-13
PIPHER, JOHN                            ID-14-2-235
PLAGER, JOHN                            ID-14-2-395
PLEACE, MARY JANE                       ID-14-1A-56
PLOWHEAD, EDWARD H.                     ID-14-2-568
POLLET, DAN                             ID-14-2-344
POOLEY, LILLIAN P.                      ID-14-1-228
POTEET, L. J.                           ID-14-2-153
POTTER, DARIUS D.                       ID-14-1A-402
POWELL, JOHNATHAN L.                    ID-14-2-101
POWELL, SARAH E.                        ID-14-2-427
PRESTEL, JOHN W.                        ID-14-1A-254
PRINSING, JACOB                         ID-14-2-73
PUCKETT, MARTHA A.                      ID-14-1-38
PUGSLEY, T. A.                          ID-14-1A-28
RAND, CALVIN L.                         ID-14-2-117
RANDALL, FRANK A.                       ID-14-1-1
READING, EDWARD                         ID-14-1A-124
RELYEA, AMANDA L.                       ID-14-1A-192
RHOADS, LEWIS N.                        ID-14-1A-75
RICHOLSON, JOHN                         ID-14-2-226
RICHOLSON, JUULIA B.                    ID-14-2-219
RIESSER, JOHN P.                        ID-14-2-311
RINGER, ALBURN C.                       ID-14-1-40
RINGER, ALBURN C.                       ID-14-1A-95
RISKEMIRE, HANNAH REBEKAH               ID-14-2-302
RIVETT, ANDRE                           ID-14-2-365
ROBB, HARRY A.                          ID-14-1A-233
ROBBINS, FRANK W.                       ID-14-1-226
ROBBINS, FRANK W.                       ID-14-2-263
ROBERTS, FRANK                          ID-14-1A-131
ROBERTS, HAVEN J.                       ID-14-2-319
ROBERTS, RICHARD J.                     ID-14-2-210
ROBERTSON, EDWARD M.                    ID-14-2-128
ROBERTSON, JAMES DUGAL                  ID-14-2-163
ROBETSON, CHARLES                       ID-14-2-185
ROBINSON, BELLE C.                      ID-14-2-390
ROBINSON, C. E.                         ID-14-2-146
ROBINSON, HARRY C.                      ID-14-2-348
ROBINSON, HENRY W.                      ID-14-2-124
ROBINSON, HENRY E.                      ID-14-2-349
ROBINSON, MARY E.                       ID-14-2-222
ROBINSON, W. R.                         ID-14-2-75
ROCKEFELLER, I. M.                      ID-14-2-263
ROCKWEL, JANE ELIZABETH                 ID-14-1A-234
RODRIGUES, RAPHAEL                      ID-14-1-108
RODRIGUEZ, RAPHAEL                      ID-14-1A-140
ROEDER, THEODORE                        ID-14-2-391
ROGERS, ELIJAH P.                       ID-14-1A-82
ROOP, ANNIE E.                          ID-14-1A-266
ROSE, L. C.                             ID-14-2-228
ROSE, MERRITT C.                        ID-14-2-553
ROSENBERRY, W. H.                       ID-14-2-232
ROSS, EMMA A.                           ID-14-2-1
ROTHLISBERGER, A. C.                    ID-14-2-45
RUCKER, LARKIN                          ID-14-2-354
RUDGE, GEORGE                           ID-14-1-152
RUDGE, GEORGE                           ID-14-2-86
RUE, ELIZABETH ANN                      ID-14-2-313
RUSSELL, R. A.                          ID-14-2-376
RYDER, WILLIAM L.                       ID-14-2-265
SANITAS, ERNEST                         ID-14-1A-158
SARGENT, WESLEY                         ID-14-2-179
SATTERFIELD, JOHN                       ID-14-1-27
SATTERFIELD, JOHN                       ID-14-1-44
SAVAGE, BESSIE N.                       ID-14-2-583
SCHEY, I. W.                            ID-14-1-252
SCHLACHTER, HARM T.                     ID-14-2-361
SCHMITT, WILLIAM                        ID-14-2-191
SCHOLTS, JUDITH C.                      ID-14-2-147
SCHOMBERG, FRED                         ID-14-1-178
SCHOMBURG, FRED                         ID-14-2-175
SCHREIBER, JACOB                        ID-14-1-18
SCHULTZ, ERNST GOTTLIEB                 ID-14-1A-237
SCOTT, ADA E.                           ID-14-2-541
SCOTT, RACHEL A.                        ID-14-1A-196
SCOTT, SEARS H.                         ID-14-2-266
SEBREE, HOWARD                          ID-14-1-199
SEBREE, N. B.                           ID-14-1A-162
SEBRING, DAVID C.                       ID-14-1A-370
SEDLMAYER, GEORGE N.                    ID-14-2-345
SEITZ, JACOB                            ID-14-1A-119
SELBY, BELLE                            ID-14-2-458
SHAVER, BENJAMIN CHARLES                ID-14-1-264
SHAW, HENRY T.                          ID-14-1A-252
SHELLABERGER, ANNA L. W.                ID-14-2-46
SHELLABERGER, CHARLES P.                ID-14-2-47
SHERMAN, ANNIE M.                       ID-14-1A-250
SHOPLEY, BRICE                          ID-14-1A-25
SHORB, C. J.                            ID-14-2-117
SHORT, C. J.                            ID-14-1-193
SHORT, MARY                             ID-14-1A-175
SHROLL, WILSON S.                       ID-14-2-187
SHUPE, MAY L.                           ID-14-2-540
SHUPE, WILLIAM A.                       ID-14-2-92
SIEGEL, FRANK                           ID-14-2-90
SIMPSON, WILLIAM                        ID-14-1A-384
SMAL, CATHERINE E.                      ID-14-1-205
SMALL, CATHERINE E.                     ID-14-2-301
SMALL, EDWIN M.                         ID-14-1-257
SMALL, EDWIN M.                         ID-14-2-440
SMALL, MORRIS M.                        ID-14-1A-223
SMALLWOOD, GERTRUDE                     ID-14-2-467
SMEED, CHARLES R.                       ID-14-2-240
SMITH, AMELIA H.                        ID-14-2-285
SMITH, FLOYD E.                         ID-14-2-331
SMITH, FRANK J.                         ID-14-1-102
SMITH, FRANK J.                         ID-14-1A-208
SMITH, HENRY E.                         ID-14-2-343
SMITH, JAMES T.                         ID-14-2-34
SMITH, JAMES W.                         ID-14-2-218
SMITH, JONATHAN                         ID-14-1A-156
SMITH, JOSEPHINE                        ID-14-2-160
SMITH, LOUIS N.                         ID-14-2-435
SMITH, WILLIAM F.                       ID-14-2-111
SMYSER, EDGAR                           ID-14-2-243
SNODGRASS, JESSIE                       ID-14-2-49
SNYDER, GEORGE W.                       ID-14-1A-398
SOWER, BROOK WATSON                     ID-14-2-392
SPAINHOWER, JOHN H.                     ID-14-1A-334
SPECHT, FRED                            ID-14-2-421
SPENCER, EDMUND C.                      ID-14-1A-247
SPRONG, EMMA                            ID-14-2-480
STAMM, C. A.                            ID-14-1-129
STAMM, C. A.                            ID-14-1A-374
STANLEY, WILLIE B.                      ID-14-2-340
STANLEY, WILLIS B.                      ID-14-1-232
STEAVENSON, ELEANOR C.                  ID-14-1A-115
STEAVENSON, HUGH R.                     ID-14-1A-12
STEEL, JOHN                             ID-14-1-203
STEEL, JOHN                             ID-14-2-274
STENNENBERG, ALBERT K.                  ID-14-1A-126
STENNENBERG, BERNARDUS                  ID-14-1A-129
STEPHENS, CHARLES                       ID-14-2-151
STEPHENS, EZRA FESSENDEN                ID-14-2-278
STEPHENS, FRANK G.                      ID-14-2-394
STEPHENS, MARY E.                       ID-14-1A-351
STEPHENSON, PAUL                        ID-14-2-38
STERRY, CHRISTOPHER W.                  ID-14-1-2
STEVENS, FRANCES A.                     ID-14-1A-171
STEVENS, JOHN                           ID-14-2-333
STEWART, WILLIAM H.                     ID-14-1A-3
STILWELL, EMMA S.                       ID-14-2-479
STJULIEN, A. (MRS.)                     ID-14-1A-113
STOBIE, WILLIAM FRANKLIN                ID-14-2-576
STOCKTON, HARLING SMITH                 ID-14-2-347
STOCKTON, JOHN HOUSTON                  ID-14-2-136
STOCKTON, RICHARD H.                    ID-14-1-175
STOCKTON, RICHARD H.                    ID-14-1A-332
STOCKTON, RICHARD LEONARD               ID-14-2-370
STOECKER, HENRY W.                      ID-14-2-409
STONE, ALFRED F.                        ID-14-2-413
STONE, CHARLES W.                       ID-14-2-120
STONE, EMMA E.                          ID-14-2-334
STONE, FRANK S.                         ID-14-2-406
STONE, H. W.                            ID-14-2-354
STOTZ, JACOB                            ID-14-2-316
STRICKLAND, AMAZIAH                     ID-14-1A-77
STRICKLAND, THEODORE S.                 ID-14-2-330
STROH, ANDREW C.                        ID-14-2-463
STUMBAUGH, ALBERT B.                    ID-14-2-396
SURBER, G. L.                           ID-14-1A-221
SWALM, WESLEY                           ID-14-2-115
SWITZER, ANDREW B.                      ID-14-2-345
SYKORA, JOSEPH                          ID-14-2-479
SYMMS, R. A.                            ID-14-2-422
TAYLOR, H. L.                           ID-14-1-26
TEBBETS, JOHN SEVER                     ID-14-1-80
TEMPLETON, JOHN H.                      ID-14-2-366
TEMPLETON, OMAN                         ID-14-1A-175
THOMAS, ERNESTINE                       ID-14-1A-163
TILLINGHAST, C. D.                      ID-14-1A-183
TISH, GEORGE P.                         ID-14-2-304
TOLIN, COMMODORE P.                     ID-14-2-227
TREANOR, DONALD M.                      ID-14-1A-89
TROTTER, E. D.                          ID-14-1A-170
TROUTON, ROBERT                         ID-14-2-533
TURNER, CHARLES H.                      ID-14-2-94
TURNER, EDWARD EVERETT                  ID-14-1-236
TURNER, EDWARD EVERETT                  ID-14-2-344
TUTTLE, ALMON L.                        ID-14-1A-247
TUTTLE, CHARLOTTE C.                    ID-14-2-325
VANDERKAR, PAUL NATHAN                  ID-14-1A-325
VANDERKOLK, DEWEY                       ID-14-2-140
VANDYKE, MARY B.                        ID-14-2-261
VANWINKLE, MISSOURI                     ID-14-1A-338
VINCENT, J. F.                          ID-14-2-33
VINSON, JOHN W.                         ID-14-1A-241
VONWASMER, WILLIAM HENRY                ID-14-2-453
WADE, EMMA R.                           ID-14-2-576
WAGNER, NICKOLAUS                       ID-14-2-456
WALDRON, MINNIE L.                      ID-14-1A-387
WALKER, JAMES W.                        ID-14-2-86
WALKER, MARY ANNA                       ID-14-2-433
WALKER, MILTON L.                       ID-14-1-191
WALKER, MILTON L.                       ID-14-2-271
WARD, JAMES                             ID-14-1-9
WARD, JAMES                             ID-14-1A-51
WARD, MARY C.                           ID-14-2-273
WATERMAN, H. C.                         ID-14-1A-55
WATERMAN, MAGGIE A.                     ID-14-1A-330
WATERS, CECILIA ALFORD                  ID-14-2-224
WATERS, JOSEPH A.                       ID-14-1-100
WATTS, J. M.                            ID-14-2-510
WEANT, U. F.                            ID-14-2-492
WEATHERWAX, FRED A.                     ID-14-2-390
WEATHERWAX, ISORA                       ID-14-2-262
WEATHERWAX, LEWIS P.                    ID-14-2-97
WEBDELL, JAMES W.                       ID-14-2-164
WEED, ANNABEL G.                        ID-14-2-584
WEEKS, CORNELUS C.                      ID-14-2-217
WEEKS, ELIZA A.                         ID-14-2-566
WEICK, CHRISTINA M.                     ID-14-2-144
WEINGARTNER, SUSAN E.                   ID-14-2-11
WELLS, ALEXANDER                        ID-14-1A-246
WELLS, ELIZABETH                        ID-14-1A-181
WELLS, JENNIE S.                        ID-14-2-148
WELLS, JESSE P.                         ID-14-2-51
WELSH, JAMES M.                         ID-14-2-42
WEST, MARY C.                           ID-14-2-557
WEST, W. H.                             ID-14-2-354
WESTBAY, JAMES P.                       ID-14-1-54
WHEATLEY, THOMAS                        ID-14-1A-106
WHEELER, LAURA E.                       ID-14-2-449
WHEELER, OLIVER I.                      ID-14-2-450
WHITE, LEWIS B.                         ID-14-2-171
WHITE, LUELLA                           ID-14-2-26
WHITE, MILICENT R.                      ID-14-2-172
WHITE, REBECCA                          ID-14-1A-173
WHITE, REBECCA                          ID-14-1A-185
WHITED, CLARA E.                        ID-14-2-355
WHITNEY, WILLIAM GRANT                  ID-14-1A-143
WIDMAN, JENNIE                          ID-14-2-221
WIEDERRECHT, H. E.                      ID-14-2-295
WILLIAMS, CHARLES                       ID-14-1-69
WILLIAMS, CHARLES                       ID-14-1A-229
WILLIAMS, JOSEPHINE Q.                  ID-14-2-123
WILLIAMS, JULIA D.                      ID-14-2-247
WILLIAMS, RINALDO E.                    ID-14-2-215
WILLIAMS, THOMAS J.                     ID-14-2-247
WILSON, C. O.                           ID-14-2-342
WILSON, CLARK M.                        ID-14-1A-172
WILSON, ELIZA P.                        ID-14-2-275
WILSON, HOUSTON T.                      ID-14-2-552
WILSON, SILAS                           ID-14-2-322
WILTERDING, MARY ELLA                   ID-14-2-320
WINDIATE, HENRY T.                      ID-14-1-67
WINSLOW, JOHN H.                        ID-14-1A-323
WOODRUFF, JAMES R.                      ID-14-1A-162
WOODS, FRED M.                          ID-14-2-312
WYMER, SAMANTHA CHRISTINA               ID-14-1-241
WYMER, SAMANTHA CHRISTINA               ID-14-1A-326
YANT, DANIEL                            ID-14-1A-188
YANT, HARVEY                            ID-14-1A-73
YEAKEL, THOMAS E.                       ID-14-1-43
YEARIAN, WILLIAM H.                     ID-14-1A-19
YODER, CHRISTIAN H.                     ID-14-1A-206
YODER, FANNY E.                         ID-14-2-561
YOST, JAMES L.                          ID-14-1A-164
YOUNG, JAMES AURELIUS                   ID-14-2-66
YOUNG, JENNIE                           ID-14-2-299
YOUNG, NEWTON                           ID-14-1A-102
YOUNG, NEWTON                           ID-14-1-59
YOUNG, OLGA                             ID-14-2-182
YOUNG, WILLIAM GRANT                    ID-14-1A-393
YOUNT, EMMA FRANCES                     ID-14-1A-39
ZIMMERMAN, SAMUEL M.                    ID-14-1A-42

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