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AIKELE, ANDREAS                         ID-12-1-91
ANDERSON, PETER                         ID-12-1-7
ANDREASON, JOHN ALFRED                  ID-12-1-88
ANGEL, TEXAS                            ID-12-1-7
ATHA, CLEMENT H.                        ID-12-1-44
BABCOCK, ALBERN                         ID-12-1-21
BABCOCK, JUDITH HANNAH                  ID-12-1-66
BECK, JOSEPH W.                         ID-12-1-64
BEER, WILLIAM                           ID-12-1-1
BERTSCH, GUS                            ID-12-1-30
BOLLOLFSEN, C. A.                       ID-12-1-93
BROWN, HAZEL D.                         ID-12-1-69
CAMPBELL, GEORGE                        ID-12-1-10
CARLSON, CHRISTENA                      ID-12-1-19
CHURCHILL, EBENEZER D.                  ID-12-1-54
COMBE, ALTA AND LOUIS                   ID-12-1-77
COMBE, LOUIS AND ALTA                   ID-12-1-77
CONGER, WARREN S.                       ID-12-1-15
CUMMINGS, ALBERT N.                     ID-12-1-4
DANIELS, MARY E.                        ID-12-1-93
EGBERT, IVAN RALEIGH                    ID-12-1-81
FALLERT, THERESIA                       ID-12-1-8
FERRIS, JENNIE L.                       ID-12-1-43
FLOHR, CARRIE                           ID-12-1-27
GOESSMAN, GEORGE W.                     ID-12-1-84
HANNA, MARY                             ID-12-1-40
HARGER, HENRY                           ID-12-1-8
HARPER, PARK                            ID-12-1-48
HAWLEY, ROY                             ID-12-1-72
HOEBEL, OTTO P.                         ID-12-1-69
HURST, JOHN                             ID-12-1-32
JONES, LEIGH EDWIN                      ID-12-1-17
JUDD, CHARLES E.                        ID-12-1-50
KIDMAN, HARRIET M.                      ID-12-1-51
KIDMAN, MAIDO MERRITT                   ID-12-1-74
LAFFERTY, LEWIS A.                      ID-12-1-20
LAMME, MAUDE G.                         ID-12-1-82
LITTLE, JAMES D.                        ID-12-1-62
LONG, HELEN W.                          ID-12-1-63
LOONARD, ORL                            ID-12-1-75
MACKENZIE, ALLAN R.                     ID-12-1-61
MATHERS, JOSEPH EDWARD                  ID-12-1-83
MATTHEWS, MARY H.                       ID-12-1-25
MATTHEWS, WILLIAM                       ID-12-1-9
MAYS, ANNA E.                           ID-12-1-97
MCCOWEN, JOSEPHINE                      ID-12-1-94
MCDOUGALL, ISABELLA                     ID-12-1-22
MCKENZIE, ALLAN R.                      ID-12-1-61
MILLER, WILLIAM N.                      ID-12-1-66
MOORE, R. B.                            ID-12-1-38
MORRIS, JANE                            ID-12-1-37
MORRISON, BYRON F.                      ID-12-1-59
PEARSON, ROY C.                         ID-12-1-85
PERSHALL, IDA M.                        ID-12-1-96
PETERSON, ANDREW                        ID-12-1-22
PIAZZA, ALBINO                          ID-12-1-79
RINNAMAN, GEORGE                        ID-12-1-2
ROBERTS, EFFIE E.                       ID-12-1-71
SALT, AGNES R.                          ID-12-1-15
SEARS, FLORA M.                         ID-12-1-90
SHELTON, WILLIAM                        ID-12-1-23
SHEW, GRACE A.                          ID-12-1-95
SHULTZ, ARNOLD                          ID-12-1-57
SIMMERMAN, JENKINS                      ID-12-1-16
SIMS, AVIS M.                           ID-12-1-87
STAUFFER, ANNA L.                       ID-12-1-89
STOCKS, THOMAS                          ID-12-1-7
THOMAS, CHARLES H.                      ID-12-1-64
THOMAS, PAUL                            ID-12-1-24
TOLAND, JAMES S.                        ID-12-1-27
VAUGHN, CHARLES GILBERT                 ID-12-1-85
VOSO, ANTONE                            ID-12-1-34
WALLIS, WILLIAM A.                      ID-12-1-42
WEBB, CHARLES                           ID-12-1-86
WEST, BETSY JANE FISH                   ID-12-1-18
WILLIAMS, O. P.                         ID-12-1-23
YOUNG, OKIE LEE                         ID-12-1-71

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