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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Alturas County (7A): 1 = 1883-1896 | Logan County (7B): 1 = 1869-1914 | Blaine County: 1 = 1896-1914 | 2 = 1913-1962 |
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ABBOTT, GEORGE H.                       ID-7-2-1
ADAMS, JACOB                            ID-7-2-19
ADAMSON, JOHN                           ID-7-2-10
ADAMSON, MARGARET                       ID-7-2-10
ALLEN, SAMUEL H.                        ID-7-2-102
ALLRED, GEORGE                          ID-7-2-301
ANDERSON, PETER                         ID-7-1-124
ANGEL, MARY E.                          ID-7-1-120
ANGEL, TEXAS                            ID-7-1-125
ASTER, JACOB                            ID-7-1-132
AUKEMA, MARK W.                         ID-7-2-331
BABBINGTON, THOMAS                      ID-7-1-183
BAIRD, WILLIAM SR.                      ID-7-2-246
BALLANTINE, JAMES W.                    ID-7-1-141
BALLANTINE, PHILENA                     ID-7-1-148
BALLOU, RICHARD E.                      ID-7-2-144
BANNON, MILES F.                        ID-7-2-24
BANNON,AMANDA L.                        ID-7-2-186
BARBER, PEARL EVA                       ID-7-2-336
BARKER, MINNIE R.                       ID-7-2-287
BARKER, B. H.                           ID-7-2-311
BARKER, BRILLEY                         ID-7-1-205
BARLOW, HESTER C.                       ID-7-2-323
BARTON, JOHN A.                         ID-7-2-334
BAXTER, PAUL P.                         ID-7-2-3
BEAM, ELIZABETH                         ID-7-2-268
BEAMER, ANNIE M.                        ID-7-2-195
BEAMER, HOBART CARMAN                   ID-7-2-183
BECK, MARY                              ID-7A-1-6
BEERS, WILLIAM                          ID-7A-1-54
BENSON, SHADRACH J.                     ID-7-2-226
BEVINS, GEORGE                          ID-7-2-322
BLACK, CHARLES M.                       ID-7-2-81
BLAIR, LAURENCE W.                      ID-7-2-28
BLUME, MARGARET TRACY                   ID-7-2-241
BOONE, SAMUEL D.                        ID-7-2-31
BOONE, MARY A.                          ID-7-2-74
BOWERMAN, JAMES C.                      ID-7-2-14
BRAASE, SOPHIA                          ID-7-2-72
BRASS, EDWIN M.                         ID-7-2-170
BRENNAN, THOMAS                         ID-7-1-146
BROWN, TERESE VORBERG                   ID-7-2-214
BROWN, JAMES N.                         ID-7-2-36
BROWNELL, RALPH B.                      ID-7-1-121
BROWNELL, RALPH B.                      ID-7-1-124
BROWNING, JOHN R.                       ID-7-2-275
BROWNING, MARIE                         ID-7-2-291
BULLER, REGINALD F.                     ID-7-1-202
BULLER, ROSA B.                         ID-7-2-160
BULLER, CHARLES O.                      ID-7-2-229
BURGEOIS, EVA                           ID-7-2-260
CAIN, THOMAS                            ID-7-1-188
CAMERON, KATE MAUDE                     ID-7-2-321
CAMPBELL, FRANK                         ID-7-2-83
CAMPBELL, GEORGE                        ID-7-2-11
CAREY, CHARLES H.                       ID-7-2-220
CAREY, JOHN H.                          ID-7-2-88
CARTER, CHARLES HENRY                   ID-7-2-304
CASTLE, SAMUEL GERRY                    ID-7-2-317
CHANEY, SAMUEL                          ID-7-1-170
CHANEY, IRA R.                          ID-7-2-192
CHANEY, ALICE LEE                       ID-7-2-318
CHILD, MATHEW S.                        ID-7-2-245
CHIPMAN, JAMES                          ID-7-2-215
CLARK, THOMAS                           ID-7-2-190
CLARK, WALTER                           ID-7-2-30
CLARKE, PAUL                            ID-7-2-266
CLARKE, PATRICK J.                      ID-7-2-126
CLEMENTS, AARON                         ID-7-2-257
CLINE, JOHN F.                          ID-7-2-146
CONDIE, MARION A.                       ID-7-2-205
COTHERMAN, FRANK S.                     ID-7-2-129
COVENEY, JOHN                           ID-7-2-86
CROOKS, MARY J.                         ID-7-1-180
CUMMINGS, ALBERT N.                     ID-7-1-105
CUMMINGS, ALBERT N.                     ID-7-1-114
CUNEO, SADIE SHILLING                   ID-7-2-106
CUNEO, CHARLES                          ID-7-2-54
CURTIS, GERTRUDE W.                     ID-7-2-47
CURTIS, HERBERT D.                      ID-7-2-48
DALY, MICHAEL J.                        ID-7-2-33
DANIELL, JOHN F.                        ID-7-2-315
DEASY, MARY                             ID-7-1-129
DEEBLE, WILLIAM D.                      ID-7-2-76
DERR, IRMA L.                           ID-7-2-270
DEVIN, F. H.                            ID-7-2-339
DIEBENOW, WILLIAM M.                    ID-7-2-274
DITHMER, LORENZ ANDREAS                 ID-7-2-134
DITTOE, ANNIE R.                        ID-7-1-169
DITTOE, LOUIS H.                        ID-7A-1-4
DONNELLY, HATTIE                        ID-7-2-302
DONOVAN, ROSINA KATHERINE               ID-7-1-186
DRUM, CHARLES M.                        ID-7-1-78
DUPREY, ANNIE                           ID-7-1-193
EARLY, WILLIAM H.                       ID-7-1-130
ELDREDGE, IRA                           ID-7-2-326
EMBLETON, THOMAS                        ID-7-2-35
ENSIGN, ARTHUR W. SR.                   ID-7-2-259
EXNER, AUGUST                           ID-7-1-136
FALLERT, THERESIA                       ID-7-1-150
FASTER, HOLGER                          ID-7-2-187
FIGGINS, SIDNEY LEE                     ID-7-1-127
FISHER, FRANK                           ID-7-1-185
FISHER, FRANK G.                        ID-7-2-267
FLANNERY, ALWILDA                       ID-7-2-138
FLEMING, LILLY                          ID-7-2-184
FLOWERS, EDNA CAROLYN                   ID-7-2-312
FOOTE, FRANK E.                         ID-7-1-173
FORDHAM, JOHN HENRY                     ID-7B-1-8
FOSTER, PETER                           ID-7-1-182
FOSTER, JOHN H.                         ID-7-2-327
FOWLER, ESTHER N.                       ID-7-2-242
FOX, J. C.                              ID-7-2-200
FOX, EARL W.                            ID-7-2-319
FRANCIS, FRED L.                        ID-7-1-179
FRIEDMAN, LUSCHA J.                     ID-7-2-253
FRIEDMAN, SIMON J.                      ID-7-2-29
FULD, LEON                              ID-7-2-112
FULD, SIDNEY C.                         ID-7-2-277
GATES, GERTRUDE EDNA LEWIS              ID-7-2-236
GILLESPIE, CONROY                       ID-7-2-264
GILLIHAN, J. C.                         ID-7-2-168
GILMAN, JOHN W.                         ID-7-2-52
GILMAN, JOHN                            ID-7-1-208
GRAHAM, ANDREW J.                       ID-7B-1-6
GUYER, HENRY                            ID-7-1-152
HAGGIN, JAMES B.                        ID-7-2-238
HARGER, HENRY                           ID-7-1-159
HARMON, JOHN T.                         ID-7-2-178
HARPER, JOEL B.                         ID-7-1-96
HARRIS, CHARLES E.                      ID-7-1-135
HAYES, RICHARD M.                       ID-7-2-116
HEARST, GEORGE                          ID-7-2-233
HEATH, HORACE W.                        ID-7-2-265
HEDRICK, J. G.                          ID-7-2-230
HEMINGWAY, ERNEST MILLER                ID-7-2-332
HIGGS, MARGARET                         ID-7-2-165
HOARD, JOHN                             ID-7A-1-46
HOBDEY, JOSEPH                          ID-7-1-189
HOLLAND, JOSEPH                         ID-7-2-131
HOLLAND, SIDNIA                         ID-7-2-92
HOUSTON, WESLEY I.                      ID-7-2-148
HOUSTON, ROBERT EDWIN                   ID-7-2-337
HOWARD, GROVE C.                        ID-7-2-22
HOWARD, WILLIAM                         ID-7-1-179
HOWE, FRED                              ID-7-2-188
HUDDLESTON, JESSE                       ID-7-1-115
HUFF, ANDREW J.                         ID-7A-1-50
HUGHES, JESSE                           ID-7-2-173
HUNT, EDWARD                            ID-7-2-121
HURST, NINA                             ID-7-2-152
HYDE, ANN                               ID-7-2-234
HYNDMAN, WILLIAM                        ID-7-1-60
JACKSON, ABNER J.                       ID-7-2-219
JOHNSON, SIDNEY A.                      ID-7-2-218
JOHNSON, GEORGE                         ID-7-2-6
JOHNSON, MILLEDGE W.                    ID-7-2-140
JOHNSON, FRANK A.                       ID-7-2-328
JONES, HERBERT R.                       ID-7-1-138
JONES, JAMES ARCHIBALD                  ID-7-2-65
JONES, JAMES M.                         ID-7-2-114
JONES,HOMER DALE                        ID-7-2-254
JONES, BESS                             ID-7-2-324
JOSSELYN, TORRESTO A.                   ID-7-2-185
JUSTUS, HOBART                          ID-7-2-276
JUSTUS, MINERVA A.                      ID-7-2-286
KATZENMEYER, EVA KATHARINA              ID-7-1-171
KAUFMAN, PERRY                          ID-7-2-4
KELLEY, HERBERT WILLIAM                 ID-7-2-167
KELLY, JOHN R.                          ID-7-2-142
KINNEAR, JOHN W.                        ID-7B-1-1
KNIGHT, DORIS                           ID-7-2-303
KNIGHT, ANDREW L.                       ID-7-2-303
KOHLER, CHRIS                           ID-7-2-273
LAIDLAW, THELMA E.                      ID-7-2-271
LAIDLAW, WILLIAM                        ID-7-2-271
LAMB, VIRGIL                            ID-7A-1-39
LEDUC, MARIE                            ID-7-1-94
LEFEVRE, FREDRICK                       ID-7A-1-36
LEWIS, HORACE CALEB                     ID-7-1-181
LEWIS, KATHERINE A.                     ID-7-2-313
LIGGETT, CORJIA ARKOOSH                 ID-7-2-232
MAHLSTEDT, METTA KOHLER                 ID-7A-1-12
MALLORY, SADIE Y.                       ID-7-2-193
MANTEY, EMILIE                          ID-7-2-26
MATTHEWS, WILLIAM                       ID-7-1-181
MAVIUS, JUSTUS                          ID-7-2-44
MCCANN, WILLIAM                         ID-7-2-21
MCCARTER, HUGH                          ID-7-2-228
MCCONNELL, LAURENCE J.                  ID-7-2-60
MCCONNELL, LAWRENCE                     ID-7-2-77
MCDONALD, ROEBRT ROYAL                  ID-7-2-335
MCFADDEN, J. J.                         ID-7-2-249
MCFADDEN, AUGUSTA R.                    ID-7-2-272
MCGINNESS, ANNA                         ID-7B-1-3
MCGOWAN, JAMES                          ID-7-1-118
MCHOES, WALTER                          ID-7-1-172
MCKELVEY, WILLIAM                       ID-7-2-180
MCLEOD, GEORGE A.                       ID-7-2-262
MCMAHAN, HUGH                           ID-7-1-178
MCPHETERS, ANNIE E.                     ID-7-2-210
MELTON, MONROE                          ID-7-2-294
MILFORD, MAZIE M.                       ID-7-2-290
MILLS, GEORGE EDWIN                     ID-7-2-231
MILLS, ALICE HORTON                     ID-7-2-249
MITCHELL, FRANK                         ID-7-2-9
MIZER, THOMAS SR.                       ID-7-2-179
MONAJHAN, JOHN                          ID-7A-1-48
MORRISON, ANGUS                         ID-7A-1-29
MUFFLEY, CARRIE M.                      ID-7-2-15
NELSON, JOHN                            ID-7-2-199
NEWLAND, DARIUS                         ID-7-2-95
NITSCHKE, FRED W.                       ID-7-2-104
NORMINGTON, JOSEPH                      ID-7-2-153
NORMINGTON, LENA                        ID-7-2-261
OBRIEN, JOHN                            ID-7-1-102
OBRIEN, JOHN                            ID-7-1-113
OCONNOR, WILLIAM                        ID-7-2-110
OLIVIERA, MANUEL ANTONIO D              ID-7-2-13
OLSEN, PETER                            ID-7-1-161
OSBORN, MARY PHILIP                     ID-7-2-209
PACKARD, JOHN Q.                        ID-7-1-163
PARKE, CHARLOTTE L.                     ID-7-2-225
PARKINSON, ROBERT                       ID-7-1-195
PARKS, TERESA                           ID-7-2-194
PATERSON, JOSEPH H.                     ID-7-2-255
PATTERSON, JENNIE L.                    ID-7-2-270
PAYNE, OLIVER A. SR.                    ID-7-2-301
PAYNE, IRVIN                            ID-7-2-308
PECK, JAMES S.                          ID-7-1-88
PERSON, NILS                            ID-7-2-41
PETERLIN, CHARLES                       ID-7-2-117
PETERLIN, JEROME                        ID-7-2-98
PETERSON, SAMUEL                        ID-7-1-209
PETERSON, ARENT                         ID-7-2-71
PICOTTE, MARIA B.                       ID-7-2-128
PLUGHOFF, HENRY R.                      ID-7-2-100
POPPER, WILLIAM C.                      ID-7-2-321
POTTS, JOHN W.                          ID-7A-1-19
POVEY, THOMAS                           ID-7-2-189
POVEY, JOHN                             ID-7-2-221
PRICE, LYTTLETON                        ID-7-1-151
PRICE, REUBEN GEORGE                    ID-7-2-293
PRICE, DAVID ALONZO                     ID-7-2-289
PURDUM, HENRY T.                        ID-7-2-307
PURDUM, MARY J.                         ID-7-2-338
PURDY,R ACHEL K.                        ID-7-2-310
RABENS, GEORGE H.                       ID-7-1-137
RASMUSSEN, G. E.                        ID-7-2-7
RAVENSCRAFT, OWEN                       ID-7-2-316
RAY, C. O.                              ID-7-2-329
REED, R. HARVEY DR.                     ID-7-1-142
REMBER, GEORGE A.                       ID-7-2-190
RICH, ROSA H.                           ID-7-1-90
RICHARDS, CLAUD A.                      ID-7-2-23
RICHARDS, SAMUEL P.                     ID-7-2-27
RICHARDS, E. R.                         ID-7-2-150
RIDDLE, GEORGE T.                       ID-7-1-184
ROBERTS, ELIZABETH                      ID-7-2-191
ROCKWELL, IRVIN E.                      ID-7-2-279
ROEBEL, EMMA DORA                       ID-7-2-278
ROMAINE, GEORGE B.                      ID-7-2-124
ROREM, SARAH                            ID-7-2-90
ROSS, THOMAS                            ID-7-2-18
ROVENY, LOUIS                           ID-7-1-134
RUTHERFORD, S. ANWORTH                  ID-7-2-289
SARA, JOE                               ID-7-2-223
SCHULTZ, JACK                           ID-7-2-298
SELDEN, WILLIAM A.                      ID-7-1-58
SETTLE, GEORGE F.                       ID-7A-1-34
SEVERE, AL                              ID-7-2-108
SHANAHAN, PHILIP                        ID-7-1-73
SHEAR, HERBERT                          ID-7-2-296
SHEPHERD, FLORENCE L.                   ID-7-2-227
SILVER, LAURA K.                        ID-7-2-333
SILVERS, CLARA M. (BAUGH)               ID-7-2-309
SILVERS, FRANK                          ID-7-2-297
SMITH, ARTHUR                           ID-7-1-139
SMITH, FRED W.                          ID-7-2-156
SMITH, MARGARETTE                       ID-7-2-328
SMITH, JOHN L. G.                       ID-7A-1-31
SNIDER, CORRINE MARIA                   ID-7-2-232
SNIDER, PETER                           ID-7-2-62
SPICER, ALEXANDER                       ID-7-1-108
SPICER, ALEXANDER                       ID-7-1-120
STARK, MARGARET E.                      ID-7-2-20
STEFANICH, ROBERT CARL                  ID-7-2-324
STEVENSON, RETTA                        ID-7-2-279
STIFFLER, LOUISA C.                     ID-7-2-96
STOCKS, THOMAS                          ID-7-1-122
STOWE, MARTIN                           ID-7A-1-44
STREEPER, SARAH E.                      ID-7-2-5
STRICKLER, SAM                          ID-7-1-172
SUTHERLAND, MARGARET                    ID-7-2-197
TALBOTT, JOHN O.                        ID-7-2-201
TALBOTT, MARY OLIVE                     ID-7-2-247
TANSING, EMIL                           ID-7-2-17
TAYLOR, RHODA M.                        ID-7-1-187
TEASDALE, W. J.                         ID-7-2-16
TIMMERMAN, JOHN A.                      ID-7-2-58
TINGWALL, AVARD WILLIAM                 ID-7-2-298
TOULOUSE, ANDREW                        ID-7A-1-24
TRACY, JOHN J.                          ID-7-2-175
TRINNAMAN, GEORGE                       ID-7-1-110
TRINNAMAN, GEORGE                       ID-7-1-98
TRITTHART, MAGGIE                       ID-7-1-200
UHRIG, WILLIAM B.                       ID-7-2-212
VAUGHT, SOPHIA E.                       ID-7-2-8
VENABLE, C. S.                          ID-7-2-41
VOSBERG, HERMAN                         ID-7-1-147
WALKER, ELLEN                           ID-7-2-207
WALKER, MABEL                           ID-7-2-330
WARD, MARY T.                           ID-7-2-238
WARD, AUGUSTA W.                        ID-7-2-61
WARRING, IRA S.                         ID-7-1-111
WATT, WILLIAM H.                        ID-7-1-178
WEBER, BARBARA                          ID-7-2-155
WEBER, WILLIAM                          ID-7-1-123
WEINBRENNER, GEORGE P.                  ID-7-2-263
WELCH, MARY                             ID-7-2-292
WELLMAN, GEORGE                         ID-7-2-136
WENCHSLER, BENJAMIN                     ID-7-1-165
WERRY, JOSEPH SR.                       ID-7-2-157
WERRY, JOE JR.                          ID-7-2-196
WERRY, JOE JR.                          ID-7-2-206
WERRY, HARRY H.                         ID-7-2-256
WERRY, SARAH                            ID-7-2-296
WERRY, SAMUEL T.                        ID-7-2-56
WERRY, ELIZABETH A.                     ID-7-2-85
WERRY, JOSEPH SR.                       ID-7-2-85
WERTHHEIMER, LOUIS                      ID-7-2-25
WESCOTT, HERBERT EDWARD                 ID-7-2-317
WHEELER, WILLIAM D.                     ID-7-1-67
WHITE, MARY F.                          ID-7-1-186
WHITE, ENOCH ALLEN                      ID-7-1-190
WHITNEY, JOHN D.                        ID-7-2-288
WILCOX, MARY E.                         ID-7-2-159
WILLARD, JOSHUA W.                      ID-7A-1-42
WILSON, SAMUEL P.                       ID-7A-1-2
WILSON, DONALD D.                       ID-7-2-244
WINANS, ROLLIE E.                       ID-7-2-259
WOLTER, NICK                            ID-7-2-68
WORTHHEIMER, LEOPOLD                    ID-7-1-206
WRENCHER, HESTER                        ID-7-2-177
WRIGHT, LILLIE M.                       ID-7-2-314
WRIGHT, JOHN M.                         ID-7-2-314
WURST, JOHN                             ID-7-2-208
WURZBERGER, JOSEPH                      ID-7-1-83
YOUNG, JOSEPH                           ID-7-2-297
YOUNG, ANNE                             ID-7-1-72
ZAMORA, ISIDOR ANTONIO                  ID-7-2-288
ZAMORA, DELSA MARGARET                  ID-7-2-288

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