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ADAMS, MARIAN                           ID-3-1-25
AMES, ISABEL A.                         ID-3-1-80
ANDREASEN, C. M.                        ID-3-1-105
ANDRUS, MILO                            ID-3-1-8
APPEL, EDWARD T.                        ID-3-1-110
ARNOLD, WALTER J.                       ID-3-1-92
ASH, ISABELLE                           ID-3-1-139
ASH, JOHN W.                            ID-3-1-138
ASHCROFT, ELIZABETH                     ID-3-1-104
BAILEY, F. S.                           ID-3-1-13
BAIRD, ALEXANDER C.                     ID-3-1-132
BARNES, SARAH ANN                       ID-3-1-93
BISHARD, EFFIE CLARICE                  ID-3-1-129
BROWN, ALFRED H. SR.                    ID-3-1-101
BROWN, MAY JOHNSTON                     ID-3-1-107
BUSH, WILLIAM                           ID-3-1-73
CAFFER, LOUIS                           ID-3-1-13
CARLSON, LARS                           ID-3-1-88
CHRISTENSEN, LAMONTE B.                 ID-3-1-142
CLEGG, WILLIAM                          ID-3-1-102
COLWELL, ROBERT                         ID-3-1-4
COOK, ABIAL L.                          ID-3-1-1
COOK, FRANCIS M.                        ID-3-1-10, 17, 20
CRUCE, N. H.                            ID-3-1-115
CRUM, ROBERT                            ID-3-1-118
CRUM, ROBERT SR.                        ID-3-1-90
DANIELS, EMMA J.                        ID-3-1-144
DAVIS, B. T. SR.                        ID-3-1-106
DERHAM, WILLIAM S.                      ID-3-1-127
DEWEY, WILLIAM A.                       ID-3-1-124
ECCLES, SILAS W.                        ID-3-1-27
ELLSWORTH, JOHN H.                      ID-3-1-18
ELLSWORTH, REID F.                      ID-3-1-120
FABRIZZIO, ANTONIO                      ID-3-1-96
FERANT, JOSEPHUS                        ID-3-1-85
FEROUT, GUSEPPE                         ID-3-1-85
FURNISS, MARY GERTRUDE                  ID-3-1-122
GERHARDT, LIDA M.                       ID-3-1-114
GIANCHETTA, CARMINE                     ID-3-1-111
GREEN, F. W.                            ID-3-1-72
GUIDINGER, LARRY N.                     ID-3-1-117
HALLINAN, THOMAS                        ID-3-1-112
HAYES, MARY E.                          ID-3-1-12
JENSEN, CHRISTIAN MOLLER                ID-3-1-63
KANE, MARGUERITE W.                     ID-3-1-116
KING, PAUL W.                           ID-3-1-119
KNIPPEL, HENRY                          ID-3-1-133
KNIPPEL, KATHERINE                      ID-3-1-134
LEE, MARTHA                             ID-3-1-82
LEENEY, STANLEY H.                      ID-3-1-23
LUCE, GEORGE L.                         ID-3-1-11
MARK, HILDA                             ID-3-1-136
MARTIN, GLEN D. M.                      ID-3-1-128
MCMAHON, BERNARD                        ID-3-1-16
MCMULLAN, AGNES                         ID-3-1-11
MCWILLIAMS, R. W.                       ID-3-1-14
MIDDLETON, MARTHA ELLEN                 ID-3-1-141
MILLER, CARL                            ID-3-1-103
MIRSBERGER, JACOB                       ID-3-1-76
NELSON, CARL                            ID-3-1-113
NELSON, NELS LARS                       ID-3-1-130
NEWBOLD, SAMUEL                         ID-3-1-12
NIELSEN, MARTINE                        ID-3-1-137
PAPPA, HELLEN                           ID-3-1-74
PEAKE, ELIZABETH                        ID-3-1-98
PETERSON, BETTY                         ID-3-1-6
POTTER, GEORGE MELBOURNE                ID-3-1-94
RAMSIELL, MAREN ERICKSON                ID-3-1-91
REEDER, GEORGE M.                       ID-3-1-65
REMSIELL, ABRAHAM                       ID-3-1-78
RICHARDSON, THOMAS                      ID-3-1-55
ROBINSON, FRED D.                       ID-3-1-97
RYAN, KATIE                             ID-3-1-57
SCOTT, SHELDON E.                       ID-3-1-131
SHIFLETT, FORREST B.                    ID-3-1-121
SIMMONS, ILLA                           ID-3-1-143
SPIER, ERNST                            ID-3-1-9
STALEY, WALTER A.                       ID-3-1-17
STALEY, WILLIE ARMA                     ID-3-1-21
STRAUSBAUGH, CORDELIA                   ID-3-1-87
TAYLOR, JOSEPH                          ID-3-1-64
THOMAS, AMELIA DANIELS                  ID-3-1-140
THOMAS, ELMER J.                        ID-3-1-123
WARNER, LORENZO C.                      ID-3-1-14
WATSON, ALBERT E.                       ID-3-1-146
WATSON, MARY P.                         ID-3-1-145
WEZELOH, ELDO                           ID-3-1-126
WILLIAMS, CHARLES                       ID-3-1-15
WILLIAMS, MATTIE                        ID-3-1-7
WOODLAND, WARD C.                       ID-3-1-125
YOST, EFFIE CLARICE                     ID-3-1-135

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