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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | 1 = 1869-1922 | 2 = 1922-1935 | A = 1871-1891 | B = 1891-1899 | C = 1899-1915 | D = 1915-1920 | E = 1920-1929 |
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ABBOTT, JOHN HERBERT                    ID-1-E-53
ABBOTT, LOUANNA                         ID-1-E-593
AIKEN, ANNA L.                          ID-1-E-460
AIKEN, SAMUEL D.                        ID-1-A-214
AIKENS, ROBERT C.                       ID-1-E-185
AIKENS, THOMAS H.                       ID-1-E-286
AINSLIE, MARK O.                        ID-1-B-211
ALBERT, GEORGE                          ID-1-C-85
ALDEN, JAMES W.                         ID-1-C-99
ALEXANDER, NICK P.                      ID-1-D-286
ALGREN, ANDY                            ID-1-E-61
ALLEN, ANNA M.                          ID-1-C-604
ALLEN, JULIA                            ID-1-E-9
ALLOWAY, SMITH ADAM                     ID-1-E-341
AMENT, A. M.                            ID-1-E-378
AMES, EDWIN H.                          ID-1-E-121
AMOS, ISAAC                             ID-1-E-322
ANDERSON, ELOF                          ID-1-E-152
ANDERSON, GILBERT A.                    ID-1-B-152
ANDERSON, RHODA M.                      ID-1-C-406
ANDREWS, ISABELLA J.                    ID-1-D-356
ANREWARTHA, HARRIET H.                  ID-1-E-338
ARBAUGH, JOHN T.                        ID-1-C-121
ARNOLD, DWIGHT                          ID-1-C-272
ATWOOD, CHRISTOPER                      ID-1-C-446
AUSTIN, SARAH S.                        ID-1-C-462
AVERY, JENNIE F.                        ID-1-E-394
AYERS, JOSEPH F.                        ID-1-D-160
BAGLEY, MARY A.                         ID-1-C-692
BAIRD, CARROLL                          ID-1-C-620
BAKER, ANN                              ID-1-B-442
BAKER, C. ROSS                          ID-1-E-399
BAKER, FAYETTE L.                       ID-1-E-149
BAKER, LEVI                             ID-1-D-1
BAKER, SOLOMON                          ID-1-C-403
BALDERSTON, WILLIAM                     ID-1-C-515
BALDWIN, ALBERT EMERY                   ID-1-E-447
BALLANTYNE, JAMES                       ID-1-C-223
BALLOU, TREVILLA JANE                   ID-1-C-606
BANCROFT, ELIZA V.                      ID-1-C-263
BANKS, MICHAEL                          ID-1-D-156
BARNUM, GUY C.                          ID-1-C-542
BARNUM, PRECILLA                        ID-1-B-382
BARNWELL, MARTHA                        ID-1-C-184
BARTOCK, JOHN                           ID-1-C-38
BASCOM, AARON                           ID-1-A-317
BASIL, MARY                             ID-1-C-436
BASOR, HARRIETT                         ID-1-C-389
BASS, BOYD                              ID-1-1-122
BASSETT, CHARLES JULIUS                 ID-1-D-273
BASSETT, CHRISTINA                      ID-1-E-474
BATES, THOMAS W.                        ID-1-C-58
BAUER, JACOB                            ID-1-D-118
BAXTER, CHARLES F.                      ID-1-E-457
BEACH, SPENCER AMBROSE SR.              ID-1-E-129
BEDAL, CHARLES                          ID-1-D-416
BEDEL, ISAAC                            ID-1-D-129
BEED, G. F.                             ID-1-C-608
BEERS, MARY E.                          ID-1-E-320
BEERY, S. F.                            ID-1-C-102
BELLMIRE, WILLIAM M.                    ID-1-D-238
BENNETT, EMMA V.                        ID-1-D-241
BENNETT, JAMES A.                       ID-1-A-154
BENNETT, JOHN J.                        ID-1-D-96
BERIDGE, GEORGE                         ID-1-C-48
BERRIDGE, DIANA                         ID-1-E-139
BESS, MARTHA E.                         ID-1-E-125
BIWER, PETER M.                         ID-1-E-521
BLACKMAN, HERBERT A.                    ID-1-E-253
BLACKMAN, WILLIAM H.                    ID-1-E-184
BLAGG, JEHU                             ID-1-1-37
BLAGG, JEHU                             ID-1-A-70
BLAIR, EMILY C.                         ID-1-E-77
BLAKE, JOHN A.                          ID-1-E-211
BLOOD, SALLIE D.                        ID-1-E-8
BLOOD, SALLIE T. D.                     ID-1-D-497
BLUCHER, FRIEDRICKE                     ID-1-C-17
BLUCHER, HENRY L.                       ID-1-D-261
BOCK, RICHARD ADOLPH                    ID-1-E-46
BOICE, ALVIN S.                         ID-1-E-537
BOOTH, SARAH ANN                        ID-1-E-409
BORJESON, EMILY J.                      ID-1-D-423
BOTHWELL, LUAMA N.                      ID-1-C-26
BOWER, JACOBR .                         ID-1-C-501
BOWN, JOSEPH                            ID-1-D-11
BOWN, TEMPERANCE S.                     ID-1-C-192
BRANDT, HENRY H. A.                     ID-1-1-94
BRANSTETTER, JOSEPH                     ID-1-D-297
BREACH, CHARLOTTE                       ID-1-D-229
BREWSTER, JAMES                         ID-1-D-283
BRIGGS, PHOENIX R.                      ID-1-C-352
BRIGGS, THOMAS JEFFERSON                ID-1-C-338
BRIGGS, WILLAM M.                       ID-1-D-75
BROADBENT, JOHN B.                      ID-1-E-91
BROWN, ANDREE WILHELMIN                 ID-1-D-234
BROWN, JONAS W.                         ID-1-D-88
BROWN, MRY J.                           ID-1-E-182
BROWN, SAMUEL T.                        ID-1-E-329
BROWN, THOMAS W.                        ID-1-C-481
BUCHANAN, SARAH A.                      ID-1-C-325
BUCKMAN, STELLA S.                      ID-1-E-458
BUMGARDNER, MAHLON                      ID-1-C-408
BUMPAS, LEWIS M.                        ID-1-E-372
BURKE, MICHAEL                          ID-1-E-191
BUSH, JAMES H.                          ID-1-B-419
BUSS, E. MYRON                          ID-1-C-299
BYERS, JAMES J.                         ID-1-C-539
BYRD, AUSTIN G.                         ID-1-E-241
CALKINS, ELLEN E.                       ID-1-E-206
CAMAISH, CHARLES                        ID-1-E-146
CAMPBELL, FREDERICK                     ID-1-C-434
CARLSON, CLAUS RENIHULD                 ID-1-E-171
CARPENTER, DANIEL B.                    ID-1-1-88
CARPENTER, DANIEL B.                    ID-1-2-5
CARPER, ISAAC P.                        ID-1-C-289
CARTEE, LA FAYETTE                      ID-1-B-88
CARTWRIGHT, GEORGE                      ID-1-E-546
CASE, IONA E.                           ID-1-E-445
CASSIN, PATRICK JOHN                    ID-1-D-175
CATHERS, ARTHUR L.                      ID-1-E-374
CATLIN, T. C.                           ID-1-E-90
CHACHAS, ALEX                           ID-1-1-125
CHAMBERS, CHARLES                       ID-1-A-287
CHAPMAN, LEONARD                        ID-1-C-507
CHAPMAN, LEVEY MASON                    ID-1-B-222
CHAPMAN, MARY E.                        ID-1-D-39
CHAPMAN, NELSON CARLTON                 ID-1-E-540
CHARBONEO, JOSEPH                       ID-1-D-185
CHARBONNEAU, NELLIE                     ID-1-E-500
CHATTIN, ALICE M.                       ID-1-E-86
CHATTIN, ROBERT P.                      ID-1-D-413
CHENEY, WILLIAM H.                      ID-1-D-290
CHILD, WILLIAME .                       ID-1-C-430
CHILSON, ROBERT W.                      ID-1-E-375
CHRETIEN, JOHN A.                       ID-1-E-176
CLARK, CHARLES A.                       ID-1-D-223
CLARK, HELEN C.                         ID-1-E-60
CLARK, JAMES F.                         ID-1-D-350
CLARK, L. T.                            ID-1-C-405
CLARK, THOMAS J.                        ID-1-D-466
CLAWSON, JOHN W.                        ID-1-B-474
CLAWSON, SALLIE T.                      ID-1-E-572
CLEVELAND, WALTER C.                    ID-1-E-4
CLOSE, NETTIE                           ID-1-E-531
COBB, CALVIN                            ID-1-E-565
COBB, FANNY LYON                        ID-1-D-174
COBB, LYON                              ID-1-E-24
CODY, MATILDA A.                        ID-1-E-123
COFFEY, JOHN J.                         ID-1-E-110
COFFIN, FRANK R.                        ID-1-D-481
COFFIN, MANFORD HOWARD                  ID-1-E-269
COFFIN, MARY H.                         ID-1-E-228
COFFNE, HENRY N.                        ID-1-E-82
COLBURN, ANNA C.                        ID-1-D-33
COLE, HENRY                             ID-1-B-21
COLLINS, MICHAEL                        ID-1-1-82
COMBS, ALICE A.                         ID-1-D-464
COMBS, THOMAS D.                        ID-1-E-102
CONNER, ELIZABETH                       ID-1-E-557
CONNOR, HUGH                            ID-1-E-472
COOK, G. F                              ID-1-C-315
COOPER, MARTHA C.                       ID-1-D-49
COOPER, WINFRED RAY                     ID-1-1-179
COPLIN, JAMES B.                        ID-1-1-112
CORBUS, FRANKLIN J.                     ID-1-C-12
CORBUS, FRANKLIN JOHN                   ID-1-1-70
CORBUS, FREDERICK W.                    ID-1-C-41
CORCORAN, MICHAEL                       ID-1-C-105
CORDER, F. O.                           ID-1-C-205
CORRON, EMMA                            ID-1-E-525
CORRON, PATRICK F.                      ID-1-E-525
CORY, HENRY C.                          ID-1-E-306
COSTIN, ISAAC N.                        ID-1-C-307
COWDER, WILLIAM J. W.                   ID-1-C-120
COWLES, FRANCIS J.                      ID-1-D-133
COX, JONATHAN                           ID-1-C-497
COYLE, ANDREW                           ID-1-A-189
CRAIG, HENRY C.                         ID-1-D-439
CRANE, GEORGE S.                        ID-1-C-10
CRESSY, M. F.                           ID-1-E-247
CRIBBINS, PETER                         ID-1-E-216
CROSS, ADELAIDE M.                      ID-1-E-137
CROW, ELMER F.                          ID-1-E-172
CROWE, JOHN                             ID-1-A-10
CROWE, JOHN                             ID-1-1-6
CULVER, GEORGE A.                       ID-1-E-52
CUMMINS, MARGARET ANN                   ID-1-E-37
CURTIN, JAMES                           ID-1-E-555
CURTIS, MARY JOSEPHINE                  ID-1-B-361
CURTISS, GEORGE M.                      ID-1-C-133
CUTHERELL, HENRY EDWARD                 ID-1-C-303
DALE, LILLIAN L.                        ID-1-E-236
DALY, ISAAC NATHANIEL                   ID-1-C-517
DALY, JAMES                             ID-1-E-354
DANIELSON, DANIEL                       ID-1-C-274
DAVEY, THOMAS                           ID-1-C-79
DAVIS, FRANCIS M.                       ID-1-B-12
DAVIS, IDA A.                           ID-1-E-100
DEDMAN, MELINDA                         ID-1-C-104
DEMERST, NANCY A.                       ID-1-B-118
DEMPSTER, THOMAS B.                     ID-1-E-536
DENMAN, WILLIAM F.                      ID-1-B-78
DENNO, LIZZIE                           ID-1-D-437
DI, CLERCQ                              ID-1-C-320
DILL, C. F.                             ID-1-E-103
DIMMICK, M. C.                          ID-1-1-72
DOBSON, ELIZA                           ID-1-E-81
DONALDSON, WATSON N.                    ID-1-C-349
DOOLITTLE, HENRY C.                     ID-1-E-390
DOWLING, JOHN                           ID-1-C-245
DRAKE, DANIEL D.                        ID-1-B-373
DRAKE, ELIZA A.                         ID-1-E-339
DRAKE, FANNY L.                         ID-1-A-55
DRAKE, FANNY S.                         ID-1-1-23
DRAKE, WILLIAM H.                       ID-1-A-330
DRISCOLL, JOHN                          ID-1-E-156
DUMONT, TED SR.                         ID-1-1-184
DUMONT, VIRGINIA J.                     ID-1-1-186
DUNN, JAMES                             ID-1-E-31
DUNN, JULIA                             ID-1-B-366
EASTMAN, BENJAMIN M.                    ID-1-C-292
EASTMAN, HOSEA B.                       ID-1-D-429
EASTMAN, MARY A.                        ID-1-E-384
EASTMAN, SAMUEL W.                      ID-1-E-420
EDWARDS, JOHN W.                        ID-1-C-417
EDWARDS, REBECCA                        ID-1-E-351
ELLIOTT, JONATHAN                       ID-1-E-196
ELLIS, GEORGE D.                        ID-1-C-357
ELLIS, ORLANDO I.                       ID-1-E-188
ELLIS, TELETTIA J.                      ID-1-C-598
ELMORE, SARAH                           ID-1-E-205
ELWELL, MAUD C.                         ID-1-C-425
EMERSON, ROSCOE E.                      ID-1-E-444
EMERY, RUFUS                            ID-1-A-84
ENNIS, MAURISE                          ID-1-D-476
EOFF, ALFRED                            ID-1-C-247
EOFF, ALFRED                            ID-1-C-253
ESSICK, JOHN M.                         ID-1-E-312
EVANS, A. T.                            ID-1-E-562
EVERETT, CHARLESH.                      ID-1-E-346
FACKLER, HENRY H.                       ID-1-E-431
FALK, NATHAN                            ID-1-C-73
FALK, SIGMUND                           ID-1-E-179
FARNEMAN, ELEANOR PERRY                 ID-1-C-531
FARRELL, JOHN S.                        ID-1-D-398
FEASE, WILLIAM H.                       ID-1-C-87
FINE, LELAND E.                         ID-1-1-175
FINEGAN, JOHN                           ID-1-E-28
FINNEGAN, THOMAS                        ID-1-D-203
FISHER, ALBERT                          ID-1-B-105
FLENNER, MARY F.                        ID-1-E-361
FLETCHER, FRANCIS                       ID-1-E-117
FLETCHER, SAMUEL                        ID-1-E-66
FLOETE, FRANKLIN                        ID-1-E-497
FLOURNOY, A. W.                         ID-1-1-31
FLOURNOY, A. W.                         ID-1-A-64
FOGARTY, JOHN J.                        ID-1-B-355
FOGERTY, ANNA H.                        ID-1-D-64
FORCE, CURTIS A.                        ID-1-C-4
FORD, FREDERICK W.                      ID-1-E-388
FRASER, CHARLES                         ID-1-E-13
FRASER, FRANK                           ID-1-C-533
FRASER, ROBERT P.                       ID-1-E-18
FREDRICKSON, ANNA                       ID-1-E-214
FREEMAN, JOHN P.                        ID-1-C-470
FREUND, MARIA                           ID-1-E-441
FROMAN, B. F.                           ID-1-D-59
FROMKNECHT, ABRAHAM                     ID-1-A-241
FULLER, LAURA B.                        ID-1-C-240
GABLE, W. H. H.                         ID-1-C-528
GAKEY, MARTHA ELIZABETH                 ID-1-C-347
GALLUP, AETNA G.                        ID-1-D-41
GAMBLE, JESSIE R.                       ID-1-E-518
GARRETT, EDWARD E.                      ID-1-C-513
GARRETT, SUSAN F.                       ID-1-E-334
GARY, JOHN S.                           ID-1-D-396
GASSAWAY, ANNA M.                       ID-1-D-187
GAUNT, JAMES                            ID-1-D-104
GAYLORD, JOHN H.                        ID-1-C-367
GEORGE, EDWARD                          ID-1-E-55
GESS, CATHERINE C.                      ID-1-E-272
GESTAL, NARICSSA                        ID-1-E-571
GIACOMELLA, MARCO                       ID-1-E-173
GILE, EMMA R.                           ID-1-C-372
GILLESPIE, ROEBRT P.                    ID-1-C-157
GILLIERON, LOUIS                        ID-1-B-181
GILLIERON, LOUIS                        ID-1-1-58
GISH, EMMA F.                           ID-1-E-132
GIVEN, EDGAR C.                         ID-1-D-366
GLENN, CHARLES T.                       ID-1-C-25
GOCKE, G. H.                            ID-1-C-129
GOFF, WALDO PERCY                       ID-1-E-143
GOLDMAN, ALEXANDER                      ID-1-B-472
GOOCH, HARLON M.                        ID-1-1-192
GORMAN, DANIEL M.                       ID-1-E-439
GRAHAM, FRANK NEWTON                    ID-1-D-45
GRAHAM, JAMES LEWIS                     ID-1-E-19
GRANT, AUGUSTA LEMP                     ID-1-E-403
GRAVELEY, LUCY E.                       ID-1-B-307
GRAVES, NELSON                          ID-1-E-258
GRAY, JOHN JOSEPH                       ID-1-D-456
GREATHOUSE, GEORGE L.                   ID-1-1-1
GREEN, JOHN                             ID-1-C-260
GREGORY, CORNELIA L.                    ID-1-E-505
GRESHAM, JOHN                           ID-1-C-139
GRICE, EUGENE CHARLES                   ID-1-E-128
GRIFFIN, JAMES W.                       ID-1-A-172
GRIMAUND, VIRGIL                        ID-1-E-85
GRISHAM, LEON MAGILL                    ID-1-1-222
GRISHAM, SHARON LOUISE                  ID-1-1-218
GRUMLING, JOHN H.                       ID-1-E-74
GUILLIFORD, WILLIAM                     ID-1-C-281
HAAS, AUGUSTINE                         ID-1-B-347
HAAS, HARRIET M.                        ID-1-B-159
HAASE, FRED                             ID-1-C-391
HADLEY, LYDIA G.                        ID-1-C-580
HAGER, ALFRED H.                        ID-1-D-400
HAGER, SELINA N.                        ID-1-D-141
HAILEY, JOHN SR.                        ID-1-E-26
HAINES, JOHN M.                         ID-1-D-152
HALEY, GEORGE P.                        ID-1-D-474
HALLOCK, FRANCIS W.                     ID-1-C-179
HAMMOND, HENRY                          ID-1-B-61
HAMPTON, JOHN H.                        ID-1-E-45
HAND, ANDERSON HENRY                    ID-1-E-73
HAND, MARY JANE                         ID-1-E-332
HANLEY, ELIZABETH                       ID-1-1-115
HANSON, CONRAD                          ID-1-D-501
HAPENY, MARTHA                          ID-1-E-348
HARDIMAN, WILLIAM                       ID-1-E-476
HARKISON, CHARLES T.                    ID-1-D-354
HARRIS, MARY A.                         ID-1-E-479
HARRIS, NANCY J.                        ID-1-B-319
HARRIS, RUSSELL                         ID-1-D-244
HARRISON, EDMUND L.                     ID-1-D-166
HART, NETTIE J.                         ID-1-E-212
HARTLEY, CLINTON F.                     ID-1-D-90
HARTLEY, LOTTIE                         ID-1-E-455
HARVEY, A. HARVEY                       ID-1-C-464
HARVEY, JAMES C.                        ID-1-E-112
HARWOOD, MARGARET E.                    ID-1-E-435
HASBROUCK, SOLOMON                      ID-1-C-176
HASTINGS, JOHN                          ID-1-C-509
HAUG, PAUL RUDOLF                       ID-1-E-559
HAVIRD, CARY C.                         ID-1-E-569
HAWKS, ARTHUR A.                        ID-1-D-43
HAYNE, CATHERINE B.                     ID-1-E-392
HEALY, LOUISA                           ID-1-C-278
HEALY, THOMAS                           ID-1-E-260
HEFFER, FRED                            ID-1-B-112
HEFFNER, FRANK C.                       ID-1-C-385
HELD, MARY                              ID-1-C-414
HELPHREY, DANIEL                        ID-1-D-69
HENDERLIDER, MARGARET                   ID-1-E-193
HENDERSON, SPAUL M.                     ID-1-C-15
HENDERSON, STEPHEN J.                   ID-1-A-253
HERNANDES, FERNANDO                     ID-1-A-32
HERON, DAVID                            ID-1-C-123
HERON, FEDELIA A.                       ID-1-D-15
HERON, FRANK E.                         ID-1-D-193
HESFORD, HENRY                          ID-1-C-68
HESS, WILLIAM H.                        ID-1-D-316
HESSE, NINA M.                          ID-1-C-636
HEUSCHKEL, MAGDALENE                    ID-1-E-98
HICKMAN, EMMA M.                        ID-1-E-225
HICKS, E. BUTLER                        ID-1-E-231
HILL, CHARLES W.                        ID-1-E-175
HILL, ELLEN S.                          ID-1-C-256
HIMROD, CHARLES                         ID-1-D-426
HOBSON, HENRY W.                        ID-1-C-136
HOFFMAN, CAROLINA                       ID-1-E-79
HOGUE, CARRIE E.                        ID-1-E-257
HOLCOMB, CHARLES                        ID-1-E-517
HOLDEN, ROBERT SR.                      ID-1-E-78
HOLEMAN, ROBERT                         ID-1-C-82
HOLLISTER, JOSEPH M.                    ID-1-D-162
HOLM, JOHN                              ID-1-1-8
HOLMES, VERA N.                         ID-1-1-165
HONAHAN, JOHN M.                        ID-1-E-270
HOOK, JOHN I.                           ID-1-C-305
HOOKER, HARLEY J.                       ID-1-E-56
HOPKINS, NEWELL HENRY                   ID-1-C-427
HORST, D. W.                            ID-1-E-597
HOUSE, GEORGE FRANCIS                   ID-1-D-7
HOUTZ, WILLIAM                          ID-1-C-244
HOWE, BENJAMIN S.                       ID-1-E-484
HOWE, HARRIET                           ID-1-D-387
HOYT, VERNA B.                          ID-1-1-141
HOYT, WILLIAM H.                        ID-1-1-138
HUBBELL, ELIZABETH C.                   ID-1-C-523
HUGHES, M. S.                           ID-1-C-235
HULDBERG, ANDREW J.                     ID-1-E-455
HULSER, EDWARD HAWKINS                  ID-1-D-67
HULSER, MYRA                            ID-1-C-584
HUNT, DANNY LEE                         ID-1-1-210
HUNT, HELEN                             ID-1-D-164
HUNT, MARY ELLA                         ID-1-E-7
HUNT, SHARON JOYCE                      ID-1-1-206
HUNTER, ABSALOM V.                      ID-1-E-364
HURT, EDWIN G.                          ID-1-E-507
HUTCHINS, THURSTON                      ID-1-C-28
HUTCHINSON, JAMES                       ID-1-C-56
INGLIS, JAMES LOCKLAND                  ID-1-C-552
IRWIN, WILLIAM                          ID-1-E-596
ISBELL, ALBERT M.                       ID-1-D-196
IVERS, MARIA                            ID-1-C-233
JACKSON, ANNA P.                        ID-1-D-37
JACOB, FRANCIS                          ID-1-E-330
JACOBS,M ARY ELLEN                      ID-1-C-188
JACOBS, IDA B.                          ID-1-D-194
JAUMAN, WILLIAM H.                      ID-1-B-327
JENNINGS, J. DR.                        ID-1-E-232
JENSEN, ANDREW C.                       ID-1-D-462
JEPPE, HENRY                            ID-1-B-477
JOHNSON, ALEBRT                         ID-1-C-432
JOHNSON, ANDREW WILLIAM                 ID-1-D-263
JOHNSON, CHARLES A.                     ID-1-E-17
JOHNSON, EMIL H.                        ID-1-E-38
JOHNSON, ORVILLE PAYNE                  ID-1-D-218
JOHNSON, PETER                          ID-1-1-49
JOHNSON, RICHARD Z.                     ID-1-C-483
JOHNSON, WILLIAM H.                     ID-1-A-232
JONAS, KITTIE A.                        ID-1-B-457
JONES, EDWARD FERDINAND                 ID-1-D-200
JONES, ELLA A. F.                       ID-1-C-521
JONES, FELIX T.                         ID-1-E-5
JONES, GEORGE W.                        ID-1-E-489
JONES, GUY W.                           ID-1-D-390
JONES, J. WALTER                        ID-1-E-487
JONES, JAMES J.                         ID-1-D-60
JONES, JEMIMA                           ID-1-E-314
JONES, WILLIAM                          ID-1-C-334
JUSTUS, MARY ELLEN                      ID-1-1-77
KANE, ELIZABETH                         ID-1-E-187
KEEFE, ARTHUR O.                        ID-1-C-97
KELLEY, NICHOLAS                        ID-1-1-51
KELLY, ALLEGRA B.                       ID-1-1-183
KELLY, LOIS E.                          ID-1-B-141
KENNEDY, CHARLES L.                     ID-1-E-177
KENNEDY, MARY                           ID-1-A-367
KENNEDY, SAMUEL L.                      ID-1-2-1
KERR, C. DALE                           ID-1-E-249
KERR, CLARISSA DALE                     ID-1-E-349
KERR, EMMA AUGUSTA                      ID-1-D-177
KERR, THOMAS M.                         ID-1-B-448
KERR, THOMAS M.                         ID-1-B-432
KIERSTED, GEORGE H.                     ID-1-E-276
KIERSTED, ROBERT                        ID-1-E-94
KIMERY, ANNA M.                         ID-1-E-556
KING, A. F.                             ID-1-E-91
KING, CHARLES A.                        ID-1-C-451
KINGSBURY, SELDEN B.                    ID-1-C-51
KINNEY, JOSEPH                          ID-1-C-91
KIRBACH, CARRIE                         ID-1-E-482
KIRKPATRICK, ELBERT M.                  ID-1-2-10
KIRKPATRICK, MATILDA F.                 ID-1-D-276
KJOSNESS, MADGE WHISLER                 ID-1-1-198
KLATT, GOTTLIEB                         ID-1-E-221
KNIGHT, G. C.                           ID-1-1-91
KNIGHT, MARTHA M.                       ID-1-E-397
KNIGHT, SIDNEY                          ID-1-D-470
KOHLEPP, GOERGE W.                      ID-1-E-147
KRAUSHAAR, ELIZABETH A.                 ID-1-E-219
KROEGER, JOHANNA                        ID-1-D-327
LAFOLLETTE, MILTON S.                   ID-1-E-264
LARSEN, LEWIS SR.                       ID-1-C-551
LARUE, WILLIAM S.                       ID-1-E-509
LATHROP, ELIZABETH WILSON               ID-1-E-552
LAUMAN, DOROTHY                         ID-1-1-81
LEAN, JOHN                              ID-1-E-542
LECOMPTE,                               ID-1-C-221
LEE, C. H.                              ID-1-D-158
LEMP, CATHRINE                          ID-1-C-228
LEMP, EDWARD                            ID-1-C-419
LEMP, HERBERT                           ID-1-E-433
LEMP, JOHN                              ID-1-C-410
LEPER, DON HIRAM                        ID-1-E-165
LEWIS, JACOB B.                         ID-1-D-9
LEWIS, MARY GERTRUDE                    ID-1-E-213
LEWIS, STEPHEN D.                       ID-1-C-199
LEWIS, STEPHEN D.                       ID-1-C-195
LEYERZAPF, GEORGE                       ID-1-A-141
LICHLITER, MARCELLUS D.                 ID-1-D-332
LINDSAY, REBECCA JANE                   ID-1-C-342
LINGENFELTER, BEA D.                    ID-1-D-146
LINGENFELTER, C. H.                     ID-1-D-148
LIPSY, SARAH A.                         ID-1-E-68
LISH, MARY J.                           ID-1-B-450
LISH, MARY J.                           ID-1-B-439
LITELL, WILLIAM                         ID-1-B-229
LITTLE, NARCISSA A.                     ID-1-D-125
LITTLE, THOMAS K.                       ID-1-D-209
LITTLE, WILLIAM                         ID-1-C-571
LOGAN, THOMAS E.                        ID-1-B-204
LONG, ANNA W.                           ID-1-E-209
LONG, ELLEN                             ID-1-E-522
LORD, JAMES HAMILTON                    ID-1-1-217
LOREE, JAMES K.                         ID-1-C-490
LOVELL, JENNIE M.                       ID-1-B-242
LOWREY, VIRGINIA FRANCIS                ID-1-E-356
LUNSTRUM, CAROLINE                      ID-1-D-455
LUTTRELL, SILAS                         ID-1-E-419
LUTTRELL, WILLIAM M.                    ID-1-E-170
LYMAN, GEORGE F.                        ID-1-C-108
LYMAN, MARGARET H.                      ID-1-E-50
LYNCH, PATRICK J.                       ID-1-C-460
MAGEE, JAMES E.                         ID-1-C-467
MAGEE, MARY B. L.                       ID-1-1-101
MAGEE, W. A.                            ID-1-1-99
MALONEY, JOHN                           ID-1-E-151
MAMMON, GEORGE WALTER                   ID-1-B-312
MANN, WILLIAM C.                        ID-1-C-267
MARKS, ELLA L.                          ID-1-E-199
MARKS, MOSES J.                         ID-1-D-443
MARLER, NEWTON                          ID-1-E-163
MARSHALL, W. C.                         ID-1-C-94
MARTIN, HENRIETTA B.                    ID-1-E-323
MARTIN, WILLIAM H.                      ID-1-D-402
MASLIN, IRVIN E.                        ID-1-C-488
MASON, MORTON G.                        ID-1-E-528
MASWELL, THOMAS F.                      ID-1-E-84
MATHES, JOHN W.                         ID-1-B-390
MATTESON, ARNOLD C.                     ID-1-1-144
MATTESON, ARNOLD C.                     ID-1-1-135
MATTINSON, JOHN B.                      ID-1-D-29
MAUPIN, THOMAS C.                       ID-1-C-8
MAW, ALICE ROGERS                       ID-1-C-328
MAW, C. N.                              ID-1-E-288
MAW, JOHNSON F.                         ID-1-D-72
MAXWELL, CHARLES F.                     ID-1-D-494
MAY, ELIZABETH ANN                      ID-1-C-81
MAYDENS, FRANK C.                       ID-1-E-43
MCCARRON, EUNICE                        ID-1-D-247
MCCARTY, MARTHA E.                      ID-1-C-472
MCCLEES, WALTER                         ID-1-C-330
MCCLEES, WILLIAM D.                     ID-1-C-428
MCCLELLAN, S. D.                        ID-1-D-179
MCCONNELL, HOWARD E.                    ID-1-1-200
MCCONNELL, MYRTLE I.                    ID-1-1-203
MCDANIEL, FRANK P.                      ID-1-E-576
MCDOUGALL, ALLEN                        ID-1-C-219
MCELROY, MARY R.                        ID-1-E-164
MCFADDEN, N. J.                         ID-1-E-25
MCGOWAN, JAMES                          ID-1-E-6
MCGRAN, PHIL                            ID-1-E-190
MCINTYRE, GEORGE H.                     ID-1-D-70
MCKEE, ROBERT CLARK                     ID-1-C-70
MCKEER, CURWIN JAMES                    ID-1-E-42
MCKENZIE, JOHN                          ID-1-B-31
MCKENZIE, JOHN                          ID-1-B-51
MCKIMMELL, CHARLES S.                   ID-1-C-122
MCLARAN, SAMUEL F.                      ID-1-D-54
MCMILLAN, WILLIAM                       ID-1-E-298
MCMILLEN, MAUD MARY                     ID-1-C-134
MCMILLEN, MAUD MARY                     ID-1-C-634
MCMULLEN, DAVE                          ID-1-E-181
MCMULLIN, JAMES W.                      ID-1-D-374
MCPHERSON, ISAAC B.                     ID-1-D-100
MCQUADE, MARY                           ID-1-D-206
MENDELL, ATLEY C.                       ID-1-E-107
MERRIMAN, BESSIE D.                     ID-1-D-135
MICKELS, ARNOLD                         ID-1-E-16
MIDDLESWORTH, SARAH E.                  ID-1-E-470
MIKKELSON, GILBERT                      ID-1-C-1
MILLARD, NATHANIEL H.                   ID-1-B-125
MILLER, CHARLES L.                      ID-1-E-295
MILLER, EVA                             ID-1-E-584
MILLER, JAY S.                          ID-1-C-399
MILLER, JOHN L.                         ID-1-B-70
MILLER, JULIA ANN                       ID-1-B-167
MILLER, W. T.                           ID-1-D-121
MILLER, WILLIAM B.                      ID-1-E-154
MISSELT, JOSEPH H.                      ID-1-1-16
MISSELT, JOSEPH H.                      ID-1-A-41
MITCHELL, WILLIAM MILTON                ID-1-E-87
MODY, SARAH                             ID-1-A-108
MOLENAAR, MELCHART                      ID-1-D-131
MONTGOMERY, HORACE A.                   ID-1-D-309
MOODY, SARAH                            ID-1-ID-1-53
MOORE, CHRISTOPHER                      ID-1-D-78
MOORE, HARRY JOE                        ID-1-E-336
MORRIS, T. LAVINIA                      ID-1-D-499
MORRIS, WILLIAM B.                      ID-1-1-10
MORRIS, WILLIAM B.                      ID-1-A-48
MORRISON, ALFRED M.                     ID-1-D-313
MORRISON, JOHN TRACEY                   ID-1-D-31
MORSE, ALBERT L.                        ID-1-E-422
MORTON, EDWARD E.                       ID-1-E-293
MOTT, MARY                              ID-1-E-2
MOTT, THOMAS A.                         ID-1-D-468
MOULTON, ELVINA                         ID-1-D-115
MURPHY, JOHN                            ID-1-D-364
MYERS, ANNA                             ID-1-D-311
MYERS, CLAUDE AMBROSE                   ID-1-E-204
NEAL, NORA E.                           ID-1-1-172
NEAL, W. SCOTT                          ID-1-E-325
NELSON, HANS                            ID-1-1-56
NELSON, WILLIAM L.                      ID-1-E-159
NESMITH, CHARLES B.                     ID-1-C-77
NEUMEISTER, ANDREW                      ID-1-E-223
NEVINS, THOMAS                          ID-1-D-86
NEWMAN, GABRIAL                         ID-1-A-265
NICCOLLS, OSCAR HATFIELD                ID-1-D-249
NIKLAUS, JOHN                           ID-1-E-304
NIMMO, JAMES                            ID-1-E-203
NIXON, AXEL                             ID-1-E-101
NIXON, MARY L.                          ID-1-E-119
NOBLE, JOHN                             ID-1-C-503
NOBLE, ROBERT                           ID-1-C-537
NOLAN, MARY JANE                        ID-1-D-259
NORTHRUP, JESSE E.                      ID-1-E-113
NORUSE, FRANK A.                        ID-1-E-438
NOURSE, FRANCES C.                      ID-1-E-360
NUSBAUM, J. VERNE                       ID-1-C-269
NUTTING, MABEL ETHEL                    ID-1-C-231
OCAMPO, ANTONIO DE                      ID-1-1-44
OCAMPO, ANTONIO DE                      ID-1-A-77
OCKERSON, A. E.                         ID-1-C-441
OCKERSON, CLARA W.                      ID-1-E-587
OCKERSON, JOHN A.                       ID-1-E-580
OLDEN, B. F.                            ID-1-D-92
OLDEN, W. A.                            ID-1-E-443
ONWILER, ELIZA C.                       ID-1-D-215
OPIE, JENNIE                            ID-1-D-168
OROKE, JOHN H.                          ID-1-D-353
OROKE, OHN H.                           ID-1-D-346
OSGOOD, SERAPHINE H.                    ID-1-E-437
OTT, JANE                               ID-1-E-393
OUGHELTREE, ELIZABETH                   ID-1-E-41
PACK, LYDIA NOYES                       ID-1-D-189
PADDOCK, EMMA L.                        ID-1-E-343
PAGE, JOHN                              ID-1-C-217
PAIGE, JOHN D.                          ID-1-C-143
PAIGE, JOHN D.                          ID-1-C-111
PARKER, STEPHEN                         ID-1-C-387
PARKER, THOMAS                          ID-1-E-326
PARKIN, SARAH WILKINAM                  ID-1-C-526
PARKINSON, FOUNTAIN W.                  ID-1-C-354
PARSONS, GEORGE M.                      ID-1-C-154
PARTON, JOSEPH K.                       ID-1-D-84
PATTERSON, HARRIET I.                   ID-1-C-150
PATTERSON, LUCY S.                      ID-1-C-322
PATTERSON, WILLIAM B. JR.               ID-1-C-478
PENNEL, ALBERT                          ID-1-A-23
PENSE, JOSEPH C.                        ID-1-D-62
PERCY, EDWARD C.                        ID-1-D-102
PERKILL, JOHN B.                        ID-1-A-97
PERKY, ELLA H.                          ID-1-E-40
PERRAULT, JOSEPH                        ID-1-C-570
PETERMAN, EMMA M.                       ID-1-D-143
PETERS, JAMES H.                        ID-1-E-534
PETERSON, DAVID N.                      ID-1-1-171
PFEIFER, JOHN P.                        ID-1-C-377
PHELPS, MARY                            ID-1-B-235
PHILLIPS, MARY C.                       ID-1-1-105
PHILLIPS, RICHARD                       ID-1-E-195
PHILLIPS, SARAH                         ID-1-E-544
PIDGEON, ANGELINE                       ID-1-E-22
PIDGEON, CHARLES                        ID-1-E-23
PIERCE, CATHERINE                       ID-1-D-123
PIERCE, DEBORAH                         ID-1-C-251
PINKHAM, GEORGE B.                      ID-1-D-268
PINNEY, JAMES ALONZO                    ID-1-C-499
PITMAN, WILLIAM C.                      ID-1-D-211
PLENKNER, AMANDUS F.                    ID-1-C-301
PLOWMAN, K. P.                          ID-1-C-190
PLOWMAN, MARY K.                        ID-1-E-161
PLUMMER, JOHN WILLIAMS                  ID-1-1-64
PLUMMER, JOHN WILLIAMS                  ID-1-2-3
POND, FANNIE J.                         ID-1-E-477
PORTER, WILLIAM T.                      ID-1-A-1
PORTER, WILLIAM T.                      ID-1-1-3
POTTER, JAMES R.                        ID-1-E-246
POWELL, LEE                             ID-1-E-137
POWELL, MINNIE B.                       ID-1-E-383
POWERS, ALICE O.                        ID-1-C-438
POWERS, CHARLES W.                      ID-1-C-374
PREMORE, SIP                            ID-1-A-299
PRICKETT, MARTHA A.                     ID-1-A-348
PRINTZ, MARTHA A.                       ID-1-E-296
PRYOR, W. B.                            ID-1-E-423
PURCELL, THOMAS B.                      ID-1-D-338
RADERMACHER, JOHN M.                    ID-1-E-251
RADFORD, NORMAN E.                      ID-1-E-414
RAMSEY, JAMES H.                        ID-1-D-154
RANAHAN, THOMAS                         ID-1-E-416
RANDALL, MINNIE C.                      ID-1-E-449
RANDOLPH, T. F.                         ID-1-E-157
RAUSCHMAYER, MARGARETHA                 ID-1-1-47
RAWITZER, ALBERT H.                     ID-1-C-555
RAWSON, CHARLES E.                      ID-1-D-326
RAWSON, LOUIE C.                        ID-1-D-321
REDWAY, AUREN G.                        ID-1-C-19
REDWAY, MARY ANNE                       ID-1-C-511
REED, I. N.                             ID-1-E-550
REEL, MARY E.                           ID-1-E-230
REGAN, JOHN M.                          ID-1-D-251
REGAN, PHIIP A.                         ID-1-B-458
REGAN, TIMOTHY                          ID-1-D-372
REIN, CHARLES                           ID-1-D-384
REIN, SARAH C.                          ID-1-E-244
REYNOLDS, MARY                          ID-1-E-183
RHODENBAUGH, WILLIAM                    ID-1-D-213
RHODES, LULU                            ID-1-C-617
RICE, GUST                              ID-1-D-418
RICHARD, PRUDENCE E.                    ID-1-1-215
RICHARDSON, A. L.                       ID-1-C-623
RICHARDSON, JOHN M.                     ID-1-C-71
RICKERTS, VICTOR                        ID-1-C-615
RIDENBAUGH, MARY E.                     ID-1-E-362
RIDENBAUGH, WILLIAM H.                  ID-1-E-97
RIEGER, FRED J.                         ID-1-D-341
RIFE, EDMUND H.                         ID-1-1-84
ROATH, WILLIAM                          ID-1-E-142
ROBB, GEORGE                            ID-1-C-495
ROBERTSON, DIXON                        ID-1-C-576
ROBERTSON, LIZZIE T.                    ID-1-E-481
ROEBRTS, WILLIAM T.                     ID-1-E-316
ROMPE, A. W.                            ID-1-E-462
ROSENTHAL, FRED                         ID-1-E-51
ROSS, ASHBURN C.                        ID-1-D-3
ROSS, JOSIE M.                          ID-1-D-292
ROSS, NANCY J.                          ID-1-C-394
ROSS, ROEBRT                            ID-1-C-109
ROSS, THOMAS                            ID-1-C-161
ROSS, WINNIE B.                         ID-1-D-486
ROSSI, ADALINE                          ID-1-E-217
ROTHCHILD, ANNE FALK                    ID-1-E-277
ROTHCHILD, SAMUEL MARX                  ID-1-E-69
RUCHDASCHEL, JOHN C.                    ID-1-C-45
RUDGE, WILLIAM N.                       ID-1-C-547
RUDISILL, JONAH (JOSHIAH)               ID-1-D-409
RUDOLPH, CAORLINE                       ID-1-D-368
RUMMEL, JOHN C.                         ID-1-E-381
RUMSEY, JOHN G.                         ID-1-E-308
RUST, CORRELL E.                        ID-1-C-365
RUST, MARY E.                           ID-1-E-135
RUST, MYRTLE M.                         ID-1-E-511
RYAN, JOHN                              ID-1-7-157
SAGE, JAMES R.                          ID-1-D-319
SAINTJULIEN, A. MRS.                    ID-1-1-79
SALISBURY, RAYMOND C.                   ID-1-1-110
SALMON, EDMOND                          ID-1-E-71
SALSER, GUY G.                          ID-1-D-144
SANDERSON, ELMER B.                     ID-1-D-381
SATTERFIELD, JOHN                       ID-1-B-274
SAVOIA, SERAFINO                        ID-1-E-249
SCHELLER, THOEPHILUS                    ID-1-C-84
SCHNABEL, CHARLES A.                    ID-1-C-24
SCHREIBER, JACOB                        ID-1-C-59
SCHULTZ, JOHN H.                        ID-1-D-256
SCHWAN, WILLIAM                         ID-1-E-44
SCHWARTZ, HORATIO                       ID-1-E-48
SCHWARTZ, LOUANA                        ID-1-C-381
SCOTT, AARON G.                         ID-1-E-89
SCOTT, JAMES C.                         ID-1-E-464
SECKEL, CHARLOTTE                       ID-1-C-610
SECKEL, ROSA                            ID-1-D-138
SEDERLUND, PETER                        ID-1-E-58
SELLER, HELEN                           ID-1-C-369
SENSENIG, EMERSON S.                    ID-1-E-466
SHAFFER, WILLIAM H. A.                  ID-1-E-64
SHARP, CHARLES E.                       ID-1-E-94
SHAW, MARY HUGHES                       ID-1-E-514
SHELTON, HAWKINS                        ID-1-C-65
SHEPHERD, ALICE ADELIA                  ID-1-E-92
SHERWIN, WILLIAM                        ID-1-C-249
SHIPMAN, LUCINA                         ID-1-E-131
SHIPP, WILLIAM J.                       ID-1-C-181
SHRUM, ANDREW J.                        ID-1-D-362
SIMMONS, COSTER                         ID-1-B-337
SINGREY, ORLANDO J. T.                  ID-1-E-99
SKEEN, JOHN B.                          ID-1-E-461
SKYLES, JOHN WESLEY                     ID-1-E-96
SLOAN, EZRA C.                          ID-1-C-55
SLUKA, ANDREW                           ID-1-E-266
SMETHERMAN, JESSIE M.                   ID-1-C-345
SMITH, ALBERT P.                        ID-1-D-270
SMITH, ELIZA M.                         ID-1-C-310
SMITH, GEORGE B.                        ID-1-C-422
SMITH, JOHN                             ID-1-D-295
SMITH, JOHN PRINGLE                     ID-1-E-483
SMITH, JOSEPH                           ID-1-B-174
SMITH, MARGARET FRANICS                 ID-1-B-52
SMITH, MARY E.                          ID-1-E-166
SMITH, MARY E.                          ID-1-E-160
SMITH, NATHAN T.                        ID-1-C-213
SMITH, S. T. N.                         ID-1-D-56
SMITH, SARAH A.                         ID-1-D-198
SMITH, SARAH C.                         ID-1-C-202
SMITH, SARAH L. CHAMPLIN                ID-1-E-63
SMOOT, GEORGE H.                        ID-1-D-484
SNYDER, HENRY G.                        ID-1-1-108
SNYDER, LEO                             ID-1-E-30
SONNA, PETER                            ID-1-C-207
SORBEN, EDWARD O.                       ID-1-E-424
SORENSEN, LOUIS                         ID-1-E-240
SPACKMAN, HESTER M.                     ID-1-E-548
SPARE, JOHN J.                          ID-1-C-212
SPARR, JOHN J.                          ID-1-D-47
SPAULDING, ALMON W.                     ID-1-E-494
SPEAR, DAVID HENRY                      ID-1-C-100
SPENCER, SARAH L.                       ID-1-E-275
SPIVEY, JAMES                           ID-1-E-573
SPOOR, JACOB                            ID-1-E-12
SPRINGER, WARREN DAVID                  ID-1-C-298
STALKER, ALEXANDER R.                   ID-1-E-111
STANFIELD, EDITH L.                     ID-1-E-47
STARKOVICH, NICK                        ID-1-1-120
STAUFFER, J. W.                         ID-1-E-201
STCOCK, F. CHARLES                      ID-1-C-602
STEELE, JAMES ARTHUR                    ID-1-E-468
STEPHAN, BETHA                          ID-1-E-262
STEVENS, CHARLES J.                     ID-1-1-194
STEVENSON, BERTHA M.                    ID-1-1-131
STEWART, THOMAS C.                      ID-1-C-326
STICKNEY, HOMER                         ID-1-1-118
STINSON, CHARLES C.                     ID-1-E-542
STOCKLE, PETER                          ID-1-E-1
STOCKTON, NANCY                         ID-1-D-303
STOCKTON, WILLIAM M.                    ID-1-D-306
STORY, CHARLES D. SR.                   ID-1-E-579
STOTT, JAMES                            ID-1-D-279
STOWELL, CALVIN                         ID-1-D-110
STRAUGHAN, ALICE B.                     ID-1-D-225
STRAUS, DORA                            ID-1-D-419
STRAWN, WILLIAM                         ID-1-E-430
STUART, JOHN GEORGE                     ID-1-A-211
SUMMERS, W. E.                          ID-1-D-266
SUTTON, JAMES H.                        ID-1-D-281
SUTTON, JOSEPH L.                       ID-1-E-75
SWAIN, ARTHUR JUDSON                    ID-1-E-452
SWALLEY, B. F.                          ID-1-D-288
SWORD, HERBERT RICHARD                  ID-1-1-196
SYLVESTER, MONTERVILLE                  ID-1-E-302
TALLMAN, PHOEBE W.                      ID-1-C-393
TATE, CATHERINE McGEE                   ID-1-D-181
TATE, JOHN P.                           ID-1-D-334
TAYLOR, HASCAE L.                       ID-1-B-252
TAYLOR, JAMES B.                        ID-1-A-131
TAYLOR, JAMES B.                        ID-1-E-39
TAYLOR, MARY L.                         ID-1-E-493
TEGETHOFF, DARLENE JUNE                 ID-1-1-146
TEGETHOFF, DENNIS DOYLE                 ID-1-1-149
TERP, THEREASA E.                       ID-1-D-94
THOMAS, HENRY A.                        ID-1-E-545
THOME, WILLIAM                          ID-1-C-587
THOMPSON, ELLEN                         ID-1-C-22
THORN, SAMUEL B.                        ID-1-C-254
THORNTON, LEWIS E.                      ID-1-1-167
THURLIMANN, EDWARD                      ID-1-D-339
TODD, SHANNON                           ID-1-E-76
TONE, MINER R.                          ID-1-C-107
TONSLEY, JOSEPH C.                      ID-1-D-405
TOUSLEY, ADDIE B.                       ID-1-E-502
TREDWELL, JOHN F.                       ID-1-D-170
TRENNER, WILLIE HENRY                   ID-1-E-33
TRISLER, EMMA P.                        ID-1-E-234
TURNER, FRANCES                         ID-1-C-596
TURNER, TRACY A.                        ID-1-E-412
TURNER, WILLIAM MADISON                 ID-1-A-121
TURPIN, SAMUEL T.                       ID-1-E-34
TUTTLE, WARREN F.                       ID-1-C-197
TWOGOOD, WILLIAM                        ID-1-C-453
UIHLEIN, AUGUST                         ID-1-C-397
URQUIDES, JESUS                         ID-1-E-532
USTICK, HARLAN PAGE                     ID-1-D-184
USTICK, MARGARET C.                     ID-1-E-300
VAHL, SARAH                             ID-1-E-563
VALLE, WILLIAM                          ID-1-E-512
VASSAR, JAMES R.                        ID-1-D-98
VAUGHAN, CHARLES C.                     ID-1-E-67
VAUGHN, MARY BARRY                      ID-1-C-397
VAUGHN, ZENAS N.                        ID-1-C-625
VINCENT,MARY E.                         ID-1-C-89
WADSWORTH, EDITH                        ID-1-E-446
WAGGONER, JOHN L.                       ID-1-E-575
WAKEFIELD, ALBERT                       ID-1-E-130
WALALCE, J. N.                          ID-1-E-83
WALBANK, ROBERT T.                      ID-1-D-448
WALBY, MARY                             ID-1-E-238
WALLACE, DAVID C.                       ID-1-C-519
WALLACE, JENNIE V.                      ID-1-E-406
WALLING, J. B.                          ID-1-B-398
WALTER, IRENE NAFTZGER                  ID-1-D-440
WALTHER, CAROLINE                       ID-1-D-330
WARD, MARSHAL T.                        ID-1-D-392
WASHINGTON, MARTIN                      ID-1-1-55
WASHINGTON, MARTIN                      ID-1-B-1
WASILL, DOROTHY LAURA                   ID-1-1-129
WASILL, GEORGE EDWARD                   ID-1-1-126
WATERS, EDGAR A.                        ID-1-D-411
WATERS, JAMES                           ID-1-E-127
WATSON, VIOLA M.                        ID-1-D-245
WATTS, JAMES A.                         ID-1-D-51
WATTS, JAMES K.                         ID-1-E-379
WAYMIRE, HELEN M.                       ID-1-C-630
WAYMIRE, HORACE C.                      ID-1-C-627
WAYMUTH, ORA BELLE                      ID-1-D-27
WEBB, NORMAN A.                         ID-1-D-394
WEBSTER, ALLEN V.                       ID-1-D-35
WEBSTER, MARY E.                        ID-1-E-486
WEIL, LAZARE                            ID-1-C-400
WEINER, ANTOINE                         ID-1-C-36
WESTON, JAMES H.                        ID-1-E-491
WHIPPLE, MARTHA M.                      ID-1-E-529
WHITE, THOMAS LOCKE                     ID-1-D-239
WHITMAN, GLORIA ANTOINETTE              ID-1-1-152
WHITMAN, WARREN JOHN                    ID-1-1-160
WHITNEY, EUGENE L.                      ID-1-C-362
WILCOX, LAWRENCE P.                     ID-1-C-60
WILDER, JOHN C.                         ID-1-E-283
WILLIAMS, DAVID D.                      ID-1-C-486
WILLIAMS, EUGENE W.                     ID-1-D-231
WILLIAMS, KATE L.                       ID-1-E-426
WILLIAMS, KATE L.                       ID-1-2-7
WILLIAMS, OWEN                          ID-1-C-200
WILLIAMS, RICHARD                       ID-1-C-613
WILLIAMSON, JAMES E.                    ID-1-D-253
WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM                     ID-1-C-93
WILLSON, EMILIE                         ID-1-D-477
WILSON, EDGAR                           ID-1-C-590
WILSON, JAMES                           ID-1-E-10
WILSON, JAMES                           ID-1-B-463
WILSON, MARIA LOUISE                    ID-1-C-32
WILSON, MARION J.                       ID-1-B-194
WILSON, ROBERT B.                       ID-1-E-134
WINDATE, HENRY T.                       ID-1-B-41
WISE, GEORGE                            ID-1-E-560
WITTEL, JOHN                            ID-1-1-62
WOLTER, LUCIUS                          ID-1-E-255
WOLTERS, ALBERT                         ID-1-E-88
WOMACK, JESSE                           ID-1-C-583
WONDERSHEK, JOHN                        ID-1-E-492
WONG, LENA AH FONG                      ID-1-E-70
WOOD, ALMYRA M.                         ID-1-E-524
WOOD, JOHN BRUCE                        ID-1-C-95
WOOD, MORRIS E.                         ID-1-E-15
WOZMAK, MICHELINA                       ID-1-E-13
WRIGHT, ALICE A.                        ID-1-C-258
WYMAN, GEORGE H.                        ID-1-B-133
YATES, JOHN E.                          ID-1-C-506
YEATES, THOMAS J.                       ID-1-E-577
YENNE, MARY                             ID-1-E-116
YOUNG, NEWTON                           ID-1-1-74
ZIMMERMAN, CHRIST                       ID-1-C-351

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