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ADAMS, WILLIAM                          IA-96-A-117
ALDEN, SAMUEL J.                        IA-96-A-223
ALLEN, CHARLES R.                       IA-96-A-532
ALLEN, LUCINDA                          IA-96-A-43
ANDERSON, JOHN                          IA-96-A-52
ANDREWS, JEREMIAH B.                    IA-96-A-247
BANNING, ARMINDA P.                     IA-96-A-55
BARRETT, BENJAMIN                       IA-96-A-134
BARTLETT, PHINEAS                       IA-96-A-388
BATMAN, WILLIAM C.                      IA-96-A-154
BEALL, RUFUS                            IA-96-A-38
BELKNAPP, DANIEL                        IA-96-A-467
BENNETT, CHARLES                        IA-96-A-373
BLIND, EDWARD                           IA-96-A-217
BLISS, SYLVESTER                        IA-96-A-23
BRITTINGHAM, HANNAH S.                  IA-96-A-47
BROOKBANK, MARY EMMA                    IA-96-A-175
BROWN, LAFAYETTE J.                     IA-96-A-63
BROWN, SAMUEL                           IA-96-A-137
BUCHANAN, ROBERT                        IA-96-A-524
BYRNE, JOHN P.                          IA-96-A-258
CANDEE, ELIZABETH G.                    IA-96-A-105
CHAMBERLAIN, RILEY                      IA-96-A-439
CHAPIN, ALMIRA A.                       IA-96-A-563
CHESBROUGH, A. M.                       IA-96-A-496
COLE, LUTHER A.                         IA-96-A-232
COLLINS, ELIZABETH                      IA-96-A-68
COLLINS, SOPHIA B.                      IA-96-A-281
COOLBAUGH, JAMES S.                     IA-96-A-443
CORBETT, CHARLES JOSEPH                 IA-96-A-415
CORNELL, GEORGE L.                      IA-96-A-249
COSEY, JOSEPH L.                        IA-96-A-70
CURRIN, JOHN                            IA-96-A-86
CUSHING, HENRY D.                       IA-96-A-299
DAY, NATHAN                             IA-96-A-401
DONOVAN, HONORAH                        IA-96-A-219
DOTEN, E. G.                            IA-96-A-511
EASLEY, DANIEL B.                       IA-96-A-26, 95
EASLEY, JAMES S.                        IA-96-A-175
EASLEY, MALVINA                         IA-96-A-92
EDDY, FRANKLIN A.                       IA-96-A-478
EDES, SAMUEL C.                         IA-96-A-17
ELY, ASHLEY                             IA-96-A-40
FAULKNER, CHARLES S.                    IA-96-A-165
FAULKNER, FRANCES A.                    IA-96-A-156
FITZGERALD, MICHAEL                     IA-96-A-379
FLINT, JOHN C.                          IA-96-A-227
FLOYD, SAMUEL                           IA-96-A-492
FREDRICKSON, A. M.                      IA-96-A-74
FREELAND, JOHN G.                       IA-96-A-541
FREEMAN, WILLIAM G.                     IA-96-A-148
FRENCH, JANE D.                         IA-96-A-569
GANDENBERGER, CHARLES                   IA-96-A-76
GATES, JAMES                            IA-96-A-370
GILLETT, GRACE                          IA-96-A-46
GLENN, WILLIAM                          IA-96-A-27
GODDARD, CHARLOTTE R.                   IA-96-A-319
GOODWIN, PHILLIP M.                     IA-96-A-550
GOWER, ROBERT                           IA-96-A-397
GRANT, CHARLES                          IA-96-A-429
GRIBBLE, WILLIAM                        IA-96-A-394
GROSH, DAVID S.                         IA-96-A-427
HALLENBACH, FRANCES                     IA-96-A-206
HANRAHAN, MICHAEL                       IA-96-A-425
HANSEN, PETER                           IA-96-A-383
HASCH, ELIZABETH                        IA-96-A-461
HEDGES, CHARLES E.                      IA-96-A-119
HENN, BERNHART                          IA-96-A-32
HENSLER, MATHEW                         IA-96-A-273
HICKLING, WILLIAM                       IA-96-A-291
HITTLE, SQUIRE L.                       IA-96-A-555
HOLLAND, JOHN R.                        IA-96-A-229
HUNT, JOSEPH W.                         IA-96-A-25
HUNTLEY, CALVIN                         IA-96-A-141
HYNER, JOHN L.                          IA-96-A-430
IRELAND, JOHN                           IA-96-A-108
ISBELL, JAMES                           IA-96-A-122
IVES, ROBERT HALE                       IA-96-A-97
JACKSON, GILES E.                       IA-96-A-309
JONES, WILLISTON                        IA-96-A-463
JONES, WILLISTON                        IA-96-A-23
JORDAN, CLEMENT                         IA-96-A-590
KEEVER, WILSON F.                       IA-96-A-6
KELLOGG, SMITH                          IA-96-A-483
KIRK, R. RICHARD                        IA-96-A-305
KOONTZ, ELLA                            IA-96-A-386
KUNTZ, DOROTHEA                         IA-96-A-465
LAMOREAUX, CLEMENT                      IA-96-A-1
LAMOUREAUX, ODILLON                     IA-96-A-88
LANSINGH, ORREA W. D.                   IA-96-A-260
LEWIS, BETSEY                           IA-96-A-113
LOUPRET, DONAT                          IA-96-A-565
MANNING, JAMES                          IA-96-A-189
MARTIN, MARGARET                        IA-96-A-220
MARTINDALE, JOHN H.                     IA-96-A-446
MATHUS, JOHN N.                         IA-96-A-266
MCCALL, A. R.                           IA-96-A-66
MCDONALD, JAMES                         IA-96-A-508
MCDONALD, YUGER                         IA-96-A-163
MCFARLAND, SAMUEL                       IA-96-A-34
MCOMBER, JANE                           IA-96-A-212
MORGAN, MICHAEL                         IA-96-A-366
MURPHY, THOMAS                          IA-96-A-208
MYERS, MATTHEW                          IA-96-A-368
NICHOLS, PADDOCK B.                     IA-96-A-83
PACKER, WILLIAM F.                      IA-96-A-517
POLLY, DAVID C.                         IA-96-A-459
PRICE, GEORGE                           IA-96-A-78
REED, CHARLES M.                        IA-96-A-314
REEVES, RUTH                            IA-96-A-295
RICE, H. B.                             IA-96-A-561
ROYCE, P. P.                            IA-96-A-115
SANGSTER, C. C.                         IA-96-A-4
SAWIN, MARTIN                           IA-96-A-73
SMALL, PHILIP                           IA-96-A-143
SOMARINDYCK, ANNA                       IA-96-A-567
STEWART, WILLIAM                        IA-96-A-269
STEWART, WILLIAM                        IA-96-A-275
STONGE, LOUIS                           IA-96-A-204
SWINBURNE, AMANDA                       IA-96-A-139
TALLMAN, GEORGE C.                      IA-96-A-197
TERRY, OLIVER                           IA-96-A-513
TUDOR, JOHN                             IA-96-A-472
TYLER, MARY WOODSON BINNEY              IA-96-A-579
VANBENSCHOTEN, ELIA H.                  IA-96-A-48
VANOSINDA, PETER                        IA-96-A-276
VINTON, DAVID H.                        IA-96-A-585
WADLEIGH, JONATHAN B.                   IA-96-A-408
WARTHORST, FRANCIS                      IA-96-A-527
WENDEL, WELLER                          IA-96-A-515
WESTON, GEORGE                          IA-96-A-536
WHEELER, GEORGE                         IA-96-A-480
WILCOX, SALLY                           IA-96-A-80
WILEY, GEORGE R.                        IA-96-A-376
WILLER, MARGRET                         IA-96-A-583
WILLIAMS, WILLIAM L.                    IA-96-A-151
YEOMANS, PRENTICE                       IA-96-A-90

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