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ADAMS, HENRY                           IA-94-A-80
ANDERSON, CHRISTIAN                    IA-94-B-505
ANDERSON, OLE                          IA-94-A-151
BACKMAN, ANDES P.                      IA-94-B-416
BAKER, JOHN D.                         IA-94-A-139
BARRON, WILLIAM T.                     IA-94-A-73
BEEBE, GEORGE T.                       IA-94-A-49
BELL, WILLIAM                          IA-94-A-70
BENGTSON, ANDREW                       IA-94-B-167
BIBB, WARREN W.                        IA-94-A-176
BIBB, WARREN W.                        IA-94-A-29
BLACKETT, WILILAM                      IA-94-A-161
BRANTINGHAM, ROBERT M.                 IA-94-A-64
CAMPBELL, CHARLES                      IA-94-A-117
CHAMBERS, JAMES                        IA-94-B-65
CHESTELSON, OSMUND                     IA-94-B-432
CLAFLIN, LEE                           IA-94-A-41
CLARK, HULL                            IA-94-A-131
COE, SANFORD M.                        IA-94-A-171
COX, JOHN M.                           IA-94-A-33
CROCKER, IRA                           IA-94-B-170
DAHL, J. M.                            IA-94-B-509
DAHLQUIST, MARTIN                      IA-94-B-169
DAVIDSON, C. H.                        IA-94-A-585
DECKER, ANSON                          IA-94-A-197
DIETRICH, AUGUST                       IA-94-B-42
DIXWELL, JOHN JAMES                    IA-94-A-25
DOWNEY, THERON                         IA-94-A-57
DRUG, JOHN                             IA-94-B-507
DULL, JOHN                             IA-94-B-497
EAMES, CHARLES M.                      IA-94-B-397
EDWARDSON, CORNELIA                    IA-94-B-414
FAHRNEY, PETER                         IA-94-B-418
FARRAR, HENRY W.                       IA-94-B-191
FUGGELIEN, BETSEY                      IA-94-B-430
GILBERT ANDREW J.                      IA-94-B-483
GILMAN, JOSEPH T.                      IA-94-B-181
GLIDDEN, DANIEL C.                     IA-94-B-455
GRASLEY, HELLEN                        IA-94-B-477
GREGORY, WILLIAM                       IA-94-A-6
GREVE, HERMAN                          IA-94-A-163
GRODAHL, JOHN                          IA-94-B-453
HAMILTON, JOSEPH                       IA-94-B-427
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                      IA-94-B-50
HESTER, ISAAC                          IA-94-A-77
HILL, JOHN J.                          IA-94-B-474
HILLS, RUFUS                           IA-94-A-2
HOPWOOD, RICE G.                       IA-94-A-103
HOYT, ANN A.                           IA-94-A-152
HUNT, F. K.                            IA-94-A-272
HURLEY, DANIEL                         IA-94-B-390
JENSON, R. P.                          IA-94-B-494
JOHNS, JOHN JR.                        IA-94-A-70
JOHNSON, ABRAHAM                       IA-94-A-45
JORGENSON, EVIND                       IA-94-A-150
KECK, GEORGE                           IA-94-A-78
KEMPTHORNE, CHARLES                    IA-94-B-463
KERSTEN, HARTMAN                       IA-94-B-425
KNUDTSON, ANNA                         IA-94-B-48
KYLE, JOHN A.                          IA-94-B-196
LAVENDER, WILLIAM D.                   IA-94-A-70
MATTISON, ANDREW                       IA-94-A-5
MCGREEVEY, EDWARD                      IA-94-B-492
MCMILLAN, N. G.                        IA-94-A-146
MILELR, JAMES H.                       IA-94-A-106
MOTT, JUDD M.                          IA-94-A-1
NELSON, PETER S.                       IA-94-B-166
NERBY, L. B.                           IA-94-B-470
OBRIEN, J. M.                          IA-94-B-193
OLSON, CECILIA                         IA-94-B-168
OLSON, GUNDER                          IA-94-B-10
OLSON, ROBERT                          IA-94-A-72
OLSON, TARALD                          IA-94-B-11
PACE, JAMES T.                         IA-94-A-70
PHELPS, JOSEPH A.                      IA-94-B-12
PHILLIPS, ALBERT                       IA-94-A-60
RAKE, ANDREW D.                        IA-94-B-480
RICHARDS, LUCIE M.                     IA-94-B-58
SHEARMAN, EBER                         IA-94-A-90
SPENCER, WAKELY                        IA-94-A-34
STANSBURY, ELIZAH M.                   IA-94-B-440
STEVENSON, SAMUEL                      IA-94-A-122
STEWART, ANDRWE                        IA-94-A-181
TALLMAN, GEORGE C.                     IA-94-A-11
THAYER, FRANCIS S.                     IA-94-A-38
THOMPSON, JAMES                        IA-94-B-2
THOMPSON, UNDER                        IA-94-A-119
THORSTENSON, OLE                       IA-94-B-503
TOMPKINS, URIAH                        IA-94-B-61
UPSON, LYMAN D.                        IA-94-A-113
WAKEFIELD, ORRIN W.                    IA-94-B-383
WALKER, JOHN WESLEY                    IA-94-B-436
WALLER, RICHARD P.                     IA-94-A-70
WEST, DEWITT C.                        IA-94-A-17
WHITE, MILES                           IA-94-A-205
WICKSE, JACOB JOHNSON                  IA-94-B-18
WILSON, JAMES C.                       IA-94-A-143
WILSON, JOHN M.                        IA-94-B-8
WILSON, JOSEPH T.                      IA-94-A-83, 102

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