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ADAMS, ADONIRAM JUDSON SR.              IA-6-C-463
ADDY, WILLIAM                           IA-6-A-323
AHRENDS, C. H.                          IA-6-A-215
ALBERS, JACOB                           IA-6-C-510
ALCORN, JOHN                            IA-6-B-284
ALLEN, CORDELIA ANN                     IA-6-A-74
ALLEN, MARTHA                           IA-6-B-291
ALLEN, MARY                             IA-6-B-215
ANDERSON, ANDREW                        IA-6-C-605
ANDERSON, LOISA B.                      IA-6-C-603
ANDRESEN, PETER FLORS                   IA-6-C-342
ANDREWS, SUSANNA                        IA-6-C-382
ARBLE, W. B.                            IA-6-C-422
ARNOLD, HANNAH                          IA-6-C-554
ATKINSON, THOMAS                        IA-6-A-219
AULD, JOHN                              IA-6-A-232
BACHMAN, EDWARD                         IA-6-A-364
BAKER, EMANUEL                          IA-6-B-425
BALLHEIM, MARY ANNA                     IA-6-B-579
BALLHEIM, MICHAEL                       IA-6-B-408
BANGS, BUER, S.                         IA-6-B-600
BANKS, MARY E.                          IA-6-B-211
BANTA, ELIZABETH                        IA-6-C-592
BARDWELL, S. L.                         IA-6-B-613
BARKDALL, REBECCA C.                    IA-6-B-299
BARKHURST, RILEY                        IA-6-C-503
BARNES, THOMAS F.                       IA-6-C-244
BARRON, JOHN                            IA-6-C-359
BARTELS, CAROLINE                       IA-6-C-214
BARTON, ENOS H.                         IA-6-B-328
BATES, W. S.                            IA-6-B-27
BAUM, MARY                              IA-6-C-556
BAUMGARDEN, WILLIAM                     IA-6-C-281
BEAN, LIZZIE                            IA-6-B-419
BEATTY, CHARLES                         IA-6-C-484
BECK, JOHN A.                           IA-6-A-179
BECK, MARX C.                           IA-6-B-610
BEEB, HENRY                             IA-6-B-445
BEEBE, JOHN                             IA-6-B-347
BELL, PETER                             IA-6-C-363
BELLER, DAVID                           IA-6-C-465
BENDER, WILLIAM                         IA-6-C-590
BENSON, J. S.                           IA-6-B-384
BENSON, JOHN                            IA-6-B-312
BERGEN, ISAAC                           IA-6-C-430
BERGEN, PETER                           IA-6-C-169
BERGESEN, LOIS U.                       IA-6-B-574
BEYER, FREDERICK                        IA-6-B-176
BIEBENBERG, ANNA                        IA-6-C-546
BIEBENBERG, JOHANNES R.                 IA-6-C-598
BIEBESHEIMER, HENRY                     IA-6-C-337
BIEL, WERNER                            IA-6-C-256
BIGGER, JOHN M.                         IA-6-C-412
BIRCH, JOHN                             IA-6-C-383
BIRCH, JOHN G.                          IA-6-C-207
BLACKBURN, DAVID                        IA-6-A-292
BLACKWELL, JOHN T.                      IA-6-B-217
BLACKWELL, SUSAN                        IA-6-B-8
BLOCKER, J.                             IA-6-C-161
BLOSS, PHILP                            IA-6-C-585
BLOSSOM, MARY J.                        IA-6-C-472
BOBZIER, FREDRICK                       IA-6-B-482
BOCKHOLT, NICHOLAS F.                   IA-6-C-248
BOGGS, SAMUEL                           IA-6-A-98
BOLAND, MARY AGNES                      IA-6-C-282
BOLENBAUGH, L. F.                       IA-6-C-168
BONEWITZ, H. N.                         IA-6-B-354
BONNEY, ARVILLA REBECCA                 IA-6-C-506
BOODY, GEORGE                           IA-6-A-135
BOOK, JOHN                              IA-6-C-578
BOOKER, ISAIAH                          IA-6-B-357
BOON, HENRY                             IA-6-C-350
BOSS, JOHN                              IA-6-A-11
BOSWORTH, IRA G.                        IA-6-C-27
BOUGHTON, DANIEL                        IA-6-A-228
BOVELY, LOISA                           IA-6-B-76
BOWER, HANNAH                           IA-6-A-302
BOYD, CATHERINE                         IA-6-B-504
BOYD, W. S.                             IA-6-B-503
BRAKSIEK, ADAM                          IA-6-C-578
BRAMHALL, WILLIAM                       IA-6-A-183
BRANIN, MAHLON                          IA-6-B-308
BRECHT, EMANUEL                         IA-6-B-563
BRENNAN, PATRICK J.                     IA-6-C-545
BREWER, DAVID                           IA-6-B-160
BREWER, DAVID V.                        IA-6-C-253
BRIAN, EMILY                            IA-6-C-211
BRIGGLE, GEORGE                         IA-6-A-286
BROCK, CATHERINE                        IA-6-C-500
BRODERSEN, CHRISTIANA D.                IA-6-C-556
BRODY, HUGH SR.                         IA-6-C-370
BRODY, MATILDA JANE                     IA-6-C-87
BROENDEL, HANS                          IA-6-C-473
BROLLIAR, SAMUEL                        IA-6-B-326
BROWN, MATTHEW                          IA-6-C-194
BROWN, WARREN L.                        IA-6-C-574
BROWN, WILLIAM                          IA-6-C-609
BROWN, WILLIAM H.                       IA-6-C-375
BRUCE, DAVID                            IA-6-B-263
BRUCHNER, WOLFGANG                      IA-6-C-134
BRUFF, JAMES                            IA-6-B-234
BUCHAN, GEORGE JR.                      IA-6-C-7
BUCK, MARY J.                           IA-6-C-551
BUCK, THOMAS                            IA-6-C-379
BUHMANN, H. L.                          IA-6-B-70
BUMGARDNER, SAMUEL A.                   IA-6-A-263
BUNKER, LAVINA                          IA-6-C-286
BUNTEN, J. H.                           IA-6-A-237
BUNTEN, JOHN B. F.                      IA-6-C-480
BURDICK, LYMAN                          IA-6-C-3
BURK, MARY                              IA-6-C-336
BURKEY, AGNES                           IA-6-C-384
BURLEY, JANE W.                         IA-6-C-90
BURMIESTER, HENRY                       IA-6-C-567
BURNS, MOSES                            IA-6-A-348
BURRELL, J. D.                          IA-6-C-587
BUSHNELL, GEORGE W.                     IA-6-B-370
BUTCHER, JOHN                           IA-6-B-172
BUTLER, MANLY S.                        IA-6-A-10
BUTRICK, JAMES M.                       IA-6-A-282
CAGLEY, JACOB                           IA-6-A-4
CALDWELL, DANIEL M.                     IA-6-C-290
CALDWELL, MARGARET                      IA-6-C-159
CALLAGHAN, PATRICK                      IA-6-C-339
CALLAGHAN, THOMAS                       IA-6-C-363
CAMERON, J. T.                          IA-6-C-569
CAPWELL, ISAAC W.                       IA-6-A-265
CARLE, GILMAN                           IA-6-C-77
CARLISLE, LEWIS M.                      IA-6-B-148
CARROLL, N. W.                          IA-6-A-32
CARTER, CALEB                           IA-6-A-250
CARTER, HANNAH                          IA-6-B-301
CARTER, HENRY H.                        IA-6-B-455
CHADBOURNE, A. S.                       IA-6-C-218
CHADBOURNE, HARRIET H.                  IA-6-A-235
CHADBOURNE, MARTHA N.                   IA-6-C-554
CHAMBERS, JOHN P.                       IA-6-B-344
CHAMPLIN, EDWIN                         IA-6-A-127
CHAPIN, STEPHEN                         IA-6-B-184
CHAPMAN, AMOS                           IA-6-B-135
CHASE, EMMA                             IA-6-A-1
CHESS, FRANK                            IA-6-B-130
CHILD, DARIUS                           IA-6-C-570
CHRISTOL, JOHN                          IA-6-B-37
CLARK, E. H.                            IA-6-B-615
CLARK, EMMA                             IA-6-C-354
CLARK, NICHOLAS                         IA-6-A-251
CLARK, WILLIAM                          IA-6-C-293
CODER, DANIEL                           IA-6-B-74
CODER, PHIIP M.                         IA-6-A-383
COFFEE, JAMES                           IA-6-A-22
COLDWELL, JOHN M.                       IA-6-B-185-207
COLLINS, THOMAS                         IA-6-B-380
COMPTON, ISAAC R.                       IA-6-A-185
CONLEY, RHESA                           IA-6-A-123
CONNELL, W.C.                           IA-6-C-386
COOK, STEPHEN                           IA-6-C-205
COONSE, JOHN B.                         IA-6-A-171
COOPER, DARWIN                          IA-6-B-418
CORBETT, HARRIET                        IA-6-C-558
CORRELL, MICHAEL                        IA-6-C-395
CORRELL, PAUL                           IA-6-C-583
COTTON, CHRISTINA H.                    IA-6-C-485
COVERT, JOHN V.                         IA-6-A-353
COVINGTON, ISAAC M.                     IA-6-B-473
COWALL, E. H.                           IA-6-A-308
COZAD, JOHN                             IA-6-B-441
CRAMER, ISAAC N.                        IA-6-A-88
CRAMER, JOSHUA                          IA-6-B-491
CRANDALL, ALDEN                         IA-6-A-70
CRAWFORD, WILLIAM                       IA-6-A-281
CRELLY, THOMAS                          IA-6-A-248
CRISWELL, LILLIE M.                     IA-6-C-430
CRISWLEL, MARY                          IA-6-C-364
CRONEMILLER, JAMES                      IA-6-A-258
CROOKS, FRANK                           IA-6-C-426
CROOKS, MARY R.                         IA-6-C-392
CROSS, JACOB                            IA-6-C-431
CROSSLAND, JOHN                         IA-6-C-54
CROTTY, ELIZBETH                        IA-6-C-151
CROTTY, MICHAEL                         IA-6-B-515
CROUCH, ALFRED                          IA-6-C-48
CROUCH, REBECCA W.                      IA-6-B-411
CROW, ELMER C.                          IA-6-A-359
CUE, LEWIS                              IA-6-A-40
CULP, EDWARD                            IA-6-C-353
CULP, ORA K.                            IA-6-B-269
CULP, WILLIAM T.                        IA-6-C-487
CULVER, NATHAN                          IA-6-A-20
CUMMINGS, JOSEPH                        IA-6-B-489
CUNNINGHAM, J. R.                       IA-6-C-120
CUNNINGHAM, WILLIAM W.                  IA-6-A-95
DAGGETT, JOHN F.                        IA-6-C-133
DANIELS, SULLIVAN                       IA-6-B-520
DAUGL, ANTONIO                          IA-6-C-596
DAUGL, JOSEF                            IA-6-C-573
DAVENPORT, MARY                         IA-6-C-42
DAVIN, J. H.                            IA-6-C-425
DAVIN, MARGARET                         IA-6-C-471
DAVIS, DAVID                            IA-6-B-440
DAVIS, DAVID                            IA-6-C-435
DAVIS, DAVID P.                         IA-6-A-103
DAVIS, HENRY                            IA-6-B-391
DAVIS, MARION J.                        IA-6-A-164
DAYTON, MARIA                           IA-6-B-438
DECKERAN, F. W.                         IA-6-B-78
DELANEY, JAMES C.                       IA-6-C-200
DELFS, CLAUS                            IA-6-C-581
DEMARER, MARY                           IA-6-B-611
DENEKE, HENRY                           IA-6-C-338
DENMAN, MOSES                           IA-6-C-434
DETHORBE, P. E.                         IA-6-A-305
DETLEFSEN, PETER                        IA-6-C-463
DEVAINE, JOSIAS                         IA-6-B-274
DEVILBISS, CASPER                       IA-6-C-512
DICKINSON, ELIZABETH                    IA-6-A-373
DILLNG, CATHERINE S.                    IA-6-C-589
DOAN, ELIAS                             IA-6-A-358
DOAN, JOSIAH WILLIAM                    IA-6-B-286
DODD, MARY J.                           IA-6-C-474
DONAHUE, ANN                            IA-6-C-196
DONELS, JANE                            IA-6-B-462
DONLEY, PATRICK                         IA-6-B-273
DONLY, MICHAEL                          IA-6-B-315
DOUGHERTY, DANIEL                       IA-6-A-377
DOWNS, ROBERT N.                        IA-6-B-45
DRAHOS, KATIE                           IA-6-B-271
DRISCOL, PETER                          IA-6-C-478
DUEL, PHILIP                            IA-6-C-473
DUFORER, VIRGIL                         IA-6-C-62
DUNCALF, JOSEPH A.                      IA-6-C-591
DUNCAN, JOHN                            IA-6-B-56
DURAN, GEORGE W.                        IA-6-B-305
DURSTON, JOSEPH                         IA-6-B-251
DWIGANS, B.R.                           IA-6-C-63
DYRLAND, GEORGE SR.                     IA-6-C-477
EALY, J. F.                             IA-6-C-369
EALY, JAMES R.                          IA-6-B-52
EBERT, FREDERICK                        IA-6-C-497
EHLERS, LOUISA                          IA-6-B-619
EHRED, W. H.                            IA-6-C-444
EIBEL, ANNA CHRISTINA                   IA-6-C-359
ELLGEN, HERMAN                          IA-6-C-421
ELLIOTT, WARREN                         IA-6-A-391
ELLIS, C.                               IA-6-C-552
ELLYSON, H. H.                          IA-6-C-373
ELLYSON, W. H.                          IA-6-C-462
ELSENHAUS, JOHN                         IA-6-B-346
ELSON, DANIEL                           IA-6-C-480
ENGLAND, J. V.                          IA-6-C-397
ENGLAND, LUCAS                          IA-6-C-335
ENGLEDOW, EMMANUEL                      IA-6-C-123
ENGLEDOW, MARY E.                       IA-6-C-433
EPPERSON, CHARLES                       IA-6-A-58
ERICKSEN, JOHN                          IA-6-C-559
ERLYND, SARAH                           IA-6-C-181
ESGET, ISAAC H.                         IA-6-A-46
EVANS, DANIEL                           IA-6-A-83
FARIS, JOHN S.                          IA-6-C-343
FARRIS, JOHN W.                         IA-6-C-371
FAWCETT, GEORGE                         IA-6-B-276
FAWCETT, JONATHAN                       IA-6-A-221
FELLOWS, JESSE                          IA-6-B-12
FELLOWS, VIOLA B.                       IA-6-C-539
FERRIS, GEORGE W.                       IA-6-B-417
FICK, ANTJE                             IA-6-C-391
FIELMANN, JOHN                          IA-6-C-376
FIKE, JOHN C.                           IA-6-A-379
FISS, NANCY                             IA-6-A-166
FIX, JOHN                               IA-6-A-246
FLUKE, MARTIN                           IA-6-A-213
FOOTE, M. V.                            IA-6-C-591
FOOTE, VIOLA                            IA-6-C-388
FOWLER, NANCY R.                        IA-6-B-64
FRANCIS, A. J.                          IA-6-B-361
FRANZENBURG, CLAUS                      IA-6-C-310
FREEMAN, SAMUEL                         IA-6-A-2
FREHLICH, ANNA                          IA-6-C-22
FRICK, HANS D.                          IA-6-C-97
FRITZ, JACOB                            IA-6-C-457
FROEHLICK, ANNA                         IA-6-C-22
FROELICH, MICHAEL                       IA-6-C-421
FRY, DAVID                              IA-6-C-535
FRY, POLLY                              IA-6-C-345
FRYDENDALL, ELIZA A.                    IA-6-B-433
FULLER, CHARLES S.                      IA-6-B-548
FURNAS, SARAH                           IA-6-A-117
FURRY, JOHN                             IA-6-B-13
GARVER, HANNAH                          IA-6-A-217
GARWOOD, ELIZABETH                      IA-6-C-454
GASSER, ERASMUS                         IA-6-B-307
GASSER, MARIA                           IA-6-B-450
GATES, MARY A.                          IA-6-B-57
GAY, HARVEY D.                          IA-6-A-362
GESSNER, MICHAEL                        IA-6-C-262
GIBBONS, AUSTIN                         IA-6-C-538
GIESE, FERDINAND                        IA-6-C-185
GILCHRIST, WILLIAM                      IA-6-A-255
GILCHRIST, WILLIAM A.                   IA-6-C-564
GINGRICH, ABRAHAM                       IA-6-A-149
GINGRY, MARGARET                        IA-6-C-279
GNAGY, SUSANNA                          IA-6-C-78
GOARCKE, CATHERINE                      IA-6-C-385
GOLDEN, HANNAH C.                       IA-6-C-450
GOLDEN, THOMAS C.                       IA-6-A-310
GOOD, JOHN                              IA-6-C-317
GOODWIN, BENJAMIN C.                    IA-6-A-277
GOODWIN, CHARLES S.                     IA-6-C-274
GORDEN, JAMES W.                        IA-6-C-515
GORDON, WILLIAM                         IA-6-C-558
GOSELIN, HARRIET E.                     IA-6-C-585
GOSS, GEORGE W.                         IA-6-C-593
GRAYSON, J. W. V.                       IA-6-C-550
GRAYSON, RUTH C.                        IA-6-C-600
GREENE, MARY                            IA-6-C-563
GREENLEE, ALLEN                         IA-6-C-313
GREENLEE, C. B.                         IA-6-C-523
GREENLEE, ESTHER N.                     IA-6-C-127
GREENLEE, F. M.                         IA-6-C-157
GREENLY, ROBERT                         IA-6-A-151
GREENWOOD, JOHN                         IA-6-A-335
GREGG, WILLIAM S.                       IA-6-B-305
GRETTENBERGER, JOHN G.                  IA-6-B-481
GRIMM, JOHN                             IA-6-C-466
GROSSENBACKER, JULIUS A.                IA-6-C-521
GROSVENOR, ELIZA A.                     IA-6-A-225
GROTH, HEINRICH                         IA-6-B-502
GROVERT, JOHANN                         IA-6-C-361
GRUBB, JACOB                            IA-6-C-409
GUINN, A. J.                            IA-6-A-343
GUINN, HUCANUS                          IA-6-B-329
GULSTORF, HEINRICH                      IA-6-C-491
GUTHRIE, WILLIAM                        IA-6-C-43
HAGEN, FREDRICK SR.                     IA-6-B-493
HAGEN, JOSEPH                           IA-6-C-495
HAGER, JONATHAN                         IA-6-C-109
HAGGAN, JAMES                           IA-6-C-15
HAINES, ABIGAIL                         IA-6-C-434
HAISLER, GEORGE                         IA-6-B-479
HALDENBRAND, ADAM                       IA-6-B-101
HALE, ELLEN A.                          IA-6-B-367
HALE, WILLIAM A.                        IA-6-C-361
HALL, ELI                               IA-6-C-455
HAMANN, WILLIAM                         IA-6-C-238
HAMEISTER, HENRY                        IA-6-C-503
HAMILTON, WILLIAM                       IA-6-B-125
HAMISTER, HENRY                         IA-6-B-111
HANFORD, H. M.                          IA-6-B-164
HANFORD, W. W.                          IA-6-A-260
HANGEN, JENS J.                         IA-6-C-348
HANNA, ALEXANDER H.                     IA-6-C-368
HANNA, HANNAH                           IA-6-B-543
HANSEN, CHRISTAIN                       IA-6-B-5
HANSEN, FRIEDRICH                       IA-6-C-490
HARDY, MARTHA B.                        IA-6-C-502
HARKNESS, E. A.                         IA-6-C-31
HARMON, MARY                            IA-6-B-375
HARMS, CLAUS                            IA-6-C-92
HARNES, JOSEPH                          IA-6-B-604
HARPER, ALEXANDER                       IA-6-C-342
HARRIS, AMOND H.                        IA-6-A-64
HART, ELIZABETH S.                      IA-6-C-448
HARTLEY, JOSIAH                         IA-6-B-536
HARTZ, SARAH                            IA-6-B-209
HARTZ, SOLOMON                          IA-6-B-485
HARWOOD, THOMAS                         IA-6-C-46
HASLEY, JOHN                            IA-6-C-423
HAUS, HARDER                            IA-6-B-199
HAUSER, JOHN                            IA-6-B-401
HAVEN, WILLIAM A.                       IA-6-B-219
HAYHURST, ANGELINE                      IA-6-A-381
HAYWARD, ROBERT H.                      IA-6-B-231
HEATH, JOHN E.                          IA-6-C-509
HEATH, ROBERT                           IA-6-B-177
HECK, JOHN                              IA-6-C-74
HECK, REUBEN                            IA-6-B-203
HECK, SIMEON                            IA-6-B-18
HELDENBRAND, MARGARET                   IA-6-C-356
HELDENBRAND, WILLIAM                    IA-6-B-546
HEMINGS, ANNA                           IA-6-C-389
HENERT, JUSTUS                          IA-6-C-347
HENKLE, ANNA                            IA-6-C-452
HENNING, WILLIAM                        IA-6-A-275
HEPP, J. JACOB                          IA-6-B-366
HERRING, SUSANNA                        IA-6-C-124
HERRING, WILLIAM B.                     IA-6-C-520
HERSBERGER, HENRY                       IA-6-B-586
HESSENKAMP, WILLIAM                     IA-6-A-190
HEYER, LUDWIG                           IA-6-C-380
HICKEY, MICHAEL                         IA-6-C-354
HIGGINS, M. D.                          IA-6-A-369
HILL, JAMES W.                          IA-6-C-482
HINCKLEY, SAMUEL B.                     IA-6-B-58
HINEMAN, JOHN                           IA-6-B-75
HINES, PATRICK                          IA-6-C-418
HOE, JONAH                              IA-6-A-6
HOFFMAN, HANNAH                         IA-6-C-299
HOFFMAN, HENRY                          IA-6-B-103
HOLBOTH, JOHN N.                        IA-6-C-145
HOLCK, H. T.                            IA-6-C-505
HOLDEN, MARY A.                         IA-6-B-597
HOOVER, F. M.                           IA-6-C-494
HOPKINS, MERCY M.                       IA-6-A-319
HORRIDGE, ELIZABETH                     IA-6-C-202
HOUGHTON, J. A.                         IA-6-C-372
HUMPHRIES, JOSEPH                       IA-6-A-183
HUMPREY, JAMES                          IA-6-C-454
HUNTER, ORLANDO                         IA-6-B-121
HUNTER, REBECCA                         IA-6-B-138
HUPPERT, YOUEL S.                       IA-6-C-483
HUXTABLE, WILLIAM                       IA-6-C-287
IMM, CHRISTIANA                         IA-6-A-236
IRVINE, JOHNSTON                        IA-6-A-82
JACOBS, ANDREAS                         IA-6-C-448
JAMES, EZEKIAL                          IA-6-B-146
JOHNKE, FRITZ                           IA-6-C-300
JOHNS, WILLIAM L.                       IA-6-C-593
JOHNSEN, CHRISTIAN F.                   IA-6-C-384
JOHNSON, DAVID                          IA-6-C-467
JOHNSON, DIXON                          IA-6-B-9
JOHNSON, ELIZA                          IA-6-C-468
JOHNSON, JAMES P.                       IA-6-C-553
JOHNSON, JOHN                           IA-6-B-151
JOHNSON, SALLY                          IA-6-A-347
JOHNSON, SOPHIA S.                      IA-6-B-549
JOHNSON, WILLIAM J.                     IA-6-C-559
JONES, HEMING                           IA-6-B-62
JONES, HUGH B.                          IA-6-A-9
JONES, JAMES                            IA-6-A-25
JONES, JOHN                             IA-6-B-476
JONES, MARGARETTA                       IA-6-B-116
JONES, ZARDUS                           IA-6-A-203
JORDON, HEINRICH                        IA-6-C-297
JOYCE, JACOB                            IA-6-A-296
JURGEMEYER, C. WILLIAM                  IA-6-B-529
JUTTE, HENRY                            IA-6-A-284
KABRICK, LICKFRITS                      IA-6-A-62
KANEALY, JOHN                           IA-6-B-512
KELLOGG, ORISON                         IA-6-B-216
KELLY, PATRICK                          IA-6-C-453
KENDALL, BENJAMIN                       IA-6-C-353
KENNAN, J. C.                           IA-6-C-445
KENNEDY, MARGARET                       IA-6-B-179
KERR, W. H.                             IA-6-A-177
KIEPER, FREDERICK                       IA-6-A-374
KILE, ABRAHAM                           IA-6-C-85
KINDERFATHER, FREDERICK                 IA-6-C-550
KING, GEORGE                            IA-6-C-429
KING, PHEBE                             IA-6-B-156
KING, R.                                IA-6-B-313
KING, STEPHEN                           IA-6-A-298
KING, WILLIAM                           IA-6-A-376
KIPP, JAMES M.                          IA-6-B-137
KIRBY, JOHN                             IA-6-A-173
KIRK, RICHARD                           IA-6-C-366
KIRKLAND, MARGARET                      IA-6-C-382
KIRKMAN, CONRAD                         IA-6-A-341
KIRKPATRICK, SAMUEL                     IA-6-B-69
KISLING, DANIAL                         IA-6-B-170
KISLING, JOSEPH                         IA-6-B-374
KISLING, PETER K.                       IA-6-A-256
KITE, O. P.                             IA-6-B-192
KITZHABER, JOSEPH                       IA-6-B-350
KLETZING, HENRY                         IA-6-B-385
KLINE, JOHN W.                          IA-6-C-346
KNAPP, JOHN                             IA-6-B-260
KNECHT, SALLY ANN                       IA-6-A-195
KNICKREHM, J. HENRY                     IA-6-C-477
KNICKREHM, SOPHIA M.                    IA-6-B-592
KNOX, MARY                              IA-6-C-405
KOLDZAN, HENRY                          IA-6-C-402
KOLLENKARK, FREDRICK                    IA-6-C-544
KOOPMANN, JURGEN                        IA-6-C-377
KOP, CLAUS                              IA-6-B-324
KOUBA, JOHN                             IA-6-C-538
KOULA, PETER                            IA-6-C-560
KOVAR, FRANCIS                          IA-6-C-459
KRABBEUHOFT, M. (MRS)                   IA-6-C-356
KRATASKA, JAMES                         IA-6-C-355
KROEHNKE, HENRY                         IA-6-C-60
KROG, FRIEDERICK                        IA-6-C-545
KRUEGER, FREDERICK                      IA-6-C-45
KUBELD, FRANK                           IA-6-C-289
KUBIK, ANNA                             IA-6-C-122
KUEN, CATHERINE                         IA-6-C-406
KUEN, JOSEPH                            IA-6-C-471
KUTH, S. E.                             IA-6-C-588
LAHN, HANS                              IA-6-C-568
LAHUE, GILES                            IA-6-C-352
LANDON, AMY                             IA-6-B-413
LARKEN, PETER                           IA-6-B-386
LARUE, CHAMBERS C.                      IA-6-C-143
LARUE, HANNAH M.                        IA-6-C-149
LARUE, ISAAC N.                         IA-6-C-66
LARUE,AARON                             IA-6-B-106
LATHAM, LEVI W.                         IA-6-C-601
LEACH, JACOB                            IA-6-A-129
LEE, ALBERT N.                          IA-6-C-426
LEGRANGE, A. H.                         IA-6-C-192
LEHNEN, CATHERINE                       IA-6-C-173
LEHNEN, JOHN JACOB                      IA-6-B-487
LEO, FRED                               IA-6-C-333
LEONARA, CHARLES                        IA-6-A-93
LEQUATTE, MATTHEW                       IA-6-C-1
LERCH, ANNA M.                          IA-6-B-246
LEVAN, WILLIAM                          IA-6-A-357
LIKENS, JOSIAH                          IA-6-C-187
LILLER, JOHN A.                         IA-6-B-290
LINDERMAN, LIZZIE                       IA-6-B-332
LINDSAY, ROBERT                         IA-6-B-161
LINDSTROM, C. E.                        IA-6-C-429
LIPE, EVELINA H.                        IA-6-B-402
LOCKHART, SAMUEL M.                     IA-6-B-435
LOGAN, RACHEL                           IA-6-B-541
LOGAN, WILLIAM                          IA-6-B-372
LOIZEAUX, JOHN J.                       IA-6-B-113
LONG, C. P.                             IA-6-C-419
LONG, WOODSON, P.                       IA-6-C-493
LOPP, HAMILTON                          IA-6-A-105
LORENZ, JOHANNES HENNING                IA-6-C-496
LOUDON, AGNES                           IA-6-C-323
LUCKEY, G. J.                           IA-6-C-435
LUDWIG, GERTRUDE                        IA-6-B-79
LUTZ, SAMUEL                            IA-6-A-8
MAHAN, CHARLES                          IA-6-A-153
MAHAN, ELMIRA                           IA-6-B-495
MAHAN, SAMUEL                           IA-6-A-168
MAHEW, EMILY G.                         IA-6-B-393
MALCOLM, DANIEL                         IA-6-C-362
MALL, FRANCIS                           IA-6-C-384
MALL, WILLIAM                           IA-6-C-432
MANDEVILLE, GEORGE                      IA-6-B-181
MARKHAM, HANNAH                         IA-6-C-561
MARS, JOHN                              IA-6-C-156
MARSH, COLLINA                          IA-6-A-274
MARSH, ELIZA                            IA-6-A-205
MARSH, EMERSON                          IA-6-B-90
MARSHALL, GEORGE                        IA-6-B-142
MARTINS, RINDERS                        IA-6-B-288
MAXSON, SIMEON                          IA-6-B-352
MAY, ALLEN                              IA-6-A-146
MCARTHUR, JOHN                          IA-6-B-167
MCARTHUR, MARY B.                       IA-6-C-606
MCCASLIN, J. W.                         IA-6-C-485
MCCORMICK, JOHN                         IA-6-C-177
MCCOY, GEORGE                           IA-6-A-36
MCCULLEY, JAMES                         IA-6-B-599
MCCUNE, J. V.                           IA-6-C-50
MCCUNE, T. F.                           IA-6-C-494
MCCURDY, F. E.                          IA-6-C-533
MCELHANEY, STEWART A.                   IA-6-C-34
MCFARLANE, JANET                        IA-6-C-276
MCGOWAN, MARY                           IA-6-C-516
MCGUIRE, ELIJAH                         IA-6-B-334
MCGUIRE, ROBINAH E.                     IA-6-C-291
MCINTIIER, OWEN                         IA-6-B-621
MCKENNA, JAMES                          IA-6-B-2
MCLANAHAN, CATHERINE S.                 IA-6-B-36
MCLAREN, ALEXANDER                      IA-6-B-51
MCLAUGHLIN, THOMAS                      IA-6-B-281
MCLAUGHLIN, THOMAS                      IA-6-C-555
MCLEAN, JANE M.                         IA-6-C-470
MCMAHAN, JAMES                          IA-6-C-65
MCMILLAN, JOHN F.                       IA-6-B-459
MCNEE, WILLIAM                          IA-6-C-100
MCQUILKEN, SAUL                         IA-6-A-352
MCWIE, DAVID                            IA-6-C-577
MEAD, DANIEL W.                         IA-6-C-33, 461
MEIRE, HENRY F.                         IA-6-C-70
MEREDITH, WILLIAM                       IA-6-B-311
MESKIMEN, DAVID                         IA-6-B-149
MEYOCKS, JOHN                           IA-6-B-451
MICHEL, HENRY                           IA-6-B-403
MIKOTA, FRANCIS L.                      IA-6-B-240
MILL, JAMES                             IA-6-B-399
MILLER, ANDREW                          IA-6-C-572
MILLER, CAROLINE                        IA-6-C-79
MILLER, CHRISTOPHER                     IA-6-A-44
MILLER, HUGH                            IA-6-A-139
MILLER, JOHN                            IA-6-C-184
MILLER, MARGARET                        5-530
MILLER, MARY                            IA-6-B-261
MILLER, MARY                            IA-6-B-24
MILLER, SAMUEL F.                       IA-6-A-137
MILLER, SAMUEL F.                       IA-6-C-461
MILLS, ZADA                             IA-6-B-568
MINOTT, JOHN H.                         IA-6-C-447
MITCHELL, JACOB                         -553
MITCHELL, JOHN                          IA-6-B-583
MOELLER, FREDERICK AUGUST               IA-6-C-462
MOLONEY, JAMES                          IA-6-C-561
MONTGOMERY, ALEXANDER                   IA-6-C-511
MONTGOMERY, THOMAS                      IA-6-C-36
MOODY, ALEX                             IA-6-A-42
MOODY, ROBERT H.                        IA-6-C-446
MOORE, MARIA                            IA-6-A-141
MORGAN, THOMAS                          IA-6-B-431
MORRIS, JOHN                            IA-6-B-220
MORRIS, MARY F.                         IA-6-A-147
MOSHER, E. A.                           IA-6-C-255
MOSNAT, J. J.                           IA-6-C-349
MOSSMAN, J. H.                          IA-6-C-420
MOULDS, JOSEPH                          IA-6-C-492
MOYER, GERTRUDE                         IA-6-B-524
MURPHY, STUART                          IA-6-C-137
NARBER, ELLAS                           IA-6-C-568
NARBER, GEORGE                          IA-6-B-423
NELSON, FOLTIN                          IA-6-B-557
NELSON, JOSIAH A.                       IA-6-C-460
NELSON, LUCY ANN                        IA-6-C-573
NEWANS, HENRY                           IA-6-B-223
NEWELL, LORENZO                         IA-6-B-134
NEWLAND, JAMES                          IA-6-A-368
NEWTON, WILLIAM                         IA-6-C-455
NICHOLSON, ROBERT                       IA-6-C-581
NICOLAISEN, PETER                       IA-6-B-422
NIEBES, JOHN                            IA-6-B-294
NIKKEL, JOHAN                           IA-6-C-533
NISSEN, INGWER PETER                    IA-6-B-534
NISSEN, PETER SR.                       IA-6-C-507
NOBLE, CHARLES A.                       IA-6-C-570
NOLAN, JAMES SR.                        IA-6-C-116
NORTH, FRANK B.                         IA-6-C-35
NOVAK, ANNA                             IA-6-C-472
OBRIEN, JAMES                           IA-6-B-501
OBRIEN, THOMAS                          IA-6-B-20
OCHSENFELDS, JOHANN W.                  IA-6-B-449
OCONNELL, BRIDGET                       IA-6-B-256
OHDE, HENRY                             IA-6-C-266
OHLEN, PAUL                             IA-6-C-264
OLDS, THOMAS                            IA-6-A-90
OLIVER, THOMAS                          IA-6-C-165
OLNEY, GEORGE W.                        IA-6-A-155
ONEAL, J. C.                            IA-6-C-372
OREILLY, PHILLIP                        IA-6-B-267
OSBORN, MICAJAH                         IA-6-A-50
PACKARD, GEORGE A.                      IA-6-B-570
PAGE, ENOCH                             IA-6-B-392
PALMER, JOHN E.                         IA-6-A-54
PALMER, W. S.                           IA-6-C-379
PANGBONE, LEVI W.                       IA-6-B-97
PARKER, SUSANNAH C.                     IA-6-A-243
PARKER, WILLIAM H.                      IA-6-B-63
PARSONS, RICHARD                        IA-6-C-369
PAULICEK, JOSEPH                        IA-6-B-6
PAULICEK, KATE                          IA-6-B-508
PECENKA, VACLAV                         IA-6-B-571
PERKINS, JOHN M.                        IA-6-B-23
PETERS, GEORGE                          IA-6-B-49
PETERSEN, HANS                          IA-6-C-489
PETERSON, CHRISTINA                     IA-6-C-464
PETRS, FRANZ                            IA-6-B-21
PFIESTER, MICHAEL                       IA-6-C-158
PHELPS, R. G.                           IA-6-B-463
PHELPS, SAMUEL O.                       IA-6-A-157
PHILLIPS, BENJAMIN                      IA-6-B-248
PICKART, JOHN                           IA-6-B-108
PIPER, MORGAN H.                        IA-6-B-338
PIRIE, JAMES                            IA-6-B-39
PLUMB, HENRY                            IA-6-C-16
POHLMAN, CARL                           IA-6-C-344
POLLOCK, J. G.                          IA-6-C-487
POLLOCK, SAMUEL                         IA-6-B-383
POOLE, JAMES                            IA-6-A-162
PORTER, GEORGE D.                       IA-6-A-97
PORTER, GRACE                           IA-6-C-540
PORTER, WILLIAM Y.                      IA-6-B-342
POTTER, MARY E.                         IA-6-A-267
PRIMMER, WILLIAM C.                     IA-6-B-127
PYPEL, WILLIAM H.                       IA-6-A-52
QUINN, RICHARD H.                       IA-6-C-296
RAGAN, REUBEN                           IA-6-A-384
RALYEA, LORENZO                         IA-6-C-242
RAMAGE, D. B.                           IA-6-A-113
RAMMELSBERG, CHARLES                    IA-6-C-566
RARTZ, CHARLES                          IA-6-B-293
RAYMOND, JOSEPH                         IA-6-B-244
READ, PERLINA                           IA-6-C-509
REDMOND, BRIDGET                        IA-6-B-340
REDMOND, CATHERINE                      IA-6-C-340
REED, GEORGE                            IA-6-A-38
REESE, WILLIAM N.                       IA-6-B-226
REEVE, J. B.                            IA-6-C-28
REIFSNIDER, JOHN                        IA-6-A-288
REIMAN, JOHN                            IA-6-B-81
REMER, MARGARET                         IA-6-C-86
REMER, SARAH                            IA-6-C-331
REMINGTON, ALICE                        IA-6-B-594
REMINGTON, JACOB                        IA-6-B-448
RENDERKNECHT, GEORGE                    IA-6-B-190
REYMAN, MARY                            IA-6-B-587
RICE, AMBROSE                           IA-6-A-280
RICE, GEORGE M.                         IA-6-C-329
RICE, JAMES                             IA-6-C-403
RICE, PAT                               IA-6-C-498
RICHARDS, JAMES C.                      IA-6-C-374
RICHARDS, SAMUEL                        IA-6-A-201
RICHART, WILLIAM                        IA-6-A-101
RICKEL, JOSIAH S.                       IA-6-C-475
RIEKE, CHRISTOPHER                      IA-6-C-543
RILEY, MARGARET                         IA-6-A-247
RINDERKNECHT, JOHAN                     IA-6-C-387
ROBERTS, THOMAS                         IA-6-A-131
ROBINSON, JAMES                         IA-6-A-86
ROBINSON, JOHN                          IA-6-B-379
ROCK, A. H.                             IA-6-A-18
ROHDE, CHRISTIAN                        IA-6-A-321
ROLK, EGGERT                            IA-6-B-188
ROMMES, EMMA                            IA-6-C-560
ROOKS, LORENZO                          IA-6-B-595
ROSBURG, FRITZ                          IA-6-B-319
ROSDAIL, OVEE                           IA-6-B-336
ROSE, NATHAN D.                         IA-6-B-47
ROVER, JOHN D.                          IA-6-A-306
RUCKER, AMANDA                          IA-6-C-604
RUNDERKNECHT, FREDERICK M.              IA-6-C-280
RUNYON, ELISHA                          IA-6-B-43
RUSSELL, BENJAMIN                       IA-6-B-229
RUSSELL, HIRAM                          IA-6-A-0
RUSSELL, N. E.                          IA-6-B-433
RUSSELL, WILLIAM                        IA-6-C-81
RUTH, MARY ETTA                         IA-6-A-360
RYDER, MARY J.                          IA-6-C-594
SAERIDER, ANTHONY G.                    IA-6-C-167
SAMPSON, LAVRENSA                       IA-6-C-411
SANDERS, JOHN                           IA-6-A-238
SAVAGE, LOUISA                          IA-6-A-233
SAWYER, ELIZZABETH                      IA-6-B-364
SCAHIL, MARY                            IA-6-B-297
SCHEEL, HANS                            IA-6-B-112
SCHEFDHAKER, JULIA ANN                  IA-6-C-13
SCHEURER, JOHN F.                       IA-6-B-227
SCHILD, JOHN                            IA-6-A-133
SCHILDROTH, PHILIP                      IA-6-C-347
SCHIRM, MARIA AND MARTIN                IA-6-B-415
SCHIRM, MARTIN AND MARIA                IA-6-B-415
SCHLOEMAN, E. H.                        IA-6-B-527
SCHLOTTERBECK, GOTTLIEB                 IA-6-B-409
SCHLUE, FREDRICK                        IA-6-B-602
SCHMIDT, F. H.                          IA-6-C-56
SCHMITZ, MICHAEL                        IA-6-B-369
SCHNIEDER, FERDINAND                    IA-6-B-460
SCHOONOVER, PHEBE ANN                   IA-6-C-284
SCHRADER, FRED                          IA-6-C-162
SCOTT, JEMIMA                           IA-6-C-424
SCRIBNER, CHARLS S.                     IA-6-B-498
SEAMONS, JOHN                           IA-6-A-76
SEEFRED, CHRISTIAN                      IA-6-B-475
SELKEN, J. W. F.                        IA-6-B-120
SERIBERLING, GEORGE                     IA-6-C-337
SEXTON, NATHAN                          IA-6-A-209
SHANE, CARRIE                           IA-6-B-555
SHANE, JOHN                             IA-6-C-128
SHARP, GEORGE                           IA-6-B-552
SHARP, MARTIN P.                        IA-6-B-396
SHAW, JOHN C.                           IA-6-C-247
SHEETS, G. W.                           IA-6-C-245
SHEFFIELD, CYNTHIA E. S.                CV-445
SHELDON, HARVEY                         IA-6-B-41
SHELL, HENRY                            IA-6-B-185
SHERRY, MARY E.                         IA-6-B-531
SHIELDS, MABEL                          IA-6-C-415
SHIELDS, MARGARET E.                    IA-6-A-72
SHIREMAN, CHRISTIAN                     IA-6-B-65
SHREEVES, B. W.                         IA-6-B-15
SHREEVES, MARY E.                       IA-6-C-189
SHULTS, SIMON                           IA-6-B-187
SIECK, RUTH M.                          IA-6-B-298
SILLIMAN, JOHN                          IA-6-A-317
SIMMONS, WARHAM S.                      IA-6-C-458
SINGLETON, JOHN                         IA-6-B-407
SKIFFINGTON, P. H.                      IA-6-A-244
SLATTERY, JOHN                          IA-6-B-53
SMITH, ANDREW                           IA-6-B-434
SMITH, EUNICE C.                        IA-6-C-358
SMITH, GEORGE                           IA-6-C-180
SMITH, HEMAN                            IA-6-C-24
SMITH, HULDAH                           IA-6-A-259
SMITH, ISAAC                            IA-6-A-60
SMITH, JEREMIAH S.                      IA-6-B-154
SMITH, SARAH A.                         IA-6-C-73
SMITH, THOMAS                           IA-6-A-363
SMOCK, JACOB                            IA-6-A-119
SMOCK, PHEBE JANE                       IA-6-C-267
SPECK, GEORGE H.                        IA-6-B-591
SPEER, JOHN W.                          IA-6-C-416
SPENCER, ABNER N.                       IA-6-A-322
SPENCER, E. B.                          IA-6-C-105
SPENCER, MARTHA                         IA-6-C-140
SPENCER, MARY P.                        IA-6-C-484
SPRINGER, MARY JOSEPHINE                IA-6-C-432
SPURGIN, HARVEY                         IA-6-B-359
STAHLEY, ELIZA                          IA-6-C-377
STAMMER, CHRISTINA                      IA-6-C-417
STAMMER, JOHN                           IA-6-C-212
STARBIRD, SARAH A.                      IA-6-C-23
STARF, MARTHA ELIZABETH                 IA-6-B-443
STARFF, JOHN A.                         IA-6-B-165
STCLAIR, ARCHIBALD                      IA-6-A-295
STCLAIR, HUGH SR.                       IA-6-A-270
STEFFENS, FREDERICK                     IA-6-B-35
STEIN, FRANS HENRICH                    IA-6-C-83
STEIN, WILLIAM                          IA-6-B-453
STEPHEN, RACHAEL                        IA-6-B-510
STEPHENS, HENRY                         IA-6-A-253
STEPHENS, NICHOLAS                      IA-6-A-13
STERN, CATHARINE                        IA-6-A-242
STEVES, JACOB                           B-71
STEVES, MARY                            IA-6-B-118
STEWART, ALEXANDER                      IA-6-B-152
STEWART, WILLIAM                        IA-6-C-408
STICKNEY, JOHN                          IA-6-B-351
STIEN, ANNA C.                          IA-6-B-538
STODARD, ANNA                           IA-6-A-380
STOFFEL, HENRY WILLIAM                  IA-6-C-481
STONE, AMOS                             IA-6-B-277
STONE, JONATHAN J.                      IA-6-A-78
STONESIFER, CATHERINE A.                IA-6-C-277
STONESIFER, E. M.                       IA-6-B-201
STORY, ELIZA ANN                        IA-6-C-464
STRAIT, W. S.                           IA-6-C-381
STRAND, THOMAS T.                       IA-6-C-32
STRANG, JOHN                            IA-6-A-143
STRICKEL, RUTH G.                       IA-6-C-416
STRUCK, JOACHIM                         IA-6-B-205
STUBBE, HINRICH                         IA-6-C-10
SUSTER, KATHERINE                       IA-6-C-428
SWAIN, MARCUS                           IA-6-B-404
SWEET, CHARLES A.                       IA-6-A-325
SWEET, L. T.                            IA-6-C-215
TANGEMAN, ANDREW J.                     IA-6-B-457
TANNYHILL, GEORGE W.                    IA-6-C-543
TAYLOR, BENJAMIN                        IA-6-A-125
TAYLOR, MARTHA M.                       IA-6-C-360
TAYLOR, NATHAN S.                       IA-6-C-272
TELFORD, JOHN S.                        IA-6-B-429
TEOMAY, JAMES                           IA-6-A-269
TEOMAY, JOHN                            IA-6-C-562
THARP, JAMES                            IA-6-C-366
THARP, M. V.                            IA-6-C-450
THARP, WILLIAM                          IA-6-C-456
THATCHER, S. L.                         IA-6-C-29
THEDE, FRANZ H.                         IA-6-C-557
THIESSEN, P. M.                         IA-6-C-368
THIESSEN, THEIS                         IA-6-C-505
THOMAS, JOSEPH                          IA-6-A-345
THOMPSON, HIRAM                         IA-6-A-197
THOMPSON, R. E.                         IA-6-C-271
THOMPSON, W. W.                         IA-6-B-506
THOMPSON, WILLIAM                       IA-6-C-335
THORMAN, F.                             IA-6-C-594
TILSON, DAVID                           IA-6-C-68
TIMM, JOHANN                            IA-6-C-357
TISCHER, JOHANN A.                      IA-6-B-266
TITUS, MARY                             IA-6-B-427
TOMPKIN, SARAH                          IA-6-C-172
TOOMBS, JESSE M.                        IA-6-B-607
TOPLIFF, ALBERT L.                      IA-6-C-491
TRACY, CHESTER                          IA-6-C-501
TRADE, JOHN                             IA-6-C-508
TRAER, JENNIE V. H.                     IA-6-C-423
TRUEBLOOD, ELIJAH                       IA-6-C-597
TUCKER, ENOS S.                         IA-6-A-187
TURGOOD, CHARLES                        IA-6-B-483
TURK, JOHNK.                            IA-6-A-7
TURNBULL, RICHARD                       IA-6-C-588
TURNER, CHARLS G.                       IA-6-C-199
TUTTLE, OSMOND                          IA-6-A-313
UPMIRE, ORSILA                          IA-6-B-363
VALENTINE, JESSE                        IA-6-B-317
VANDERHEYDEN, JOHN                      IA-6-C-587
VANDEUSEN, FRANCIS DEWITT               IA-6-C-501
VANDIKE, JOHN                           IA-6-B-1
VANDYKE, SUSAN E.                       IA-6-C-147
VANHORN, EDWARD ROGERS                  IA-6-B-539
VANMETRE, JOHN                          IA-6-A-240
VANNICE, ALBERT V.                      IA-6-B-225
VANNICE, J. A.                          IA-6-C-380
VANNICE, RACHEL                         IA-6-C-345
VANSCOY, JOHN                           IA-6-C-479
VANSKIKE, N.                            IA-6-B-421
VANWINKLE, ISAAC                        IA-6-B-282
VILES, JOEL G.                          IA-6-C-175
VOORHIES, JOSEPH                        IA-6-A-231
VORIS, ANN                              IA-6-C-413
VORIS, F. R.                            IA-6-B-194
VOSS, WILHELM                           IA-6-C-52
WADE, THOMAS B.                         IA-6-A-223
WAGNER, JACOB K.                        IA-6-C-131
WAGNER, WILLIAM B.                      IA-6-B-390
WAHL, JOACHIM                           IA-6-C-71
WAKEFIELD, W. A.                        IA-6-A-279
WALLACE, JOHN                           IA-6-C-393
WALLEY, MARGARET N.                     IA-6-C-58
WARD, SAMUEL                            IA-6-C-40
WARNER, HANS J.                         IA-6-B-124
WATERS, MARY                            IA-6-C-358
WATSON, ELIZABETH JAN                   IA-6-C-209
WATSON, MARION                          IA-6-C-210
WAYCHOFF, JACKSON                       IA-6-B-377
WEBB, RUTH                              IA-6-A-371
WEHLER, PETER W.                        IA-6-C-203
WEHR, MARY M.                           IA-6-C-351
WELCH, JANE                             IA-6-B-3
WELCH, THOMAS J.                        IA-6-B-388
WENDEL, CONRAD                          IA-6-B-561
WENNER, CHRISTIAN                       IA-6-B-397
WESTOVER, WILLIAM                       IA-6-B-264
WHIPPLE, C.                             IA-6-C-222
WHIPPLE, W. P.                          IA-6-C-579
WHITE, CATHERINE                        IA-6-C-220
WHITE, JAMES C.                         IA-6-C-482
WHITE, JOHN                             IA-6-B-123
WHITE, ROSANNA                          IA-6-C-236
WHITE, VILINDA                          IA-6-C-381
WHITE, W. J.                            IA-6-C-451
WHITNEY, MILTON G.                      IA-6-B-590
WHITTE, SARAH ELIZABETH                 IA-6-C-19
WICKE, CATHARINE A.                     IA-6-C-493
WILEY, JACOB                            IA-6-A-389
WILFORD, D. C.                          IA-6-B-585
WILFORD, JACOB P.                       IA-6-B-341
WILHELMI, WILHELM                       IA-6-C-371
WILIAMS, JOHN                           IA-6-A-91
WILLET, ISAAC                           IA-6-A-16
WILLIAMS, MARY LUMB                     IA-6-B-559
WILLIAMS, W. F.                         IA-6-B-465
WILSON, G. C.                           IA-6-C-20
WILSON, JAMES                           IA-6-B-242
WILSON, MITCHELL                        IA-6-C-130
WILSON, SAMUEL                          IA-6-B-132
WILSON, THOMAS                          IA-6-B-360
WINTNER, ADOLF                          IA-6-C-95
WOHL, ANTHONY                           IA-6-C-374
WOLF, JOHN                              IA-6-C-574
WOLFE, ALVIRA                           IA-6-C-64
WOLFE, ELIZABETH                        IA-6-C-565
WOLFE, F. C.                            IA-6-C-154
WOLFE, J. H.                            IA-6-C-518
WOLFE, T. N.                            IA-6-C-540
WOLLAR, ROBERT                          IA-6-B-157
WONROW, JOHN                            IA-6-B-213
WOOD, NANCY                             IA-6-B-171
WOOD, NICHOLAS                          IA-6-C-427
WOOD, WILLIAM                           IA-6-B-406
WOODLEY, JACOB                          IA-6-C-449
WOODLEY, JOHN G.                        IA-6-B-577
WOODLEY, MARY A.                        IA-6-B-576
WOODROW, LAURA H.                       IA-6-C-38
WORSTER, H. K.                          IA-6-C-532
WRIGHT, AUGUSTUS                        IA-6-C-457
WUERTELE, JOHN                          IA-6-B-478
WYCKOFF, A. J.                          IA-6-C-240
YONEL, WILLIAM N.                       IA-6-A-48
YOUEL, RACHAEL S.                       IA-6-C-191
YOUNG, A. L. F.                         IA-6-B-337
YOUNG, C. T.                            IA-6-B-174
YOUNG, LIVINNA H.                       IA-6-C-365
YOUNG, NANNIE                           IA-6-C-526
ZAGGEL, CHRISTOPHER                     IA-6-A-181

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