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ABRAHAM, JAMES M.                       IA-2-2-442
ADAIR, Z. T.                            IA-2-3-63
ADAMS, DEMPSTER                         IA-2-3-155
AGNEW, J. C.                            IA-2-2-423
AKIN, SUSAN                             IA-2-2-423
ALLERTHORN, JOHN                        IA-2-2-480
ALLISON, THOMAS JR.                     IA-2-2-71
ANDERSON, DAVID                         IA-2-1-23
ANDERSON, HARRIET E.                    IA-2-3-161
APPELGATE, ANN M.                       IA-2-1-227
APPLEGATE, CARLOS C.                    IA-2-1-229
ARTER, JACOB                            IA-2-2-364
ARTHUR, A. W.                           IA-2-3-107
ATHERTON, BOAZ                          IA-2-1-485
ATHERTON, MARY                          IA-2-2-429
ATKINSON, JONATHAN                      IA-2-1-489
AYRES, LANGDON                          IA-2-1-438
AYRES, LANGDON                          IA-2-1-362
BACON, DAVID R.                         IA-2-1-455
BACON, ELIZABETH R.                     IA-2-1-505
BAILIFF, TENNIE E. REED                 IA-2-3-136
BARNETT, JAMES S.                       IA-2-3-171
BARNETT, JOHN                           IA-2-1-513
BARTLETT, GEORGE                        IA-2-2-479
BARTLETT, GEORGE                        IA-2-2-479
BASISTO, RUBEN                          IA-2-2-320
BASOR, DAVID                            IA-2-2-271
BATTON, SAMUEL H.                       IA-2-2-426
BEAUMONT, JOSEPH A.                     IA-2-2-449
BELDING, WILMUTH L.                     IA-2-3-12
BENTLEY, RICHARD                        IA-2-2-349
BETTANNIER, E. T.                       IA-2-2-396
BICKFORD, ABIGAL                        IA-2-2-267
BIDDLE, GEORGE W.                       IA-2-2-500
BIDDLE, JOHN B. M. D.                   IA-2-1-128
BIDDLE, MARIA                           IA-2-2-497
BIRKHIMER, EDWARD                       IA-2-2-382
BIVENS, JOHN J.                         IA-2-2-400
BIXLER, J. M.                           IA-2-3-153
BIXLER, ORPHA R.                        IA-2-3-177
BIXLER, ROBERT A.                       IA-2-3-117
BLANCHARD, MARK                         IA-2-2-206
BLAND, EDWARD                           IA-2-2-177
BLAZEK, JAMES                           IA-2-2-279
BLYTHE, JAMES                           IA-2-1-523
BOHANAN, EMMA J.                        IA-2-3-94
BOHANAN, J. A.                          IA-2-3-127
BOHANAN, R. J.                          IA-2-3-78
BOHANAN, WILLIAM H.                     IA-2-3-183
BOHANAN, WILLIAM H. SR.                 IA-2-3-78
BONAR, JACKSON                          IA-2-2-348
BONNETT, ELMER E.                       IA-2-3-55
BOOKER, ELIZABETH                       IA-2-2-280
BOOKER, SAMUEL                          IA-2-2-252
BOOTH, CASSIUS M.                       IA-2-3-165
BOSWELL, ALLIE R.                       IA-2-3-129
BOTHELL, GEORGE                         IA-2-2-211
BOTKIN, B. V.                           IA-2-2-476
BOWERBANK, THOMAS                       IA-2-1-426
BOWMAN, EMMA J. C.                      IA-2-2-253
BOYD, SARAH                             IA-2-2-185
BRADLEY, HARRIET R.                     IA-2-1-539
BRANDON, SARAH J.                       IA-2-3-119
BREWSTER, CHARLES                       IA-2-2-161
BRISCOE, MARIA                          IA-2-2-462
BRISCOE, RICHARD                        IA-2-1-521
BRITTEN, NICOLAUS                       IA-2-1-487
BRONNER, MICHAEL                        IA-2-3-45
BROWN, B. L.                            IA-2-2-479
BROWN, CHARLES H.                       IA-2-1-326
BROWN, GEORGE C.                        IA-2-2-66
BROWN, JAMES M.                         IA-2-2-54
BROWN, JOHN C.                          IA-2-1-288
BROWN, JOHN C.                          TBL (CON'T)                             IA-2-1-311
BROWN, SOPHIA REESE                     IA-2-3-15
BUCKLEY, ALONZO                         IA-2-2-248
BUCKNER, W. A.                          IA-2-3-161
BUGBEE, SHERMAN                         IA-2-1-49
BUGG, EDWARD                            IA-2-3-162
BUGG, GEORGE A.                         IA-2-3-75
BULLOCK, HICKMAN D.                     IA-2-3-165
BULLOCK, MARSHALL                       IA-2-3-14
BUNTING, MARGARET ANN                   IA-2-3-152
BURGAN, JULIETTE                        IA-2-3-55
BURGETT, JAME SR.                       IA-2-3-5
BURGETT, JOSEPH W.                      IA-2-2-168
BURRI, PETER                            IA-2-1-383
BURTON, WILLIAM                         IA-2-2-380
BUSH, WILLIAM R.                        IA-2-2-334
BUSQUE, JEAN                            IA-2-1-65
BYCROFT, EDWARD                         IA-2-2-474
CAIRA, O. R.                            IA-2-3-133
CALKINS, GEORGE C.                      IA-2-2-452
CALLEN, CATHERINE                       IA-2-1-485
CAMPBELL, J. G.                         IA-2-3-166
CAMPBELL, S. M.                         IA-2-3-69
CARLISLE, SAMUEL B.                     IA-2-2-180
CARLOW, W. D.                           IA-2-1-317
CARTER, THOMAS                          IA-2-1-154
CASE, W. E.                             IA-2-3-166
CASEY, MARY C.                          IA-2-3-1
CASSAT, DAVID W.                        IA-2-3-126
CHAPMAN, ROBERT                         IA-2-3-173
CHAPPELL, EDWARD                        IA-2-1-340
CHURCH, R. A.                           IA-2-2-448
CLARIDGE, JAMES                         IA-2-1-322
CLINTON, DEXTER                         IA-2-2-339
COAKLEY, I. W.                          IA-2-3-176
COCHRAN, JOSEPHINE                      IA-2-2-426
COCHRANE, W. H.                         IA-2-3-183
COLE, SANDS                             IA-2-1-368
COLGAN, HUGH                            IA-2-3-178
COLGAN, JAMES                           IA-2-3-152
COLWELL, JASON F.                       IA-2-2-385
COMPTON, ELMER E.                       IA-2-2-472
CONDORI, THOMAS                         IA-2-2-163
COOK, ANNA S.                           IA-2-2-473
COOK, CHARLEY C.                        IA-2-3-145
COOK, HIRAM                             IA-2-1-57
COOLABUGH, JAMES L.                     TBL (CON'T)                             IA-2-2-514
COOLBAUGH, JAMES L.                     IA-2-2-468
COOPER, HENRY                           IA-2-2-152
COOPER, HENRY                           IA-2-2-152
COOPER, LUCIAN                          IA-2-3-149
COREY, CLARY L.                         IA-2-2-472
COREY, E. O.                            IA-2-2-425
COTTER, EDMUND J.                       IA-2-2-405
COTTER, JOHN J.                         IA-2-3-127
COULTER, H. J.                          IA-2-1-349
COULTER, MARGARET A.                    IA-2-2-385
COWLES, J. E.                           IA-2-2-407
CRAMER, CHARLES W.                      IA-2-2-263
CRAMER, ELIZABETH                       IA-2-2-504
CRAMER, W. P.                           IA-2-3-39
CRANE, MARY ANN ***                     IA-2-2-77
CRANE, SYLVESTER                        IA-2-1-473
CRAVEN, DAVID                           IA-2-1-58
CRAWFORD, GEORGE W.                     IA-2-1-9
CRESS, SARAH AN                         IA-2-1-69
CROUSE, C. S.                           IA-2-3-147
CROWLEY, JAMES                          IA-2-1-63
CRUSEN, CHARLES H.                      IA-2-2-416
CULVER, ORACE ALVAH                     IA-2-1-528
CUMMINS, SETH                           IA-2-3-44
CUPPY, C. L.                            IA-2-3-121
CURRY, FRANK                            IA-2-3-113
CURRY, JOSEPH                           IA-2-3-62
CURRY, JOSEPH SR.                       IA-2-2-419
CURTIS, APTRICK                         IA-2-3-65
CURTIS, FRANCIS W.                      IA-2-1-335
DANIEL, MARY H.                         IA-2-1-503
DARRAH, MATTHEW                         IA-2-2-463
DAUM, C. R.                             IA-2-1-56
DAVID, ELEANOR                          IA-2-2-538
DAVIS, ANNA                             IA-2-2-413
DAVIS, FRANCIS MARION                   IA-2-3-60
DAVIS, LAFAYETTE                        IA-2-2-493
DAVIS, RUTH                             IA-2-1-125
DAVIS, WILLIAM P.                       IA-2-1-42
DAY, SAMUEL S.                          IA-2-1-200
DELANEY, THOMAS                         IA-2-1-124
DELAY, ELIZA                            IA-2-1-123
DILLMAN, ANN                            IA-2-1-522
DILLON, J. A.                           IA-2-3-168
DIMMITT, J. H.                          IA-2-2-68
DIXON, JAMES WILSON                     IA-2-3-173
DOLLARD, RICHARD                        IA-2-3-167
DOWS, DAVID                             IA-2-2-222
DRENNAN, WILLIAM J.                     IA-2-3-143
DUDLEY, LEVI                            IA-2-1-153
DUER, WILLIAM T.                        IA-2-3-167
DUNCAN, J. M.                           IA-2-1-347
DUNNING, ALMON                          IA-2-2-123
EASLEY, DANIEL B.                       IA-2-1-342
EASTMAN, NOAH                           IA-2-3-33
EBERHART, ANNA E. R.                    IA-2-3-75
EBERHART, JACOB M.                      IA-2-2-388
EGAN, PATRICK                           IA-2-2-150
ELLIOTT, WILLIAM                        IA-2-1-405
ENGLE, HENRY                            IA-2-1-177
ERICKSON, CHARLE M.                     IA-2-2-478
ERVIN, JENNIE                           IA-2-3-128
ERVIN, SILAS G.                         IA-2-3-128
EWING, ANABEL ROGERS                    IA-2-2-179
EWING, T. D.                            IA-2-2-371
EXTER, JOHN M.                          IA-2-1-471
FANK, AUGSUTUS                          IA-2-2-132
FARNHAM, MARGARET A.                    IA-2-2-368
FARRINGTON, P. H.                       IA-2-2-53
FARRIS, GIDEON                          IA-2-2-454
FARRIS, WILLIAM A.                      IA-2-3-57
FAST, WILLIAM A.                        IA-2-1-427
FEES, ALICE M.                          IA-2-3-147
FISHER, LOVINA E.                       IA-2-3-150
FITZWILLIAM, R. M.                      IA-2-2-327
FRAVEL, MARTHA J.                       IA-2-3-153
FRILL, JAMES                            IA-2-1-110
FRUS, FRANK                             IA-2-2-461
GARRETT, ANDREW                         IA-2-1-13
GARRETT, EDWARD                         IA-2-3-134
GASKILL, THOMAS                         IA-2-1-120
GATES, EDWARD L.                        IA-2-3-157
GENTLE, HIRAM                           IA-2-2-505
GEORGE, BARTHOLOMEW F.                  IA-2-2-431
GEORGE, HIRAM                           IA-2-1-330
GERARD, JEAN B.                         IA-2-2-69
GESSITLE, GEORGE W.                     IA-2-3-23
GIBBONS, D. J.                          IA-2-3-59
GIBSON, JOSEPH W.                       IA-2-3-35
GILL, ABEL                              IA-2-3-1
GLOVER, JONAH                           IA-2-2-438
GODDARD, CHARLOTTE R.                   IA-2-1-243
GODDARD, HENRY LEDYARD                  IA-2-2-190
GOLDTHAIT, SIMON                        IA-2-2-435
GOLLEDA, LUCINDA M.                     IA-2-1-118
GOODALE, A. L.                          IA-2-2-443
GOODRIN, ELIZABETH                      IA-2-3-105
GORDON, H. L.                           IA-2-2-389
GORDON, JOHN                            IA-2-1-548
GORDON, MELISSA                         IA-2-3-156
GORDON, W. A.                           IA-2-3-156
GOSVENER, ALVIN                         IA-2-1-480
GOURD, WILLIAM SR.                      IA-2-2-477
GOURLEY, HENRY                          IA-2-1-444
GOVIG, JOHN                             IA-2-2-40
GRADY, JENNIE A.                        IA-2-2-410
GRAHAM, ELIZABETH                       IA-2-1-417
GRANGER, J. L.                          IA-2-2-211
GRANGER, JANE L.                        IA-2-2-246
GRANT, GILES P.                         IA-2-2-55
GREEN, EDWARD KIRK                      IA-2-2-256
GREENE, JENNIE M.                       IA-2-1-452
GREGORY, SARAH                          IA-2-2-408
GRIFFIN, HENRY                          IA-2-3-73
HACKETT, JOHN                           IA-2-1-328
HALL, JOHN M.                           IA-2-2-441
HAMILTON, SARAH J.                      IA-2-2-253
HANNA, WILLIAM                          IA-2-1-67
HARDEN, HANNAH L.                       IA-2-2-422
HARDEN, THOMAS                          IA-2-2-422
HARDING, ABNER C.                       IA-2-1-204
HARRIS, JOHN                            IA-2-1-151
HARRISON, LABAN                         IA-2-3-142
HART, LUCY A.                           IA-2-2-404
HATTEN, WILLIAM                         IA-2-1-199
HAWKINS, ANNIS C. B.                    TBL (CON'T)                             IA-2-2-507
HAWKINS, ANNIS C. B.                    IA-2-2-467
HAWKINS, J. S. S.                       IA-2-2-466
HAWKINS, J. S. S.                       TBL (CON'T)                             IA-2-2-506
HAWTHORNE, J. R.                        IA-2-3-79
HAYDEN, JOHN                            IA-2-1-516
HAYS, ARETON W.                         IA-2-3-109
HEALEY, DAN                             IA-2-2-464
HEATON, O. R.                           IA-2-2-406
HEDINGER, JOHN                          IA-2-3-37
HEINLY, BENJAMIN F.                     IA-2-2-449
HEINLY, THOMAS                          IA-2-2-450
HENDERSON, EDWIN                        IA-2-1-446
HENDRICK, BRIDGET                       IA-2-1-501
HENDRICKSON, HENRY G.                   IA-2-3-124
HENDRICKSON, KLING G.                   IA-2-2-451
HENKLE, CHRISTIAN                       IA-2-2-166
HENRY, RISSA                            IA-2-3-17
HERR, ELIAS                             IA-2-1-156
HERRICK, C. O.                          IA-2-3-99
HERTZOG, SARAH C.                       IA-2-3-135
HIDINGER, ?                             IA-2-3-156
HIGHT, GEORGE W.                        IA-2-3-164
HILL, H. S.                             IA-2-3-133
HILL, HENRY H.                          IA-2-3-112
HILL, PETER                             IA-2-3-121
HOGAN, CATHERINE H.                     IA-2-3-10
HOGAN, MICHAEL                          IA-2-2-537
HOLLOWAY, ISAAC                         IA-2-1-391
HOLMAN, HANSON P.                       IA-2-3-140
HOLMES, E. C.                           IA-2-3-130
HOMAN, EDMUND                           IA-2-2-447
HOMAN, HORACE G.                        IA-2-2-486
HOOD, MARGARET R.                       IA-2-1-71
HORTON, HARRISON H.                     IA-2-3-67
HOSELTON, M. D.                         IA-2-3-31
HOSKINSON, ALLEN J.                     IA-2-2-171
HOUCK, ALBERT                           IA-2-1-174
HOUSEL, PETER                           IA-2-1-296
HOWIE, JANE                             IA-2-2-505
HOWSER, LEWIS                           IA-2-2-315
HOYT, GEORGE E.                         IA-2-1-75
HOYT, GEORGE E.                         IA-2-1-344
HUBBERT, NATHANIEL                      IA-2-1-113
HUFFMAN, J. W.                          IA-2-3-139
HULBERT, HARIET E.                      IA-2-1-108
HULL, BELLE                             IA-2-3-114
HUMBERT, C. H.                          IA-2-2-339
HUMBERT, LEON H.                        IA-2-2-411
HUMBERT, PETER P.                       IA-2-3-132
HUNTINGTON, HENRY                       IA-2-2-403
HUTCHINSON, ALFRED                      IA-2-2-262
IVER, ROBERT HALE                       IA-2-1-87
JACKSON, D. W.                          IA-2-2-456
JAMES, ANDREW                           IA-2-2-356
JENSON, CHRIST                          IA-2-3-3
JOHNSTON, ELIZABETH                     IA-2-3-93
JOHNSTON, JOHN                          IA-2-3-80
JONES, ACKFORD P.                       IA-2-2-247
JONES, DANIEL                           IA-2-3-137
JONES, JAMES E.                         IA-2-1-467
JONES, JOHN A.                          IA-2-3-160
JONES, W. P.                            IA-2-3-146
KANE, JOHN J.                           IA-2-3-103
KANE, RICHARD                           IA-2-3-106
KEEF, JAMES                             IA-2-1-355
KEEFE, HARRIET C.                       IA-2-2-167
KEEVER, WILSON G.                       IA-2-1-15
KEITH, ADELINE H.                       IA-2-2-399
KELLEY, LETTIE M.                       IA-2-2-372
KELLY, REUBEN                           IA-2-2-145
KENNEDY, EDWARD                         IA-2-3-138
KENNISTON, JENNIE L.                    IA-2-2-214
KENNON, A. G.                           IA-2-2-313
KENYON, THOMAS B.                       IA-2-2-271
KESAR, JOHN                             IA-2-2-444
KING, ELLA G.                           IA-2-2-110
KING, ISABELLA A.                       IA-2-2-447
KING, SARAH E.                          IA-2-3-123
KINNEY, MARY                            IA-2-2-415
KNEE, WILLIAM H.                        IA-2-3-143
KNODLE, CHARLES E.                      IA-2-3-173
KNOLLA, HENRY                           IA-2-1-361
KNUTSON, OSMUND                         IA-2-3-35
KOLASH, JOHN                            IA-2-3-88
KREUTTER, JOHN                          IA-2-3-163
LANE, A. V.                             IA-2-3-32
LAPORTE, E. O.                          IA-2-2-279
LARKIN, LEVI T.                         IA-2-2-186
LARUE, FRANKLIN                         IA-2-2-485
LARUE, MYRA                             IA-2-3-70
LATHROP, JASON R.                       IA-2-2-121
LATHROP, PERMELIA                       IA-2-3-180
LAWRENCE, LOUISA                        IA-2-3-148
LAWRENCE, PERRY                         IA-2-2-439
LAWRENCE, THOMAS                        IA-2-1-11
LAWRENE, CHARLES                        IA-2-3-16
LAWRENE, W. P.                          IA-2-2-460
LEACH, S. E.                            IA-2-2-429
LEE, CHARLES W.                         IA-2-3-181
LEE, WILLIAM                            IA-2-2-475
LEIGH, CHARLES                          IA-2-1-175
LEIGH, GEORGE W.                        IA-2-3-136
LEONARD, JACOB                          IA-2-2-319
LEONARD, M. L.                          IA-2-3-123
LEWIS, CHARLES G.                       IA-2-2-398
LEWIS, J. J.                            IA-2-3-73
LINTON, JAMES                           IA-2-1-376
LONG, MYRA E.                           IA-2-3-2
LOOMIS, GEORGE                          IA-2-1-429
LOVEJOY, MARTHA P.                      IA-2-2-444
LOWTHER, ELIZABETH JANE                 IA-2-3-179
LOWTHER, J. W.                          IA-2-3-66
LUCAS, TIPTON                           IA-2-3-149
LYNAM, B. T.                            IA-2-3-87
LYNCH, CATHERINE                        IA-2-3-180
LYNCH, ELIZBAETH                        IA-2-3-45
MADISON, SUSAN E.                       IA-2-3-83
MAGRATH, P. J.                          IA-2-2-249
MAHONEY, ANNA STACEY                    IA-2-2-448
MANCY, ELLEN                            IA-2-3-4
MARING, STEPHEN W.                      IA-2-2-369
MARK, MINNIE B.                         IA-2-2-254
MARSH, MARY                             IA-2-2-536
MARSH, SUSAN B.                         IA-2-2-126
MARSHALL, SAMUEL                        IA-2-3-20
MARTIN, J. P.                           IA-2-3-138
MARTIN, JOSEPH S.                       IA-2-2-338
MARTIN, LOVINA A.                       IA-2-3-150
MAXWELL, ELIZABETH                      IA-2-2-531
MAXWELL, MARY                           IA-2-2-525
MAYBEE, ELIZABETH                       IA-2-3-46
MCCARRICK, JAMES                        IA-2-1-25
MCCASKY, SARAH                          IA-2-1-138
MCCLELLAND, P. M.                       IA-2-3-29
MCCOFFREY, LAWRENCE                     IA-2-2-153
MCCONNELL, REBECCA                      IA-2-2-516
MCCONNELL, THOMA A.                     IA-2-2-520
MCCONNELL, WILLIAM                      IA-2-1-84
MCCORMICK, CYRUS H.                     IA-2-1-210
MCCREEDY, JOHN                          IA-2-1-358
MCCUNE, SAMUEL                          IA-2-1-50
MCDILL, DAVID                           IA-2-2-481
MCELHIMEY, ROBERT                       IA-2-1-185
MCGRATH, THOMAS F.                      IA-2-3-163
MCILRAVY, DAVID                         IA-2-2-504
MCKELVY, SARAH M.                       IA-2-3-169
MEACHAM, MARCELUS                       IA-2-1-235
MELROSE, JAMES                          IA-2-2-158
MENSHER, ELIZABETH                      IA-2-3-130
MERCER, JOHN                            IA-2-3-124
MERRITT, GEORGE B.                      IA-2-1-542
METZ, GEORGE                            IA-2-2-424
MILEY, JESSE                            IA-2-1-126
MILLER, DANIEL                          IA-2-2-431
MILLER, H. A.                           IA-2-3-162
MILLER, MARGARET                        IA-2-3-151
MILLER, PHILIPP                         IA-2-1-350
MILLER, WENDOLIN                        IA-2-1-469
MINTZER, W. H.                          IA-2-3-102
MITCHELL, EDWIN                         IA-2-3-62
MITCHELL, JAMES B.                      IA-2-1-321
MONTGOMERY, JAMES                       IA-2-1-232
MOON, AMINDA                            IA-2-3-178
MOON, GEORGE A.                         IA-2-3-98
MORGAN, LIBBIE S.                       IA-2-1-324
MORRIS, CELIA B.                        IA-2-2-437
MORRIS, MOSES H.                        IA-2-1-409
MORSE, MOSES H.                         IA-2-1-201
MORTON, W. S. T.                        IA-2-1-102
MURPHY, MARY R.                         IA-2-1-325
MURPHY, VIRGINIA                        IA-2-3-137
MURRAY, DAVID                           IA-2-2-330
MYERS, W. H.                            IA-2-3-95
NASH, ALVIN C.                          IA-2-3-139
NASH, NELSEN                            IA-2-1-360
NEAL, BENJAMIN                          IA-2-1-8
NEIL, JOHN                              IA-2-1-96
NEVIUS, JOHN S.                         IA-2-1-385
NEWES, JOHAN JOACHIM                    IA-2-1-459
NEWTON, ORSON                           IA-2-2-74
NOBLE, MARK                             IA-2-1-173
NOLAN, FRANCIS                          IA-2-1-2
NOLAN, MARY                             IA-2-1-3
NORTON, ARTHUR                          IA-2-2-433
NORTON, CHARLES C.                      IA-2-3-134
ODELL, FRANCIS                          IA-2-1-88
ODSON, CORNELIUS                        IA-2-3-9
OKEY, ROBERT M.                         IA-2-3-125
OLSON,E . A.                            IA-2-2-277
OSBORN, T. H.                           IA-2-3-165
OVER, HENRY                             IA-2-2-485
PARCHER, NANCY A.                       IA-2-3-154
PARJUE, RICHARD                         IA-2-3-59
PARKER, A. J.                           IA-2-3-73
PARKER, MARY                            IA-2-3-118
PARMER, BENJAMIN F.                     IA-2-2-402
PARMER, INDIANA                         IA-2-3-81
PATTSION, ELLEN                         IA-2-3-16
PAUL, RACEL E.                          IA-2-3-4
PAYNE, RUFUS                            IA-2-3-212
PELL, WILLIAM                           IA-2-3-179
PEREGRINE, JOSEPH                       IA-2-2-318
PETERS, THOMAS                          IA-2-1-509
PETERSON, G. D.                         IA-2-2-160
PETERSON, JACOB                         IA-2-3-141
PETERSON, LOUIS                         IA-2-2-453
PEWTHERS, ABRAHAM                       IA-2-3-78
PHILLIPPS, BRANNOCK                     IA-2-3-141
PHILLIPPS, WILLIAM                      IA-2-3-140
PIATT, ALLEN                            IA-2-2-213
PIATT, ELIZABETH                        IA-2-3-93
PICKARD, HANNAH                         IA-2-1-416
PICKARD, WILLIAM                        IA-2-1-353
PIERCE, JACOB W.                        IA-2-1-77
PORTER, OTHA                            IA-2-3-183
POTTER, F. E.                           IA-2-2-430
POTTINGER, JOHN                         IA-2-3-19
POTTINGER, WILLIAM                      IA-2-2-453
POWELL, ISAAC A.                        IA-2-3-60
PRESTON, L. S.                          IA-2-3-11
PRESTON, R. P.                          IA-2-3-126
PROUTY, PHINEAS                         IA-2-2-100
PULLIAM, JAMES                          IA-2-3-86
QUERY, JOHN                             IA-2-1-1
QUINN, JOHN                             IA-2-3-172
QUINN, THOMAS                           IA-2-1-176
RALSTON, WILLIAM S.                     IA-2-1-477
RAND, CHARLES W.                        IA-2-3-40
RAWSON, ALLEN A.                        IA-2-2-264
REED, J. H. JR.                         IA-2-3-100
REED, REUBEN R.                         IA-2-1-530
REEDORFF, JEREMIAH F.                   IA-2-2-414
REESE, HENRY                            IA-2-2-269
REETZ, AUGUST                           IA-2-2-440
REETZ, GUSTAVE FREDERICK                IA-2-3-144
REUCHTER, FREDERICK                     IA-2-1-114
RIEGEL, VADA                            IA-2-2-463
RIGGLE, ELIZABETH                       IA-2-3-134
RILEY, MARTIN                           IA-2-2-537
RITCHEY, L. D.                          IA-2-2-408
RITNOUR, GEORGE W.                      IA-2-3-146
RITTER, SIMON                           IA-2-2-425
ROBERTS, DANIEL                         IA-2-1-381
ROBERTS, ESTHER E.                      IA-2-3-139
ROBERTS, WILLIAM R.                     IA-2-1-70
ROBERTS, WILLIAM R.                     IA-2-1-519
ROBINSON, GEORGE                        IA-2-2-272
ROBINSON, JOHN                          IA-2-2-67
ROBINSON, LOUISA                        IA-2-3-56
ROCHEFORT, MARY                         IA-2-3-128
ROGERS, W. M.                           IA-2-2-482
ROGES, LEWES K.                         IA-2-3-175
ROLSTON, MINERVA J.                     IA-2-3-183
RONK, ANDREW J.                         IA-2-2-552
ROSS, HUGH                              IA-2-2-478
ROSS, W. H.                             IA-2-3-31
ROUB, JOHN V.                           IA-2-2-452
ROUNDS, C. W.                           IA-2-3-61
RUSSELL, MARY C.                        IA-2-3-168
SAGE, ELIZABETH S.                      IA-2-3-182
SANDS, ABRAHAM B.                       IA-2-2-292
SANDS, DAVID                            IA-2-2-283
SAUNDERS, JOHN                          IA-2-2-256
SAUNDERS, MARY R.                       IA-2-3-120
SCHAFER, FREDERICK SR.                  IA-2-2-387
SCHAFFER, CONRAD                        IA-2-1-351
SCHAFROTH, ED                           IA-2-3-135
SCHAFROTH, LEVI                         IA-2-3-96
SCHAIBLE, JOHN D.                       IA-2-2-440
SCHOOLING, PHELIX J.                    IA-2-3-44
SCOTT, CHARLES A.                       IA-2-3-171
SCOTT, CLARA                            IA-2-3-162
SCOTT, MARTHA M.                        IA-2-1-450
SCOTT, RICHARD                          IA-2-3-71
SCOTT, ROYAL D.                         IA-2-3-170
SCOTT, S. C.                            IA-2-3-162
SCOVEL, LOVEL                           IA-2-1-134
SEGRIFF, MARTHA L.                      IA-2-3-27
SEGRIFF, MICHAEL R.                     IA-2-3-121
SHATTUCK, EDWARD C.                     IA-2-2-375
SHATTUCK, SAMUEL H.                     IA-2-1-494
SHAUGHNESSY, PATRICK H.                 IA-2-2-487
SHAW, JANE E.                           IA-2-2-427
SHEETS, GEORGE RUTLEDGE                 IA-2-2-311
SHELDON, BENJAMIN R.                    IA-2-3-12
SHEPHARD, WILLIAM                       IA-2-2-135
SHEPHERD, C. F.                         IA-2-3-82
SHIFFER, WILLIAM F.                     IA-2-3-181
SHINKLE, JOHN S.                        IA-2-3-73
SHIPLEY, JOHN M.                        IA-2-3-129
SHIPLEY, JOHN M.                        IA-2-3-131
SHOMO, CORA E.                          IA-2-3-172
SIGLER, DAVID S.                        IA-2-1-520
SIMPSON, ELSIE J.                       IA-2-2-64
SIMPSON, MARY                           IA-2-2-416
SIMPSON, S. G.                          IA-2-2-268
SKELTON, W. J.                          IA-2-1-482
SLEZAK, JAMES                           IA-2-3-169
SLEZAK, JOSEPHINE                       IA-2-2-450
SLONAKER, R. M.                         IA-2-1-42
SMITH, ALMON Z.                         IA-2-1-339
SMITH, ALVIN                            IA-2-2-322
SMITH, ALVIN                            IA-2-1-45
SMITH, ANN                              IA-2-1-318
SMITH, HANNAH J.                        IA-2-2-437
SMITH, JACOB R.                         IA-2-1-32
SMITH, JANE                             IA-2-2-358
SMITH, WILLIAM                          IA-2-2-475
SMOCK, S. H.                            IA-2-3-111
SOUTHWICK, C. A.                        IA-2-3-170
SPENCER, JOHN H.                        IA-2-3-132
SPENCER, ORSON                          IA-2-2-325
STALDER, JOHN                           IA-2-3-93
STATT, MARY E.                          IA-2-3-118
STEEL, SARAH J.                         IA-2-2-483
STEELE, GEORGE K.                       IA-2-2-373
STEPHENS, HUGH                          IA-2-1-53
STEPHENY, JOHN                          IA-2-2-261
STEVENS, CARY                           IA-2-3-89
STEVENS, JOHN M.                        IA-2-3-141
STEWART, JAMES                          IA-2-2-369
STRAIN, JOHN M.                         IA-2-3-28
STRAIT, CHARLOTTE W.                    IA-2-3-120
STRAIT, JOHN                            IA-2-1-55
STRAIT, P. A.                           IA-2-3-38
STRAUGHAN, A. M.                        IA-2-3-108
STRAUGHAN, ADA E.                       IA-2-2-446
STREY, WILLIAM                          IA-2-1-537
STURGEON, JAMES M.                      IA-2-3-30
STUTLEY, EMILY J.                       IA-2-2-510
SULLIVAN, CHARLES                       IA-2-2-474
SULLIVAN, TIMOTHY                       IA-2-3-20
SWEET, EMELINE                          IA-2-2-239
SWEET, GEORGE O.                        IA-2-2-428
SWEET, H. L.                            IA-2-3-142
TAYLOR, DORA L.                         IA-2-1-333
TAYLOR, FERNANDO G.                     IA-2-1-464
TAYLOR, JERRY                           IA-2-3-154
TAYLOR, JOHN                            IA-2-1-166
THOMAS, ABRAHAM F.                      IA-2-2-470
THOMAS, ABRAHAM M.                      IA-2-1-28
THOMAS, ELIZABETH                       IA-2-1-136
THOMPSON, FRANCIS M.                    IA-2-3-116
THORNILL, MARSHALL                      IA-2-1-479
THURMAN, BARRETT                        IA-2-2-164
TIMMERMAN, OHN A.                       IA-2-3-155
TORSEN, MARGARET JANE                   IA-2-2-418
TRAINER, ONEAS                          IA-2-1-117
TRAVERSE, FRANKLIN                      IA-2-1-320
TRIPPETT, WAITMAN                       IA-2-1-49
TRUMAN, ELIAS                           IA-2-1-195
TRUMAN, GEORGE                          IA-2-1-418
TUCKER, C. E.                           IA-2-3-167
TULLY, GEORGE                           IA-2-2-244
TWINING, E. W.                          IA-2-2-172
TYLER, MARY WOODROW BINNEY              IA-2-1-238
UNDERDOWN, LOUISA D.                    IA-2-3-76
VANARSDALEN, GARRET                     IA-2-2-170
VERNON, C. H.                           IA-2-3-97
VICTOR, JOHN                            IA-2-2-535
VIDLER, JOHN                            IA-2-2-217
WACKSMITH, CHARLES                      IA-2-2-471
WADDELL, FRANK H.                       IA-2-2-536
WAGNER, J. H.                           IA-2-1-107
WAILS, EDWARD                           IA-2-2-212
WAILS, MARGARET                         IA-2-2-212
WALKER, JAMES                           IA-2-2-255
WALKER, JOHN H.                         ERIE, PA                                IA-2-1-133
WALKER, JOHN H.                         IA-2-1-73
WALKER, SAMUEL                          IA-2-1-196
WALLBRIDGE, TOM                         IA-2-3-69
WALTER, BENEDICT                        IA-2-3-28
WALTER, ELIZABETH                       IA-2-2-417
WARREN, ADELINE D.                      IA-2-1-152
WATERS, JAMES                           IA-2-3-140
WATTS, RUSSELL                          IA-2-1-462
WEBER, JOHN P.                          IA-2-3-130
WEISELL,R . G.                          IA-2-3-159
WELLER, CHARLES B.                      IA-2-2-410
WETZEL, CHRISTIAN                       IA-2-3-9
WHEELER, JANE                           IA-2-1-545
WHITE, ABIGAIL AMANDA                   IA-2-2-421
WHITE, ALFRED                           IA-2-1-336
WHITE, DENNIS                           IA-2-1-197
WHITE, MILES                            IA-2-1-98
WHITE, WILLIAM                          IA-2-1-414
WIDNER, ELIZABETH                       IA-2-2-189
WIDNER, JAMES                           IA-2-2-384
WILKINS, CHARLES W.                     IA-2-2-436
WILLETT, RICHARD N.                     IA-2-3-174
WILLIAMS, EDWARD S.                     IA-2-2-354
WILLIAMS, SARAH J.                      IA-2-3-76
WILLSON, LEURA L.                       IA-2-2-480
WILSON, THOMAS                          IA-2-2-441
WINKLER, MORITZ                         IA-2-3-184
WINSTONE, WILLIAM J.                    IA-2-2-476
WOOD, WILLIAM C.                        IA-2-3-10
WYATT, JAMES                            IA-2-2-548
WYCOFF, R. R.                           IA-2-3-125
YATES, METCALF                          IA-2-1-6
YEARINGTON, WILLIAM                     IA-2-3-122
YOUNG, SARAH E.                         IA-2-3-148

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