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ADAIR, JOHN R.                          GA-8-B-165
ADAIR, SAMUEL                           GA-8-A-32
ADAMS, JAMES W.                         GA-8-B-488
ADAMS, SARAH E.                         GA-8-B-155
ADDINGTON, JOHN                         GA-8-B-54
AKERMAN, AMES T.                        GA-8-A-483
AKIN, JOHN W.                           GA-8-B-337
AKIN, WARREN                            GA-8-A-426
ALEXANDER, THOMAS I.                    GA-8-A-83
ALLEN, JAMES                            GA-8-A-346
ALLEN, JOHN                             GA-8-B-170
ALLEN, S. J.                            GA-8-B-509
ALNG, ELIZABETH R.                      GA-8-B-399
ARMSTRONG, J. C.                        GA-8-B-552
ARMSTRONG, J. C.                        GA-8-B-541
ATTAWAY. E. J. (MRS)                    GA-8-B-240
ATWOOD, SALLY                           GA-8-B-113
AUBREY, WILLIAM                         GA-8-A-487
BAILEY, F. C.                           GA-8-A-288
BAILEY, J. A.                           GA-8-B-244
BAILEY, JOSHUA                          GA-8-A-15
BAILEY, NANCY Y.                        GA-8-A-363
BAIRD, F. T.                            GA-8-A-399
BAKER, PLEASANT                         GA-8-A-425
BAKER, W. A.                            GA-8-B-183
BARNES, E. A.                           GA-8-A-417
BARNETT, DIAMIE                         GA-8-B-239
BARROW, T. G.                           GA-8-A-348
BARTON, DAVID                           GA-8-A-197
BARTON, JAMES                           GA-8-B-115
BARTON, JAMES M.                        GA-8-B-497
BATTLE, R. J.                           GA-8-B-538
BAXTER, ELIZABETH A.                    GA-8-B-302
BEALL, NOBLE P.                         GA-8-A-458
BEAZLEY, JOHN S. SR.                    GA-8-B-334
BELL. W. T.                             GA-8-B-426
BENHAM, WILLIS                          GA-8-A-389
BENNETT, JOHN J.                        GA-8-B-529
BEST, H.                                GA-8-A-433
BIDDY, JOHN                             GA-8-A-481
BLANTON P.                              GA-8-A-460
BOGWELL, WILLIAM H.                     GA-8-B-572
BOMAN, W. J.                            GA-8-B-18
BOSTON, F. A.                           GA-8-B-251
BOWMAN, VINCENT                         GA-8-A-3
BRADFORD, S. M.                         GA-8-A-327
BRADLEY, W. J.                          GA-8-B-250
BRADLEY, W. S.                          GA-8-B-526
BRAME, S. F. (MRS.)                     GA-8-B-401
BRANCH, ISAAC                           GA-8-B-87
BRAWNER, MATTIE C.                      GA-8-B-412
BRAY, F. J.                             GA-8-B-475
BRIGHT, D. C.                           GA-8-B-425
BRISENDINE, LEWIS P.                    GA-8-B-381
BROGDEN, WILEY                          GA-8-A-31
BROWNE, M. A. (MRS.)                    GA-8-B-273
BROWNER, W. D.                          GA-8-B-133
BUFORD, A. W.                           GA-8-A-454
BUFORD, O. H.                           GA-8-B-365
BURGE, JACKSON                          GA-8-A-520
CALDWELL, MATHEW                        GA-8-A-222
CALLAHAN, JOHN W.                       GA-8-B-396
CANNON, EASTHER                         GA-8-B-131
CANTRELL, MARTHA A.                     GA-8-B-24
CARLILE, J. S.                          GA-8-B-278
CARLISLE, SARAH                         GA-8-A-194
CARPENTER, THOMAS L.                    GA-8-A-108
CARSON, SARAH                           GA-8-A-423
CARTER, H. D.                           GA-8-A-507
CARTER, JAMES                           GA-8-A-199
CASEY, W. C.                            GA-8-B-332
CATO, WILLIAM                           GA-8-B-162
CHAMBERS, C. H.                         GA-8-B-484
CHANDLER, ABRAHAM                       GA-8-A-41
CHAPMAN, J. M.                          GA-8-A-464
CHAPMAN, ROBERT                         GA-8-B-284
CHILTON, ELLA                           GA-8-B-66
CHITWOOD, R. L.                         GA-8-B-269
CHITWOOD, RHODA L.                      GA-8-B-329
CLAYTON, JOHN                           GA-8-A-258
COCKRAN, JOHN M.                        GA-8-A-409
COLLINS, AARON                          GA-8-B-304
COLLINS, MILES A.                       GA-8-B-168
CONYERS, BENNETT H.                     GA-8-A-264
CONYERS, HENRY                          GA-8-A-141
CONYERS, JAMES B.                       GA-8-B-362
CONYERS, JOEL T.                        GA-8-B-438
CONYERS, WILLIAM                        GA-8-A-420
COOK, BEN H.                            GA-8-B-452
COOK, JOHN L.                           GA-8-B-514
COPELAND, W.                            GA-8-A-528
COUPER, ROBERT H.                       GA-8-B-476
COVINGTON, W. J.                        GA-8-B-495
COX, S. A. E. (MRS)                     GA-8-B-451
CROUCH, GEORGE S.                       GA-8-B-398
CROW, ELIZABETH                         GA-8-A-152
CROW, J. B.                             GA-8-B-183
CROW, MARTHA M.                         GA-8-B-289
CURRY, JAMES W.                         GA-8-A-317
CURRY, ROBERT                           GA-8-B-536
DABLES, THOMAS                          GA-8-A-333
DANIEL, FRANK                           GA-8-B-303
DAVIDSON, WILLIAM D. SR.                GA-8-B-408
DAVIS, B. P.                            GA-8-B-451
DAVIS, BELLA C.                         GA-8-B-23
DAVIS, M. A. F. (MRS.)                  GA-8-B-463
DAVIS, S.                               GA-8-B-403
DAVIS, SALLIE ELLEN                     GA-8-B-435
DAVIS, SAVANNAH                         GA-8-B-513
DAVIS, W. J.                            GA-8-B-348
DAVIS, WILEY S.                         GA-8-A-485
DAWSON, JOHN                            GA-8-A-397
DEMPSEY, J. M.                          GA-8-A-246
DENNING, VALENTINE W.                   GA-8-B-416
DENT, GEORGE                            GA-8-A-365
DICKERSON, JAMES                        GA-8-A-154
DICKERSON, LEWIS                        GA-8-A-151
DOBBINS, MILES G. SR.                   GA-8-B-29
DOBBS, MARTHA R.                        GA-8-B-68
DODD, SARAH                             GA-8-B-330
DOUTHIT, WILLIAM                        GA-8-A-182
DOVER, FRANCIS M.                       GA-8-A-512
DOWTHITT, PAULINE A.                    GA-8-B-11
DRUMMOND, PINKNY G.                     GA-8-B-46
DUKES, J. R.                            GA-8-A-190
DUNNAHOO, DANIEL                        GA-8-A-255
DURHAM, WILLIAM                         GA-8-A-48
DYAR, ANNIE                             GA-8-B-524
DYER, JOEL H.                           GA-8-B-275
DYSART, WILLIAM E. V.                   GA-8-B-573
EDWARDS, ZACHARIAH                      GA-8-A-172
EIDSON, WILLIAM H.                      GA-8-A-272
ELLIOTT, JOHN                           GA-8-B-336
ELLIOTT, JOHN C.                        GA-8-A-208
ELLIS, STANDFORD                        GA-8-A-36
ENGLAND, JOSIAH B.                      GA-8-B-177
ERWIN, JAMES S.                         GA-8-A-192
ESTICE, CLEVELAND                       GA-8-A-284
FELTON, WILLIAM H.                      GA-8-B-370
FIELD, CORNELIA M.                      GA-8-B-441
FINCHER, JESSE M.                       GA-8-B-453
FISK, DAVID                             GA-8-B-4
FITE, A. W.                             GA-8-B-533
FLOYD, REDDING                          GA-8-B-333
FRANKLIN, JOHN B.                       GA-8-B-242
FROST, JOHN                             GA-8-B-52
FULLER, SOLOMON                         GA-8-A-202
FULLILOVE, F. W.                        GA-8-A-415
FURR, JAMES                             GA-8-A-34
GAINES, EMILY F.                        GA-8-B-20
GAINES, JAMES                           GA-8-A-147
GAINES, L. P.                           GA-8-B-518
GAINES, MARGARET                        GA-8-A-224
GAINES, MARGARET                        GA-8-A-511
GALLOWAY, SAVANNAH J.                   GA-8-B-448
GALT, H. J.                             GA-8-B-449
GAY, DAVID                              GA-8-B-197
GIBBONS, GEORGE R.                      GA-8-B-352
GILBERT, ISAAC                          GA-8-A-252
GILBERT, WILLIAM                        GA-8-B-237
GILLAM, WILLIAM A.                      GA-8-B-34
GILREATH, C. A.                         GA-8-A-524
GINN, JESSE C.                          GA-8-A-180
GINN, LUKE C.                           GA-8-B-380
GOODE, A.                               GA-8-B-137
GOODWIN, S. E.                          GA-8-B-508
GORDON, JARRATT                         GA-8-B-146
GORDON, M. E. (MRS)                     GA-8-B-264
GORDON, WILLIAM                         GA-8-A-94
GORE, JOSHUA                            GA-8-B-39
GRAHAM, EZEKIEL                         GA-8-A-248
GRAHAM, LAURA                           GA-8-B-468
GRAY, CAESER (COLORED)                  GA-8-B-292
GRAY, SARAH J.                          GA-8-B-312
GRAY, WILLIAM                           GA-8-A-104
GREENE, ADALINE                         GA-8-B-246
GREENE, JOEL G.                         GA-8-B-322
GUYTON, JOHN                            GA-8-A-114
GUYTON, PHIILP                          GA-8-A-383
GUYTON, REBECCA                         GA-8-B-331
GUYTON, REBECCA J.                      GA-8-B-531
HALL, H. H.                             GA-8-B-122
HALL, RALEIGH                           GA-8-A-456
HANEY, J. J.                            GA-8-B-134
HARBER, JOHN                            GA-8-A-53
HARDAWAY, R. M.                         GA-8-B-550
HARDIN, JOHN SR.                        GA-8-A-37
HARDIN, WILLIAM                         GA-8-A-110
HARGIS, CORNELIA F.                     GA-8-B-539
HARGIS, MILTON                          GA-8-A-167
HARGROVE, Z. B.                         GA-8-A-5
HARMON, W. W.                           GA-8-A-359
HARRIS, C. M. (MRS.)                    GA-8-B-194
HARRIS, J. W. SR.                       GA-8-B-174
HARRIS, M. H.                           GA-8-A-315
HARRIS, THOMAS E. R.                    GA-8-A-121
HARRISON, B. T.                         GA-8-A-106
HATCHETT, JOHN                          GA-8-A-245
HAWKINS, L. B.                          GA-8-A-281
HAWKINS, PERRY E.                       GA-8-B-203
HAWKS, CHESTER                          GA-8-A-50
HAWKS, JULIUS P.                        GA-8-B-388
HAYS, WILLIAM                           GA-8-A-229
HEATH, BENJAMIN                         GA-8-B-164
HEILING, EDMUND                         GA-8-B-94
HENDERSON, J. R.                        GA-8-B-166
HENDERSON, W.                           GA-8-A-298
HICKS, MARGARET S.                      GA-8-B-482
HIGHTOWER, G. M. (DR)                   GA-8-B-391
HILL, ADAM                              GA-8-A-250
HILL, JAMES W. SR.                      GA-8-B-382
HILL, R. T.                             GA-8-A-300
HILSON, NAOMI                           GA-8-B-532
HIPPS, JOSEPH SR.                       GA-8-A-45
HOBONES, H. H.                          GA-8-B-73
HODGE, D. H.                            GA-8-A-144
HOLLINSHEAD, S. A.                      GA-8-A-361
HOLMES, L. A. (MRS)                     GA-8-B-345
HOOD, CALEB A.                          GA-8-A-3
HOOD, DORCAS B.                         GA-8-B-48
HOOD, H.                                GA-8-A-292
HOOD, JOHN R.                           GA-8-B-70
HOOD, MARY ANN                          GA-8-B-53
HOOD, N. R.                             GA-8-B-71
HOOD, SARAH C.                          GA-8-B-214
HOOD, WILLIAM H.                        GA-8-B-79
HOWARD, FRANCES T.                      GA-8-B-328
HOWARD, J. A.                           GA-8-B-73
HOWARD, J. J.                           GA-8-B-104
HOWARD, MARY SAVAGE                     GA-8-B-286
HOWARD, SUSAN J                         GA-8-B-266
HUBBARD, SUSIE M.                       GA-8-B-129
HUDGINS, A. B.                          GA-8-B-301
HUDGINS, NANCY                          GA-8-B-394
JACKSON, A. R.                          GA-8-B-290
JACKSON, JAMES W.                       GA-8-A-132
JACKSON, M. C.                          GA-8-A-340
JACKSON, MARK                           GA-8-A-91
JACKSON, MARTHA E.                      GA-8-B-218
JACKSON, Z. W.                          GA-8-B-117
JAMES, BERRYMAN                         GA-8-A-160
JARRETT, NATHAN W.                      GA-8-B-15
JEMISON, THOMAS                         GA-8-A-450
JOHNSEY, H. A.                          GA-8-B-271
JOHNSEY, IRA H.                         GA-8-B-136
JOHNSON, ABDE                           GA-8-A-492
JOHNSON, ALBERT S.                      GA-8-B-270
JOHNSON, FANNY TRIPPE                   GA-8-B-326
JOHNSON, J. J.                          GA-8-B-248
JOHNSON, JANE                           GA-8-B-283
JOHNSON, MARK M.                        GA-8-A-119
JOHNSON, MARY E.                        GA-8-B-21
JOHNSON, SILAS                          GA-8-B-506
JOHNSTON, MALCOLM                       GA-8-A-220
JOLLY, JOSEPH                           GA-8-A-231
JONES, CHARLES M.                       GA-8-B-378
JONES, DANIEL                           GA-8-A-438
JONES, J. J.                            GA-8-A-353
JONES, J. P.                            GA-8-B-90
JONES, JAMES N.                         GA-8-B-67
JONES, L. D.                            GA-8-A-535
JONES, L. E. (MRS)                      GA-8-B-546
JONES, NANCY L.                         GA-8-B-77
JONES, PETER                            GA-8-B-357
JONES, SAM P.                           GA-8-B-321
JONES, THOMAS H.                        GA-8-B-447
KAY, BALEY                              GA-8-A-395
KAY, JOHN F.                            GA-8-B-443
KAY, LOUVENIA E.                        GA-8-B-375
KEMP, W. F.                             GA-8-B-291
KENNEDY, GEORGE                         GA-8-A-176
KERR, LUCY                              GA-8-A-99
KING, EMMA B.                           GA-8-B-88
KING, HARKIS                            GA-8-B-F26
KING, NOAH                              GA-8-A-514
KING, S. A.                             GA-8-B-176
KING, W. M. (MRS)                       GA-8-B-507
KITCHEN, JAMES T.                       GA-8-B-10
KITCHEN, L. C.                          GA-8-B-563
KNIGHT, AARON                           GA-8-B-139
KNIGHT, JAMES W.                        GA-8-B-556
KNIGHT, JOHN                            GA-8-B-135
LACKEY, ROBERT                          GA-8-A-11
LAND, NATHAN                            GA-8-A-473
LAYTON, WILLIAM                         GA-8-B-92
LEAK, SALLIE                            GA-8-A-278
LEE, WILLIAM E.                         GA-8-B-551
LEEKE, MARTHA E.                        GA-8-B-189
LELAND, SAMUEL W.                       GA-8-A-541
LEWIS, ADA C.                           GA-8-B-293
LEWIS, B. W.                            GA-8-B-83
LEWIS, JOHN                             GA-8-A-12
LEWIS, JOHN L.                          GA-8-B-158
LEWIS, JOHN P.                          GA-8-B-489
LEWIS, MARY W.                          GA-8-A-262
LEWIS, P. R.                            GA-8-B-128
LEWIS, RACHEL                           GA-8-A-311
LIM, A. M.                              GA-8-A-385
LINN, J. F.                             GA-8-B-217
LOCHRIDGE, JAMES                        GA-8-A-452
LOW, ROBERT                             GA-8-B-130
LOWE, CALVIN                            GA-8-B-109
LOWRY, JOSEPH                           GA-8-B-560
LUCAS, FRANCES L.                       GA-8-B-262
LUMPKIN, EMMIE H.                       GA-8-B-568
LUMPKIN, WILLIAM H. SR.                 GA-8-B-405
LUTHER, JAMES L.                        GA-8-B-397
LYON, NATHANIEL                         GA-8-A-96
LYON, THOMAS                            GA-8-A-158
MADDEN, DAVID                           GA-8-A-325
MAHAN, DAVID PATRICK                    GA-8-B-316
MANN, ELLEN                             GA-8-B-513
MANNEY, J. G.                           GA-8-A-334
MANSFIELD, PATRICK                      GA-8-B-101
MARK, E. C.                             GA-8-B-429
MARSHALL, MARY J.                       GA-8-B-232
MARTIN, ANDERSON                        GA-8-B-154
MATTHEWS, L. B.                         GA-8-B-480, 485
MAXWELL, BROTHERS                       GA-8-B-456
MAXWELL, C. M.                          GA-8-B-454
MAXWELL, J. W.                          GA-8-B-444
MAXWELL, JAMES W.                       GA-8-B-207
MAXWELL, LUCY B.                        GA-8-B-410
MAXWELL, THOMAS B.                      GA-8-B-295
MAYS, MARY E.                           GA-8-B-387
MAYSON, CHARLES N.                      GA-8-B-311
MCADAMS, THOMAS                         GA-8-A-87
MCBRAYER, MARTIN                        GA-8-A-18
MCCLUNG, T. M. (MRS)                    GA-8-B-483
MCDANIEL, ARCHIBALD                     GA-8-A-211
MCDANIEL, I. O.                         GA-8-B-41
MCDOW, J.                               GA-8-A-336
MCDOWD, J. O. SR.                       GA-8-B-41
MCELWEE, DAVID                          GA-8-A-339
MCEVER, ISABELLA                        GA-8-B-278
MCEVER, MARGARET                        GA-8-B-178
MCEVER, T. C.                           GA-8-A-467
MCEWEN, CHARLES                         GA-8-B-508
MCEWEN, ROBERT N.                       GA-8-B-108
MCGOWAN, J. F.                          GA-8-B-459
MCKELVY, JAMES                          GA-8-A-163
MCKELVY, MILDRED ANGELINE               GA-8-B-516
MCMURRY, M.                             GA-8-A-322
MCNEAL, HUGH                            GA-8-B-96
MCREYNOLDS, M. F.                       GA-8-A-71
MILAM, FERRIL                           GA-8-A-310
MILAM, J. C. SR.                        GA-8-B-417
MILAM, RILEY                            GA-8-B-156
MILLER, A.                              GA-8-A-444
MILLER, W. A.                           GA-8-A-137
MILLICAN, JOHN                          GA-8-A-97
MILLWEE, JOHN                           GA-8-A-276
MILNER, ANNIE ELIZA                     GA-8-B-544
MILNER, ARNOLD                          GA-8-A-156
MILNER, MARY                            GA-8-B-570
MILNER, WATT HARRIS                     GA-8-B-528
MOON, BETTIE                            GA-8-B-234
MOON, JOE M.                            GA-8-B-479
MOONEY, MAGARET                         GA-8-B-260
MOORE, ANDREW P.                        GA-8-B-554
MOORE, GABRIEL T.                       GA-8-A-19
MOORE, NANNIE                           GA-8-B-485
MOORE, PATRIC                           GA-8-B-13
MORRIS, MARY E.                         GA-8-B-436
MORRIS, THOMAS                          GA-8-A-476
MORRIS, WILLIAM W.                      GA-8-B-430
MORROW, ISAAC                           GA-8-A-468
MOSTELLER, BERRYMAN F.                  GA-8-B-199
MOSTELLER, DAVID                        GA-8-B-160
MOUNTCASTLE, W. R. JR.                  GA-8-B-144
MUNFORD, EMMA J.                        GA-8-B-460
MUNFORD, L. S.                          GA-8-B-469
MURCHISON, DUNCAN                       GA-8-B-62
MURPHYEY, ROGER                         GA-8-A-116
MURRAY, PETER                           GA-8-B-6
MYERS, W. W.                            GA-8-B-308
MYNATT, ELIZA                           GA-8-B-51
NEAL, A. E.                             GA-8-A-375
NEEL, W. J.                             GA-8-B-350
OGLESBY, LINDSAY                        GA-8-A-23
PAGE, FREDERICK                         GA-8-B-111
PARROTT, J. R.                          GA-8-A-350
PATTERSON, JOHN                         GA-8-A-256
PATTON, ROBERT H.                       GA-8-A-235
PEARCE, KELLY                           GA-8-A-368
PENCE, WILLIAM ANDERSON                 GA-8-B-413
PENN, THOMAS H.                         GA-8-A-286
PETTIT, JULIA                           GA-8-B-535
PETTIT, SAMANTHA J.                     GA-8-B-528
PHILLIPS, JAMES                         GA-8-A-14
PINKERTON, O.                           GA-8-A-442
PINSON, CHARLES                         GA-8-A-74
PITTARD, S. L.                          GA-8-B-230
PITTARD, T. N.                          GA-8-B-344
PITTARD, WILLIAM                        GA-8-A-330
POOL, B. G.                             GA-8-A-496
PORTER, MOLLY                           GA-8-B-3
POSEY, JOHN C.                          GA-8-B-565
POWELL, R. C. C.                        GA-8-B-55
PRICE, H. F.                            GA-8-A-380
PUCKETT, E. D. JR.                      GA-8-A-344
PUCKETT, EDMUND D.                      GA-8-B-44
PUCKETT, THOMAS M.                      GA-8-B-306
PUCKETT, W. M.                          GA-8-A-522
QUILLIAN, B. B.                         GA-8-B-190
QUILLIAN, C. M.                         GA-8-B-424
QUILLIAN, MARY VIRGINIA                 GA-8-B-298
RANSOM, JOSEPH H.                       GA-8-B-477
REYNOLDS, BENJAMIN                      GA-8-A-129
RHODES, J. S.                           GA-8-B-574
RICH, B. E. (MRS)                       GA-8-B-8
RICHARDSON, E. B.                       GA-8-B-537
ROBERSON, Z.                            GA-8-A-332
ROBERTS, AUGUSTA                        GA-8-B-491
ROBERTS, CARRIE H.                      GA-8-B-443
ROBERTS, R. C.                          GA-8-A-519
ROBERTS, STERLING M.                    GA-8-B-557
ROBERTSON, SALLIE                       GA-8-B-307
ROBERTSON, W. C.                        GA-8-B-243
RODMAN, MARY                            GA-8-A-1
ROGERS, E. P.                           GA-8-A-370
ROGERS, ROBERT                          GA-8-A-233
ROGERS, ROBERT L.                       GA-8-B-317
ROGERS, THOMAS J.                       GA-8-B-307
ROPER, SARAH M.                         GA-8-A-377
ROSS, F. G.                             GA-8-A-412
ROWAN, R. C.                            GA-8-B-222
ROWLAND, F. M.                          GA-8-A-302
ROWLAND, J. S.                          GA-8-A-237
ROWLAND, R. H.                          GA-8-A-308
RUSSELL, GEORGE B.                      GA-8-A-1
RUSSELL, NANCY                          GA-8-A-385
SANSOM, V. B.                           GA-8-A-502
SATTERFIELD, GEORGE W.                  GA-8-B-384
SATTERFIELD, W. R.                      GA-8-B-493
SAXON, GEORGIA A.                       GA-8-B-368
SAXON, R. S.                            GA-8-B-351
SAXON, SAMUEL                           GA-8-B-143
SCHMITZ, ALICE                          GA-8-B-433
SCOTE, JOHN                             GA-8-A-383
SCOTT, MOSES                            GA-8-A-139
SEATCHER, JOHN A.                       GA-8-B-110
SEESY, S. B.                            GA-8-A-516
SEWELL, CRAWFORD P.                     GA-8-B-402
SEWELL, W. N.                           GA-8-B-360
SEWELL, WILLIAM M.                      GA-8-B-297
SHAW, H. M.                             GA-8-B-99
SHAW, W. W.                             GA-8-A-342
SHELMAN, CLIO                           GA-8-B-446
SHINALL, J. A.                          GA-8-B-492
SINGLETON, ISHMAEL                      GA-8-A-440
SLAUGHTER, ROBERT W.                    GA-8-A-268
SMITH, B. C.                            GA-8-B-462
SMITH, B. F.                            GA-8-B-145
SMITH, JOHN                             GA-8-A-13
SMITH, NANCY SR                         GA-8-A-135
SMITH, THOMAS                           GA-8-A-2
SNEDEKER, MARY                          GA-8-B-383
SPEER, PERMELA                          GA-8-A-545
SPEIR, J. H.                            GA-8-B-224
SPEIR, M. H. (MRS)                      GA-8-B-390
SPENCER, AMANDA                         GA-8-B-502
SPENCER, LEVI                           GA-8-A-21
SPRIGGS, GILEAD                         GA-8-A-47
STALLINGS, J. G.                        GA-8-A-43
STEELMAN, WILLIAM H.                    GA-8-A-4
STEGALL, BL.                            GA-8-A-212
STEGALL, EMSLEY                         GA-8-B-58
STEPHENS, J. FRANK                      GA-8-B-419
STEPHENS, JOHN A.                       GA-8-B-503
STEPHENS, S. F.                         GA-8-A-479
STEPHENS, SILAS                         GA-8-A-462
STEVENS, THOMAS                         GA-8-A-7
STEWART, STACY C.                       GA-8-B-525
STIDHAM, MARTIN                         GA-8-A-124
STONE, JOEL                             GA-8-B-280
STONER, M.                              GA-8-B-253
STOVALL, GEORGE M.                      GA-8-A-39
STOVALL, JAMES                          GA-8-A-78
STOVALL, WILLIAM                        GA-8-A-29
STOW, R. M. (MRS)                       GA-8-B-367
STREBLES, GEORGE W.                     GA-8-A-274
STUART, W. D.                           GA-8-B-422
SUMNER, TERESA                          GA-8-B-114
TABURIAUX, JALENGE                      GA-8-B-548
TALBOT, JAMES                           GA-8-A-76
TAPP, JAMES                             GA-8-A-465
TAYLOR, O.                              GA-8-A-508
TEEMS, JOHN C.                          GA-8-B-281
THURMAN, MARTHA                         GA-8-A-542
TINLSEY, IRA N.                         GA-8-A-227
TOWERS, LARKIN                          GA-8-A-407
TOWERS, LEONARD                         GA-8-A-218
TRAMMELL, C. G.                         GA-8-B-132
TRIMBLE, A. C.                          GA-8-B-152
TRIPPE, J. K.                           GA-8-B-465
TRIPPE, R. J. (DR)                      GA-8-B-360
TRIPPE, TURNER H.                       GA-8-A-295
TUMLIN, WILLIAM                         GA-8-A-149
TURNER, MATHIAS                         GA-8-A-170
UNDERWOOD, E. R.                        GA-8-B-64
UNDERWOOD, GEORGE W.                    GA-8-A-40
UPSHAW, JAMES                           GA-8-A-38
UPSHAW, JOHN A.                         GA-8-A-126
UPSHAW, WESLEY                          GA-8-B-354
UPSHOUR, E. M.                          GA-8-B-500
VAUGHAN, JAMES                          GA-8-A-356
VAUGHAN, JOHN L.                        GA-8-B-409
VEACH, H. M.                            GA-8-B-523
VEACH, J. M.                            GA-8-B-179
VENABLE, HARRIET T.                     GA-8-B- 213
VENABLE, JAMES L.                       GA-8-A-529
VINCENT, A. A.                          GA-8-B-204
VINCENT, C. B.                          GA-8-B-450
VINCENT, L. M.                          GA-8-B-487
VIVION, JAMES H.                        GA-8-B-386
WAFFORD, W. T.                          GA-8-A-526
WAITS, MARK                             GA-8-A-177
WALDRIP, IRA WILLIS                     GA-8-B-27
WALLRAVEN, JOHN                         GA-8-A-30
WARD, J. L. D.                          GA-8-A-422
WARD, JOHN SR.                          GA-8-B-149
WARING, ELLA S.                         GA-8-B-196
WARING, F. H.                           GA-8-B-225
WARING, GEORGE H.                       GA-8-B-259
WASE, MARY P.                           GA-8-B-193
WASHINGTON, E. C.                       GA-8-B-235
WATKINS, M. M.                          GA-8-B-127
WATSON, CORNELIUS                       GA-8-B-418
WATSON, HYDRA                           GA-8-A-313
WATTS, WILLIAM                          GA-8-A-205
WEEMS, A. J.                            GA-8-A-447
WELLS, FANNIE                           GA-8-B-499
WHITAKER, FOUNTAIN                      GA-8-B-432
WHITE, T. WARREN                        GA-8-B-172
WHITE, W. H. H.                         GA-8-B-288
WHITESIDES, WILLIAM P.                  GA-8-B-414
WIKLE, J. R.                            GA-8-B-356
WILKERSON, MITCHELL                     GA-8-B-1
WILLIAMS, MARGRATTA B.                  GA-8-A-88
WILLIS, ABEL                            GA-8-B-373
WOFFORD, JAMES                          GA-8-A-534
WOFFORD, JAMES                          GA-8-A-270
WOFFORD, W. B.                          GA-8-A-185
WOLFE, H. E.                            GA-8-B-249
WOOLLEY, MARY A.                        GA-8-A-373
WORLEY, P. L.                           GA-8-B-510
WYLY, MARY                              GA-8-B-163
YANCY, LEVI                             GA-8-B-37
YARBOROUGH, HENRY                       GA-8-A-164
YARBOROUGH, SARAH E.                    GA-8-A-531
YORK, WESLEY                            GA-8-A-494
YOUNG, CHARLOTTE                        GA-8-B-14
YOUNG, R. M.                            GA-8-A-470

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