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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A=1909-1945 |
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ANDERSON, JEFFERSON                    FL-66-A-46
ARMSTRONG, EDWARD A.                   FL-66-A-24
BARROW, FRANCES E.                     FL-66-A-223
BAXLEY, JEPTHA                         FL-66-A-103
BLACKMAN, M. L.                        FL-66-A-35
BLUE, ADELINE A.                       FL-66-A-135
BLUE, MARY                             FL-66-A-253
BLUE, THOMAS                           FL-66-A-169
BRIGGS, FRANCIS W.                     FL-66-A-110
BROWN, J. H.                           FL-66-A-38
BRUSH, JOHN T.                         FL-66-A-184
CAMPBELL, A. D.                        FL-66-A-138
CHIPLEY, WILLIAM D.                    FL-66-A-197
COATNY, MARTHA                         FL-66-A-1
COOK, C. A.                            FL-66-A-11
CRAVEY, JAMES W.                       FL-66-A-148
DEKLE, ELIJAH NEEL                     FL-66-A-192
DEKLE, FANNIE C.                       FL-66-A-225
DURHAM, CLIFFORD R.                    FL-66-A-244
FARRIOR, LIZZIE C.                     FL-66-A-251
GAINER, WILLIAM A.                     FL-66-A-42
GENTRY, MAY E.                         FL-66-A-99
GENTRY, WALKER                         FL-66-A-6
GRIFFIN, W. D.                         FL-66-A-214
HARTMAN, DAVID                         FL-66-A-129
HISER, SAMUEL A.                       FL-66-A-230
HUBBARD, JOHN S.                       FL-66-A-4
JEFFRIES, DALLAS B.                    FL-66-A-174
JOHNSON, C. C.                         FL-66-A-76
JONES, WELLS P.                        FL-66-A-28
KELLY, MARY FANNIE                     FL-66-A-207
MATTHIAS, JOHN A.                      FL-66-A-71
MAY, A. D.                             FL-66-A-98
MCCRACKEN, P. H.                       FL-66-A-51
MCGEACHY, J. S.                        FL-66-A-23
MORRISON, RICHARD A.                   FL-66-A-26
PEEL, JAMES IVERSON                    FL-66-A-245
RHODES, JAMES T.                       FL-66-A-168
ROBERTS, F. M.                         FL-66-A-160
ROBINS, CHARLIE                        FL-66-A-108
ROLHAC, P. W.                          FL-66-A-85
SHEPHERD, J. R.                        FL-66-A-55
SMITH, JOHN WESLEY                     FL-66-A-120
SMITH, NANCY                           FL-66-A-7
SYKES, SEAMORE B.                      FL-66-A-236
WALDEN, W. H.                          FL-66-A-117
WARREN, MILES ABRAHAM                  FL-66-A-166
WATTS, SARAH G.                        FL-66-A-182
WHITE, EMMA J.                         FL-66-A-94
WOOD, JAMES                            FL-66-A-109

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