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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | A = 1682-1781 | B-M =? |
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ABBOTT, ROBERT                          A-40
ACKEY, JAMES                            A-153
ALEEFE, JOSEPH                          A-30
ALEFF, JOSEPH                           A-377
ANDERSON, CORNELUS                      A-35
ANDREWS, ROBINSON                       A-435
ASNERESS, HENDRICK                      A-18
ATKINS, JOHN                            A-378
AYLIF, WILLIAM                          A-108
BAGNELL, FRANCIS                        A-145
BAILEY, JAMES                           A-392
BAILLY, JONATHAN SR.                    A-293
BAILY, JONATHAN                         A-394
BARKER, JOB                             A-402
BECKET, WILLIAM                         A-350
BEDWELL, THOMAS                         A-95
BENNETT, JOHN JR.                       A-208
BOOTH, EDWARD                           A-1
BRACY, RICHARD                          A-329
BRAILE, JOHN                            A-415
BRANSCOMB, THOMAS                       A-15
BROWN, JAMES                            A-46
BURTON, JACOB                           A-94
BURTON, JOHN                            A-443
BURTON, JOHN                            A-428
BURTON, JOSEPH                          A-124
BURTON, ROBERT                          A-187
BURTON, ROBERT JR.                      A-184
BURTON, WOOLSEY                         A-231
CALE, THOMAS                            A-195
CAREY, WILLAM                           A-369
CARPENTER, AFFIANCE                     A-320
CARPENTER, BENJAMIN                     A-376
CARPENTER, JAMES                        A-302
CARY, EDWARD                            A-243
CARY, JOHN                              A-169
CAVERLS, ANTHONY                        A-405
CHANT, WILLIAM                          A-275
CIRNITHEN, CALEB C.                     A-126
CIRWITHIN, CALEB                        A-421
CLARKE, WILLIAM                         A-2
CLAYPOOLE, JEREMIAH                     A-374
CLENDANEL, JOHN                         A-419
CLENDANNEL, WILLIAM                     A-356
CLIFTON, ROBERT                         A-136
CLIFTON, ROBERT                         A-190
CLITON, THOMAS                          A-64
CODD, BERKELEY                          A-167
COE, TIMOTHY                            A-139
COGGES, ISAAC                           A-58
COLLET, JAMES                           A-330
COLLINS, THOMAS                         A-390
COOPER, GABRALL HENRY                   A-192
CORD, JOSEPH                            A-298
CORNWALLICE, WILLIAM                    A-225
CORNWALLIS, REBECCA                     A-386
COWARD, KNIGHTS                         A-17
CRAIG, EDWARD                           A-120
CREW, JOHN                              A-118
DANELY, WILLIAM                         A-327
DAVIDSON, JAMES                         A-359
DAVIS, JOHN                             A-158
DAVIS, THOMAS SR.                       A-26
DAY, GEORGE                             A-361
DAY, WILLIAM                            A-326
DEPRAY, ANDREW                          A-12
DEPRAY, JOHN                            A-55
DICKENSON, THOMAS                       A-389
DOD, GEORGE                             A-207
LOUGHLAND, DORMAN                       A-407
DRAPER, ANN                             A-354
DRAPER, HENRY                           A-281
DRAPER, SAMUEL                          A-352
DRAPER, SARAH                           A-348
DRUMMOND, ROBERT                        A-444
DUNAVAN, RANDEL                         A-391
DYRE, WILLIAM                           A-85
EYRE, DANIEL                            A-138
EYRE, ELIZABETH                         A-142
FASSETT, WILLAM                         A-370
FINWICK, JAMES                          A-262
FINWICK, THOMAS                         A-69
FISHER, HENRY                           A-380
FISHER, JABEZ MAUS                      A-336
FISHER, JAMES                           A-384
FISHER, THOMAS                          A-81
FISHER, WILLIAM                         A-197
FLING, DANIEL                           A-163
FOWLER, ARTHUR SR.                      A-494
FUTCHER, JOHN                           A-141
FUTCHER, WILLIAM                        A-44
GIBB, ANNE                              A-91
GIBB, JOHN                              A-83
GIDDEN, MICHAEL                         A-84
GODWIN, ELIZABET                        A-427
GODWIN, WILLIAM                         A-229
GOIT, PETER                             A-20
GOLDSMITH, THOMAS                       A-309
GOLDSMITH, THOMAS                       A-335
GORDON, THOMAS SR.                      A-146
GRANGER, NICHOLAS                       A-76
GRANGER, NICHOLAS                       A-178
GRAY, DAVID                             A-128
GRAY, SAM                               A-15
GREEN, NICHOLAS                         A-186
HAILING, WALTON                         A-54
HALL, NATHANIEL                         A-277
HALL, NATHANIEL SR.                     A-119
HALL, WILLIAM                           A-411
HANDYER, AMINDAB                        A-122
HARFOOD, THOMAS                         A-3
HARMONSON, CHRISTIAN                    A-71
HARMONSON, JOHN                         A-49
HAYNES, CHARLES                         A-61
HAZZARD, JOSEPH                         A-424
HEAVERLY, ANTONEY                       A-32
HEMMONS, JOHN                           A-151
HERRING, ALEXANDER                      A-288
HICKMAN, JOHN                           A-271
HILL, JOHN SR.                          A-204
HILL, JOHN                              A-23
HILL, RICHARD                           A-113
HINMAN, JOHN                            A-217
HINMAN, RICHARD                         A-342
HOLLAND, JOHN                           A-270
HOPKINS, SAMUEL SR.                     A-328
HOUSTON, JOSEPH                         A-412
INLEAS, ANTONEY                         A-43
JACKSON, JOHN                           A-239
JACOK, RICHARD                          A-267
JOHNSON, ADAM                           A-77
JOHNSON, AGNESS                         A-297
JOHNSON, ISAAC                          A-157
KING, JOSEPH                            A-304
KIPSHAVEN, JOHN                         A-33
KOLLOCKS, JACOB                         A-130
LEWIS, WILLIAM                          A-258
LITTLETON, JONATHAN                     A-341
LOCKWOOD, ELISHA                        A-493
LOUGHLEN, JOHN                          A-265
LUCAS, PETER                            A-148
MACHNAB, JOSEPH                         A-66
MACKNAL, JOSEPH                         A-63
MANLOVE, MANUEL                         A-345
MANLOVE, SARAH                          A-255
MANLOVE, THOMAS                         A-75
MARINER, THOMAS                         A-410
MARINER, THOMAS JR.                     A-398
MARSH, PETER                            A-199
MARTIN, JAMES                           A-388
MASON, WILL                             A-68
MASON, WILLIAM                          A-441
MAY, ANNE                               A-279
MAY, JOHN                               A-308
MAY, THOMAS                             A-200
MAY, THOMAS JR.                         A-155
MCCALRAINE, ANDREW                      A-206
MCCARRELL, ROBERT                       A-357
MCKOLLAK, ALEXANDER                     A-182
MIERS, JOHN                             A-408
MIERS, JOHN                             A-150
MIERS, MARY                             A-235
MILLER, ROBERT                          A-256
MORRICE, JOHN                           A-152
MORRIS, JOHN                            A-116
MULLINIX, PENELOPE                      A-214
MURPHY, JOHN                            A-135
NAIRS, EDWARD                           A-339
NEWCOMB, BABTIST                        A-306
NEWCOMB, WILLIAM                        A-69
NUTTER, JOHN                            A-202
NUTTER, JOHN                            A-319
NUTTER, JOHN                            A-36
ONORTON, JOHN                           A-290
OZBURN, MATHEW SR.                      A-295
PAGE, EDWARD                            A-65
PARKER, MATHEW                          A-111
PARSONS, JOHN                           A-274
PAYNTER, JOHN                           A-260
PAYNTER, RICHARD                        A-372
PAYNTER, RICHARD                        A-162
PEMBERTON, JOSEPH                       A-273
PENDER, JOHN                            A-107
PENINGTON, HENRY                        A-79
PERRY, ROWLIN                           A-45
PETTYJOHN, JOHN                         A-263
PETTYJOHN, RICHARD                      A-429
PETTYJOHN, THOMAS                       A-152
PILES, JAMES                            A-373
PILES, JOHN                             A-216
PILES, WILLIAM                          A-28
POPPERLS, JOSEPH                        A-492
POTTER, ABRAHAM                         A-331
PRETEMAN, THOMAS                        A-213
PRETTEMAN, ROBERT                       A-154
PRETTYMAN, JOHN                         A-418
PRETTYMAN, JOHN SR.                     A-177
PRETTYMAN, WILLIAM                      A-400
PRETTYMAN, WILLIAM                      A-403
PRICE, ELIZABETH                        A-338
PRICE, THOMAS SR.                       A-19
PRICE, THOMAS                           A-363
PRICE, THOMAS                           A-311
PURSELL, JOSEPH                         A-285
RACKLIFF, MARY                          A-248
RACLIFF, NATHANIEL                      A-221
REED, WILLAM                            A-324
RICHARDSON, JOHN                        A-47
RICKETTS, DANIEL                        A-230
ROADS, JOHN                             A-10
ROWLAND, SAMUEL                         A-219
SALTHREDGE, WILLIAM                     A-323
SANDERSON, JANE                         A-129
SANGSTER, JAMES                         A-361
SANGSTER, JAMES                         A-55
SCUDDER, DAVID                          A-432
SEATTOWN, JAMES                         A-122
SENEW, TORLOR                           A-442
SEYMOR, EBENEZER                        A-305
SHANKLAND, JOHN                         A-313
SHANKLAND, WILLIAM                      A-250
SHARP, RICHARD                          A-283
SIMONSON, JOHN                          A-437
SIMSON, JAMES                           A-246
SMITH, ARCHIBALD                        A-240
SMITH, JOHN                             A-166
SMITH, JOHN                             A-181
SMITH, JOSEPH                           A-347
SMITH, ROBERT                           A-385
SMITH, THOMAS                           A-109
SPENCER, HENRY                          A-89
STARR, NATHANIEL                        A-114
STEVENS, MATHEW                         A-97
STOCKLEY, OLIVER                        A-366
STOCKLEY, WOODMAN                       A-395
STOCKLY, JOSEPH                         A-414
STRETCHER, FENWICK                      A-434
STUART, JOHN                            A-50
SWEATMAN, WILLIAM                       A-14
THOMSON, ANDREW                         A-446
TOWNSEND, ELISABETH                     A-490
TOWNSEND, WILLIAM                       A-284
TURNER, JOSEPH                          A-431
VANKIRK, ART                            A-344
VINES, JOHN                             A-9
WALKER, THOMAS                          A-253
WALTHAM, JOHN                           A-236
WALTON, JOHN                            A-209
WALTON, JOHN                            A-436
WAPLES, WILLIAM                         A-381
WAPLETON, WILLIAM SR.                   A-60
WARRINGTON, STEPHEN                     A-159
WATSON, LUKE                            A-440
WATTSON, JOHN                           A-237
WATTSON, LUKE SR.                       A-52
WATTSON, SAMUEL                         A-179
WEBB, JONAS                             A-399
WEST, GEORGE                            A-39
WEST, ROBERT                            A-333
WHITE, BENJAMIN                         A-423
WHITE, WILLAM                           A-172
WHITE, WRIGHAM                          A-127
WILLAMS, MARY                           A-301
WILLIAMS, FRANCIS SR.                   A-134
WILLIAMS, HENRY                         A-170
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          A-295
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          A-117
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          A-165
WILLIAMS, MORGAN                        A-193
WILLIAMS, RICHARD                       A-24
WILLIAMS, RICHARD                       A-143
WILSON, THOMAS                          A-227
WILTBANCK, CORNELIUS                    A-174
WILTBANK, ABRAHAM                       A-245
WILTHANCK, CORNELIUS                    A-321
WILTHINK, ISAAC                         A-59
WOLFE, RISS                             A-88
WOODWARD, ANTHONY                       A-367

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