Plumas County, California Will Heirs

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The heirs named in wills

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BARKER, CHARLES FREEMAN                 CA-32-1-1
BLESING, FAYE ENA                       CA-32-1-5
CORLETTE, MARY ANN CORKLE               CA-32-1-2
COTTINGHAM, ALICE                       CA-32-1-1
COTTINGHAM, JAMES W.                    CA-32-1-1
EDWARDS, HENREITTA                      CA-32-1-6
ERWIN, LEE                              CA-32-1-1
ERWIN, NELLIE                           CA-32-1-1
FIRMSTONE, HARRIET                      CA-32-1-4
HARDING, JOHN                           CA-32-1-3
HICKERSON, FINIS W. L.                  CA-32-1-4
HICKERSON, JOHN A.                      CA-32-1-4
HUGHES, EWING BRUCE                     CA-32-1-5
KUCZYNSKI, DOVE TEXAS                   CA-32-1-5
LEE, LYDIA E.                           CA-32-1-4
MATHER, CHARLES                         CA-32-1-6
MATHER, ELIZABETH L.                    CA-32-1-6
MAURER, GEORGE HESS                     CA-32-1-6
MAURER, HENRY RUDOLPH                   CA-32-1-6
MILLER, DORA BELLE                      CA-32-1-5
NEAL, LIZZIE                            CA-32-1-1
NEAL, THOMAS                            CA-32-1-1
ORE, MARGARET CORKLE                    CA-32-1-2
PECK, MAHALA ANN                        CA-32-1-4
ROSS, FRANKLIN PIERCE                   CA-32-1-6
SPOONER, FRANK                          CA-32-1-1
SPOONER, IDA                            CA-32-1-1
THOMPSON, SUSAN JANE                    CA-32-1-4

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