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ABBOTT, VIRGIL F.                       CA-18-2-328
ALEXANDER, BELLE                        CA-18-2-394
ALEXANDER, CATHARINE                    CA-18-2-105
ALEXANDER, JULES                        CA-18-2-220
ALEXANDER, RAE                          CA-18-2-281
ANDERSON, CHARLES A.                    CA-18-2-172
ANDERSON, CHARLES IRA                   CA-18-2-394
ANDERSON, CLAUS J.                      CA-18-1-21
ANDERSON, VIOLET M.                     CA-18-2-394
ANDERSON, WALTER H.                     CA-18-2-370
ARNOLD, JOHN D.                         CA-18-2-40
ARNOLD, SUSAN E.                        CA-18-2-97
BAKER, GUS                              CA-18-2-217
BALZANO, BEDA                           CA-18-2-307
BANGHAM, LOUISE                         CA-18-2-32
BANTLEY, ANTONE                         CA-18-2-381
BANTLEY, NELIA                          CA-18-2-381
BANTLY, ANTONE                          CA-18-2-16
BARHAM, AUGUSTUS CLYDE                  CA-18-2-311
BARHAM, JAMES PRESTON                   CA-18-2-382
BARHAM, THOMAS L.                       CA-18-2-109
BASS, JANIE H.                          CA-18-2-310
BASS, MARY A.                           CA-18-2-36
BASS, STEPHEN S.                        CA-18-2-348
BASSETT, BERNARD HANDY                  CA-18-1-12
BEAN, WILLIAM HAWLEY                    CA-18-2-317
BECKER, HERMAN H.                       CA-18-2-276
BEIN, ELMO F. (US ARMY)                 CA-18-2-334
BENNETT, WILLIAM S.                     CA-18-2-302
BERKLEY, DAVID S.                       CA-18-2-383
BITTINGER, ADALYN                       CA-18-2-379
BOND, CHARLES S.                        CA-18-2-337
BORETTE, NETTIE A.                      CA-18-2-279
BREITWIESER, A. G.                      CA-18-2-264
BROCKMAN, WILLIAM                       CA-18-2-112
BROCKMAN, WILLIS C.                     CA-18-2-379
BRODIE, ROBERT                          CA-18-2-224
BROUILLARD, E. H.                       CA-18-2-225
BROWNELL, RUSSELL                       CA-18-2-114
BUNNELL, ELLA A.                        CA-18-2-153
BUNNELL, L. W.                          CA-18-2-15
CADY, LEON R.                           CA-18-2-340
CADY, STOEL                             CA-18-2-9
CAHLAN, JOHN                            CA-18-2-34
CAIN, EVA A.                            CA-18-2-326
CALAVAN, SERRELDA JANE                  CA-18-2-35
CALAVAN, WILLIAM LARKIN                 CA-18-2-3
CALLEGERI, ACHILLE                      CA-18-1-50
CALVO, NICOLAS                          CA-18-2-280
CAPEZZOLI, GEROME                       CA-18-2-54
CAPPLER, HENRY AUGUST                   CA-18-2-70
CARMAN, GEORGE A.                       CA-18-2-241
CARPENTER, FRANCES E.                   CA-18-2-211
CARROLL, BERTHA                         CA-18-2-295
CARSCADDEN, WILLIAM JOSEPH              CA-18-2-256
CASTELLO, RAYMOND                       CA-18-2-98
CHARLEY, DAYLIGHT                       CA-18-1-43
CHRISTIE, JAMES I.                      CA-18-2-230
CLABOTS, FRANK                          CA-18-2-339
CLABOTS,LOIS E.                         CA-18-2-332
CLAMPITT, RICHARD                       CA-18-1-24
CLARK, HIRAM J.                         CA-18-2-359
CLARK, ROSS P.                          CA-18-2-155
COFFIN, AMELIA                          CA-18-2-248
COFFIN, FRANK                           CA-18-2-248
COLE, RALPH EDWARD                      CA-18-2-342
COLL, DAN                               CA-18-2-207
COLL, DAN                               CA-18-1-29
COLLIER, JESSIE H.                      CA-18-2-370
COLLINGS, HARRY A.                      CA-18-1-42
COO, ROBERT M.                          CA-18-2-210
COOPER, JOHN F.                         CA-18-2-120
CORNELISON, FRANCES                     CA-18-2-131
COULTHURST, HENRY T.                    CA-18-2-290
COULTHURST, KATHERINE C.                CA-18-2-388
COUSTET, JOHN                           CA-18-2-222
CRAMER, AMANDA E.                       CA-18-2-215
CRAMER, CHARLES                         CA-18-2-45
CROCKER, HENRY                          CA-18-2-26
CURNOW, WILLIAM                         CA-18-2-302
CUSCADEN, MARY BELLE                    CA-18-2-346
DALY, THOMAS                            CA-18-2-123
DAVIS, CLAUDE N.                        CA-18-2-286
DAVIS, J. H.                            CA-18-2-191
DEAN, HIRAM A.                          CA-18-2-223
DEHAVEN, CAP                            CA-18-2-180
DIER, BERTHA                            CA-18-2-372
DIETER, FREDERICK W.                    CA-18-2-347
DIETHELM, GOTTHARD                      CA-18-2-330
DILL, MARIA E.                          CA-18-2-74
DIXON, IRA B.                           CA-18-2-83
DODGE, CARLON F.                        CA-18-2-275
DOOLEV, ROBERT M.                       CA-18-2-7
DOPESON, MARY                           CA-18-1-27
DOTSON, J. S.                           CA-18-2-387
DOWNING, ARTHUR D.                      CA-18-2-351
DOYLE, JAMES                            CA-18-2-66
DOYLE, MARIE F.                         CA-18-2-243
DRANSFIELD, ANDREW                      CA-18-2-165
DUNBAR, ERNEST B.                       CA-18-2-369
DUPRAW, ROSETTE                         CA-18-2-380
DURNEY, BEATRICE                        CA-18-2-338
EDENHOLM, DAVID E.                      CA-18-2-255
EDENHOLM, EMMA I.                       CA-18-2-274
EHLE, HIRAM B.                          CA-18-2-174
ELLENA, JOHN                            CA-18-2-156
ELLIOTT, SUSIE R.                       CA-18-2-389
EMEBO, BEN A.                           CA-18-2-90
EMERSON, TRO S.                         CA-18-2-333
EMERSON, WES                            CA-18-2-395
ENHORNING, ALICE                        CA-18-2-375
ENHORNING, HERMAN                       CA-18-2-273
ERNAGE, LENA FURLETTI                   CA-18-2-365
EUSTIS, FERDINAND WHITE                 CA-18-2-92
FAIRFIELD, ASA MERRILL                  CA-18-2-142
FARQUHAR, JOHN W.                       CA-18-1-6
FEHER, EMIL JUSTH                       CA-18-2-263
FILLMAN, ANNA B.                        CA-18-2-315
FLEMING, J. J.                          CA-18-2-278
FLEMING, MARY                           CA-18-2-325
FLEMING, ROBERT                         CA-18-2-325
FOLSOM, LEWIS D.                        CA-18-2-78
FOPPOLY, FRANK W.                       CA-18-2-318
FORTSON, GORDON R.                      CA-18-2-292
FRASIER, HARRY WILLIAM                  CA-18-2-178
FROST, LOWELL L.                        CA-18-1-10
FULTON, THEODORA STUBBS                 CA-18-2-130
FURLETTI, LENA                          CA-18-1-47
GADDY, COLLINS                          CA-18-2-8
GALEPPI, CHARLES A.                     CA-18-2-386
GALEPPI, WILLIAM                        CA-18-1-8
GALEPPI, WILLIAM                        CA-18-2-26
GAMMA, ANTONE                           CA-18-2-33
GARDNER, CHARLES HENRY                  CA-18-2-140
GARNER, R. W. T.                        CA-18-2-147
GAYMAN, CHARLES F.                      CA-18-2-330
GERIG, ANTON                            CA-18-2-48
GERIG, KARL                             CA-18-2-86
GERIG, WILLIAM                          CA-18-2-108
GEST, ERASMUS                           CA-18-2-17
GLIDDEN, PERLEY E.                      CA-18-2-349
GOBIN, PAUL                             CA-18-1-49
GOEN, CARRIE E.                         CA-18-2-346
GORE, JOHN B.                           CA-18-2-185
GRAHAM, EMMA                            CA-18-2-192
GRAHAM, JOE                             CA-18-2-159
GRIFFIN, LOUISE                         CA-18-2-373
GRIFFIN, M. A.                          CA-18-2-373
GRISE, C. M.                            CA-18-1-48
GUTHRIE, GEORGE                         CA-18-2-134
GWERDER, JOE                            CA-18-2-396
HALEY, DORA                             CA-18-2-106
HALL, ALBERT J.                         CA-18-2-152
HALL, FRED D.                           CA-18-2-353
HALL, ISAAC R.                          CA-18-1-35
HALLOWELL, CHARLES W.                   CA-18-2-128
HAMILTON, ANNA T.                       CA-18-2-345
HANKS, THOMAS GRENELLE                  CA-18-2-33
HANSEN, HENRY J.                        CA-18-2-267
HARPER, RANSOM                          CA-18-2-151
HARTSON, CHARLES                        CA-18-2-76
HARTSON, GEORGE H.                      CA-18-2-87
HAY, ANNA                               CA-18-2-364
HEARD, JOHN W.                          CA-18-1-31
HEIBERG, SOREN J.                       CA-18-2-197
HEIDER, EMMA COATES                     CA-18-2-384
HENSON, SAMUEL S.                       CA-18-2-266
HERRICK, D. A.                          CA-18-2-132
HICKS, C. F.                            CA-18-2-39
HILL, LOUISA M.                         CA-18-2-395
HIMMELRICK, JOHN MINER                  CA-18-2-171
HINES, FRED                             CA-18-2-28
HOFFMAN, ELLA                           CA-18-2-354
HOFFMAN, FLOYD BURDETT                  CA-18-2-277
HOLMES, GUSTAV                          CA-18-2-84
HOPKINS, WILLIAM C.                     CA-18-2-71
HOSSELKUS, SARAH T.                     CA-18-2-1
HURLBUT, FREMONT                        CA-18-2-88
HUTCHINGS, MARTHA B.                    CA-18-2-365
IVERSEN, RASMUS A.                      CA-18-2-93
IVERSON, NELLIE M.                      CA-18-2-363
JENKINS, POLLY                          CA-18-2-188
JOHNSON, ANDREW                         CA-18-2-362
JOHNSON, GUST                           CA-18-2-239
JOHNSON, HULDA                          CA-18-2-362
JOHNSON, J. J.                          CA-18-2-139
JOHNSTON, EMMA FLORENCE                 CA-18-2-297
JONES, I. N.                            CA-18-2-63
JONES,LLEWELLYN                         CA-18-2-343
JORDAN, MARGARET E.                     CA-18-2-312
KELLOGG, ELIJAH                         CA-18-2-58
KENYON, MARY A.                         CA-18-2-148
KESTER, HOMER W.                        CA-18-2-170
KINYON, NELSON                          CA-18-2-62
KLEIN, CHARLEY                          CA-18-2-218
KLEINFELDER, CHRISTIE                   CA-18-2-218
KNOCH, DAVID                            CA-18-2-29
KNOCH, ISAAC                            CA-18-2-300
KNOX, WILLIAM                           CA-18-2-158
LADD, CHARLES                           CA-18-2-202
LAMSON, MAUDE E.                        CA-18-2-247
LANIGAR, MAY                            CA-18-1-23
LARSON, OSCAR                           CA-18-2-327
LASSEN, ANTON                           CA-18-2-232
LAYTON, MAY PRESBA                      CA-18-2-372
LEAVITT, BENJAMIN H.                    CA-18-2-57
LEAVITT, JAMES B.                       CA-18-2-293
LISKEY, AUGUST                          CA-18-2-369
LONG, MARGARET EMILY                    CA-18-2-122
LONKEY, CAMILLE                         CA-18-2-31
LOOMIS, MARTHA                          CA-18-2-65
LOWE, LAURA A.                          CA-18-2-69
LUNT, ORLIN L.                          CA-18-2-85
LYTLE, FREDRICK W.                      CA-18-2-332
MACWILLIAMS, RICHARD W.                 CA-18-2-391
MAHLE, CHARLES S.                       CA-18-2-233
MALLON, BERNARD                         CA-18-2-80
MANNING, SAMUEL EDWARD                  CA-18-2-309
MARR, THOMAS R.                         CA-18-2-175
MARTIAL, A. E.                          CA-18-2-387
MARTIN, GEORGE S.                       CA-18-2-314
MASOTTI, STEPHEN                        CA-18-2-177
MATHEWS, ARTHUR JOHN                    CA-18-2-385
MATTISON, FRED J.                       CA-18-2-144
MCCLELLAN, FRED H.                      CA-18-2-389
MCCLELLAN, GERTRUDE B.                  CA-18-2-228
MCCLELLAN, H. E.                        CA-18-2-123
MCCLELLAND, JAMES H.                    CA-18-2-355
MCCLUSKEY, ETHEL R.                     CA-18-2-400
MCDIARMID, CLAUDE S.                    CA-18-2-95
MCFARLAND, JOHN                         CA-18-1-51
MCGRANAHAN, HENRY B.                    CA-18-2-339
MCGUIRE, AGNES                          CA-18-2-186
MCMAHON, JANET GEARY                    CA-18-2-393
MCMESTER, WILLIAM R.                    CA-18-2-341
MCNABB, ORLANDO                         CA-18-1-18
MCNAMEE, WIRT                           CA-18-2-150
METCALF, ISAAC                          CA-18-2-184
MIGONI, ANGELA ROSINA                   CA-18-2-214
MILLER, CARL F. L.                      CA-18-2-287
MILSAPS, SARAH ABBEE                    CA-18-2-5
MOE, HIRAM N.                           CA-18-2-42
MORROW, W. W.                           CA-18-2-141
MUNZ, ERNEST                            CA-18-2-41
MURRAY, LOTTIE                          CA-18-1-40
MURRAY, LOTTIE                          CA-18-1-16
MUSSER, CYRUS J.                        CA-18-2-344
NASH, EARL L.                           CA-18-2-284
NATHAN, MARCUS                          CA-18-2-37
NATHAN, TILLIE                          CA-18-2-64
NELSON, PETER AUGUST                    CA-18-2-118
NETT, LEONARD L.                        CA-18-2-236
NEUHAUS, BERNARD                        CA-18-2-60
NEUNABER, HENRY FERDINAND               CA-18-2-226
NICOLL, EDNA B.                         CA-18-2-321
ODETT, ALICE                            CA-18-2-348
ODETT, CHARLES                          CA-18-2-161
ODETT, SARAH J.                         CA-18-2-161
OREILLY, PHILIP JAMES (REV.)            CA-18-2-319
OTIS, GEORGE C.                         CA-18-2-322
OWEN, JOHN STEPHEN                      CA-18-2-209
OWEN, NANCY E.                          CA-18-2-205
PALMER, WILLIAM J.                      CA-18-2-11
PARDEE, EMILY J.                        CA-18-2-253
PARDEE, JULIEN E.                       CA-18-2-250
PATTEN, A. E.                           CA-18-2-320
PEARSON, JOHN WILLIAM                   CA-18-2-181
PENNIG, AUGUST                          CA-18-2-237
PERCEY, FRANK                           CA-18-2-101
PETERSEN, HENRY                         CA-18-2-166
PETERSEN, JAMES                         CA-18-2-393
PETERSON, HANS                          CA-18-2-231
PHILBROOK, SUSAN V.                     CA-18-2-116
PHILLIBER, CLINTON                      CA-18-2-43
PIERCE, GEORGE                          CA-18-2-379
PRESBA, SHIRBURN XENOPHON               CA-18-2-397
PULLEN, MARY S.                         CA-18-2-326
QUINN, WILLIAM M.                       CA-18-2-160
RAGER, THOMAS                           CA-18-2-136
RAMSEY, WALTER S.                       CA-18-2-245
RANDRUP, JACOB                          CA-18-2-89
RAVENSCROFT, THOMAS                     CA-18-2-195
RHODES, JOHN MILTON                     CA-18-2-336
RHODES, MARY J.                         CA-18-2-27
RICE, ANNIE E.                          CA-18-2-46, 50
RICKETTS, PERCIVAL                      CA-18-2-99
RIDENOUR, DAVID W.                      CA-18-2-163
ROGERS, JOHN                            CA-18-2-144
ROSS, FRANK MARTIN                      CA-18-2-133
RUF, JOHN C.                            CA-18-2-396
SANCHEZ, ANTOINE                        CA-18-2-399
SANCHEZ, MARIE                          CA-18-2-399
SAUNDERS, JULIA DELLE                   CA-18-2-168
SCHLOESSER, RUDOLPH                     CA-18-2-2
SELDON, ANN H.                          CA-18-2-81
SELLA, HARRY                            CA-18-2-395
SERWOTKE, CARL                          CA-18-2-189
SHARON, HENRY                           CA-18-2-289
SHIRTZ, CHARLES HENRY                   CA-18-2-390
SIMONSON, GLADYS                        CA-18-2-397
SLATER, HATTIE                          CA-18-2-358
SLINGERLAND, WALTER E.                  CA-18-2-363
SMALL, CORA M.                          CA-18-2-368
SMALL, JAMES G.                         CA-18-2-368
SMART, BETHA C.                         CA-18-2-392
SMITH, ERNEST W.                        CA-18-2-350
SMITH, I. W.                            CA-18-2-90
SMITH, MERVIN O.                        CA-18-2-299
SMITH, ORO H.                           CA-18-2-193
SMITH, ROSE ANN                         CA-18-2-206
SPALDING, JOHN BRIDGER                  CA-18-2-213
SPALDING, MARY E.                       CA-18-2-258
SPALDING, WRIGH TL.                     CA-18-2-265
SPENCER, LUCY PHILANDA M.               CA-18-2-55
SPRAKER, ELBERT RALPH                   CA-18-2-383
SPRAKER, IDELLA MAY                     CA-18-2-398
STEWART, SOPHIE E.                      CA-18-2-110
STILL, HOMER                            CA-18-2-356
STROM, WILLIAM                          CA-18-2-194
STUDLEY, FRANK                          CA-18-2-371
SUGADI, JOHN                            CA-18-2-366
SUGRU, MICHEAL                          CA-18-2-6
TAYLOR, ALFRED                          CA-18-2-72
THEODORE, ANNIE                         CA-18-2-119
THOMPSON, PETER JULIAN                  CA-18-2-91
THOMSON, JEAN                           CA-18-2-68
TONIN, FRANK                            CA-18-2-391
TONIN, LOUISE                           CA-18-2-391
TOWNSEND, ELIZABETH                     CA-18-1-11
TRIMBLE, JOHN W.                        CA-18-2-201
TRUE, JOSEPH H.                         CA-18-2-35
TUCKER, JAMES A.                        CA-18-2-335
TURNER, LULU B.                         CA-18-2-390
TYLER, SAMANTHA                         CA-18-2-115
URIONAGUENA, VICTOR                     CA-18-2-398
URUBURU, JOSE                           CA-18-2-376
VANNOTEN, JOSEPH                        CA-18-2-15
VANVLIET, BERTHA G.                     CA-18-2-261
VASSALLO, JOE                           CA-18-2-360
VAZQUEZ, CANDIDO                        CA-18-2-334, 336
WALES, GEORGE R.                        CA-18-2-137
WALKER, FLETCHE RL. JR.                 CA-18-2-183
WALSH, PETER                            CA-18-2-103
WARD, JENNIE A.                         CA-18-2-283
WARD, OLIN W.                           CA-18-2-51
WATSON, STEPHEN FRED                    CA-18-2-75
WEBSTER, WILLIAM T.                     CA-18-2-221
WEISS, ANNA MARIE                       CA-18-2-371
WEISS, JOHN                             CA-18-2-371
WEMPLE, FRANK O.                        CA-18-2-385
WICKET, JOHNNIE (INDIAN)                CA-18-2-360
WIER, RALPH BYRNE                       CA-18-2-296
WILBUR, ROITA                           CA-18-2-359
WILLIAMS, GEORGE E.                     CA-18-1-2
WILLIAMS, JOHN                          CA-18-2-268
WILLIAMS, MARY E.                       CA-18-2-4
WILLIAMS, MONA M.                       CA-18-2-72
WINCHELL, OLIVE BOUCHARD                CA-18-2-337
WINSLOW, A. C.                          CA-18-2-291
WINTERSTEEN, CLAY                       CA-18-2-324
WOBIE, GEORGE A.                        CA-18-2-269
WOOD, J. A.                             CA-18-2-100
WOODWARD, JOHN J.                       CA-18-2-308
WOOLDRIDGE, NANCY                       CA-18-1-14
WORLEY, J. C.                           CA-18-2-352
WREDE, FRANK                            CA-18-2-260
YOCKEY, ESTELLE M.                      CA-18-2-377
YORK, JOHN CALVIN                       CA-18-2-272
YORK, SARAH M.                          CA-18-2-208
ZIRKE, ALBERT CARL                      CA-18-2-369
ZUNINO, JOE T.                          CA-18-2-381

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