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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page # | Volume A = 1850-1902
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ANTRAN, AMELIA                          CA-4-A-96
ARMSTRONG, WILLIAM                      CA-4-A-137
BAILY, WILLIAM H.                       CA-4-A-5
BECKER, CATHERINE                       CA-4-A-123
BENSON, FRANCES E.                      CA-4-A-111
BERRY, HENRY                            CA-4-A-119
BIDWELL, JOHN                           CA-4-A-97
BOULWARE, PHILLIP                       CA-4-A-32
BOWERS, JOHN W.                         CA-4-A-91
BRADSHAW, L. F.                         CA-4-A-137
BRADSHER, EDWARD I.                     CA-4-A-13
BREWSTER, EDWIN H.                      CA-4-A-2
BREZEE, JULIA                           CA-4-A-103
COFFIN, ELIZABETH                       CA-4-A-34
CONNELL, JOHN                           CA-4-A-14
COONS, JAMES                            CA-4-A-16
CROCKER, CHARLES                        CA-4-A-37
CRUSICK, JACOB                          CA-4-A-32
DAVID, V.                               CA-4-A-63
EARLL, WILLIAM                          CA-4-A-133
EDDY, JOSEPH                            CA-4-A-60
EDWARDS, ADELINE FANNING                CA-4-A-110
FIMPLE, R. R.                           CA-4-A-55
FREEMAN, JOHN                           CA-4-A-20
GOODRICH, OMAR OLYMPUS                  CA-4-A-10
GRANBY, LEWIS                           CA-4-A-18
HAESLOOP, GEORGE                        CA-4-A-111
HAYTON, HENRY                           CA-4-A-36
HENLINE, THERESA J.                     CA-4-A-127
HENNIGAN, SAMUEL A.                     CA-4-A-64
HEWITT, JOHN                            CA-4-A-95
JACOBS, LOUIS C.                        CA-4-A-114
JEFFERSON, MILTON                       CA-4-A-87
JENKINS, HANNAH A.                      CA-4-A-140
JOHNSON, BENJAMIN                       CA-4-A-4
KERR, THOMAS                            CA-4-A-44
KEW, CHARLES                            CA-4-A-138
KIRK, JOHN ERVIN                        CA-4-A-66
MCCOY, PATRICK                          CA-4-A-142
MCDOWELL, CHARLES C.                    CA-4-A-93
MITCHELL, J. J.                         CA-4-A-7
MORGAN, JENKIN                          CA-4-A-106
MORSE, AMANDA R.                        CA-4-A-90
MULLER, WENDELIN                        CA-4-A-117
NEAL, SAMUEL                            CA-4-A-29
NOONAN, DENNIS                          CA-4-A-53
PADEN, JOSEPH WHITINGTON                CA-4-A-58
PERKINS, MARY M.                        CA-4-A-51
POTTER, JOHN                            CA-4-A-1
POWER, RICHARD                          CA-4-A-121
RADKE, AUGUST                           CA-4-A-52
RILEY, CHRISTOPHER                      CA-4-A-115
ROSS, SAMUEL W.                         CA-4-A-83
SALMON, C. C.                           CA-4-A-120
SCHARFENBERG, JOHN                      CA-4-A-81
SINCLAIR, JOHN H.                       CA-4-A-1
SLOAT, R. H.                            CA-4-A-54
SMITH, CHARLES                          CA-4-A-33
SMITH, LA FAYETTE                       CA-4-A-131
SPITTLER, JACOB                         CA-4-A-43
STEPHENS, JAMES T.                      CA-4-A-82
STONE, TERESA M.                        CA-4-A-104
STOW, WILLIAM W.                        CA-4-A-45
TETREAU, JOHANNAH                       CA-4-A-85
WALTERS, HENERY                         CA-4-A-4
WARPENBERG, JOHANNES                    CA-4-A-3
WHEELER, COLUMBUS                       CA-4-A-27
WOODWARD, WASHINGTON                    CA-4-A-6
YOPP, FRANZ                             CA-4-A-34
YOUNG, THOMAS                           CA-4-A-108

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