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ABERCROMBIE, J. L.                      AR-74-E-354
ADKINS, JOHN                            AR-74-AB-106
ALBERTY, SAMUEL                         AR-74-C-40
ALLEN, ANDREW                           AR-74-AB-245
ALLEN, JOHN W.                          AR-74-AB-85
ALLEN, MARY KATE MCILROY                AR-74-D-39
ALLEN, WILLIAM                          AR-74-AB-87
ALLEN, WILLIAM H.                       AR-74-D-436
ALLISON, T. P.                          AR-74-C-280
ANDERSON, DAVID                         AR-74-D-43
ANGLIN, JOHN C.                         AR-74-D-101
APPERBY, JOHN T.                        AR-74-E-21
ARMSTRONG, AMBROS N.                    AR-74-AB-248
ASHBY, CLEMENT P.                       AR-74-AB-273
ASHBY, ELIZABETH                        AR-74-AB-108
ASHWORTH, F. A.                         AR-74-E-298
ATKISSON, S. D.                         AR-74-D-122
BACON, H. E.                            AR-74-E-313
BAIRD, Y. J.                            AR-74-D-347
BAKER, CHARLES W.                       AR-74-E-147
BAKER, COMODORE P.                      AR-74-AB-178
BALLARD, JOHN F.                        AR-74-E-218
BANKS, JORDEN                           AR-74-AB-134
BANKS, SUSAN E.                         AR-74-AB-199
BARGER, WINSLOW H.                      AR-74-E-102
BARLOW, J. T.                           AR-74-E-283
BARNES, AARON S.                        AR-74-D-26
BARNES, JOHN                            AR-74-AB-55
BARNES, WESLEY                          AR-74-AB-142
BARNES, WILEY                           AR-74-D-120
BARNETT, GEORGE W.                      AR-74-AB-260
BARNETT, HENRY L.                       AR-74-AB-205
BARR, J. F.                             AR-74-D-336
BARRET, ANDREW J.                       AR-74-D-390
BARRINGER, SARAH ANN                    AR-74-D-261
BARRINGTON, MARGARET                    AR-74-D-14
BARRON, WILLIAM M.                      AR-74-C-252
BARTIE, THOMAS                          AR-74-D-314
BASSETT, JOHN N.                        AR-74-AB-168
BATES, HENDERSON                        AR-74-AB-183
BATES, P. R.                            AR-74-E-224
BATTENFIELD, JOHN H.                    AR-74-E-381
BAUM, LEOPOLD                           AR-74-D-86
BAXTER, JAMES                           AR-74-E-408
BAXTER, WILLIAM                         AR-74-C-38
BEADLE, GATT                            AR-74-C-137
BEAN, J. W.                             AR-74-D-354
BEAN, JOHN                              AR-74-AB-51
BEAN, LIZA                              AR-74-E-9
BEAN, MARK                              AR-74-AB-59
BEATY, ALEXANDER                        AR-74-AB-268
BELL, HENRY                             AR-74-C-362
BELL, SAM R.                            AR-74-AB-66
BELLAMY, ALVIN J.                       AR-74-AB-272
BENBROOK, EWING                         AR-74-AB-254
BENBROOK, W. L.                         AR-74-C-278
BENBROOK, WILLIAM L.                    AR-74-C-278
BIBY, JOHN P.                           AR-74-C-332
BILLINGSLEY, JOHN                       AR-74-AB-166
BIN, JESSE                              AR-74-AB-87
BISHOP, W. W.                           AR-74-D-352
BLACKBURN, AMBROSE                      AR-74-AB-41
BLOUGH, GUY                             AR-74-E-312
BLOYD, WILLIAM                          AR-74-AB-25
BLOYED, ELI                             AR-74-AB-130A
BOGAN, SALLIE E.                        AR-74-C-128
BOLES, CARRIE C.                        AR-74-AB-252
BOLES, THOMAS D.                        AR-74-AB-164
BONHAM, JESSE                           AR-74-AB-157
BONHAM, JESSE                           AR-74-D-174
BONNEY, J. W.                           AR-74-C-435
BOONE, BENJAMIN F.                      AR-74-AB-74
BOOTHE, JOHN                            AR-74-AB-83
BORDEN, A.                              AR-74-E-399
BOTEFUGHR, HUGH C. C.                   AR-74-AB-104
BOWMAN, BENJAMIN W.                     AR-74-AB-173
BOYDSTON, ASA                           AR-74-AB-249
BOZARTH, WILLIAM M.                     AR-74-C-419
BRADEN, J. T.                           AR-74-D-185
BRADEN, R. F.                           AR-74-AB-234
BRADY, R. A.                            AR-74-D-73
BRALY, FRANK M.                         AR-74-AB-45
BRALY, MARY F.                          AR-74-E-405
BRAUGHTON, WILEY A.                     AR-74-E-160
BRID, JAMES H.                          AR-74-D-37
BROOKS, JAMES M.                        AR-74-D-205
BROWN, BENSON                           AR-74-AB-45
BROWN, R. H.                            AR-74-AB-247
BROWN, THOMAS T.                        AR-74-AB-255
BROYLES, MADISON                        AR-74-E-69
BRUNK, DANIEL                           AR-74-AB-139
BRYAN, VIRGIL                           AR-74-E-26
BUCHANAN, A. P.                         AR-74-AB-155
BUCHANAN, ANDREW                        AR-74-AB-48
BUCHANAN, JAMES                         AR-74-AB-34
BUCKLEY, NANCY S.                       CAR-74-D-47
BUNNELL, J. S.                          AR-74-C-121
BURGESS, W. A.                          AR-74-D-116
BURKHEAD, ROBERT F.                     AR-74-C-394
BURLINGTON, TYRE                        AR-74-E-79
BURROW, SOLOMON                         AR-74-C-352
BUSEY, L. W.                            AR-74-AB-136
BUSEY, S. M.                            AR-74-D-298
BUTLER, JAMES S.                        AR-74-AB-169
BYRD, ANDESON                           AR-74-D-249
BYRNSIDE, JAMES                         AR-74-AB-32
BYRNSIDE, MARGARET                      AR-74-AB-57
CALDWELL, DAVID H.                      AR-74-AB-270
CALDWELL, JAMES                         AR-74-AB-145
CALDWELL, JAMES                         AR-74-C-177
CALDWELL, WILLIAM                       AR-74-AB-117
CAMPB, RICHARD W.                       AR-74-E-233
CAMPBELL, JOHN                          AR-74-AB-51
CAMPBELL, MARY JANE                     AR-74-C-26
CAMPBELL, THOMAS M.                     AR-74-AB-216
CAMPBELL,S ARAH E.                      AR-74-D-3
CANTRELL, ELLEN                         AR-74-C-442
CAPELAND, ISAAC A.                      AR-74-AB-84
CARDEN, JAMES D.                        AR-74-C-263
CARDWELL, RCAHEL P.                     AR-74-C-427
CARDWELL, RICHARD W.                    AR-74-AB-96
CARDWELL, WILLIAM H.                    AR-74-AB-122A
CARL, B. A.                             AR-74-E-447
CARNAHAN, I. N.                         AR-74-C-276
CARNAHAN, JOHN                          AR-74-AB-18
CARNAHAN, MARY                          AR-74-AB-64
CARNAHAN, SAMUEL                        AR-74-AB-76
CARNAHANS, ADAM                         AR-74-AB-93
CARREL, JOHN WESLEY                     AR-74-D-144
CARSON, W. A.                           AR-74-C-405
CARTER, DAVID                           AR-74-AB-176
CARTER, ELAM                            AR-74-AB-161
CARTER, WILLIAM A.                      AR-74-C-452
CATT, FRANK                             AR-74-E-358
CENCIBAUGH, C. S.                       AR-74-C-99
CHEATHAM, T. J.                         AR-74-AB-269
CHESHOLM, OBADIAH                       AR-74-C-230
CHITWOOD, JAMES P.                      AR-74-AB-91
CHOATE, EDWARD                          AR-74-AB-86
CLAER, ELISHA                           AR-74-AB-54
CLAUNTS, JAMES H.                       AR-74-E-155
CLAYTON, C H.                           AR-74-C-446
CLAYTON, S. C. (MRS)                    AR-74-E-361
CLEVELAND, CHARLES                      AR-74-AB-175
COLDEASURE, J. P.                       AR-74-E-304
COLLIER, H. H.                          AR-74-C-232
COLLYER, WILLIAM J.                     AR-74-AB-99
COMBS, NATHAN                           AR-74-C-359
CONER, ELIZABETH F.                     AR-74-D-34
CONKIN, MOSES                           AR-74-AB-34
CONNER, CALEB C.                        AR-74-E-387
CONNER, JOHN                            AR-74-AB-130
COOK, C. L.                             AR-74-E-426
COOK, JAMES                             AR-74-AB-104A
COOK, SAMUEL                            AR-74-AB-174
COOPER, GEORGE W.                       AR-74-D-81
COSBY, CHARLES                          AR-74-E-213
COUCH, JAMES C.                         AR-74-D-306
COUCH, Z. T.                            AR-74-E-330
COWAN, R. G.                            AR-74-AB-232
COWLES, D. H.                           AR-74-E-196
COX, A. Y.                              AR-74-D-311
COX, ELIZABETH                          AR-74-C-313
COX, JAMES                              AR-74-AB-126
CRAVER, MARTIA S.                       AR-74-D-322
CROCKETT, JAMES M.                      AR-74-AB-149
CROUCH, ADDISON                         AR-74-AB-62
CRUDUP, W. R.                           AR-74-D-434
CRUSE, JAMES                            AR-74-D-24
DAVIDSON, ABNER                         AR-74-AB-87
DAVIS, JAMES E.                         AR-74-C-134
DAVIS, LONG                             AR-74-AB-24
DAVIS, RALPH                            AR-74-AB-11
DAWN, LAURISTON B.                      AR-74-E-370
DAWSON, WILLIAM R.                      AR-74-AB-45
DEAN, CHARLES W.                        AR-74-AB-276
DEANE, CHARLES W.                       AR-74-AB-219
DEAVER, B. F.                           AR-74-D-68
DEEN, WILLIAM                           AR-74-AB-167
DENTON, B. F.                           AR-74-C-97
DEPRIEST, WILLIAM                       AR-74-AB-26
DICKSON, JOSEPH L.                      AR-74-C-216
DIER, JACKSON                           AR-74-AB-113
DILL, F. M.                             AR-74-E-451
DIVELBISS, DAVID                        AR-74-D-150
DIVEN, CATHERINE A.                     AR-74-E-262
DODD, JOHN W.                           AR-74-C-22
DORMAN, H. W.                           AR-74-D-379
DOUGHERTY, JAMES B.                     AR-74-AB-59
DOWELL, W. F.                           AR-74-E-66
DRAKE, JAMES                            AR-74-AB-49
DUGGINS, HAMILTON                       AR-74-E-139
DUKE, COURTNEY M.                       AR-74-AB-125
DUNCAN, CORNELIA M.                     AR-74-D-220
DUNCAN, EUGENIA J. W.                   AR-74-C-243
DUNLAP, ALBERT                          AR-74-E-144
EASLEY, ELIZA ELLE                      NAR-74-C-393
EDMISTON, WILLIAM H.                    AR-74-C-432
EDWARDS, A. A.                          AR-74-D-207
EIDSON, WILLAIM H.                      AR-74-E-168
ELDER, WILLIAM E.                       AR-74-AB-233
ELLIS, E. S.                            AR-74-C-357
ELLIS, G. W.                            AR-74-AB-189
ELLIS, LUCY J.                          AR-74-E-424
ELMS, JOHNATHAN                         AR-74-AB-267
ENGLAND, EDWARD                         AR-74-C-116
ENGLISH, NATHAN P.                      AR-74-AB-69
EVANS, E. M.                            AR-74-C-269
EVANS, JAMES                            AR-74-AB-27
EVANS, L. D.                            AR-74-C-409
EVARD, ABRAHAM HENRY                    AR-74-AB-35
FARLEY, JOHN                            AR-74-C-192
FARMER, C. O.                           AR-74-E-315
FARRAR, W. T.                           AR-74-E-58
FELTON, JAMES                           AR-74-E-134
FERGUSON, J. WALLACE                    AR-74-E-108
FERGUSON, JOHN C.                       AR-74-AB-79
FIELDS, DENNES M.                       AR-74-AB-132
FINE, WILIAM                            AR-74-AB-59
FINK, ROBERT J.                         AR-74-D-64
FIORI, GIOVANNI                         AR-74-E-251
FITZGERALD, JOHN                        AR-74-AB-112A
FLEMMING, JAMES J.                      AR-74-C-16
FLETCHER, JESSE L.                      AR-74-D-360
FLETCHER, JOBE                          AR-74-AB-112
FOLLETT, R. C.                          AR-74-D-375
FOSTER, JOHN                            AR-74-C-335
FOSTER, PERRY                           AR-74-E-207
FOUST, JONATHAN                         AR-74-D-165
FRANCISCO, MARY ANN                     AR-74-C-12
FRAZIER, WILLIAM F.                     AR-74-C-240
FREEMAN, JESSE                          AR-74-AB-151
FREYSCHLAG, EDWARD M.                   AR-74-D-194
FUNKHOUSER, ALLEN                       AR-74-AB-153
FUNKHOUSER, ELIZA J.                    AR-74-E-475
FUNKHOUSER, JACOB                       AR-74-AB-123
GAMMEL, G. L.                           AR-74-C-59
GARDNER, CAROLINE A.                    AR-74-E-469
GARVIN, THOMAS                          AR-74-AB-3
GENTRY, C. M.                           AR-74-E-402
GIBERTS, CYRUS                          AR-74-D-188
GIBSON, GEORGE                          AR-74-AB-59
GIBSON, GEORGE                          AR-74-D-112
GIBSON, SHADRACK                        AR-74-AB-120
GIBSON, T. J.                           AR-74-E-308
GILBREATH, C. G.                        AR-74-AB-148
GILBREATH, JOHN E.                      AR-74-D-30
GODDARD, TANDY M.                       AR-74-AB-143
GOODRIDGE, MARGARET                     AR-74-C-153
GORHAM, H. D.                           AR-74-C-226
GOULD, ELIZABETH                        AR-74-E-384
GRAHAM, JAMES S.                        AR-74-C-212
GRAHAM, RILEY                           AR-74-C-32
GRAVE, JOHN                             AR-74-C-365
GRAY, DAMANICA                          AR-74-C-29
GRAY, SANFORD F.                        AR-74-AB-188
GREEN, WILLIAM L.                       AR-74-AB-113A
GREEN, WILLIAM T.                       AR-74-AB-95
GREENE, W. F.                           AR-74-E-337
GREER, JAMES W.                         AR-74-AB-185
GREGG, HENRY                            AR-74-AB-128
GREGG, LAFAYETTE                        AR-74-C-63
GREGORY, J. E.                          AR-74-D-392
GREGORY, MALICHI                        AR-74-C-187
GULLEY, JAMES W.                        AR-74-D-22
HALE, N. J.                             AR-74-E-373
HALL, EDWARD W.                         AR-74-E-88
HALL, JOHN T.                           AR-74-AB-220
HALL, M. A. (MRS)                       AR-74-D-259
HAMILTON, ROBERT                        AR-74-AB-2
HAMMACK, LEWIS                          AR-74-AB-7
HANKS, NATHAN D.                        AR-74-C-112, 123
HANNA, DAVID W.                         AR-74-AB-227
HANNA, J. C.                            AR-74-C-282
HANNA, MARGARET                         AR-74-C-87
HANNA, O. O.                            AR-74-AB-113
HANNAH, A. V.                           AR-74-D-422
HANNAH, J. H.                           AR-74-E-368
HANNAH, THOMAS ALEXANDER                AR-74-AB-213
HANSARD, MARY C.                        AR-74-E-131
HARBINSON, DAVID M.                     AR-74-E-471
HARMON, ISAAC                           AR-74-AB-103
HARP, PHILIP J.                         AR-74-D-70
HARPER, PLEOMAN W.                      AR-74-AB-124
HARREL, ISHAM                           AR-74-C-164
HARRIS, SAM                             AR-74-E-204
HARRIS, W. A. M.                        AR-74-C-309
HARRISON, JACOB                         AR-74-D-139
HARRISON, N. H.                         AR-74-D-411
HARRISON, RICH P.                       AR-74-E-323
HARVEY, F. L.                           AR-74-C-407
HAWS, W. W.                             AR-74-AB-160
HAYLES, BENJAMIN                        AR-74-AB-5
HELMESLEY, SIDNEY E.                    AR-74-AB-102
HEMBREE, JAMES                          AR-74-AB-40
HENDIG, ALEX                            AR-74-D-18
HENKLE, WILLIAM                         AR-74-E-209
HENNER, JULIUS A.                       AR-74-E-432
HENNESSEY, PATRICK                      AR-74-D-197
HENRY, JAMES                            AR-74-E-124
HERMAN, DANIEL                          AR-74-AB-27
HESTER, ?                               AR-74-D-170
HEWITT, ALEXANDER                       AR-74-AB-194
HEWITT, FRANCES A.                      AR-74-E-364
HEWITT, NELSON                          AR-74-AB-229
HIGHT, A.                               AR-74-C-163
HILL, JAMES                             AR-74-AB-29
HILL, JOHN B.                           AR-74-D-106
HILL, MARY                              AR-74-E-428
HODGES, A. J.                           AR-74-E-98
HODGES, J. C.                           AR-74-E-140
HOLT, EARL                              AR-74-AB-54
HOPE, RALPH J.                          AR-74-C-209
HORSLEY, M. E.                          AR-74-C-197
HOUSE, JOHN                             AR-74-C-298
HOW, ANDREW                             AR-74-D-228
HOWELL, MARY L.                         AR-74-D-209
HUGHES, JOHN W.                         AR-74-E-415
HULSIZER, E. Y.                         AR-74-D-319
HUNDERSON, GEORGE M.                    AR-74-E-464
HURN, E.                                AR-74-E-356
INGRAM, JAMES WILSON                    AR-74-AB-30
IRVIN, JOHN                             AR-74-C-19
ISH, JOHN                               AR-74-AB-49
IVY, WILLIAM R.                         AR-74-E-130
JACK, ABRAHAM                           AR-74-AB-236
JACKSON,C OLUMBUS                       AR-74-AB-140
JACOBSON, JOHN A.                       AR-74-E-182
JEFFRIES, JOHN                          AR-74-AB-47
JENKINS, H. P.                          AR-74-D-181
JERNIGAN, LOUISA                        AR-74-AB-190
JOHNSON, MARTHA NEWPORT                 AR-74-E-44
JOHNSON, PRESTON                        AR-74-C-155
JOHNSON, RICHARD H.                     AR-74-E-276
JONES, J. F.                            AR-74-E-94
JONES, JAMES W.                         AR-74-AB-201
JONES, S. P.                            AR-74-D-287
JONES, THEO F. JR.                      AR-74-E-349
JONES, W. A. D.                         AR-74-D-397
KARNES, WILLIAM                         AR-74-D-10
KEENEY, J. C.                           AR-74-D-342
KELL, A. B.                             AR-74-E-260
KENNAN, JOSEPH                          AR-74-AB-259
KIDD, F. M.                             AR-74-C-289
KING, JOHN C.                           AR-74-C-338
KING, W. J.                             AR-74-D-372
KING, WESLEY                            AR-74-AB-90
KINNEBROUGH, JAMES                      AR-74-AB-26
KNUDSON, CYNTHIA                        AR-74-C-287
KNUDSON, JOHN                           AR-74-AB-97
KOTTINGER, FRED                         AR-74-E-458
KUHNS, ELIZABETH                        AR-74-D-368
LACKEY, J. S.                           AR-74-E-222
LANCASTER, CHARLES                      AR-74-D-217
LARENCE, M. L.                          AR-74-E-343
LAWHORN, LEONARD                        AR-74-AB-91
LAWRENCE, GEORGE                        AR-74-AB-38
LAWRENCE, JAMES                         AR-74-AB-9
LAWSON, JOHN                            AR-74-E-306
LEA, JAMES B.                           AR-74-D-152
LEACH, ELIJAH                           AR-74-AB-41
LEACH, MORGAN L.                        AR-74-E-64
LEACH, RICHARD                          AR-74-AB-264
LEACH, THOMAS                           AR-74-C-200
LEEPER, JAMES                           AR-74-AB-23
LEVERITT, C. H.                         AR-74-C-291
LEWIS, N. D.                            AR-74-E-267
LINEBARGER, M. H.                       AR-74-C-102, 119
LINZA, SALINA                           AR-74-D-282
LITTLEJOHN, F. N.                       AR-74-C-150
LIVELEY, WILEY                          AR-74-AB-135
LOVEJOY, S. S.                          AR-74-E-377
LUCK, HENRY                             AR-74-AB-129
LUDLOW, F. R.                           AR-74-D-32
LUTTRELL, CASWELL D.                    AR-74-AB-119
LYALL, JOHN                             AR-74-AB-271
LYON, CHARLES E.                        AR-74-E-335
MABERRY, DAVID SR.                      AR-74-AB-133
MACK, NANCY SOPRHONIA                   AR-74-D-245
MAGRADER, W. H. JR.                     AR-74-D-50
MAITLAND, GEORGE F.                     AR-74-D-321
MALLICOAT, DEDMOND                      AR-74-AB-235
MANKINS, PETER                          AR-74-C-344
MANN, EZRA                              AR-74-C-93
MANNING, ANNA O.                        AR-74-E-132
MARLAR, J. H.                           AR-74-E-120
MARRS, JAMES                            AR-74-AB-122
MARTIN, PELLA L.                        AR-74-E-128
MARTIN, T. J.                           AR-74-C-367
MARTIN, THOMAS                          AR-74-D-202
MATEER, JOHN SR.                        AR-74-C-84
MATHEWS, ANDREW J.                      AR-74-AB-258
MATHEWS, DAVID R.                       AR-74-AB-198
MATTOX, E. T.                           AR-74-E-115
MAXWELL, WILLIAM                        AR-74-AB-46
MAYES, ROBERT H.                        AR-74-C-398
MAYFIELD, WILLIAM                       AR-74-AB-23
MCBROOM, MARY J.                        AR-74-E-211
MCCANNON, C. R.                         AR-74-C-147
MCCAY, PHILLIP                          AR-74-C-143
MCCLATCHEY, JAMES S.                    AR-74-D-78
MCCLELLAN, E. W.                        AR-74-AB-158
MCCLURE, E. W.                          AR-74-AB-200
MCCLURE, ELIZABETH P.                   AR-74-AB-204
MCCLURE, REBECCA                        AR-74-C-382
MCCOWAN, B. F.                          AR-74-E-420
MCCRACKEN, R. V.                        AR-74-D-364
MCCRISTION, WESLEY B.                   AR-74-D-324
MCCUISTIAN, THOMAS C.                   AR-74-C-384
MCCUISTIAN, W. R.                       AR-74-E-47
MCCURDY, B. P.                          AR-74-C-305
MCDANIELD, HUGH F.                      AR-74-AB-180
MCFARLAND, W. H.                        AR-74-E-342
MCILROY, WILLIAM                        AR-74-AB-222
MCKENZIE, JOHN                          AR-74-C-195
MCKNIGHT, THOMAS                        AR-74-C-379
MERIWETHER, FREDERICK O.                AR-74-E-318
MILES, JOSEPH                           AR-74-E-438
MILES, SARAH A.                         AR-74-E-340
MILLARD, JOSEPH L.                      AR-74-D-350
MILLER, EBENEZER R.                     AR-74-AB-100
MILLER, GEORGE D.                       AR-74-C-220
MILLER, MARY                            AR-74-E-299
MILLER, THOMAS                          AR-74-AB-78
MILLS, ELLEN A.                         AR-74-AB-179
MILSAP, W. R.                           AR-74-C-34
MITCHELL, ARTILLA RACHEAL               AR-74-E-198
MITCHELL, W. R. N.                      AR-74-D-329
MOCK, JOHN                              AR-74-C-372
MOCK, MOSES                             AR-74-D-7
MOORE, A. A.                            AR-74-D-179
MOORE, BERTHA                           AR-74-D-154
MOORE, J. O.                            AR-74-C-311
MOORE, JOHN D.                          AR-74-D-243
MOORE, JOSEPH H.                        AR-74-D-284
MOORE, MARY                             AR-74-AB-101
MORRIS, JAMES B.                        AR-74-E-248
MORRISON, AARON                         AR-74-C-444
MORRISON, JOSEPH                        AR-74-AB-171
MORROW, ELIZBETH B.                     AR-74-D-59
MORROW, ROBERT                          AR-74-AB-193
MORROW, SAMUEL                          AR-74-AB-162
MORROW, WILLIAM H.                      AR-74-E-76
MSUTIN, FRANK KEY                       AR-74-C-430
MULLINS, JAMES W.                       -222
MURCHISON, R. SR.                       AR-74-E-230
MURPHY, F. A.                           AR-74-E-43
MURPHY, WILLIAM                         C-438
MURPHY,R .                              AR-74-D-278
NEALE, B. C.                            AR-74-C-106
NEALE, WILLIAM K.                       AR-74-C-324
NEELLY, J.R.                            AR-74-D-236
NELSON, JAMES T.                        AR-74-E-444
NEWMAN, JOHNATHAN                       AR-74-AB-70
NEWMAN, JOSEPH                          AR-74-AB-24
NILES, J. H.                            AR-74-D-425
NIMAN, TRUMAN                           AR-74-AB-262
NIX, J. B.                              AR-74-D-428
NOLEN, G. B.                            AR-74-C-101
OATES, JAMES                            AR-74-E-1
OATES, MARTHA JANE                      AR-74-E-39
OLIVER, WILLIAM G.                      AR-74-D-294
OLLISON, RACHEL                         AR-74-E-347
OSTRANDER, CORDELIA                     AR-74-C-49
OVER, INDIANA                           AR-74-C-350
PADDOCK, MARY B.                        AR-74-E-145
PALMER, JOHN FLETCHER                   AR-74-E-396
PAPILI, PATRIZIE                        AR-74-E-374
PARKS, J. D.                            AR-74-E-290
PARKS, JOHN                             AR-74-AB-75
PARKS, JOHN P. A.                       AR-74-C-104
PARKS, WALTER D.                        AR-74-AB-35
PARKS, WILLIAM BRADLEY                  AR-74-C-185
PARRACK, S. W.                          AR-74-C-307
PARROTT, F. M.                          AR-74-D-192
PATE, A. J.                             AR-74-C-81
PATTON, T. J.                           AR-74-C-320
PEACHEE, SQUIRE B.                      AR-74-C-377
PEARSON, JACOB                          AR-74-AB-89
PEARSON, JOHN O. P.                     AR-74-AB-115
PEDEN, BENJAMIN                         AR-74-AB-206
PEDEN, MALINDA                          AR-74-C-224
PEDEN, MATILDA E.                       AR-74-D-356
PEER, EDWARD                            AR-74-D-1
PEERSON, ANN                            AR-74-C-302
PEERSON, JOHN                           AR-74-C-182
PETERSON, MARIE EUGENE                  AR-74-E-192
PETTIGREW, ADALINE                      AR-74-E-352
PETTIGREW, GEORGE A.                    AR-74-AB-44
PETTIGREW, JAMES R.                     AR-74-AB-218
PETTIGREW, Z. M.                        AR-74-C-401
PHELAN, HANNAH                          AR-74-AB-116
PHILLIPS, FRANKLIN                      AR-74-E-136
PHILLIPS, JAMES H.                      AR-74-C-300
PHILPOTT, WARREN                        AR-74-AB-29
PIERCE, BENJAMIN R.                     AR-74-E-186
PIERSON, B. S.                          AR-74-E-125
PITTMAN, S. P.                          AR-74-E-411
POLLOCK, BEN F.                         AR-74-D-300
POLLOCK, JOHN                           AR-74-C-271
POLSON, L. F.                           AR-74-AB-81
POLSON, WILLIAM G.                      AR-74-AB-40
POOL, AUGUSTIN C.                       AR-74-D-225
POOR, T. C.                             AR-74-E-149
POSTON, WILLIAM                         AR-74-AB-31
POTTER, REAL                            AR-74-AB-1
POTTHAST, FREDERICK A.                  AR-74-D-118
PRECE, HUGH M.                          AR-74-AB-97
PRIESTLEY, E. T.                        AR-74-D-104
PUTMAN, REDING                          AR-74-E-338
PYEATT, JOHN R.                         AR-74-C-273
QUILLER, JOHN                           AR-74-AB-97
RAINWATER, J. B.                        AR-74-E-72
RAUCH, SARAH C.                         AR-74-E-391
REED, A. B.                             AR-74-D-275
REED, JOHN                              AR-74-AB-65
REED, LIZZIE B.                         AR-74-E-11
REED, RICHARD A.                        AR-74-AB-74
REED, SAMUEL K.                         AR-74-E-215
REESE, HIRAM E.                         AR-74-E-473
REYNOLDS, J. F.                         AR-74-C-14
RICE, BENAJMIN F.                       AR-74-AB-214
RICHARDS, BENJAMIN F.                   AR-74-E-177
RICHMOND, MONROE                        AR-74-C-318
RIDGE, MAJOR                            AR-74-AB-22
RIDGE, SUSANNA                          AR-74-AB-22
RIEFF, JOHN                             AR-74-AB-88
RIEFF, JOHN H.                          AR-74-E-351
RIEFF, JOHN W.                          AR-74-AB-203
RIEFF, L. T.                            AR-74-E-286
RIEFF, O. M.                            AR-74-C-261
RIGGINS, JAMES                          AR-74-AB-138
RIGHTSELL, ROSELLA                      AR-74-D-303
RINEHART, WILLIAM                       AR-74-AB-239
RITTER, JAMES                           AR-74-C-42
RITTER, JOEL                            AR-74-C-55
RITTER, WILLIAM R.                      AR-74-D-345
RITTER, YOUNG E.                        AR-74-AB-67
ROBBINS, RICHARD                        AR-74-AB-28
ROBERTS, GEORGE D.                      AR-74-AB-250
ROBERTS, J. S.                          AR-74-E-17
ROBERTSON, JOHN H.                      AR-74-AB-186
ROBINSON, DAVID E.                      AR-74-C-256
ROBINSON, ELISHA B.                     AR-74-AB-52
ROBINSON, HARRIET H.                    AR-74-E-467
ROBIRDS, WILLIAM MADISON                AR-74-C-424
ROGERS, NORMAN                          AR-74-E-294
ROHRBAUGH, JOHN                         AR-74-AB-191
ROSSER, JOHN                            AR-74-AB-127
RUSSELL, GEORGE                         AR-74-AB-21
RUTHERFORD, B. E.                       AR-74-C-415
RUTHERFORD, MARY C.                     AR-74-E-240
RUTHERFORD, NOEL G.                     AR-74-AB-121
SCOTT, G. W.                            AR-74-D-98
SCOTT, J. W.                            AR-74-C-388
SCOTT, WILLIAM P.                       AR-74-E-394
SELF, ELBERT                            AR-74-D-95
SEVERS, CHARLES JACKSON                 AR-74-AB-167A
SHANNON, GRANVILLE B.                   AR-74-AB-110
SHANNON, JOHN L.                        AR-74-E-228
SHAY, RUFUS R.                          AR-74-D-290
SHEPARD, JOHN A.                        AR-74-E-362
SHERLEY, JOHN                           AR-74-AB-57
SHERROD, WILLIAM                        AR-74-AB-150
SHREVE, WILLIAM F.                      AR-74-E-165
SHRUM, JOHN                             AR-74-AB-211
SIDWELL, JESSE SR.                      AR-74-AB-107
SIGMON, ALEXANDER                       AR-74-E-174
SIMPSON, FRANKLIN                       AR-74-AB-131
SIMPSON, GEORGE                         AR-74-D-385
SIMPSON, HUGH                           AR-74-D-61
SIMPSON, HUGH                           AR-74-AB-40
SIMPSON, WILLIAM L.                     AR-74-AB-208
SKELTON, W. A.                          AR-74-D-28
SKILLERN, ALFRED DOUGLAS                AR-74-E-320
SKINNER, ELIZABETH EMMA                 AR-74-E-3
SKINNER, JANE L                         .AR-74-C-326
SMITH, A. B.                            AR-74-E-310
SMITH, ALEXANDER C.                     AR-74-D-136
SMITH, ARLEY C.                         AR-74-AB-105
SMITH, B. F.                            AR-74-C-206
SMITH, BOLLING                          AR-74-AB-163
SMITH, D. T.                            AR-74-E-83
SMITH, EFFIE JANE                       AR-74-D-339
SMITH, ISAAC M.                         AR-74-C-322
SMITH, JACOB M. J.                      AR-74-AB-137
SMITH, JOHN R.                          AR-74-AB-256
SMITH, M. E.                            AR-74-D-211
SMITH, SUSAN A.                         AR-74-C-284
SMITH, W. P.                            AR-74-D-269
SMITH,G EORGE R.                        AR-74-AB-197
SOHN, A.                                AR-74-C-45
SON, JAMES                              AR-74-AB-159
SOWERS, WILLAM M.                       AR-74-AB-44
SPRADLIN, GEORGE                        AR-74-E-461
STANDIFER, J. R.                        AR-74-E-422
STANFIELD, ALEXANDER M.                 AR-74-AB-51
STARK, SAMUEL B. SR.                    AR-74-AB-114
STEARNES, A. L.                         AR-74-C-259
STEPHENSON, JAMES A.                    AR-74-D-358
STEVENSON, JAMES                        AR-74-AB-92
STEWART, GREEN                          AR-74-AB-98
STOKENBERRY, HERMAN                     AR-74-AB-253
STONE, G. W.                            AR-74-C-337
STONE, STEPHEN K.                       AR-74-E-28
STOUT, ABRAHAM                          AR-74-AB-25
STOUT, R. H.                            AR-74-E-363
STOWITTS, MARY B.                       AR-74-E-332
STRAIN, ROBERT                          AR-74-AB-22
STRAYHANS, JOSEPH                       AR-74-AB-86A
STRICKLER, JOEPH                        AR-74-C-417
SUGG, ELIZABETH                         AR-74-AB-58
SUMMERS, CLIFFORD L.                    AR-74-AB-266
SUMMERS, LUCINDA R.                     AR-74-C-174
SUTTLE, SILAS L.                        AR-74-C-109
SUTTON, ISABELLA                        AR-74-AB-144
SUTTON, JEREMIAH                        AR-74-AB-54
SUTTON, SENECA                          AR-74-AB-50
SWAGERTY, A.A.                          AR-74-D-142
SWTONE, STPEHEN K.                      AR-74-E-28
TAFF, T. A. (MRS)                       AR-74-D-264
TANDO, EDWARD                           AR-74-D-131
TAYLOR, ALFRED                          AR-74-C-36
TAYLOR, JOHN L.                         AR-74-AB-4
TAYLOR, W. B.                           AR-74-C-390
TAYLOR, WILLIAM                         AR-74-E-244
TENNISON, JOHN                          AR-74-C-180
TESDO, JOHN                             AR-74-D-327
THOMASON, JOHN D.                       AR-74-C-355
THOMPSON,A L.                           AR-74-E-301
THURMAN, JOHN M.                        AR-74-AB-231
THURMOND, JAMES M.                      AR-74-E-180
TILLEY, J. C.                           AR-74-E-104
TILLMAN, N. J.                          AR-74-C-228
TITSWORTH, JOHN                         AR-74-AB-94
TODD, JAMES                             AR-74-C-1
TOLLETT, R. C.                          AR-74-D-375
TOWLER, THOMAS A.                       AR-74-C-170
TRAHIN, J. E.                           AR-74-D-404
TRAMMELL, L. P.                         AR-74-C-403
TRENT, JOSIAH                           AR-74-C-237
TUNSTILL, W. S.                         AR-74-E-278
TUTTLE, SOLOMON                         AR-74-AB-42
VAN, FANNIE                             AR-74-C-24
VANZANT, JOHN H.                        AR-74-E-189
VAWTER, JOHN C.                         AR-74-AB-156
VICKERS, EDITH WINSTON                  AR-74-E-220
WADE, E. E. (MRS)                       AR-74-C-95
WAGNON, THOMAS                          AR-74-AB-15
WALKER, CHARLES M.                      AR-74-E-54
WALKER, JAMES D.                        AR-74-D-316
WALKER, NANCY                           AR-74-AB-36
WALL, LARKIN                            AR-74-AB-58
WALLACE, ALFRED                         AR-74-AB-47
WALLACE, MARGARET                       AR-74-AB-58
WALROD, DANIEL                          AR-74-C-168
WARD, GEORGIA                           AR-74-E-142
WASHBURN, NATHANIEL                     AR-74-AB-261
WASHINGOTN, MARY ANN                    AR-74-C-339
WASHINGTON, C. C.                       AR-74-C-315
WASSON, MARINDA W.                      AR-74-C-348
WATSON, CHRISTIANA L.                   AR-74-AB-91
WATSON, SARAH A.                        AR-74-D-109
WEATHERBY, NOAH                         AR-74-AB-89
WEBB, BENJAMIN                          AR-74-C-131
WEBB,D AVID                             AR-74-AB-263
WEBER, J. W.                            AR-74-AB-182
WEBER, PEARL                            AR-74-E-328
WEBSTER, JAMES A.                       AR-74-D-222
WEBSTER, JOHN B.                        AR-74-AB-246
WEEKS, JOHN                             AR-74-C-140
WELCH, CATHERINE                        AR-74-C-328
WEST, JAMES S.                          AR-74-AB-154
WEST, N. R.                             AR-74-C-396
WEST, ROBERT J.                         AR-74-AB-217
WHEELER, JAMES N.                       AR-74-E-81
WHEELOCK, T. B.                         AR-74-E-51
WHINNERY, MARTHA                        AR-74-C-342
WHITE, MARY D.                          AR-74-C-267
WHITEHEAD, THOMAS B.                    AR-74-E-91
WHITTENBERG, ELIZABETH E.               AR-74-D-75
WHITTERBERG, W. E.                      AR-74-C-265
WILBUR, J. D.                           AR-74-AB-170
WILKERSON, WILLIAM W.                   AR-74-AB-196
WILKISON, JONATHAN                      AR-74-D-128
WILLIAMS, ALEXANDER                     AR-74-AB-20
WILLIAMS, IRA                           AR-74-AB-265
WILLIAMS, JEHU C.                       AR-74-D-430
WILLIAMS, JOHN S.                       AR-74-AB-184
WILLIAMS, JOHN S.                       AR-74-AB-152
WILLIAMS, SAMANTHA                      AR-74-D-400
WILLIAMS, SAMANTHA                      AR-74-D-400
WILLIAMS, THOMAS W.                     AR-74-AB-210
WILSON, A. M.                           AR-74-D-382
WILSON, ELIZA C.                        AR-74-E-257
WILSON, EMZU, FRANKLIN                  AR-74-AB-60
WILSON, JOHN                            AR-74-AB-13
WILSON, JOHN                            AR-74-AB-35
WILSON, JOSEPH                          AR-74-AB-34
WILSON, R. J.                           AR-74-E-201
WILSON, SARAH W.                        AR-74-AB-57
WILSON, WILLIAM F.                      AR-74-AB-240
WILSON, WILLIAM I.                      AR-74-AB-118
WINSTEAD, MARGARET                      AR-74-C-370
WOOD, WILLIAM                           AR-74-E-455
WOODWARD, D. O.                         AR-74-E-316
WOOLSEY, SAMUEL D.                      AR-74-AB-51
WOOLSEY, SAMUEL D.                      AR-74-E-366
WOOLSEY, W. T.                          AR-74-C-203
WRIGHT, ISABELLA A.                     AR-74-D-250
YEAGER, BENJAMIN M.                     AR-74-AB-237
YEAGER, LENORA                          AR-74-E-100
YEAGER, S. N.                           AR-74-E-254
YEAGER, W. J.                           AR-74-E-96
YELL, ARCHIBALD                         AR-74-AB-31
YOUNG, J. R.                            AR-74-E-280
ZILLEH, CATHERINE Q.                    AR-74-C-341

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