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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page #  | 1=1889-1942 |
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AMACK, MARY                             AR-34-1-35
BAILEY, W. O.                           AR-34-1-127
BAIRD, L. E.                            AR-34-1-72
BAIRD, TIMOTHY P.                       AR-34-1-217
BARNETT, JAMES F.                       AR-34-1-331
BATTLES, WILLIS                         AR-34-1-16
BERRY, T. F.                            AR-34-1-201
BLACK, THOMAS                           AR-34-1-1
BLACK, THOMAS                           AR-34-1-152
BLUE, S. M. (MRS)                       AR-34-1-341
BONE, ABEL W.                           AR-34-1-40
BONE, J. S.                             AR-34-1-222
BOWLING, W. H.                          AR-34-1-327
BOX, E. A. (MRS)                        AR-34-1-5
BOX, J. L.                              AR-34-1-291
BRASCUM, E. E.                          AR-34-1-195
BROWN, E. A.                            AR-34-1-9
BROWN, JOSEPH F.                        AR-34-1-137
BRUMMITT, JAMES F.                      AR-34-1-284
BUNN, SAMUEL W.                         AR-34-1-257
CALDWELL, A. H.                         AR-34-1-255
CALLISON, W. D.                         AR-34-1-132
CAMPBELL, W. PRICE                      AR-34-1-174
CLANTON, MARGARET E.                    AR-34-1-226
CLARK, M. E.                            AR-34-1-307
CONNER, L. P.                           AR-34-1-324
COPP, WILLIAM J.                        AR-34-1-273
DEAL, C. L.                             AR-34-1-230
DICKERSON, H. T.                        AR-34-1-282
DILLINGER, JOHN                         AR-34-1-86
DODD, ATLAS J.                          AR-34-1-125
DODD, JOSEPH W.                         AR-34-1-51
DODD, MARJ J.                           AR-34-1-139
ESTES, W. K.                            AR-34-1-247
EZELL, MARIA L.                         AR-34-1-135
FELTS, GEORGE                           AR-34-1-45
FERGUSON, G. A.                         AR-34-1-258
FUDGE, W. E. (MRS)                      AR-34-1-250
FULKS, G. W.                            AR-34-1-212
GARETSON, JOHN W.                       AR-34-1-150
GARNER, A. B.                           AR-34-1-286
GARRETSON, JOHN W.                      AR-34-1-150
GIBSON,R . M. D.                        AR-34-1-126
GOODMAN, T. K.                          AR-34-1-110
HALL, GEORGE W.                         AR-34-1-220
HAMMETT, A. F.                          AR-34-1-231
HARBER, J. H.                           AR-34-1-280
HARE, JAMES M.                          AR-34-1-327
HARE, JOHN                              AR-34-1-105
HARRIS, JANE                            AR-34-1-54
HARRIS, RICHARD B.                      AR-34-1-13
HENSHAW, WILLIAM W. E.                  AR-34-1-245
HIGHTOWER, GREEN H.                     AR-34-1-156
HINKLE, JESSE                           AR-34-1-27
HIVELY, DAN A.                          AR-34-1-274
JACOBS, HENRY A.                        AR-34-1-339
JACOBS, SUSIE E.                        AR-34-1-215
JACOBS, T. F.                           AR-34-1-203
JENNINGS, DENNIS                        AR-34-1-209
JOHNSON, J. G.                          AR-34-1-197
JONES, HENRY B.                         AR-34-1-168
KEEVES, GEORGE                          AR-34-1-319
KEEVES, MARY E.                         AR-34-1-315
KING, THOMAS J.                         AR-34-1-350
LANDERS, ALEXANDER                      AR-34-1-85
MARTIN, BIRDIE B.                       AR-34-1-173
MARTIN, R. H.                           AR-34-1-171
MATTHEWS, R. C.                         AR-34-1-115
MEDLEY, E. A.                           AR-34-1-152
MILLER, JOHN W.                         AR-34-1-113
MINCY, W. L.                            AR-34-1-239
MISER, CHRIST                           AR-34-1-310
MOSER, GEORGE W.                        AR-34-1-333
MOSER, H. F.                            AR-34-1-233
MOSER, HENRY                            AR-34-1-136
NELMS, R. A.                            AR-34-1-265
NIFF, W. H.                             AR-34-1-219
NIPPER, CHARLES J.                      AR-34-1-337
POLEN, MARTHA J.                        AR-34-1-225
PRICE, WILSON                           AR-34-1-96
QUALLS, DAVID                           AR-34-1-89
RAMDEN, ELIZBETH                        AR-34-1-259
ROBERTS, A. H.                          AR-34-1-199
RODDY, MILLIE                           AR-34-1-19
ROSS, H. W.                             AR-34-1-179
RUDOLPH, E. A.                          AR-34-1-231
RUSH, J. M.                             AR-34-1-33
RUSH, MARY A.                           AR-34-1-122
RUSSELL, J. R.                          AR-34-1-304
RUSSELL, JOSEPH H.                      AR-34-1-99
SANNER, JOHN                            AR-34-1-344
SCOTT, SYLVESTER                        AR-34-1-264
SHAVER, D. C.                           AR-34-1-221
SHAVER, SALLIE L.                       AR-34-1-312
SHEFFIELD, S. M.                        AR-34-1-143
SIBERT, WILLIAM                         AR-34-1-236
SMART, GEORGE W.                        AR-34-1-162
SMITH, H. H.                            AR-34-1-243
SMITH, M. L.                            AR-34-1-228
STONE, CHARLES T.                       AR-34-1-267
STONER, WILLAM H.                       AR-34-1-158
SWAN, W. H.                             AR-34-1-119
TARELTON, JOHN                          AR-34-1-76
THOMAS, ALFRED                          AR-34-1-229
THOMPSON, JANE                          AR-34-1-244
TOLBERT, MARY                           AR-34-1-62
TRETT, IRA G.                           AR-34-1-106
TURNER, F. P.                           AR-34-1-64
TURNER, G. W.                           AR-34-1-165
VERNER, MARTHA E.                       AR-34-1-180
WAGONER, R. A.                          AR-34-1-42
WALLACE, LITTLETON                      AR-34-1-58
WARDEN, C. H.                           AR-34-1-147
WATKINS, J. D.                          AR-34-1-24
WATKINS, OWEN T.                        AR-34-1-129
WATKINS, WILLIAM F.                     AR-34-1-49
WATTS, NATHANIEL                        AR-34-1-109
WAYLAND, SAMARTHA                       AR-34-1-223
WEATHERS, JOHN                          AR-34-1-190
WIETZER, FREDERICK                      AR-34-1-294
WILLIAMSON, R. P.                       AR-34-1-142
WILLIAMSON, R. P.                       AR-34-1-241
WILLIAMSON, RICHMOND P.                 AR-34-1-142
WILSON, H. E.                           AR-34-1-240
WILSON, JOHN H.                         AR-34-1-21
WISEMAN, OWEN S.                        AR-34-1-183
WOOD, JAMES H.                          AR-34-1-289
WOODS, JOHN H.                          AR-34-1-237
WOODS, THOMAS J.                        AR-34-1-321
YANCY, M. J.                            AR-34-1-161

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