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Column One: Name of Testator
Column Two: County #, Volume #, Page #  | A =1837-1931
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ACUFF, S. J.                            AR-5-A-341
ADAMS, ELIOTT S.                        AR-5-A-186
ADERHOLT, M. L.                         AR-5-A-137
ALLEN, L. D.                            AR-5-A-212
ALLRED, HENRY MATHEW                    AR-5-A-501
ALVERSON, J. W.                         AR-5-A-361
BAILEY, W. W.                           AR-5-A-210
BAKER, LEVINA J.                        AR-5-A-151
BARNARD, JAMES E.                       AR-5-A-224
BARNES, ALBERT                          AR-5-A-570
BARNES, B. H.                           AR-5-A-487
BAUGHMAN, LOUISA L.                     AR-5-A-17
BELL, MINNIE                            AR-5-A-391
BELLER, IRVIN T.                        AR-5-A-275
BLANCHARD, AMANDA M.                    AR-5-A-253
BLOCK, ENOCH                            AR-5-A-436
BORGER, WILEY                           AR-5-A-147
BOYD, ROLAND                            AR-5-A-404
BREECE, W. B.                           AR-5-A-34
BRISTOW, MATHEW                         AR-5-A-37
BROWN, W. F.                            AR-5-A-60
BROWN, WILLIAM F.                       AR-5-A-60
BRYANT, J. N.                           AR-5-A-485
BURNS, M. C.                            AR-5-A-457
BURR, B. F.                             AR-5-A-393
BUTTEFIELD, J. W.                       AR-5-A-168
BUTTERFIELD, ALEXANDER                  AR-5-A-440
CAMPBELL, ALEXANDER                     AR-5-A-170
CAMPBELL, AUG M.                        AR-5-A-351
CAMPBELL, P. B.                         AR-5-A-427
CANTRELL, ADALINE ESTER                 AR-5-A-478
CANTRELL, EDWARD M.                     AR-5-A-395
CANTRELL, MARY K.                       AR-5-A-81
CANTRELL, THOMAS                        AR-5-A-128
CARD, RUTH A.                           AR-5-A-49
CARLE, WILLIAM R.                       AR-5-A-329
CARROLL, JAMES M.                       AR-5-A-69
CARROLL, JOSEPH M.                      AR-5-A-156
CECIL, JINNIE B.                        AR-5-A-580
CENTER, W. M.                           AR-5-A-141
CHAPLINE, OMELIEL                       AR-5-A-109
CHEEK, J. H.                            AR-5-A-453
CLARK, H. M.                            AR-5-A-312
CLARK, M. S.                            AR-5-A-411
CLEMSHISHRE, MYRAH F.                   AR-5-A-240
CLOUTIER, A.                            AR-5-A-193
COFFMAN, H. W.                          AR-5-A-293
COFFMAN, JAMES A.                       AR-5-A-56
COLE, ANDREW M.                         AR-5-A-143
CRAIN, S. R.                            AR-5-A-449
CRANDELL, H. A.                         AR-5-A-497
CRIPPS, A. W.                           AR-5-A-572
CRUCE, W. M.                            AR-5-A-336
CRUMP, JOHN G.                          AR-5-A-107
CURD, EDWARD S.                         AR-5-A-90
CURMETT, JAMES B.                       AR-5-A-407
CURMETT, RACHEL JANE                    AR-5-A-263
CURRY, GEORGE                           AR-5-A-438
CURRY, JANE                             AR-5-A-509
DARROW, S. L.                           AR-5-A-188
DAVIS, A. F.                            AR-5-A-178
DAVIS, CAROLINE                         AR-5-A-277
DAVIS, JOHN                             AR-5-A-429
DEMAISON, LOUIS                         AR-5-A-492
DENNIS, WILLIAM                         AR-5-A-125
DENTON, TELFORD                         AR-5-A-123
DENTON, W. F.                           AR-5-A-86
DUGGER, WILLIAM                         AR-5-A-285
DUPEE, IRA                              AR-5-A-190
DYER, CHARLTON K.                       AR-5-A-301
FICK, H. W.                             AR-5-A-75
FIELDING, H. R.                         AR-5-A-115
FLENNER, JACOB K.                       AR-5-A-287
FLETCHER, THOMAS P.                     AR-5-A-282
FOWLER, E. S.                           AR-5-A-574
FREW, GEORGE W.                         AR-5-A-272
FULBRIGHT, D. M.                        AR-5-A-349
FULBRIGHT, E. R.                        AR-5-A-133
GAITHER, B. J.                          AR-5-A-101
GATES, E. P.                            AR-5-A-559
GOOD, R. J.                             AR-5-A-113
GRANGER, C. T.                          AR-5-A-358
GREENE, CHARLES M.                      AR-5-A-377
GREENER, W. A.                          AR-5-A-320
GRIFFIS, JOHN                           AR-5-A-462
GUY, WILLIAM S.                         AR-5-A-145
HALE, WILLIAM C.                        AR-5-A-119
HALLAHAN, JOHN                          AR-5-A-152
HAMILTON, JOEL F.                       AR-5-A-6
HARRISON, MARTHA                        AR-5-A-175
HICKS, J. A.                            AR-5-A-127
HOLT, J. R.                             AR-5-A-494
HOLT, R. S.                             AR-5-A-234
HOPPER, A. W.                           AR-5-A-280
HOPPER, JAMES T.                        AR-5-A-374
HURSH, D. R.                            AR-5-A-298
JOHNSTON, T. P.                         AR-5-A-443
JONES, IVERSON A.                       AR-5-A-523
JONES, S. J.                            AR-5-A-111
KEEL, G. C.                             AR-5-A-79
KRAUSA, WILLIAM WESLEY                  AR-5-A-540
LANIGAN, JANE                           AR-5-A-268
LEE, MARY ANN                           AR-5-A-452
LEGATT, R. E.                           AR-5-A-545
LIPPS, G. W.                            AR-5-A-266
LOBOCK, C. A.                           AR-5-A-219
LONG, MARION                            AR-5-A-465
MAJORS, ISAAC R.                        AR-5-A-556
MARSHALL, BENNET A.                     AR-5-A-13
MARTIN, JAMES L.                        AR-5-A-9
MATTOX, M. C.                           AR-5-A-490
MAXWELL, F. M.                          AR-5-A-366
MCBEATH, JOHN                           AR-5-A-587
MCCORMICK, CHARLES H.                   AR-5-A-504
MCFALL, JOHN P.                         AR-5-A-483
MCKINNEY, GEORGE                        AR-5-A-447
MCMAHAN, BEN F.                         AR-5-A-578
MCMILLAN, WILLIAM                       AR-5-A-54
MIDDLETON, E. C.                        AR-5-A-400
MILLER, WILLIAM M.                      AR-5-A-386
MILUM, BRICE                            AR-5-A-243
MOONEY, LAWSON JR.                      AR-5-A-71
MOONURET, W. L.                         AR-5-A-85
MOSLEY, W. L.                           AR-5-A-431
MURRY, J. R.                            AR-5-A-260
NELSON, ALFRED A.                       AR-5-A-4
NEWMAN, J. R.                           AR-5-A-529
NOBLE, ELIZABETH                        AR-5-A-35
NORMAN, WILLIAM P.                      AR-5-A-116
OLIVER, MILTON                          AR-5-A-184
PACE, WILLIAM F.                        AR-5-A-296
PARKER, A. H.                           AR-5-A-247
PATRICK, FANNIE E.                      AR-5-A-470
PATTERSON, HELEN F.                     AR-5-A-43
PEREW, DAVID H.                         AR-5-A-250
PHILLIAS, AUGUSTIN                      AR-5-A-193
PHILLIPS, ALLEN                         AR-5-A-583
PRICE, WILLIAM H.                       AR-5-A-420
PUMPHREY, W. G.                         AR-5-A-165
PURYEAR, R. B.                          AR-5-A-355
RASSON, JOHN                            AR-5-A-103
RAY, M. P.                              AR-5-A-94
REDWOOD, FREDERICK                      AR-5-A-232
REYNOLDS, Z.                            AR-5-A-318
RICE, MARTHA                            AR-5-A-270
RICKEY, THOMAS W.                       AR-5-A-472
RIDDLE, CHARLOTTE M.                    AR-5-A-148
RILEY, B. L.                            AR-5-A-364
RITCHEY, SAMUEL J.                      AR-5-A-514
ROBERTS, JASPER M.                      AR-5-A-159
ROSS, D. M.                             AR-5-A-215
ROWLETT, EWING                          AR-5-A-338
SCHMITT, JOHN W.                        AR-5-A-309
SHIM, C. E.                             AR-5-A-417
SILKER, FREDERICK                       AR-5-A-98
SIMMS, JOHN                             AR-5-A-31
SMITH, EDWARD                           AR-5-A-433
SMITH, JAMES                            AR-5-A-161
SMITH, JOHN                             AR-5-A-20
SPEER, J. H.                            AR-5-A-344
SPEER, MAY K.                           AR-5-A-460
SPILKER, FREDERICK                      AR-5-A-98
STEELMAN, R. A.                         AR-5-A-526
STOHLEG, P. D.                          AR-5-A-226
SWEENEY, LOUISA JANE                    AR-5-A-577
SWEET, WARREN A.                        AR-5-A-58
TANSEY, ROBERT P.                       AR-5-A-138
TERRY, RAHOMA A.                        AR-5-A-230
TONEY, A. K.                            AR-5-A-554
TRATTER, ROBERT JR.                     AR-5-A-63
VANCE, ASBURY J.                        AR-5-A-306
VANWINKER, COALINE E.                   AR-5-A-255
VERNON, A. P.                           AR-5-A-97
WAGONER, HENRY M.                       AR-5-A-537
WAGONER, WILLIAM M.                     AR-5-A-87
WALTRIP, MARTIN                         AR-5-A-173
WATKINS, W. W.                          AR-5-A-130
WIGNGTON, GEORGE                        AR-5-A-222
WOODARD, SARAH A.                       AR-5-A-48
WORTHINGTON, JACOB                      AR-5-A-480
WRIGHT, ELIZABETH                       AR-5-A-83
WRIGHT, ELIZABETH                       AR-5-A-83
YOUNG, JAMES                            AR-5-A-51
YOUNG, JESSE                            AR-5-A-45
YOUNG, MICHAEL A.                       AR-5-A-1
ZEIGLER, GEORGE W.                      AR-5-A-368

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